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K   Kilpatrick Family    K


Winnie Lee Loyd Kilpatrick
1914 - 1984


Doyle Carvel

1913 - 1998

Met at the Clemville School in 1929

Married 1932



Alva Doylene Kilpatrick
1935 - 1992

Donna Lee Kilpatrick


Both at 8 years old

The Doll by Donna Kilpatrick Stockebrand

Home of Doyle and Winnie Kilpatrick in Clemville

Originally  it was a cookhouse that just had flaps on the openings. The Kilpatricks installed windows and linoleum. Neighbors helped put a new roof on it. Another room was added later by the family. Winnie's grandmother gave the newlyweds a twenty dollar gold piece when they married in 1932, so they bought the house with the money. They owned it from 1932 until 1942, when they moved to San Diego. Bill and Faye Taylor bought the house.


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Oct. 10, 2006
Oct. 10, 2006