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Lashbrook Family

Photos courtesy of Mary Louise Tanner

Jeremiah and Reasie Lashbrook with daughters, Jean and Beulah


Cass County (Ill.) Farm Directory
Issued January, 1931

Lashbrook, Jerry, R1 Beardstown - 2E - R -  Bluff Springs.

Lashbrook Family in the News

Illinois Visitors

Messrs. C. A. Boren and Fred Bollhorst arrived Sunday night from Springfield, Ill., with a tourist party of eleven to spend several days on the B. Y. P. U. grounds. They left this week for Collegeport, where they plan to locate. Mr. Boren and Mr. Bollhorst are well known in Palacios, having visited here many times. They are also representatives for Dr. Van Wormer and are loud in their praise of Palacios and Collegeport. They are especially anxious for the early building of the causeway from Palacios to Collegeport, which they believe will mean much to bring business to our town and country.

We are glad to welcome these splendid enterprising people to our community. Those in the party are:--Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook and five daughters, Misses Gean, Beulah, Elizabeth, Bettie and Erma; Mrs. S. E. Lashbrook, Jerry Wells, Chester A. Boren and F. Bollhorst.--Palacios Beacon, February 23, 1933


Mr. Jerry Lashbrook recently arrived from Beardstown, Ill., with a bad case of asthma and much to his delight and rapture he has enjoyed much relief and has put three pounds of flesh on his frame. He is therefore sending north songs of praise for our climate and hopes that some of his friends will move down. This salty air sure gets into the little crevices in a fellow's breathing apparatus and once there, it drives out vicious microbes and heals tender tissue.--The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, March 9, 1933


Mr. and Mrs. Boeker Sr., having spent three months visiting in Illinois, returned Friday bringing with them their son, Hubert, and Mrs. Lashbrook. They all come back.--The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, September 13, 1934


The Home Demonstration Club held its regular meeting with Mrs. Rena Wright last Tuesday. Plans were discussed concerning the rally day program to be held in the home of Mrs. Gust Franzen Friday, Oct. 19. Two new members joined the club. Mrs. J. H. Cherry and Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook.--The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, October 25, 1934




Saturday night, much to my delight, the womanless wedding was pulled off to a success adding twenty one simoleons to the canning club exchequer. A big crowd witnessed the solemn ceremony which united Mr. Would B. Wood to Miss Prue Sawdust. The bride was Fred Ballhorst and I have no criticism to make except the bride showed too much embonpoint and the dress was cut to low in front as to show too much bust. I don't like too much exposure. The groom was Jerry Lashbrook and everyone knows that he was a marvelous groom, but very dignified while undergoing the trial of being united. The attendants were Messrs. King, Nelson and Guyer and each one noted for his personal beauty and charm. The ceremony was performed by Judge or maybe Reverend Verl Hill who in his usual dignified and icy manner rendered the service. Sue Mansfield sang one of her songs in her fine voice and Verl Hill played a number on the guitar. Thus passed a very pleasant and profitable evening much to the credit of Mrs. Frank King and her associates. Several from Bay City were present for it is not often that a wedding is solemnized without the gracious sex.--The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, July 25, 1935



The ceremony which united that young, tender, innocent, blushing Fredda Ball [Fred Bollhorst] and Terry Lasher [Jerry Lashbrook] last Sunday night was the scene of a happy, hilarious time, but tragedy hovered over the scene--a pitiful tragedy. Mr. A. D Hensley, District Clerk, was here Sunday and he informed me that the situation no doubt would be investigated by the District Court. The County Judge states that the person who performed the ceremony has never qualified as a judge. The County Auditor states that no bond has ever been filed or approved. The County Clerk says no license was ever issued. The County Treasurer states that no fee has ever been received by that office. Clearly this person acted outside the law. Interviewing the minister, we have the information that this person never has been ordained. The District Clerk is of the opinion that the members of the canning club, including the Home Demonstration Agent, may be indicted as accessories before the fact. Nasty mess. But the tragedy is not to the living, for if the union results in a child or mayhap twins, trips, quads, or quints, the poor children will be illegitimate and without a name. My heart pleads goryblood as I contemplate this terrible tragedy. It will take more than the twenty dollars secured from the exhibition to clear all the violators of the law.--The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, August 1, 1935


Collegeport 4-H Club News

Twenty-five young berry plants were put out at the home of Maud Lashbrook, farm fruit plot demonstrator, under the direction of Mrs. Leola Cox Sides when she met with the Collegeport 4-H Club girls Tuesday, Feb. 9.

The young berries were set about four feet apart and the soil was worked up so as it would be better for the growth of plants.

Later the girls met at the home of their sponsor, Mrs. D. Merck, where they enjoyed a style show exhibiting farm fruit plot tags.

Those present at this meeting were: Nancy Sutton, Ethel Nelson, Dora M. Emmert, Betty Lashbrook, Otha F. Mize, Mava Nee Harvey, Dorothy Miller, Dolores Guyer, Ella Guyer, Oneida Bullington, Marie Shows, Otha Lee Harvey, Mrs. D. Merck, Mrs. Leola Cox Sides, and Maud Lashbrook, club reporter.--The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 18, 1937


Collegeport Girl Reserve News

The Collegeport Girl Reserves gave a tea in honor of their mothers and the Collegeport Woman’s Club Thursday, March 11, at 3:30 o’clock at the Collegeport Community House.

A dialogue was presented by Ethel Nelson and Norine Harvey, followed by contests and songs. Refreshments were then served, the color scheme being green, yellow and white.

Those present were as follows: Mrs. Burton D. Hurd, Mrs. Lester E. Liggett, Mrs. Frank King, Mrs. Verne Batchelder, Mrs. Roy Nelson, Jr., Mrs. Nelson, Sr., Mrs. Henry Guyer, Mrs. Vernon K. Hurd, Mrs. Fred Law, Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook, Mrs. Anna Crane, Mrs. Dick Corporon and son, Eugene, Mrs. Dean Merck and son, Dean, Miss Margaret Hill, Mrs. Hensley, and the following Girl Reserves, Geneva Blackwell, Norine Harvey, Dorothy Williams, Ethel Nelson, Nancy Sutton, Ella Guyer, Lillian Maddox, Oneida Bullington, Juanita Bullington, Dora Mae Emmert, Betty Lashbrook, Mrs. Frances Burton, formerly Miss Frances King, sponsor, and Maud Lashbrook, reporter.--The Daily Tribune, Tuesday, March 16, 1937


In writing about this I {Harry Austin Clapp] wish to thank Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook for a fine bouquet of Swiss chard and a beautiful spinach as I have seen. A muchly appreciated gift, very thoughtful.--The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, April 22, 1937


The Woman’s Union met at Mrs. Lashbrook’s Thursday afternoon. Miss Jean Lashbrook who has been in Bay City for several months is vacationing at home.

Gilbert Lebkneckler and William Scheer of Beardstown, Ill., who have been on an extended trip through the West visited with Mr. Scheer’s uncle, Fred Bolhorst and J. Lashbrook and family. Mr. Bolhorst accompanied them to the Rio Grande Valley on a sightseeing trip. They left for their home in Illinois Saturday morning.--Palacios Beacon, November 4, 1937


Arch Wilkie, Mrs. Trent and children, of Virginia, Ill., are visiting the Lashbrook family. Mr. Wilkie is Mrs. Lashbrook’s father.--Palacios Beacon, December 30, 1937


Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wells and Mary Louise of Cedar Lane visited their parents and grandmother, Mr. and Mrs. Franzen and Mrs. Lashbrook, Sunday.

Miss Beulah Lashbrook had the misfortune of being badly scalded Tuesday morning. Mr. Holsworth took her to Dr. Loos in Bay City where she remained at the hospital for treatments. We hope she will soon be resting easier.--Palacios Beacon, February 17, 1938


Miss Beulah Lashbrook, who has been in the Loos hospital recovering from severe burns, returned home Wednesday.--Palacios Beacon, February 24, 1938


Mrs. Sides, our Home Demonstration Agent, held a 4-H club meeting at Mrs. Lashbrook’s Tuesday at 1 p. m. The girls had a very interesting lesson on Every Day Courtesies. At 2:30 the Women’s Demonstration Club met with Mrs. Crane.--Palacios Beacon, April 14, 1938


Mr. Gust Franzen, Chairman of the Church Board, invited the Officers and Teachers of the Sunday School to meet at his home on last Wednesday evening to discuss the Nominating Committee, the election of new officers for the Sunday School, which was scheduled to be held on Sunday following. After informal discussion, nominations were made in the election, following on Sunday, named the following officers: Sunday School Superintendent, Mrs. J. J. Harbison; Secretary, Miss Maude Lashbrook re-elected; Treasurer, Mrs. Anna D. Crane.--Daily Tribune, Thursday, January 12, 1939


Mr. Franzen, Gustave and Gerald Wells took Grandmother Lashbrook to Houston Monday, from there she will take the train to Beardstown, Illinois, where she will make her home with her daughter. Mrs. Lashbrook has been ill for some time and we all hope she makes the trip safely and regains her health.


Mesdames Roy Nelson, Gust Franzen, Dean Merck, Jerry Lashbrook and J. J. Harbison drove to the LeTulle park Wednesday in response to an invitation from the Wharton County Demonstration clubs to attend their Rally Day picnic. This was a very enjoyable occasion and we are looking forward to our encampment at Palacios.


Misses Nancy Sutton, Norine Harvey and Ethel Nelson and Duane Corporon, Wesley Jones and Milford Liggett Junior, Misses Genevieve Blackwell, Maude Lashbrook, Fred King and Chester Corporon, Seniors of the Blessing high school, attended the Junior-Senior Banquet at Blessing Thursday night and the Baccalaureate Sermon Sunday night. Collegeport extends to these seniors their best wishes for a successful life.


Saturday was another gala day for the boys and girls of the County when the 4-H clubs met together in Bay City. Marie Shows, Erma Lashbrook, Alex and James Franzen, Roddin Purswell, Roy Lee, Eugene, Curtis and Ralph Penland, were the lucky ones from Collegeport who enjoyed the day.--The Daily Tribune, Thursday, May 25, 1939


Blessing Class of 1939 - Maude Lashbrook


Maude Lashbrook came home this week from Blessing where she has been all winter.--The Daily Tribune, March 1, 1940


Miss Evelyn Spears? visited Betty Lashbrook, Monday. Betty will return with her and several from here will attend the basketball game at Van Vleck tonight.--Daily Tribune, February 13, 1941



Misses Beula and Gene Lashbrook of Bay City visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Lashbrook last week-end.--The Herald, March 6, 1941


Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook was hostess to the Womens Club last Wednesday night. An interesting program on Democracy was given.--The Herald, March 20, 1941



Mr. and Mrs. Lashbrook were happy to have their daughters, Beulah, Jean and Maude of Bay City, home over the week end.--The Daily Tribune, March 27, 1941


The King's Daughters held their regular meeting April 17. The following program was given: Mrs. Corporon, Devotional; Mrs. Lashbrook, Story of Paul as a Pastor; Mrs. Crone, Paul's Work Serving God; Mrs. Johnson, Paul's Conception of Church Unity; Mrs. Huitt, How Christian Unity was Secured. There were fifteen members and two visitors present.--The Herald, May 19, 1941



Collegeport 4-H Club Meets

The Collegeport 4-H Club met with Miss Stewart and the officers for the coming year were elected. They are as follows:

President, Elva Jean Wells; Vice President, Marguerite Hendrix; Secretary, Erma Lashbrook; Treasurer, Delores Thompson; Song Leader, Margaret Ann Holsworth; Game Leader, Bessie Bagley; Reporter, Erma Lashbrook; Sponsor, Miss McGregor.

Demonstrators: Garden, Elva Jean Wells; Clothing, Erma Lashbrook.

Miss Stewart talked about Fall gardens and the rice festival. She also talked about The Wharton-Matagorda County Fair. The meeting was then adjourned.

Those present were Margaret Ann Holsworth, Bobbie Ruth Ware, Melba Pierce, Wanda Corporon, Bobbie Ann Duffy, Dolores Helen, Marie Bowers, Blanche Bowers, Bessie Bagley, Elva Jean Wells and Erma Lashbrook and Marguerite Hendrix.

--Erma Lashbrook, Reporter.--The Daily Tribune, September 19, 1941


Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook was hostess at the Christmas party given the Woman’s Club, Dec. 30. Each member received a gift from the attractive Christmas tree. Later delicious refreshments of cake, sandwiches, and coffee were served.--The Daily Tribune, Thursday, January 8, 1942


Mrs. Lashbrook has been selected for supervisor of the Community Canning Kitchen, Mrs. Alma S. Hale, informed us Wednesday when she called at our office.

Mrs. Lashbrook will be at the canning kitchen located in the Crawford canning plant, four days each week from 8:30 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. As previously announced the kitchen will operate on a "Help Your Self" plan under the supervision of a paid supervisor, but due to conditions an advance in prices became necessary and the charges will be 2 cents per pint and No. 2 cans and 3 cents per quart and No. 3 cans.

Palacios  Beacon, May 27, 1943


Mrs. Reasie Lashbrook and daughter will leave Friday for Champaign, Ill., where she will make her future home. Mrs. Lashbrook and family made their home in the Collegeport community for a number of years before moving to Palacios some months ago.--Palacios Beacon, August 9, 1945

Sarah E. & Samuel T. Lashbrook

Beardstown City Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois

Sarah Elizabeth Bowman Lashbrook

Sarah Elizabeth Bowman, daughter of William and Highla Emiline Bridgewater Bowman, was born January 9, 1860 in Schuyler County, Illinois and died May 31, 1948 in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois. She married Samuel Taylor Lashbrook on January 30, 1876 in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois.

Their children were:
William Alfred Lashbrook
Jeremiah Lashbrook
Dora Margaret Lashbrook
Maude Elizabeth Lashbrook

Sarah moved to Collegeport, Matagorda County, Texas, in 1933 with her son, Jeremiah Lashbrook, and his family and her grandson Gerald Franklin Wells.

At some point she moved back to Illinois as she died in Beardstown in 1948.

Jeremiah Lashbrook

Mr. Jeremiah Lashbrook, age 63 years 4 months 11 days passed away at the family residence in Collegeport, Texas Saturday night.

Mr. Lashbrook is survived by his wife, Mrs. Reasie M. Lashbrook, five daughters, Jeana May, Beulah Minerva, Maude Elizabeth, Betty Jane and Emma Geraldine Lashbrook of Collegeport, Texas; mother, Mrs. S. E. Lashbrook; two sisters, Mrs. Maude Wells and Mrs. Chas. Moran and one brother, Mr. Fred Lashbrook, all of Beardtown, Ill.

Funeral services will be held at the family residence in Collegeport Monday afternoon of three o’clock with Rev. Rolo Rilling, pastor of the First Christian Church, Bay City, Texas, officiating. Burial will be at Hawley Cemetery. Funeral arrangements are in charge of Taylor Bros.

Daily Tribune, November 30, 1942

Photo courtesy of Find A Grave Volunteer Chuck Taylor #46593732

Mrs. Reasie Lashbrook Dies Here at 81

Mrs. Reasie Minerva Lashbrook, 81, of 533 Meander, died at Hendrick Hospital at 4:30 a. m. Wednesday after entering the hospital last Friday.

Funeral will be held at 10:30 a. m. Friday at North's Memorial Chapel with the Rev. George Gibbs, pastor of Brookhollow Christian Church, will officiate. Burial in Elmwood Cemetery.

Born Dec. 2, 1887, in Virginia, Ill., she came to South Texas in 1933 and then to Abilene in 1950. She was married in Illinois Nov. 3, 1905, to Jerry M. Lashbrook. He died in 1942. She was a member of the Brookhollow Christian Church and she was a member of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the church.

Survivors include five daughters, Miss Jeana Mae Lashbrook of the home, Mrs. Beulah M. Fiaminghi of the home, Mrs. Maude Gilchrist of 3243 College, Mrs. Betty Arnold of 2025 Woodard, and Mrs. Erma Dunne of Big Spring; six grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Elmer Dean of Whitehall, Ill.; one brother, S. C. Wilkie of Champagne, Ill.; and several nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers will be Leon Burnsides, H. W. Webb, Jim Johnson, Kit Johnson, Josh Moran and Clyde Cullen.

The family will be at 3242 College St.

Abilene Reporter-News, Abilene, Texas, June 13, 1968

Photo courtesy of Find A Grave volunteers Tim & Judy Harlan #47752495

Reasie's home at the time of her death, 533 Meander, Abilene, Texas

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