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Roger K. Legg Family


Roger K. Legg Family

John G. Legg (November 6, 1808 - November 11, 1897) married Mitilda Haney (1824 - 1882), and they were the parents of James Daniel "J. D.," born on March 6, 1847, who married Betty Jane Hamblin, born on November 12, 1858. J. D. Legg died in 1930 and Betty Jane Hamblin Legg died on January 28, 1943. [They are buried in Ashby Cemetery.]


James Daniel and Betty Jane Legg were the parents of:


John Don, born on December 3, 1878;

unnamed infant, born on April 15, 1880;

James Edwin, born on May 21, 1881;

Minnie Mirtle, born on May 28, 1883;

William Franklin, born on August 30, 1884;

Roger Kay, born on July 11, 1886;

Early Roy, born on June 16, 1888;

Ivy Maudie, born on May 16, 1890;

Ruby Mirl, born on August 20, 1892;

Joe Mansford, born in 1894;

unnamed infant born in 1895;

Oliver Cecil, born on January 1, 1897; and

Richard Herbert, born on October 8, 1898.


Roger K. Legg was born in Moffett, Texas, where his father, James D., was a farmer and owned and operated a cotton gin. He also owned and operated two threshing machines. When Roger was sixteen years old, his father shipped a threshing machine to Bay City, and Roger came with his father and a crew to work. At that time the Cane Belt Railroad only came to Bay City, but the material was on the location for the track to Matagorda. Mr. Legg moved his thresher across the Colorado River by ferry to the Moore Cortez Pumping Plant. The ferry was located just above the site of the present day bridge. They were able to get the thresher across the river, but because of nightfall they had to return to camp. That night a heavy rain fell upriver, and because of the raft in the river below Bay City, the river overflowed, and the crew had to swim their horses to get to the thresher which had been left on the riverbank. A small steam boat operated in the river, so the thresher was loaded back on the ferry, and the little steamer pulled it up the river. Farmers in the Markham area, with a team of sixteen mules pulled the thresher through the mud. Some of those who helped were Mr. McKissick, Captain Barnett, Mr. Sanders, and Mr. McGee. At that time the threshing crew consisted of about twenty-five men, at least eight wagons and teams, and about six good mules.


When Roger was nineteen, his father moved to Markham, and he left the rice farming and moved to Collegeport. He met and later married Viola B. Merck on November 26, 1912. He owned and operated the R. K. Legg Dray Line until 1917 when he moved to Kingsville with the railroad. In January 1925, Roger was employed by Texas Gulf Sulphur Company and worked there until he retired. Roger and Viola were the parents of one son, Henry R., born on July 17, 1914, in Collegeport. Roger and Viola made their home in Bay City for thirty-one years, and were members of the First Christian Church in Bay City. Later they resided in Houston.


Viola B. Merck was born on April 22, 1895, to Baulser Van Buren Merck and Sadie Barrow Moore (April, 1876 - 1940). Her grandparents were Edgar Maurice Bowie and Julia Isabella Eanes Moore.


Viola's brothers and sisters were:


Jessie Mildred, born on August 6, 1896, who married J. F. Kilpatrick;

Bessie Bowie, born on January 1, 1898, who married Charles S. Wilson;

Theora Eugenia, born on September 27. 1899, who married Rowan McRee;

Elve Virginia, born on February 26, 1903, who married M. Jack Martin;

John Maurice, born on August 29, 1901, who married Hazel Lowery;

Gerald Moore, born on May 11, 1905, who married Panola Matsberger; and

Dean Eanes, born on July 20, 1907, who married Dorothy Franzen.


Henry R. Legg married Stella Lettie Eastman in 1939, in Cedar Lane, Texas, the daughter of Loren Rufus and Frances Eastman.

To this union two children were born:

Kay Frances, born on September 28, 1948, who married Patrick W. Mahurin, and had one child, Patrick W. Mahurin, Jr.; and

Henry R. Legg, who married Kathy Dial of Kentucky.


Roger K. Legg - 1984

Historic Matagorda County, Volume II, pp 315 - 316


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