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Gyle McKissick Family Photos

Photos courtesy of Thelma McKssick

Home of

Gyle & Thelma

at Buckeye

Gyle McKissick & Michael McKissick

Barbara Keller & Jay Meyer, standing Shirley Keller,
rocking chair Gyle McKissick,
standing Kent Keller front Bill & Linda McKissick

Elizabeth McKissick & Ann Keller

Shirley Keller

Phillip McKissick & Elizabeth McKissick with Buckeye store in the background

Gyle McKissick, Shirley Keller & Reba McKissick
on the porch of the Buckeye Hotel

Michael McKissick, Clayton Joyner & Warren McKissick

Michael McKissick, Kate Dunbar McKissick & Gyle David McKissick
Jake McKissick
Garon Lee Meyer
Bill McKissick
Janice McKissick
Jay Meyer



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May 7, 2012
May 13, 2012