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Dr. Charles Rice Family


Dr. Charles W. Rice

By Kathleen Tatum

Updated by Pat Morrow McMicken (Great, Great Granddaughter of Charles W. Rice)


The sad news reached Geneva, New York, when their newspaper ran this obituary – “Died at ‘Mettagorda,’ (Matagorda) on the 11th of October,1838, after an illness of four months, Dr. Charles W. Rice, formerly of Geneva, New York in the 35th year of his life, brother of Mr. E. O. Rice of Seneca, New York.


Dr. Charles W. Rice married Margaret Hester Shaw in the state of New York, where their twin daughters Elizabeth Mars and Eleanor Madden were born. Their other daughter, Calista Winegar Rice was born March 7, 1834 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Dr. Rice applied for a Texas citizenship January 10,1838. He stated he first came to Texas May 5, 1837 and brought his family November 3, 1837. He applied for a conditional land certificate for 1, 280 acres of land March15, 1838. After his death Margaret, exchanged the certificate for an unconditional one May 3, 1841.


Dr. Rice was one of the signers of the petition for the first Masonic Lodge for Matagorda June 24, 1838.  Records indicate that Dr. Rice served as a surgeon in the Texas Navy during the Texas war for independence. 


On board the ship coming from New Orleans, where the Rice family had previously lived were two identical cannons. The cannons had been forged at Eagle Foundry, Cincinnati, Ohio for the Texas war against Mexico. When they reached their destination of Brazoria and were being admired, someone said “There they are, two sets of twin sisters,” meaning the Rice twins and the twin cannons. The Rice twins were asked to make short speeches, presenting the two cannons to Texas, which they did. The name stuck and the cannons, which were used in the Battle of San Jacinto, were called “The Twin Sisters.” It was a surprise to Santa Anna for he did not know Texas had the cannons.


The probate records of Dr. Rice and the Christ Episcopal Church records name three children as well as his widow, Margaret Hester Shaw Rice, who was born in 1812 in New York State and died February 16, 1880, in Matagorda County. She never remarried and was quite active in Christ Episcopal Church.


Their children were Eleanor Maden Rice, Elizabeth Mars Rice and Calista Winegar Rice.


(1) Eleanor Maden Rice, born December 30, 1827, in New York state; married in Matagorda County on April 23, 1857 to Elsy Harrison, born 1810 in Kentucky. Elsy participated in the Battle of Velasco July 25, 1832. He had been previously married to Martha Biddle on January 1, 1846, in Brazoria. The 1850 census shows Eleanor and Elsy living in Columbia, Brazoria County, Texas. The records also show he owned land near Cedar Lake (Matagorda County), Texas, and was a planter. Elsy bought the Samuel Rhodes Fisher home in Matagorda June 2, 1860 for $1,600, from Samuel’s widow. The home was completed in 1832. After Elsy died, his brother-in-law, Hugh S. Stapp, was made administrator of his estate and sold the home November 7, 1872, at the courthouse door to Samuel William Fisher, son of Samuel Rhodes Fisher, for $225. After Elsy’s death, Eleanor married a Mr. Jackson.


(2) Eleanor’s twin, and the first to be born, Elizabeth Mars Rice, was born December 30, 1827, in New York State and died 1909. She was married in Matagorda County 10 November, 1850, to Hugh S. Stapp, born 1822 in Kentucky. They lived in Brazoria County, but family members can also be found in Calhoun and Jackson Counties. This couple had seven children:

1. Eleanor Celia Stapp, born September 30, 1851

            2. Calista A. Stapp, born 13 September, 1853, married in Brazoria February 22, 1872 to Isaac Newton Mitchell.  Died on 6 October, 1942 in La Ward, Jackson, Texas.  Their child, Celestain Mitchell was born in Calhoun County 17 April, 1880.

           3. Charles Allen Stapp, born 1855, married Ruth Ward 12  November, 1883 in Jackson County. Charles died in Germany on 23 December, 1939. 

           4. Walter W. Stapp was born 1860

           5. Dalton Pledger Stapp was born September 1867.

           6. Elsie Harrison Stapp, born 5 January, 1864, married in Brazoria County to James H. Rainey born 18 November, 1857.  Elsie died 28 March, 1932, and James died 23 November, 1922. They are buried in the Rainey Cemetery, Van Vleck, Texas. This couple had ten children:

                        1. George James Rainey born 1884 (more details below) *

                        2. Hugh Shannon Rainey known as “Tom” was born 1886. He died 13 March, 1971 and is buried in Beaumont, Jefferson Texas.   He married Eunice Earle McCorgusdale 9 March, 1913. They had two children Hugh Downs Rainey (1913 - 1991 and Sylvein Earle (1917-1997)

                       3. Archie Campbell Rainey, born 28 September. 1889, died 8 February, 1952 and is buried in Houston, Harris Co, Texas.  He married Katherine Gupton Dee who was born 6 February, 1886 and died 1 September, 1986.  Children were: Archie Cecil (1914-1980), Samuel (1917-1999), Marion Madeline (1922-1990)

                      4. Calvin J. Rainey, born 28 September, 1889, died 17 August, 1955, is buried in Rainey Cemetery near Van Vleck, Texas.  He married Winnie B. Tucker born 29 July, 1895 and died 27 December, 1967. Children:  Calvin Rainey, Betty Jo Rainey ______

                      5. Annie Laurie Rainey, born 27 January, 1892, died 2 December, 1966 and is buried in Cypress Mill, Blanco Co, Texas.  She married C D. Thomasson in Matagorda Co 28 December, 1909 and later married Henry P. Lockwood born 4 October, 1881. Children:  Jack Lockwood, Marjorie O. Lockwood Young

                     6. Ola Rainey born July, 1894 and died in 1929 or 1930.  She married Thomas Thigpen and had two children: Thomas Thigpen Jr., Sarah Alice Thigpen _______

         7.  Mary Rainey born August, 1897 and died 1906.

                     8.  Emily Elizabeth Rainey, born 8 October, 1899, died 9 January, 1978. She married William Bart Morrow 1 January, 1921.  (details below)

                     9.  Michael H. Rainey born 31 January, 1903 and died 7 April, 1966.  He is buried in Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas.  He married Irene ____ born 1905.  She died 1966. 

                  10. Frank Louis Rainey born 11 October,1906  and died 20 February, 1967.  He is buried in Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas.  He married Sarah Louise Happ on 20 November 1911.  She died 22 March, 2002.  They had two children: Frank Louis Rainey, Elsie Jeanette Rainey Edwards


3) Calista Winegar Rice, third child of Dr. Charles W. and Margaret Rice, born March 7, 1834, in Louisiana, married George M. Reid March 7, 1852, and is buried in Matagorda Cemetery. Her grave, along with her parents, are lost, for there are no markers.



*George James Rainey (first born son of Elsie Harrison Stapp Rainey and James H. Rainey)


George James Rainey, first born son of James H. and Elsie Stapp Rainey, born 1885, died March 29, 1973, buried in Rainey Cemetery, married Annie Laura Hooper, daughter of Dr. Hooper of Louise, Texas. His obituary stated he had 21 grandchildren, 56 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren, besides his seven children:

            1. Annie Mae Rainey, who wed C. H. Estell

            2. Elsie Genevieve Rainey, who married H. O. Gest

            3. Robert Francis Rainey, who married Ruth Rice, May 3, 1935

            4. William Philip Rainey

            5. Ura Barbara Rainey, who married William E. Mays, December 27, 1935

            6. Ruth Ola Rainey, who married Mr. Kelly

            7. George James Rainey, Jr., born April 10, 1914, died August 27, 1974, married March 9, 1935 to Iris Faye Rice, daughter of Jesse James Rice and Beulah E. Hogan Rice, born April 5, 1919, in Brownwood, Texas, died September 15, 1990, buried in Rainey Cemetery. Iris married second Gerald D. Cox.

                     1. Beulah Ann Rainey, born December 14, 1935, married Walter Lamar Evans, August 24, 1955 and had three children

                                1. Walter Lamar Evans, Jr., wed Dina Lynn Aumann June 13, 1980

                                2. Fredrick Craig Evans

                                3. Carey Scott Evans married Pam Goodman

                    2. George James Rainey, III, born September 18, 1938, died November 28, 1942, buried in Rainey Cemetery

                    3. Hubert Frank Rainey

                    4. Mitchell Wayne Rainey married Margaret Adele Drapela

                                                1. Mitch Rainey

                                                2. Mark Anton Rainey who wed Rhonda Beth Anderson, September 7, 1991, in Rosenberg, Texas

                                                3. Mike Rainey

                                                4. Matt Dale Rainey, born November 24, 1969 in Tehran, Iran, and died there January 1, 1970, buried in Roselawn Cemetery.

                 5. Larry Dean Rainey married Debora Justice.

                                                1. Jeremy Keith Rainey

                                                2. Kari Lynn Rainey

                                                3. Jason Dean Justice Rainey


Emily Elizabeth Rainey Morrow (daughter of Elsie Stapp Rainey and

James H. Rainey and great granddaughter of Charles W. Rice).


Emily Elizabeth Rainey born 8 October, 1899, died 9 January, 1978. She married William Bart Morrow 1st January, 1921.  Bart Morrow died 10 May, 1984.  Both are buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Van Vleck, Matagorda Co, Texas.  They had 4 children: 

1.  James Louis Morrow born 9 January, 1923. died 10 September, 1986.           He married Martha Sue Baker in 1950 born 1 September, 1926.  Sue died 2 September, 1969.  Both are buried in Roselawn Cemetery Van Vleck, Matagorda Co, Texas.  They had three children:

          1.  Larry Baker Morrow born 15 November, 1952, died 12 October, 1984.  He is also buried in Roselawn Cemetery Van Vleck, Texas

          2.  Michael Bart Morrow  married Diane ______ Morrow 1989

                 1. Braden Baker Morrow

          3.  Martha Ann Morrow Petersen born.  She married James Petersen

                 1. Emily Christine Petersen

                 2. Hannah Elizabeth Petersen

2.  William Bart Morrow Jr.  Married 14 October, 1950 Levenia Maye Raines born They had two children:

        1. Elizabeth Ann Morrow Clark married Dennis Lynn Clark.  They have two children:

                 A .Cade William Clark married Briana____ born 26 August, 1980

                            a. Braylee Clark   

                            b. Easton Clark

                B. Chase Hunter Clark

       2. Doris Faye Morrow Aldrich married Jerome Jake Aldrich 6 June, 1981

                A. Jenny Lauren Aldrich McCoy married  Brad Alan McCoy

                            a. Matthew Alan McCoy  

                            b. Garrett Michael McCoy

                B.  Bart Alan Aldrich

                C.  Emily Elizabeth Aldrich

3.  Joyce Ann Morrow Wind born 23 February, 1929, died 16 July, 2011.  She married Alfred T. Wind.  They had two children:

      1.  Debbie Lou Wind Cooper. She married Michael W. Cooper 29 December, 1972 and they have three sons:

A. Gregory Joseph Cooper

B. Matthew Dane Wind

C. Phillip Michael Wind

      2.  Ronald Craig Wind married Joy Jones and they have two sons:

                        A. Craig Thomas Wind married Jennifer Henderson

                             a. Morgan Rose Wind

                             b. Michaela Wind

                        B. Kyle William Wind

4.  Patsy LaRue Morrow McMicken. Married Jerry Nelson McMicken 17 August, 1968, divorced 15 June, 1989



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