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Family of
Howard Nathaniel & Matilda Kelsey Woolpert Sholl


Sholl family pictures courtesy of Starla R. Sholl.

Howard Nathaniel Sholl

Howard N. Sholl, the son of William David Sholl (1848-1911) and Belinda Catherine Fase Sholl (1849-1905), was born March 22, 1872. He was baptized on September 4, 1872 at Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Littletown, Adams County, Pennsylvania.

On March 1, 1885 his family was enumerated in the Kansas State Census. They were living in Prairie Dog, Decatur County.
William D. Sholl, age 37, b MD, Farmer
Belina Sholl, age 35, b MD
Ellen C. Sholl, age 14b MD
Howard N. Sholl, age 13, b MD
Katie Sholl, age 11, b MD
Morris E. Sholl, age 9, b PA
William D. Sholl, age 7, b PA
Oliver Sholl, age 6, b PA
Anna Sholl, age 2, b KS

Howard married Cora Gertrude Forney (c1872 - c1907) on September 3, 1893 in Arlington, Riverside, California. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Forney and Amanda E. Williams Forney.

1900 Census - Kansas - Saline County, Salina - Ninth Street - June 7, 1900
H. D. Sholl, head, b Feb 1848 MD, Butcher
B. C. Sholl, wife, b Dec 1849 PA
Cora Sholl, daughter, b Mar 1871 MA
Howard Sholl, son, b Mar 1872 MA, Carriage Maker
Katie Sholl, daughter, b Sep 1873 MA
Morris Sholl, son, b Oct 1873 PA, Photographer
William Sholl, son, b Jul 1877 PA, Fireman in Mill
Oliver Sholl, son, b  Feb 1879 PA, Upholster
Annie Sholl, daughter, b Aug 1882 KS, Milliner
Elsie Sholl, daughter, b Aug 1885 KS
Florence Sholl, daughter, b Feb 1888 KS
Freddie Sholl, son, b Aug 1891 KS

Howard's sister, Elsie, who married Harry Bryan, Matilda and Howard

Howard appears to have been enumerated twice. Once with his parents and siblings and another with his wife and mother-in-law. Each census had a date and the census was to reflect the household members on that date regardless of when the census enumerator arrived. The date for 1900 was June 1st. His occupation as a traveling salesman may explain the fact that he was recorded twice.

1900 Census – Nebraska – Gage County, Beatrice – Ward 4 -  Market Street - June 1, 1900
Howard Sholl, head, age 28, b March 1872 Nebraska, Salesman
Cora Sholl, wife, age 28, b February 1972 Kansas
Maggie Forney, mother-in-law, age 54, b Apr 1846, Nebraska

1904 – Beatrice, Nebraska City Directory
Howard N. Sholl, traveling agent, residence 711 High.

Howard, Dwight and Cora

Howard and Cora had three sons:
Milo Franklin Sholl (February 7, 1895 – September 13, 1897 Beatrice, Gage County, NE)
Dwight Howard Sholl, Sr. (February 12, 1902 - March 9, 1954)
Ellwood Sholl  (c1903 – c1904)

Dwight and Cora Sholl

When Cora died in 1907, the family was still in Nebraska and she was buried at Beatrice, Gage County, Nebraska.

On November 4, 1908 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, Howard married Matilda Kelsey Woolpert. Matilda was born March 8, 1862 in Rock Creek, Huntington County, Indiana and was the daughter of Jonas Kelsey (1810-1892) and Martha Matilda Auld (1822-1903). She was first married to James Monroe Woolpert (March 12, 1853 Miami County, Indiana - November 2, 1888) on March 10, 1881 in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana. They had one son, Earl S. Woolpert born September 4, 1883 in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana.

Markle Murmurings
MARKLE, Ind., March 14th, '81

We were surprised on hearing of the sudden marriage of Rev. J. M. Woolpert and Miss Tillie Kelsey. Rev. Woolpert and bride were expected on the evening train. The brass band being engaged, we thought it necessary to organize a new band, so all hands went to work. It was composed of merchants, Dr's and mechanics--the name given being The Ethereal Band. The instruments were 5 jews harps, 4 French harps, and Massa and his flute. They marched bravely to the residence of the bride's parents in search of the property, but being disappointed, they concluded to favor the old gent with some music, after which they were invited in and seated and treated to cider. The Dr's and Massa's spectacles were in the way while drinking cider. The parties whom they wished to see were not present, so they went away sad at heart, promising to return the following eve, when the party would be present; when, oh ye editors! you ought to have seen the cakes, pies, roast turkey, chicken, &c., which had been prepared on the following day for The Ethereal Band, and Father Kelsey, the clever old soul, rolled out the barrel of cider, when by misunderstanding, each band depending on the other, the bride and groom were left to take care of the cider, &c., alone. More anon, Reporter--Indiana Herald, Huntington Indiana, March 23, 1881 [Marriage license issued March 10, 1881]

Married at Council Bluffs

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Nov. 4--Howard N. F. Sholl of Norton, Kas., aged forty, and Matilda Woolpert, aged fourty-four of Los Angeles, were married here today. It is understood that Sholl formerly resided at Beatrice.--Nebraska State Journal, November 6, 1908

Howard N. Sholl

Howard N. Sholl represents the Henkle & Joyce Hardware company in Southwestern Nebraska, Northern Kansas and Eastern Colorado. He was born in Hagerstown, Maryland, and is 36 years old. He began traveling in 1894 and was the first salesman put out by the Lincoln Hardware company. He traveled for them until three years ago when he went to California, returning to Lincoln in September of this year he entered the employ of the Henkle & Joyce Hardware company, successors to the Lincoln Hardware company.--Nebraska State Journal, November 26, 1908


Howard, Matilda and Dwight moved to Collegeport, Matagorda County, Texas in the early days of its settlement.

Howard was at the organizational meeting of the Collegeport Industrial League on April 30, 1909.

A meeting of the citizens of the Collegeport Tract was held in the store of W. E. Mott on Friday evening, April 30th, 1909 , for the purpose of discussing subjects of benefit to the community. W. H. Travis was chosen temporary Chairman and H. A. Clapp temporary Secretary. After some remarks by Chairman Travis a motion duly made and carried the temporary organization was made the permanent one, but Mr. Travis for good reasons could not accept the position so a vote was taken for President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, resulting in the election of H. N. Sholl, President, C. C. Brown, Vice-President, Dr. N. P. Knight, Treasurer.-- Collegeport Chronicle, April 28, 1910

To prepare for the first year of school in Collegeport, names and ages were taken at the Industrial League meeting and Dwight Sholl was enrolled.

Howard was appointed as the first Collegeport postmaster on August 26, 1909 and served until James H. Adams was appointed on July 29, 1910.

At some point, Matilda's son, Earl A. Woolpert and his wife, Virginia, moved to Collegeport. It is unknown whether they moved with the Sholls or joined them later. Virginia Mayor Woolpert was born December 21, 1879 in Arizona. In Collegeport, Earl was the proprietor of the Merchants Ice & Cold Storage. The office was at the Lumber Dock and ice was delivered every morning except Sunday.

Collegeport Chronicle, June 3, 1910

Matilda was an active member of the Collegeport Woman's Club serving as an officer and on committees. Virginia was also a member.

1910 Census - Texas - Matagorda County - Collegeport
Howard N. Sholl, age 40, b MD, Postmaster
Matilda Sholl, age 46, b IN
Dwight Sholl, age 8, B NE

Earl A. Woolpert, age 26, b KS, Civil Engineer
Virginia Woolpert, age 26, b AZ, Postoffice Clerk

Howard Sholl purchased lots 13, 14 and 15 in block 108 in April or May 1910 where he constructed a building with three stores. The building was known as the Sholl Block. At the time of the above photo, taken after November 1, 1911, the building housed the Collegeport & Satsuma Townsite Co. managed by Howard N. Sholl, the Postoffice, Thomas M. Clark Grocery Store and F. D. Everson's Collegeport Pharmacy. Mr. Everson purchased the business from Dr. Lipsitt on November 1, 1911.

Apparently, Mr. Sholl moved to Los Angeles, California for a short time as evidenced by this photo of the H. N. Sholl Novelty Carriage & Wagon Shop in Upland, California.

Courtesy of Upland Public Library Historic Photograph Collection

He continued to maintain his Collegeport business interests and possibly those in California as well.

Howard N. Sholl, our former townsman, now Los Angeles , Cal. , surprised us by dropping in Collegeport on Sunday evening. He is here on business and will probably be with us for two or three weeks. --Reprinted in The Palacios Beacon, November 3, 1911

H. N. Sholl has made a substantial improvement in front of his store buildings, known as the Sholl block, a splendid and commodious hitch rack. Other business houses would do well to imitate the example. Reprinted in The Palacios Beacon, November 10, 1911

Upon his return to Collegeport, he continued to support the community through his businesses.

H. N. Sholl has bought a new type of well boring machinery to test out the merits of our resources for irrigating wells.-- Matagorda County Tribune, June 27, 1913

Mr. H. N. Sholl, who has been seriously ill with tonsillitis, is reported today (Wednesday) to be very much improved.—Matagorda County Tribune, August 29, 1913

Dr. F. R. Fausett will take up his quarters at the Hotel Collegeport soon and open an office next door to the postoffice in Sholl block.--Matagorda County Tribune, September 26, 1913

On account of caving in, Mr. Sholl has abandoned the first well started for Mr.  Tower and has begun on another one. They have reached a depth of about 200 feet as we go to press and everything is going nicely.--The Matagorda News & Midcoast Farmer, Matagorda, Texas, November 28, 1913

Lumber is being hauled to the site of H. N. Sholl’s new blacksmith shop, preparatory to commencing work on the building at once.—Collegeport New Era, Thursday, January 8, 1914

H. N. Sholl has his new two-story building opposite the drug store about completed.--Matagorda County Tribune, February 13, 1914

H. N. Sholl has erected a building 25 X 58 which will serve as a moving picture show. Mr. Sholl expects to give the first show in two weeks.-- Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 15, 1914

Dwight was also active in school and community activities.


County Agent Person’s Big Corn Club Ready for Business

County Agent Persons has been very successful in organizing his boys’ corn clubs, having now enrolled some sixty members, including progressive boy farmers in nearly every section of the county, each one pledging himself to plant and cultivate one acre in corn under the especial directions they will receive. The club membership is as follows—Collegeport―Frank D. Travis, aged 12 years; Dwight H. Sholl, aged 12 years; William Copeland, aged 17 years; Homer Butler, aged 16 years; Ralph Sarchit, aged 13 years.--Matagorda County News & Midcoast Farmer, Friday, February 20, 1914


Collegeport , Texas , August 20.--The tornado which visited this place Monday night was preceded by a brisk norther which blew all day Monday. That evening the wind gradually changed to west and then southwest by north from which direction it blew nearly all night, accompanied by heavy rain. Those who lived here during the 1909 storm estimated that the wind blew about 60 miles per hour. Considerable damage was done. Many small sheds and outbuildings were blown over. The new $10,000 school building was unroofed, also the Sholl block and several houses lost a portion of the roofs. All private docks and bath houses were destroyed and the T-head of the municipal wharf, also the bath house portion of the pavilion was strewn along the beach.

Many motor boats, sloops and schooners were washed high and dry on the bank and some carried inland along the Pilkington Bayou a distance of half mile. V. R. Haisley's barn was destroyed, causing the loss of one horse. Several silos were also wrecked. The rice crop harvested and being harvest[ed] was badly damaged and it is estimated that at least half the crop is ruined. In many places the ripe grain was threshed out of the standing heads to such an extent that the ground was white with grain.--Matagorda County Tribune, August 27, 1915

Additional Photos of the Sholl Block

Sholl Block at the far left

Collegeport Pharmacy in Sholl Block

Collegeport Pharmacy in Sholl Block

4th of July parade forming in front of the Sholl Block possibly in 1912

On July 4 the school observed the day with a patriotic parade, program and picnic dinner.--Collegeport Chronicle, September 12, 1912

H. N. Sholl's new blacksmith shop is now about ready for business. It seems good to have a shop again.-- Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City , Friday, September 3, 1915

H. N. Sholl has provided the community with a much needed facility in a well equipped blacksmith and wood working shop.--Matagorda County Tribune, October 8, 1915


Mr. H. N. Sholl has his two-story building on Central Street near the business center ready for the roof.-- Matagorda County Tribune, September 22, 1916  

Rev. M. A. Travis' little girl and H. N. Sholl are on the sick list this week.-- The Palacios Beacon, December 21, 1917

Howard Sholl paid taxes on the Sholl Block in 1917. In 1918, John M. Reed was paying taxes on the property.

After Leaving Collegeport

Deed--April 29, 1920 Earl Woolpert to Matilda Sholl Lots 14 and 15 Blk 7 Magnolia now Upland.--San Bernardino County Sun, May 14, 1920

101 N 5th Street, Hot Springs, South Dakota


1930 Census – South Dakota – Fall River – Hot Springs – Lincoln Avenue
Howard N. Sholl age 59, b Maryland, Hardware Traveling Salesman, Veteran, rent $35 mo
Matilda Sholl, age 58, b Indiana
Dwight H. Sholl, age 28, b Nebraska

Hot Springs house at right

1935 South Dakota State Census
H. N. Sholl, age 63, born 1872, Maryland
Father born Germany
Mother born United States
Married 1908
Spouse: Matilda Kelsey

1940 Census – California – Orange County – Santa Ana – 941 West Camile Street
Howard Sholl, age 68, b Maryland, 1935 living in Hot Springs, Fall River, South Dakota, no occupation
Matilda Sholl, age 78, b Indiana


Elsie, Howard and Matilda in front of the Santa Ana, CA home at 941 West Camile Street

Howard and Matilda


At left, Howard and Matilda in Valentine, Nebrska

Matilda Sholl died on June 13, 1945 in San Diego County, California. She was buried at Glen Abbey Memorial Park, Bonita, San Diego County, California.


1945 South Dakota State Census – South Dakota – Fall River County – Hot Springs
Dwight Howard Sholl, age 43, born Beatrice, Nebraska
Married 1940 – Spouse: Palus
Father born: Hagenstown, Maryland
Mother born: Markle, Indiana

Dwight's wife, Margaret Palus Sholl Billups & Howard

Dwight Sholl married Margaret Helen Palus (born August 12, 1916 Belle Fourche, Butte County, South Dakota on June 1, 1940 in Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota. She was the daughter of John Frank Palus (1883-1969) and Josephine Barbara Kolka Palus (1888-1968). They had two sons, Dwight, Jr. and Raymund Francis. After Dwight's death, Margaret married Carten Billups. Margaret Helen Palus Sholl Billups died January 24, 2006 Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota.

Howard and Dwight died a few years apart in South Dakota and were buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota.

Death of Jonas Kelsey

On Tuesday, March 29, at his residence in Marion, Kansas, occurred the death of Jonas Kelsey, a former resident and old settler of the county. Having many friends and relatives here who cherish his memory and who sincerely mourn his death, we append the following sketch of his life:

He was born in Perry county, Ohio, April 17, 1810, and was therefore at the time of his death almost eighty-two years of age. He moved to this county in the year of 1848, and settled on the Wabash river some two miles below the present site of Markle. Here he developed a fine farm and reared a large family. As age grew upon him he moved to Markle, where he resided until the spring of 1884, when he removed to his late residence in Kansas. His was a noble life and character. In all his dealings, both with his God and fellowmen, he was strictly upright and conscientious. In religious faith he was a life-long Methodist and for forty years a class leader. Many were the itinerants of the North Indiana Conference as it is and has been, who found a hospitable home at his house. In the building of the Methodist church at Markle he was one of the trustees, and ever one of the staunchest supporters of the society. His prayers and his alms have most certainly gone up before God as memorials of him. He was the father of fourteen children, seven of whom, with his aged companion, survive him. Of these, Mrs. R. F. Miller resides at Harlansburg this county; William Kelsey M. D., at Monterey, Indiana, and the others at Marion, Kansas. His youngest daughter is the widow of Rev. J. M. Woolpert, formerly of the North Indiana Conference.

He has been sick nearly all winter but was thought to be better when his ailments suddenly complicated with paralysis and he entered into rest. His funeral services were held in the Methodist church, at Marion, Kansas, and were conducted by Revs. Noah Asher and Dr. Earp. "He is not dead but sleepeth." W. B. Randolph--Huntington Weekly Herald, April 8, 1892

Mrs. Martha Kelsey

Eighty-one years, one month and twenty-six days was the age attained by Mrs. Martha Kelsey, whose death occurred this morning at 2 o'clock, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Miller one mile north of Harlansburg. Death was due to the infirmities of age.

She was born in Brownsville, Pa., March 17, 1822, and was the second wife of Jonas Kelsey, who died March 27, 1892. Mrs. Kelsey moved from Ohio to Markle in 1848. From 1884 to 1897 she was a resident of Kansas, since which time she had been a resident of Huntington county, making her home with her daughter, Mrs. Frank Miller, where her death occurred this morning. Four children are left to mourn her death. They are Mrs. Sarah A. Miller, T. C. Kelsey, of Hamlin, Kansas; E. J. Kelsey, of Marion, Kansas, and Mrs. Tilla [Matilda] Woolford [Woolpert], of Upland, Cal., who spent the past two weeks at the bedside of her mother. Dr. Kelsey, of Monterey, and Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer, of Sumner, Ill., are step-children. Mrs. Kelsey had been a life long member of the Methodist church and was an excellent  in every particular.

The funeral will be held Friday morning with a short service at the residence, the cortege leaving at 8 o'clock for the M E. church in Markle, where services will be conducted by Rev. J. Z. Barrett, of Mt. Etna.--Daily News-Democrat, Huntington, Indiana, May 13, 1903


Rev. J. M. Woolpert, at one time pastor of the Trinity M. E. church, in this city, died yesterday at 10:45 a. m., in his pastorial charge in Canton, Kas. He was a brother of Rev. Woolpert, pastor of the Berry Street M. E. church, of this city, and son of Rev. H. Woolpert of Huntertown. He was a brilliant young man, and a bright future awaited him had he lived.--Fort Wayne Daily News, February 13, 1888


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