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Walter Scott and Minna Jane Cheesman Stewart



Walter Scott Stewart

Minna Jane Cheesman Stewart

Warner Watson Stewart Family
By Cecile Stewart Crawford

Warner Watson Stewart was born on September 2, 1804. He was of pure Scottish descent, but his exact birthplace was not known. He came to Matagorda, Texas, about 1838, bringing with him his wife,  Lucy Rible, born on August 14, 1805, in Kentucky, and three children: Martha Caroline, born in 1826 in Indiana; Greenbury, born in 1828 in Indiana; and Almire, born in 1834 in Louisiana. Four children were born to them in Matagorda: John A. in 1840; Elizabeth and Mary on August 30, 1842, who died as babies; and Walter Scott on November 28, 1843. Warner was probably a planter. He died in 1855 at the age of 50. Lucy lived almost eighty-one years, and survived all but one of her children. She died on July 2, 1886.

Martha C. Stewart was married to R. T. Van  Slyke on March 27, 1844, by the Reverend Caleb Ives, at Christ Church, Matagorda. They had four children: Lucy, Catherine, Martha and Robert. The 1862 yellow fever epidemic claimed Lucy, age seventeen, and Robert, age six. R. Van Slyke was Postmaster of Matagorda when he died in 1856. Martha died in 1867.

Greenbury Stewart became Postmaster of Matagorda from 1856-1860. He was a stockraiser, a gunsmith, and an officer in the Confederate Army, 6th Texas Infantry, Co. "D." there is no record that he ever married. He died in Matagorda in 1875 at the age of forty-seven.

Almira Stewart  married T. F. Bates in 1854. She also died of yellow fever in 1862, leaving two children, Francis, age eight, and Jane, age four. Jane would become the second wife of John Sargent, and the mother of Kate Sargent Rugeley.

John A. Stewart fought in the Confederate army alongside his brothers, but there is no record of his return to Matagorda. He was the only member of the W. W. Stewart family not buried in Matagorda.

Walter Scott Stewart had an interesting life. Caught up in the Civil War while still in his teens, he fought in some major battles, among them were Bull Run, Chickamauga, and Atlanta. He was wounded, but returned to the front until the war ended. Returning to Matagorda he became a lawyer, County Tax-Assessor in 1877-1878, and County Judge from 1882-1888. The also started in the cattle business in the late 1860s, with just a few head of stock. By the early 1900s he had a vast ranch  and the Stewart herds were considered among the best in the Southwest. In 1869, Walter married Minna Jane Cheesman. Her family had come from England to Alabama and on to settle in Matagorda. She was born in Alabama  on February 12, 1846. Walter and Minna had five children: Irene, Arthur, Cheeseman, Greenbury, Walter Scott and Minna Jane. they were members of the Episcopal Church. Walter died on August 3, 1894,, at the age of fifty, and Minna died on December 3, 1886, at the age of forty.

Irene Stewart (1869-1917) was educated in San Antonio, then married Charles L. Burkhart of Matagorda. They had three children: Irene, who married Robert Johnson; C. Stewart, who married Lunelle Jones; and C. Lawrence, who married Sophia Doubeck.

Minna Jane Stewart (1880-1915) was only six when her mother died. She spent much of her young life with her sister, Irene. Well-educated, she worked with the Episcopal Church,  teaching the poor. She never married.

Greenbury Stewart ( about 1875-before 1935)  married Maud Alberta Lawson on March 28, 1894. They had three daughters: Robbie, Georgia, and Grace. The family lived in San Antonio. Greenbury was the only child of Walter Scott Stewart that was not buried in Matagorda.

Walter and Arthur Stewart married sisters, Addie and Lillian Cookenboo, daughters of Captain Henry and Catharine Cookenboo.

Arthur Cheeseman Stewart was born in 1873. On December 26, 1894, he married Lillian Cookenboo. They had one son, Warner Watson Stewart. Arthur owned the dry goods store in Gulf, Texas. He died in 1921. Lillian lived until about 1955, and was much a part of the lives of the Walter Stewart family. Warner, a student at The University of Texas when World War I began, left college to be in the first Officer's Training School and Newport News, Virginia. In 1918 he married Mary Hart of Austin. He ran the family store in Gulf until about 1932, and then moved to Austin. They had one son, William Hart Stewart, born on December 20, 1926.  He attended the Coast Guard Academy at New London, Connecticut, and was a Rear Admiral, U. S. Coast Guard, stationed at New Orleans. He had one daughter, Mary, living in Germany.

Walter Scott Stewart II was born on October 5, 1877. He attended West Texas Military Academy in San Antonio, and then returned home to marry Addie Cookenboo on December 28, 1898. They had two sons, George S., born on October 7, 1901, and Arthur Cheeseman, born on March 9, 1905. Annie died on May 5, 1919. Walter died on August 5, 1936.

Historic Matagorda County, Volume II, pages 524-525

Walter Scott Stewart Family
By Cecile Stewart Crawford

Walter Scott Stewart, son of Walter Scott and Minna Jane Stewart, was born in Matagorda on October 5, 1877. He attended West Texas Academy, now T. M. I., in San Antonio from 1893-1897. On December 28, 1898, Walter married Addie Cookenboo, born on May 8, 1879, the tiny, auburn-haired daughter of Captain Henry Cookenboo. They built their home at 401 Fisher Street in Matagorda. Addie's sister, Nettie, and her husband, George Sargent, lived on the bay front one block south; her sister, Lillian, and her husband, Arthur Stewart, lived one block north. The family spent much time together. Walter and Addie had two sons: George S., born on October 7, 1901, and Arthur Cheeseman, born on March 9, 1905. They were members of Christ Church, Matagorda. Walter was a lumber merchant. He was active in the Oddfellows Lodge. Addie died on May 5, 1919, and Walter died on August 5, 1936.

Their son, George Stewart, married Bernice Baird, she died about 1931. He then married "Monty" Montgomery. They raised her son, Vernon, but had no children of their own. George and Monty died about 1980, and were buried in Tucson, Arizona, where they had lived for many years.

Arthur Stewart attended Austin College, and received his degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas in 1926. He met Mary Cecile Kaine about 1927 when she came to visit friends in Gulf. They were married on July 15, 1929, and moved into the Stewart family home in Matagorda, where they shared the home with Arthur's father. Mary was born on October 29, 1907, in San Antonio, Texas, and reared threr. Life in Matagorda was different, but happy. Mary and Arthur had three children: Mary Cecile, born on July 22, 1931; Walter Scott, born on August 18, 1935; and George David, born on November 22, 1938. Arthur and Mary were devoted parents, and Walter adored his grandchildren. Cecile was her grandfather's constant companion, and little Scott had just begun to know his "Grandy" when Walter died in 1936. The children attended elementary school in Matagorda, and were graduated from Bay City High School. Arthur worked for many years for Matagorda Shell Company, and Southern State Construction Company. He was always active in civic and school affairs.  His sons were involved in athletics, and Arthur was always on the sidelines encouraging them. As a tribute to his time and interest, the baseball field at Bay City High School was named for Arthur Stewart.

Cecile attended Stephens College in 1947, and was graduated from The University of Texas in 1951. While she was attending The University of Texas, she met David Fort Crawford, Jr., of Beaumont, who was also graduated from that University in 1951. Cecile and David were married on February 2, 1952,  and they resided in Houston from 1955. They had two children: David Fort III and Mary Lynn.

Arthur Stuart died of a heart attack on March 17, 1953, at the age of forty-eight, and was missed by his family and many who knew him. Mary Stewart served as the school secretary at Peirce Elementary School in Bay City for fifteen years. Mary lived alone in Bay City, but maintained a close relationship with her children and grandchildren, with Christmas being a time for the family to be together.

Mary Stuart died suddenly on August 23, 1969.

Additional information can be found in Historic Matagorda County, Volume II, pages 523-524


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