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Yeamans Families of Matagorda, Texas

Asa Yeamans, Sr.     Joseph Yeamans, Sr.     Phillip Yeamans, Sr.     Horace Yeamans, Sr.

By Phyllis Yeamans Culver     Historic Matagorda County, Volume II, pages 573-574

Asa Yeamans, Sr.

On January 27, 1829, Asa Yeamans, his wife, Jerusha Wightman Yeamans, and their children arrived in Matagorda. They were one of the families listed as passengers aboard the Little Zoe. These families were members of Elias R. Wightman’s colony. Elias R. Wightman had been granted land by Stephen F. Austin to build a town at the mouth of the Colorado River. Also with them on this adventure were Benjamin and Esther Wightman, parents of Jerusha Wightman Yeamans and Elias R. Wightman. Asa’s parents, Daniel and Esther Sterling Yeamans remained in New York. Caleb S. Yeamans, Asa’s son by a first marriage, also remained there. Asa and Jerusha’s children were: Elias, Erastus, Daniel, Horace, Joseph and Esther. The sons all served in the Texas Revolution. Elias, Erastus and Daniel were at the Battle of Goliad. Elias and Erastus were killed at that battle, and their names are listed on the monument there. Daniel survived, but lost his mind from the horrors seen there. Horace and Joseph served at the Battle of Velasco. Horace married Eliza Baxter in 1844, and settled in the Tres Palacios area. Esther married William Baxter, Sr. and lived in Matagorda.


To Mr. S F Austin Empresario

              I have emigrated to this colony as one of the colonists
you are authorized by the govt to introduce and I request to be ad=
mitted under your Contracts with govt. I agree to the terms pub=
lished by you 20 Nov 1829 and am ready to take the oath
prescribed by Law.

Asa Yeamans 57 years married
Jerusha my wife 52.
Three male
and one female children

                          moved from New YOrk and arrived in this
                              colony in 1829 - Jany -

                                   Town of Austin 15 May 1830.

                                       Asa Yeamans

Courtesy of Linn Ready

Joseph Yeamans, Sr.

Joseph Yeamans, Sr. married Margaret Schmidt of Oldenberg, Germany, in 1833. As a soldier, Joseph served at the Battle of Velasco in Captain Thomas Stewart’s Company, which was organized at Matagorda, Texas, in February, 1836. Along with his uncle Elias Wightman and five other men, they helped hold the port open at the Fort of Velasco while the Battle of San Jacinto was raging. Joseph served as a member of the original list of jurors drawn for the April term for 1837 at the District Court. He was also the first County Surveyor of Matagorda County under the Republic of Texas. Joseph, Sr. and Margaret had thirteen children:
  1. Benjamin
  2. Erastus
  3. Emily, who married H. P. Gove
  4. Esther, who married Abner Reeves
  5. Joseph, Jr.
  6. Phillip, Sr.
  7. Elias
  8. John
  9. Mary, who died at age twelve in the yellow fever epidemic
10. Caroline, who married Jimmy Williams
11. Asa “Acey”
12. Horace
13. Floyd

Joseph, Sr. died on February 19, 1895, and Margaret died on June 10, 1897. They were buried in the Matagorda Cemetery.

Phillip Yeamans, Sr.

Phillip Yeamans, Sr., son of Joseph, Sr. and Margaret, was born on July 21, 1845, in Matagorda. On September 23, 1879 he married Mary Watkins, who was born in 1850. They were the parents of two children, Phillip, Jr. and Pearl, who married Jesse Landrum. Phillip, Sr. engaged in the cattle drives to Kansas, and one of his duties was to ready the horses for the drive. He served on a gunboat in Matagorda Bay, during the Civil War. Mary died in 1886, and is buried in the Matagorda Cemetery. After her death Phillip, Sr., married Pauline Bunk on November 23, 1887. Pauline was born in Poland on June 19 1869. Phillip, Sr. and Pauline and Pauline had nine children:

1. Amanda, who married George Raymond, and in 1984, at the age of ninety three resided in Bay City.
2. Annie, who married Edgar Dunbar, and in 1984, at the age of ninety-one resided in Bay City.
3. Joseph, who was killed in action in World War I.
4. Dewey, who married Christine Bullock.
5. Asa Horace, who married Bernice A. Yeamans.
6. Mollie Belle, who married Ray Miller and resided in Wharton.
7. Tessie, who married first Gil Mangum and second married Ben Duderstadt, and resided in Bay City.
8. John Robert, who married Hazel Bruce.
9. Margaret, who married U. T. Picket, and resided in Bay City.

Phillip, Sr., died on September 25, 1931, and Pauline died on January 3, 1936, and both are buried in the Matagorda Cemetery.

A descendant of Mary Watkins and Phillip Yeamans, Sr., Henry Manley Mangum, son of Pearl Yeamans Landrum, resided in Matagorda in 1984. Also a number of descendants of Phillip Yeamans, Sr., and his second wife, Pauline Bunk: Joe Faye Deshotels and Alyne Cox, daughters of Amanda Yeamans Raymond, and their sons George and Douglas Deshotels and Raymond Cox; James R., Jr., Joe, and Jeanine Yeamans Baxter, children of James R. Yeamans; and descendants of Phillip Yeamans, Jr.

Yeamans Family Bible Records
Courtesy of Raymond Ready

Horace Moore Yeamans, Jr. and Eliza Marie LaBauve Yeamans

Olive Yeamans Bible Records
Courtesy of Raymond Ready




Family of
Linn Odelon & Olive Gertrude Rauch Yeamans


Photos and family history courtesy of R. Linn Ready


Taken in 1909, at the marriage of Linn O Yeamans to Olive Gertrude Rauch

Olive Gertrude & Linn Odelon Yeamans with their children;
Donald Oliver & Lucille Yeamans

Linn Odelon Yeamans was born at the family's Cash's Creek Ranch just north of the town of Palacios, TX on 13 NOV 1885. Linn's father, Horace Moore Yeamans, Jr. was a cattleman and Chisholm Trail Driver. He was also a descendant of an early Texas family. His father, Horace, Sr. was born in central New York state and arrived with the Elias R. Wightman party in January, 1829. This group of about 70 souls was recruited by Elias Robert Wightman, one of Stephen F Austin's surveyors and Matagorda town proprietor, to settle the town of Matagorda at the mouth of the Colorado River. A letter written and signed by Stephen F Austin on 18 FEB 1829 listed a number of Yeamans and Wightman ancestors arriving on the "Little Zoe" out of New Orleans to secure Spanish land grants and make homes in Austin's 2nd colony.

Linn's mother, Eliza "Elise" Marie LaBauve Yeamans, was descended from an Acadian family that came to Jackson County, Texas from West Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the decade before 1870. Elise was an energetic and enterprising woman, who at various times, ran a general store, opened a restaurant in a tent on what is now the Matagorda Courthouse grounds, bought and sold land and taught school.

The Yeamans & Wightman ancestors were devoutly Baptist. Horace Sr. was the long-time clerk of the Trespalacios Baptist Church. Wightman ancestors left England for religious freedom and were instrumental in the founding of the Baptist church in New England. This family produced many generations of Baptist ministers in and around Connecticut and Rhode Island. Elise came from a Roman Catholic family.

Linn grew up on the Cash's Creek ranch in a family that included three younger brothers: Eugene Neuma, born 03 SEP 1893; Charles Valcoure, born 11 DEC 1894; and Victor Horace, born 10 Mar 1897. Siblings that died in childhood and who are interred in the Yeamans Cemetery on the Cash's Creek ranch included Elmer Daniel (1881-1884), Ellina Lucille (1883-1886), and Alvin Horace Yeamans (1888-1890).

Linn and his brothers were "musical" and played for their Palacios neighbors as teenaged members of the Palacios band. A newspaper article at the time informed its readers that Olive Yeamans and brothers, Linn and Victor provided music for the 1923 wedding, held in Bay City, TX of brother Charles Valcoure Yeamans to Jeanette A. Lewis.

Circa 1900, Oliver Perry Rauch, purchased a lot on Haber Avenue in the town of Palacios, Texas and brought his wife, Minnie Bader Rauch and his daughter, Olive Gertrude Rauch from Ohio to live in a new home he constructed on the lot. Olive had been born some twelve years earlier on 11 Oct 1888 in Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio. On 21 MAR 1909, Olive and Linn were married in Palacios. Two children were born to this union. A son, Donald Oliver Yeamans was born 29 Nov 1909. A daughter, Lucille Elinor Yeamans was born 25 Jul 1913.

Linn grew up with his father running the cattle business and his mother running the Yeamans & Sons general store in Citrusgrove, TX. This store was located directly East across the Trespalacios Bay from the present town of Palacios. Having learned the store business from his mother, Linn secured his livelyhood as the owner/operator of retail businesses. In Citrusgrove, he was among other enterprises, the local dealer for Metz automobiles. In December, 1910, Linn was appointed postmaster for Citrusgrove.

Before 1930, Linn and Olive had relocated their family to what is now the East End of Houston, Texas. Linn built and operated a grocery store at 7748 Harrisburg Blvd. As this bio is being written in 2015, this store is still in use as a independent grocery.

Yeamans store in September 2015

Linn and Olive built a three story wood frame home next door and resided there until after their retirement. In the 1940s, Linn was a director of the Independent Grocer's Association.

Linn Yeamans as a director of the
Independent Grocer's Association

Olive Rauch Yeamans

He also served as a member of the local Draft Board during and immediately subsequent to WW-II.

In retirement, Linn and Olive maintained "fishing camps" on Matagorda Bay--first in Palacios and later in the town of Matagorda. Linn was a craftsman, both in metal and wood. He built the inboard cruiser that he docked at his fishing camp and used for frequent fishing, shrimping or oystering trips from his Houston home. Among many other projects, he also built and played a violin.

Linn Odelon Yeamans passed away on 04 Feb 1969 at the age of 84. His last years were spent at the Austin State Hospital; hence his death is recorded in Travis County, Texas. He was interred in Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery, where Olive was also buried upon her death 08 Jan 1978.


Yeamans & Sons Dry Good Groceries & Furniture



Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas


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