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Francitas, Texas

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Francitas Facts.


Fred Baca of Bay City was here Monday chatting with friends.


Several of our townfolk were at the Baptist Church in Edna Sunday evening to attend services and also to witness the Baptismal services. Two of our popular young ladies, Eric? Linton and Lilly Bell Green, were among those who received baptism.


Miss Lena Clapp spent Sunday night with Miss Lula Maud Hawkins.


We are glad to note that Mrs. A. N. Middleton is up again after a severe attack of mumps.


The family of F. J. Price, of Houston, were here Saturday and Sunday. They were guests in the Langston household.


Miss Lula and Thelma Linton were dinner guests of Mrs. B. H. Pearce Sunday.


Bro. C. F. Connor of Palacios was through here enroute to LaWard one day last week. He told his friends here that he expected to begin a series of meetings next Monday at LaWard.


Mrs. Sadie Miller was in Palacios with her son, George Miller, this past week.


Mrs. Lubben and Miss Edna were visitors in Dickinson and Houston the last week end.


At a "special" meeting of the P. T. A. Monday evening it was decided to have a social at the school house on Wednesday evening April 28th. Come over all of you. We will try to entertain you and if you will, bring your extra nickels, we'll sell you some ice cream. Don't forget the date, April 28th.


The Birthday Circle will meet next Sunday at 2:30 with Mrs. Crisp. All members are especially urged to be there. It will do you good.


Mr. and Mrs. Clapp were in Blessing Monday.


Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rampmeier of Deutschburg were guests of Mesdames Koch and Pearce last Wednesday.


Mesdames Martin and Manning were Edna visitors one day last week.


Mrs. Nellie Carvell spent a few days with Mrs. Ada Joines in Buhler last week.


Our school children are all going back and forth with a book or two under their arms now as we have only three more weeks of school and they are cramming.


What are we doing? Still gathering grey moss.




The Edna Weekly Herald, April 22, 1937

Francitas Facts.


Gene Martin of Ashwood was here Saturday, enroute to Ganado to visit homefolks.


Misses Sophia and Edna Lubben went to Austin for the past week end.


Miss Lula Linton and her father spent Sunday with Mrs. Lawson Christian in Deutschburg.


Mr. and Mrs. Rainoshek, Horace Rainoshek with Jack and Irene Potts, were Palacios visitors Sunday.


Harold Ben Pearce spent the week here with his mother.


John Beard of Palacios was here Saturday.


Morgan Pearce is home from Edna this week confined to his bed by flu.


The Birthday Circle met with Mrs. Pearce last Saturday to celebrate for our May members Mesdames N. Carvell, E. Koch, E. Linton and John Koch. All the members except three were present and all enjoyed it very much. Of course, when the gifts were presented we had lots of fun and then the delicious punch and cake finished the "good time." We will meet in June with Mrs. W. L. Linton.


We are glad to see Mrs. A. Carmichael and Miss Margaret back at Sunday school last Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Crisp spent a few days in Port Lavaca last week.


Messrs. Crisp and Thatcher went floundering Monday night.


The Edna Weekly Herald, May 20, 1937

Francitas Facts.


Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Price of Houston with Fred and Lloyd, were here Friday to enjoy a hunt and to take their sister, Miss Opal Price, back to her home in Houston. Miss Lily Bell Green accompanied them to Houston.


Morgan Pearce went back to Edna Monday where he expects to spend the summer.


Mr. and Mrs. R. Green were visiting "in town" Monday.


Mrs. Letta Linton of Lufkin was the guest of her brothers and sister here last week.


M. Linton is back for his extended summer visit here among relatives.


Miss Lula Linton and Miss Opal Price visited Mrs. Christian down on the Viets farm last week.


Frankie Pearce is recuperating from a severe attack of measles.


Mrs. Neil Bacock and Billy of Houston were here Monday to bring home her father, Wm. Baer, who had been in Houston for a week.


Mesdames Martin and Manning were Edna visitors Monday.


Mrs. C. D. Lubben and Miss Edna Lubben were in Dickinson Saturday. Miss Elsie Lubben accompanied them home. They came by way of Houston calling on Mrs. J. A. Howell.


Mr. and Mrs. Hansen of Deutschburg were calling on Mrs. B. H. Pearce one day the past week.


We are sorry to note that another one of our Deutschburg friends, Mrs. J. M. Hillyard, is very ill.


D. C. Page made a business trip to Palacios Monday.


The Misses Lubben, Mrs. Pearce and the King family went to Bay City to see "Romeo and Juliet" Wednesday evening of last week.


Miss Hortense Langston is at home for a few days from Kingsville. She will return Wednesday to resume her studies for the summer.


Mr. Stern is visiting the Hawkins home at this time.


Ed Rose returned to his home in Arden last week.


We are glad to note that Mrs. E. Koch is muchly improved.


Mrs. Koch and Lena visited at the home of John Koch Sunday.


The Bryant Green family have moved back to Francitas.


Miss Anna Belle Mays was the guest of Miss Lena Clapp for the past week end.


Mrs. A. N. Middleton and James visited Mrs. J. J. Harris in Blessing Sunday.




The Edna Weekly Herald, June 2, 1937

Francitas Facts.


Mrs. Ruby Hale of Sinton has been visiting her mother, Mrs. R. O. Rhodes. Sunday she went to Bay City to visit her sister, Mrs. Landin Uher, before returning to her home.


Mr. and Mrs. Joe Katzmier of LaWard were over here with Mrs. Cumby of Ganado to attend the funeral of Mr. D. C. Page.


The Grim Reaper made two visits to our town early in June. His icy fingers touched the brow of Mr. Wm. Baer on June 1st, early in the morning. Then on the morn of June 8th, he took Mr. Baer's next door neighbor Mr. D. C. Page. From here he went to Deutschburg and called our very dear friend, Mrs. John Hillyard. She passed thru the portals almost at the same hour that Mr. Page went.


Mesdames Bocock and Havlik of Houston were here several times recently on account of the illness and death of her father, Mr. Wm. Baer.


Mrs. Mollie Best of Victoria was called home last Monday by the death of her father, Mr. D. C. Page.


Mrs. Ruth Griffin of Kenedy was here to console her mother, Mrs. Page in her grief.


Miss Dorothy Thompson of Conroe was chatting with friends here one day last week.


Miss Gertrude Kellogg of New York City is spending a part of her vacation here with her parents.


The Misses Lubben and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Martin were at the shower given for Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Yoas last Sunday.


A. N. Middleton of Corpus Christi visited his family here Saturday night and Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Harold Long are stopping in town for a few days while Harold works with the "moss."


Geo. Miller of Palacios visited his mother, Mrs. Sadie Miller, Sunday and Monday.


Mrs. W. H. King and daughter are visiting relatives in Alba, Texas, this week.


Miss Sophie Lubben and Mr. Gene Martin (with the other Lubben sisters) went to Houston Tuesday and came back as Mr. and Mrs. Gene Martin. Congratulations.


Mrs. Chas. Thatcher came in Monday from an extended stay in California with her daughter.


Miss Lily Belle Green is home again from Houston.


Still a few cases of measles here.


Frankie Pearce is in Houston this week.




The Edna Weekly Herald, June 17, 1937

Francitas Deaths

Mr. Wm. Baer

Mr. Wm. Baer was born November 28th, 1854, in Pennsylvania. Rather late in life he was married to Miss Mary Cover, also of Pennsylvania. They lived in Nebraska for a few years. About twenty-five years ago they moved to the then new town of Francitas and opened up a general merchandise store.

Mrs. Baer preceded her husband in death almost 20 years. He is survived by two daughters, Mesdames Bobcock and Havlik and one grandson of Houston. Interment was made in Palacios after services were held here in our church, conducted by Bro. Metcalf.

The writer having known Mr. Baer intimately for several years, can scarcely find words to express the esteem and love in which he was held. He was a member of the Christian Church and was a very conscientious Christian gentleman: a modest little man whose character seemed to grow sweeter as the years went by. Someone has said that he was the “Angel of Francitas,” meaning by that that he was one of the most unselfish men.

He really would deny himself comforts to make the way easier for his neighbors.

“We shall miss you, dear, kind man,
You ever offered a helping hand.
In as much as the Savior said,
By His rule your life was led.
Your deeds of kindness were not a few
We know a reward is waiting for you.”


Edna Weekly Herald, Thursday, June 17, 1937

Mr. Dee Cleveland Page

As stated elsewhere, Mr. Page passed away on Tuesday morning, June 8, 1937. Mr. Page was born September 16th, 1885 in Platte County, Missouri, and resided there until 30 years of age. In December, 1915, he was married to Mrs. Zora B. Whitaker of Atchison, Kansas, and removed to Francitas in December, 1916 where he had lived since.

Death came to Mr. Page after two months illness immediately preceding his death. He had had treatment at the cancer hospital in Weston, Mo., several months before this time.

He was a member of the Methodist Church, a conscientious, helpful man. He catered not to those high up, but was ever ready to do even the menial tasks—if need be—for any one who needed him.

Surviving him are his mother, three sisters and three brothers at his old home in Missouri; his wife, four step children and one son, two daughters and three grand children.

Services were held at the Francitas Church conducted by Sister Cumby of Ganado. Interment was made in the Francitas Cemetery.


Edna Weekly Herald, June 17, 1937

[Tombstone indicates the date of birth is December 16, 1885]


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