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The post office for the new town of Francitas was granted on January 26, 1911 with Charles O. Hardy as the first postmaster.

Postoffice Established

Washington, D. C., Jan. 26 --H. H. Philpott, Francitas, Texas.--Letter received. Post office will be established today.

Francitas Bee, January 19, 1911    Volume 1 #8

Francitas Historical Marker Dedication

Francitas, Texas

The Best Opportunity in the Land of Opportunity

Photo courtesy of G. W. Franzen

1918 Tour of Francitas

Facts About Francitas

Francitas Article - Handbook of Texas

Francitas Buildings

Francitas Businesses

Francitas Celebration

Francitas Figs

Francitas Library Club

Francitas Newspaper Articles

Francitas Obituaries

Francitas Pictures

Francitas Promotion Newspaper
Francitas School
Francitas Union Church
Funk Family
Joines Family

LaBauve Cemetery - Francitas

Ladies' Aid Song

Letter About Francitas

Maher Information
John Gillespie Maher at Find A Grave

M. K. & T. Railroad Schedule

Schwind & Maher Francitas, Texas Booklet

Schwind Biography & Family Information

Story of Francitas, Texas
by Actual People Living Here - c late 1913
This information was taken from four newspaper size pages printed for the Valley Fruit Farm and Garden Company by the Francitas Bee. The pages are not dated, but one article is a reprint from the September 18, 1913 issue of the Bee. There are quite a few pictures, but the pictures were scanned from a copy of the original, so the picture quality is not the best.
The pages were loaned for scanning by Ruth H. Pierce
and the Blessing Historical Foundation.

Valley Fruit Farm & Garden Company

We'll Show You The Way To a Home



Opening Weekend of Francitas, December 9, 1910

Picture courtesy of Palacios Area Historical Association Museum
& volunteers Shirlee and Richard.






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