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Early Francitas Photos

Lakeland Farm Home of Wm. F. Schwind, Francitas, Texas
Photo courtesy of W. R. Joines


Lakeland Farm Dairy
Photo courtesy of W. R. Joines



Photo courtesy of Albina Joines

Francitas Bee, December 7, 1911


Lubben home at right

Photo courtesy of Vernon Hunt


Bailey Home
Picture taken when residence of Mrs. Ada Joines

New Bridge on Caranchua River - Francitas Texas



New Bridge on Caranchua River - Francitas Texas

Bell Hotel, Francitas Texas

W. W. Bell is starting on his rooming house which will be large enough to accommodate many guests. When this is completed he intends to furnish it nicely. Every room will be thoroughly ventilated and the structure will in every respect be first class and up to date. The lower floor will be used for other purposes. Mr. Bell's daughter is expected down shortly to take charge of the building.--Francitas Bee, December 22, 1910

W. W. Bell has his large rooming house well under way and it will be modern in every respect, well ventilated, lighted and comfortable. On the rear of the same lot he has built a large carpenter shop for his own use, for Mr. Bell expects to build another house shortly.--Francitas Bee, December 29, 1910

The Bell rooming house is going to be a credit to the town. It is 24x60 feet and is being built in a most substantial way. It will have both a lower and an upper gallery constructed along the lines of the Nebraska Inn. Each room will have plenty of ventilation both through windows and transom. This building is nearing completion and Mr. Bell is rushing the work on it. Mr. Bell expected to have it finished some time ago but the delay in getting lumber postponed the time when he could move into it. --Francitas Bee, March 9, 1911

Bell House Hop

The Bell House was received in polite society Friday night and given a royal send off on the occasion of its dedication to the work it is to do, by a dance at which were present a large number of people from this and neighboring towns. This new hotel has 22 rooms and two broad galleries and is owned and managed by W. W. Bell an experienced hotel  man who expects to grow up with the city.

Refreshments were served during the evening and a most delightful time was had by all present.--Francitas Bee, May 18, 1911



Francitas Hunters

Francitas Turkey
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