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“Biographical Sketch”


(Familiarly Known as “B. R.”)

Written By

Daisy Ferguson Grimes

(Mrs. B. R.”)



The Texas Drive

As directed by his father, he met him and the Texas Drive at Great Bind, Kansas, June 23, 1875. Having attained the stature of a man, his father assigned him for all future, the work of a man. He began the life of a cattleman, first in the service of his father and later for himself and a business he continues to follow.

The Grimes herd was summering on the free Kansas grass, to be moved later to winter quarters in the Indian Territory south of the present town of Kiowa. Throughout the nine months following June 23, Bradford never knew the comfort of a bed or any home comfort. He with other hands, slept in the open and cooked over a campfire. Winter began early. Bitter snow swept across the prairies. He recounts the cruel cold nights, when he slept on the ground, perhaps under a bank or in a hole dug back in a hill side and morning found him stiff and exhausted.

Picture courtesy of Robert M. Davant & Matagorda County Museum.

By the first of the year and the ultimate settling of the herd for the winter, he returned, after an absence of six years, to the loved mother, family and home on the Tres Palacios ranch.

His father made him “top hand” and at nineteen, the summer of 1876, he mad his first trip up the trail. It was while on this trip, his mother died. Her death was unknown to him for several weeks.

Altogether, he made three Trail trips. His first as a hand; salary $25 a month and grub; the next as “Boss Man” in charge of the herd. Salary $100 month and grub. The third trip on the trail and not included in this sketch, his father put him boss of two herds, 5000 in all, with salary $150 a month and grub. One of these trips was a drive of 1500 miles from the Gulf to Dakota.

The story of this trip as told to a friend, Adam Darling, is as follows.






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The Texas Drive

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