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  Paris Again   

August 9, 1930 Went to Fontainebleau Via Barbizon and had lunch at the Hotel Legris.  Spent the afternoon at the Chateau.  Returned to Paris at 6:30 PM for dinner
at the hotel and retired.

This is the room where Napoleon surrendered his throne on
April 14, 1814.

The pond on the backside of the palace.

August 10, 1930 we had the morning free to ourselves.  After lunch at the hotel we went to Les Invalides to see Napoleanís Tomb. 

We stood in awe looking at the tomb Napoleon is buried in.  It is a reddish rust colored stone that is very shiny, and it is bigger than a Packard!  Our guide has told us he is inside six separate coffins.  They are made of iron, mahogany, two of lead, ebony and the outer one is the tomb itself.  It sits beneath the beautifully painted dome.

August 10, 1930 after dinner at the hotel we had a sight seeing night trip of Paris,
it was especially pretty. 

August 11, 1930 We had the day to ourselves, had lunch and dinner at the hotel.


The chapel of the
Versailles Palace.

August 12, 1930 visited Versailles during the morning, then had lunch at Restaurant Belle Cycliste in Suresnes on our way back to the hotel.


The Moulin Rouge  -
A cabaret in the red light district of Paris where the cancan dance originated.


Another Gold Star Mother's thoughts:

"But on my, the devil is loose goin' up and seeking whom he may devour - the old as well as the young.  Oh, the shocking things that are goin' on now one can't imagine until they get out over the world.  Just to think of all the carousin' I've seen on this trip."

Mrs. Sarah Dyson, Gold Star Mother North Carolina                   
Her son, Private Don Wilson, U.S. Army, KIA September 30, 1918
Tablets of the Missing Suresnes American Cemetery
The Gold Star Mother Pilgrimages of the 1930s by John W. Graham, p. 180


August 12, 1930 had the afternoon to ourselves, then dinner at the hotel.  Tomorrow we will start our journey back to America.


August 13, 1930 we left the hotel between 8 and 8:30 AM and went to Les Invalides railway station.   The train left at 9:22AM

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