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Special Service To Honor Gold Star Mothers May 8

Unit No. 11 of the American Legion Auxiliary is planning to honor all Gold Star Mothers, or those who have lost sons or daughters in the service of their country, at a special service on May 8, according to Mrs. S. O. Evans, president. The meeting to honor these mothers will be held at the Service Center at 7:30 p. m.

Mrs. Evans states that she is anxious to contact all Gold Star mothers of this area and they may call her at Circle 5-3254.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 18, 1957



GOLD STAR MOTHERS--The American Legion Auxiliary honored Bay City's Gold Star Mothers at a luncheon at the country club Tuesday. Each of the honorees were presented with a corsage.  Pictured are (standing, l to r) Mrs. T. C. Jones, Mrs. William Walker, Mrs. Cornelia Aubert, and Mrs. V. C. Glenn; and (seated) Mrs. H. H. Parker, Mrs. Letha McKelvy and Mrs. R. H. Legg

Daily Tribune, May 15, 1959




-- Bay City 's "Gold Star Mothers," all of whom lost sons in the service of their country, were honored at a luncheon hosted by the local American Legion Auxiliary. 

Shown, from left to right on the back row: Mrs. Letha MeKelvy, Mrs. R. . Legg, Mrs. Allie Parker, and Mrs. Cornelia Aubert.

Front row: Mrs. Lucy Jones, Mrs. Alice Hardy, Mrs. William Walker, Mrs. Elizabeth Glenn, Mrs. Audry Fondon and Mrs. Belle Lawhon.

Gold Star Mothers Honored At Luncheon And Program

Ten "Gold Star" mothers were honored Monday noon when the Bay City American Legion Auxiliary members were hostesses for a luncheon at Cain's Restaurant.

The U-shaped table arrangement featured a bouquet of fresh sweetpeas at the head table, and decorated soap bars, gilded and flowered, were strung to place cards with ribbons, and presented as favors to the honor guests.

Mrs. Mary Anderson, chairman of the committee staging the affair, welcomed and introduced the guests. A tribute to mothers was read by Mrs. Mary Keller and Mrs. Roberta Turner read a poem, "Our Guiding Light."

Mrs. Elizabeth Glenn, auxiliary president announced there would be a meeting on May 22, and all committee reports should be completed. She advised the group that the colored auxiliary would have a cake sale Saturday, and urged support of the fund-raising event. Mrs. Glenn concluded her remarks by thanking the Gold Star committee for the excellent program and luncheon arrangements.

Attending were Mmes. William Walker, Allie Parker, Belle Lawhon of Matagorda, Alice Hardy, Julia Richers, Marcella Brittain, Elizabeth Glenn, Audry Fondon, Jane Buford, Lucy Jones, Alberta Brady, Roberta Turner, Ola Simpson, John Horn, Charles V. Yeamans, S. O. Evans, Irene Beyette, R. H. Legg, A. S. Dierlam, Cornelia Aubert, Letha McKelvy, Mary Keller, Margaret Craft, Ed C. Anderson, O. D. Shaffer, Ann Smith and Miss Maude Bates.

The Daily Tribune, May 13, 1963



Auxiliary Honors Gold Star Mothers

To honor the Gold Star Mothers of the American Legion Auxiliary, the organization sponsored a fried chicken dinner at the Service Center and presented each with handmade gifts.

The honorees who were present on the occasion were Mrs. Cornelia Aubert, Mrs. Leatha McKelvy, Mrs. Alice Hardy, Mrs. Elizabeth Glenn, Mrs. L. P. Winfrey, Mrs. T. C. Jones and Mrs. L. W. Adams.

The committee in charge of the special dinner occasion consisted of Mrs. A. S. Dierlam, Mrs. Mary Keller and Mrs. Roberta Turner.

The Daily Tribune, May 30, 1967



VFW to honor parents of sons killed in combat

Gold Star Parents in the Palacios area will be honored at the Veterans Memorial in the Palacios Cemetery, Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. Rev. J. R. Gwin, Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church will deliver the principal address.

Officers of Queen-Hamlin Post 2467, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, will conduct a memorial service and award a Certificate of Remembrance to each of the Gold Star Parents.

Gold Star Parents and their son killed in combat, include, Mrs. Anna Baltar, son William Glenn Bock Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Reagan Hamlin, son W. L. Hamlin; Mrs. Violene Hebert, son, John Lee Hebert; Mrs. Hannah Jackson, son Lloyd Byron Maples; Mrs. Vera Lee, son Cecil Lee; Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Miranda, son William Miranda; and Mrs. Katie Ray, son Richard Ray.

C. A. "Doodle" Evans will be special guest of honor at the memorial service.

Evans was a combat veteran in France during World War I. He is a member of the Palacios VFW Post and presently resides at the Palacios Leisure Lodge.

The Palacios Beacon, June 5, 1980

Gold Star Honor

A memorial service honoring area Gold Star Parents, was held in front of the Veterans' Memorial in the Palacios Cemetery Sunday afternoon.

The service was conducted by officers and members of Queen-Hamlin Post 2467, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, and its Ladies Auxiliary.

Two local ministers took part in the service, N. E. Balch, minister of the Church of Christ, and the Rev. J. R. Gwin, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church.

To conclude the service, Taps was played with the echo by Andrew Duran, member of the Palacios High School band.

Gold Star Parents honored were: Anna Baltar, Edna Hamlin, Violene Hebert, Hannah Jackson, Vera Lee, Salome Miranda and Katie Ray.

The only two Gold Star Fathers scheduled to be honored, Reagan Hamlin and Manuel Miranda, were unable to attend for health reasons.

Rev. Gwin, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church and a World War II combat veteran in the Asiatic Pacific Theatre of Operations, delivered the principal address to Gold Star Parents, VFW Post and Auxiliary members and others in attendance.

He acknowledged the sacrifices of the Gold Star Parents as well as others who lost relatives and friends during the time of wars.

He praised the service organizations who continue to fight to preserve our American Heritage.

The speaker expressed his opinion of the reason the United States has attained the status as the number one nation on earth but perhaps losing some of that status in recent years.

He gave as a comparison the difference in North and South America who began their existence, as we know them now, about the same time. "Our nation is unique from other nations in the very way it came into being. Many of our neighbors to the South began their existence as groups and organizations in search for gold. That was their principle reason for being here. Get rich and go back home," he said.

He continued saying, "Our forebears came to this country in search of a home, a place to raise their families and to worship God as they wished without the interference of the State."

Rev. Gwin stressed this was the principle reason our nation reached its heights. He also stressed the reason our nation is in trouble now is that we as a people have forgotten this hard earned freedom and gotten away from the principles our forebearers struggled with.

In recent years we have elected leaders who have been guilty of corruption and permitted the United States of America to lose much of the respect we in our lifetime have seen this nation have, he said.

"A return to our original ways can no doubt help alleviate our present condition," Gwin continued.

After the service almost every person in attendance expressed to members of the VFW their appreciation for the inspirational speech by Rev. Gwin, according to Alton Queen, Post Commander.

The Palacios Beacon, Thursday, June 19, 1980




Gold Star Mothers


Matagorda County Gold Star Mothers were honored recently by the Pilot Club of Bay City with a salad supper and memorial service. Attending the special event were, left to right, Mrs. Lillian Anderson, Mrs.Anna Baltar, Mrs. Hannah Jackson, Mrs. Lois Winfrey, Mrs. Edna Hamlin, Mrs. Lucy Jones, Mrs. Neilia Aubert, Mrs. Alice Hardy and Mrs. Golie M. Hilliard. (Photo by Bret Priebe)


County Gold Star Mothers Honored By Pilot Club With Supper, Service


The Pilot Club of Bay City recently entertained eight Gold Star Mothers of Matagorda County with a salad supper and memorial service at the Service Center.


President, Betty Norris registered the Gold Star Mothers at a decorated table with red and white flowers.

Those attending were:


Mrs. L. P. Winfrey in honor of her son Johnny Paul Winfrey who served in the 101st Airborn Screaming Eagles Paratroopers Division during the Viet Nam war and killed in action September 18, 1965.


Mrs. Lucy V. Jones in honor of her son E. Carter Jones who served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Ariborne Division during World War II.. He was stationed at Ladd Field, Alaska.


Mrs. Lillian Anderson in honor of her son R. C. Anderson, captain in the Air Force during World War II.


Mrs. Hannah Jakcson in honor of her son Lloyd Byron Maples, staff sgt. In the Army in World War II. He was killed in action in France.


Mrs. Edna Hamlin in honor of William Lloyd Hamlin, spec 1st class in the Army during the Viet Name War.


Mrs. Anna Belle Baltar in honor of her son William Glenn Bock Jr. who served in the Marines during World War II. He was killed in Okinawa.


Mrs. Golie M. Hilliard in honor of her son Joseph Roland Hilliard, who served in the Army during the Viet Nam War.


Mrs. Cornelia Aubert, in honor of her sons George Justin Aubert and William Bender Aubert. Both sons were pilots in the Air Force during World War II.


Mrs. Alice Hardy in honor of her son John Hardy who served in the Army during World War II. He was stationed in Europe and killed in Italy.


The program was under the direction of the patriotism area of the Pilot Club with Mrs. Dorothy Sedam as projects coordinator and Myrna Pontiff and Katheryn Hazel with the area of patriotism.


The tables were beautifully decorated in red, white and blue and beautiful green plants donated by Walker Seed and Garden Center. Background music by a Bay City Junior High Kitten Band tape helped to make the evening very festive.


The program included singing “America the Beautiful” and hearing the speaker for the evening Katheryn Hazel, veterans service officer.


Another special guest of the evening was Mrs. LaVerne Weddle from the Pilot Club of Ft. Myers, Florida.


Twenty-four Pilots and Co-Pilots were in attendance to honor the Gold Star Mothers of Matagorda County.


The Daily Tribune, Thursday, December 2, 1982





Gold Star Mothers Honored by Pilot Club


The Pilot Club's third annual salute to Gold Star Mothers happened Tuesday with a covered-dish banquet at the Service Center. Six Matagorda County mothers were honored.


A Gold Star Mother is one who has lost a son to war, and the honor was begun with sons lost during World War II [I], said Pilot Roberta Irwin.


Mothers honored Tuesday include Hannah Jackson, Anna Bell Baltar, Antonie Krenek, Edna Hamlin and Irene Jinks, all of Palacios. Lois Winfrey of Bay City was also honored as a Gold Star Mother.


Kathryn Hazel, a Pilot and local veteran service officer, gave a talk about women who served in the armed forces during World War II, specifically the WACs.


Billie Head of Bay City, who served during the second world war, was also introduced. She pointed out that women in the armed services all serve voluntarily and added that each one who served during World War II freed a man for combat duty.


The Daily Tribune,  Sunday, July 29, 1984