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1934 - 1935



Harroll Stevens, Principal
Howard Townsend
E. J. Myers
Mary Alice Porter
Helen Soncrant
T. E. Laughlin

[This annual did not have a special page for the faculty. These names were gleaned from the pages.]


"Persistence is the Essence of Success"

Flower - Sweet Pea                    Colors - Pink and Blue

Back Row: Ervy Bell Dagner, Mae Armstrong, Gladys Bell, Francis Hatchett, Billy Pump, Harvard Tolliver

Front Row: Mr. John C. Marr (Supt.), Willa Mae Gilbert, Gene Lawson, Francis Kilbride, Loyd Mason, Jack Simons, Mr. Stevens (Prin.)


Back row: Jerome Cone, Mr. Howard Townsend, Walter Cook
Middle row: Taylor, Frank Mallory, Luther Thompson, J. D. Deshotels
Front row: Theresa Bunk, Eugenia Seerden, Janie Wheeler, Lyda White, Elizabeth Inglehart


Back row: Laddie Lowe, Lois Deshotels
Middle row: Opal Hatchett, Doris Rhodes, Frances Watkins, Tinna Cone, Ramos
Front row: John Montelongo, Morgan, Gladys Lee, Ethel Vise, Teddy Maynard, William McCaskill


Back row: John Edward Taylor, Junior Gage, Helton, Richie McCaskill
Third row: Green, Jane Yeamans, Audrey Dietrich, Hattie Louise Baer, Phyllis Pickel, Hugh Pearce, George Kilbride, Clarence Bunk
Second row: Ruth Baer, Eileen Ottis, Pila Montelongo, Dorothy Doss, Kathleen Henigan, Steck, Phillips, M. Yeamans
Front row: Doris Bell, Wheeler, June Mangum, Richardson, Douglas Harding Brousard, Edward Hudson, Charles Kilbride


Back row: Loyd Mason, Mr. E. J. Myers
Middle row: Luther Thompson, Jerome Cone, Harvard Tolliver, J. D. Deshotels
Front row: Laddie Lowe, Billy Pump, Edward Hudson, Judson Taylor, Jack Simons

Billy Pump, Capt.
J. D. Deshotels, Judson Taylor, Jack Simons, Jerome Cone, Laddie Lowe


Back row: Janie Wheeler, Maunee Morgan, Hattie Louise Baer, Lois Deshotels, Dorothy Green
Middle row: Eugenia Seerden, Eileen Ottis, Francis Watkins, Doris Bell
Front row: Ervy Bell Dagner, June Mangum, Alice Wheeler, Gladys Lee, Lyda White

Eugenia Seerden, Capt.
Janie Wheeler, Ervy Bell Dagner, June Mangum, Lois Deshotels, Doris Bell, Eileen Ottis

Jack Simons - Ervy Bell Dagner - Gene Lawson - Billy Pump - Gladys Bell

Girl Reserves


President - Frances Hathett
Vice-President - Gladys Bell
Secretary - Lois Deshotels
Treasurer - Janie Wheeler
Song Leader - Eugenia Seerden
Social Chairman - Ervy Bell Dagner
Program Chairman - Maunee Morgan
Pianist - Elizabeth Inglehart
Reporter - Willa Mae Gilbert
Scrap Book Chairman - Ethel Vise
Clean-Up Chairman - Tinna Cone


Additional Members

June Mangum
Irma Crow
Frances Watkins
Gladys Lee
Opal Hatchett
Lyda White
Theresa Bunk
Alice Wheeler
Mary Yeamans
Eileen Ottis
Phyllis Pickel
Audrey Dietrich
Pila Montelongo
Kathleen Henigan
Bessie Phillips
Hattie Louise Baer
Ruth Alice Baer

4-H Club

Science Club


President - Gladys Bell
Secretary-Treasurer - Gene Lawson
Song Leader - Iris Cooper
Sergeant-At-Arms - Ervy Bell Dagner


President - Frances Kilbride
Vice-President - John Edward Taylor
Secretary-Treasurer - Maxie Steck
Program Chairman - Lois Deshotels
Social Chairman - Frances Watkins
Reporter - Doris Bell

Assembly Club

The purpose of the Assembly Club was to plan and present programs for assembly on Friday mornings


President - Glays Bell
Vice-President - Billy Pump
Secretary-Treasurer - Ervy Bell Dagner
Reporter - June Mangum

Club Organizers

Gladys Bell
Kathleen Henigan
Gene Lawson
June Mangum
Richie McCaskill
Bessie Phillips
Eugenia Seerden
Ervy Bell Dagner
Elizabeth Inglehart
Vera Mae Lowe
Lloyd Mason
Maunee Morgan
Billy Pump
Lyda White

Interested in County Meet Work

Laddie Lowe
June Mangum
Gene Lawson
Bill McCaskill
Hugh Pearce
Ethel Vise
Frances Kilbride
Elizabeth Inglehart
Maunee Morgan
Bessie Phillips
Ervy Bell Dagner
Billy Pump

Interested in the Senior Play

Frances Hatchett
Gene Lawson
Frances Kilbride
Gladys Bell
Herbert Tolliver
Laddie Lowe
Luther Thompson
Janie Wheeler
June Mangum
Lloyd Mason
Ervy Bell Dagner
Jack Simons
Billy Pump
Eugenia Seerden
Elizabeth Inglehart
Lyda White
Irma Crow


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