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1935 - 1936



T. E. Laughlin     E. J. Myers

Edith Tunnell     John C. Marr     Rachel Cooper

Howard Townsend     Harroll Stevens


Back Row (l to r): Elizabeth Inglehart, Mae Armstrong, Eugenia Seerden, Miss Cooper-Sponsor and Lyda White.

Front Row (l to r): Roger Serafine, Frank Mallory, J. D. Deshotels, Luther Thompson and Walter Cook.


Back Row (l to r): Marian Parris, Jerome Cone, Teddy Maynard and Doris Rhodes.

Middle Row (l to r): Gladys Lee, Theresa Bunk, Mr. E. J. Myers-Sponsor, William McCaskill and Tinna Cone.

Front Row (l to r): Lucille Smith, Lois Deshotels, Janie Wheeler and Opal Hatchett.

Class members not pictured: J. B. Gillette, Laddie Lowe and Frances Watkins


Back Row (l to r): Edward Hudson, Helton, Richie McCaskill, Davant Sterry, Hugh Pearce, Junior Gage, John Edward Taylor, George Kilbride and Steck.

Middle Row (l to r): Robert Pike, Buster Mangum, Alice Wheeler, Mrs. Edith Tunnell-Sponsor, Doris Bell, John Montelongo, Henry Ray Patterson, Douglas Brousard, David Richardson and Charles Kilbride.

Front Row (l to r): Eileen Ottis, Irma Crow, Audrey Dietrich, Phyllis Pickel, Dorothy Doss, Hattie Louise Baer, June Mangum, Pila Montelongo, Kathleen Henigan, Jane Yeamans and Ruth Baer.


Back Row (l to r): Wallace Nini, Gene Lawhon, Howard Slataper, Charles Hunter, Junior Goodall, Harvey Ryman, Clarence Bunk, Donald Brousard and Jack Duffy.

Middle Row (l to r): Maggie Simms, Mary Elva Zipprian, Arthur Culver, O. J. Walker, Mr. Townsend-Sponsor, J. D. Sutherland, Cleatis Ryman, Gertrude Ryman and Marguerite Stallings.

Front Row (l to r): Lurlyn Dunbar, Madelon Dietze, Edith Mallory, Bernice Dagner, Mildred Thompson, Pauline Cook, Nora White, Clara Doss, Addie Lee Nini and Trilby Eikenberg.

Class Members not pictured: H. P. Baxter, Katherine McElwee, Estelle Mayhall, J. L. Peters, Verna Del Pickel, Lola Mae Swenson and Ladis Uher.


This class began the year at the Matagorda School , but was moved to the Gulf School .

Back Row (l to r): Mr. Laughlin-Sponsor, Murry Stallings, J. L. Helton, Bobby Rudin, Curtis Cone and Arthur Roy Cook.

Middle Row (l to r): Evelyn Gottschalk, Nerine Garner , Virginia Walker, Marie Ainsworth, Louise Deerman, _____ Rodriguez and Thelma Yeamans.

Front Row (l to r): Kenneth Rehak, William Ryman, Gerald Richardson, Henry Sterry, Joe Lawhon and Scottie Rehak.

Class member not pictured: Amparo Hernandez



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