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Gulf Teachers
Independent School District

Board of Education Minutes

Superintendent E. J. Myers

Book #7

March 16, 1908 - December 29, 1920


April 17, 1919

"The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a school and proper school quarters for Gulf, TX."

July 14, 1919

Elected two board members from Gulf.

July 21, 1919 - Gulf Teachers

Mrs. Clements, $1500 for school term

Miss Kay, $100/month

Miss Keeble, $100/month

September 2, 1919 - Gulf Teacher

Mr. Sam Cheek

Miss Abbie Harris


February 25, 1920

Mr. Engelking, Superintendent, raised to $1800/year

Miss Harris, re-elected Gulf, $1000/year

Miss Keeble, re-elected Gulf, $1000/year


February 29, 1920

Mrs. W. O. Clements, Principal, Gulf


March 31, 1920

3 present lady encumbents accepted, Gulf

Mr. Cheek, resigned


December 29, 1920

Miss Harris, resigned

Miss Stewart, hired at Gulf to fill unexpired term



January 18, 1920 to January 11, 1927

W.I. Johnson, Secretary, Gulf, Texas


Salaries 1921-1922


Mr. C. Garrett, $225/month

Mr. A. Armentrout, $150/month

Mrs. W.O. Clement, $125/month

Miss Melia L. Davis, $125/month

Miss May C. Marrs, $125/month

Miss Lucille Watson, $135/month


March 13, 1922

Voted to have High School at Gulf and Elementary School at Matagorda.


April 17, 1922

Mr. C. Garrett, Teaching Superintendent at Gulf, $225/month

Mr. W.O. Clement, Grades 6 and 7, Gulf, $135/month

Miss Lucille Watson, Kindergarten, Gulf, $135/month

Miss Mary Catherine Marrs, Primary, Gulf, $125/month

Miss Lucille Pannill, Primary, Matagorda, $125/month


May 1, 1922

Miss Bernice Baird (from Gatesville), Gulf High School , English and Spanish, $150/month


May 22, 1922

Miss Ida Yeager (from Bay City ), Intermediate, Gulf, $125/month

Miss Watson (from Palestine ), Intermediate, Gulf, $125/month

Miss Antoinette McGregor (from Caldwell ), Intermediate, Gulf, $125/month


July 31, 1922

Isaac W. Eaves (from Goose Creek ), Gulf High School


September 5, 1922

I. W. Eaves, resigned

Mr. James Luther, Gulf High, $150/month


December 28, 1922

Mr. Garrett, resigned.

Mr. Guy T. McBride (from Austin ), Superintendent for remainder of 1922-23, $1400


April 23, 1923

Guy T. McBride, Superintendent, Matagorda ISD, 1924, $2700


Gulf Teachers 1923-24

Miss Bernice Baird, $150/month

Miss Ida Yeager, $125/month

Miss Ellie Watson, $125/month

Miss Mary C. Marrs, $125/month

Miss Thelma Moore (from Bay City ), $125/month

Miss Marjorie Dickinson (from Rusk), $125/month

Mr. S. H. Cheek, $160/month


May 7, 1923

Miss Nona Laws (from Bellville), Primary, Gulf, 1923-24, $125/month


June 11, 1923

Cheek, resigned at Gulf


July 9, 1923


Mr. R. E. Rogers, $150/month, and $25/month for driving school truck from Matagorda to Gulf and back each day


April 17, 1924


Miss Bernice Baird, Principal, $175/month

Miss Nettie Fly, High School, $150/month

Miss Ida Yeager, Grade 6, $125/month

Miss Ellie Watson, Grade 5, $125/month


May 8, 1924

Nettie Fly, declined re-election


June 5, 1924

Mr. R. E. Rogers, Principal, Matagorda, $175/month


July 10, 1924

Mr. T. H. Johnson, Gulf High School , $150/month, Coach-Athletics, $25/month

Mr. W. L. Burkhalter, Gulf High School and truck, $175/month total


April 28, 1925

Gulf High School

Mr. Burkhalter, $200/month

Miss Thelma Moore, Kindergarten, $135/month

Miss Ida Yeager, Grade, $135/month

Miss Kate Kneeshaw, $135/month


May 19, 1925

Miss Marion Evans Austin, Gulf High School-English and Spanish, $145/month


June 9, 1925


Miss Florence Autrey, Kindergarten, $125/month

Miss Clarice Gardner, Commercial Department, $175/month

Mr. John C. Marr, Principal and Athletics, $200/month

Miss Lillie Obelgoner, Primary, $135/month

Miss Abbie Harris, Grade, $135/month

Miss Thelma Moore, resigned


July 28, 1925

Miss Kneeshaw, resigned

Miss Etta Mae Gowens, Gulf


September 10, 1925

Miss Z. P. Ruiz, Assistant Mexican Teacher, Gulf, $75/month


September 30, 1935

Miss Patterson, Kindergarten, Gulf


October 13, 1925

Miss Katherine, Gulf-Kindergarten, Utility Teacher, $130/month


April 13, 1926



Miss Ida Yeager, $125/month

Miss Katherine Kneeshaw, $135/month

Miss Abbie Harris, $135/month

Miss Lillie Obelgoner, $135/month


Gulf High School

Miss Clarice Gardner, $175/month

Mr. John C. Marr, $200/month

Mr. Burkhalter, $200/month


April 20, 1926

Miss Hattie Patterson, Gulf, $135/month

Miss Thelma Moore, Kindergarten, Gulf, $135/month


May 11, 1926


Miss Elizabeth McClendon, Gulf, $135/month

Miss Bess Barnett (from Freeport ), Gulf High School , $175/month


June 18, 1926

Miss Olivia Be[are], Gulf

Frank R Lozano, Primary Mexican Teacher, Gulf


Book # 9

February 8, 1927 - August 13, 1938


March 8, 1927

Re-elected for Gulf High School

John C. Marr, Principal, $225/month

Miss Bess Barnett, Teacher, $180/month

Gulf Grade School

Miss Ida Yeager, $150/month

Miss Abbie Harris, $145/month

Miss Lillie Obelgoner, $135/month

Miss Hattie Lee Patterson, $135/month

Gulf Mexican School

S. H. Cheek, Principal

Frank Lozano, $100/month

Miss Z. P. Ruiz, $100/month


April 19, 1927

Miss Clarice Gardner, resigned


May 10, 1927

Mr. E. J. Myers, Gulf School Teacher, $200/month


October 11, 1927

Miss Onalee Warner, Gulf School Teacher, $125/month


January 10, 1928

Frank Lozano, Gulf Mexican School Teacher, resigned

Loyd Lozano, elected to fill vacancy


February 14, 1928

Mr. Guy T. McBride, Superintendent Gulf and Matagorda Schools 1928-29 term, $300/month


March 13, 1928

Gulf High School

John C. Marr, Principal, $2500/year

Harroll Stevens, Truck man and Science, $2000/year

E. J. Myers, Athletics and Mathematics, $2000/year

Virginia Hightower, English/Spanish, $1620/year

Lydia Heyne, Commercial Teacher, $1620/year


Gulf Grades

Mildred Manly, Kindergarten, $130/month

Abbie Harris, First Grade, $150/month

Hattie Lee Patterson, Third Grade, $135/month

Anita Richter, Intermediate Grades, $130/month

Eva Anderson, Intermediate Grades, $130/month


April 10, 1928

Gulf School

Miss Lunelle Jones, $125/month

Miss Bertie Anderson, $125/month


June 8, 1928

Miss Z. P. Ruiz, Gulf Mexican School , $100/month


June 15, 1928

Motion passed: " Wadsworth High School children be allowed to attend the Gulf School ."


July 17, 1928

Miss Robbie Finch, Intermediate Gulf Grades, $125/month

G. C. Camacho, Gulf Mexican School Principal, $100/month


March 12, 1929


Mildred Manly, $135/month

Abbie Harris, $155/month

Lunelle Jones, $130/month

Hattie Patterson, $140/month

Ruth Robinson, $130/month

Mattie Thurman, $130/month

Robbie Finch, $130/month

Bertie Anderson, $130/month

Margaret Hightower, $180/month

Virginia Hightower, $185/month

Lydia Heyne, $185/month

Zoila Ruiz, $100/month

G. C. Camacho, $100/month

J. C. Marr, $2500/year

E. H. Myers, $2000/year

Harrold Stevens, $2000/year


May 14, 1929

Marie Johnston, Gulf Primary Teacher, $125/month


June 18, 1929

John C. Marr, Superintendent, raised to $3150/year

Harroll Stevens, Principal, raised to $2400/month

Zoila Ruiz, Principal Gulf Mexican School , $100/month

Charlie Ruiz, Gulf Mexican School Teacher, $95/month

Mary Annetta Johnson, Gulf and Matagorda Music Teacher, $75/month


February 11, 1920

Mr. John C. Marr, Superintendent, $3600/year


March 11, 1920


Harroll Stevens, Principal

E. J. Myers

T. E. Laughlin

Lydia Heyne

Virginia Hightower

Margaret Hightower

Hattie Lee Patterson

Mildred Manly

Lunelle Jones

Mrs. Ruth Robinson

Robbie Finch

Marie Johnston

Elvira Cochran

Zoila Ruiz

Charlie Ruiz


February 24, 1931

Mr. John C. Marr, Superintendent, 1931-32, $3750/year

Mr. Harrol Stevens, Gulf School Principal, $2600/year

Miss Fullingim of Bay City hired as Expression Teacher for Gulf


March 10, 1931

Teachers for 1931-32

Gulf Schools

Miss Mildred Manly

Miss Marie Johnston

Miss Lunelle Jones

Miss Hattie Lee Patterson

Miss Elvira Cochran

Miss Robbie Finch

Miss Mildred Gaither

Mr. A. C. Chaddick

Miss Lydia Heyne

Miss Margaret Hightower

Mr. T. E. Laughlin

Mr. E. J. Myers

Miss Margaret Pratt


March 16, 1931

Miss Virginia Hightower, Gulf


April 15, 1931

Miss Elsie Tyson, Gulf Mexican School

Miss Rachel Cooper, Gulf Mexican School


July 14, 1931

Virginia Hightower, resigned


August 11, 1931

Miss Frances E. Potts, Gulf

Miss Mary Alice Porter

Miss Hattie Lee Patterson, resigned


February 11, 1932

John C. Marr, Superintendent, 1932-33

Harroll Stevens, Gulf Principal


March 9, 1932

Teachers for the 1932-33 term

Elva Ray Patterson - Gulf?

A. C. Chaddick

Rachael Cooper

Mildred Gaither

Mildred Manly

Marie Johnston

Lunelle Jones

Frances E. Potts

Elvira Cochran

Robbie Finch

Lydia Heyne

Margaret Hightower

T. E. Laughlin

E. J. Myers

Margaret Pratt

Katherine Fullingim


May 12, 1932

Miss Robbie Finch

Miss Elvira Cochran

(both granted a one year leave of absence)


August 12, 1932

Miss Margaret Hightower, resigned


September 16, 1932

"In order to reduce our Budget, due to closing of Production of the Sulphur Co., and families moving away, ways were discussed at a meeting held Sept. 14th of how we could cut expenses for the coming year."

Mr. Marr offered the teachers a 50% salary cut to compensate for losses. All refused, but two teachers agreed to accept $700 for the year in lieu of the previous contract.

Teachers accepting offer:

Miss Mildred Manly, $700

Miss Mildred Gaither, &700


March 14, 1933

Gulf Primary

Marie Johnston, $1215/term

Frances E. Potts, $1350/term

Lunelle Jones, $1275/term

Rachael Cooper, $1170/term


Gulf High School

Lydia Heyne, $1755/term

E. J. Myers, $2095/term

Mary Alice Porter, $1665/term


January 10, 1934

Miss Lydia Heyne resigned to accept position at Boling High School


February 13, 1934

Miss Helen Soncrant elected to fill vacancy

Mr. John C. Marr, re-elected Superintendent, $3750/12 month term

Mr. Stevens, Gulf Principal, $2600/9 month term


March 12, 1934

Gulf Primary

Marie Johnston, $1215/term

Lunelle Jones, $1270/term

Frances Potts, $1350/term

Rachael Cooper, $1215/term


Gulf High School

Helen Soncrant, $1575/term

Mary Alice Porter, $1665/term

E. J. Myers, $2095/term


August 11, 1934

Miss Marie Johnston

Miss Frances E. Potts

(asked to be released from contracts)


March 12, 1935

Mr. Marr, Superintendent, $3750/term

Mr. Stevens, Principal, $2600/term


Rachael Cooper, $1215/term

Mr. Donelson, $1237.50/term

Lunelle Jones, $1270/term

Annie Laura Pearce, $1170/term

Dorothy Tolliver, $1170/term


Gulf High School

E. J. Myers, $2095/term

Howard W. Townsend, $1665/term

Mary Alice Pratt, $1665.50/term


July 9, 1935

Mrs. Edith Tunnell, Commercial Teacher, $170/month


September 17, 1935

Miss Rachael Cooper, $170/month


December 27, 1935

Miss Jones, resigned


February 18, 1936

Mr. Marr, re-elected

Mr. Stevens, re-elected


March 10, 1936

Annie Laura Pearce, $1170/term

T. E. Laughlin, $2065/term

Mrs. Edith Tunnel, $1530/term

Dorothy Tolliver, $1170/term

E. J. Myers, $2095/term

Rachel Cooper, $1530/term

Howard W. Townsend, $1665/term


November 10, 1936

Mr. Townsend, resigned

Mr. Andrews, hired $170/month [presumably to replace Townsend]


May 4, 1937

Mr. Marr, re-elected, $3750/term

Mr. Stevens, $2600/term

High School

Mr. E. J. Myers, $2095/term

Mr. T. E. Laughlin, $2065/term

Mrs. Edith Tunnell, $1530/term

Mr. John R. Andrews, $1530/term


September 7, 1937

T. E. Laughlin, $2250/month

Mrs. D. M. Williams, $170/month [presumed to be Gulf]

E. J. Myers, $2250/year

Frank Balusek, $170/month


March 23, 1938

The MISD board voted to send the high school students to Bay City beginning with the 1938-39 school year and close Gulf High School . The closing of the Texas Gulf Sulphur operations, as well as lack of funds and lower enrollment accounted for the necessary changes. The high school in Gulf had served the communities of Gulf, Matagorda and Wadsworth for 16 years.


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