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Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Robinson and two children, Robert Jr. and Lorene, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Jones.

Mr. W. O. Clement spent Sunday with his parents in Liverpool. Mrs. Clement's mother returned with him.

W. G. Thornhill Jr. left Wednesday afternoon for El Dorado, Ark., where he expects to apply with an oil company.

Mr. F. M. Fricks has severed his connection with the Gulf Drug Co., and is now employed on the Sulphur Company's paint force.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burkhart and Harry Jr., of Bay City, and Miss Betty Braman and Daniel Braman, of Victoria, were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rhea Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Ed Brune and daughter, Miss Laura Brune, of Sealy, Texas, spent Wednesday with Mrs. N. B. Ausburn.

Helen Lord, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lord, was in Gulf Hospital Wednesday for the removal of her tonsils.

Mrs. J. V. Copeland was able to leave the hospital this week and is visiting Mrs. H. B. Wooley at present.

Mrs. P. P. Burin left last Friday for New Orleans for a short visit.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Richey left last Saturday morning in their car for a trip through West Texas. They will be gone a week or ten days.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Smith left in their car Wednesday for Houston to visit Mrs. Smith's parents. Hubert and Betty will return with them Saturday.

Several cars of Odd Fellows went to West Columbia last Saturday afternoon to attend a meeting of the Odd Fellows Lodge there. The Matagorda Lodge did some degree work. A fried chicken supper was a prominent event of the evening.

A number of the young people of Gulf and Matagorda enjoyed a sail and swimming party Monday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Keble and sons, William and Sam, and Mr. W. E. Keble are visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Brown. They came through in their car from Waco, making the trip through in one day.

An orchestra from Bay City gave a dance on the Gulf pavilion Wednesday night. Quite a number of dancers and spectators were present.

Several cars of Gulf people attended the Masonic-Odd Fellows baseball game in Matagorda Wednesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Miller and sons went to Galveston Sunday. A record breaking number of punctures and blow-outs delayed them on their return trip.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Brown, Ruth and Lawrence Brown, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Keble, William and Sam Keble, Mr. W. E. Keble, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Clement, Miss Neely, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Crawford, Carla Crawford and Velma Smith, of Matagorda, made up a swimming party for Palacios Wednesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Hester and two sons leave this week for an extended automobile trip through the West. They go first to California. The trip made last month to Colorado converted them to the gypsy way of life for another month or so. They have not yet decided upon their next home. Their going is greatly regretted by their Gulf friends.

The Matagorda County Tribune, August 2, 1923


Hubert and Betty Smith left Wednesday for Houston where they will visit their grandfather for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Riser have returned and are in residence in their home adjoining that of Mr. M. C. Elliott.

Mr. H. A. Swem returned Saturday from California where he has been called by the illness of his sister.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Baker have as their guest Mr. Baker's sister of Edna, Texas.

Miss Rudine is visiting her brother, Mr. H. R. Rudine.

Mr. O. R. Manke made another one of his periodic visits in Brazoria County last Friday. He declares that his Chevrolet roadster is the best mud-horse in the country.

Mr. and Mrs. John Schmerber, Jr., are being congratulated upon the birth of a daughter. Mrs. Schmerber and daughter are in the Gulf hospital. The young lady is certainly fair to look upon and justifies all the pride which the young parents take in her.

Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Ausburn and Eleanor Frances spent Sunday in Bay City. They went home with Mrs. Ausburn's mother, Mrs. Kretschmar, who came down for the barbecue.

Ernest Hughes who has been living with Mr. D. M. Hooper for several weeks left Monday for his home. Ernest was one of the stand-bys on the Scout ball team.

Miss Mary Annetta Johnson has as her guest, Miss Barton, of Montgomery, Alabama.

Two or three cars of local Odd Fellows visited the Palacios Lodge last Thursday night. They found very bad roads through Simpsonville and beyond.

Mr. L. Eastman, Dr. Bennett and Mr. McConoghee visited Mr. J. B. Eastman last week. They started to the beach Thursday night but got marooned in the canal and had to wait until the next morning for another boat to take them across. They returned Saturday morning.

Mrs. W. W. Stewart was hostess to the Sewing Club Wednesday afternoon. The guest of honor was Mrs. Hamby, of Austin, who, with Mr. Hamby is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Stewart.

Mr. Kamm, of Galveston, was a guest at the Lodge at the same time.

Mr. and Mrs. Corbett, of Bay City, were at the Lodge last Saturday, spending the day in Gulf and attending the barbecue.

The Reverend Mr. Rhea had the morning service in St. Mark's Church, Bay City, last Sunday in the absence of the rector, the Reverend Mr. Daup. After the night service in Gulf, Mr. Rhea had the night service in Christ Church, Matagorda.

Do not forget the county-wide Sunday School picnic at Hawley Church (east of Blessing), Friday, August 3. There will be large delegations from all the Sunday Schools in the county. It is planned to take a goodly number from Gulf. There will be a get-acquainted hour immediately upon arrival at the picnic grounds, followed by a song service and devotional period. Lunch hour will be followed by a story hour and contest hour. After that sports of various sorts. It is a splendid opportunity to have a splendid day's outing with the finest boys and girls in Matagorda county.

The Reverend Mr. Broome, Baptist minister, held preaching services in the Community House chapel Wednesday and Thursday nights of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Stewart and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Hamby, of Austin, left Thursday morning for Galveston for a short visit.

With honors standing even in games won between the Matagorda Mullets and the Gulf Gophers, it is a foregone conclusion that the play-off will come soon. It is not beyond the range of probability that some of our near-by cities, perhaps, Bay City, will make a bid for the next game. Certainly with so much at stake the play-off should be on neutral grounds.

The Matagorda County Tribune, August 3, 1923


Mrs. F. M. Fricks and children left Tuesday for West Columbia, where they will join Mr. Fricks, who is now employed in a drug store there.

The Reverend Mr. Rhea and Mr. Henry Czirr went to Palacios Sunday morning. Mr. Rhea held the regular service there.

Miss Rudine, who is visiting her brother, Mr. H. R. Rudine, is in the Gulf hospital, recovering from an operation for appendicitis.

Mr. F. A. Breeden was called to Baton Rouge, La., Friday by the serious illness of his mother. His young son went with him.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Nini and Mr. Pat Brown went to Houston last Saturday evening, bound for Port Arthur. The roads were virtually closed by the heavy rain of Saturday afternoon and night and they had to give up that part of the trip. Mr. and Mrs. Nini returned Monday; Mr. Brown went by train to Port Arthur to visit his brother, Mr. Mack Brown.

Mrs. J. D. Ater and young son have returned from an automobile trip to Desdemona.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hindman and Mr. J. P. Burin and daughter, Stella, spent Sunday in Freeport.

Mrs. O. R. Etie and children have returned from a short visit in Freeport.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Etie and two sons motored to Freeport Sunday morning, returning that night.

Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Ausburn and daughter, Eleanor Frances, have returned from their vacation trip in West Texas. They crossed over into Mexico. They report an enjoyable outing.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Williams are taking a two weeks' vacation trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Judson left Wednesday for New York. They will be gone two or three weeks.

Mr. Rhea has been called to take the Sunday services in St. Mark's Church, Beaumont. He took two of his daughters, Elizabeth Argyle and Virginia Patricia, with him, and will visit his sister in Orange before returning.

Considerable regret is being expressed over the departure of Mr. and Mrs. C. Kelleher. Both have been very popular and their many friends sincerely regret their leaving. Mr. Kelleher has accepted a position in Magna, Arizona. They will motor through, starting the last of this week.

Mr. Perkins, of the Galveston Tribune, and Mr. Mayer, of Galveston, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rhea over Wednesday night. Mr. Perkins came to get material for a feature article in the Tribune on Gulf and its sulphur production.

The Masons and Odd Fellow have been the center of attention on the ball field the last two weeks. The series now stands even, each team having won a game and tied one.

The Matagorda County Tribune, August 24, 1923


Mrs. Dittert, of Bellville, Texas, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. E. J. Howard.

Mr. H. H. Brown returned Wednesday morning for a trip to Austin and San Antonio.

Hugh Edwin Pearce, who has been visiting his aunt in Freeport, has returned home. Annie Laura will remain in Freeport to attend school.

Mr. Geo. W. Ritchey has been suffering severely from a carbuncle on his neck. Dr. Bomar removed it and Mr. Ritchey is greatly improved.

Mrs. Kretszchmar and daughters, of Bay City, visited Mrs. N. B. Ausburn Tuesday evening.

Mrs. T. C. Thornhill and Miss Pauline Thornhill and Mrs. M. C. Elliott were hostesses at a charming bridge party Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Thornhill.

Mr. F. A. Breeden and young son returned home Monday night from Baton Rouge, La., where they had been called by the illness of Mr. Breeden's mother. His mother was improved when he left.

Mr. Rhea and Argyle and Virginia returned Monday night from Beaumont, where Mr. Rhea had service Sunday in St. Mark's Church.

Mrs. Freeman has returned from Marlin and is again visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. O. Clement.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Howard, Hugh Edwin Pearce, Mrs. Dittert, Mrs. W. O. Clement and Miss Neely were in Bay City Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Thornhill and young son were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Thornhill in Matagorda Wednesday.

Mr. Pletzer, formerly of Bryan, has accepted employment in the sulphur plant and has joined Mrs. Pletzer, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Groves, for several weeks.

Mrs. C. V. Bomar left Thursday afternoon with C. V., Jr. for Galveston to have the latter's eyes fitted with glasses before school opens.

Programs are out for the teachers' institute which will be held in Bay City this year. The program is full of good subjects and ought to provide much information and inspiration for those attending.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Pletzer who died in the Gulf Hospital Thursday morning was buried in the Matagorda cemetery Thursday afternoon, the Reverend Mr. Rhea having the service. The sincere sympathy of the community is extended the young parents in their grief.

Mr. Pat Brown returned last night after a visit in Port Arthur and Houston.

Ernest Davis, who has been in Port Arthur, has returned to Gulf and is now employed in the Gulf Mercantile store.

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Breeden have moved into the house formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Kelleher.

The finishing touches are being placed upon the Gulf school building and the many changes and additions will give Gulf a greatly improved plant. In the first place, the additional room will provide for all grades, including the kindergarten, under one roof. The grammar grades will occupy the west half of the building and the high school will have the east half. A well equipped laboratory has been included. An added improvement has been the installation of ventilating windows in all the rooms. The auditorium is being equipped with comfortable seats and a fair size stage. A basement has been provided for storage of fuel.

The Matagorda school building has been completely renovated, with new plastering and paint throughout. An electric light plant and other improvements have been added. That gives the Matagorda Independent School District two first class school buildings. There is a real need of a new school building in Matagorda for the Negro children. Their present building is far from adequate. It is a poor policy to conduct a school in a shack. It should be possible to give the Negro children a decent building within a year.

School opens Monday, September 3. Superintendent McBride has been busy all this month preparing the course of study and making preparations for getting the school term off in good condition. The faculty has been enlarged again this year and with larger space and new equipment the coming school year holds great promise. The school board has done everything in its power; Mr. McBride has been very diligent in his preparatory measures; it now remains for the parents to lend their hearty co-operation to make the Gulf school all that it should be for the advancement of our children.

The Matagorda County Tribune, August 31, 1923


Mrs. John P. Burin has returned from an extended visit in New Orleans.

Mrs. Paul Kretschmar has recovered from her operation sufficiently to be moved to the home of her daughter, Mrs. N. B. Ausburn.

Mr. C. A. McGuire and Mr. J. W. Schwab underwent operations this week for the removal of tonsils.

Miss Mary Keble, who has spent the summer with her niece, Mrs. H. H. Brown, left this week for her home near Waco.

Miss Muta Serrill went on the Mexican Independence Day excursion to Matamoros.

Mr. W. G. Thornhill, Jr. and Mr. Mack Brown, who are employed by the Gulf Refinery in Port Arthur, came in Sunday night for a short visit with home folks. They started by car but had to abandon their car at Angleton on account of heavy roads.

Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Hooper are being congratulated upon the birth of a daughter. The young lady weighed nearly ten pounds.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Deshotels are also enjoying the presence of a new daughter in their home.

The Reverend Mr. Rhea was called to St. Louis Monday by the illness of his mother.

Mrs. T. C. Thornhill has as her guest, her aunt, Miss Thompson.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Biesel and children have returned from their summer vacations in Cloudcroff, N. M. Charles, Jr. remained in the West where he has entered a military school.

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Slade left last week for Longview, Washington, where they expect to make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Slade have made many friends during their stay in Gulf and general regret is expressed at their leaving. Mrs. Slade has been a faithful and helpful member of the faculty of the Gulf Sunday School, having during the last year taught the senior girls' class. She will be sorely missed in this work.

Mr. and Mrs. George Ritchey are visiting in Houston. Mr. Ritchey has been suffering from a carbuncle on his neck and since going to Houston has had to undergo an operation on his neck. They are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Whicker.

Nothing has ever occurred in Gulf to bring such consternation and widespread grief as the sudden death of Mr. B. A. Abshier last Wednesday morning. In some unaccountable way he was electrocuted while working on the water well pump near his home at the north end of the large reservoir. Mrs. Abshier had to go to the power plant for aid. Mr. Abshier was taken to the hospital where Dr. Bomar and the nurses worked hard for over an hour in a vain search for signs of life.

Mr. Abshier was deservedly popular, a splendid young man with sterling qualities. Perhaps the most outstanding of these was his unfailing cheerfulness of spirit. The entire community is grieved at his sudden going. There was a sincere effort on the part of all to express to Mrs. Abshier some measure of the real sympathy felt for her.

Mr. Abshier's body was shipped to Liberty, Texas, for burial. He leaves besides his parents, three brothers and two sisters. Mrs. Abshier's parents also live in Liberty. The funeral was held Thursday afternoon from the home of Mrs. Abshier's parents. Mr. D. M. Hooper accompanied the funeral party as the representative of the Odd Fellows Lodge, of which Mr. Abshier was an active member. Other members in the party besides Mrs. Abshier were Mr. and Mrs. James Abshier, Mr. H. H. Brown and Mr. Rhea. Mr. and Mrs. Sims, the latter a sister of Mrs. B. A. Abshier, joined the party in Houston.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 21, 1923


Mrs. E. Y. Harpole returned Saturday after an extended visit with relatives in Houston.

Mrs. C. V. Bomar, Mrs. Bergman and Mrs. W. H. Chatham were visitors to Bay City on Monday.

Mrs. L. W. Fimble and Mrs. Levy Vincent were visitors to Bay City on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. I W. Spray and Miss Davidson spent last Sunday in West Columbia.

Mrs. W. H. Chatham entertained the Sewing Club on Wednesday afternoon.

Miss Griffith of Austin, who has been the house guest of Mrs. W. W. Stewart, returned to her home on Saturday.

Miss Blanche McPeak has returned after spending several days in Bay City.

Miss Rachel Cooper has returned from Baylor College at Belton to spend the vacation with her parents Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Jones.

Mrs. Wilmer Nini and daughter, Dorothy Ann, visited in Bay City on Monday.

E. H. Highley was a business visitor to Gulf this week.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 26, 1925


Mr. and Mrs. Richardson and children left Friday for Waelder where they will visit relatives for several days.


Mr. and Mrs. G. T. McBride and children returned Monday from Austin.


Mr. and Mrs. C. Massey spent the week-end in Galveston.


Mrs. Stoldt and Mary Louise spent Friday in Bay City.


Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Williams of Matagorda and Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Harpole spent the Fourth in Wharton.


Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hart of Austin are guests of their daughter, Mrs. W. W. Stewart.


Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Gibson and children spent Saturday in Bay City.


Mr. and Mrs. A. Rudine and children spent the Fourth in Palacios.


Mr. and Mrs. Mallison and daughter were visitors in Bay City Friday.


Mrs. C. Chatham arrived Thursday from Marlin to spend the remainder of the summer with her son, Mr. W. Chatham.


Mr. and Mrs. Couples and children left Friday for Luling to spend the week-end.


Mr. W. J. Johnson, W. J. Jr., Miss Mary Annetta, Miss Velma Smith and Mr. C. A. McGuire left Friday to spend the Fourth in Galveston.


Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Sproy left Friday to spend the Fourth in San Antonio.


Mr. D. H. Hardy has returned from a visit to Houston.


Mrs. Allen Gulbeau entertained the Sewing Club Wednesday afternoon.


Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Gage and Junior spent Sunday in Freeport.


Mr. and Mrs. Ed Harris of Bay City visited here Friday.


Mrs. T. C. Thornhill and T. C. Jr., returned Sunday from a visit with relatives in Chapel Hill.


Mr. and Mrs. Crawford spent the Fourth in Palacios.


Dr. and Mrs. G. V. Bonner and children are visiting in Houston.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Friday, July 17, 1925


Mrs. W. E. Jones was a visitor to Bay City Monday.

Mrs. H. E. Treichler spent several days last week in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott were visitors to Bay City Thursday.

Miss Effie Watson and Miss Ida Yeager spent last week-end in Houston.

H. H. Brown spent several days last week in Houston.

Mrs. Allen Caldwell and Mrs. Breeden were visitors to Bay City last week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Stewart are visiting relatives in Austin.

A. G. Wolf and Maurice Creditor were business visitors to Houston this week.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Brown spent last Thursday in Bay City.

Dr. C. O. Bomar has returned from Dallas, where he attended the American Medical Association.

L. L. O'Neal returned Saturday from Houston, where he spent several days on business.

Mrs. F. B. McPeak is visiting relatives in Houston.

H. M. Nelson was a business visitor to Houston this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gill of Bay City were visitors here Sunday.

Mrs. Baker and little son of Victoria are visiting Mrs. L. Fimble.

Bob Johnson has returned from San Antonio, going for the "Battle of Flowers."

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Loving of Bay City visited here Sunday.

H. Thompson was a visitor to Bay City Tuesday.

Albert Oertling, Mrs. Brunner and Mrs. Mock of Bay City visited here Sunday.

W H. Kelley visited in Bay City Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Biesel spent several days in Houston this week.

Mrs. Splatzer and little son were visitors in Bay City Tuesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 7, 1926


Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Riser spent Sunday in El Campo.

Mrs. Franks left Thursday for Louisiana to visit relatives.

Mrs. F. H. Holler and children have returned from a visit with relatives in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Elliott visited in El Campo Sunday.

Mrs. L. W. Spray spent several days in Houston last week.

Mrs. Eric Culver visited in Bay City Saturday.

R. W. Swartz, J. A. Gilbeau, C. A. McGuire and Goodwin Sterne were visitors to El Campo Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Smith and W. W. Stewart visited in El Campo Sunday.

H. Hunter and J. F. Wood spent Sunday in Galveston.

Mrs. W. H. Kelley and Mrs. Breeden have returned from Houston, where they attended the Baptist convention.

Miss Lillie Obergoner returned to her home in Hallettsville Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Baker of San Antonio are guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. Fimble.

Mrs. Tommie Dodd has returned from a visit with relatives in Wharton.

Mrs. W. H. Kelley and children and Joyce Gillette spent Tuesday in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wolf and Miss Walker left for Houston Tuesday. Miss Walker going on to her home at Golden, Colo.

Misses Florence Autrey and Marian Evans and Sam McPeak and Barnard Stone visited in El Campo Sunday.

The commencement exercises of Gulf High School began Sunday morning with the baccalaureate sermon delivered by Rev. Paul E. Engle of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Bay City.

Monday evening the graduation exercises were held in the high school auditorium. Dr. C. F. Arrowood of Rice Institute, Houston, delivered the graduation address.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 28, 1926

Gulf High School Closes May 28th

The commencement exercises Gulf High School will be held at 8 p. m. Monday, May 28, in the Gulf school auditorium. The Tribune acknowledges receipt of an invitation from Miss Bessie Francis Armstrong, one of the graduates.

The class motto is “Tonight we launch; where shall we anchor?” The class flower, Shasta daisy, the colors, white and gold.

There are fifteen this year, the class roll being as follows: Margaret Caroline Yeamans, Pearl Doris Hooker, Mathew Joseph Ottis, Bluford J. Patterson, Clyde Harrison Eikenberg, Walter Eugene McLain, Bessie Francis Armstrong, Hazel Eugenia Bruce, Frank Mathew Patterson, Stephen Foote Gilmore, Lawrence O’Connell Seerden, Wesley Richard Sydnes, Mildred Ann Landrum, Hiram Perry Hester and Zelma Elizabeth Batter.

Daily Tribune, May 11, 1928

Gulf-Matagorda Schools To Open September 10th

The Gulf-Matagorda schools will open Tuesday, September 10th. Monday, September 9th will be devoted to City Institute with the following teachers in attendance:

Matagorda School – Mr. J. H. Boring, principal; Miss Robbie Ray Allsup, Miss Ben Brookshire, Miss Cora Follis

Matagorda Mexican School  - Miss Aurora Gomez

Matagorda Colored School – Mrs. Nellie Hilliard

Gulf Grammar School – Mr. Wm. C. Hancock, principal; Miss Mildred Manly, Miss Marie Johnston, Miss Lunelle Jones, Miss Hattie Patterson, Mrs. Ruth Robinson, Miss Robbie Finch, Miss Elvira Cochran

Gulf High School – Mr. Harroll Stevens, principal; Mr. E. J. Myers, Miss Margaret Hightower, Miss Virginia Hightower, Miss Lydia Laughlin

Gulf Mexican School – Miss Zelia Ruiz, Mr. Charlie Ruiz

This year the board of trustees set aside, in their budget, a fund to aid all their teachers to attend school each summer. The Gulf-Matagorda school is probably the only school in the State of Texas that has taken this forward step, and is to be commended on its appreciation of the value of the continued study and preparation of her teachers in their particular school work.

Practically the entire Gulf-Matagorda school faculty is taking advantage of this unusual opportunity to spend the summer in colleges and universities in the United States and Old Mexico. A large number of the teachers are working toward their master degree.

Daily Tribune, August 19, 1929


Freshman News

We notice that the time piece in the library has been changed so that the eighth grade table is in line with it and Miss Hightower's desk. Now she can watch the little fish and keep time too.


It has been debated whether the Sunday funny paper should be kept out of the library or not. We freshmen hope not, for we surely enjoy Peter Rabbit.


If the books on the shelfs will kindly refrain from talking while in the library, Miss Hightower will probably stop her fussing at the fish when they are present in the library. When the encyclopedia starts, she thinks it's Amos Duffy, and when the dictionary buzzes, it must be Carroll Kelly. So you see how hard it is for the fish to stay there with all the fuss over the noise they make.


Four freshmen made the honor roll the last six weeks. We hope five times that many will be so lucky the next six weeks.


Can You Imagine?
Amos Duffy being locked in his rain coat by Mr. Laughlin?


Bessie Mae Baxter working commercial arithmetic?


Soph. News.

The sophs have certainly been limping around here this week. They had a picnic last week and went on horses. You understand. The picnic was an all day affair (from 7 to 7) of course the picnic didn't take up all that time; they had to get out and back you know.


Geraldyne, Vivian and Bessie Mae brought pillows to school Wednesday and Doris didn't show up at all.


It was unanimously voted in the last Soph. meeting that it was the best picnic of the year (being the only one of course.)


Junior News.

The juniors actually got sort of benevolent or free hearted or something last week and gave the seniors a picnic on April 21, as it was a holiday.


It was agreed to start from the schoolhouse on time, six o'clock Gulf time. But some got impatient and left at five. It was a cold blustery day, and only a few were in attendance, most of them seniors.


Everybody arrived and was playing around when suddenly Albert and his carful were gone, ostensibly to see what mischief they could get into. Eventually they served some bean salad and a few sandwiches and three or four rounds of pop each. Everybody (meaning the boys) sang "My Bonnie's Got Tuberculosis," while the girls were eating. You may rest assured the food was good.


After this, all went tree climbing. What a day, what a day. Unless junior reporters get busy, they may find themselves in trouble. The editors do not appreciate having to write their copy.


[My Bonnie has tuberculosis...

My Bonnie has tuberculosis,

my Bonnie has only one lung,

My Bonnie can cough up raw oysters,

and roll them around on her tongue.]



Coach Meyers' boys certainly received a great surprise last Wednesday when Clemville took them under to the tune of 15 to 8. Errors were frequent and Clemville took advantage of them to drag in the runs.


One of the best games a Gulf high team has put out, however, was played in Palacios Friday. The score was Gulf 4, Palacios 3. The coach has been trying for four long years to put it over on Palacios on their own field, and finally did what seemed almost impossible. It was a pitcher's battle from start to finish, both Schwebel and Snyder putting out in great style, each giving up but five hits. Taber and Johnson of Palacios and Cook of Gulf had the best day at bat each getting a pair of singles.



2 base hits--Hogg, Cook.

Struck out by pitcher--Snyder 14, Schwebel 7.

Hit by pitcher--Snyder 2.

Bases on balls--off Snyder 1, off Schwebel 2.

Double play--Raymond to Mangham to Kelly.



Fats: Yes, the doctor saved my life but it cost me over a thousand dollars.


Vivian: Women are fools to marry.

Jack: Of course, but who else is there for us to marry?


Mr. Meyers: I can't believe Miss Heyne is 42 today. How did you find out?

Mr. Stevens: I told her I wanted to get her a string of pearls--a pearl for end of the world you know.


Amos: My dear, I would go to the each year.

Loree: My stars! Are you one of those explorers too?


Alyne: Why are you running that steam roller over those fields?

Farmer: I am going to raise mashed potatoes this year.


Miss Hightower: I think it's so kind of Lewis to take a blind girl to a dance tonight.

Mildred: A blind girl.

Miss Hightower: Why yes, I heard him say that he had a blind date for tonight.

The Daily Tribune, Wednesday, April 29, 1931



A lady from Gulf kindly gave us the following news items from there:

Mr. and Mrs. K. Legg spent Friday evening in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Harrison and her daughter, Clyda Fay of Gulf, spent the week-end in Blessing.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Thomas spent Saturday and Sunday in Damon with Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Gillespie.

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kollatschny of Gulf arrived home Wednesday after spending the week in Cat Springs with their parents.

Mr. Harrison arrived home in Gulf Saturday from Houston, where he underwent an operation for the removal of his right eye.

Mr. Charles Carmichael of Gulf had the misfortune to break his leg while at work last week but is doing nicely now in the Gulf hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Carlin and children, Ruth and Calvin, and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Kelley and children, Sallie and Dorothy Nell, of Gulf motored to Damon Monday and returned Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Graham of Markham visited at the J. L. Keller home at Gulf Wednesday. James and Johnnie Kelly accompanied them to Damon for a two week’s visit.

Mrs. “Shorty” Borden and children accompanied by Mrs. Charles Fulton and her small brother in law, Kenneth of Gulf, left Tuesday for a month’s stay in Oklahoma at the home of the latter’s mother, Mrs. Fessler.

Little Charles Alva Dervage, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvie F. Dervage of Gulf, age five years, one month and seventeen days, is missed by his many friends here. He was such a good little boy, radiating sunshine wherever he went and never missed his Sunday School class until he got sick and could not attend any more. He died in a Houston hospital, June 9, 1932, and the remains were forwarded to the funeral parlor of Taylor Bros. in Bay City and were buried the following day in the Cedarvale Cemetery. He is remembered by all grieving relatives and friends who brought many beautiful flowers which covered the little grave.

Mrs. E. J. Watkins entertained on Friday afternoon, the twenty-fourth of June with a shower, honoring Mrs. George Whitaker. When all the guests were present a car was sent for Mrs. Watkins and she came in without knowing what was going on. She was thinking of enjoying a ride only but to her surprise she found all the ladies waiting for her. She was seated in a rocking chair decorated especially for her. She was seated in a rocking chair decorated especially for her. A few games of riddles were written and chewing gum dolls made to shorten the hours that were enjoyed by all and the time passed on too soon. Presently a few arms full of packages were laid before Mrs. Whitaker, which upon opening she found many nice articles that were admired by all present. Ice cream and cake was served to the guests and everyone had a pleasant time. Those enjoying this nice shower and party were Mesdames Wilson, J. Kelley, E. A. Eikenburg, F. L. Eikenburg, O. Kollaschny, H. Patterson, Mack Graves, E. Milstead, Sansing, F. Dyllar, H. Staffa, J. Rehak, W. S. Watkins, C. C. Burchert, W. H. Altenberg, J. J. Whitaker, Buster Oliver, G. Whitaker, E. J. Watkins and Miss Mollie Belle Watkins.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 30, 1932

Many Gulf Houses Are Being Moved to Bay City

Miss Faye Carr has bought a five-room Gulf house and it will be placed on her lots near the high school today. Adolph White was the contractor.

Arthur Baer has also bought two of these houses which will be moved to Bay City for rent houses.

The Gulf house, given to the county by The Texas Gulf Sulphur Company for a county health center, has been placed on a lot donated by the city, on the east side of town near the creek on Fourth Street.

L. Schwartz has purchased a number of these houses ranging from three to six rooms. Several have been placed on the hospital road.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 5, 1937


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