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Bailey Hardeman

Arrived in Texas in the fall of 1835

Appointed to the Commission that organized the militia of the Matagorda Municipality

Matagorda representative to the Convention of 1836

One of five who drafted the Texas Declaration of Independence

One of twenty-one who wrote the Constitution of the Republic of Texas

Elected Secretary of the Treasury

Secretary of State

As Secretary of State negotiated and signed the treaty ending the war with Mexico and a secret document in which Santa Anna promised the recognizing the new Republic of Texas



This cemetery is on private property near Van Vleck.


Pictures were taken in 1991-92 and are courtesy of
Myra Bhrlik & Matagorda County Museum.

Samuel Wilson Hardeman Family Cemetery

Hardeman Happenings Newspaper Columns




Bailey Hardeman was originally buried here, but as a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, he was moved to the Texas State Cemetery in 1836 during the Texas Centennial.

Bailey Hardeman Family Tree at Star of Republic Museum.

There are three marked graves and possibly a slave grave as there is a mound covered with bricks.

Sacred to the memory of, John N. Stone, Born in East Tennessee, 29 of May 1785, Died in Caney, Texas, 28 of October 1849, Age 64 years & five months, Reader be prepared to meet your God. s/o Elizabeth Hardiman & John H. Stone

Henrietta Hill Hardiman, Born December 1, 1843, departed this life September 3, 1850 (7 years) d/o of D. & Sarah Ann Nickleson Hardiman

Mary Polk Hardeman, Born March 4, 1851, departed this life March 10, 1851 (6 days) d/o of D. & Sarah Ann Nickleson Hardiman


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