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Hawkinsville Spice

Rain is discouraging planters just now.

Mr. Hawkins was over on a business trip last week, transferring his stock of merchandise to O. J. Doubek, who has, by his courteous treatment, built up a nice patronage. Mr. Doubek is a young man of sterling character and good business tact and we predict success for him.

The fishing party made up from Lake Austin, was successful in everything but catching fish. For points in navigation of shallow water I take pleasure in referring you to Messrs. Gibson and Zuch who are past masters in the art.

The wedding of Mr. A[ndrew]. J. Burk[Burke] and Miss Mary Hays at the home of L. F. Coulter on Wednesday night, February 9th, was celebrated by the presence of a number of friends. Rev. C. C. McCormick, of Caney, joined the young couple in the holy bonds, after which the company repaired to a sumptuous supper. The bride was a picture of loveliness, the bridegroom smiling and happy and we could see where he was right in several ways in capturing Miss Mary. They leave shortly for their future home in Indiana. May all happiness attend them.

Jeff and Laura Davis were called to mourn the loss of a three-year-old boy last week.

Mr. Moberly says that the Rev. Allen Young must hunt a more secure hiding place than his cistern. The Rev. declares that its all a mistake that he got under the bridge.


Newspaper unknown, February 19, 1898


Mrs. E. A. Hawkins has been in the sick list for several days, but is able to be up again.

The Hawkins gin with Capt. F. Huebner in charge has been doing a rushing business the past two weeks.

The schooner Myrtle, of Matagorda, Jno. Duffy master, loaded with cotton and seed left for Galveston last night.

The Sloop Daisey, of Matagorda, Joe Yeamans, master, loaded with oysters, touched at this port, then left for upper Caney.

A notice for bids for a contract to carry mail from Cedar Lake via Hawkinsville to Coulterville has been sent out by the P. O. Department.

Messrs. Turner and Lankester, of Houston; Labatt, Harris, Leade and Hamelin of Galveston, all knights of grip, were with us this week.

Messrs. F. Hawkins, J. B. Hawkins and E. A. Gibson, of Lake Austin; W. A. Rugeley, of Bay City; R. L. Vaughan, of Vaughanville; Bateman and Jas. Ogden of Cedar Lake, were visitors here this week.


The Matagorda County Tribune, December 24, 1898


Judge Wells Thompson was in our city yesterday.

The farmers in this section are clearing up land for the crop of 1899.

Miss Bertha Thompson and Miss Vassar White, of Bowieville, visited Mrs. J. B. Hawkins this week.

The schooner, Myrtle, of Matagorda, passed here last night on her way to the Thompson plantation to load with cotton and seed.

While playing with a "didn't know it was loaded" gun, one of Austin Walker's (colored) boys shot and seriously wounded his brother.

A very enjoyable dance was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Walker, of Kenner's Prairie. Those that attended report a grand time.


The Matagorda County Tribune, December 31, 1898


By Plantation Girl

A good rain would be quite acceptable.

F. Huebner, of Currieville, was with us on Saturday.

J. F. Ayers and Jno. LeTulle were over here on Monday.

We have a good stand of corn, and cotton is planted and coming up nicely.

John and Walter Ayres, of Kenner's Prairie, and Ed. Gibson, of Lake Austin, spent Sunday at this plantation.

I haven't seen any items from this part of Caney for some time, but we are here and, as usual, have plenty to do.

Mr. and Mrs. John Craig, of Cedar Lake, passed through here, Wednesday, on their way to visit Mrs. Kit Williams. They report all on their place as o.k.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 25, 1899


By Plantation Girl

Mr. Yeamans came up on Saturday with a boat load of fine oysters.

First among visitors this week were Ed. Gibson and Will Rugeley, of Lake Austin.

S. S. Weems and sister, Mrs. Jno. Craig, of Cedar Lake, went to Columbia, Sunday.

Since you made me so welcome last week I will come again; but news is scarce with us.

Mr. Nelson, of Angleton, and J. F. Ayres and son Jno., of Kenner's Prairie, made us a pleasant visit.

Frank and Jim Hawkins, Ed. Gibson and Will Rugeley left with a bunch of cattle, this morning.

We are glad in spite of the "very busy times" Mr. Dick Vaughan finds time to honor us with an occasional visit.

One of the convicts on the Ogburn farm escaped on Wednesday but was captured within a few miles of the camp by Mr. McNeil.

We had a light frost on Tuesday night, which killed part of the cotton and cut the corn down in some places, but it will come up again.

Jim Ogburn and S. S. Weems and Misses Nan and Virginia Pickett, of Cedar Lake, attended the picnic at Kit Williams's Lake on Friday.

O. J. Doubek and sister, Miss Lasta, spent Sunday with the Misses Pickett, of Union Springs, Ala., who are here on a visit to their sister, Mrs. Joe Ogden.

The Matagorda County Tribune, April 1, 1899


By Plantation Girl

John and Walter Ayres, of Kenner's Prairie, were in our city, Sunday.

H. J. Labatt, the jolly drummer, was very much in evidence on Tuesday.

Mrs. John Sanborn, with her children, were visiting Mrs. Hawkins, Sunday.

Miss Lasta Doubek, spent last Monday at the hospitable home of Mrs. C. H. Williams.

R. T. M. Chinn and Miss Vassar White, of Bowieville, were welcome visitors at the plantation, this week.

Ed. Gibson and Will Rugeley, of Lake Austin, were our unusual (?) visitors, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.


Frank Hawkins's children, who have been here for several months on a visit to their grandmother, left to day, for their home in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ogburn and sisters, Misses Nan and Virginia Pickett, of the Stratton place, with several young ladies of Columbia, spent the day with Mrs. John Craig on Sunday.

As your Ike has tried so persistently to catch fish on dry land and without any apparent success, he tried his luck in Williams's Lake on Saturday, and we don't believe he did any better there.

A party consisting of John, Will, Alex and Marshall Elmore, of Hardeman, and John Dennis and J. J. Mays, of Hurricane Hall, passed through Hawkinsville, Friday, on their way to the beach to take advantage of the oyster season. They returned on Sunday, reporting a fine trip and lots of fish and oysters.

The Matagorda County Tribune, April 8, 1899


Welcome Visitor.

Corn needs rain.

Cotton is all O. K.--no boll weevil.

Cotton bolls over half grown, is what we've got.

Joe Rice, of Huntsville, Texas, superintendent of the penitentiary, with a party of friends, went to the Williams Lake fishing, they report lots of fun and fish.

D. F. Childres and family and Miss Stella Gillam, of Omen, Texas, are spending the summer at the mouth of Caney.

Frank and Edgar Hawkins are home from San Antonio, where they have been attending Peacock's school.

Miss Ella Hawkins is home from Columbia, where she has been attending school.

Invitations are out for a dance Thursday night at the residence of Mr. H. Freeman, complimentary to Miss Fannie Bruce, of Matagorda.

Religious services held by Rev. J. A. McKee every Sunday morning at 11 o'clock at the Kenner's Prairie school house, Sunday afternoon at the residence of Mr. Jacob Smith at 3 o'clock.

Mrs. Jack Burk, of Indiana, is visiting friends on Kenner's Prairie this week.

E. A. Gibson, of Lake Austin, spent Sunday in this neighborhood.

Walter Ayres has closed a trade with J. B. Hawkins for brick to be used by J. F. Ayres & Sons in erecting their sugar mill.

R. L. Vaughn and John LeTulle, of Vaughnville, attended church here last Sunday.

J. S. Sanborn, one of Lower Caney's progressive planters, wants the telephone line extended from Bay City to Velasco and thinks all Caney planters should connect with same. Says, put him down for his part.

Judge Wells Thompson came in from Brazoria Tuesday.

The colored people of the community are preparing to have a big time on the 19th of June at the wind mill in Buckner's Prairie, in Frank Hawkins' pasture. Everything will be free and everybody invited.


 Weekly Visitor, June 9, 1899

Hawkinsville Happyshots
By Little Billie

Capt. LeTulle and family and Mr. McCowan have moved to the beach for the summer.

J. O. Smith, of Wallis, Texas, patentee of the Weimar saw sharpener, was with us this week.

Randolph Cox, wife and child passed through this city en route to their home in Brazoria county.

John Rugeley and wife and Carlysle Williams, of Rotherwood, and Messrs. Votaw and Wilson, of Wharton, were in this city, Thursday.

Misses Rugeley, Haley and Ferrell and Messrs. Jones and Moore, from the beach, spent Wednesday with us. They report catching a 5 1/2 foot tarpon.

Misses Armstrong and Stephens and A. H. Armstrong, Victor Wiggins, Jack Reeves and family have returned to Wharton after a two weeks visit to the mouth of Caney.

A campmeeting is on docket for lower Caney, beginning on Sunday, June 25th. Services will be held by Rev. Kitchen, of Lampasas, Texas, at the Kenner's Prairie school house.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 24, 1899


By Plantation Girl

Mr. Fred Robbins and mother passed through our little city, Tuesday, on their way to Bryan Heights.

John and George Sargent and little folks made us a short call yesterday. They report lots of water everywhere.

Ed. Gibson, the all around hustler from Lake Austin, was shaking hands with his many friends on Caney, this week.

Miss White and O. J. Doubek made a short visit to the pleasure-seekers on the beach, yesterday. They found mosquitoes plentiful.

Misses Lasta Doubek, of Bay City, and Vassar White, of Bowieville, came down on Monday to spend a few days with Mrs. J. B. Hawkins.

The Plantation Girl passed through Hawkinsville and stopped long enough to see how things were getting along. She found everyone well and crops in fine shape.

Steve Phillips, one of the Kenner Prairie's handsomest young beaux, was shopping in Hawkinsville yesterday. He reports several weddings in his community in the very near future.

Quite a number of Whartonites have returned home. Among them were Misses Stephens and Armstrong, Mrs. Wiggins, and Bob and Walter Armstrong and Mr. Stribling.

Mr. Doubek was called away from his store on important business (?), Monday, and in his absence his place was ably filled by W. A. Rugeley, who acquitted himself so well that his presence cannot be dispensed with.

The Matagorda County Tribune, July 15, 1899

By Little Billie

Mrs. J. B. Hawkins is able to be up again after a week of illness.

S. S. Weems and D. J. Ogden made a business trip to Hawkinsville, this week.

The twin sisters have returned home after a pleasant visit to this city. Come again, dear girls.

Geo. Sargent and little Miss Maggie Walker passed through here on their way to the ranch, yesterday.

Capt. and Mrs. LeTulle, Bob Armstrong, Walter Ayres and Rev. John and Will McKee, were visitors here today. The McKee brothers were on their way to their home in Seguin, Texas.

The genial Col. Ernest Zuch and Dr. E. C. King have returned from Cuba. They don't show much evidence of the bad beef. They say it was Pennsylvania air and _______ that did it. They brought back quite a number of interesting curiosities.

The Matagorda County Tribune, July 22, 1899


By Little Billie

Geo. Sargent and Roy Shoultz, of Matagorda, were up from the ranch on Sunday.

The bridge across Live Oak at the old Van Dorn place has a new floor and railing.

Col. A. Currie came in to take charge of the gin, Mr. Huebner being on the sick list.

E. A. Gibson was here Tuesday with a herd of fine cattle for the Hawkins stock farm.

Messrs. Hamelin and Drey, two popular knights of the grip, are registered at the Capital Hotel.

J. M. Easterling, of Calicorock, Izard Co., Ark., has returned from a tour through the northern states.

He will spend the winter on the coast, hunting and fishing. This is Mr. Easterling's third trip to this county.

In a difficulty between Fred Woodridge and Ned Austin, Woolridge was shot in the breast, Austin using a .38 calibre pistol. Austin was shot in the leg with a load of squirrel shot. Neither party was seriously injured. Austin was arrested, waived examination and was placed under a $150 bond, which he gave.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 4, 1899


By Little Billie

Hon. R. C. Duff, of Angleton, was in the city on business this week.

G. W. Baker, of Bay City, was out rustling for cash or [for?] sewing machines.

Wharton and J. L. Bates of Brazoria, and Mr. Martin, of the Bernard, are out on a deer hunt.

H. H. Freeman and Walter Ayres made us a flying visit yesterday. They reported lots of sickness in Kenner.

We are hustling for a daily mail from Coulterville to Cedar Lake and a telephone line from Caney.

We'll be out with the subscription list next week. Several parties have promised to put up handsomely.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 11, 1899


By Little Billie

Willie Wallace and Til Bond came through with a bunch of horses. They sold out to J. H. Craig.

The election passed off quietly here, 79 votes being cast, all for Bay City. Hurrah for Hawkinsville.

Judge Mann, of Galveston, and Dr. C. H. Williams, of Rotherwood, made us a pleasant call yesterday.

F. Hawkins spent the week at the plantation, trying to get everything in shape for a big run at the gin.

Tax Collector S. S. Moore failed to come, on account of his date here being election day. Taxes were collected by O. J. Doubek.

The Matagorda County Tribune, October 29, 1899


By Blue Whistler

J. B. Hawkins informs us that he has 140 acres of corn planted.

Misses Weems and Narbon, of Columbia, are visiting Mrs. J. H. Craig at Cedar Lake.

Miss Mamie Lou Rugeley is spending a week at Rotherwood with Mrs. Johnie Rugeley.

The sloop Frolic, of Matagorda, O'Brien captain, came down from the Thompson plantation loaded with seed for G. B. Culver.

L. P. Coulter, Jack Burke, and Frank Vaughan, of Coulterville, and W. E. Ayres, of Kenner's Prairie, were visitors here this week.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 3, 1900


S. S. Weems, of Cedar Lake, spent Sunday in Hawkinsville.

E. Zuch returned Saturday from a visit to relatives and friends at Yorktown.

G. B. Culver has been attending business in this part of the county this week.

E. A. Gibson, F. and J. Walker, W. A. Rugeley and A. Currie were seen on our streets this week.

Miss Lasta Doubek returned to Bay City Tuesday after a weeks visit to friends at Hawkinsville and Cedar Lake.

Messrs. Harris, Simple, and Mozygember [Mozygemba], all popular Knights of the Grip were doing business here this week.

If any readers of the Visitor have a sure cure for dog bites or any dog muzzles they can readily dispose of same by applying to Aguinaldo at Hawkinsville.

F. Hawkins spent several days at the plantation this week. Returning to his Lake Austin ranch Tuesday and from there will attend the Stockman's Convention at Fort Worth.


Weekly Visitor, March 9, 1900


By Blue Whistler

The sloop Frolic, of Matagorda, came up with a load of fine oysters

J. S. Sanborn, F. Huebner and J. T. Sargent were on our streets this week.

W. A. Rugeley and E. A. Gibson have returned to their ranch at Lake Austin.

Deputies Vaughan and Doubek have been pushing the delinquent tax payers this week.

Sid Bates and Dick Hunt of Caney, passed through here with a load of farm implements.

J. R. Rugeley and lady, of Rotherwood, made us a social and business call Tuesday.

The schooners Ophelia, of Galveston, the Texas, of the North Atlantic squadron, and Myrtle, of Matagorda, left this port for Galveston loaded with cotton.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 10, 1900


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