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Work On New Hotel Is Moving Fast
Brick Work and Cornice Being Finished on 49-Room Hostelry

Bay City's new hotel, a 49-room structure of reinforced concrete, is rapidly rounding into shape and is looming as an imposing and inviting hostelry, even though there is yet remaining much work to do.

This week, however, will finish the brick and cornice work, and an attractive combination it is. The brick is buff and is set with flush joints of a corresponding color, topped by an artificial cornice. Some of the metal work at the openings has also been put in place.

The new hotel occupies a commodious plat of ground on West Sixth Street one tier of buildings west of the square on a paved street. the location is a good one and when the grounds are put in shape and beautified, it will all go toward reflecting credit upon the builders and the city.

There are those who claim that this new hotel will prove to be the starting point of a rapid growth and the future prosperity of the town. There are still others who claim that the improved highways, now on the way, and the hotel combined will do the work so long needed to put Bay City in the city class. Both may have the correct view, but whether they have or not, the improvements mentioned will help in the general progress of the town, county and section.

Daily Tribune, October 26, 1927

Baytex is Name of New Hotel

Committee Awards Prize and Honor to Miss Faye Golightly.

To Miss Faye Golightly goes the honor and the prize for selecting a suitable name for the new hotel, according to information given us today by Mr. Parks Smith, president of the Company.

The name selected and offered by Miss Golightly is Baytex or Bay-Tex (we havenít bee instructed on that yet) and proved to be the winner after due consideration of the others suggested.

Palacios Beacon, November 3, 1927

New Hotel to Open Dec. 29th

According to notices sent out by the invitation committee, the Bay-Tex, Bay Cityís new hotel, will be thrown open to the general public on the night of December 29.

Arrangements are being made to take care of 200 guests on the opening night. The managers and lessees, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Berlowitz, are now engaged in getting everything in first-class shape for the grand opening. Special music and a special program of entertainment, in addition to a spread epicurean perfection of unusual cuisine will mark the formal opening of South Texasí newest hostelry.

In the minds of many this event will form the opening wedge for great and unprecedented prosperity and progress throughout this section as well as for rapid and unparalleled growth of the city.óBay City Tribune.

Palacios Beacon, December 22, 1927

New Bay City Hotel Opens; Hug-The-Coast Highway Celebration

About 250 people sat down to an elaborate banquet at the formal opening of the new Bay-Tex Hotel in Bay City on Thursday evening.

The hotel is a three-story building, has been erected at a cost of $80,000, and is so constructed that new stories can be added. It has 49 bed rooms and is modern in every respect. There is a well-finished and well-furnished lobby. The capital required to build has been raised by private subscription, chiefly in Bay City, and Mr. Paris Smith was chairman of the Building Committee. Bay City has felt the need of a modern hotel for some years, and the citizens are to be congratulated on the public spirit they have shown.

Visitors were present from surrounding towns. Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Campbell were there from Palacios, and Messrs. J. B. Feather and G. G. Gillespie represented the Palacios Chamber of Commerce. Judge Tanner was present from Port Lavaca and Messrs. Winfield and Cavallin from Olivia.

The occasion was turned into a celebration of the completing of the financing of the Hug-the-Cost Highway between Houston and Corpus Christi, and Judge Huggins of the Gulf Coast Good Roads Association was present and delivered the speech of the evening. The sponsors of this road are working hard to obtain Federal aid for the project, and it is hoped that the necessary permission will soon be acquired. Judge Huggins in his speech praised Matagorda County highly for its courage and foresight in passing a bond issue for as large a sum as $3,000,000. He mentioned too, the splendid example that Matagorda county had set to other counties in South Texas by so doing.

Mr. Gustafson was Toastmaster. A Bay City band was present during the evening. There was a vocal and instrumental program rendered during the course of the banquet which seemed to give much pleasure to all present. Sometime during the evening a presentation was made to Mr. Paris Smith, Chairman of the Building Committee and President of the Chamber of Commerce--much to his own surprise. It was a gold diamond-studded Shriner pin.

Mr. R. F. Harkey, Secretary of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce had much to do with the success of the evening. He had charge of the arrangements and got up the program for the occasion.

Arrangements were made by which those who wished could attend a picture show, while others remained for a dance.

Palacios Beacon, December 29, 1927

Improvements at Bay-Tex Hotel

Mr. W. Davis, manager of the Bay-Tex Hotel announced Tuesday that work had begun on the floors in the banquet and dining rooms. These floors will be hardwood, making them quite a wonderful improvement to the former concrete flooring. Mr. Davis also stated that parties and dances will be given. Anyone wanting to have either, Mr. Davis will be glad to consult with them and the price will be very close.

It must be added that Mr. Davis is trying in every way to make the Bay-Tex Hotel most pleasant and to make it a place for the entire public to enjoy. Bay City has always been the best city in this territory for dancing and with this new improvement, we can again boast of a grand place to dance and dine. The meals, as many in the city know by now are always deliciously cooked and perfectly planned and it is Mr. Davis' aim to advertise Bay City as having such a perfect place as he is now making of this hotel.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 9, 1933

Bay-Tex Hotel Known For Hospitable And Friendly Atmosphere

The Bay-Tex Hotel of Bay city might well be called the hotel of the County. It is truly a house of distinction where an inviting atmosphere created around its most hospitable and genial manager and host is indeed a place of relaxation and comfort for the traveling public, a meeting place for the local clubs and a place to be remembered with a pleasant thought.

Mrs. Davis manages in a most credible manner the dining room which has become renown all over South Texas for its fine food and correct service. To Mrs. Davis no detail is too trivial to pay particular attention to in order that the dining room maintain its reputation for delicious meals, properly prepared and excellently served.

Both the hotel and dining room are proud of a carefully selected personnel whose first thought and aim is to create an atmosphere that makes one feel as comfortable as though they were in their own home.

Palacios Beacon, October 10, 1939

Manager, G. W. Davis
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