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Palacios Hotel Arrivals



Palacios Beacon August 1, 1913


H. B. Broughton, Loff, Tex.

J. M. Broughton, Loff, Tex.

O. W. Clark, Temple

Chas. L. Bretton, Rockdale

B. N. McBurnett and wife, Rockdale

J. H. Walker, Rockdale

Geo. [George] C. Davis, Galveston

M. C. Vaughn wife and son, Kiowa, Okla.

R. W. Vaughan wife and children, Kiowa, Okla.

Mrs. G. H. Hancock, Kiowa, Okla.


Palacios Beacon August 1, 1913


W. G. McDonald, El Campo

Frank Soreman and family, Holland, Tex.

U. P. Melton, Cuero

G. P. Box, Cuero

Scott Williams, Kingsville

R. S. Kingham, Francitas

Ira A. Resslar, Francitas

J. L. Chapman, Garwood


Allen Court Visitors

The Geisslers, of Enid, Okla., who have spent three weeks at Allen Courts, are concluding their vacation, reaffirming their faith in the good fishing around Palacios.

Mrs. Geissler hung a 6 foot tarpon Wednesday morning while fishing in Tres Palacios bay. Mrs. Lewis Goss and mother, Mrs. L. H. Goss, of Rosenberg, spent Tuesday and Wednesday here fishing with the Geisslers and renewing their friendships. The Goss families were the first customers to stay at Camp Allen. They as well as the Geisslers are good boosters for Palacios fishing, having been here many times and all play to spend their vacation here next year and bring more people with them.

Recent guests at Allen Courts for fishing were:

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harris and Joe Krenek, E. Campo
R. A. Reinhart and family and P. L. Roberts of Houston
Dr. R. H. Walker and party from El Campo and Kansas
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith, Eastland, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. B. A Tuttle, Port Arthur, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Elliott, Austin
Mr. and Mrs. C. Dale, Toronto, Canada
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Bolcom, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Burton, Houston
Mr. W. W. Brown and family, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cugan, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Yates, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Blair, Houston



20-Room Clyde Hotel Brought By Captain Chilton

One of the most important real estate deals that occurred in our city this week was the purchase of the 20-room Clyde Hotel on Main Street from E. L. Hardy by Captain F. B. Chilton.

Although Captain Chilton already owns several pieces of valuable property in Palacios, he is a man of remarkable vision and business acumen, who realized that our city has a great future and that it will not be long before property values here will be doubled or trebled, and for this reason he will continue to take all the bargains that come his way, even though he has to buy half of Palacios before he gets through.

He now wants some reliable, industrious, pains-taking man or woman to take charge of the hotel, and has a splendid proposition for the right party or parties.

Palacios Beacon, September 23, 1921


Frey House - Lone Star Hotel

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Enos, the new proprietors of the Frey House, which is now known as the Lone Star Hotel, and who came here a few weeks ago from Victoria, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary yesterday, at a special six o'clock dinner served to the guests of the house, and a few invited friends. The date was also the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Enos, and of which she was most happly reminded by some handsome and useful presents from members of the family and friends. Since taking charge of the hotel, Mr. Enos has been most busily engaged, remodeling, painting, papering and generally renovating the house, and now it is as neat, comfortable and inviting a hotel as can be seen anywhere. The enlarged office room is especially appreciated by all the guests both regular and transient. Mr. and Mrs. Enos are very greatly pleased with their new home, and with the city generally, and we can say from our own knowledge that Palacios and the coast country hasn't a more enthusiastic booster than Mr. Enos. Mr. E. is a northern man, from Nebraska, and an old newspaper publisher, and of course he is just a little lonesome in his new environment; but what really distresses him most is that he finds no republican party or even republican voters down here on the gulf coast to commiserate with him over the awful lambasting the democrats gave them last fall when they took possession of the government at Washington. However we comforted brother Enos with the assurance that a year's residence in the Gulf coast would in that time become one of the most unterrified democrats that ever held a public office. It was a pleasure which the Beacon editor and his wife much enjoyed to be among the guests at this most delightful anniversary dinner. May Mr. and Mrs. Enos enjoy many, many happy returns of the day.

Palacios Beacon, Friday, April 21, 1911


Palacios Beacon August 1, 1913


J. F. Willy, Victoria

F. Osmond, Victoria

F. Terry, Victoria

L. G. New, Victoria

W. J. Brawnes, Grand saline

R. E. Hill, El Campo

J. w. Sexton, Thorntree

G. W. Thompson, Riverton

S. G. Painter, Beverly, Kans.

W. W. Johnson, Victoria

C. Scott, Oklahoma

Geo. Lord, Galveston

C. P. Sebastian, Valley View

C. A. Tormey, Houston

F. Reaser, Rosenberg

A. M. Seeds, Blessing

L. G. Patterson, Blessing

Palacios Beacon, October 5, 1917

Palacios Beacon, June 27, 1919


Park Hotel
524 Main Street

Palacios Beacon, October 5, 1917

Palacios Beacon, November 24, 1922

Park Hotel Under
New Management
After June First

The Park Hotel, one of our most popular hostelries, has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Sandusky, of Rio Vesta, Tex., who will be here the first of June to take possession.

Mrs. A. Minich, who has had charge the past two years or more is retiring because she wants to take a much needed rest. She informs us she has no definite plans for the future only to enjoy a real vacation this summer. Mrs. Minich has made a very popular manager of this institution and formed many friend who regret to see her retire, but all join in wishing for her a most pleasant summer and trust she will continue to make this city her home.

Mr. and Mrs. Sandusky come to us strangers but will be given the glad hand by Palacios citizens and a cordial welcome to our business circle.

Palacios Beacon, May 17, 1928

Card of Thanks

On Friday, June the first, I am retiring from the Park Hotel and wish to commend to the people of Palacios and the general public my successors, Mr. and Mrs. Sandusky. I also wish to thank my friends, the business people of Palacios and the public in general for the many favors and co-operation they have given me during the five years I have been connected with the hotels of our city, this has, in a great measure, helped me in making it a success, and your kindness and hearty support will ever be appreciated.

Mrs. A. Minich

Park Hotel RE-Opened

Mr. and Mrs. George Shaw well known in East Texas and the Valley, where they have conducted hotels, have taken charge and invite you to call and see them.

Palacios Beacon, May 22, 1930

Park Hotel Vacated

Mrs. Susie Sandusky has moved from the Park Hotel into the Schley house at the corner of Fifth and Commerce Streets, where she will continue her business as heretofore. Mrs. Sandusky took charge of the Park Hotel the first of June, having bought out Mrs. Minich, who had conducted the hotel for several years. Mrs. Sandusky's regular patrons go with her to the new quarters and she invited the public in general to come in and see her. The Park Hotel property is owned by Mrs. Shanks and we have not learned just what she plans to do with it.

Palacios Beacon, November 29, 1928

By Ann Brandon Sturrock

In 1933 Sam Wolstein opened a dry-goods store in Palacios. The Ruthven building on Commerce Street was the first site, but the business grew to such an extent that this soon proved inadequate. He purchased the old Park Hotel at 524 Main which he converted into apartments as well as a residence for Mrs. Wolstein and himself. In front of this former hotel, he had a brick building constructed, and he moved his dry-goods store into this larger facility, where it remained for 33 years.

Historic Matagorda County, Volume I, page 559


Hotel Wylie - Wylie House

It's just like old times to see Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wylie again in charge of the well-known Wylie House. They were flooded out three times at Bay City--and the "charm" having lost its charm they came back to Palacios and to their old hotel. The new furnishings in the Bay City hotel were moved here to re-furnish the house, which makes it more attractive and comfortable than every before.

Palacios Beacon, June 19, 1914

Corner of 4th Street and Duson


Palacios Motels


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