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Palacios 1942 Hurricane


1909 Hurricane

Hurricane Ruins, Palacios, Texas - August 29, 1942 - Hill Photo # 2
The Canteen and City Hall


Business Houses Razed By Storm Being Rebuilt As Rapidly As Possible


Rehabilitation and repairs to the less seriously storm damaged structures in Palacios is proceeding rapidly but work on those business establishments which were practically demolished is a little slower in getting started although owners say they will rebuild as quickly as materials and labor can be secured.


The three most seriously damaged, the Green Lantern Inn, the Harbor Inn, and the Sunshine Laundry will all be rebuilt as soon as possible, the proprietors announce.


In the case of the first, Carlton Crawford has already started work and expects to have the Inn ready for use within the next two weeks. The new structure will utilize the former dining room, which was not completely demolished and workmen are busy effecting the necessary repairs. The new structure will be somewhat smaller than the old and will be minus the porch. It will be located across the road from the old site and the building will face south instead of north as heretofore.


Howard Claybourn, manager of the Sunshine Laundry, stated today that he definitely would build again. Most of the equipment upon inspection was found to be much less seriously damaged than was at first thought. Most serious damage and that which will be the most difficult to replace was that which ruined the electric motors. Mr. Claybourn states that a preliminary investigation has assured him that he will be able to get an A-1-A priority rating for the materials necessary for reconstruction and re-equipping his plant. Much of the materials in the old building are being salvaged and can be used in the new structure.


Not only is Jake Hull expecting to rebuild his Harbor Inn as soon as he can get the necessary labor, but he intends to move it to a new location, he said today. Preliminary work on the new location, situated just east of Highway 35 at the junction with the new by-pass road north of town, has already started and sufficient shell for a much larger drive-in parking area has been unloaded at the site.

The rear of the former building has been removed and the front part jacked up on skids waiting to be hauled to the new location. When installed there the rear portion will be rebuilt and the interior redecorated. All equipment injured by the flood waters and wind is being repaired and rebuilt where necessary.


Neither Mr. Hull or Mr. Claybourn were able to make any estimate as to the time necessary to complete their rebuilding


Palacios Beacon, September 17, 1942

Palacios Beacon, November 12, 1942

Sunshine Laundry After the Fire & Hurricane - Palacios, Texas - August 29, 1942 - Hill Photo #4

Hurricane on the Bay - Palacios, Texas - August 29, 1942 - Hill Photo #6

Coney Island Cafe - Hurricane - August 29, 1942 - Palacios, Texas, Hill Photo #7

Hurricane Ruins, Palacios, Texas - Aug. 29-30, 1942
North side of Luther Hotel



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