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Illinois Colony

By Colleen Claybourn

Illinois Colony, Iowa Colony, and Ohio Colony were “neighborhood” settlements northwest of Palacios.  They were named, obviously, for the persons who settled in their immediate areas, most of them coming south during the migrations from 1900 to 1920.  These settlements were never formalized and could not be found on maps; however, anyone at that period of time could give directions to them.  Items concerning the little communities could be found in the Palacios Beacon, giving news of births, deaths, illnesses, travels, social events, weather, school events, church services, and the like.

At one time there was a school at the Illinois Colony and at the Ohio Colony.  The schools were the typical one-room, country-type of that period and were used for church services, Sunday School, box suppers, ladies’ literary and social events, parties, and dances.  Most residents owned work horses and occasionally used them to ride into town; however, Sunday was the only day off for the horses as well as the people, therefore the worshippers seldom rode their horses to church.  Consequently, a church within walking distance was needed, so they used the schoolhouse.  They used any preacher they could get to come and conduct the services.

Eva Aiken and Mrs. Herman Hood were two of the teachers at Ohio Colony School.  Ruby and Winfred Johnson went to school there.  The Welsch family, the Marcaurelle family, and the Fox and Morton families lived in the area.  There were two Fox families—“Red Fox” and “Black Fox,” named for the red hair of one Mr. Fox and the dark hair of the other, who was supposedly part Indian.  This school building was moved to Pheasant in the early 1920’s and became the school there.

The Illinois School was moved later, about 1938, to a 620-acre tract of land belonging to the Harrison family. 

As school children began to travel to class by bus, these neighborhoods were swallowed up in the pasture land and forgotten.

Illinois Items
(Two Gossipers)

Clyde Fox made a business trip to Gulf Thursday.

Church services were held at Mr. Solomon's home Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Bon Gillespie spent Thursday with the Fox family.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wright and little daughter spent Sunday afternoon with the Johnson family.

An addition is being made to our community by the erection of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buffalo.

Mrs. Chas. Fox and daughter and Mrs. Ed Buffalo and children spent Sunday afternoon at the Hargrove home.

We are glad to hear that the baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ramsey, who has had whooping cough, is much improved.

The looks of our community have been improved considerably by the application of paint to the houses on the George Harrison farm, and also by the improvement made in the roads as election time draws near.

Palacios Beacon, March 15, 1928

Illinois Items

Mr. Ed Buffalo is driving a new Chevrolet Coach.

Mrs. T. J. Hargrove and daughter, Juanita, spent Sunday with Mrs. Ed Buffalo.

Miss Ruth Hendricks was the over night guest of Miss Lottie Kilgore, Friday night.

Mrs. H. K. Hayes, who has been on the sick list the past week, is reported much better.

The Wright families went on a fish-trip Monday, but we hear that they caught nothing but air.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baldree and family were Sunday guests of the Price family of Francitas.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter Barnett and Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Glaspie were Sunday guests at the Fox home.

There has been an addition to the Solomon family by the birth of a baby boy last Tuesday night. The young man has been named Leo.

There will be an Easter Egg hunt at the Fox home Sunday afternoon and everyone in the community is requested to come. Everyone come prepared to enjoy the afternoon, whether you are young or old.

Palacios Beacon, April 5, 1928

Illinois Items

Church services were held at the Johnson home Sunday night.

Mrs. T. J. Hargrove spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. William Baldree.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Johnson and family spent Sunday with the Stubblefield family.

Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and children attended the services at the Baptist church Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wright and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fox went on a fishing trip Saturday, and brought in the spoils--one fish!

Juanita Hargrave and Gussie Fox made a pleasure trip to Gulf Friday, to see the latter's brother, Earl Fox, who is working there.

Palacios Beacon, April 26, 1928

Illinois Items
(Too Late For Last Week)

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sloan were Sunday visitors at the Frank Buffaloe home.

Mrs. Ed Buffaloe and children spent Saturday with her mother, Mrs. T. J. Hargrove.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buffaloe, have moved into their new home which has been completed recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wright and small daughter took dinner with the Fox family Sunday.

A small party was enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Holmes Friday night, in honor of the former’s birthday.

Mr. Earl Fox, who has been spending a few days with homefolks, will return to Gulf Wednesday night to resume his duties there.

Palacios Beacon, May 19, 1928


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