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Iuka House

Wheeler Phillips Family
(includes information about the Iuka House)




This photo of an unknown group was taken in front of the Iuka House, 308 Duson in Palacios. The home was built by Wheeler Phillips circa 1910 and in early years was used by the BYPU encampment when there was an overflow of campers. The house is still standing and is recognizable by the unique porch posts. Notice the oyster shells pressed into the curbing around the house.

If you can identify the group or any of the individuals, please email.

Photo courtesy of John M. Merck, Jr. and background information courtesy of Colleen Claybourn and Historic Matagorda County, Volume I, page 230.

Horse trough in front of the Iuka house made by Wheeler Phillips.
Campfire Girls from Caldwell at Palacios, Texas

Iuka House - 2015



Iuka House in the News

Mrs. W. S. Haines and Mrs. Wesley Thomas, both from Nebraska, celebrated their birthday at a special dinner at the Iuka House two weeks ago.--Palacios Beacon, February 13, 1914


Thursday night, August 6, at the Iuka House, a social will be given by the Y. P. B. All young people over fifteen are cordially invited. Members please bring dues. V. P.-C.--Palacios Beacon, July 31, 1914

Last week Mr. Wheeler Phillips completed a unique piece of cement work which was a facsimile of the union station in Houston. The base of the toy building was twenty by thirty inches, five stories high, containing fifty-six windows and doors and four porches, done in gray, white and red cement to represent bricks. Mr. Phillips had a very nice letter from Mr. W. S. Tate, one of the officials saying instead of putting it in the aquarium--for which it was intended--they had it on a marble slab in the station. Mr. Phillips is quite an artist in cement, he having made ornamental hitching posts, fish ponds, besides birds, bests and reptiles, of which he has a number around the Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, January 5, 1917

Mr. William Johnson, who spent the past fall and winter at the Iuka House, left for his Kansas home Sunday morning via the auto route,. Misses Myrtle Rittenhouse and Emily Margerum went to Houston with him and will visit at the Doctor Dunn home. Mrs. Wheeler Phillips accompanied the party as far as Wharton.--Palacios Beacon, July 6, 1917

Death From Heart Disease

Mr. R. G. Hatchett, who accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. J. Sparkman, came here from Alvord last May, died at the Iuka House last night. Mr. Hatchett was suffering from heart trouble and when he came was all but helpless. He improved rapidly and so much his daughter returned home two weeks ago. Mr. Hatchett felt well enough to attend the services at the B. Y. P. U. auditorium last night and after returning sat on the porch laughing and talking with the other roomers. All at once he fell and although medical aid was summoned and everything done that could be, it was of no avail. Undertaker Rittenhouse took charge of the body and this morning it was shipped to his home.--Palacios Beacon, July 14, 1917

All soldiers and their wives of the Civil War, whether North or South, are invited to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Phillips, at the Iuka House to a 12 o'clock dinner on Wednesday, April 3d.--Palacios Beacon, March 29, 1918

Mr. and Mrs. Minnick of the Iuka House went to Blessing Sunday.--Palacios Beacon, June 21, 1918

Big Fish in East Bay

Messrs. Barrett, Saylor and Latham, winter tourists stopping at the Iuka, are the prize fishermen having a five hundred pound porpoise in their gill net Monday morning. The monster is eight feet long and his tail is two and a half feet across. Wheeler Phillips was giving him a ride around town in a trailer Monday, thus giving several persons a chance to see him.

Schools of porpoises are often seen in the east bay, but this is the first time one has made the mistake of putting his head in a net. The fish was skinned and several expressed their intention to try a steak.--Palacios Beacon, March 12, 1920

7th Grade Party

Miss Lucie Crockett gave a party at her home, the Iuka House, Thursday night in honor of her friend and classmate, Miss Bertha Thoamason, who is leaving ___, for her home in Oklahoma. Games and music were the order of the evening, everybody enjoying it very much. A bonfire was built out on the lawn and they toasted marshmallows. Miss Bertha is sure to want to come again, and she will be welcome.--Palacios Beacon, February 25, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Barrett and his mother, Mrs. James Barnett, started on the return trip to Panhandle, Texas, Monday morning, going overland. They have spent several months here at the Iuka. Mrs. James Barrett is the mother of Mrs. O. G. Crockett.--Palacios Beacon, March 4, 1921

Lillian Phillips, who has been visiting Mrs. L. B. Parkins at the Iuka House, returned to her home in Blessing Tuesday.--Palacios Beacon, August 12, 1921

Misses Pet and Allie Montgomery, who have been spending the summer at the Iuka house returning to Bryan Thursday morning. They said, "Be sure and say something about the good time we have had, how nice the people were to us and tell them we're going to spend out vacation here next summer. --Palacios Beacon, August 12, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. Marrin and three children of Angleton came in Monday for a several week stay at the Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, August 26, 1921

FOR RENT--Two-room apartment facing east, at Iuka House and 4-room cottage adjoining the Iuka for rent. Apply at Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, November 11, 1921

Housekeeping and sleeping rooms at the Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, June 16, 1922

Miss Rae Montgomery and Nina Henry, both teachers in the Bryan schools, were among Wednesday's arrivals. They are comfortably located at the Iuka where Miss Rae has spent her vacation for several years.--Palacios Beacon, June 16, 1922

FOR RENT--Cottage, south apartment and garage. Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, September 22, 1922

Mrs. Fry, who has been domiciled at the Iuka, left Wednesday for Kingsville.--Palacios Beacon, December 1, 1922

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jack Cunningham, two children and Mr. Cunningham's brother, friends of the W. D. and Jas. W. Sartwelle families, were among Wednesday's arrivals. Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham have rooms at the Iuka House, and came from Waco to escape the heat of that section for a few weeks. Thus the fame of the very desirable climate at Palacios is spreading.--Palacios Beacon, July 27, 1923

Miss Tenie Holmes, of Bay City, and Miss Ethel Owen, of Waco, arrived Thursday afternoon and will spend a few weeks at the Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, July 27, 1923

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jack Cunningham and two children of Waco are spending two weeks at the Iuka House.--Matagorda County Tribune, August 3, 1923

Mrs. W. P. Bryan and daughter, Miss Lila Graham Bryan, of Bryan, Texas, are guests at the Iuka House for two weeks. Bryan always sends a goodly number of her good citizens here for at least a part of the summer months and they are always welcome.--Palacios Beacon, August 31, 1923

Mrs. W. F. Bryan and daughter, Miss Lila Graham Bryan, of Bryan, who spent ten days at the Iuka House, left for their home Monday morning.--Palacios Beacon, September 7, 1923

NOTICE: Mrs. Henry Barnett will receive pupils for instruction in expression at her home in the Iuka cottage. She will also teach expressive voice and physical expression. Mrs. Barnett is a graduate of the Expression Department in the Baptist Academy and has had a year in C. I. A. studying along the same lines.--Palacios Beacon, September 28, 1923


Mr. Carl Halliday and Miss Lelia Barrett were united in the holy bonds of matrimony in Bay City last Thursday. The young couple were accompanied by the bride’s father, Henry Barrett, uncle B. E. Sailor and Mrs. Elbert Barrett. They are now “at home” in the Iuka House.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Barrett, who came here from Pampa, Texas, early last fall and is popular with the young people of her circle.

The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Halliday of this city, well and favorably known. The Beacon joins the many friends of these young people with hearty congratulations and best wishes.--Palacios Beacon, December 22, 1927

FOR RENT--5-room Cottage, annex of Iuka House. See Miss Martha Wright at Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, March 1, 1928

Mrs. Parkins, of Blessing, was here the first of the week visiting her sister, Miss Martha Wright, at the Iuka House. Mrs. Parkins informed us that she had given up her house in Blessing and was moving to Palacios to make her future home. She will be with her sister at the Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, May 31, 1928

FOR RENT--Sleeping Rooms, 50c up. Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, July 26, 1928

Mr. and Mrs. John Ratliff and Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Lee, of Hobart, Okla., came in the latter part of last week to spend the winter. Mr. and Mrs.. Lee have rooms at the Iuka House and Mr. and Mrs. Ratliff are visiting with the former's brother, J. R. Ratliff and family.--Palacios Beacon, November 15, 1928

Winter tourists located at the Iuka House are:
Mrs. M. A. Cave, of Sublette, Kans.
Wm. Johnson, Sublette, Kans.
Miss Gladys Johnson, Coleman, Kans.
Mrs. M. E. McConnell, Thomas, Okla.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Yount, Hinton, Okla.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Lee, Hobart, Okla.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson, Palacios
Mr. and Mrs. Trahern and nephew, Sublette, Kans.
Mr. O. G. DeCamp, Texarkana, Texas

while at the Iuka Cottage are:
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Harris, Abbott, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Stanfeel, Abbott, Texas
Mrs. Parkins says is many more come in she will have to move to the third floor.

Palacios Beacon, December 6, 1928

Miss Wright, of Iuka House, is now much improved from her recent illness and states she has a full house of winter visitors.--Palacios Beacon, January 10, 1929

Mrs. E. Cave and her niece, Miss Gladys Johnson, left Wednesday for their home in Sublette, Kans. They were located in the Iuka House and plan to visit here again in the near future.--Palacios Beacon, January 31, 1929

A very pleasant day was spent on the Claire M boat last Tuesday by visitors of the B. Y. P. U. and Iuka House. Some 25 in number with Captain John Richards in charge of his boat, spent the day on the Gulf Beach and the Light House.--Palacios Beacon, January 31, 1929

Miss Odett Kennedy, of Odem, Tex., who has been spending the past month at the Iuka House, returned to Abbott Wednesday with her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Clif Stanphill.--Palacios Beacon, February 28, 1929

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kenner and two little girls, of Marlin, and Mr. and Mrs. Tull Adams and little son, of Cameron, are registered at Iuka House for an extended stay in Palacios. Messrs. Kenner and Adams are with the Colt Lightning System and are selling quite a number of these plants in this section.--Palacios Beacon, March 21, 1929

Miss Emma Jackson of Houston is a new visitor of the Iuka House, spending the week here with friends.--Palacios Beacon, June 27, 1929

Miss Phillips, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Phillips, and granddaughter of Mrs. L. B. Parkins, and granddaughter of Mrs. L. B. Parkins, was reared at Blessing; a pupil of Prof. Ralph Newsom, for five years, and received her musical education at Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kans. She has a host of friends in Matagorda County who will appreciate knowing of her success in teaching. Mrs. Parkins is a resident of Palacios during the summer at the Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, July 11, 1929

Mrs. Ruth Bindewald, of Markham, was at the Iuka House during the Encampment.--Palacios Beacon, July 18,1929

Palacios Beacon, September 12, 1929

T. G. McConnell, of Curtis, Okla., and J. H. McConnell, of Thomas, Okla., came in the first of the week to spend the winter and are located in the Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, October 31, 1929

Mr. and Mrs. Haggard and daughter, Mrs. Merman, of Pampa, Tex. are spending the winter in Palacios and have rooms at the Iuka House.--Palacios Beacon, November 28, 1929

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Stanfel, of Abbott, came in last week and are at home in the Iuka Cottage, when they have been for the past five winters.--Palacios Beacon November 28, 1929


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