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The most fashionable and enjoyable event of the season, was the dance given at the residence of Mr. J. R. Fleury's Friday night. A large and merry throng crowded the hospitable and pleasant house. The cities of Edna and Ganado were well represent-ed. Among those present were Misses Minnie and Josie LaBauve and Mable White, Messrs. Howard and Ed. Connely, Tom and Lucioius Sanford, Archie and Eugene McDowel, Stanley and Jack Billups, Covington, Kleas, Putnam and Davenport, of Edna; Misses Brown, LaBauve, Robertson, Abernathy and Hughes, Messrs. Brown, Whitney, LaBauve and Abernathy of Ganado; Messrs. Lee Bronaugh, Dobbins, Zack and James Partain, of Deming's Bridge; Messrs. Willie Rose, Geo. Lafay and Hal McChesney and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Logan, of West Caranchua; Misses Logan, Tenie Holmes, McBarlane and Fleury, Messrs. Fleury, McDonald,  Rhodes and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Logan, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Logan and families, of Caranchua. Supper such as would tempt the strictest epicure was served in daintiest form. Dancing was opened at an early hour and the lovers of his infatuating majesty Pterpsichore paid tribute to his shrine till "Old Sol" put an end to the festivities. We all thank Mr. and Mrs. Fleury for a most delightful evening.

Mr. and Mrs. H. J. LaBauve, of Edna, are visiting friends and relatives in Matagorda County. They also participated in the dance Friday night.

Mr. J. H. Logan has sold his home to Mr. Washington, of Manor, Tex., and has located in Edna, Jackson county. We are sorry to lose such an estimable family, but wish them much success in their new home.

Messrs. T. W. Sanford and C. H. Whitney, of Edna, were visiting at Caranchua last Sunday.

Bay City Breeze, January 31, 1895


By Little Girl.

Peaches are all gone.

Harvest time is here.

Geo. Owens visited at Ashby last week.

September has come; lookout for storms!

August Duffy, of Hawley, attended services here Sunday.

Eugene Hodges, of Cash's Creek, was here on business Wednesday.

H. E. Moore and family, of Hawley, visited relatives here Sunday.

John Blum, of Van Cleave's Camp, visited here Saturday and Sunday.

W. L. Blair hauled a bale of cotton to J. E. Pierce's gin at Hawley on Monday.

F. Cornelius, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Julia, visited here Tuesday.

Carl Curts, of Louise, and Miss Kate Blair, of this place, went to Hawley Friday.

Mrs. C. M. Rolling, of Buhler, visited her niece, Mrs. J. L. Jordan and family this week.

Cal. Wolfe has returned to this neighborhood and will be employed by Capt. J. L. Logan.

Scott Yeamans has gone to Hawley, where he will be employed in the near future, by H. E. Moore.

Rev. Callaway came over from Hawley on Sunday afternoon and filled his regular appointment here.

I. G. Lords, a good old time Methodist, and one of Bay City 's best citizens, was in our neighborhood Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs. Mattie Dobbins, of Galveston , is visiting her father, Capt. J. L. Logan and family and expects to remain an indefinite time.

Roscoe Rolling, one of Buhler's most popular young men spent Saturday in this neighborhood shaking hands with friends and acquaintances.

Misses Minnie and Lizzie Phillips,  two of Cash's Creek's most esteemed young ladies, attended services here on Sunday. They were accompanied by their brother Johnnie.

A Bible-reading was organized in our Sunday school last Sunday. It will add new interest to the school, as well as being instructive to the scholars. Let all bring Bibles and take part for we all need to study the good book.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 9, 1899



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