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Introduction to LaBauve Cemetery

When the cemetery was recorded in 2002, there were some double markers which had the birth date of a living spouse. The birth date was removed from those marker pictures to protect the privacy of the living spouse.

Recorded January 21, 2002 by Carol Sue Gibbs and Etta Jean J. Gibbs. Previous record by M. C. "Possum" Shelby used for comparison. W. R. & Albina W. Joines assisted with maiden names, relationships and questions. Kristi Braun assisted in looking up some of the unknown surnames.

Directions: At the junction of FM 616 and CR 449 in Francitas, turn on CR 449 and proceed 2 miles to the cemetery which will be on the left side of the road.

Row markers: Row markers begin on the eastern side of the cemetery and run west. They consist if a piece of pvc pipe  imbedded in the ground and then cut off to be flush with the ground. Concrete was poured into the pipe and a letter scratched into the wet cement to denote each row. There are three sets of markers on the north side, in the center and on the south side. Rows east of the gate (A - M) are numbered south to north and rows west of the gate (N - Q) are numbered north to south.

Abbreviations: Brackets [  ] - indicate information from source other than marker:  temp - temporary marker; CFH - Colonial Funeral Home, Port Lavaca; JCFH - Jackson County Funeral Home-Edna; SFH - Slavik Funeral Home-Ganado; SSDI Social Security Death Index; TBFH - Taylor Bros. Funeral Home-Bay City; TFH - Triska Funeral Home-El Campo


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