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LaBauve Cemetery History

Victor Jean LaBauve

Jul 14, 1803 - Sep 1, 1870
Buried at LaBauve Cemetery
Husband of


Elena Josephine Gonsoulin LaBauve
Sep 16, 1829 - Mar 29, 1900
Buried Memory Gardens of Edna
Cemetery, Edna, Texas

Photos courtesy of Louis Keizer

History of the LaBauve Family

Odelon Joseph LaBauve was the son of Victor Jean and Elena Gonsoulin LaBauve, descendants of the Acadian LaBauves that came to Louisiana from Nova Scotia and Francois and Marie Louisa de la Gautrais Gonsoulin who came to Louisiana directly from France after having land granted to them by their relatives, the rulers of France . Francois Gonsoulin being a Chevalier in the Royal Army of France. (Just this past year the family received nearly a million dollars from oil royalty on this land that was granted to them prior to 1803). Victor Jean and his brother, Dominique, were the two Frenchmen who founded and lived in the little settlement of Francitas (meaning "Little France" in Spanish). These two brothers had large families and contributed much to the settlement of the lower part of the county.

Victor Jean LaBauve established the LaBauve Cemetery near Francitas, and until now the people of that area bury their loved ones there. He and two of his older sons died before the founding of Edna, the remainder of the family lived at the ranch of several thousand acres.

The LaBauve ladies were true ladies, versed in the social graces of France and Louisiana. When Edna was getting started, Odelon Joseph LaBauve felt that his mother and sisters should have some of the ways of life that they had been accustomed to; so he built this house for them in Edna. The sisters married, with the exception of one, Miss Ella LaBauve, who was a beautiful girl, very proud of her ancestors, and very haughty to a great degree. Her sweet lady mother used to say to her "My dear, you pick and pick and finally pick a crooked stick." She didn't, because she never married any one, being the same beautiful haughty spinster as she had been as a girl. Due to the fact that they never had to do housework and the life and their circumstances had altered greatly after the death of their husband and father, they sold the house and went to live with their relatives. I suspect so that they would not have the responsibility of a house and such. The house was sold to the Simon Young family about 1903. Even though the LaBauve ladies did not like to work, they were loved and respected by all who knew them. They who married, married into the pioneer families of Jackson and Matagorda Counties.

Written by: Louise LaBauve   Edna, Texas

(Louise LaBauve is the wife of Ervin B. LaBauve who was the son of Odelon Joseph LaBauve and grandson of Victor Jean Labauve & Elena Gonsulin LaBauve)

Victor LaBauve

Elena Gonsolin

Children of Victor Jean LaBauve and Elena Josephine Gonsoulin LaBauve

(1) Odile Mary LaBauve Logan
Nov 1, 1845 - May 31, 1887
Wife of John Lawson Logan
Buried at LaBauve Cemetery

(2) Onesphore LaBauve
May 13, 1849 - Jun 1873
Buried at LaBauve Cemetery
(3) Celestine LaBauve McDonald
Dec 1, 1850 - Aug 29, 1939
Wife of Angus King McDonald

(4) Valcour Joseph LaBauve
Feb 23, 1851 - Mar 26, 1934


(5) Victor LaBauve
Dec 31, 1851 - _____
(12) Lorenza Marie LaBauve Clary Keizer
Feb 22, 1864 - Jan 9, 1948
Wife of John Henry Clary & Louis Elwood  Keizer

(8) Elise M. LaBauve Yeamans
Aug 3, 1855 - May 11, 1935
Wife of Horace Moore Yeamans


(9) Odilon Joseph LaBauve
Jan 31, 1857 - Aug 19, 1953
Husband of Lillie Branch LaBauve

(13) Eleanor Josephine Elina LaBauve
Apr 23, 1865 - Jul 28, 1939

(14) Henry J. LaBauve
Mar 26, 1866 - Jan 18, 1940
Husband of Lillie W. White

(6) Matile M. LaBauve Killingsworth

Apr 1, 1852 - Jun 11, 1937
Wife of Gideon Merchant Killingsworth

(7) Marie Louise LaBauve Sparks

Jun 10, 1854 - Oct 14, 1932
Wife of Frederick Sparks

(10) Numa Joseph LaBauve

Nov 25, 1858 - 1881
Buried at LaBauve Cemetery
(11) Charles William Joseph LaBauve

Jan 2, 1860 - Nov 22, 1945
Husband of Ada Mae Williams


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