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Tune of "Old Kentucky Home"

Words by Mrs. Schwind, Mrs. Kingham and Mrs. Falkner


The moon shines bright on our white church tonight,
The ladies are happy and gay.
The money is coming and the debt is going out,
While the men are whistling all the day.
The old folks are happy for the debt will soon be paid,
So soon we'll rest in the shade.
The time has come when the debt will all be paid,
Then the Ladies' Aid will be so glad.


Weep no more, dear sister,
Oh, weep no more, I pray!
We'll sing one song for the dollar we have made,
Then we'll wander to our homes far away.



Just think of the doughnuts, the cookies and the pies,
We've labored so gladly to make;
The brownies, the 'kerchiefs, balloons and ice-cream, too,
We have sold to paint the church again.
We've done our best and we think we have done well;
We hope you with us will agree.
And now we'll say that we wish to thank each one
Who has helped us to succeed so well.




Oh! The world looks bright and our hearts are light and gay,
We've done the very best we can do.
When a woman wills she will always find a way,
And I am sure you think so, too.
And now, goodbye, for our entertainment's o'er;
Our dollars are shining and bright;
Our trouble's o'er, hard times will come no more;
So we'll bid you all a fond good night.



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All rights reserved

Mar. 17, 2005
Jul. 28, 2007