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A Resident Manager.
Moore-Cortes Canal Company to Inaugurate Change

The Moore-Cortes Canal company has adopted a change of policy in the management of the affairs of that organization in that the resident manager at Markham, in Matagorda county, is also to be the president of the company and give his personal attention to the affairs of the company. When this decision was announced President H. W. Cortes announced that it would be impossible for him to serve and in view of the fact that his acceptance of the presidency originally had been at a great personal sacrifice, the company regretfully decided to accept his resignation. By his past efforts he has contributed to the success of the canal company and at the last meeting of the company he was voted the thanks fo the organization and the resolutions adopted have been made a matter of record in the archives of the company.

Houston Post, January 7, 1904

Rice Mill Meetings
Markham and El Campo Companies Elect Officers.

The stockholders of the Markham Rice Milling company, organized some weeks ago met a few days since and elected the following directors: T. J. Poole, Bernard Brown and E. H. Koch of El Campo, Charles Dillingham and C. W. Robinson of Houston. C. W. Robinson was elected president, Bernard Brown general manager and Charles Dillingham treasurer.

It was decided to build a rice mill at Markham, work to begin as soon as the plans can be fully decided upon. It is proposed to make the mill a strictly up-to-date affair, with all the latest improved machinery. It will be located on a block of ground at the foot of the principal street of Markham and will be ready for service by the time the next rice crop is ready for harvesting. Among other equipments will be conveyors of the latest improved type, for both bulk and clean rice.

Houston Post, January 16, 1904

New Mill For Markham.
Rice Milling Company Preparing for Big Outlay.

The directors of the Markham Rice Milling company held a meeting, at which time the letting of contracts for the erection of their new mill at Markham, Texas, was discussed and the various bids considered. After some discussion the bid for the milling machinery made by Boland & Gashwind of New Orleans was accepted, it having been the lowest bid made. The contract for the power plant will probably be awarded today. The specifications for the buildings are now being drawn, and will soon be ready to be placed in the hands of the building contractors to figure on. The plant will be a complete one, every available necessity will be supplied, and the cost will be $50.000.

In attendance at the meeting were C. W. Robinson of Houston, president; Chas. Dillingham of Houston, treasurer; Bernard Brown of El Campo, general manager; T. J. Poole of El Campo, and P. F. Pritchard of Eagle Lake.

Houston Post, February 1, 1904


Miss Lillie Gaunt of Lovelady and Mr. W. L. Hamilton of Markham were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Colonel and Mrs. D. M. Gaunt, Tuesday. They stopped over in Houston Wednesday en route to Markham, their home. Miss Gaunt was one of Lovelady’s most beautiful and accomplished young ladies. Mr. Hamilton is one of Markham’s most promising young business men, and has charge of the commission department of Plotner & Stoddard Co.

Houston Post, February 5, 1904

Officers Elected.
Markham Town Company Holds Important Meeting

The Markham Town company held an important meeting Tuesday night in their offices in the Levy building on Main street. General business was transacted and the reports showed the company to be in a flourishing condition. An election of a board of directors and officers resulted in the following members being chosen to serve during the ensuing term: Board of directors—Messrs. David Rice, J. L. Lane, A. L. Jackson, D. K. Colburn and H. W. Cortes.

President, David Rice; vice president, J. L. Lane; secretary and treasurer, E. W. Hutchinson.

Houston Post, April 28, 1904

Damage at Markham

Markham, Texas, May 7—About 7:15 o’clock yesterday morning a tornado struck Markham, demolishing two houses, blowing eight others off their foundations, and totally clearing the town of tents and small houses. It was first from due west, but turned rapidly to the north before it reached the danger point.

The whirl, or gust, that did all the damage did not last over one-quarter to one-half minute, but a terrific wind, rain and lightning storm lasted about three hours. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

A relief committee was quickly formed at C. D. Robertson & Co’s store and the homeless were soon sharing the hospitality of their neighbors.

The following is a list of the damages as nearly as can be had at this writing:
A two-room house, occupied by Mr. Greay and a two-story servants’ house adjoining the Markham hotel were demolished; the Pilot printing office, a large two-story building was blown off its foundation, the dwelling houses of E. R. Dickey, W. A. Carothers, J. Lawrence, J. T. Hawkins, Dr. Davis, Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Tidwell were blown off their foundations and more or less damaged, the new Baptist church was nearly blown down and badly damaged.

At Northern Irrigation company headquarters, about four miles north of Markham, the damage was greater than at Markham. A hotel, the machinery shed and a barn were wrecked and a large tenant house, occupied by C. Langnott was blown down.

Houston Post, May 8, 1904

Eagle Lake, Texas, May 11.—Mr. J. H. Meyer, one of this city’s contractors, was here Tuesday form Markham and was superintending the unloading of the first car of brick for the new National bank.

Houston Post, May 12, 1904

Damage by Wind at Markham

Markham, Texas. May 17.—About 5 o’clock this morning, an electric storm and small tornado struck Markham, blowing down two ends of the brick warehouse now in course of construction for the Markham Rice Milling company, damaging the contractor about $500. Could not learn whether he has any insurance. One other house was blown off the foundation, Pat McGlaughlin, small residence.

Houston Post, May 18, 1904


Mrs. J. A Barnett and children are visiting relatives at Wharton.

Mrs. George Evers is visiting relatives and friends at Cuero this week.

Miss Apple Calloway of Sweet Home is visiting friends in the city for awhile.

Miss Mary Saccor of Hallettsville is in the city visiting her father, George Saccor.

Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Roundtree and family returned to their home at Denison on Wednesday.

Mrs. Jack Robertson left Tuesday for Jewett, Tex., to visit home folks for a couple of weeks.

Miss Annie Thompson of El Campo is spending the week in Markham visiting her sister, Mrs. J. H. Barker.

Mrs. P. D. Spivey of East Bernard is in the city spending a few weeks visiting her daughter, Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Mrs. John Blum returned home last week from Victoria after an absence of several weeks visiting relatives and friends.

Mrs. Dr. Clay Moore returned to her home in Markham Friday and after spending several weeks at La Grange visiting relatives and friends.

Miss Eula Gullett returned to her home from Wharton County Wednesday. She was accompanied by her cousin, Miss Edith Gullett, who will spend some time here visiting her.

Capt. H. Hawes of the life saving station of Quintana, spent several days in Markham visiting his daughter, Mrs. S. S. Perry.

Miss Dollie Huddleston returned home from Victoria last week.

Galveston Daily News. July 3, 1904

Declared a Dividend.

The Markham Town company held its quarterly meeting last evening and declared a dividend of 5 per cent in cash on the capital of $40,000. It was also decided to have a sale of town lots at Markham in September. The company has prospered since its inception.

Houston Post, July 13, 1904


Mr. C. Mickle and wife of Palacios were in the city a few hours Thursday shopping.

Mrs. Walter Ellis of Leesville, La., sister of Mrs. Tom Henniger, is visiting her in the city for awhile.

Mr. and Mrs. White and Miss Massey of Tillman, Tex., are in the city for a few weeks’ visit to the family of R. Robertson.

Mrs. Geo. Evers returned home from Cuero last week, after sending a few weeks visiting her relatives and friends in that city.

District Judge Moore and wife of Fall County, arrived in Markham Wednesday afternoon on a visit to his son, Dr. Clay Moore, and family.

Miss Anne Thompson returned to her home at El Campo last Monday, after visiting her sister, Mrs. J. H. Barker, in Markham for the past two weeks.

The young men of Markham had a nice hop Thursday night at the city hall, complimentary to the young ladies of the surrounding country. A large crowd attended and all report a good time.

Mrs. J. H. Green and daughters, Misses Mamie and Effie, Miss Lillie Hodges, Miss Effie Emerson, Mrs. Fred Dietrich and Mrs. A. A. Moore returned from Palacios Thursday, where they have been for the past few days enjoying the sea breeze.

Galveston Daily News, July 24, 1904


Sig Brown returned from St. Louis this week.

Miss Viola Robertson of Robstown is visiting her sister, Mrs. Lester Smith.

Little Miss Kathreen Moore of Bay City is visiting her friend, Mary Luder, of Markham.

Mr. James Lewis spent Sunday in Bay City.

Mrs. A. E. Smith visited in Bay City Saturday and Sunday.

J. F. Sumerlin of Wharton was in Markham Sunday.

In a dispute Wednesday Walter Jessye was stabbed in the back. Though not dangerously hurt it is a real bad cut, which will keep him in for a few days.

Markham baseball team went to El Campo Sunday to play ball with the El Campo team. The result was 4 to 1 in favor of Markham.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 21, 1912

Harvesting Rice Crop.
Week of Showers Interfered at Markham—New Teacher.

Markham, Texas, August 15.—Rice harvesting has been in full blast here just one week and all the time in showers. Over a thousand workmen will be added to our own force this week to save the crop, and then they can not save it unless it stops showering. However, it is clear this morning and looks more like fair weather than it has for two weeks.

The new rice mill is finished and just waiting for material to prepare the white cereal for market.

Prof. L. B. Gill and family of Anson, Jones county, Texas, have just moved to our county to take charge of the Bay City public schools. He is visiting relatives in our town this week.

Houston Post, August 16, 1904

Surveyors at Markham

Markham, Texas, August 20.—The surveying crew of the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico railroad struck camp in Markham yesterday evening, to remain till they finish the final survey of that line from Colorado river to Blessing, on the New York, Texas and Mexican. Work has already begun at Bay City on this road.

Houston Post, August 22, 1904

Rice Harvesting at Markham.

Markham, Texas, August 20.—Rice harvesting is in full blast here now, but not much threshing yet, on account of slow drying.

Houston Post, August 22, 1904

Rice Movement from Markham.

Markham, Texas, August 26.—The rice crop form this point is on the move.

A. A. Moore began threshing Monday, the 22d. This is thirty-five days earlier than last season. W. S. Delery began threshing on the same date and loaded one car, which was shipped to Houston on the 24th. To date the Delery plantation has loaded and shipped four cars of this season’s crop, all grading first-class Honduras. Two of these cars were raised by C. W. Vonoder and son, to whom belongs the honor of having harvested and shipped the first car of rice from this section this season.

Houston Post, August 27, 1904

Misses Markham Four Miles.

Markham, Texas, August 26.—A wire from Manager Yoakum of the Brownsville railroad company directed the engineer to locate that road to cross the river at the Buckeye farm, which is two miles further south, and will miss Markham four miles.

Houston Post, August 27, 1904

Rice Warehouse Enlarged.

Markham, Texas, August 26.—The Northern Irrigation company of this place commenced yesterday to double the capacity of its rice warehouse. This will give them 150x200 feet of floor space.

Houston Post, August 27, 1904

Markham Growers Held a Meeting to Consider Ways for Improving Conditions
Discussing Ways and Means.

Markham, Texas, September 21.—The rice growers around Markham met last night to discuss ways and means of bettering the rice market.

The attendance represented, in round numbers, 27,000 acres of rice this year.

The opinion was unanimous that if the farmer toll-milled his rice, no mill could afford to buy rice; for the mill that could get rice to market on the toll plan could sell at any price they please and yet collect their profits. So the mill that buys can not compete.

It was decided by all present to warehouse their rice for money, if they had to have money, and not dispose of it till they could sell at a reasonable price.

It was also decided to assist in spreading this doctrine among the growers everywhere.

El Campo and Glen Flora have also organized for the same purpose.

Houston Post, September 23, 1904

A Foot Cut Off.

Markham, Texas, October 4.—While helping at a rice thresher yesterday R. Burdett, one of our rice growers, was walking across the top of the thresher when a plank broke just behind the cylinder and his foot went through and was cut off in the machinery.

Houston Post, October 5, 1904


Last Tuesday night on the spacious galleries of the Markham hotel, the ladies of the Home Missionary society of this place gave an oyster supper.

The waiting service was performed by little misses the music was rendered by ladies of the society and everything was joyous and lively. Mesdames George Farmer, Leon Black and Caroline B. Fisher composed the committee that made it a success.

Houston Post, October 9, 1904


NOTICE to Contractors
—Bids will be received by the president of the Markham Independent School district until 12 o’clock noon of the 25th day of October, 1904, for the construction of a public free school building to be built of wood. Plans and specifications can be seen at the office of M. H. Lopez in the town of Markham. Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to the President of the Markham Independent School District, and marked, “Proposal for the construction of school building.” Bids must be accompanied by a certified check in the sum of $100 payable to A. A. Moore, president, as a guarantee of good faith. The Markham Independent School District reserves the right to reject any and all bids. A. A. Moore, President, J. W. Gullett, Secretary.

Houston Post, October 17, 1904

Bank For Markham
Is Proposed by Mr. Ingram of Wisconsin.

Markham, Texas, October 27.—The millionaire stockholder in the Moore-Cortes Canal company of Eau Claire, Wis., O. H. Ingram, has been in the Syndicate City this week looking after his investments here. He favors building another large warehouse here of brick and fireproof, and constructing a fireproof vault in the same for a bank to accommodate the large business of this place. His private secretary and chief advisor, Mr. Chamberlain, was with him and heartily concurred with the suggestion. J. Howe Brown, another stockholder of Springfield, Ill., and Secretary E. W. Hutchinson of Houston, Texas, were with them.

The contract was let yesterday by the trustees of Markham independent school district to S. T. Standford to build a fine five-room school house for Markham. The price was $4290. It is to be finished about New Year’s.

Houston Post, October 28, 1904

The plant of the Markham Rice Milling company at Markham was destroyed by fire; loss $50.000.

Houston Post, August 19, 1905

Rice Mill Burned
Big Plant at Markham Destroyed
Loss is Fully $50,000, Covered by Insurance—May Be Rebuilt.

Markham, Texas, August 18. The plant of the Markham Rice Milling company was destroyed by fire tonight, entailing a loss of fully $50,000. The mill, warehouses and all save the engine room, boilers and engine and machinery are a total loss.

The mill had not been started for the season and there was no stock on hand. Workmen had been employed during the day in fitting fire hose about the building and the boiler had a full head of water. The men quit work early in the afternoon and had not been working for some time when the fire broke out, about 6:15. Being a wooden structure, it was soon enveloped in flames, and notwithstanding that almost every man in the town and surrounding country flocked to the scene and lent their energies to fighting the fire, the buildings could not be saved. The manager believes that the machinery in the engine room, together with the boilers, are safe, though, owing to the heat of the walls at  late hour tonight he has not been able to go in and make an inspection. Mr. C. W. Robinson of Houston is the president of the company.

Houston Post, August 19, 1905

Sale Made at Markham.

Markham, Texas, November 2.—The Northern Irrigation Company sold 11,000 bags of rice, the bulk of which brought $3.87 per bag.

The Standard Milling company of Houston and Colorado Valley Rice Milling company of Bay City were the principle buyers.

This is the highest price the correspondent knows of rice being sold for in this part of the country.

Four-fifths of the rice is gone from this section.

Houston Post, November 3, 1905

The New State Bank IS a Great Convenience.

Markham, Texas, November 26.—Markham now boasts of new State bank. This is a great thing for Markham, as it will be convenient and a saving for both the rice farmer and the business man.

The rain continues and has done much damage in this section, as several of the farmers have as much as half of their crop in the shock and is being badly injured by the water and countless droves of wild ducks and geese.

The Northern Irrigation and Moore-Cortes Canal companies are building new tenement houses and making preparations to greatly increase their crops next year.

Prof. Baker now has permanent supervision of the Markham high school, as Prof. Turner was called away through business relations.

A number of men from the North have lately come into the vicinity of Markham on a hunting expedition.

Dr. J. H. Davis and wife, Mr. J. M. Smith and wife, Mr. Cornelius and a number of others whose names are not known are among the sightseers at the San Antonio fair this week.

Houston Post, November 27, 1905

Hunting Parties
Report Ducks and Snipe as Plentiful in the Rice Fields.

A hunting party went to Markham Thursday for a two days’ trip and reports say they are having good luck and that ducks and snipe are plentiful. George Torrey, J. R. Waties, Dr. Sampson, A. E. Kiesling and G. J. Palmer composed the party. Mr. Palmer returned yesterday with a good string of ducks and snipe.

Boone Gross and Jim Leavell got back from Palacios yesterday and report having had a splendid time and got all the ducks they wanted.

Houston Post, December 30, 1905

Markham News.
Rumor That a Big Warehouse Is to Be Built.

Markham, Texas, February 15.—Mr. Carter, assistant manager for the Markham Rice Milling company, has returned from Houston, and tells us the reconstruction of the mill will begin about the 20th.

It is rumored that a large warehouse will be built in Markham.

All the old rice land in this vicinity will be put in this year, together with about 4000 acres of sod.

The Northern Irrigation company has just closed out the last of their large crop of rice, receiving a good price all around.

Mr. A. M. Anderson, general manager of the Northern Irrigation company, is soon to be off for his old home in South Dakota.

The people of Markham are hoping that some one will plant a forest in this vicinity, as wood can scarcely be had at any price.

Houston Post, February 17, 1906

Markham News Notes.

Markham, Texas. April 16.—The public school closed Thursday with an entertainment, a prize being awarded to Miss Edna Maxwell for making the best impression on the stage.

Miss Emma Kuykendall of this place left Tuesday for El Campo, where she goes to take charge of the Rice hotel.

After closing a few weeks’ school here, Miss Josephine Laurntz returned to her home in Bay City.

The young folks enjoyed a pleasant dance in the Stinnett hall Thursday night. Some of Bay City’s most popular young folks were present, among those were Misses Clifford Abel and Sadie Lee, Messrs. Eidman, Barber, Oscar Gahart and Payne Walker.

Misses Clifford Abel and Sadie Lee visited relatives here last Monday.

Mrs. J. E. Murray of Bay City attended the entertainment given at the auditorium Thursday night.

E. W. Hutcheson of Houston transacted business here the latter part of the week.

J. J. Sparrows of Houston is in town on business this week.

Mrs. Jim Smith entertained the Embroidery club Saturday evening.

Houston Post, April 17, 1906

New Corporations
Markham Has a New Publishing Company.

Austin, Texas, June 16.—The charters of the following corporations were filed with the secretary of state today.

Markham Publishing company of Markham, Matagorda county; capital stock $1000 Incorporators: C. M. Carter, J. F. Hudson, H. Rader and M. Thompson.

Houston Post, June 17, 1906

Markham Matters.

Markham, Texas, June 17.—People who went to Palacios on the excursion last Wednesday report a fine time.

Miss Baby Lea Williams and Mrs. W. J. LaBauve left this morning for Post Lavaca to spend a few days with their brother, A. M. Williams.

Quite a crowd of Markham young people attended a ball on the northern canal.

People are living in hopes that it will rain by the 19th.

Houston Post, June 19, 1906

—All round newspaper and job printer to take charge of country office; must be sober and reliable. Address Enterprise, Markham, Texas.

Houston Post, September 9, 1906

WANTED—Barber, good white man. A. J. Denson, Markham, Texas.

Houston Post, September 22, 1906|

to handle rice in warehouse at Markham. Bernard Brown, 317 Commercial Bank Building.

Houston Post, October 16, 1906

Markham, Texas.—Dear Mrs. Foster and Happyhammers: Papa takes The Post and I enjoy reading the Haps’ page. We live about a mile and a half from Buckeye. It is just a small town on the Brownsville road, has one store, a depot, a hotel and several dwellings. We live about six miles from Markham. It has about eight stores, a depot and two hotels. We haven’t any saloons here or at Markham. The railroad is just about 200 yards from our house. I do love flowers, but it is so hard to get them to live down here. The soil is so black and sticky. We live on a farm and papa has got about 135 acres of land broke. The waste basket is peeping around the corner, so I must go. A true Hap.

Lula Mae Robertson

Couldn’t you get some sand to mix with that black soil.? I am sure you could have flowers if you did that.—Ed.

Houston Post, March 10, 1907

Markham, Texas.—
Dear Happyhammers and Mrs. Foster: I want to join your happy band. I live on a rice farm. I have some little guineas. Papa takes The Post and I was reading some of the Happyhammers’ letters, and thought I would write you a little letter today. They are planting rice here now. Markham is a little town. It has a fine school house and a fine rice mill. I enjoy going to Palacios on the excursions and going bathing. I will not write any more, for the waste basket might get this for his dinner. With love to all and Mrs. Foster.

Willie C. Yullett.

Houston Post, June 16, 1907

Markham Claims Her Own.

To the Editor:

The following appeared in The Post, dated Bay City, Texas, August 22:

“Mr. Katayama, an extensive rice grower of Matagorda county, says that this section has the best rice land in the world, and with proper cultural methods will grow rice that can not be excelled either in quantity or quality anywhere on the globe. Mr. Katayaman has a large amount of the very best rice already cut and in shock, which he will begin threshing next week. The rice is free from red rice or seeds or any kind usually found in rice, which often causes it to be graded low. He has carefully watched his crop and kept the farm clean of weeds and grass and red rice by having his men go over the field and pull out by hand all foreign growths. He has the banner crop of this section of the rice growing belt.”

The above is misleading, inasmuch as Mr. Katayama does not live in the vicinity of Bay City. Markham should have the credit of what enterprise she is justly entitled to. Mr. Katayama’s farm is situated four miles west of Markham and is a part of the Moore-Cortes Canal company’s property, recently sold to that gentleman. Mr. Katayama’s rice comes fully up to what is claimed for it, and there are numerous other crops on the Moore-Cortes Canal and Northern Irrigation company, Plotner & Stoddard, and Tres-Palacios Rice and Irrigation company canals, which will compare with any country, and all are contiguous to Markham, which territory embraces the largest body of rich rice lands in the county. This territory stands alone unsurpassed, and is not an adjunct to any locality, being separated from Bay City by the Colorado river on the east, and the Tres-Palacios river is our western boundary. Very truly yours,

N. F. Henderson
Foreman Carpenters on Moore-Cortes Farm.
Markham, Texas.

Houston Post, August 29, 1907

The Japanese Consul Returns.
Visited Rice Farms at Bay City and Markham.

Consul Shimizu In charge of Japanese affairs at the Chicago station and whose district covers Texas, returned to Houston yesterday after a tour of the Japanese rice farms at Bay City and Markham. He came here with Baron Ishil [Ishii?] chief of the bureau of foreign commerce in Japan, and accompanied his chief to New Orleans. Ishil went to Washington and the consul returned to look into the conditions of the rice farmers.

Houston Post, October 14, 1907

400 SACKS of pure, genuine just domesticated Shiariki rice on sale at $5 per barrel. Apply to H. Katayama, Markham, Texas.

Houston Post, January 1, 1908

Oil Rumors From Markham.
Bay City Expects Developments There in the Test Well.

Bay City, Texas, May 24.—Some excitement prevails here over the possible discovery of oil near Markham, in this county. A well has been in process of drilling in that section for some time on land owned by the Texas Land and Cattle company. The work so far has been carried on very quietly without arousing any degree of interest until the lst few days, when the actions of those in the inner circle has aroused strong suspicion that a strike has been made.

It is reported here that a gas blowout of no serious consequence has occurred.

The State geologist is on the scene, and has been present since the drill was started. The Guffey people are said to be at the head of affairs.

Houston Post, May 25, 1908

Market Opens at Markham.

Markham, August 29.—The rice market opened up here today at 3:00 for the best offerings, with a demand far in excess of supply. However, if the good weather continues, quite a lot of rice will be in the warehouses by the middle of next week. The harvest is further advanced at this date than for several years, and with good weather the threshing season will not be so long as in previous seasons. The quality of the rice being brought in is excellent, but the yield is not up to expectations.

Houston Post, August 30, 1908

Threshing at Markham Begins

Markham, Texas, September 30.—Rice threshing has begun again today after more than two weeks of bad weather, and will be pushed rapidly to completion. Very little rice remains uncut, and the stock in the warehouses is very small. The rice farmers are pleased with the prices that have been paid, and the good prospects for high prices for what remains unthreshed. Only a few sacks of Japan have been received here yet, but considerable will be in the warehouses by the latter part of the week.

Houston Post, October 1, 1908

Markham Doctor Is Killed.
Druggist Arrested on Charge Is Released.

Markham, Texas, October 10.—Dr. Henry E. Yarborough, a prominent physician of this city, was shot and killed last night at about 8 o’clock while standing in front of the Byars drug store. G. S. Byars was arrested and is charged with the shooting. Bad feeling had existed between the two men for some time, and a climax was reached last night, when Dr. Yarborough entered Mr. Byar’s place of business with a complaint about the telephone service, the exchange being located in the store. Four shots were fired, only one of which took effect. The bullet entered the left arm and breast, passed through the body and came out on the right side. He died in about ten minutes. So far as is known there were only two eyewitnesses to the tragedy. Byars gave an appearance bond for the preliminary hearing which will be held at Bay City on the 7th.

Dr. Yarborough came to Markham about a year ago. He was 34 years old and leaves a wife and a 2-year-old child. He leaves two brothers, one at Waco and one at Rosebud. His parents live at Gilliland. The body will be sent to Waco for burial.

Byars is a son of Dr. James Byars and formerly lived at Bay City. HE is about 24 years old.

Houston Post, October 11, 1908

Reserve Agents Approved.

AUSTIN, Texas. October 13.—The commissioner of insurance and banking has approved reserve agents for State banks as follows. For the State bank of Marshall the First National bank of Galveston, for the Central Bank and Trust company of Houston, the American National bank of Houston, for the Markham State bank of Markham, the Lumbermans National bank of Houston; for the Farmers and Merchants State bank of Rusk, the American National bank of Houston.

Houston Post, October 13, 1908

Threshing Over at Markham

MARKHAM, Texas, November 4.—Rice threshing will be wound up here today, and the warehouses will then be closed up until rice begins to move at better prices. Very little rice has been sold here the past few weeks, although 3.50 has been offered for strictly No. 1 goods in the past few days. The Markham Rice Milling company closed down Monday.

Houston Post, November 5, 1908

Markham, Texas.--My Dear Happyhammers and Mrs. Foster: I have just been reading the Haps' page and I thought I would like to be a member of your happy club. I live in the country; there is no school out here, so I don't go to school. There isn't any church or Sunday school either. It is very beautiful out here. The birds sing so prettily and there are so many wild flowers. I just came from Colorado. It is very warm here compared to what it is in Colorado. Papa is going to fix our boat up so we can go boating. I expect you will not find this letter very interesting for I haven't much to write about. I do not expect to see this picture in the paper, but hope to. I am 10 years old. Well, as it is getting late I had better close, with love to Mrs. Foster and Haps.

Florence Wilson

A very nice letter for a little girl of your age and the picture is good for that age, too. You will be lonely without school or church, so you must make the Haps your companions.--Ed.

Houston Post, April 25, 1909

MARKHAM, Texas, June 11.--I. Kosaka, a young Japanese, working for H. Katayama, a large rice planter here, met a horrible death at the farm yesterday, by being thrown from a mule, entangled in the harness and kicked and dragged until he was scarcely recognizable. There were no witnesses to the accident, but it is supposed that young Kosaka was riding the mule in from work and in some way was thrown and his foot caught in the chains. When found all clothing was torn from his body, his head terribly mashed and body black from the kicks of the mule and contact with the ground. The body was buried in Bay City today.

Houston Post, June 13, 1909

Markham, Texas.--Dear Mrs. Foster and Happyhammers. Will try to drop you a few lines today. Well, Haps, how are you today? Haps, Isn't Mrs. Foster a good woman? I like her. I have a pet cat; his name is Tom. I have some popcorn growing in the garden. I went out into the meadow and gathered some flowers. It has been raining this week and the ground is very wet. One of our little calves got killed on the railroad. I was very sorry for he was a sweet little thing. His name was True Boy. I like to play dolls. I am in the third grade. I like to go to school. Mrs. Foster, why don't you put your picture on the Haps' page? Please send me one of your pictures if you have any. Well, I will close for fear of Mr. Waste Basket. A true Hap.

Mamie E. Ireland

Your picture is quite pretty, but you do not tell me your age. A picture that is good for a very young child is not specially good for one old enough, to do better.--Ed.

Houston Post, June 20, 1909

Threshing at Markham Begin.

Markham, Texas, September 30.--Rice threshing has begun again today after more than two weeks of bad weather, and will be pushed rapidly to completion. Very little rice remains uncut, and the stock in the warehouses is very small. The rice farmers are pleased with the prices that have been paid, and the good prospects for high prices for what remains unthreshed. Only a few sacks or Japan have been received here yet, but considerable will be in the warehouses by the latter part of the week.

Houston Post, October 1, 1909

A Dinner at Markham

Markham, Texas, November 25.--Thursday evening Messrs. Perry, Garrett, Smith and Swindler gave a dinner at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Perry in honor of the Misses Mary Rather, Pearl Richards, Lula May Robertson and Nella Gullett. After partaking of the delicacies so nicely prepared the guests repaired to the parlor where whist was the amusement.

Houston Post, November 29, 1909

Brother Killed Brother
P. [T.] W. Bundick Is Dead and Jeff Bundick in Jail at Markham

Markham, Texas, December 23.--As the result of a tragedy enacted three miles south of this place early this morning, P. [T.] W. Bundick is dead, his brother, Jeff Bundick, is in jail charged with the killing, and their widowed mother is grief-stricken. Although they lived in the same house and came in contact with each frequently, the two brothers who were the principals in the tragedy have not spoken in several years.

According to the statement of O. C. Bundick, another brother, who witnessed the tragedy, Jeff Bundick, after securing his shotgun went to the yard and fired upon the brother, inflicting wounds from which death occurred immediately. The three brothers are bachelors and were living with their aged widowed mother.

As soon as Jeff Bundick departed for town to surrender himself the mother and other son, who were in the house, when the shot was fired, rushed out to where P. [T.] W. Bundick was lying and found him breathing his last. Jeff Bundick surrendered himself to the sheriff and was lodged in jail at Bay City.

The three brothers are retired ranchmen and are well known in the vicinity where they shooting occurred, having lived there all of their lives. The mother has lived near Markham for sixty years, being one of the early settlers of Texas.

An examination of the body of P. [T.] W. Bundick showed that seventeen buckshot struck him in the left side.

Houston Post, December 24, 1909


Jim Lewis returned Tuesday from a few days’ visit to Houston .

W. A. Furber arrived home Tuesday after a several days’ business visit to New Orleans and other points. 

W. J. Luder and son, “Fellow Boy,” spent a few days in Houston last week, returning Saturday.

Miss May and Maud Meyers returned home Friday from Waco .

Mrs. Will Keller of Midfield paid her sister, Mrs. Ed Robertson, a visit the first part of the week.

Mrs. Jim Gordan and little daughter went over to Bay City on a shopping trip last Wednesday.

Mrs. Bob Insall and sisters, Miss Bailey, spent several days in Bay City the latter part of the week.

Mr. Wiley and family moved to Wilson County Saturday, where they have purchased some land from Mrs. Cones of this place.

J. H. Barber has purchased the old Hudson and Robertson building , where he will move his stock of goods in the near future.

Mr. Eaten of the dredge machine left Monday for a few weeks’ lay off to Houston and other points.

L. Winston of Bay City has accepted a position as bookkeeper in the Moore-Cortes Canal Company’s office.

Mr. Winkle has bought McNabb’s barber shop and will move his family here in a few days.  We welcome them to our town.

The rice crop is fine around Markham this year, several threshers are now running full time.

Mr. McNabb left Sunday for Seadrift and other points, looking for a location.  We hate to lose Mr. McNabb and his estimable family, but

School started Monday with a good attendance and three teachers--Prof. E. E. Brown, Mrs. Ora Moxley and Miss Lucy Frazier.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Sept 5, 1913

Transcribed by Pat Nichols


Charley Jones of Bay City is transacting business in Markham this week.

Mrs. Jack Walker went to Bay City Saturday, returning Sunday.

Ed Morris was a Bay City visitor Sunday.

Mrs. Myrtle Bailey and son, Arthur, of San Antonio, were visiting in Markham the first of the week.

Mrs. Sarah Lee and daughter, Dollie May, visited relatives in Bay City Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. A. Bryan and wife of Temple arrived in town Sunday and is stopping at the Huddleston Hotel until they get their house built on their 117-acre tract of land, recently bought from the Moore-Cortes Company about one mile from town which they are going to put to dry farming the coming year. We welcome them to our town.

Mrs. Dr. Davis and little son returned home Saturday after an absence of several weeks.

Mrs. Louis Cornelius visited relatives in El Campo last week.

Jim Lewis and Hayden McDonald spent Saturday and Sunday in Bay City.

Mrs. Tom Surmons went over to Bay City on a shopping visit Saturday.

Misses Veda Cabiness, Mary Luder and Leona Brown were Bay City visitors Saturday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt, on Thursday of last week, a twelve and one-half pound boy.

Albert Nolte and L. Winston were Bay City visitors Sunday.

Mrs. L. Cornelius' sister from Wallace, Texas is visiting her this week.

Missis Dollie and Beulah Huddleston spent Saturday and Sunday in Bay City visiting relatives.

The Matagorda County Tribune, December 5, 1913

Markham Locals

Miss Nellie Brown, of Clemville, was the guest of Mrs. W. F. Smith Saturday and Sunday.

A large crowd from here went to Midfield Sunday to attend the Sunday School Rally.

Mrs. Sig Brown motored to Bay City Wednesday spending a few hours.

Mrs. J. J. Blake will entertain the Civic Club Thursday.

Mr. Winston spent Sunday in Bay City.

Mr. W. A. Furber returned home Wednesday after a few days spent in Houston.

Mrs. J. T. Walker was in Bay City Wednesday the guest of Miss Emma Lewis.

Mr. Otto Huebner, of Bay City, was a guest of Mr. James C. Lewis Monday.

Mrs. C. V. Cabiness spent Saturday in Bay City shopping.

Mr. T. J. Garvey, of Houston, is spending a few days here on business.

Mrs. George Gideon was hostess to the Home Missionary Society Tuesday.

Mrs. Moxley was a visitor to Bay City Saturday.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, April 3, 1914


Mr. W. A. Furber spent a few days in Bay City this week.

Mr. R. R. Lewis and Mr. Gray spent Monday here.

Mr. Thompson has begun work on his new gin, so he can be ready for fall.

Mr. John Pierce of Blessing is spending a few days here attending to business.

Mr. Jim Lewis and Mr. H. H. McDonald spent Sunday in Bay City.

Mrs. Hallie Anderson and Mrs. Moxley attended church in Bay City Sunday.

Mrs. Gullet entertained the ladies of the Missionary Society at her home Tuesday.

The ladies of the Civic Club will meet with Mrs. Ed. English Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. J. H. Barber her Sunday school class meet with her Monday evening. After all the business was attended to she served dainty refreshments of chocolate and cake and everyone reported a fine time.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, May 1, 1914

Markham Locals

Mr. James Lewis visited in Bay City Sunday.

Mrs. Law of Blessing spent Monday here.

Miss Nellie Brown of Clemville was in town Tuesday.

Mrs. Moxley went to Bay City Saturday.

Mr. T. J. Walker was in Bay City guest of Mr. and Mrs. William Walker.

Mr. Sig Brown spent Monday in Bay City.

Mr. H. H. McDonald left Sunday for Jacksonville, Fla.

Miss Myrtle Smith left Tuesday for Galveston, for a visit of a week.

Mrs. W. F. Smith entertained the young folks of Markham with a "42" part on Thursday evening.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 8, 1914


Mr. Liddell, the photographer at Palacios, was in town Wednesday.

Mrs. Singleton of Midfield returned home Wednesday, after a several days' visit with her brother, Hallie Anderson.

John Bum and wife, Colbert Mann and wife and Lonnie Morris of Bay City spent Friday in Markham.

Miss Dollie Huddleston returned home Tuesday, after a several days' visit to relatives in Bay City.

H. W. Speckels and crew of workmen came over Monday and are building a residence, garage and warehouse one-half mile from town on the Clemville road for Mr. Rosen from the North. Mr. Rosen has purchased a large tract of land which he will plant mostly to rice.

Fred Miller left last week for New Orleans.

John Logan and wife returned Sunday, after a several days' visit with relatives in Blessing.

Amy Huddleston has accepted a position with a well crew at Clemville who are sinking a new well there.

Mrs. W. H. Plagermann and children of Bay City spent several days visiting Jim Gordon and family this week.

Mrs. Reid spent Saturday in Bay City shopping.

Prof. Pack went to Clemville Monday.

The school celebrated Washington's birthday with a concert at night. A large crowd attended and everyone was well pleased with the program, each child carrying out its part splendidly.

The Matagorda County Tribune, February 16, 1915


Luther Massey was a Bay City visitor Saturday.

Miss Dollie Huddleston returned home Saturday, after spending the week in Bay City, visiting relatives.

John Gore was a business visitor to Bay City Sunday.

John Logan spent Saturday in Bay City.

Ike Hodges of Clemville spent several days the past week in Markham, visiting his sister, Mrs. Maxwell.

John Gore spent Sunday in Clemville, moving a boiler to a new site where a new well will be sunk. The drilling will start the coming week.

N. Huddleston and son, Amy, were transacting business in Bay City Monday.

Ed. Chapman spent Wednesday in Bay City.

W. S. Smith and family moved down to Ashby where he will farm rice the coming year.

William Nowak went to Houston Monday.

Mrs. Jack Walker visited relatives in Bay City Wednesday.

Miss Rosa Belle Maxwell went to Bay City Monday on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Edna Manning.

George McIntosh of Clemville was in town Saturday to meet his wife and her parents' family, who are moving back from Sour Lake. "No Place Like Clemville."

Mrs. Sarah Lee returned home Wednesday after a weeks' visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Tate of Clemville were in town Sunday afternoon.

Miss Grace Wilson spent Saturday in Bay City.

Miss Beulah Huddleston returned home Wednesday from Bay City.

Tobe Bowers of Blessing was in town Wednesday.

J. H. Barber has opened a grocery store in connection with his dry goods establishment. We are all glad to see him in the grocery business; he is a good business man and we wish him success.

The Matagorda County Tribune, February 19, 1915


Monday Feb. 22nd, Markham high school gave an entertainment, in honor of Washington's birthday. The program was excellent, and quite a crowd in attendance, among the crowd of happy smiling faces, we recognized Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Thruston, who have lately returned from Houston , to make their home with the Markhamites again. Also among those present were Mr. Robert Dixon and family, Mr. G. M. Johnson and wife, Mr. J. H. Barber and wife, Mrs. Luder, our Cashier's wife, Mr. Jack Maxwell and wife of Clemville, also Miss Myrtle Hicks of Clemville, and others too numerous to mention. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves fine. Plato and Aunt Nance were quite comical, and indeed all were fine, but I must give the palm of honor to the prim little quaker maids. "Oh ye quaint little quaker girls with your long white dresses and cap hidden curls; with lips that smile and teeth that shine you could not bring your dancing eyes to time." Hurrah! for the quakers of Markham .

There is quite a lot of rice farmers ready for planting now as soon as the ground warms and dries up a bit, and never were prospects better.

Mr. Rosen is building a new house on his land, just north of town.

Mr. C. M. Thurston has put in a drug store. Markham is slowly but surely coming to the front.

A long pull, a strong pull;

A grand pull altogether,

Will make Markham a fine little town,

In any old kind of weather.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City , March 5, 1915

Markham News.

Miss Wilson primary teacher here, visited El Campo some two days last week.

Miss Natalia Hoffman of Markham left for San Antonio and Austin . She will spend some three days in San Antonio and then spend the remainder of the summer in Austin with Miss White.

Mr. and Mrs. Manning and Mr. Manning's mother, Mrs. Wheeler of Bay City made two brief visits here last week.

Mr. Sidney Smith and wife and baby of Clemville visited their mother, Mrs. Maxwell, here Sunday.

Every body is earnestly waiting for the report of the fight between Johnson and Willard. I join in with those in favor of Willard being victor.

The Markham Union Sunday school gave an "Easter" program Sunday morning at 10 o'clock , Sunday school being first; afterwards recitations, songs, monologues etc., which was very nice and seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended.

The farmers are progressing pretty rapidly. The majority planting, and some almost through.

A small bunch, consisting of Miss Myrtle Smith, Miss Bess Phillips, Mr. Edd Morris and Mr. Jack Thrusten surprised Mrs. John Logan Jr. April fools night and in the midst of gayety, a couple from Collegeport surprised the entire crowd, and fun followed.

Dr. Davis, wife and babes have left our city for good. They sold their property, consisting of a drug store and lot, to a Mr. Page, and they now reside near Temple .

Mr. Bright left yesterday morning for Blessing, where he will spend some few days.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Ridinger are the proud parents of a large boy since last week, and mother and son doing nicely; also "Daddy."

"Hon, Jack Thruston" and Miss Phillips took a spin over the country, and visited Buckeye in the round this afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dorris are the proud parents of a big girl since last week.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City , Tuesday, April 6, 1915

Markham News


Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Hicks of Clemville spent Saturday with the relatives here.

Prayer meeting Sunday night at church house and quite a crowd gathered.  It was led by Bro. Ridinger.

Miss Myrtle Smith spent last night with Miss Helen Haines near Bay City, and the water being go high around them, they had to wade back.  We presume they had a "wet" time.

Quite a few people of Markham have gone dew-berry picking but found a small amount. The water has covered most all the vines.

The river water has backed up northwest of town and is covering rice as it goes. It has almost surrounded us and we fear the breaking of the canals which are level full.

You might imagine the disheartness of the farmers.

Mr. W. D. Maxwell, Mr. Edd English and Mr. Fox Henderson went fishing Sunday night without success.

Mr. Joe Whiddon and family and Miss Ione Ricks of Markham spent Sunday with relatives in Clemville.

Mr. George Brown and family of Markham spent the day Sunday in Clemville.

R. R. Hoffman of Louise made a brief visit to see his daughter, Mrs. W. D. Maxwell, last week here.

Trustee election Saturday May 1st. These were elected: G. L. Marrs, Winkler, Barnett, Gullett, Johnston, Cabiness and Quinney.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer
, Bay City, May 4, 1915

Markham News


The Markham Flyers and the Clemville Boosters played an interesting game of ball Sunday. But in all efforts the Flyers exerted, Clemville won 8 to 1. Quite a crowd attended.

Walter Hodges of Clemville took a severe attack of sick headache and nervousness Sunday morning at nine o'clock and was brought into Markham under the care of Dr. Moore. Mr. Hodges recovered some few hours later and arrived in Clemville in time for base ball game.

Mr. Bert Ryan was setting an eight-inch pipe, got two fingers cut to the bone, one on each hand, and also came in for the doctor.

Johnnie Robins and wife came back to Markham after spending several months in Houston, and will make their future home here.

Rosa Belle Maxwell spent several days at Clemville with relatives and friends, and returned Sunday evening saying she enjoyed a happy visit.

Most farmers on the west side of river had to replant their rice to their sorrows.

The Markham people are looking forward to the great commencement and closing exercises, which will be three nights of it. The first night is Friday 21st of May, when will be presented the class play entitled, "Winning of Latane Cashton." The second night is May 24th on which the entire school will have a part. On the third night is the commencement; giving diplomas, reading essays, etc. We will have Sup't Grey with us. And all are invited.

The Baccalaureate sermon at school house May 23rd; and which will be preached by Bro. Wolf from Palacios.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer
, Bay City, May 11, 1915

Markham News


Farmers are very busy replanting their rice that was washed away in the recent overflows.

The Blessing first team came over Sunday and played the Markham first team a game of base ball, our boys winning by a score of 11 to 3.

Our public school will close next week. We have five graduates, this year, three girls and two boys, as follows: Mary Marrs, Myrtle Smith, Rosa Belle Maxwell, Harold Armound and Harold Barber.

The program for the three days' exercises is as follows:

Friday night, May 21st:--A Song "Welcome," Dulee Mallard, Ola Fitzgerald, Nona Brown, Lena Maxwell, Jewell Barnett, Bettie Marrs and Winona Johnson.

A Play, "Winning of Latane Cashton," with the characters represented as follows:

Mr. Cashton, Prof W. F. Pack

Mrs. Cashton, Myrtle Smith

Latane Cashton, Rosa Belle Maxwell

Frank Efforton, Robert Maxwell

Julius Gears, Harold Barber

Robert Sparr, Luther Strevens

Ruth Spaulding, May Marrs

Trusty (Negro), Harold Armound

Mr. Gilbert, John Robbins

Newsboy, Joe Woods

Office boy, George Maxwell

Messenger boy, Eddie Woods

Music, instrumental, Rosa Maxwell and Myrtle Smith.

May 24th.--Music, Etta Barber.

A Play, "Mother Goose," by the primary class:

Mother Goose, Bevy Stevens

Old Woman in Shoe, Willie Pack

Old King Cole, Asa Anderson

Fiddlers, Edward Chatman, Jessie Bowers and Henry Whiddon

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spratt, Ernest McIntosh and Lurline Mallard

Simple Simon, Victor Johnson

Bo-Peep, Jimmie Barnett

Miss Muffett, Margie Hudson

Boy Blue, John Gideon

Miss Mary, Mazelle Bowers

Tom Tucker, Clarence Fitzgerald

Jack Horner, Cecil Butcher

Jack and Jill, Ralph Marrs and Ora Brown.

"O, You Teacher," 6th & 7th grades.

"Pandora's Box," with cast of character as follows:

Epinnethus, Fellow Boy Luder

Pandora, Winona Johnson

Quick-Silver, Sudley Brown

Pain, George Maxwell

Sorrow, Ethel Wilson

Evil Passion, Joe Woods

Naughtiness, Dulee Mallard

Hope, Vina Barnett

"Too Much Time Out," 3rd & 4th grades.

Music instrumental, Dulee Mallard.

Commencement Exercises, May 25.

 1. Invocation, Bro. Ridinger

 2. Duet, Clayton's Grand March

 3. Salutation, Harold Barber

 4. "An Aim in Life," Rosa Belle Maxwell

 5. "Class Prophecy," May Marrs

 6. "An Aspiration of Good Life," Myrtle Smith

 7. Valedictory, Harold Armound

 8. Duet, "Under the Mistletoe," Mary Luder and Rosa Belle Maxwell

 9. Address, Co. Supt. W. C. Gray

10. Presentation of Diplomas, Co. Superintendent Gray

11. Flower Girls, Katy Pack, Margie Hudson, Delia Whiddon, Lurline Mallard, Maurine Gideon

12. Benediction, J. C. Maxwell

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer
, Bay City, May 18, 1915


Markham News

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Manning who have lately been living in Bay City have stored their furniture here and will go to Sinton where they will live and Mr. Manning will work for some few months.

Quite a few dined with Mrs. J. C. Maxwell Saturday; among them were Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Smith of Clemville, Mr. and Mrs. Cannon Taite of Clemville, and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Manning of Sinton.

Myrtle Smith made a brief visit to Bay City, Tuesday.

Mrs. Will Anderson went to Bay City shopping Saturday.

Mrs. W. D. Maxwell gave her little daughter a birthday party, Saturday night and all the little folks had a jolly time.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City, May 21, 1915

Markham State Bank
at Markham, Texas

At the close of business on the 17th day of November, 1916, published in The Tribune, a newspaper printed and published at Bay City, State of Teas, on the 27th day of November, 1916.

Loans and discounts, personal or collateral $42,945.00
Loans, real estate 505.00
Overdrafts 433.62
Real estate (banking house) 2,540.00
Other real estate 1,200.00
Furniture and fixtures 1,885.00
Due from approved reserve agents net 50,481.41
Currency 7,160.00
Specie 757.32
Interest in depositors guaranty fund 1,227.80
Other resources as follows 220.73

Total 109,368.88


Capital stock paid in $15,000.00
Surplus fund 3,750.00
Undivided profits, net 4,182.83
Individual deposits, subject to check 84,645.94
Time certificates of deposit 1,060.00
Cashier’s checks 730.11

Total 109,368.88

State of Texas
County of Matagorda.
We, W. A. Furber, as president, and W. J. Luder, as cashier of said bank, each of us, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.
W. A. Furber, President
W. J. Luder, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24th day of November, A. D. 1916.
(Seal) Ed S. English, Notary Public, Matagorda Co., Tex.
Sig Brown,
F. Cornelius, Directors.

Daily Tribune, December 1, 1916

Markham News Items.

The Markham school started Monday, September 23. Mr. Laslie is the principal; Mrs. J. F. Hudson, teacher of the intermediate grade; Miss Grayson, primary teacher. There are a few pupils absent on account of work and shortage of labor. Mr.. Laslie is expecting to move his family from Blessing to Markham at an early date. They will board at the hotel until a house can be secured.

Mr. B. T. Hill left this city Tuesday for his home in Nixon, Texas, where he will farm the coming year.

Mr. Hubert King of Markham left Wednesday for A. and M. College where he will attend the military school.

Miss Eddie Maude Dixon of Markham spent Monday evening in Bay City.

The Home Mission Society of Markham met with Mrs. Dave Smith Thursday evening.

Miss Jackie and Mildred Jones of Markham were in Bay City Wednesday.

Threshing started again last Monday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Amos Lee a fine boy September 30.

Mr. Jap Smith has taken Mr. R. D. Dixon's place at the gin in order that Mr. Dixon may finish threshing his rice.

Mr. Ross Maxwell of this city left last week for A. and M. College.

A Liberty Loan rally will be held at the Markham school house Saturday night.

Over 2,500 bales of cotton have been ginned at the Markham gin.

Over $100.00 has been subscribed by the people of Markham for the purpose of improving the Baptist Church building.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 11, 1918

Markham Items.

The Markham school reopened October 28, after a quarantine of two weeks.

Miss Annie B. Grayson has returned from a visit to relatives at Houston.

Mr. Arthur Maxwell has returned to Ellington Field after a visit to relatives in this town.

Miss Vada Cabiness has returned to Baylor University.

The Markham High School girls have planned a party for Hallowe'en night.

The Markham girls are making plans for a winning basket ball team this year.

Influenza has visited every family in Markham, resulting in pneumonia in a number of cases. The untiring efforts of the physicians made the number of fatalities very small.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 1, 1918

Markham Items

Mr. and Mrs. Longuet have purchased a new player piano.

Owing to the fine weather we have been having, threshing has been going on splendidly, and wagon after wagon of rice keeps the warehouse men very busy.

There are at present very few cases of "flu" in town, and we think Markham will soon be normal again.

The young folks of Markham had a splendid time on a hay ride Tuesday night.

Mr. George Johnson of the Northern Headquarters farm is building him a nice residence near Markham.

Mr. Ovie Dixon spent Tuesday in Bay City.

Mr. McMartin, secretary of Y. M. C. A. visited our school Tuesday morning and gave us an interesting lecture on the "War Workers Campaign," which we enjoyed immensely.

The high school girls and boys are taking bookkeeping this year. They are doing splendid work.

Miss Holsworth and Mrs. Hurd passed through Markham Saturday on their way to Bay City.

G. W. Johnson and family are living at the Markham Hotel. Mr. Johnson engaged in rice hauling.

Mr. Sim Benoit, representing the food administration, has been busy the past three weeks grading rice in the Markham warehouse.

The Markham gin has closed for the season excepting Saturdays.

Mrs. John Duffy of Blessing and Mrs. Roberts of Wallis are visiting in the L. C. Cornelius home.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 8, 1918

Markham News Letter

Mrs. A. G. Gargano of Houston visited the past week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barnet.

Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Jones left Sunday for Houston, accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Morton. Mrs. Jones will enter the Baptist Sanitarium for a slight operation.

Mr. Albert Johnson and entire family have had influenza the past week.

Miss Jackie Jones returned to school Monday after an absence of two weeks.

Mrs. Benoit of Louisiana is visiting at the Markham Hotel.

The Markham schools have gone "over the top" in their war work campaign. The colored school joined in this work with liberal contributions.

The Markham people are eagerly looking forward to the time when we have that shelled road to Bay City. Ours is the only important city in the county that has no shell roads. Why the discrimination?

Matagorda County Tribune, November 15, 1918

Special to Tribune.

Markham , Texas , March 30.--The Markham Mother's Club met in the school auditorium March 7, to complete organization and outline plans for the year's work. The following officers were elected: Mrs. Hudson, president; Mrs. Keller, first vice-president; Mrs. Barber, second vice-president; Mrs. Gideon, third vice-president; Mrs. Bryant, secretary; Mrs. Ridinger, treasurer.

The report of the committee on constitution and by-laws was read by Mrs. Keller and adopted by the organization. This club has for its object "The study of the welfare of childhood in the home and in the school and the betterment of the community in general." This work should appeal to every mother in our midst and we are expecting great results. We unanimously voted to apply for membership in the County Federation of Women's Clubs.

The next regular meeting will be April 10, in the school auditorium, at 3:30 o'clock p.m. All mothers are urged to come at this time and spend 30 minutes in visiting the school.

In the declamation contest at the school house Friday night Miss Ora Longuet was awarded the senior medal and Gordon Cabaniss the junior medal. These two and Evelyn Modisette will represent our school in the county meet.

Mr C. V. Cabaniss, accompanied by his family, Dr. Simons and Mr. Will Cabaniss, left for San Antonio Sunday morning in a private car. Our entire community is saddened by the prolonged illness of this man and we are trusting that this change may send him back to us greatly improved in health.

We are rejoicing with Dr. and Mrs. Thurston over the safe arrival home of their son, Jack, from two years' service in the English army. Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock , in the school auditorium, Jack will entertain his friends with a "war talk."

Matagorda County Tribune, April 11, 1919



Markham, Texas, April 17.--The Mothers' Club held a meeting last Thursday afternoon; topics under discussion were The Child-Labor and Compulsory School Attendance Laws, and Birth and Death Registration, all of which aroused a great deal of interest among those present, making all realize that these were very vital subjects, about which we are not informed as we should be. The club also voted to spend $10.00 at once in building swings and other equipment for the school playground, for present use, and at the opening of the next term, to add other things that are very much needed.

Mrs. J. H. Barber went to Houston Friday to be present at the meeting of the workers of the Victory Loan Campaign, held at the Bender Hotel Saturday. Miss Etta Barber accompanied her, and they attended the aerial exhibition at Ellington Field also.


Mrs. W. C. Mersfelder left this morning to spend a few weeks visiting her son who is attending the University at Austin , and other relatives at Marlin.


Miss Willie Bell Delk of Bay City was the guest of Miss Altie Hale last week here.


Mrs. Agnes Brunner returned last week from a pleasant visit at Houston .


The Missionary Society will meet Thursday with Mrs. B. J. Jones, at which time the regular Voice Program will be given.


The ladies of Markham are taking a great deal of interest in the petition being circulated by the State Equal Suffrage Association for the purpose of asking the men to vote for the suffrage amendment, and if the number of signers to the petition will be of any influence over the voters, on May 24, the amendment will surely carry in this precinct.


The Methodist pastor, Rev. T. R. Clendennin, will be here to fill his regular appointment Sunday, and the services of the day will be suitable for the occasion; some special music is being arranged also.

The Sunday school at this place is a Union school, but after talks on the Centenary movement of the Methodist Church last Sunday by Mrs. J. H. Barber and Mrs. W. K. Keller, the school unanimously adopted the plan of contributing the offering entire of one Sunday each month to this cause, and the first Sunday was the day selected, when an appropriate program along the subject of missions will be rendered at the opening exercise.


Matagorda County Tribune, April 18, 1919



Mrs. O. J. Longuet and son went to Houston Saturday for a brief visit.


Mrs. T. J. Walker went to Bay City Saturday, shopping.


Mrs. W. J. Luder spent Saturday and Sunday in Bay City , with relatives.


Miss Lorena Williams of Midfield spent Saturday and Sunday here, the guest of her aunt, Mrs. W. K. Keller.


Mrs. B. F. Curry and daughters of Chalmers were visitors here Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hudson and Miss Cara Garrett of Bay City were pleasant callers here Sunday afternoon.


The school gave a box supper and Valentine party at the school house Friday night. Mrs. Keller's music class gave a short program, and progressive forty-two was played as features of entertainment. The proceeds amounted to $52.00.


The Markham Mother's Club met with the president, Mrs. J. H. Barbor, on Thursday afternoon. The study hour was lead by Mrs. W. J. Luder. Election of officers took place, the following being elected: President, Mrs. J. H. Barbor; first vice president, Mrs. W. J. Luder; second vice president, Mrs. G. W. Secrest; third vice president, Mrs. W. C. Mersfelder; fourth vice president, Mrs. Walter Jesse; secretary, Mrs. C. C. Mason; treasurer, Mrs. George Gideon.


Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jesse and little son left Thursday morning for an extended visit to relatives in Louisiana and other points.


J. L. Jordan and family of Blessing were guests here Sunday, of W. K. Keller and wife.


It is expected that work will begin in a short time on the new Methodist Church here. About $6,000.00 has been raised in cash subscriptions for it, and a brick or cement, building will be erected, which will be quite a credit to Markham .


Mrs. T. J. Walker gave a silver tea at her home last Friday afternoon, the proceeds to go to the Episcopal work in Bay City , of which church Mrs. Walker is a member. Dainty refreshments were served in the dining room, consisting of salad, wafers, salted nuts, and tea and coffee; the table presented a very attractive appearance, with its luncheon cloth of linen and filet crochet, and center piece of fragrant violets; covers being laid for eight. The following guests were present: Mesdames W. J. Luder, W. C. Mersfelder, C. B. Fisher, H. Black, G. W. Nave, Sig Brown, W. K. Keller, A. Brunner.


Mrs. Ford returned Monday to her home at Palacios, after spending a few days at the home of Mrs. E. J. Robertson.


The Missionary Society met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Albert Johnson. Mrs. J. A. Bryan was leader of the program. Seventeen members were present, and all enjoyed a most delightful afternoon.


Matagorda County Tribune, February 20, 1920 [paper was dated the 19th]



Miss Etta Barber, who is attending the University, came home last Friday for a few days' visit to the home folks. She will return to Austin today--Tuesday.


There was quite a number of ladies from here who attended the Matagorda County Federation meeting at Palacios, Saturday.


Mrs. W. J. Luder and Mrs. B. J. Jones have been in San Marcos the past week visiting their daughters, who are in school here.


The building fever seems to have stuck Markham , as two residences are in course of construction at this one by Mr. Winston, and the other by Mr. G. W. Segrest, both of whom found it necessary, in order to secure a place of residence for their family. There has been no vacant houses in Markham for a long time, which also speaks well for the prosperity of the place.


The Missionary Society met last Wednesday with Mrs. C. C. Mason. The Voice Program was given, lead by Mrs. C. B. Fisher. Dainty refreshments of fruit salad with whipped cream, and cake, were served by the hostesses. Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Thompson, and each guest present was presented with a St. Patrick's favor by little Jaynice Mason. It is needless to say that the afternoon was enjoyed by all.


Mr. E. E. Fancher, who left here in January for San Antonio has returned to be with Mr. Sig Brown, in his mercantile business. His family will return later.


The Markham Mothers and Community Welfare Club will co-operate with the school here and have a community get-to-gether meeting Friday night at the school house. A program will be given by the school children, and refreshments served and we hope a general good time will be enjoyed by all.


Mesdames Pat and Frank Thompson, of Bay City , were visitors here Wednesday at the Women's Missionary meeting. We were glad, indeed, to have them present.


Matagorda County Tribune, March 26, 1920


Mrs. Jack Walker left Tuesday for a visit of some weeks at Marlin; she was accompanied from Bay City by her mother, Mrs. Brunner.

Mrs. B. F. Curry of Chalmers spent the day here with Mrs. Geo. Nave, Tuesday.

Mrs. J. H. Barber was a visitor to Bay City Saturday.

Little Miss Lurline Mallard spent a few days here last week with her grandmother, Mrs. N. Thompson.

The graduating class of Markham high school was entertained Thursday with an ice cream social at the home of Mrs. Bob Maxwell.

The Mothers' and Community Welfare Club held a very interesting meeting at the school house, Wednesday afternoon. A good deal of business was attended to, and plans discussed for the club's activity during the summer months.

Amos Lee has moved his family to Clemville, where he has been at work for some time.

Several carloads of material have arrived and been unloaded for the new Methodist Church here, and it is expected the actual construction will commence very soon.

Miss Rosabell Maxwell, who taught the primary grades in our school the past term, entertained her little pupils last Friday afternoon at her home with a party.

Miss Jim Allie Smith left Monday for her home in Eagle Lake , after a very successful term of school here. She has been re-engaged, and her many friends here will be glad to welcome her back in September.

Milam Flournoy of Midfield has accepted the position of assistant agent with the railroad here, and entered upon his duties Monday morning.

The commencement exercises of Markham high school were held Friday evening, there being five graduates. A large crowd of people were in attendance, and the program for the evening was a splendid one, but was interrupted near the last by the rain which came up, causing so much confusion that the address which Prof. Echols of Palacios was giving, had to be discounted, which was a disappointment to many, as it promised to be such a fine one. However, everyone was delighted to get the good rain.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 11, 1920


Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bryant left Friday for Austin where they will reside in the interest of Mr. Bryant’s health.

Mrs. W. C. Mersfelder shopped in Bay City Friday.

Miss Anna Hansen spent Saturday in Bay City.

Miss Melba Collins spent the weekend in Houston.

Misses Mary Perry and Eddie Maude Dixon went to Houston Friday, returning on Sunday—shopping and visiting friends while there.

Mrs. Chas. Isham is visiting friends to Houston.

Miss Josephine Robbins of Houston came in last Thursday to visit in the home of her grandfather, Dr. C. M. Thurston.

The Baptist Missionary Union met at the church here last Thursday afternoon in their regular monthly study of the Royal Service topic. Mrs. G. W. Nave was the leader, and seven members were present.

Rev. E. W. Dechert, the new Methodist pastor, was on hand to preach here last Sunday, both morning and evening. He was accompanied by his wife and little son, and all made a very favorable impression on our people, and we are hoping for a good year’s work in the church.

The Methodist Missionary Society is observing the Week of Prayer at the church here this week, with three evening services. Adult program on Wednesday evening, young people, Thursday, and junior on Friday. The leaders are Mrs. Mersfelder, Miss Delia Whiddon and Mrs. Sirmon.

O. J. Longuet made a visit to Houston last week-end.
The school here will give a Thanksgiving program and pie sale at the schoolhouse on November 25, to which the public is invited.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 20, 1925

Markham Was Host To Many People
Hundreds Gathered In Neighboring City Last Saturday For First Trades Day.

By R. M. Harkey
Secretary-Manager, Bay City Chamber of Commerce.

Never before in the many years of attending trades days, picnics and barbecues, has the writer had the pleasure of spending a more pleasant day than the one at Markham on Saturday, October 22, 1927. To say this day was well-planned, can be answered only by the wonderful success of every feature of the program as a whole.

For some weeks, the Markham Chamber of Commerce,  through its president  T. J. Walker and secretary, Rev. Deckert, at the different committees and members as a whole, have been perfecting this wonderful program that was so well carried out during this day. The different committees which are to be complemented, as well as all members of the Markham Chamber of Commerce, were publicity, T. J. Walker, chairman, O. A. Ulland, O. J. Longuet and Henry Cihall. This committee did its duty and did it well. Thousands of circulars were distributed from house to house from town to town in all parts of the County as well as the surrounding counties and through this publicity committee, more than 2500 people were on the grounds a greater portion of the day during the celebration. The football committee, Mr. Wynne, chairman, was managed well, having Bay City juniors and Markham juniors in football game, 10 a. m. until about 11:45 a. m. The sidelines were well crowded and the football routers were pretty evenly divided. While the Bay City score was a little top heavy being a final score of 13 - 2, the Markham juniors played a clean game everyone seemed to enjoy same. G. W. Segrest, chairman entertainment committee, seemed to have performed his duty as well as any man could have done. This committee secured the El Campo band of which Mr. H. Moehes was leader, he bringing 17 of the El Campo musicians and they dispersed wonderful music during the day. The finance committee, W. K. Roberts, chairman, had planned each part of the program well and from the latest reports, Markham trades day was in the clear and everyone seemed to have had a good time. The concession committee, L. S. Trousdale, chairman, had most everything arranged for the benefit of the visitors. Water for drinking purposes had been arranged, with plenty of cups and everyone can have whatever they like to eat in the way of ice cream cones, hamburgers, soda pop, rubber balls and balloons for the children. The dinner committee, Luther Robertson, chairman, had things arranged so everyone could be served, with the first dime dinner the writer has ever had the pleasure of eating in his life. Every person from the youngest to the oldest, received the same attention in having their plates well filled in cafeteria style. Each received his plates and passed along through a little hallway that had been arranged in a vacant building, making a complete circle and coming out of the same door they went in, then to long tables were seats had been arranged and a big pot of coffee for the convenience of those that cared to drink. This dinner had been well-prepared and was furnished by the different wholesale concerns who sell goods in Markham. The rice that was used was donated by the Bay City Rice Milling Co.; picked and El Food dressing was donated by the Groce-Parish Wholesale Co., Bay City; bread donated by Ehlert's and Peters' Bakeries, Bay City; lettuce donated by Baldwin-Cargill, Houston; cakes donated by Brown Candy and Cracker Co.; coffee by New Orleans Coffee Co., Morning Joy brand; meat that made into chili and hot tamales, donated by O. A. Uland and Sam LeTulle. These hot tamales and chili were made by the Crawford Packing Company, Houston.

Two thousand plates, cups and spoons have been ordered and after everyone that wanted dinner, had passed through, the check up on plates left over was about 400, making 1600 people who had eaten a ten-cent dinner and had been well fed. This did not constitute all the crowd as by 230 there were more than 2500 people on the grounds.

The day opened with a parade. Eighteen tractors, six floats and 60 automobiles. Detractors were the Farmall International, furnished by F. G. Cobb of Bay City; Case, W. C. Lloyd of Bay City; Wallis, Norton Motor Co. of Bay City; Insurance float, W. K. Roberts; Sunday School float; Texas Co. oil float; Luther Robertson; Gulf Oil Co., Eddie Ryan, Bay City; Magnolia Oil Company, Mr. Doggett, Bay City; Pierce Oil Co., Ira Anderson Bay City. The town as a whole was decorated and the grounds committee, Robert Dixon, chairman, and everything arranged for the pleasure of those who were in automobiles. Parking places had been arranged; signs has been marked as to speed through town; in fact, we could not see how the program could have been arranged any better.

One of the big features of the day with an auction sale. The auctioneer was Harry Austin Clapp of Collegeport. The sale was managed by a committee headed by Virgil Harper. Some 35 head of mules and horses, plows and wagons of all descriptions, cook stoves, incubators, sewing machines; Ford cars and in fact, everything a person would want around the home. Bidding seemed to have been brisk all during the sale and most everyone seemed to be pleased with the articles bought.

In order that this day might be a complete success, suitable clowns were on hand for the benefit and enjoyment of the children as well as the old folks. These clowns, in the persons of Ira Anderson of Bay City and Willie Gullet of Markham, would have made Ringling Brother's Circus ground step aside. Their make-up was complete and their cute sayings were enjoyed by all. The day would not of been a success had it not been for these famous Matagorda County clowns.

In one of the store windows, a wonderful school exhibit was examined by most everyone interested in this line of work and did credit to the Markham School.

The rodeo was held at the stock pens just across the railroad from the business section of the town and the people, until this day still like to see the calf roping and the bucking horse. Some 25 of those famous Brahma calves were turned loose and as many ropers, with fairly good horses, undertook to get their lariat around these calves. Six of these wild and woolly Brahmas out ran six good horses. Quite a few were roped and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. The bucking horses were not tame either, but when the writer left many of them had been ridden and no one had grabbed leather.

The merchants of Markham had arranged special demonstrations in their stores and while we may not have all of these if we happen to leave out one, it is through an oversight on our part. Libby, McNeil and Libby Packing Co. was represented by W. T. Jones. They had everything that was good to eat out of a can. This was demonstrated in Barber's store and from the way the people sampled these articles, it would seem this exhibit was a success. The El Food dressing was supervised by Mrs. Groce of Bay City, Groce-Parish Wholesale Grocery Company putting on this demonstration and many enjoyed the real treat of this very fine lady serving them. Taylor Brothers of Bay City demonstrated a kitchen cook stove, also kitchen cabinet, E. B. Reddoch Jr. being in charge of this exhibit and was very busy all day explaining just how this famous stove was operated and from what we can learn, many orders will be delivered from this demonstration. The Texas Star Flour Mills of Galveston was represented by V. A. Hanchins as salesman and a complete demonstration of this wonderful flour and the kind of biscuit and bakery products it produces was supervised over by Mrs. Lee W. Roberts who has been demonstrator for this company for a number of years.

The merchants did not expect a brisk sales day, on their part, but from all accounts, every merchant in Markham seemed to have enjoyed a wonderful cash trade. This day would not have been the success it was, had it not been for the wives and daughters of the members of the Chamber of Commerce of Markham. Suitable caps were purchased and the ladies as well as the men were noticed all through the crowd trying to see if they could not do something to help make the day more successful. Even the fortune teller with a smile on her face, would tell your past, present and future for the pitiful sum of a dime. Gray-heads, as well as the flappers seem to enjoy this part of it

Markham's  display of farm products in T. J. Walker's window by Roberts and Swindle, would be a credit to most any farm neighborhood in South Texas.

We, again, would like to say Markham's trades day was a success and very few towns of some 2500 to 3000, in Texas, could have given any better and many of them as good service to the people as the Markham citizens did on their first annual trades day. It will be remembered by everyone present and we are proud to know that the people from Bay City, Matagorda, Gulf, Palacios, Blessing and most every town in the county, were present and went away well pleased and with the highest regards for the good citizens of the little town of Markham.

Daily Tribune, October 25, 1927

Markham News

G. W. Segrest and wife and son, Junior, visited Bay City Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. U. P. Aldridge, who have rooms here during the cotton picking season, spent the week-end at their home in Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Salley visited relatives and friends in Wharton last week.

G. C. Salley of Miranda City, has returned home after a few days' visit with his parents, and his wife and little daughter who are visiting her parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Stallsworth, of Houston, were guests over night Friday in the Salley home.

Mesdames J. H. Barber and N. Thompson, and Mrs. H. T. Barber and children were Bay City visitors Friday afternoon.

Mrs. Ben Mehrens and daughters, of Richmond, were here last week on a visit to her sister Mrs. Albert Johnson and family.

Mrs. Perry received a message that her sister residing at Lockhart was very ill, and left for her bedside on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by her daughter Mrs. J. P. Medford, and Mr. Medford and son. They reached there a short time before she passed away and after attending her burial, returned home on Friday.

Miss Henrietta Weaver is able to be out again, after quite a serious operation, having returned from the Bay City hospital some days ago. We are glad that she got along so nicely.

The little infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Frick died last Thursday and was buried at Hawley cemetery Friday. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. D. Worrell. The bereaved parents have our sympathy in their sorrow.

Rev. J. T. Bloodworth, pastor of the Methodist church at Weimar, is here this week conducting a Sunday School Training Class. He is teaching the book, "The Sunday School Worker."

The Mothers' Club was entertained at the home of Mrs. Sig Brown on last Wednesday with Mrs. Brown and Mrs. H. Black as joint hostesses. A goodly number of ladies were present, and after a short business session, "Forty-two" was engaged in, followed by delicious refreshments of chicken sandwiches and iced tea.

Miss Lucille Hale was a the guest of relatives in Wharton for several days last week.

Mrs. W. F Jesse and mother Mrs. Alice Gullett, spent the day in West Columbia on Monday.

Mrs. C. C. Mason entertained her Sunday School Class with an outdoors social on Tuesday evening. The youngsters, who are of the Intermediate age, enjoyed themselves very much with games of different kinds.

Luther Robertson went to San Antonio Saturday on a business trip and returned Tuesday.

Mrs. B. Connaughton, Mrs. C. V. Cabiness and Mrs. Luther Robertson and baby daughter, Jessie Charlee, spent Sunday in Pierce, the guests of Mrs. Zan McGinnis.

Miss Helen Connaughton and brother Jack, returned to their home in Beaumont recently after a visit to their grandmother Mrs. B. Connaughton and the Luder family.

John Robbins and family returned to their home in Hebbronville, after a week's visit here.

Miss Imogene Curry and little son, of Austin, were here Thursday and Friday of last week, the guests of Mrs. G. W. Nave.

Daily Tribune, September 1, 1928


Miss Gladys Worrell left Friday for Waelder to visit her sisters.


Miss Ione Ricks left Sunday afternoon for San Antonio, where she will join a tourist party making a trip to California and back through Arizona, Utah, and other points of interest. She will be gone about three weeks.


Rev. J. D. Worrell has been given a month's vacation by his congregations and left Monday with his wife to visit their children at Waelder and Eagle Pass. They made the trip in a new Chevrolet purchased Friday in Bay City.


Miss Olliager Dixon has returned from a three weeks' visit to her sisters and other relatives in Houston.


Quite a number of our people went to Palacios to take in the celebration there on the Fourth.


Mr. John Gore was very severely burned a few days ago. While using some gasoline, his clothing became ignited and before he could put out the fire, he was burned quite painfully. He received medical attention and is getting along nicely at this writing.


Mr. and Mrs. Carol Morrison and son, of Austin, with Mrs. Curry of Chalmers, were here Tuesday visiting at the G. W. Nave home.

The Daily Tribune, Thursday, July 11, 1929


Mrs. Frank Kral and daughter and Mrs. Dewitt Salley and children of Wharton, visited Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Salley Wednesday.

Miss Janice Mason left last week for San Antonio, where she entered business college.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barber were Houston visitors Monday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Robin and children of Hebronville are here visiting his mother.

Mrs. L. E. McDonald and children, went to San Antonio last Saturday.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher left Saturday for a short stay at Kerrville.

Mrs. Blake of Beaumont, is here visiting her daughter, Mrs. Sig Brown.

Mrs. W. J. Luder, Miss Laura Caroline Luder, Mrs. W. C. Mersfelder and Miss Erie Star went to Fort Worth the first of last week for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mersfelder. Mrs. Lester Mersfelder and baby accompanied them home.

Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Jones of Richmond were here on business Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Dave Smith and children of Pearland, visited her mother, Mrs. Gullett, Sunday.

Virgil Johnson, who is employed by the Southern Pacific railway, and stationed at Wharton, was at home several days last week, before going to Kennedy.

Mr. Boone has sold out his barber shop to Mr. Wright, who formerly owned a shop here, and is going back to Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wendt, of Gulf, were here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McGinnis and children, visited his brother at Pierce, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Holsworth, and his mother, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Sirmon, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson and children, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Johnson of Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Johnson of Gulf, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kay of West Columbia, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Johnson Sunday.

Daily Tribune, June 26, 1930


Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Gorman and Insall B. Hale of Dallas, Texas, came down Friday night to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale. Mr. Cronan went back to his work Sunday. Insall B. and Mrs. Cronan, formerly known as Miss Alta Hale, will remain here for a few weeks visit with relatives.

Mrs. G. W. Segrest and son, Junior, of Ganado, Texas, were visitors here among their friends.

Miss Laura Caroline Luder and Mrs. Lester Mersfelder, formerly known as Miss Mary Luder, came in from Fort Worth Monday. Laura Caroline has been visiting there the past three weeks.

Mr. A.  E. Hale, who is working in Daisetta is home on a few days visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale.

Miss Leona Smith of El Maton, was a visitor in the Hale home last week.

Mr. J. W. Conger of San Antonio was a visitor with his daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Will Knowles.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stanley, who have been visiting relatives here, have returned to their home in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Linville of Fort Worth were visitors with their sister, Miss Gladys and Ernestine Linville.

Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Linville and granddaughter, Joy Larue of Palacios, spent the day here with their daughters, Miss Gladys and Ernestine Linville Sunday.

Mr. Ed Chapman of Richmond was a visitor here Sunday with relatives.

Mr. Ralph Sirmon has returned here for the summer.

Miss Clara Bell Mason went to Houston Sunday to take care of her brother, Howard, who has just undergone an operation for appendicitis last week.

Mrs. Bute Watkins and daughter, Dorothy Jane, went to take Miss Ruth Roddie home who has been visiting here for the past few weeks. Mr. Bob Hall and Mrs. Charlie Hall and son went as far as Luling with them.

A group of young folks enjoyed a swim at Sargent Friday evening; all reported having a nice time.

The Methodist Revival closed Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Barnett of Newgulf were visitors here last week.

Mrs. N. Thompson, who has been in Marlin for the past month has returned to her home here.

Mrs. Bertha Mallard of Bay City was a visitor with Mrs. N. Thompson Monday.

Mr. Frank Thompson of Bay City was a Markham visitor Monday.

Mrs. Willie Keller of Midfield has been attending the revival here this week.

Mr. A. E. Hale has returned to his work in Daisetta.

Mrs. Howard Bankhead of Ganado, was a visitor here with relatives this week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Ricks of Port Arthur, were visitors with Mr. Ricks’ mother last week.

Mr. A. E. Hale has returned to his work in Daisetta.

Mrs. Howard Bankhead of Ganado, was a visitor here with relatives this week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Ricks of Port Arthur, were visitors with Mr. Ricks’ mother last week.

Mrs. John Gore will leave Tuesday for a visit in Inez and Beeville.

Mr. Pierce of Blessing will demonstrate at the schoolhouse Tuesday afternoon, June 21, the little rhythm band will play for them.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Insall of Bay City were visitors at Mrs. Doman’s on Monday.

Mrs. J. H. Barber is on the sick list this week.

Harold Barber is on the sick list.

The encampment will open in Palacios July 4.

Mrs. Bill Wendt and Mrs. B. J. Jones, Sr., of Richmond, were visitors of Mrs. W. J. Luder, Monday.

Miss Laura Caroline Luder is visiting in Damon with friends this week.

Mrs. Wells will have the missionary society Wednesday evening at three o’clock.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Wendt and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wendt went to Mrs. Wendt’s great grandfather’s funeral at Ganado last week.

Miss Mary Louise Kelly of Gulf is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wendt this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller went to Pierce Sunday to visit Mrs. Miller’s parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Smith and daughter, LaVerne, went to Buckeye Sunday and spent the day with relatives there.

Mr. Curtis Mason is on the sick list this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Medford and Mrs. Cabiness went to Lockhart on Tuesday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Jap Smith of Blessing were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Kimble Roberts, Sunday.

Mr. L. H. Warniky of Houston was a business visitor here last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cane [Kain] and family of Matagorda were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. I. M. White Monday.

Mr. T. D. Conger was a visitor of his sister, Mrs. Will Knowles last week.

Mr. R. G. Hendricks and Joe Rogers of Palacios were visitors in Markham Sunday.

Mr. Edward Chapman of Richmond was a visitor here Sunday.

Mrs. Mace Elliott has returned to her home in Navasota. She has been visiting her mother, Mrs. J. H. Barber for the past two weeks.

June 19, which was Father’s Day, Mrs. Cornelius was the hostess of her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. F. Cornelius. Pictures were taken and all enjoyed the day very much.

Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Martin and son of San Antonio and Mrs. Bennett Harcourt and son of San Antonio, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cornelius.

Mr. and Mrs. Hamm and son of Bay City, visited Mrs. W. D. Cornelius Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Cornelius and family attended the barbecue at Angleton last Wednesday. All reported having a very nice time.

The Markham school was notified that the state department of education has granted them a credit in plane geometry and one-half credit in solid geometry without submission of material. The school now has four units of affiliation in mathematics and several units in other subjects.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 23, 1932


Miss Pearl Huff who has been in Corpus visiting relatives for the past month has returned home.

Mr. and Mrs. Dock Bankhead will

Mrs. W. M. Hale and Mrs. A. E. Hale were visitors in El Maton Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Segrest of Ganado were visitors here Thursday night.

Miss Mattie Mersfelder and Miss Willie McFarland of Eagle Lake were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Mersfelder Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller and daughter went to Pierce Sunday visiting relatives. Mr. Bill Gleckner returned with them to take care of the garage while Mr. Miller served on the jury this week.

Mrs. J. H. Barber and daughter, Mrs. Elliott and Irene Barber left for Navasota Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Laxton of Bay City were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Linville and daughter of Palacios were visitors of Miss Gladys and Ernestine Linville Thursday.

Mr. J. P. Howard of Gonzales is here putting in a private telephone line from Markham to Bay City. Mr. Howard is the plant superintendent of the Southwestern Associated Telephone Company.

Miss Ethel Smith of El Maton spent the week-end here with Mrs. A. E. Hale this week.

Mrs. T. B. Smith of El Maton was a visitor here with Mrs. A. E. Hale Sunday.

Miss Jennie Watkins is visiting Mr. and Mrs. ___ Watkins.

Mrs. Jack Holsworth and Earl Sirmon spent Sunday in Richmond with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Cornelius and family spent Sunday evening in Midfield with Mr. Cornelius' father.

Mrs. N. Thompson, who has been ill for several weeks, passed away last Monday at noon. She has been a resident of Markham for a number of years and was loved by everyone that knew her. Mrs. Thompson was a faithful member of the Methodist Church and will be missed. Funeral services were held at her home on Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock. Beautiful flowers were sent to her by all of her friends. She is survived by eleven children and a large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The bereaved has the sympathy of their many friends.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 27, 1932


Mrs. G. W. Nave spent Saturday and Sunday in Richmond with Mrs. O. E. Milby and attended the Fort Bend County Fair.

Miss Pearl Huff and Laura Caroline Luder spent Saturday and Sunday in Houston this week.

Mrs. I. M. Linville and daughters, Minnie and Ernestine and son, Worley of Palacios were visitors of Miss Gladys Linville Saturday.

Mr. Claud and J. P. Johnson of San Antonio spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson.

Mrs. V. C. Cabiness is on the sick list. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Mr. J. W. Bokers of Blessing was a visitor with his daughter, Mrs. Jap Smith Sunday.

Howard Wendt left for Dallas to attend the Dallas Fair. Howard won this trip to Dallas by raising the prettiest calf in the 4-H Club.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt and children spent the day in Richmond with relatives Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jap Smith made a business trip to Houston Saturday.

A number of Markham people attended church in Clemville Sunday night. Reverend Gaston is holding a revival meeting there.

Mr. and Mrs. Dock Bankhead and daughter, Billie June of Houston spent the week-end here and took Pearle Huff home with them for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bankhead and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Whiddon and family spent Sunday with relatives in Caney.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Laxton were visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale Sunday.

Mr. O. E. Sorrell of Palacios was a business visitor at the Markham exchange Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Simon Matthes have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller the past week.

Mr. Chester Gloechner, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Fella and family last Friday night.

Mr. B. L. Gloechner of Pierce is here constructing the new school bus from Buckeye district.

Mrs. Madge Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Thompson, Boyd Thompson, A. A. Thompson and son of Woodsboro, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Summerlan of Houston and Miss Myrtle Smith of Bay City were guests in the home of Mr. E. L. Smith Sunday.

Mr. Chester Gloechner of Pierce, visited his sister, Mrs. Fred Miller while here he underwent an operation performed by Dr. Livengood. Mr. and Mrs. Miller accompanied him home Sunday as he was doing very nicely.

Mrs. G. C. Musch and sons, C. C. and Johnnie and Mrs. Burnet Yancey and nephew, Marshall Yancey, all of Bay City, were callers at the G. D. Armstrong home one afternoon last week.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 12, 1933


Mr. A. E. Hale, who has recently undergone an operation for appendicitis, is doing fine and will be able to go home Tuesday.

Mrs. T. B. Smith of El Maton was a Markham visitor last Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs. George Nave spent Friday and Saturday in McCrosky with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curry.

Mr. W. R. Knowles went to Richmond on business last week and to Louise this week.

Mrs. W. M. Hale and daughter, Lucille and son, Early were visitors in Bay City Sunday.

Mrs. Will Swindler went to Corpus Christi to visit relatives this week.

Miss Pearl Huff, who has been in Houston with relatives, came home for the day Monday and brought her cousin, Little Billie Jean Bankhead, with her.

Mrs. W. R. Knowles visited Mrs. G. W. Segrest in Ganado last Thursday.

Reverend and Mrs. H. W. Gaston and son, Billie, will attend the district convention in San Antonio this week and Miss Lucille Hale is going to accompany them as far as Smiley where she will visit her cousin, Mrs. A. R. Hand.

Mr. Virgil Thompson has bought Mrs. Chapman's home and will move here soon. We are glad to have them in our midst.

Mr. Will Isham of Damon visited Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith Sunday.

Mrs. J. W. Walker and Mrs. Agnes Brunner were visitors in Houston last week.

The P. T. A. met with Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Bryant last week.

A number of Markham people attended the circus in Bay City last Wednesday.

Mr. J. E. Thompson of Richmond and Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Thompson and family of Buckeye visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith during the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Sig Brown of Alvin, and Mrs. Blake of Beaumont were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker, and Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Ulland last week.

J. D. Yates of Beeville was here Friday visiting his sister, Mrs. Virgil Johnson.

The Sirmon family has moved back to Markham.

Mr. and Mrs. Jap Smith went to Houston Monday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCarley and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson went fishing Friday at Sargent.

Mrs. I. M . Linville and daughter, Minnie and son, Worley, Mrs. L. E. Frankson and son, Donald, of Palacios were here visiting Miss Gladys Linville last Wednesday. Some of them attended the circus in Bay City. Miss Ernestine Linville who had spent a few days here with her sister, returned to Palacios with them.

Mr. and Mrs. King and son of Collegeport were Markham visitors Friday evening.

Miss Myrtle Smith of El Maton visited here Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Mr. Walter Jessie and daughter, Cleta, were in Bay City Sunday afternoon visiting Mr. A. E. Hale at the Loos Hospital.

Miss Nannie Belle Johnson who has been visiting friends and relatives in Houston has returned home.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 25, 1933



On Wednesday evening at six o'clock at the Bay City Presbyterian Church Mr. Oscar Smith and Bernice Merritt were quietly joined in holy wedlock. Rev. C. N. Wylie of Houston officiated. Those who witnessed the wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Smith of Markham, parents of the groom, Miss Dora Mae Huddleston and Tom Watkins of this place and Miss Josephine Nicholson of Bay City. Miss Merritt is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Merritt of El Maton. Mr. Smith is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Smith of Markham. After the ceremony those who attended the wedding were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rickaway of El Maton with a social. Many friends enjoyed the party. Refreshments of hot cocoa and cake were served to all at a late hour. Then all adjourned wishing the young couple a long and happy prosperous life together. The newlyweds will make their home at El Maton. They have many friends here who wish for them a long life of happiness.


Miss Pauline Smith and sister spent Saturday in El Maton.


Mrs. L. P. McGinnes and sons, Velmo, Howell and daughter, Willie Mae spent Christmas at Welder with relatives.


Miss Gladys Ulland entertained the basketball girls at her home Thursday evening.


Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Smith and family attended the Christmas program at El Maton Friday evening.


Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Glaze of El Maton visited friends here Saturday.


Mr. Charles Barlow of Buckeye visited here Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Smith of El Maton spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Smith.


Mr. Clifton Glayser of Sabinal was a pleasant visitor here Saturday.


Mrs. Hogden and four children of Bay City visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Huddleston Christmas day.


Miss Lucille Frazier, teacher in the Bay City school, visited in the home of her sister, Mrs. Jim Perry Saturday afternoon.


Mrs. Jim Perry was on the sick list last week. Glad to report that she is very much improved and spent Christmas day with Mrs. J. W. Perry.


Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Cronan of San Antonio spent from Saturday until Tuesday with relatives here, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale.


Mrs. W. R. Knowles is in San Antonio where she is spending the holidays with her father, Mr. J. W. Conger.


Mr. Joseph Payne, who is in school at Kingsville, is spending his holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Payne.


Miss Virginia Frazier was a visitor in the J. L. Perry home Tuesday. Mrs. Perry and daughters, Misses Adrienne and Lavelle are going home with her for a few days. Little Loraine has been visiting her grandmother for several weeks.


Mr. J. M. Huddleston and mother of Freeport visited in the home of Mr. A. B. Huddleston Christmas day. Mr. Huddleston's mother remained for an extended visit with her son.


Mr. and Mrs. Ivie Cash of Corpus Christi visited in the home of Mrs. Cash's aunt, Mrs. A. B. Huddleston, Monday night.


A very interesting address was given at the Baptist Church at the Sunday school period by Mr. White of San Antonio. Mr. White also talked to the B. Y. P. U. Sunday night and preached at the church Monday night. Mr. White is the son-in-law of Mrs. Mellie Leckie and gave some mighty fine addresses. These were greatly enjoyed by all who heard them.


Mr. A. C. Maxwell, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church of Beaumont, will preach at the Baptist Church Tuesday evening, Dec. 22. Everyone is looking forward to hearing Mr. Maxwell again for he is a very able and interesting preacher.


A very large crowd gathered at the Baptist Church Sunday morning for Sunday school, something over fifty being present. The young people's class were very proud in having the [Methodist] young people's class as visitors. Mignon Doman having brought them over in a body. We intend to return the compliment and come again Methodist young people.


Miss Rose Castelle, a former resident of Markham, is visiting here now with her aunt and friends.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Whiddon of Boling spent Christmas with their parents here, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Whiddon.


Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt and children went to Sweet Home to spend the Christmas holidays.


Miss Gladys Linville went to Palacios to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Linville.


Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Luder and family spent Christmas day in Bay City with Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Luder.


Mr. Colman Clement of Happy Jack, Fla., visited Miss Laura Caroline Luder during the week-end.


Mr. Vincent Jessie of Austin is spending the holidays with his parents here, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Jessie.


Mr. Clarence Smith and sisters, Mary Lee and Joyce of Pearland is visiting relatives here.


Miss Lavern Smith and Mr. Buntie Heller are in Weimar spending the holidays there with friends and relatives.


Mr. Bill Thompson and wife of Woodsboro, Virgil Thompson and family of Buckeye, Jennie Thompson and family of Buckeye, Mr. Toolso Thompson and mother spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith.


Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith spent Monday in Buckeye with relatives.


Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hall and family are spending Christmas in Luling.


Mr. J. P. Johnson of San Antonio visited here during the week-end.


Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Bankhead, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bankhead of Houston and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bankhead of Port Arthur are here visiting relatives.


Miss Jaynice Mason and Howard Mason of Houston and Miss Clarabelle Mason of Huntsville spent Christmas here.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, December  ___, 1933



Mr. Walter Jessie, Albert Johnson, W. B. Killebrew and Luther Robertson went to El Campo transacting business Sunday.

Mr. Roy McGinnes and wife spent Wednesday night with relatives here. They were on their way to El Maton where they will make their home for a while.

Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Smith and Mrs. Lawrence McGinnes were business visitors in Palacios Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wendt and family of Richmond spent the week-end here this week.

The Markham senior boys and girls played basketball against Collegeport Friday. Both were victorious. The boys score was fifteen to eleven in our favor and the girls were seven to two in our favor. We are proud of our teams this year and hope that they will continue to do that well thorough out the year.

Mrs. L. E. McDonald and children, Mrs. Will Swindler, Mrs. Millie Leckie and grandson went to Houston last Saturday to see the play that Mrs. Margaret Leckie Miller was in at a local theatre.

The Baptist ladies made thirty-seven dollars at their bazaar Saturday. The money will be divided between the church and the Buckner's Orphan Home in Dallas.

An entertainment was given at the school house Friday night with a box supper and a program. They made around forty dollars all together which will be used to buy new suits for the basketball teams.

Mr. Wood Watkins, who has been in California in the navy, is here and will spend the holidays here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins.

Mrs. Pat Lawhon of Conroe is here spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins.

Rev. Toc McCarlie and Mr. Oliver Guthrey brought Mrs. Mae McCarlie home last week after spending a few days in Lockhart with relatives.

Mrs. Edward Chapman and baby has been here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Sirmon.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale of San Antonio visited with Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Chapman Wednesday after an extended trip over the state they were on their way home. Mrs. Dale is a niece of Mr. E. H. Chapman.

The hospitable home of Mrs. Caroline B. Fisher was thrown open to receive the many friends of Mrs. Agnes Bruner who were calling upon her as it was the occasion of her eightieth birthday. Many came both from Bay City and Markham wishing to express both their love and esteem, bringing lovely gifts and flowers showing their appreciation. Mrs. Brunner has been among us for many years and has the love of both the older people as well as the little children. Refreshments were served during the afternoon consisting of cake, cream, mints and nuts by the Methodist Missionary Society, of which she is a member. The lovely three-tiered cake made by the skillful hands of Mesdames Mersfelder and Jesse, was the cause of much merriment as Mrs. Brunner blew out those eighty candles. Many she have many more such happy times and may she dwell long among us was the wish of all.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 21, 1933

The Markham Home Demonstration Club

Rug making both hooked and braided was very thoroughly demonstrated by Mrs. Sides at the home of Mrs. M. S. Watkins February 27, 1934.

Mrs. Sides showed us a variety of material and colors to use to best advantages in the different rugs. Also showed us different types of frames and needles used.

She had a number of rug designs which are available to any club member desiring to make a rug.

Mrs. Sides urged each member to fill out their budget card and mail to her.

Due to bad weather we only had five members and one visitor present.--Club Reporter.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 8, 1934


Miss Clarabell Mason, who is a student at the State Teachers College in Huntsville, was here during the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mason.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Mersfelder and Mrs. George Nave went to Eagle Lake Sunday visiting relatives. Mrs. Mersfelder remained there to stay with her sister a while.

Mr. Insall B. Hale of Dallas visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale during the Easter holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Laxton of Bay City were visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale Sunday.

Miss Ernestine Linville of Palacios is here visiting her sister, Miss Minnie and Gladys Linville.

After Sunday school Sunday a number of the Methodist people went to Clemville to hear the presiding elder preach there. The Clemville ladies had prepared a nice lunch which was served under some pretty trees there. After lunch Conference was held. Later all adjourned reporting having had a very nice time.

About four o'clock Sunday evening the children were taken to the Beucheck pasture where they all enjoyed gathering Easter eggs.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt and son, Dan, spent Sunday and Monday in Sweethome. They brought Miss Gladys Harnden home with them for a visit here.

Mrs. Roy McGinness of El Maton spent the week-end here with Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robertson and Mrs. C. V. Cabiness.

Mr. Roy McGuiness, Mrs. L. P. McGuiness and children spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robertson and took Mrs. Roy McGuiness back home.

Mr. Velmo McGuiness of Sugarland brought Mrs. Virgil McGuiness down here Sunday for an extended visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sirmon spent Sunday in Van Vleck with Mr. and Mrs. Sansing.

Mrs. Mary Chapman is home after a visit in Richmond.

Mr. Fred Miller is serving on the jury in Bay City this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller, daughter, Clara Mae and brother, Mr. Gloeckner visited relatives in Pierce Sunday.

Mr. Albert Johnson visited at Doman's Monday.

Mr. Albert Johnson and family spent Sunday in El Maton at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orfie Longuet in honor of Mr. Longuet's birthday.

Mrs. M. S. Watkins entertained the Mother's Club last Wednesday at her home with a forty-two party.

All the members were present. Tea, frozen salad, and cake was served to the guests. After refreshments a business session was held then all adjourned.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Monroe of Houston visited their aunts, Mrs. J. W. McCrosky and Miss Emma Kuykendall during the week-end.

Mr. J. W. McCrosky, Miss Emma Kuykendall, Laura Caroline and Mrs. Luder were visitors in Pierce last week.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 5, 1934



Mr. and Mrs. James Bankhead and daughter of Port Lavaca visited relatives here Sunday. Mrs. Bankhead remained here for a visit.


Mr. John Walker of Weimar was a business visitor here Sunday.


Mr. Luther Robertson and two daughters, Gladys and Jessie Charlene, Mr. W. B. Killebrew, Ora Fela, and Ralph Aken went to Victoria Saturday to the district meet. Ora Fela won first place in essay writing.


J. P. Johnson was home for the week-end from San Antonio and took Claud Johnson back with him to work.


Mr. Charlie Hall's sister and children of Luling are here visiting him.


Mrs. Wells will entertain the missionary society with a social Wednesday. Mrs. J. H. Barber will be leader of the program.


The teachers of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eight grades went on a picnic Friday evening in the Bay City park.


Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. Oskar Smith and Mr. Harn Smith visited the Doman's Sunday.


Mr. T. B. Smith visited the Doman's Monday.


Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Hale of Bay City visited relatives here Sunday.


Miss Myrtle Smith was home Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Smith.


Mr. W. N. Midgett of San Antonio and Mr. W. M. Nelson of Marion, Ill., visited here with their son and grandson, Mr. E. S. Midgett during the week-end.


Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Midgett and children and Mrs. W. M. Hale went as far as Port Lavaca with Mr. W. N. Midgett and Mr. Nelson and fished awhile Monday.


Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Laxton visited in the W. M. Hale home Sunday.


Mrs. Bachman, Mrs. Long and Mrs. Klein of Bay City visited in the McCrosky home last week, also Mrs. Keller and Mrs. Esker McDonald.


Mr. Archie Haggard of Newgulf has been visiting here in the McCrosky home.


Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Borden of Pierce visited McCrosky's last week.


Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Curry and nephew Buster Nave visited Mr. and Mrs. George Nave Sunday.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, April 19, 1934



Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kimball and children went to Luling Sunday and returned Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll McCarley and son visited relatives in Bonus Sunday.

Mr. J. W. Bowers of Blessing visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jap Smith Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robertson and Mrs. C. V. Cabiness went to Houston Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Kalka and daughter, Mary Louise of Newgulf were visiting here Monday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt.

Mrs. E. C. Midgett and children of Boling visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hall and children went to Luling Monday.

Mrs. J. H. Barber went to Weimar Monday.

Rev. Odis Rainer of Bay City is conducting the Baptist revival this week.

Mrs. W. M. Hale visited in Bay City Tuesday.

Miss Gladys Linville went, to Palacios Wednesday and returned Sunday.

Mr. W. R. Knowles made a business trip to Richmond last Saturday.

Mrs. Tom Smith of San Antonio is visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jap Smith.

Mrs. M. M. Thompson is visiting in Matagorda this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Summerlin of Houston were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith Sunday.

Mr. Boyd Thompson and Mr. Leonard McGinnis of Iowa Colony, were Markham visitors Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. W. D. Cornelius and Mrs. W. K. Killebrew entertained the P. T. A. Wednesday with a forty-two party. After playing several games, refreshments consisting of chicken salad, potato waffles, cheese wafers, stuffed olives and tea were served to the following guests: Mesdames Black, McDonald, White, Wells, Jessie, Ben Johnson, V. J. Johnson, J. H. Barber, Harold Barber, Robertson, Cabiness, Miller, Leckie, Mersfelder, Ham and Miss Gladys Ulland.

Mr. Bob Maxwell of Beaumont visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Maxwell last week.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 25, 1934



Mr. Vincent Jessie of Austin visited with his parents Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Midgett of Boling were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale Sunday.

Mr. Ralph Sirmon of Houston is visiting his parents this week.

Mrs. G. W. Segrest and son of Ganado visited in the home of Mrs. W. R. Knowles Saturday.

Rev. Robert Paine returned Monday from Conference and we are glad that he will be with us another year.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Laxton of Bay City visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale Sunday.

Mr. J. W. Bowers of Blessing visited his daughter, Mrs. Jap Smith Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hall returned from Luling Saturday.

Messrs. W. B. Killebrew, Albert Johnson, Luther Robertson went to Austin Monday.

Mr. W. M. Hale spent the week-end duck hunting at Lake Austin.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Holsworth and Mrs. Helen Holsworth of Collegeport, were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sirmon Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Key and children of Louisiana are visiting Mrs. Key's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson.

Miss Frances Brass of Houston is a Markham visitor this week.

Mrs. F. C. Miller is recovering from a tonsil operation.

Mrs. J. A. Barnett and daughter of Pledger were Markham visitors Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Allen of Fulshear visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Swindler of Houston were visitors in Markham last week.

Miss Laura Carolyn Luder is recovering nicely from her appendicitis operation.

Mr. P. W. Kimball of Angleton visited in Markham Sunday.

Mrs. Harold Hall of Pledger visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Miller Monday.

Mr. Wilburn Heller and Miss LaVern Smith are visiting in Weimar this week.

The Baptist missionary ladies will serve a turkey dinner Saturday, Nov. 3 at the bank building. There will be plenty of good eats and only 35c a plate.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 1, 1934


Mr. J. P. and Claud Johnson and Miss Mildred Barehill of San Antonio were visitors of Mrs. Ben Johnson during the week-end.

Miss Ernestine Linville and Miss Dorothy McCall is here visiting Miss Gladys and Minnie Linville.

Mr. J. P. and Claud Johnson, Miss Mildred Barehill of San Antonio, Miss Gladys Sansing and Nora O'Connor of Van Vleck spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Medford.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller and daughter and Mr. Ben Bleckner went fishing Sunday.

The Baptist ladies served a turkey dinner at the bank building Saturday and they cleared around fifty dollars.

Mrs. J. Gore gave her little niece a birthday party Saturday celebrating her fifth birthday. Angel food cake and lemonade was served to the following guests, Leonard White, Gladys June Kimball, Roger Whidden and Bruce Quinney.

The Methodist ladies will have a turkey dinner and bazaar at the bank building, Nov. 17, and everyone come, plate lunch 35c.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 15, 1934


Mrs. Claire of Luling and Mrs. Milligan of Bay City were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson Thursday.

Mrs. and Mrs. Carroll McCarley and son left Friday for a few days visit in Luling.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wendt of Richmond visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt Monday.

Mrs. M. H. Elliott who has been visiting relatives here for the past week returned to Navasota Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mallard of Clemville, Mrs. Bertha Mallard of Bay City and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Christian of Gladewater were visitors of Mrs. J. H. Barber and Mrs. C. C. Mason, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harrison of Matagorda visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith Sunday.

Mrs. V. J. Johnson returned from Beeville last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kimble and children spent the week-end in Luling.

Mr. Luther Robertson and daughter were visitors in San Antonio last week-end.

Mrs. Jack Holsworth and children are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sirmon this week.

Mrs. J. H. Barber, Mrs. M. H. Elliott and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paine went to Yoakum last Friday.

Bob Walker is on the sick list this week.

Miss Dora Mae Huddleston returned from Collegeport last week.

Mrs. Fisher went to Houston last Friday.

Mrs. G. W. Nave and Mrs. W. R. Knowles returned Thursday from San Antonio.

Miss Dorothy McCall returned to Palacios Monday after a week's visit here.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shaw of Bay City were Markham visitors Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale and Mrs. W. R. Knowles visited in Boling last Sunday.

Mrs. L. B. Luder, Mrs. Frank Carr, Mrs. Earl Underwood and Mrs. Leona Sides were Markham visitors Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jap Smith spent the week-end in Barbers Hill.

Mr. L. E. McDonald went to Alice last week on a deer hunt.

Mrs. Ethel Smith and Mrs. Crew from Columbus, were visitors of Mrs. Leckie Sunday.

Mr. Tom Watkins is visiting in Collegeport this week.

The Methodist ladies cleared seventy-nine dollars on their dinner and bazaar last Saturday.

Mr. Hill and Carnes, contractors of the Markham school building, are preparing the grounds for work.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 22, 1934




Mrs. Ella Chapman and son, Howard, of Richmond were Markham visitors Monday.


Miss Clara Bell Mason of Huntsville spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mason.


Mr. Vincent Jesse of Austin spent Thursday with his parents.


Mr. and Mrs. Carroll McCarley and son left Tuesday for Luling where they will make their home.


Mr. and Mrs. Kalka of Newgulf were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Jack Holsworth of Collegeport are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sirmon this week.


Mrs. H. M. Swedin of El Campo visited with Mrs. G. W. Nave Sunday.


Miss Laura Caroline Luder spent the week-end in Bay City.


Mrs. Cornett and son visited in Houston last Monday.


The Home Demonstration Club met last Tuesday in the home of Mrs. Luther Robertson.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, December 6, 1934


Mr. G. D. Armstrong died at his home Monday afternoon at 1:30. Funeral services were held at the First Christian Church in Bay City Tuesday afternoon at 3:30.

Mr. Vincent Jessie of Austin spent the week-end with his parents.

Ambrose Valenta and Philip Sanbury of Sweet Home visited with Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt Friday.

Mrs. Newberry and grandson spent the week-end in Houston.

Miss Janice Mason of Nacogdoches visited with her parents Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Jessie spent Tuesday in Pearland.

Mr. Howard Chapman of Richmond was a Markham visitor Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker visited in Weimar, Sunday.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher spent Saturday and Sunday in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker visited in Weimar Sunday.

Miss Gladys Barrett of Port Arthur visited with Mrs. Craft this week-end.

Miss Gladys Sansing and Miss Nora O'Connell of Van Vleck visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tot Lawhon and children of Woodsboro are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Watkins this week.

The Methodists and Baptists had their Easter service together at the Methodist Church. The program was given by the junior and intermediate classes, and the Choral Club sang two specials. The little tots enjoyed their egg hunt before the services.

Miss Gladys Linvlle was called home Sunday night to the death of her mother.

Mrs. Bob McRay and children of Houston visited with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Maxwell Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins visited in Collegeport Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Louie Duffy of Collegeport visited in Markham Tuesday.

Miss Mignon Doman visited in Bay City Tuesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 25, 1935


Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Laura Caroline Luder spent Sunday in Houston.

Mrs. W. D. Cornelius visited in Matagorda last week.

Mrs. Zan McGinnis of Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Faust and children of Greenville were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robertson Wednesday.

Mrs. Frank Carr and Mrs. Golightly of Bay City were visitors of Miss Mignon Doman Sunday.

Mrs. Jack Walker and Miss Laura Caroline Luder attended the May Fete in Bay City Saturday.

Mr. Gumpton and Mr. Farmer of West Columbia were Markham visitors last week.

Coy and Noel McGinnis of Pierce were Markham visitors Saturday.

The Baptist Missionary Ladies have postponed their dinner to a later date.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Knowles visited in Houston last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Killebrew went to Austin last Friday.

Mrs. Doman left last Friday for Ennis.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins were Bay City visitors Tuesday.

Mr. Jules Mosier of Midfield visited with Mrs. Doman last week.

The P. T. A. met with Mrs. Robert Paine and Mrs. Jack Walker in the latter's home. After playing several games of forty-two, refreshments of fruit salad were served to the following Mesdames M. S. Watkins, Black, McDonald, Ben Johnson, Virgil Johnson, R. A. Wendt, J. H. Barber, W. P. Kimball, Lee Kimball, Wells, Cornelius, White, Killebrew, Bert Ulland, Leckie, Nave, Jesse, Miss Craft and Mrs. Elliott of Navasota.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 2, 1935


W. D. Cornelius and Mrs. W. B. Killebrew entertained the P. T. A. last Wednesday evening with a dinner and forty-two party at the home of Mrs. Cornelius. The living room was dominated by an attractive Christmas tree. The guests were the following; Mesdames R. A. Wendt, Miller, V. J. Johnson, Ben Johnson, Jap Smith, Robertson, Cabaniss, Earl Sirmon, McDonald, Farr, J. H. Barber, H. T. Barber, Thompson, Walker, Bert Ulland, O. A. Ulland, White, Harper, Jessie Mersfelder, McGinnis and Miss Edith Armstrong. Dinner, consisting of creamed potatoes, English peas, chicken salad, stuffed olives, cranberry jelly, biscuits and crackers, tea and cookies, was served after playing several games.

Mr. Luther Robertson and Mr. Ben Johnson spent Thursday and Friday in San Antonio.

Miss Jimmie Croft left early Saturday morning for her home in Nacogdoches to spend the Christmas holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. George Cronan of San Antonio arrived Saturday to spend two weeks with Mrs. Cronan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt and two sons, Howard and Dan, and Voss McCrosky motored to Richmond Sunday morning. They returned late in the evening, accompanied by Miss Louise Lloyd, who will visit in the McCrosky home.

A program was given last Friday night at the school auditorium by the first, second and third grades. Each pupil represented a toy from Santa's pack. After the program, all the children sat quietly around the lighted Christmas tree, waiting for Old Santa's arrival. The jovial old fellow appeared, bringing many gifts for the children. Fruit, candy and nuts were distributed to the entire audience.

Mr. Insul B. Hale of Dallas is visiting his parents for the next week.

Mr. and Mrs. Killebrew left Saturday for Port Arthur, where they will spend the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Hale of Bay City, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Midgett and children of Boling were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale Sunday.

Mrs. W. P. Kimble and children are spending a week in Robstown.

Mr. Jack Reeves went to Houston last Friday.

The sudden death of Miss Emma Kuykendall was a shock to the entire community. She died in the home of  Mr. John McCrosky, where she has lived for many years. The funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Hawley Cemetery.

Mr. L. E. McDonald went to Alice last Thursday on a deer hunt.

Mrs. Leckie and grandson, Donnie, left Monday for San Antonio to spend the Christmas holidays.

Mr. Vincent Jessie of Austin is visiting his parents this week.

Mr. Jack Reeves left Monday for Dallas.

Mr. and Mrs. Insul of Bay City were visitors of Mrs. Doman Sunday.

Messrs. W. C. Mersfelder, Ed Wendt and Luther Robertson were business visitors in Houston Saturday.

Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Pitkins and Mrs. Blake, all of Houston, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Ulland this week.

Mrs. W. L. Swindler of Houston was a visitor of Mrs. L. E. McDonald Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wendt and children left Tuesday for Yoakum and Sweet Home.

Our community joins the others in wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Matagorda County Tribune, December 26, 1935


Mrs. W. M. Hale and daughter, Miss Lucille, were Sunday afternoon visitors in Boling in the E. S. Midgett home.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Laxton of Bay City, visited in the Hale home Sunday.

Mrs. Geo. Nave and Miss Pearl Huff went to El Campo and Ganado on business last Saturday.

Among those attending the encampment at Palacios this week are: Mrs. J. H. Barber and her granddaughter, Maretta Barber, Annabelle Cornelius, Clarabelle and Lizzy Marie Mason. Lucille Hale, Minnie Mae Harper and Pearl Huff.

Mrs. and Mrs. Edward Chapman Jr. and children and Mrs. Elle Chapman were the week end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sirmon.

Miss Kathleen Burke of Bay City is spending the week with Mrs. Caroline Fisher.

Mrs. Emma Carlton of Houston, was a Saturday night guest in the T. J. Walker home.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Walker spent last Tuesday in Gregory visiting.

Mr. Claude wells and sister, Mrs. Lena White from Beaumont, nephew and niece of Mrs. Perry, stopped by for a few hours visit. They were on their way to Robstown.

Miss Laura Luder left Sunday for Fort Worth to visit her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mersfielder.

Mr. and Mrs. John Robbins were Sunday afternoon visitors in Palacios.

Mrs. Caroline B. Fisher went to Houston Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Johnson had Miss Yeats as a guest this past week. Miss Yeats is a sister to Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. M. M. Thompson and granddaughter, Mrs. Wilbur Heller, were Monday visitors of Mrs. Heller's mother, Mrs. E. L. Smith.

Miss Evelyn Thompson is in Fulcher [Fulshear?] visiting Mrs. Floss Walker and children.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baldwin and children, from Palacios, were Friday afternoon visitors with Gay and Minnie Linville.

Mrs. I. M. Linville returned to Palacios Friday morning after a week's stay with his daughter, Gay and Minnie Linville.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 23, 1936


Mrs. Jap Smith spent Friday in Blessing.

Mr. and Mrs. George Cronan of San Antonio spent the week end with Mrs. Cronan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hale.

Mrs. Ted Sommerlen of Houston is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. V. T. Harper and Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith this week.

Messrs. J. P. and Claud Johnson and Miss Cecilia Johnson of San Antonio were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson last week end.

Mrs. C. V. Cabiness, who has been in Loos hospital for the past week, returned home Tuesday and is improving rapidly.

Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Johnson, and Mrs. Ben Johnson; Mr. J. P. Johnson, Miss Cecilia Janson and Miss Nora O'Connell, all motored to Newgulf Sunday.

Miss Nora O'Connell of Van Vleck was a visitor in Mrs. Ben Johnson's home Sunday.

Miss Roberta McElrath spent Sunday in Bay City.

Miss Lucille Hale is spending the week in Boling.

Mrs. B. F. Curry of McCrosky, and Miss Viola King and mother, Mrs. Ishum, of Beaumont, were visitors of Mrs. G. W. Nave Monday.

Mrs. A. J. Bankhead of Rosenberg spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gore.

Miss Pearl Huff motored to Rosenberg Tuesday.

Mr. J. W. Bowers of Blessing visited with his daughter, Mrs. Jap Smith, Wednesday.

Mrs. Frank Kimball and children of Buckeye  and Mrs. W. P. Kimball of Corpus Christi were visitors of Mrs. Ben and V. J. Johnson, Saturday.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 10, 15, 1936


John Ford and Miss Gladys Linville were quietly married Saturday evening by the Rev. Odis Rainer, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bay City. They were married at the telephone office where Miss Linville has been an operator for the past five years. Mr. and Mrs. Ford ill make their home in Buckeye.

The P. T. A. was entertained last Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. R. E. Black and Mrs. V. T Harper. After playing several games of forty-two, refreshments, consisting of chicken salad, potato chips, olives, snacks and ice tea, were served to the following: Mesdames Doman, W. B. Killebrew, J. L. Perry, Farr, Heller, M. S. Watkins, Ben Johnson, Bert Ulland, S. M. Watkins, V. J. Johnson, Medford, Case, Thompson, J. H. Barber, Wells, Miller, Walker, Jap Smith, McGinnis, Nove [Nave?], Jesse, H. T. Barber and Misses Mignon Doman, Edith Armstrong, and Minnie Mae Harper. After the refreshments, a new president was elected, being Mrs. J. L. Perry, Mrs. L. E. McDonald, former president, sent her resignation in, and it was accepted and approved by the association. Next meeting, which will be a business meeting, will be held at the school auditorium. All members urged to come as new officers will be elected.

N. C. Yeats, of Beeville, visited with his daughter, Mrs. V. J. Johnson, Thursday.

I. N. Linville left Friday for a few days visit with relatives in Conroe.

Mrs. M. M. Thompson and daughter, Mrs. Joe Belcher, of Port Aransas, were week end visitors of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smith.

Mrs. Shelby McPeak, of Bay City, was a Markham visitor Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Sirmon, who have been in Collegeport the last two months with a threshing crew, returned home Saturday.

J. D. Yeats and family of Thief River Falls, Minnesota, visited with his sister, Mrs. V. J. Johnson, Monday.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 29, 1936


Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Jesse were Houston visitors Monday.

Mrs. J. M. Cabiness and son, Bertram of Lockhart, and Miss Jessie Cabiness, of Victoria, were week end guests of their sister and aunt, Mrs. C. V. Cabiness.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Knowles left Saturday for San Antonio, accompanied by Miss Lucille Hale.

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Curry of McCrosky were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Nove, Saturday.

Mrs. Jack Watkins visited in Victoria last week, and attended the Centennial celebration there.

Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. W. B Heller, motored to Richmond Sunday.

Mrs. O. F. Longuet and Mr. Harry Longuet of Rosharon, wee Markham visitors last week.

Mr. Albert Johnson and children visited in Houston during the week end.

Miss Minnie Mae Harper is visiting in Baytown with relatives.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher spent Sunday in Bay City.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 5, 1936


Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Kay of Louisiana are spending two weeks with Mrs. Kay's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Johnson.

J. W. Bowers of Blessing, visited with his daughter, Mrs. Jap Smith, Monday.

Mrs. C. L. Daughters and children are spending the Christmas holidays in Kingsville.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher went to Houston Friday.

Miss Clara Bell Mason of Katy, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mason.

Mrs. Luther Robertson and Mrs. Ben Johnson entertained the P. T. A. last Wednesday afternoon with a forty-two party at the home of Mrs. Robertson. After playing several games a gift was presented from the club, by Mrs. Johnson, the president, to Mrs. L. E. McDonald, who for many years served as president and is now residing in Bay City. Refreshments consisting of chicken salad, potato chips, olives, crackers and tea were served to the following: Mesdames McDonald, Black, M. S. Watkins, V. J. Johnson, R. A. Wendt, R. T. Sirmon, J. L. Perry, J. H. Barber, W. S. Killebrew, Cornelius, S. M. Watkins, Doman, Walker, Jessie, Wells, Nave, Hale, Mason, Medford, Jap Smith, T. B. Smith, Harper, Hamill, Kettler, Cabiness and Mrs. Shelby McPeak of Bay City and Misses Armstrong, Powell, Mary McDonald, Mignon Doman, Nina Peterson.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chapman and children of Cove, are visiting Mrs. Chapman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Sirmon.

Mrs. R. T. Sirmon and son, Ralph, motored to Collegeport Friday.

Edward Smith is recuperating from a back injury received last week.

Markham joins in with others in wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 24, 1936

Markham School News

The Markham Mustangs played the Palacios basketball team last Tuesday night, January 23. The score was 39 to 16 in favor of the Mustangs. J. T. Frick and Cyrill Babik, two stellar "B" stringers, tied for high point place in the game with ten points each. B. J. Sparks ran a close second with eight points chalked up to his credit.

The Mustangs play two games this week. On Tuesday night, January 30 the B string plays the Palacios team. On Wednesday night, January 31, the A string plays the Wharton team.

The Markham Volley Ball girls will play a game with the Bay City Team on Wednesday afternoon, January 31. This will be the first game to be played by the Markham Girls with the Bay City girls.

Happy Longwood and Lizzie Marie Mason were elected the outstanding students of Markham high school at a recent teacher's meeting. These two students were chosen on the basis of sportsmanship, scholarship, and several other traits of personality, to be the two seniors from this school whose names would appear in the Texas Who's Who of High School Students.

County Meet work is well under way at Markham high school. Most of the teachers started work on their particular phase of the meet several weeks ago.

Markham plans to have entries in the following events: One Act Play, Declamation, Tennis, Track, Volley Ball, Basketball, Spelling, Number Sense, Picture Memory, Music Memory, Choral Singing, Baseball and Story Telling.

The Sales Drive for the Markham Annual, The "Mustang," ended on Monday, January 29. The drive was under the direction of the Business Managers, Happy Longwood, Albina Senkyrik and Maurice Hicks. They report that the final count shows that they sold sixty annuals.

The Institute For Research, which is devoted to vocational research, and which publishes its findings in vocational monographs has recently completed its national survey of the occupational opportunities in five additional fields. The results comprise Group S, which is the nineteenth group of the monographs.

Markham High School purchased the eighteen groups of Career Monographs early in the fall, and now plans to add his last group to its collection.

Daily Tribune, February 1, 1940

By Adrienne Perry

Miss Marlene Kimball of Luling is visiting in the Frank Kimball home this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robertson and children returned home Thursday from Austin.

Miss Elnora Quinney of Bay City spent the week-end in the Jim Perry home.

Miss Alma McSparren of Pierce spent Sunday in the Huddleston home.

Mrs. Tot Lawson, Mrs. Sam Watkins and Shirley Lawhon returned home Sunday from a few days visit in Beaumont.

Mrs. Tom Watkins spent last week in Orchard.

Mr. and Mrs. George Hall of Bay City spent Monday in the G. C. McElrath home.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick McElrath of Bay City spent Saturday in the G. C. McElrath home.

Miss Shirley Lawhon of Woodsboro is visiting Mrs. Sam Watkins this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baily and daughters of Bay City and Miss Audry Warn of Houston spent Sunday morning in the Sam Watkins home.

Miss Vina Lee Barnett returned home from Booth last week.

Mr. Alfred Hansen is going to take the Boy Scouts on a trip to Louble Lake, Sunday.

The County Federation of Women's Clubs met in an all day meeting at the school house Saturday.

Miss Marietta Barber, who has been attending college in San Marcos, returned home last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Collins and children of Houston spent several days in the J. O. Thompson and Smith home.

Miss Ida Fay Tobeck is visiting in Matagorda this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maxwell of Houston are holding a revival in the Baptist Church here.

Mr. and Mrs. Bute Watkins and daughter, "Bud' and Miss Theresa Maxwell spent Sunday in the Sam Watkins home.

Mrs. Jim Perry, president of the local P. T. A., wishes to thank every one who helped make a success of the meeting of the Matagorda County Federation of Women's Clubs, which met in Markham last Saturday. Especially appreciation is expressed to Mrs. C. D. Larimer from Houston, who talked upon the subject "Youth in Our Democracy," Mr. Hansen and Mr. Bankhead, the group of girls who assisted us, members of committees and all individual members of the organization.

Mrs. J. Quinney, Sr.

"Ma" Quinney, as she was lovingly called by everyone here joined her beloved husband in death Sunday evening, just nine days after his departure last week. Markham will indeed be an emptier place now that these friends are not with us. They are survived by two sons, John and Frank, one daughter, Mrs. Alice Hardy, numerous grandchildren, great grand children, other relatives and a host of friends. Funeral services for Mrs. Quinney were held from the Baptist Church.

Bay City Herald, June 13, 1940

By Adrienne Perry

Misses Ruth, Isabel and Mildred Roddy of Egypt spent Thursday in the M. S. Watkins home. Miss Dorothy Jane Watkins returned home with them.

Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Bankhead and children went on a fishing trip to Sargent Saturday night.

Miss Mary Elizabeth Harrison of Matagorda Spent the week with Miss Ida Fay Tobeck.

Mrs. G. A. Bailey, granddaughter and nephew of Bay City attended  services in the Baptist Church Wednesday evening.

Miss Louvelle Perry spent Saturday and Sunday in Bay City with Miss Elnora Quinney.

Mr. and Mrs. George Massey and children motored to West Columbia Saturday.

We hope Miss Vina Lee Barnett will soon be all right after undergoing an operation Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Allen of Cedar lane attended the revival services in the Baptist Church Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thompson and children of Alvin and Mrs. Green and daughter, Nettie and Walter Sonnenburg of Wharton visited in the J. O. Thompson home Friday and Mr. and Mrs. Collins and children of Houston spent the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Landers of Ashby have as their guest, Mrs. Gray and son, Woodroe of Beaumont.

The revival meeting in the Baptist Church, held by Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Maxwell of Houston, closed Sunday evening with five additions to the church. The debt on the building was liquidated during the meeting.

Mrs. R. L. Hill is expecting her nephew and wife, Dr. and Mrs. Ping of Kentucky for a visit soon.

Miss Lizzie Marie Mason and Mrs. Marie Keith visited in Houston over the week-end.

Miss Bernice Sanders is visiting with relatives in Houston this week.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. George Hall on the arrival of a 6 1/2 pound baby girl, June 21st. The baby was named Shameron Roberta.

Mr. and Mrs. "Curley" Huffa and baby of Bay City spent Sunday afternoon in the George Massey home.

Miss Elizabeth Harrison of Matagorda returned home Saturday after a week's visit with Miss Ida Fay Tobeck.

Bay City Herald, June 27, 1940

By Adrienne Perry

Mesdames W. C. Chambless and W. L. Frazier and Mr. Billy Chambless of El Campo spent last Wednesday in the Jim Perry home.

Mr. R. E. Black and sons and Miss Lois Black motored to El Campo Saturday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Urban and baby of Bay City spent Sunday in the H. R. Bankhead home.

Miss Bernice Sanders returned home Friday after visiting in Houston for a week.

Miss Alma McSparren of Pierce entertained the Baptist Intermediate B. Y. P. U. class with a party at her home in Pierce Thursday evening.

Mrs. Jim Perry and daughters, Lorraine and Louvelle, returned home Saturday night after a week's visit with relatives in El Campo.

Mr. and Mrs. Royce Darnell of Palacios visited in the Sanders home Monday.

Miss Lorraine Perry returned home last Wednesday after a two month's visit with relatives in El Campo.

Miss Lois Black of Birmingham, Alabama, is visiting in the home of her brother, Rev. R. E. Black.

Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Watkins and daughter dines in the G. A. Bailey home in Bay City, Friday evening.

Mr. Pat McGinnes of Freeport, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z. A. McGinnes.

Mr. N. Burdett, son and daughter, of La Ward, visited in the Robertson home over the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker motored to Oklahoma to spend several days with her mother.

Mr. and Mrs. George Hall and baby of Bay City was a visitor in the G. C. McElrath home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Kluck motored to San Marcos Sunday to stay for a few days.

Bay City Herald, August 22, 1940?


Markham enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas, with programs and Christmas trees at each church.

Miss Elizabeth Mason of Galveston has been home several days visiting her mother, Mrs. Clara T. Mason and sister and brother.

Miss Marietta Barber who is a senior at the San Marcos College, and Mr. Graham Barber of A. & M. were holiday guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Barber.

Mrs. Etta Elliott of Navasota has been visiting her mother, Mrs. J. T. Barber.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sirmon motored to Houston Christmas Day to be with Mrs. Sirmon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mize.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Conlee, and small daughter Carolyn of Houston, were in Markham for the holidays visiting Mrs. Conlee's mother, Mrs. W. F. Jesse.

Mrs. Fisher was a holiday guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Burke of Bay City.

Mr. Harold Robin who is stationed at Jefferson Barracks, St Louis, Mo., was home on a furlough Christmas.

One of our local boys, J. C. Keith, was badly burned  when a tank exploded at Camp Hulen where he was employed as a welder.

Miss Willie Mae McGinnes of Waco, and Mr. Howell McGinnes of A. & M. are visiting their mother, Mrs. L. P. McGinnes.

The Luther Robertsons had as their dinner guests Christmas Day, Rev. Black and family.

Mrs. G. C. McElrath reported a nice time on her recent visit to Oklahoma.

Mr. Frank Quinney Jr., who is employed by the Dow Chemical Co. of Velasco, was in Markham over the week end, visiting home folks and friends.

Mrs. Neil Weaver is here from Arkansas, visiting her husband's mother. She is employed in a cotton exchange office while her husband, Bill Weaver, is in the U. S. Navy.

Mr. Earl Hale of Kerrville is home for the holidays.

The Ed Midgett family of Boling and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cronin of Houston were visiting their father and mother last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Ford and little daughter Laura Gay of Buckeye were Sunday guests of Miss Minnie Linville.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hanson and sons, Alton Wayne and Ervin, spent Christmas in Danevang, visiting relatives.

The Jim Perry family visited their daughter, Miss Adrieene Perry in Palacios last week.

Mrs. M. S. Watkins and daughter Dorothy Jane, spent part of the holidays in Wharton visiting Mrs. Watkins' parents and sisters.

Mrs. Duffy and children of  Beeville were holiday ...Mrs. Duffy' father and...Mr. and Mrs. Sam...

Rev. and Mrs. ...their guests during ...their children, Mr. and ...S. Keen.

Mr. and Mrs. G. C....children and families...for Christmas.

Several of the Markham children are sick with...Here's hoping they will be completely recovered by the time school starts again, which will be Jan. 4th.

Daily Tribune, December 30, 1942

Markham News

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Johnson of Jacksboro, Texas, were visiting with Mrs. Ada Johnson one day last week. They were all schoolmates in former years, so it is needless to say they had a happy time reviewing past experiences.

We welcome the Tot Lawhons home from Venezuela, South America, where they have been for some time. Their daughter, Mrs. Shirley Osborne of Houston spent the weekend with them and their daughter, Mrs. Budger Cornett and Connie of Houston are spending this week with them.

Congratulations to the W. R. Hales on the birth of another son last Saturday night, at the Matagorda General Hospital in Bay City.

Mrs. Blanche O'Connor and Mr. Louis Wolf entertained their brother and his wife from Kansas, last week.

Mrs. Edna Bryant and Mrs. Zan McGinnes spent part of last week with the M. H. Keens in Port Lavaca.

Mr. Joe Watkins and family of Port Arthur spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins and other relatives. We are happy to report that Mother Watkins is much improved.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Raleston have returned home after spending part of their vacation with relatives in Huntsville, Conroe and Houston.

The Tidehaven Booster Club was host to the Tidehaven Tigers in their annual football banquet at the high school gymnasium Saturday night, Dec. 3, at 7:30. The 1955 lettermen were recognized as follows:
Ends: Glenn Sparks, 2 year, senior, all-district; Tommy Smith, 1 year, senior; Gerald McKissick, 1year, senior; Meril Washington, 1 year, senior.
Tackles: Edward Bartosh, 1 year, senior; Harold Green, 1 year, junior; Louis Kopnicky, 1 year, junior; Tommy Winters, 1 year, sophomore.
Guards: Phil Zarate, 2 year, junior; Tiny Medina, 2 year, junior; Carl Jager, 1 year, senior; Lawrence Bartosh, 1 year.
Center: Bobby Hlozek, 2 year.
Backs: A. J. Hebert, 2 year, senior, all district; Lawrence Morris, 2 year, senior; Bobby Newman, 2 year, junior; Michael Pierce, 1 year, junior; Joe Sliva, 1 year, junior; Carroll McGhee, 1 year, freshman; Harry Powell, 1 year, freshman.

Manager Leonard Orsak, Coach Tex Kassen and assistant coach, Allan Labay.

Other member of the squad were as follows: Daniel Villarreal, Wayne Guynes, Kenneth McKissick and Eugene Rush, ends;
Paul Ryman, Clifford Elliott, Tommy Farthing, James Rickaway and Frank Rodriguez, tackles;
Melvin Hickey, Justino Moreno, and Leslie Smith, guards;
Tommy Orsak and Wayne Robertson, centers;
Butch Canant, Walter Loose, David Savage, Leonard Snider, Carlton Winters and Eugene Zapalac, backs.

Cheer leaders were Dorothy Hlozek, Patsy McKissick and Gleneice Snider.

Patsy McKissick was 1955 football queen. Tri-captains of the squad were A. J. Hebert, Lawrence Morris and Glenn Sparks. The lovely meal was prepared and served by Mrs. Jane Palmer of Palmer Cafe in Bay City.

Huddler, Mr. B. A Snider; invocation, Rev. R. E. Black; Signals, Mr. B. A. Snider; Referee, Mr. F. J. Christian; Piano selections, Mary Louise Kopecky; Football strategy, Coach Kassen; Half-time activity, Tigerettes Patsy McKissick, Bernadette Hickl, Dorothy Hlozek, Rose Mary Balusek, Cora Sue Roe and Georgia Hickl; Introduction of Speaker, Rev. Rayford Harris, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Palacios, who brought a very helpful message.

The Booster Club has been very ably led this year by B. A. Snider, president; Harold Wins, Vice-President; Bill Richardson, Secretary-Treasurer, with a host of faithful workers besides the football squad and their coaches.

Our boys played some very good games the season and are now deep in basketball work.

The following students from the Markham Elementary School made the all "A" honor roll for the second six weeks period.
First grade: Sara Curnutt, Daniel Dabelgott, Nina Harrison.
Second grade: Sandra Denbow, Anna Jay Frick, Sue Hemphill, Linda King, Margaret Paul, David Ramsey.
Third grade: Joyce Johnson, D'Ann LaBeff, Shirley Ledwig, Kathleen Skow.
Fourth grade: Leona Salas, Gene Hawk, Suzy Fella, Mary Sue McKissick, Susanne Woodson, Sharon Paul.
Fifth grade: Anne Farthing, Nancy Gates, Kenneth Guenther, Mellie Lou Lynch, Lynda Denbow.
Seventh grade: Raleigh Bledsoe.
Eighth grade: Tony Garcia, Lynne Constant, Carolyn Conlee.

Congratulations to these students, they deserve all the praise they can get. Keep up the good work

Matagorda County Tribune, December 9, 1955

Markham News
By Mrs. T. B. Smith

Plastic Clay

I took a place of plastic clay
And idly fashioned it one day
And as my fingers passed it still
It moved and yielded to my will.

I came again when days were passed
The bit of clay was hard at last
The form I gave it still is here
But I could change it never more.

I took a piece of living clay
And gently formed it day by day
And molded it with power and art.
A young child's soft and yielding head.

I came again when years were gone
It was a man I looked upon
He still the early impress wore
And I could change him never more.

Mrs. W. J. Clements attended the house party of the Associational G. A. Girls at the Bay City First Baptist Church on Friday night. Tthen on Saturday night Bro. and Mrs. W. J. Clements along with some of the young people from the Baptist church attended a youth ralley at the Baptist church in Boling. On Sunday night a group in Bay City attended the evening worship services at the Baptist church.

Mrs. Ray Hickey and children, Mrs. J. K. Keller and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sparks were all business visitors to Houston on Wednesday.

Those who enjoyed a family dinner on Mother's Day at the home of Mrs. A. B. Huddleston were: Mr. and Mrs. V. R. McGennis, Vivian and Robert and Mrs. O. W. Eisbergo?, Charlott and Marylin all of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Huddleston, Lois and David of Rosenberg, and Mrs. Willie Mae Gillian and daughter, Karan Jane, of Galveston. Mrs. Huddleston returned to Houston and will visit in Rosenberg too, before coming home.

Mrs. Lou Kopnicky underwent major surgery in the General Hospital in Bay City on last Thursday and at the present she is responding nicely and we wish for her a complete recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Snider and family spent Mother's day in Palacios with Mr. Snider's parents and other relatives.

Mrs. T. B. Smith accompanied Mrs. A. E Hale of Bay City to Blessing on Monday night of May 14th to the Annual Hawley Cemetery Association meeting. Much interest was shown in the upkeep of the cemetery; all the committees doing their work in a fine way.

On Wednesday night the Tidehaven Seniors enjoyed a chicken barbecue with all the trimmings in Blessing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Morris.

On Tuesday afternoon of May 8th, Mrs. Mattie Conroy of Bay City held a Stanley party at the home of Mrs. Ray Hickey. This was a good party and social hour. The hostess served open faced sandwiches and punch. Then on Wednesday afternoon of May 16th, Mrs. Conroy held a party at the home of Mrs. E. T. Rush and the following ladies attended: Mesdames Mary Quinney, Jack White, Lester Fouse, L. C. Rush, Henry Troutman, Ray Hickey, Lloyd Reed, Misses Donna Troutman and Sherri Red. The hostess served spiced cake and punch for refreshments.

The P. T. C. met at the Markham school on Tuesday afternoon for their regular monthly meeting. After the business meeting they sponsored a tea honoring the graduating eights grade class and served decorated cake squares and sherbet punch. The eight grade room received the picture to have in their room for a month for having the largest percent of mothers present, the seventh grade came up for a second prize. Commencement exercises for the eighth grade will be held at the Markham Gym on Monday morning at ten o'clock of May 28th. All parents and friends are urged to attend.

Mrs. Pat Smith and daughter, Kathy of Houston, spent Friday here visiting with friends.

Grandma Ralston of Huntsville is visiting in the home of her son and his family, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ralston.

Mr. and Mrs. Coy McEnnis and children of Stafford were weekend guests of their mother, Mrs. Zan McGennis and Mrs. Sam Smith.

Mrs. Mary Chapman and Mrs. J. P. Medford visited Thursday in Galveston with their brother, Mr. Jim Perry, who is confined to the John Sealy hospital. He is beginning to show signs of improvement. Mrs. Dora Mae Perry spent the weekend in Houston and Galveston also visiting with Mr. Perry. Mrs. Adrene Perry Foster of California has just arrived home to visit for a month with her mother, Mrs. Jim Perry, and also with her father in the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Elliott entertained a group of young folks at their home on Friday night and served refreshments of ice cream, punch, and cookies.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Constant and Lynn Carrol were weekend visitors with friends in Beaumont.

Our community was steeped in sadness over the weekend over the sudden death of Mr. Bob Chapman who was working for C. P. & Light Company when death came. He was unknown to many of our people, but the interest that we had in him he was soon to become the husband of one of our girls. Miss J. Nell Fleck, now of Bay City, but a former student of Tidehaven High School. To J. Nell and the entire family, we offer our deepest heart felt sympathy.

Mrs. G. C. McElrath has been named a member of the County Historical committee. Mrs. McElrath has made this her hobby for a number of years and is very interested in this line of research.

Bro. and Mrs. W. J. Clements, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Barber, Mrs. T. B. Smith, Mrs. Mary Quinney and Mrs. Flossie Winters and Bro. and Mrs. O. O. Moore attended a social at the Clemville community church on Thursday night given in honor of Bro. and Mrs. Moore. The community presented Bro. and Mrs. Moore with a love gift. Entertainment consisted of singing and visiting. A group of ladies sang [and] dedicated a song to Bro. Moore entitled "Where We Will Never Grow Old." After an hour of fun and laughter, the hostess served refreshments of coffee, punch and assorted cookies. Everyone left saying it was good to be in this fellowship gathering.

On May 14th, Mrs. E. T. Rush was hostess to a birthday party honoring her son, C. W. She was assisted by Mrs. L. C. Rush. They played baseball and carried the potatoe on a spoon in a potatoe race. The following children enjoyed the afternoon: Laura Rush, Brenda Rush, L. C. Rush Jr., Margie Sparks, David and Jack Ramsey, Sharron Paul, Ruthie Snider, Robert Manning, Don and Craig Johnson, Mollie Kopnicky, Dot Warn, Garry Damuth, Grady Quinney, Lester Fouse, Suzann Woodson, Henry Tomlinson, Wayne Jenkins, and Allen Troutman and the honoree C. W. Rush. Many happy returns of the day C. W. The hostess served refreshments of ice cream, cake and punch.

Bro. and Mrs. O. O. Moore will be going to the annual Conference of to be held at the Methodist Church in San Antonio beginning  Wednesday May 23, and continuing through Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Moore will spend most of her time in Corpus Christi with her children.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Reddock and daughter, Diann of Angleton were guests in the home of Bro. and Mrs. Robert E. Black Saturday.

Mrs. W. S. Watkins motored to Wharton Saturday afternoon to visit with her home folks. Her mother, Mrs. Roddy, has been removed from the hospital to her home where she will be confined to her bed about three more weeks.

I am sorry to report that Mrs. Dora Cabiness fell last night in Schulenberg and broke her hip and Mrs. W. B. Heller and Mrs. Zan McGennis and taking Mrs. Luther Robertson, Mrs. Cabiness; daughter, up there today to see about the injured one.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Farthing of Boling, are visiting today, Tuesday, with relatives in Markham and Clemville.

Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Keller are business visitors in Wharton today as Mr. Keller had to report to his doctor for a checkup.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 24, 1956

Markham News
Mrs. T. B. Smith

Bro. and Mrs. O. O. Moore who have served the Methodist Church here, Clemville, and Midfield for the past year, have moved to Austwell where they will pastor the Methodist Church there. They served well while here and we bid them God's blessing in their new field. The new pastor moved on our field the last of last week and filled the pulpit on Sunday morning at the Methodist Church and delivered a very timely message on The Church of God. We welcome into our community Bro. David V. Parsons, Jr., Mrs. Jean Parsons and their three sons, Johnnie, Davey and Jackie, ages four years, three years, and four months. They come from near San Angelo, Texas. We are looking forward to a happy church year with them.

The Baptist Church here assisted by the Mission pastor of the First Baptist Church Mexican Mission in Bay City and other workers from the Mission are holding worship services in the Mexican section of Markham every Sunday afternoon. This promises to be a good work. Beginning on June 10th and going through June 23. Dr. Frank Weedon, state Evangelist of Dallas, will begin a revival meeting at the local Baptist church. Dr. Weedon held a revival last year in the First Baptist Church of Bay City and has also held one at the Calvary church in Bay City. Dr. Weedon is well known in this part of the state and with the co-operation and interest of every member of the church this promises to be a good meeting for the glory of the Lord. From here Dr. Weedon will go to El Campo to begin a revival. Bible school will begin in the Baptist Church following the revival. Registration to be on June 22 and school to begin on Monday morning of June 25th.

The Ashby Memorial Baptist church will be in a revival meeting next week from June 10th to June 17th. Bro. Black will bring his regular message on Sunday afternoon of June 10th and Bro. Victor Connerly, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Bay City, will be the visiting preacher. Services will be each evening about 8 o'clock at the church and continue throughout the week. Let us all work and pray together to make this a wonderful meeting for the Lord's glory. Bro. Connelly attended the General Baptist convention in Memphis, Tenn., last week. He is a man of God and will come to the church full of the spirit. COME!

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. King and children left Saturday for Huntsville where Mrs. King will attend summer college the first six weeks at Sam Houston State Teachers College.

Mrs. Mattie Linney of Refugio is visiting with her aunt, Mrs. A. B. Huddleston this week.

Mr. D. Williams of Lexington, Texas was visiting his brother, Mr. A. L. Williams last week. Also visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Williams is their grandson, Jack Smith of Taylor.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Damuth and children spent Thursday and Friday with Mrs. Damuth's mother in Magnolia.

Misses Glenice Snider and Francis Bullard of Midfield spent Friday and Saturday in Houston taking their examinations to enter the Memorial Hospital school of nursing in September and also to register. These two young ladies are graduates of the Tidehaven High School.

Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Watkins spent several days last week at Goliad and Beeville with Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Thompson and son, Bob, and Mrs. Jennie Duffy and family. Bob returned home with them for a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robertson and son, Martin, left on Wednesday for Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they will make their home for awhile. Martin plans to enter college at Albuquerque this fall. Martin is a graduate of the Bay City High School.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ledwig of El Campo spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. J. P. Medford.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Strickland and children, Dosie and B. B. of Pampa, Texas are visiting with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Latham for about ten days.

Memorial services were held Wednesday morning at the Hawley Cemetery. Rev. A. C. Maxted, pastor of the Bay City Episcopal Church, and American Legion members of the Cecil Lee Post 649 of Blessing officiated at the services.

Mrs. Mattie Conroy of Bay City held a Stanley party at the home of Mrs. L. C. Rush on Tuesday afternoon. Those in attendance were Mrs. Sallie Hogue of Bay City, Mrs. L. Forrow of Palacios, Mrs. Josie Uherek of Damon, Mrs. Mary Singer, Mrs. E. T. Rush, Mrs. Ray Hickl, Mrs. Glenn Simmons and Mrs. R. B. Smith. The hostess served punch and home made assorted cookies.

Mrs. T. B. Smith attended Miss Anita Hill's musical recital at the service center in Bay City on Tuesday night.

Mr. H. M Orr and Mrs. Morrow Duplissey took a group of boy scouts up to Camp Strake, near Conroe, on Sunday. These boys will spend the week. Assistant Scout master Duplissey will also spend the week with the boys. Our Boy Scouts are advancing nicely in their accomplishments here at home under the leadership of Scout Master Dan Wendt and Assistant Scout Master Morris Duplissey.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith and children and Mrs. Louise Gibson of Port Aransas spent Memorial day with Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Rush and family.

Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Smith of Houston were weekend visitors here with friends and relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Bogart McGill returned home Saturday from a two weeks vacation trip with home folks at Weatherford, while there they attended a family reunion.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ralston went to Huntsville the first of the week to take Grandma Ralston home and spent a few days visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Johnson, Mrs. Kent Keller and daughter Ann, and Mrs. T. B. Smith attended the Terry-Barlow wedding Saturday night at the First Baptist church in Bay City when Miss Bernice Terry and Mr. Ralph E. Barlow were joined in holy wedlock in a double ring ceremony with Rev. James Eaves officiating.

Bro. Robert E. Black and son, Bob, drove to San Marcos Friday where Bob registered in the San Marcos Teachers College to begin working on his master's degree.

Little Anthony Whiddon of Lake Jackson spent last week with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Whiddon.

The Ruth Sunday School class of the Baptist Church was hostess to a pink and blue shower Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Tom Damut honoring Mrs. Floyd Reed. Games were played and the honoree received some lovely gifts. Those in attendance were Mesdames, Floyd Reed, Henry Troutman, Ray West, Billy Mack Williams, Glenn Simmons, Archie Williams, T. B. Smith, Lloyd Reed, J. C. Keith, Claude Mackey, Tom Damuth, W. C Canant, Edd Reed and Etta Gibbs of Bay City.

Those who sent gifts were Mesdames, H. T. Barber, J. P. Medford, Mary Chapman, L. C. Ruch, Una Watkins, J. W. Whiddon, Flossie Winters, Bobby Johnson, Ava Norrid, J. W Sanders and Miss Bernice Sanders, N. H. Crouch, Jack White and Morris Duplessey.

Refreshments served were cake squares topped with blue icing and pink punch. Favors were pink and blue diapers filed with assorted mints.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 7, 1956

Markham News
Mrs. T. B. Smith

Your Dad

You'll never know the time he's spent
In planning just for you
And that he's proud to be your dad
No matter what you do.
Sometimes he doesn't understand
The things you do and say.
And you're inclined to criticize
And go your willful way.
But let me tell you children dear
A fact that's ever true
He's the man in all the world
Who would put up with you
So pause a while and think about
The father you have had
Then prove to him by word and deed
You're proud to call him "Dad."

The series of special revival services that were held last week at the Ashby Memorial Baptist church closed Sunday night. This was a week filled with special work on the part of the pastor Robert E. Black and Bro. V. C. Connelley, pastor of the Calvary Baptist church in Bay City who traveled many miles over the widely populated area connected with the Ashby community. They visited many homes and invited people to church. Many responded to the invitation and came while there were many who turned a deaf ear to the gospel call.

The subjects that Bro. Connelley discussed were as following: Monday evening: "The Sin That Holds Back a Revival;" Tuesday evening: "If you Are a Baptist Then be Good for Something, Stand on Something, Stand For Something, Stand Against Something." Wednesday evening: "Sin is The Blame for all Grief;" Thursday evening: "What I Think of The Devil;" Friday evening: "Heartfelt Religion;" Saturday evening: "Good Deeds or Just Good Intentions;" Sunday morning: "He That Doeth the Will of God;" Sunday night: "The Price of The Holy Spirit."

Sorry so many did not hear these worthwhile messages. There were also special songs well rendered.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Buffaloe and son, Bruce of Victoria were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Conlee Saturday.

Mr. A. B. Huddleston, and son, Allen Bruce of Houston were weekend visitors with their mother, Mrs. A. B. Huddleston. Saturday. Saturday Mr. Huddleston and Allen Bruce went fishing at Red Bluff and Allen Bruce caught a three pound red fish while his dad caught a tiny one. Allen Bruce was quite proud that he caught the big one.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sparks and Margie were business visitors to Houston on Wednesday.

Mr. Shirley Osborne has gone to the University of Mexico for a summer term of school at Mexico City, Mexico.

Mr. A. O. Ulland is on a trip to North Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Mr. Ulland and his family formerly lived in these states.

We welcome to our community Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Jacobs and daughter Jean from Hungerford.

Mr. Bob Black was home for the weekend from San Marcos Teachers College. He attended worship services at the Ashby Memorial church Sunday morning and lead the singing.

Mr. J. B. "Billy" Kidd of Houston, but had lived here a while, passed away at a Houston hospital last week after a short illness and was buried in Palacios Sunday afternoon. We extend to the bereaved family our deepest sympathy.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wendt have moved into their new home, also Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cornelius have moved into their new home and Mr. and Mrs. Kent Keller have moved into the house formerly occupied by the Cornelius'.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Whitley and children spent Sunday in Lane City with relatives.

Mrs. Ada Appling of Gonzales was a business visitor here one day last week.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 21, 1956

Markham News
Mrs. T. B Smith

A man that hath friends must show himself friendly and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor than silver and gold.

Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging, and who so ever is deceived there by is not wise.

A soft answer turneth away wrath but grievous words stir up anger.

If you drive don't drink, if you drink don't drive.

If you must drink, drink milk and live.


At the Methodist Church on Thursday night there was a family "Kick-off Dinner" for their financial campaign. A most delicious meal and fellowship was enjoyed and was followed by a business meeting. On Tuesday afternoon of July 10th at 3:30 there was a combined Board Missions and Board of Education meeting held at the church. A group of Junior boys and girls from the Methodist Church are attending the Young Camp at Camp Wesley at Kerrville.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Smith and children of Port Aransas were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Rush and family over the weekend of July 8th. Eugene Jr. went home with them for a weeks stay.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Constant, Lynn Caroll and Miss Mary Ann Bentley left on Friday morning for a two weeks vacation rip to Tulsa, Oklahoma and probably other places. Mary Ann's home is in Tulsa. She has been visiting for a while with the Constants.

Rev. and Mrs. Olin W. Nail, pastor of the Methodist Church of Ganado, were Friday afternoon guests in the home of Rev. and Mrs. David V. Parsons, Jr., at the  Methodist parsonage here.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Anderson and Barbara Ann of Luling were visiting with relatives in Buckeye Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Condra and family of Houston were recent visitors in the E. T. Rush and L. C. Rush homes.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Reed have made the announcement of a nine pound baby boy and also Mr. and Mrs. Gene Buffalo are the proud parents of a baby boy. Congratulations to the happy parents.

Mr. Ray Hickey and Mr. Phillip McKissick have been driving to Seadrift several days where they hauled shell.

Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Legg left on Wednesday by plane for Albuquerque, New Mexico, on their vacation trip and will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robertson while there.

Mrs. E. T. Rush sponsored a party at the Scout Hut on Saturday night of July 7th. There were about thirty young folks who attended. She served refreshments, of cup cakes and bottle drinks.

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jackson and children of Freer were weekend visitors with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sparks and Margie. Mrs. Sparks and Margie returned home with them for a week.

Mr. Joe Sitta of West Columbia spent a few days last week in the L. C. Rush home.

Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Watkins were business visitors to Goliad Thursday and Mrs. S. J. Thompson and son, Bob, came home with them.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mitchell and Mrs. C. F. Mitchell of San Antonio were weekend visitors in the home of Bro. and Mrs. David V. Parsons, Jr. Other guests in their home were Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Peterson of Louise, who drove down Sunday afternoon for dinner Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Rush, Brenda and L. C. Jr. left Friday morning on a two weeks vacation. They will visit with Mrs. Rush's brother and family in Kermit, Texas, and be sightseeing at other places in the West.

Mr. Nathan J. Weaver of Bay City died at the Veteran Hospital in Houston about 1:35 Wednesday morning. He had been in ill health for sometime. He has been a resident of Bay City for many years. He also has been a resident of Markham having come here in early childhood with his parents. Mr. Weaver was 65 years of age at the time of his death and had served in World War I. His wife, Mrs. Irene Weaver, preceded him in death about seven months ago. Funeral services were held from the Taylor Bros. Funeral home on Friday morning at 10 o'clock with burial in the Cedarvale cemetery with the Rev. Audrey Maxted officiating. He is survived by six sisters, Mrs. Herman Vezey of Sweeny, Mrs. J. B. Ryan and Mrs. Charles Adams of California, Mrs. Lester Keith of Cleveland, Mrs. J. A. Graves of Bastrop, Mrs. Chester Kee of Markham, and two brothers, B. B. Weaver of Arkansas and Charlie Weaver of Bay City, and a number of nieces and nephews and a host of friends. All was done that earthly hands could do but when God says it is finished, we, who are left behind, must look up through our tears and say God's will be done for he knows best. To the bereaved family we extend our sympathy and commend you to God who does all things well.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rush and family were weekend visitors with relatives in Port Aransas. Eugene Jr. returned home with them after a weeks visit there.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hickey of Rock Island, Mr. Clyde Hickey of Berwisk, La., and Mrs.. Berenedit Thomas and daughters, Alice and Judy, of Berwick, La., were visiting with the Ray Hickeys Tuesday.

Mrs. Rucker and children of Houston have been visiting with her sister and family, Mrs. Wayne K. Tomlinson and family.

Mrs. C. H. Latham was taken suddenly ill one day last week and spent several days in the hospital. She has come home very much improved for which we are glad.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G King and children of Sam Houston Teachers College at Huntsville were home for the weekend.

Mrs. Fannie Reed and Miss Mary Evelyn Reed have returned home from Waco, having gone to attend the funeral of Mrs.. Reed's mother, who had passed away at her home there. She had lived to a most advanced age as she would have been 103 years of age if she had lived until August 7th. We extend to Mrs. Reed and family our heartfelt sympathy.

Mrs. James W. Morgan and girls Florence and Murle, of Sacramento, California, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Quinney, Jr. this week.

Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Burchfield and Mr. and Mrs. W. G. King and children attended a covered dish dinner at the Masonic Hall in Blessing on Friday night.

Mrs. B. A. Snider joined her brother, Mr. Domis Harvey and Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Harvey of Palacios on Saturday morning to take Mr. and Mrs. Harvey to Nevada for an extended visit with relatives. Mrs. Snider and Mr. D. Harvey will be gone about a week.

The Gleaners and Ruth Sunday school classes of the Baptist Church sponsored a housewarming on Friday night for Mr. and Mrs. Howard Snider. The honoree received many lovely useful gifts for their new home. There were about sixty or more friends and relatives who made up the group. The hostess served bottle drinks and assorted home made cookies. Everyone enjoyed an evening of fellowship and are happy to have Howard and Della as our neighbors. Congratulations.

Bro. W. J. Clements and Carlton Winters motored to attend the State Training Union work shop that was being held at the Baptist Palacios Encampment Ground last week.

Mr. Charles Talum, whose home is in San Antonio, but he is now of Kansas City, mo., where he is a member of the Billy Graham Evangelist Party, was in Markham Saturday at the Baptist Church showing the Billy Graham Film known as "Oiltown USA" which was filmed during Graham's crusade in Houston and features the young evangelist and his team in their meetings in Rice Stadium where attendance was a high of 60,000 for a single service. Those who missed this outstanding film missed more than you will ever know.

Mrs. Lloyd Hancock and children, Johnnie, Ervin, and Vivian Hansen of La Porte were visiting with relatives here last week. Alton Wayne Hansen who graduated from Jasper High School in May has enlisted in the Air Force and is in boot training at San Antonio, Texas.

Mr. Roy Mengarelli, who has been on a job in South American for some time, has come home for a short visit with home folks. He will return back soon and he will take Mrs. Mengarelli back with him.

Mrs. O. W. Smith of Houston came down Saturday and Mrs.. A. B. Huddleston, and Mrs.. T. B. Smith returned home with her for a visit with friends and relatives.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 20, 1956

Markham News

The Bible school closed at the Methodist Church on Friday. There were 37 pupils enrolled and there were at least 12 workers who helped in the school beside the ladies who brought refreshments each day. Friday night the hand work of each class was on display in their rooms. Each class had a part on the program which was very good. This was followed by a film that showed very plainly the joy we miss when we neglect to give our best to the Lord and His church.

Mrs. Wilson and children, Phylis and David, of Lake Jackson were weekend visitors in the Orr home.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Stoffer and children spent Sunday in Edna with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Burchfield were recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kay and family in Brazoria.

Floyd Wright, who has been serving in the armed forces for a period of years, has come home and has spent his required time in the service. He with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Wright, and sister, Lynda, left early Saturday morning on their vacation trip and will visit various places. Others that are on vacation are Mr. and Mrs. Billy Mack Williams and children who will go to New Mexico and Kermit, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. West and children are vacationing in Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. John Mohon and Johnnie returned home Saturday from a weeks trip to Hope, Arkansas. Mrs. Mohon's mother, Mrs. Jones, returned home with them for an extended visit in Texas.

Carlton Winters has been in San Antonio for several weeks and will stay until time for school to start which will be early in September.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Canant and family returned Sunday from a vacation trip and visited relatives in Sour Lake also Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Crouch and Charles have been vacationing in Saratoga with friends and relatives.

Mr. Doyle Fouce and a friend of his named Brock, were returning home from Houston Saturday and had an accident when their car and another car was involved. Mr. Fouce received some bruises, however, the Mr. Brock was more seriously injured and was taken to the John Sealy Hospital in Galveston.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Heller and sons motored to Weimar Friday to attend the funeral of an aunt. We extend to them our sympathy.

Mrs. Flossie Winters, her son, Tommy, and 3/A and Mrs. Leo Winters and son, Cecil Taylor, went to Houston Saturday where 3/A Leo boarded a plane for New York. From there he will go to North Africa where he will be on an extended stay.

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. McElrath were visiting friends and relatives in Brazoria Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Earnest Kay of Brazoria spent a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Burchfield, also Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Kay spent one night with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Johnson. Mr. Kay and Mr. Johnson went fishing.

Mrs. N. W. Terry of Clemville spent the week end in Houston recently.

Mrs. Ray Barnett underwent surgery at the Florence Nightingale Hospital in El Campo and is doing nicely.

Mrs. Mace Elliott of Navasota visited with Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Barber a week ago and little Miss Eberly Baker returned home with her for a visit. Everly is Mr. and Mrs. Barber's granddaughter of Mississippi who is spending the summer with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Oklahoma and Mr. and Mrs. Keith of Woodsboro, Texas, were weekend visitors with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kee.

Mrs. Ada Johnson was confined to the Matagorda General Hospital one day last week but is home at this time and doing fine.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Smith and children drove to Fort Worth last week end to take Mrs. Mae Hale home, who has spent several weeks here visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Smith and children.

Mrs. Tot Lawhon and Mrs. Dorothy Jane Thompson and son, Bob, motored to Houston Saturday morning to meet Mrs. M. S. Watkins as she arrived by plane from a two week stay with relatives in Compton and Northridge, California.

Bro. and Mrs. Robt. E. Black attended a W. M. U. social at the Wadsworth Baptist church on Tuesday afternoon.

Bro. and Mrs. David V. Parsons, Jr. and sons and Mrs. W. H. Mitchell left Sunday afternoon to be gone all week. Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Mitchell will spent the week in San Antonio and Bro. Parsons will spend his time at Mt. Wesley at Kerrville.

Mr. O. W. Smith of Houston was here over the weekend visiting with his mother and other relatives. Also visiting Saturday night were Mrs. Q. W. Smith of Houston and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy C. Miller of Fort Worth.

Mrs. Mattie Conroy of Bay City held a Stanley party at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Reed on Friday afternoon. The following ladies were present: Mesdames Morris Duplissey, Floyd Reed, Pete Smith, Jim Perry, T. B. Smith, Edd Reed of Bay City and the hostess, Mrs. Conroy and Mrs. Lloyd Reed, and several children.

Refreshments of cookies and punch were served.

Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Meyers and sons, have moved to Rosenberg. We wish them prosperity in their new home but they will be missed by their friends here.

Cotton picking is in full force around here and is turning out a fairly good yield.

The Clemville 4-H Girls Club attended the Matagorda County 4-H Girls Dress Revue held at the Service Center in Bay City. The adult leaders from the Clemville Community Club are Mrs. R. E. Roecker, Mrs. J. V. Fella, Mrs. Eugene Salas, Mrs. C. E. Farthing. Miss Sally Sue Roecker modeled her sun dress and made the highest score which was 119. This was the highest score for the county but due to Sally Sue's age she was unable to enter the District Revue.

Junior apron Division Third place winner was Sharon Anderson. Junior school dress division first place winner was Anne Farthing. Second place winner was Vickie Fella, D'Anne LaBeff. Junior play dress division Sally Sue Roecker. Congratulations to these girls and their sponsors.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 9, 1956

Markham News
Mrs. T. B Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mengarelli are vacationing in Canada and other places of interest.

Mrs. William F. Curnutt and daughter, Sarah, spent some time recently in Houston with her sister whose husband was one of the men who lost his life in an airplane crash. We extend to them our deepest sympathy.

Mrs. Ada Johnson and Mrs. Frank Johnson and children spent...

...enjoyed a birthday dinner. Mrs. Hancock will be remembered as Mrs. Ima Hansen. Alton Wayne Hansen is now stationed in Denver, Colo.., serving in the U. S. Air Force but will soon be coming home on his first leave.

2nd Lt. Thomas B. and Mrs. Thomas B. Smith visited friends in Dayton two days last week.

Mr. Jack H. White and children visited with his mother who is ill in the hospital in Wharton. We are looking forward to her complete recovery soon.

The W. S. C. S. ladies of the Methodist Church met on Wednesday afternoon in the lovely new home of Mrs. Hoyt Johnson in their regular monthly meeting and social.

The choir of the Methodist Church met on last Thursday evening with Mrs. Blanche O'Connor in order to get organized for their regular weekly choir practice.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren McKissick of Houston were weekend visitors with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete McKissick and other relatives.

Little Jay Meyer of Rosenberg spent a few days last week with his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Kent Keller.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hickey of Rock Island were visiting with the Ray Hickeys and friends here Thursday.

The T. B. Smith family enjoyed Park on Saturday evening. There were 20 members of the family who were present.

Mrs. Edna Bryant was a weekend visitor in Houston to be with her sister, Mrs. Bessie Frick is quite ill and we hope she will soon be much better.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Goode and daughters, Sherry, Susie and Cindy, of Kingsville were weekend visitors with Mrs. R. B. Smith and other relatives.

We extend to the family of Mrs. Mattie Seerden our deepest heartfelt sympathy in their loss. Mrs. Seerden was a lifetime resident of Matagorda County and lived a well rounded Christian life and leaves to mourn her going five daughters, one son, three sisters and several brothers and a host of other relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. M. S Watkins, Mr. Sam Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. Tot Lawhon and Bob Thompson surprised Mrs. Dorothy Jane Thompson on Sunday noon with a birthday dinner with turkey and all the other good eats to go with it. Birthday Congratulations, Dorothy Jane.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dawdy have presented an air conditioner to the general assembly room of the Methodist Educational Building, something that was greatly needed. Thanks to them.

Mrs. Jap Smith received word one day last week of the tragic death of a nephew in Dayton. We extend to the family our deepest regrets.

Mrs. Harry Guynes, Jr., and Mrs. J. T. Ralston motored to Wharton on Thursday.

Mrs. Lois White of Wadsworth entertained on Thursday evening with an all around the world party at the home of Mrs. Jack H. White. Those who enjoyed the fun were Mesdames, Ada Johnson, Pete Smith, Dean Ramsey, Frank Johnson, Jim Perry, Floyd Reed, G. C. McElrath, R. B. Smith, James Rose of Bay City, Dora Frasier of El Campo, and the two hostesses. Refreshments of assorted cookies, punch and coffer were served.

Mrs. M. H. Orr, who has been confined to a hospital and her home for a lengthy time, is now convalescing nicely in her home for which everyone is deeply grateful. Mrs. Orr has asked that we express to her many friends and neighbors her sincere thanks for their kind deeds rendered to her and her family during her illness and for the lovely flowers and many cards that came each...brighter. The postman can bring much happiness to shutins but we who are well and strong need to help him with his errands of happiness. I say thanks to the person who first invented "Get Well Cards."

Mrs. Robert E. Black received word on Wednesday of the death of her sister whom she and Bro. Black just recently visited on their recent trip to their home state of Alabama. She was buried on Thursday a. m. in Troy, Ala., and to them we express our deepest sympathy.

Mrs. R. W. Jolly, Sr., and Mrs. Bill Peeri of Waco were guests of P. Medford last week. Mrs. Jolly, Mrs. Perri and Mrs. Chapman drove to Port Aransas to go fishing.

2nd Lt. Thomas B. Smith of the USMCR and Mrs. Thomas B. Smith and her daughter, Jere Lynn, left on Sunday afternoon to return back to their place of service after spending the week here with relatives and friends. They will go back to Montgomery, Ala. where they will visit with Mrs. Smith's home folks. They will then go on to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina where 2nd Lt. Smith will be on duty with the Second Marine Division.

Bro. and Mrs. W. J. Clements have accepted a call from the First Baptist Church of Damon, Texas and will be moving on to the new field this week. Bro. Clements preached his last message at the Markham Baptist Church Sunday night. Sunday morning the church had a called business meeting when the pastor turned in his resignation. This is Bro. Clements' second time to serve as pastor of the Markham church. THIS TIME HE SERVED FIVE YEARS AND HAS SERVED IT WELL. Bro. and Mrs. Clements will be greatly missed as Christian workers in our community, but we feel sure God has called them into another field to work in His service. God's blessings upon them.

Mrs. Clements has just returned from a visit with her mother and other relatives in Jacksonville, Fla.

A number of friends and relatives surprised Mr. and Mrs. Pete McKissick on Sunday afternoon with a house warming in their new home. Refreshments of ice cream, cake and coffee were served. Mr. and Mrs. McKissick received many lovely and useful gifts.

The Markham Methodist church is looking forward with much interest to their Youth Rally Day to be held at the church all day Sunday, Sept. 2nd. Everyone is cordially urged to attend all these services from our youth up to our adults. Services throughout the day will be as following: church school and promotion at 10:00 a.m.; worship services, sermon to the youth, at 11:00 a. m.; covered dish dinner at 12:00 noon; film "John Wesley" at 2:00 p. m.; Song service at 3:45 p. m.; recess at 4:15 p. m.; Rally and buffet supper at 6:30. This supper will be furnished by the church; at 7:30 the Markham Youth Fellowship services. Begin making plans now to attend all of these services if at all possible.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D. Hale of Eagle Lake were visitors in the T. B. Smith home Sunday morning.

Mrs. W. J. Clements finished her work as Young Peoples Counselor of the Colorado Baptist Association Saturday with a rally day at the LeTulle Park. There were 79 who attended this meeting.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 23, 1956

Markham News
Mrs. T. B. Smith

Who sees the beauty of a single star
Must wait for night to fling her gems afar
Who sniffs the fragrance of an early rose
Must wait for spring to meet the winter snow.

Who plants a seed beneath the sun and rain
Must wait for earth to yield the golden grain.
The deepest joys in life often come late
Who claims them as his own must learn to wait.

Mrs. Beulah Whitley of Clemville enjoyed a family reunion at her home recently when 84 members of the family and friends gathered at the party at Clemville and enjoyed a picnic lunch at noon and visiting one with another throughout the day.

Those who were present during the day were Mrs. Annie Tucker of Yoakum, Mrs. Maudie Freeze and Mrs. Pearl Glover of Clemville, Leland and Pauline Tucker of Yoakum, Mrs. Donie Maxwell and sister, Ivy Lynch, of Victoria, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hebert Sr. and sons, A. J. Jr., and Shelton, of Markham, Mrs. Jack Downing and children of Louisiana, Mr. and Mrs. David King of Houston, Mrs. Marion Schoudis and children of Texas City, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fisher and son of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Junek and son of Palacios, Mrs. Steinmeyer and Ann, of Bay City, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Freeze and son of Refugio, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sherrer and family of Corpus Christi, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Stewart and family of Waco, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Boatwright of Glenflora, Melvyn May and Baby Callicott of Corpus Christi, Mr. J. R. Davenport and family, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Strommer and family of Edna, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton LaBeff of Clemvlle, Mrs. Lavada Shivers of Bay City, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pope of Bay City, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Callicott and son; Sandra Sherrer, of Sinton. Mr. and Mrs. Buddie Sherrer and family of Sinton. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sherrer of La Maraque, La. and Mrs. Droughn of Clemville.

This was a happy day of family fellowship and they will be looking forward to another such day.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe Johnson and son, Mike, of Corpus Christi, spent a few days of their vacation here last week with their mother, Mrs. Ada Johnson. Other guests in Mrs. Johnson's home for the day were Mr. Don Beseth and Mr. Tommy Setter of San Antonio Air Base.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Junek and son of Palacios, Mrs. A. J. Hebert and Miss Ella Hebert motored to Houston Wednesday so Miss Ella could catch a bus for Iata, La., after having spent some time here in the Hebert home.

On Sunday of Sept. 2nd, 27 members of the Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Krenek family were present in their home. After enjoying a most delicious family dinner. Mr. Krenek, still not aware of the occasion, just enjoying the family being home. In the afternoon he was called in to the dining room where a birthday cake, holding candles (we don't know how many) and gifts. Mrs. Krenek began singing "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Krenek (or Daddy) then he knew what it was all about. His birthday was Sept. 6th. After an afternoon of fun and family fellowship everyone made their way homeward. Belated birthday greetings, Mr. Krenek.

The W. S. C. S. of the Methodist church in their business meeting at the church last Wednesday afternoon voted to have their annual bazaar on Saturday, Nov. 24, and suggested that everyone begin now making something for it. There will be different kinds of hand work, cookies, pies, and cakes and most likely many other articles.

Mr. Charles E. Black left home on Tuesday and went to Baylor University to begin his senior year there.

Mr. Clyde E. Farthing Jr., and Mr. Glynn Sparks of Clemville, members of the graduating class of Tidehaven in May, have registered at A & M. College at College Station. Glynn received a scholarship for being an outstanding student.

There were 30 beginners who registered on last Wednesday in Mrs. Bonnie Etie's room at the Markham Elementary School, a beautiful group of children indeed.

Mrs. J. W. Stephens and children of Old Ocean were visiting with Mrs. Ada Johnson Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. George Stoffer and daughter of Orange were visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Stoffer Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete McKissick spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. McKissick, Sr., of Ashby.

Miss Marie York, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edd Frick, and Mr. Jimmy Ellis were married last Saturday in a military wedding at an Army base chapel in San Antonio since her graduating from Tidehaven High School. Mr. and Mrs. Frick and Mrs. Woods of Bay City, Marie's grandmother, drove up to attend the wedding.

Mr. Chester Kee spent Labor Day weekend in Houston with his Mother, who has been ill for a long time. He also visited he son-in-law Donald Austin, who is recovering from surgery. We are hoping for them both a complete recovery. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kee have recently heard from their son, Wilmer, who is serving in the Armed forces in France. Wilmer has 19 more months in France. He has made another advancement. He is now A/1C. Congratulations, Wilmer.

Mr. A. J. Hebert, Jr., visited with relatives in Iato, La., and Miss Ella Hebert returned home with him for a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hebert.

Mrs. Robert Roddy and daughters, Misses Mildren and Ruth Roddy, of Wharton were visitors Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Watkins.

Mrs. W. E. Conlee and daughter, Carolyn were business visitors to Victoria Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar W. Smith of Houston, were visitors here Sunday with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat McGennis and children of Cordele spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Fannie McGennis.

Miss Shirley Watkins of Houston was visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watkins, Sunday.

Mr. Charles Black and Mr. Billy Black motored to Victoria Sunday afternoon and visited with their brother, Mr. Bob Black, who is teaching school at the Valley Mission School.

Mr. Billy Smith of Texas University spent a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Heller and sons. He returned back to Austin where he will begin his third year of college at the University.

Mrs. William F. Curnutt has been confined to the General Hospital. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Curnutt was buried Friday in Bay City. We extend to them our deepest sympathy and am looking forward to Mrs. Curnutt's soon coming home and enjoying good health.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Conlee and daughter, Vina, were business visitors to Houston Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Linden Perry of Port Lavaca were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Perry, Mrs. Edd Chapman and Mrs. J. P. Medford.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 13, 1956

Markham News
By Mrs. T. B. Smith

Little Things

Isn't it amazing how a little drop of oil
Makes the wheel run smoother and lessens sweat and toil?
Isn't it amazing how a little drop of rain
Lifts the drooping flower so it will bloom again?
Isn't it amazing how a kindly word of praise
Cheers the heavy laden and helps the burden raise?

Several members of the Methodist church motored to El Campo for the Sunday morning eleven o'clock worship service to hear Bishop Frank Smith of Galveston preach at the First Methodist church there.

The MYF held their regular meeting at the Methodist church on last Wednesday night. They elected new officers for the new year: pres., Miss Joyce Mielsch; vice pres., Melvin Hickey; secretary, Miss Lynn Carroll Constant; treasurer, Miss Jo Barnett; sergeant-at-arms, Hershel Orr Jr. and James Paul Bledsoe.

At the meeting it was voted to hold a cake and pie sale at Orr's grocery on October 13 to get our money to buy a water cooler for the church. Mark this date on your calendar.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren McKissick of Houston were weekend visitors with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McKissick Sr.

Bro. and Mrs. Metcalf of Katy and Mr. Pat Hammond of the Veterans Hospital in Houston were recent guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Ralston.

... T. Sirmon was a business visitor to Houston Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Frembling of Palo Alto, California were guests last week with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Senkyrik.

Mrs. Jack White was hostess on Tuesday afternoon to her Sunday School class for a party and took them to the LeTulle Park where they played and had a good time and enjoyed refreshments of cold soda water and cookies.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Norrad are the proud parents of a seven pound son whose name is Paul Nickel. Grandmother Norrad of Mississippi is here for a visit with the family but most of all to greet little Paul.

Mr. Vernon Stoffer was a business visitor to Houston and Orange Friday and Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Conlee and daughters were recently visiting with relatives in Houston.

The WMS of the Baptist Church held their week of prayer services for State Mission at the church on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings of last week.

Bro. Brown, Mrs. Brown and daughter were guests at the Baptist Church Sunday. They were from Corpus Christi. Bro. Brown filled the pulpit at the Baptist Church both at the eleven o'clock worship hour and then at night. The subject of his sermon on Sunday morning was on the great subject of Love.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wells of Robstown were visiting last week with Mrs. J. P. Medford and Mrs. Mary Chapman.

Mrs. Bobby R. Kelly made a business trip to Houston on Thursday.

Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Taylor of Ashwood were at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sparks on Thursday and held a Stanley party. After speaking and playing games, refreshments of cookies, cakes and coffee was served to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Sparks of Clemville, Mrs. Tom Watkins of Bay City, Mrs. J. T. Frick, Mrs. Jim Perry, Mrs. T. B. Smith, Margie Sparks and Ann Frick.

Mrs. Dallas Brown and Mrs. Louise LaBauve and son Fred, of Edna visited one day last week with Mr. and Mrs. Jap Smith.

Mrs. S. Broussard of Livingston and Mrs. Paul Parrish and children of Bay City were guests Sunday afternoon at the Ashby Memorial church services.

The P. T. A. met at the Markham school on Tuesday afternoon in their first meeting of the new school year with a very good attendance. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. Francis Denbow in the chair. The third grade received the picture and ten cents for each child in the third grade as the first prize for having the largest per cent of mothers present. The first grade ran second, their prize was five cents for each child to spend for what ever he wanted to buy as a treat.

Mr. and Mrs. Nedd Estes of Mountain Home were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Barber last week.

The Tidehaven Tigers with a host of fans went to Bloomington Friday where the Tigers played another non-district football game. The Tigers scored over the Bloomington Bob Cats 20-7. Walter Loose making the last two touch downs for the Tigers. This Friday the Tigers will go to Needville for another non-district game.

The Markham Cubs will play their first game of the season on Thursday night with Van Vleck on the Tidehaven field. The Mothers will have the concession stand open and will serve hot dogs and other goodies.

Mr. Alvin and Mrs. A. B Huddleston of Houston were weekend visitors with their Mother, Mrs. A. B. Huddleston, Sr.

Mrs. Ray Hickey, Mary Ethel Hickey, Joe Lee Whitley and Mrs. T. B. Smith were business visitors in Houston Friday. Mary Ethel, who has been under the care of a physician for several months is greatly improved.

Mrs. John Mohon was hostess to the WSCS of the Methodist church at her home on Wednesday afternoon. There were ten ladies who attended. Mrs. Blanche O'Connor was leader of the program on the topic of The Spirit of Christ for all of Life and she brought out the seven points in the program for the years from 1956 to 1960. Mrs. Mohon served refreshments of punch. pimento sandwiches and congealed salad.

Mrs. Melvin Hickey attended a barbecue at the American Legion Hall in Wharton on last Thursday sponsored by the Humble Oil Company for entertainment. The film "High Lights of 1955 football season" was shown.

Little Glenn Ralston of Port Lavaca spent last week with his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ralston.

Mr. O. A Ulland and Mrs. A. R. Bankhead have both been confined to the General Hospital in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Wright of Cumby, Texas are visiting their daughters and families here. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Latham and Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Wright. Mrs. Billy Wolfe of Cumby has also been a visitor with them.

Bro. Robert E. Black attended the musical institute at the Calvary Baptist church two nights last week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hebert and son, Sheldon, visited Sunday in Palacios with Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Junek and Larry.

Mrs. T. B. Smith will open "Irma's Hobby Shop" in her home on Monday morning at 10:00, Oct. 1. There will be pot plants, dolls, stick horses, pillowcases, Christmas cards, birthday, get well cards, and various other things, that you may want for gifts or maybe for yourself.

The Boy Scout...

Palacios Beacon, September 27, 1956

Markham News
By Mrs. T. B. Smith

Rev. L. W. Crouch of El Campo filled the pulpit at the Baptist Church Sunday both at the morning and evening worship services, and was guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Keith.

Bro. David V. Parsons, pastor of the Methodist Church, preached a most wonderful sermon on the Church of Ephesus taken from the second chapter of the book of Revelations. This is the beginning of a series of seven messages based on the seven churches of Asia Minor all these will be great messages. Let us plan not to miss any one of them.

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Junek and son, Larry, of Palacios, were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hebert and sons, A. J., Jr., and Shelton on Tuesday evening and all enjoyed a birthday dinner together. It being three in one, A. J., Jr., and Little Larry having the same birthday, and L. J.'s later in the week. Belated birthday greetings.

The community was sadden over teh death of Mr. Gus Mehrens of El Campo, whose funeral was Thursday afternoon in El Campo. Mr. Mehrens, with his family, was at one time a prosperous rice farmer in Matagorda County but had made his home in El Campo for several years. To the bereaved family and friends we offer our deepest sympathy.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Snider motored to Palacios on Tuesday to visit their parents.

Mr. J. K. Keller and Mr. Ray Hickey were business visitors to Houston Friday.

The MYF of the Methodist Church will meet this week at the church on Wednesday night in their regular meeting and will complete their plans for their pie store on Saturday, October 13 and cake sale at Orr's Grocery. The sale will begin at 9 a. m., and is for the beginning of a fund for a water cooler for the church. Anyone wishing to donate anything for this sale may call Lynn Carrol Constant and offer your service. Don't wait for them to ask you, let us give freely and willingly.

Mrs. Hollie Bankhead of Baton Rouge, La. is here for an extended stay with Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Bankhead.

Mr. B. B. Huddleston and son, David, of Rosenberg were visiting with their mother, Mrs. A. B. Huddleston, Sr., Sunday.

Miss Glenice Snider of Houston spent the weekend with her home folks.

Mrs. Emma Bryant spent two days last week at Cordele visiting with friends. Mrs. Zan McGennis and children had a most enjoyable stay.

Among our sick folks this week, are Mrs. Ernest Valigura, Mrs. Earl Fry, who underwent surgery at the Wharton Hospital last week, and Little Don Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, who suffered a broken leg Sunday evening while playing football at a neighbor's house with some of his friends. He was taken to the General Hospital in Bay City and is resting fairly well after such an experience. For all these we wish a most speedy recovery. Let us remember them with our thoughts by mailing them a get-well card.

Mrs. Joe Wright of Luling came down Monday to see Don Johnson, her grandson, and she took Joe Van and Little Jane home with her for an extended stay.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Keith and daughters were visiting with Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Clements at Damon on Friday evening.

Mrs. W. E. Conlee and daughter, Carylon were business visitors to Victoria Monday.

Mrs. Grace Schleget of Houston was a recent weekend guest of her sister, Mrs. Edna Bryant.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krenek and their son Frank Jr., of Houston are on a vacation trip to West Texas and points interest in New Mexico and will likely be returning home this week.

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Smith of Gretna, La., have announced the birth of a new daughter, September 21, who weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and is named Mary Margaret. They formerly lived here. Congratulations.

Mrs. Gay Smith of Houston was a weekend visitor with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Perry and other relatives.

Last Tuesday the Good Neighbors Club met at the home of Mrs. Edna Bryant and made cancer bandages. There were eleven ladies present. Mrs. Bryant served refreshments of punch and cookies.

The Tidehaven High School Band made a trip to Houston Saturday and had lots of fun.

Visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kee on Sunday, September 23, were Mr. and Mrs. Archie Keith and children of Woodsboro, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Austin of Houston, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Austin and son, Don, of Houston. Mr. and Mrs. Donal Austin and Don remained all weekend on last weekend with them, and motored to Alice with Mrs. C. W. Kee to see Mr. and Mrs. Charles Farkus and children. Mrs. Farkus was the former Miss Mary Evelyn Kee.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Reed and family of Baytown were visiting with their mother, Mrs. Fannie Reed, and family one day last week.

Markham Cubs played their first football game of the season on Thursday night at Tidehaven with Van Vleck Junior High and were outscored by Van Vleck by 47-16, but a game well played. On Friday night the Tidehaven Tigers journeyed to Needville for another non-district game. A large number of their boosters followed them. The Tigers tied with Needville 6-6. We are sure the tigers played a good game.

Mr. and Mrs. Levie Stoffer and son, Bobby, of Orange were weekend visitors with the Vernon Stoffer family.

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Powell and family of Houston were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. __ Conlee and daughters. Mrs. Powell and Mr. Conlee are brother and sister.

Guests over the weekend of Bro. and Mrs. David Parsons were Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Meichel, and Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Watson of San Antonio. Mr. and Mrs. Pacel Condra and daughters, Sherry and Peggie of Houston also. The occasion being Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel's thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. Also, Bro. Parsons' birthday. They enjoyed a family dinner at home Sunday. Monday they drove to Matagorda to see the beach and afterward enjoyed a hamburger dinner at LeTulle Park. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell are Mr. Parsons' parents. Many happy returns of the day to each one.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher has returned home from a two weeks' visit at Rock Island with Mr. and Mrs. Roswell Burke and children. One Sunday while away she attended worship services at the Presbyterian church in Eagle Lake and witnessed the baptizing of the three Burke children.

Monday marked the opening day of Irma's Hobby Shop, a new business for our town and the owner is Mrs. T. B. Smith. There were thirty guests who registered there throughout the day. These names will go down in the history of this little shop. A devotional was given with Mrs. Fred Ballinger reading the twenty-third psalm and Mrs.. Robert Black offering a dedicatory prayer. The dining table was laid with a centerpiece of pink coral vine in a white bowl, pink candle-holders held white candles, and the Bible finished the setting. Refreshments of home baked cinnamon rolls, coffee, and punch--bubble gum for the children--were served. One by one the guests made their way home, each wishing good luck to the manager. This was a very successful day in more ways than this writer can express. So I will just say thank you, and may God richly bless you. I may be gone sometimes when you call again but not for long. Come again and I will always be happy to see you.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 4, 1956

Markham News

Mr. and Mrs. Byrl Hill of Pearland was a guest at the Ashby Memorial Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon and also visited with friends and relatives.

Bro. and Mrs. A. C. Maxwell of Houston will be guest speakers at special services to begin at the Ashby Memorial Church on Monday evening June 3 to begin at 6 p.m. with a family night dinner and will be followed by services by Bro. Maxwell.

Friends are cordially urged to attend these services which will last throughout the week.


The ladies of the W. S. C. S. of the Methodist Church sponsored a pink and blue shower at the home of Mrs. H. M. Orr honoring...

Mrs. David V. Parsons, Jr., Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Elmer Denbow, Mrs. Blanche O'Connor and Mrs. Frank Watkins served the refreshments which consist of sherbet punch, salted nuts, assorted homemade cookies and pink and blue sandwiches.

The honoree received some lovely and useful gifts, several ladies who could not come sent gifts.

Those who came were: Mesdames W. G. Robertson, Tommy B. LeTulle, S. E. Smith, R. T. Sirmon, R. H. Denbow, W. F. Jessie, Z. A. McGinnes, J. A. Bryant, J. E. Dawdy, Ray Akins, J. W. Mohon, Jap Smith, C. B. Fisher, Ray Barnett, T. B. Smith, E. A. Constant, Henry Insall, Jr., V. T. Harper, Ray Sparks, and A H. Johnson.


Mrs. Z. A. McGinnes, Mrs. Luther Robertson, Mrs. A. J. McGinnes, and Debbie drove to Belmont, Texas, on Friday to attend the funeral of Mr. Roy McGinnes.

..MORE .... .... ...... MORE..

Mr. and Mrs. Roy McGinnes were former residents of Markham and to the bereaved family we offer our deepest sympathy.


Bro. and Mrs. Robert E. Black, Bob and Billy, went to Waco on Thursday to attend the commencement exercises of Baylor University on Friday night. Mr. Charles Black was a member of the graduating class. Congratulations Charles.


Mr. Arthur W. Sparks of Clemville died at the General Hospital in Bay City on Thursday night, and his funeral was held Saturday afternoon at Taylor Bros. Funeral Home with the Rev. David V. Parson, Jr., officiating, burial was in the Cedarvale Cemetery.

Mr. Sparks has made his home in the Clemville community for a long time and reached the age of 73 years.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Maggie Sparks, three sons, Leslie, Alvin, and Bully Sparks, and one daughter, Mrs. Dick Harrison all of Markham.

To the bereaved family we extend our deepest sympathy.


The Markham Elementary School is very proud that 32 students attended school regularly for the full nine months period without being either absent of tardy. Our total attendance has been above average for this year throughout the school.

The students that received perfect attendance awards at the graduation assembly Friday were: Mike Blumberg, Billy Hejtmanek, Patricia Bohuslar, Willie Bohuslar, Daniel Dabelgott, Nina Harrison, Tony Radford, Larry Watkins, Alfredo Pena, Johnny Krenek, Alan Troutman, Anna Jay Frick, Joyce Johnson, Catherine Krenek, Elibario Pena, Betty Schurtz, Delores Villarreal, Roberto Pena, Susanne Fella, Ruth Snider, Mary Sue McKissick, Josephine Losoya, Suzanne Woodson, Nancy Gates, David Hiltpold, Nancy Kay Keith, Rogelio Pena, Smoot Roecker, Elodia Zarate, Brenda Canant, Donald Elliott, Richard Harrison, Henry Loose, Jo Ann Stoffer, Mary Zarate, Frances Jurek, and Jaeg White, Jr.

Daily Tribune, May 31, 1957

Markham News
Mrs. T. B. Smith

Back in 1689 in a parish register in Lancaster, England, someone wrote the following interpretation of the Ten Commandments:
1. Have no other Gods but me.
2. Unto no image bow the knee.
3. Take not the name of God in vain.
4. Do not the Sabbath Day profane.
5. Honor thy father and mother too.
6. And see that thou no murder do.
7. From vile adultery keep thou clean.
8. and steal not, though thy state be mean.
9. Bear not false witness shun that blot.
10. What is thy neighbors covet not.
Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord.--Psalms 118:1.


School closed last week with all the end of school exercises, jolly picnics and happy faces biding school work good bye for a while but to be ready for books and study next fall.

Markham Elementary School had their eighth grade graduation exercises on Friday afternoon with the following program:
Invocation, Rev. Charles Dooley
Presentation of perfect attendance and honor roll awards, Principal W. G. King
Farewell to Graduates of 1957, Principal W. G. King
Salutatory address Raymond Robertson
Eighth grade class history, Reuben Villarreal
Eight grade class prophesy, Raleigh Bledsoe; Poem, "Farewell of the Eight Grade," Mary Harper and was composed by Mary Harper
Valedictory address, Ann Keller
Benediction, Rev. Charles Dooley.

Members of the graduation class were
George Backhus
Adolph L. Biskup
Raleigh Joe Bledsoe
Sandra Jean Guynes
Mary M. Harper
Shelton Hebert
Martha Jane Hickey
James Paul Johnson
Frances Louise Jurek
Ann Sheron Keller
Ben Medina
Lupe Montey
Erlinda Moreno
Raymond Dale Robertson
Jo Ann Stoffer
Marvin Svetlik
Reuben Villarreal
Charles H. Warn
Jack Hampton White, Jr.
Mary H. Zarate
Mickey McGinnes.


On Friday Commencement exercises were held at the Tidehaven High School for the following group of boys and girls who graduated from high school:
Helen Marie Alexander
Jo Alta Barnett
Molly Jean Bullard
Betty Lou Fitzgerald
Teresa Ann Havel
Betty Jean Henkes
Georgia Marie Kacer
Evelyn Tereza Lezak
Jessie Jaye McKissick
Joyce Ann Mielsch
Wanda June Newman
Sandra Y. Rupert
Lora Jo Savage
James Nelson Cowger
Harold Troy Green
Wilburn H. Heller
Bobby Jerry Hlozek
Louis Kopnicky Jr.
Estanislado Medina
Frank J. Mondrick
Bobby Wayne Newman
Michael E. Pierce
Jimmy Andrew Rogers
Joe Louis Saha
Joe Glenn Sliva
Phil Zarate
Marilyn Grace Skow.

All these were honored with a program as follows:
Processional, Mary Louise Kopecky
Invocation, Rev. David Parsons
Salutatory Address, Joyce Ann Mielsch
Presentation of Blessing diplomas, Principal E. R. Adams
Presentation of Markham diplomas, Principal W. G. King
Attendance and honor awards, Principal D. L. Taska
Introduction of speaker, Supt. G. K. Nelson
Address, Dr. Pat Norwood from Southwest Texas College
American Legion Awards, Cecil Lee Post No. 649, Blessing
Valedictory, Jo Alta Barnett
Presentation of diplomas, Supt. G. K. Nelson
Benediction, Rev. Charles Dooley
Recessional, Mary Louise Kopecky


On Sunday at the Baptist Church, Soil Conservation Day was observed at the morning worship service when the Pastor, Charles Dooley, brought a message on the subject of "Heal their lands" taken from 2nd Chronicle, 7:14.

Daily Tribune, May 31, 1957

Markham News
Mrs. T. B Smith

The annual barbecue sponsored by the Markham Methodist Church was held at the LeTulle Park on Thursday and was well attended. The weather turned off pretty in time for the serving of supper.

Thanks goes to everyone who worked so faithfully to make this a success.

The Markham Junior High school girls qualified for the finals of the district volley ball tournament at Danbury on Tuesday night, but the boys lost out in the first round.

The girls first defeated Friendswood 15 to 7 and 15 to 0. Then they won in the semi-finals 18 to 16 and 15 to 5 over Sugarland. The boys lost to Brazoria 15 to 7 and 15 to 1.

Frances Jurek was the star of the Markham team in the girls victory over Friendswood. On her serve, Markham racked up 15 straight points to win. Other members of the starting team included Sandra Guynes, Lupe Montey, Mary Zarate, Eddie Slizalde, Janie Hickey, with Ann Keller and Elodia Zarate as first reserves.

On Thursday night they went back to Danbury to play for the finals with Brazoria but lost in this game. Tidehaven won district in volley ball this season.

All of the coaches and boys and girls who make up our different ball teams have played their part well.

On Tuesday of April 9, 1957, the student body and the faculty members of the Tidehaven High School enjoyed a concert by the A'Cappella choir of Southwest Texas State Teachers College.

This fine choir was under the direction of Mrs. Betty Ann Golida.

On last Tuesday afternoon, 15 ladies met at the home of Mrs.. V. T. Harper to make cancer bandages. They spent a pleasant afternoon. Mrs. Harper served refreshments of coffee, tea and cake to the group.

On last Wednesday morning, Mrs. Ada Johnson, Mrs. J. T. Ralston, Mrs. H. C. Kieth, Sr., and Mrs. C. A. Daniels attended a Ladies Bible class at the Church of Christ in Bay City.

There were about 25 ladies present and after the Bible study all the ladies were invited to the home of Mrs. H. A. Phillips where she was hostess to a surprise social honoring Mrs. C. A. Daniels.

The honoree was presented a lovely electric skillet and other useful gifts by the church ladies.

Mrs. Phillips served cake and coffee and to make the event a more complete surprise. Mr. Daniels came in time for refreshments.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniels are moving to Brady, Texas, to make their home. Mr. Daniels has been employed by the Kieth and Darnell Blacksmith shop for some time.

They were faithful workers in the Church of Christ in Bay City and lovely neighbors. They will be greatly missed by their many friends here and in Bay City too.

They were both lovers of home and always had an abundance of lovely flowers and vegetables. They have sold their lovely home to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Joines of Bay City. Ill health has brought about their change of residence. We bid them God's blessings in their...

...Mrs. McKissick and other relatives in Markham on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tinnin of Newgulf were guests of the Baptist Church on Sunday night and showed a film strip of the trial and crucifixion of Christ. Mr. Tinnin is visual aid director of the Colorado Association and has done his work in a wonderful way.

Mrs. Robert Bullard, Miss Mollie Bullard and Mrs. Al Hurta of Midfield were visiting with Miss Mignon Doman and Mrs. Geo. Doman Monday afternoon.

Phillip Glenn McKissick is home for a visit with his parents and other relatives. He is on a furlough from the United States army. He has been in Colorado but will return to duty in Oklahoma.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 18, 1957

Markham News

Supt. and Mrs. Geo. K. Nelson of Tidehaven School District left Wednesday, March 5 to attend the School Teachers Convention in California.

Mr. and Mrs. Dib Rowilson of Mount Vernon, Texas are moving to Buckeye. Mrs. Rowilson was in Markham Monday.

Sunday, March 3 Mrs. Herman Hoffman, Mrs. Harold Gates, Mrs. Bill Taylor, and Mrs. Kate Farthing of Clemville were hostess to a covered dish lunch at the Community Church in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Sparks twenty fifth wedding anniversary. A good turn out of friends made this a very happy gathering. The honoree received a service of eight of their silver wear, a lot of their chosen china, along with several other gifts.

Mr. and Mrs. Mielsch and son spent last week with friends and relatives in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Smith and children spent the weekend with friends and relatives in Fort Worth, Lipan and Weatherford.

Mr. Wilmer Kee and Miss Marie Ascher of Houston were week end visitors with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kee and Neal.

Granny Butcher of Port Aransas is here this week with her daughter Mrs. Annie Mae Quinney and family.

Sgt. and Mrs. Leo Winters and son, Cecil and Mrs. Flossie Winters were week end visitors with friends and relatives in San Antonio.

Mrs. T. B Smith and Margaret Hickey visited Sunday with relatives in Kingsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Perry were recent week end visitors with their daughters in Houston.

Rev. and Mrs. John Fluth and children of Palacios were dinner guests Friday evening with Rev. and Mrs. David V. Parsons and sons.

The W. M. S. of the Ashby Baptist Church observed the week of prayer for home missions each afternoon last week at different homes and with an all day meeting at the church on Thursday with an average attendance of four. This week the W. M. S. of the Markham church will be holding services each afternoon at the church and on Wednesday night for the week of prayer for Home Missions. All the ladies of the church are urged to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Crouch and son, Charles spent the week end at Saratoga with their parents.

Rev. and Mrs. Norman Spellman and children of Goliad were visiting with friends here Tuesday of last week.

Sunday was Mr. B. A. Snider's birthday and his family surprised him with a birthday dinner at his home and served birthday cake and sherbet punch in the afternoon. The birthday cake was beautifully decorated to resemble a field of freshly cultivated crops. There were 17 relatives who enjoyed this fellowship. Those from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Snider and Miss Glenice Snider of Houston and Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Harvey and children and Mrs. L. L. Harvey of Palacios.

The mumps are still being an unwelcome guest in any homes. Mrs. Evelyn Curnet was confined to her home last week with them and this week Miss Lynn Carrol Constant is a victim of mumps.

Saturday, while working on a lawn mower, Mr. Pat McGinnis had the misfortune of getting two of his fingers on his right hand cut off.

Raymond Robertson has a broken nose which happened on the play ground.

Sunday was Holy Communion Day at the Methodist church. Two were added to the church on profession of faith and two were added by transfer of letters from Yoakum. The W. S. C. S. of the Methodist have finished a mission study book on Crosses and Crisis in Japan. Wednesday afternoon, they will hold prayer services at the church for Japan Mission and make an offering for the Japan Mission.

Rev. Robert E. Black motored to Wharton on Monday night to Worker's Conference at the First Baptist church there.

Mr. Charles Black was a business visitor to Houston over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Tillery were business visitors to Victoria one day last week. Mr. Tillery is now back to his work at the depot after a long leave of absence because of illness.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Keith and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Keith and children spent Sunday in Matthes.

Mrs. J. W. Whiddon has been visiting in Baytown with Mrs. L. H. Greer, formerly Miss Ion Ricks, and at Port Arthur with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Whiddon. They all brought her home and spent the weekend here.

Markham Elementary School

In observance of Texas Public School Week, the Markham Elementary School held an Open House on March 3, 1958. A band concert was presented by the band students of the elementary school. The beginners band, consisting of sixth graders, exhibited their talents the first part of the program; and the seventh and eight grade students played for the latter part of the program. Both groups did exceptionally well under the direction of Mr. James Pennington, bandmaster.

The Parent-Teacher's Club served light refreshments of coffee, punch, cake, and pie, and the classrooms were open for parent observance of exhibits of pupils work that were on display. A crowd of about 300 turned out for the occasion.

Honor Roll

The honor roll list for the fourth six-weeks periods is shorter than in the past.

The following students from the Markham Elementary School made the all "A" honor roll for the fourth six-weeks period by maintaining an average in every subject of 93 or better. First grade: Irene Dabelgott, Judith Herring, James Kana, Susan Keith, Elizabeth Krenek, Carolina Rodriguez, Marsha Watslavik. Second grade: Steve West, Charlotte Strickland. Third grade: Daniel Dabelgott and Nina Harrison. Fourth grade: Linda King, Sue Hemphill, Anna Frick, Margaret Paul, Sixth grade: Leona Salas.

Mrs. E. A Campbell and Miss Susie Hoot returned home Friday from San Antonio; Mrs. Campbell visiting her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Schlottman and children.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 13, 1958

Markham News
By Mrs. T. B. Smith

The Ashby Baptist church observed focus week for the WMU Jan. 11-16 with a special devotional service at the church Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Clarence Tinnin of Newgulf was guest and showed two film strips on the mission book.

Those at this meeting were Mrs. C. Tinnin of Newgulf, Mrs. R. E. Black, Mrs. Zella Ryan, Mrs. Sue Perciville, Mrs. Beth Fondon, Mrs. W. L. Hill, Mrs. Gyle McKissick, Mrs. Jake McKissick, Mrs. Virginia Bryant and Mrs. Smith. Next meeting will be a Bible Study lesson Jan. 29.

Saturday night, January 10, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Legg honored Mr. and Mrs. Homer Cartwright and two sons of Bay City on their eleventh wedding anniversary with a dinner. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Legg.

Bob Black and Don Austin of Houston spent the weekend here with their home folks.

Several cases of chicken pox have been reported among the children.

Charles R. Dooley, Hershel Wright, Grady Quinney, Smoot Roecker, Glenn Simmons, and Henry Tomlinson motored to Cedar Lane Baptist church Saturday to attend the Baptist Association Youth Fellowship.

Two brothers, each graduates of Tidehaven High School, have enlisted in the army for a period of three years. They are well known in Matagorda county because of their participation in the 4-H Club program. They are Glen and Earl Foster, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Foster of Blessing.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ballanger were called to Liberty Wednesday because of the death of his father, N. H. Ballanger, of liberty. He was 84 years of age.

Mr. and Mrs. James Cloyd of Bay City were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Pete Smith home were Gerald Smith and Westly Belcher of Ganado, who spent the night Tuesday.

Mrs. Edna Perkins, 83, of Refugio died at the home of her daughter there on Tuesday of last week. She was the sister of the late A. B Huddleston, Sr., of Markham and she had visited here many times.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Hallinshead and Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Hallinshead Jr. and daughter Glenda of Baytown spent Saturday with Mrs. R. T. Sirmon.

Mr. and Mrs. Kopnicky and family of Lake Arthur, La., and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kopnicky Jr. and little daughter of Houston are visiting in Markham for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Uherek and three children of Van Vleck, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Beard and three children of Damon, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaler and Mrs. L. C. Rush and two children of here were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Legg, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hudson and son of DeQuincy, La., Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walters, Peggie, Jackie and Hershel Parker with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hudson.

Miss Betty Jean Henkes was honored Sunday afternoon at the National Hall at El Maton, with a bridal shower. Her wedding is to be an event of Feb. 7 at St. Peter's Catholic Church, Blessing.

The Rev. Charles R. Dooley, pastor of the Baptist church, attended the World Evangelist Conference in Dallas last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Snider of Tomball and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Snider of Houston were weekend visitors here with the B. A. and A. B. Snider families.

Mrs. Mary Catherine Preistly of Clemville, better known as Grandma Priestly, passed away at the home of her grandson, Clyde Everett Farthing, Sunday morning. She came to Clemville in 1911 and had made it her home all these years. In recent years she made her home with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Farthing and had been active about the house until about a month ago. She was born May 22, 1869, and was a life-time member of the Presbyterian Church.

She is survived by one son, C. A. Farthing of Boling; five grand children, Clyde Everett Farthing of Clemville, Mrs. Thelma Todd and Mrs. Alma Devall of Houston and Mrs. Lena Sparks of Markham, and Miss Gladys Farthing of Bay City; thirteen great grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren.

Services were conducted by the Rev. Wayne Barnes, pastor of the Clemville Baptist church assisted by Rev. G. C. Cecil, pastor of the Methodist church. Pallbearers were Voss McCrosky, Harry Cowger, Alvin Sparks, Edward Baca, John Fella and Richard Harrison.

Carlton Winters is spending the week in Victoria with his brother, Tommy.

Daily Tribune, January 23, 1959

Markham News
By Mrs. T. B. Smith

The baby daughter Patsy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ellis, has come home from the hospital where she has been in an incubator since birth in order to reach the weight of five pounds.

Another new baby girl has come to make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Smith. She was born Thursday evening at the general hospital in Bay City. She weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces and is named Sandra Mae. Mrs. Hugh Harris of Lipan is the grandmother and is here for a few weeks visit with the Smith family. Mrs. Bobby Hale and daughter, Judy, of Wichita Falls is also here for a visit with the Smiths.

Mrs. C. A. Hickey spent last week in Rock Island with friends. Mrs. and Mrs. Levi Stoffer were visitors to Rock Island on Friday and brought Mrs. Hickey home.

Louis Kopnicky and son, Jon, spent last week in Lake Arthur, La., finishing a job.

Mrs. Ada Johnson has returned home from a Christmas visit with her sisters and other relatives in Jacksboro, Fort Worth and other places.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robertson left Saturday for their home at Hunt, after spending about two weeks here with their daughter, Mrs. Jessie Scallon, who had surgery at Rugeley Blasingame Hospital in Wharton.

The Markham P. T. C. met at the school house in their regular monthly meeting with a very good attendance.

M. S. Watkins was a business visitor to Yoakum Monday.

Budger Cornett of Houston spent the weekend here with his family.

The Tidehaven boys and girls were hosts to the Louis boys and girls basketball teams on Tuesday night. Both of the home teams won their games. Friday night the Markham basketball girls and boys team attended a basketball tournament at Damon and went back Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mayes of San Antonio spent the weekend here with Bro. and Mrs. Charles R. Dooley and girls. They are Mrs. Dooley's parents.

Mrs. Gay Smith and Mrs. Warren Garrett and children of Houston spent the weekend here with Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Perry.

Mrs. Mary Chapman drove to Alvin Monday morning for a few days visit with friends and relatives.

Carlton Winters had the misfortune of turning his mother's car over three times while en route to Bay City and came out with only a few bruises but the car was very badly damaged. Tommy Winters is home from Victoria and is making preparations to enter the Air Force.

Mrs. J. T. Ralston and Mrs. Ollie Wriley were hostesses on Monday morning with a coffee in honor or Mrs. W. C. Canant. Others present, beside the hostess, and honoree, were Mrs. Ruth Wright, Mrs. Mary Quinney, Mrs. Ozell Crouch and Mrs. A. J. Hebert.

Mrs. A. B. Huddleston returned home Friday from Houston where she has been visiting with her children.

The Methodist Church enjoyed monthly fellowship at the church Wednesday with a covered dish dinner and afterwards a film on Alaska.

Billy Black is home for the week from Baylor University. Ellis Medina and Bobby Ray Watkins are home from Sam Houston College at Huntsville for the week with home folks.

Donna Hall, a sophomore band student of Van Vleck and grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. McElrath of Markham, won a place in the all-state band tryouts as alto clarinetist Jan. 17. All members of the all-state band will meet in Galveston Feb. 19-21 for the Texas Music Education's convention.

Visitors for the weekend in the home of Mrs. W. C. Kee were Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Kee and Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Miller of Houston. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Kee honored two of their daughters with a birthday dinner at their home. Honored were Mrs. Mary Kee Farkas and Mrs. Doretta Kee Austin. There were 13 who enjoyed the noon meal together. Other friends called during the afternoon.

Mrs. Doretta Austin and son, Ronnie, returned back to Houston to spend the week with relatives.

Our Community was saddened by the death of Jack Holsworth of Collegeport. He was the son-in-law of Mrs. R. T. Sirmon. Several friends from here attended the funeral services Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Curnutt and daughter, Sara, motored to Wharton Sunday afternoon to visit Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Roddy and daughters.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lamp and two daughters, Vickie and Lynda, of Plainview are here as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack White and family and are thinking of making this their home. We welcome you folks.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 29, 1959

Markham News
By Mrs. T. B Smith

The Tidehaven High School boys and girls basketball teams were hosts Friday night to the Moulton High School boys and girls team. Tidehaven boys won over the visiting team and the Tidehaven girls lost to the Moulton girls.

This was Tidehaven's homecoming game and Kenneth McKissick, a Tidehaven senior, was crowned basketball king and Gavena Kopnicky, also a senior, was crowned queen for the year. Both teams formed a heart on the field during the half.

C. E. Paul was home for the week-end from the Veterans hospital in Houston. He will be there at least two more weeks.

J. T. Ralston has been confined to the hospital in Bay City for several days. He is much improved and will be coming home soon.

A group of friends and neighbors gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Genzer Saturday for a home talent music show.

Little Kay and Buzzie Frick of Apple Springs spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Frick.

The Rev. Hollie Briscoe of Bay City, a student at the seminary at Forth Worth, was guest speaker at the Baptist Church Sunday morning.

Mrs. Jewel Griggs honored her daughter, Susie, with a birthday party at her home Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryan and daughters, Rhonda and Jeanie, were here Thursday to visit homefolks.

Charles Black spent the weekend in Houston.

Mrs. J. T. Frick and Mrs. W. R. Sparks attended the wedding of Miss Batty Jean Henkle at the St. Peter's Catholic Church in Blessing Saturday morning. The ceremony was followed with a dinner at the National Hall at El Maton.

A group of 4-H Club girls attended a box supper at the Service Center in Bay City Saturday night.

Mrs. John Pyles of Brazoria spent the week-end here with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Singed and Ann.

Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Miller of Houston were here over the week-end with their parents.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kee spent last weekend in Houston with his mother, While there Mr. Kee fell and broke several ribs. However, he is much improved and has been released from the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Burchfield spent a few days last week with relatives in Brazoria and Houston. Mrs. Pat Kay Gotcher of Brazoria is a patient in St. Luke's Hospital in Houston. She is Mrs. Burchfield's niece.

Louis Kopnicky Jr. has enrolled at Wharton Junior College for the spring semester. He and his wife and baby daughter have recently moved from Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Ragland and children spent the weekend with friends and relatives in Austin.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Heller and sons were called to Weimar last week because of the sudden death of Mr. Heller's mother.

Mrs. Beatrice Bush of Cuero was a business visitor here Friday with Mrs. Pete Smith.

Mrs. Clyde Weaver of Edna spent one day here last week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hudson.

Bobby Wright enjoyed a birthday party at his home Wednesday afternoon with about 10 of his friends.

A group of friends surprised Mrs. Wanda Simmons one day last week on her birthday by dropping in for cake and coffee.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sifford of Bay City have moved their trailer house to his mother's place here.

Mrs. Flossie Winters accompanied her two sons, Tommy and Carlton, to San Antonio Sunday. The boys have taken physical examinations for the air force.

Mrs. Belton Snider spent last week in Houston with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Snider. She returned home Friday and Miss Glenice Snider and Miss Alyce Marie Sparks of Clemville came home with her for the weekend. The girls are in training at the Robert Jolly School of Nursing.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Lamb and two daughters, who have been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Jack White and family, have gone to Brownsville to make their home.

Mrs. Clara Owens, mother of Mrs. Johnny Rice, died at Baytown last Monday and was buried at the Cedarvale Cemetery Tuesday. Mrs. Owens lived with Mr. and Mrs. Rice at one time.

Mrs. Curtis Foster and two small daughters and Mrs. Lethia Yeager of Santa Maria, Calif., are here for a few weeks with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Perry.

Markham folks were grieved by the death of William F. Denbow of Bay City. He was for a number of years superintendent of the Ohio Oil Company here. He has been retired for some time. His two sons and their families reside at the Ohio field.

Coach Ray Sparks has his boys out on the track field since basketball season is over.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sparks and children of Clemville were business visitors to Pampa a few days last week.

Mrs. Virginia Bryant of El Maton has been visiting with her home folks in Columbia, Miss.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 12, 1959

Markham News
By Mrs. R. B Smith

Markham Elementary School

The second grade of he Markham Elementary School was awarded the first prize for having the largest number of mothers present at the monthly meeting of the P. T. C. Tuesday.

A play centered around George Washington and Abraham Lincoln was presented by three of the grades One of the first grade classes could not put on their play because many of the children were ill with the chicken-pox.

Mrs. Vernie M. King led her third grade class in a song about "Young Abe Lincoln." Several of the third graders read poems and stories related to Abe Lincoln. They were: Cathy LaBeff, Percy Carroll, Sharon Collier, Nancy Krenek, Sonny Care, Nancy Denbow, Candas Harrison, Ruth Ragland, Phil Phillips, Timmie Smith, Brenda Rush, Shelly Simmons, Mike Blumberg [Bloomberg?], and Margaret Hickey.

The Third grade ended their skit with the song, "O, Your Land and My Land,"

The second grade class began their part of the program with their class song, "Yankee Doodle," led by their teacher Mrs. Hazel Roecker. Next was a duet by Gary White and Pat Naiser who sang "February Days." There were several readings in the second grade program. Connie Counth read "Yankee Doddle;" Peggy Stoffer, "George Washington," Elda Flores, Robert Duplissey, Elizabeth Krenek, Irene Dablegott, Freddie Damuth, and James Kana sang.

"What I Want To Be When I Grow Up," was the title of the first graders program.  James Carroll was the master of ceremonies. When he asked each of the children what they wanted to be, here were the replies: Vance Phillips, engineer; Eugene Salas, farmer; Donna Blumberg [Bloomberg], secretary; Edgar Mitchell, cowboy; Joane LaBeff, nurse; Claire Harrison, queen; Joe Krenek, farmer; Raymond Parr, cowboy; Debbie McGennis, dancer; and Glenn Collier, cowboy.

Public School Week will be observed in Markham, March 2-6. All schools in the Tidehaven district will hold open house in recognition of the national event. On Thursday night the P. T. A. will serve cake and coffee at Markham. Each room will be open for parents to visit and there will be a band concert to entertain. This is a good time to visit your school teachers and friends.


The G. A. Girls of the Baptist Church held a "tackey" party at the church Friday, Feb. 20. The primary girls' Sunday school class was invited. Mrs. Bobby Duplissey and Mrs. Arnell Redd were sponsors. Mr. and Mrs. Jack White provided entertainment by showing pictures they had taken at the church.

The WSCS of the Methodist Church had their social and mission program Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Frank Watkins. She was aided by Mrs. Zan McGennis. Mrs. W. F. Jessie was leader and the following were present: Mrs. G. G. Cecial, Mrs. Mildred McGennis, Blanche O'Connor, J. W. Whiddon, Mrs. C. A. Hickey, Mrs. Sam Smith, Mrs. Edna Bryant, Mrs. H. M. Orr and Mrs. J. W. Mohon. Refreshments consisted of sandwiches, cherry tarts with whipped cream, and coffee.

Fellowship night was held Wednesday at the Methodist Church. They had a covered-dish supper and singing afterwards.

Heart Fund

Mrs. C. E. Farthing, chairman of the Clemville Heart Fund campaign, and her assistants, Ann Farthing and D'Ann LaBeff, collected $12 Saturday in the Clemville area. Chairman of the Markham campaign, Mrs. Elmer Denbow and her assistants collected $44.98 Sunday in the Markham area.


Mrs. Joe Tessier honored her daughter, Cathy Dawn, with a party in the Valentine theme. Mrs. Tessier served birthday cake, ice cream and favors to the 38 guests.


Mr. and Mrs. Biggerstaff and two sons of Pierce were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dub Rawlinson.

Mr. and Mrs. Eary Fry have moved to Lockhart and Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Genzer and children have moved to Hallettsville.

Mr. Tom Thigpen of Hallettsville, and his son Earl Thigpen, of Corpus Christi, visited with Mrs. C. W. Kee and Mrs. Mary Farkas Friday.

Mrs. M. S. Watkins and Mrs. Tot Lawhon spent the week-end with friends in Woodville. Mr. Lawhon has returned to his work in Venezuela. Mrs. Lawhon will be leaving soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hickey, Mary and Margaret, spent the week-end with relatives in Alice and Kingsville.

A. B. Huddleston and his children, Allen and Gladys, of Houston, were visitors in Markham Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Henesy of Shreveport, La., were guests of Mrs. G. T. Doman and Miss Mignon Doman Sunday. Mr. J. W. Sartwelle of Houston also visited the Domans Saturday.

Bobby Ray Watkins, from Sam Houston College in Huntsville, visited in Markham during the weekend along with his guest, Richard Bowden of Huntsville. Mr. Watkins is a physical education major.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 26, 1959

Markham News
By Mrs. E. T. Rush

MARKHAM--Ornell Reed was honored at a going-away shower at the home of Mrs. Louise Tessier recently. The shower followed the WMU meeting. Ladies present were: Mrs. Henry Troutman, Mary Singer, Nola Reed, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Neuszer, Wanda Simmons, Mrs. Jack Corman, Mrs. Blumberg, Fay Damuith, Mrs. Billy McWilliams, Fay Smith, Mrs. Kenneth Estep, Mrs. Jim Perry, Carol Dooley, Louise Tessier, and Louise Rush. Mrs. Reed received lovely gifts. She is moving to Francitas when school is out.

Mrs. Marian Robertson gave the senior class a breakfast recently at the Markham Scout Hut.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fleming and sons were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Singer. Mrs. Fleming was Pearline Williams daughter of Johnny Williams.

Mrs. Bill Jones and daughter of Houston were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Mohon Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bohuslav celebrated their 14th anniversary with a fish fry. Mr. and Mrs. A. Frick, Mr. and Mrs. Pier Lee, Debbie Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bohuslav Jr. and Patricia Bohuslav, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sparks and Margie Sparks were guests.

Tidehaven seniors returned Monday afternoon from their trip to Bandera.

Daily Tribune, Mail Box Edition, May 16, 1959

Markham News

Granny McIntosh is in Matagorda General Hospital recuperating from a recent heart attack.

James Slone and Melvin Hopper were guests speakers at the Markham First Baptist Church Sunday.

The Rev. Charles Dooley pastor of the First Baptist Church will be out of town Sunday.

The Baptist Brotherhood will hold its annual family barbecue Saturday night. Serving will begin at 6 p. m.

Daily Tribune, August 28, 1959


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