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Matagorda County Marriages  1833 - 1920
Copied from the Matagorda County Clerk's Office

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For marriages 1933 - 1939 check Book H .

Scans of marriage certificates from Book E are available at Family Search .

To order a copy of a record from these books,
send $1.00 for each record requested and a SASE to:

Matagorda County Clerk
1700 7th Street
Bay City, TX 77414


Matagorda County Marriage Records - Original Copies

1904 - 1930

See index below


Matagorda County Marriage Records

Matagorda County Museum Archives

Abstracted by: Kathleen Tatum

The following original Matagorda County marriage certificates are on file in the Matagorda County Museum archives. This is NOT a complete list of marriages for the years 1904  - 1930. These original marriage certificates were never picked up after they were filed at the courthouse. For a copy of any of the marriage certificates in this file, send $2.00 and a SASE to: Matagorda County Museum, Archives Division - Attention Jennifer Rodgers, 2100 Avenue F, Bay City , TX 77414 .


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