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Matagorda Newspaper Articles

1858 - 1912

Chronicle of the Times, Saturday, March 6, 1858

W. W. McFarlan, Esq. is fully authorized to collect money due this Office, and to receipt for the same

We are authorized to announce W. T. S. COMPTON, as a candidate for re-election to the office of Assessor and Collector, of Matagorda county.
We are authorized to announce JOS. THEALL, as a candidate for re-election to the office of Sheriff, of Matagorda county.
We are authorized to announce J. S. VAN DE GRAFF, Esq., as a candidate for the office of District Attorney, in the First Judicial District, comprising the counties of Brazoria, Matagorda,
Wharton , Colorado , Fayette, Austin and Fort Bend . Election on the first Monday in August next.

We last week paid our respects, for the first time, to our young and flourishing neighbor, Indianola. It is nearly thirty years ago since we first traversed the pleasant white shelled beach where Indianola now looms up in progressive commercial importance, through the energy of its interprising denizens. We were scarcely prepared for the agreeable surprise at the extent and prospective importance of its position as the depot of the great and growing West and the prestige it already occupies in public estimation. It was dark when we wandered on the long wharf, and of course there was little to be seen except illuminated shops, hotels &c. Two steamships from New Orleans with assorted freights and passengers arrived before the morning dawned; creating quite a bustle of business-like activity during the day. They left, however, the same evening leaving the wharf and streets as solemn as a silent Sabbath. But morning again brought on the appearance of busy life, in a train of government wagons from San Antonio .

While the mail contractor, Capt. Collins, was making the Rover ready for our return homeward, the splendid steamer United States , arrived from Lavaca, with a crowd of peerless beauty and gallant men of that ere ilk (sic), on a pleasure trip to Saluria. We had the gratification for a few minutes, only of shaking hands with several friends of other days among whom were the renowned Gen. Simpkins of facetious fame and the veteran steam navigator of our Bay, Capt. Brower. We were pleased with our trip and the growing evidences of prosperity that decorates the shores of our beautiful bay.


     Having permanently located on CANEY, respectfully offers his services to the citizens of the county. From a residence of twenty years in the South, he flatters himself that he will be able to give satisfaction to all who may favor him with their patronage. Residence the place formerly occupied by Dr. Viser.


NOTICE is herby given that John L. Thorp has filed in the Matagorda County Court his final account as Administrator of the Estate of Mary E. Seaborn, deceased, which account will be acted upon at the March Term, 1858, of said Court; when all persons interested are required to appear and contest said account if they see proper.

                                        JAS. H. SELKIRK,

March 6, 1858               Clerk C. C. M. C.



NOTICE is hereby given that Mrs. Julia Howell has filed in the Matagorda County Court her final account as Administrator to the Estate of Samuel A. Howell, deceased, which account will be acted upon at the March Term 1858, of said Court, when all persons interested are required to appear and contest said account if they see proper.

                                        JAS. H. SELKIRK,

March 6, 1858               Clerk C. C. M. C.


Administrator’s Notice.

On the 28th of September, 1857 , the undersigned was appointed by the County Court of Matagorda County , Administrator on the Estate of Edward L. Jones, deceased. All persons having claims against said Estate are hereby notified to present the same, duly authenticated, within the time prescribed by law.                          R. E. STEWART, Administrator.

     January 14th, 1858 .



I HEREBY revoke the Power of Attorney heretofore given to SAMUEL W. HARDEMAN, Esq., of the County of Matagorda , for the sale of a certain Tract of Land on Caney Creek, in said County, being a part of my Headright League.

                             THOS. M. DUKE.

Hynd’s Bay, Refugio County , May 23, 1857 .


The Land—about 800 Acres—is for sale on accommodating terms, for which apply as above, or to                  THOS. H. FORRESTER,

38:tf                               Saluria.



AND DISTRIBUTION.           } Sorsby, deceased.


THE STATE of TEXAS }   In County Court,

County of Matagorda .     }     February Term,

                                                   A.D., 1858.

 The State of Texas to the Sheriff of Matagorda County Greeting :

WHEREAS, THOMAS J. SORSBY, a resident of Greene county, State of Alabama, as Administrator and heir of the Estate of William C. Sorsby, deceased, has filed his petition in the County Court of said Matagorda county, praying, among other things, for a partition of said estate and its distribution among the heirs of said decedent. In which petition he represents that said administration is still open in said Court, that the heirs are non-residents, and that said estate consists of the south half of league of land No. 15, lying west of the Bernard river, in Matagorda county, being the same league that was originally granted by the Mexican Government to Zadock Woods. You are therefore hereby commanded to cite the following named heirs of said William C. Sorsby; deceased, viz. Battle A. Sorsby of Columbus, State of Georgia; John T. Sorsby, of Jackson, State of Mississippi; Stephen S. Sorsby, of Greene county, state of Alabama, and Nicholas T. Sorsby of same place. All of whom, together with petitioner, (said Thos. J. Sorsby,) are represented to be brothers of the full blood of said decedent, and Ann D. Ross, widow of ---------, of Tuscaloosa, state of Alabama, a sister of the full blood; also, Rebecca Whitehead, of Greene county, state of Alabama, mother of said Wm. C. Sorsby, deceased. Also, the children of Alexander W. Sorsby, deceased, a brother of full blood—viz: Ann E. Mims, wife of J. A. Mims, of Dallas county, state of Alabama; Mary E. Bragg, wife of Thos. C. Bragg, of Lownds county, state of Alabama; William A. Sorsby, Greene county, state of Alabama, and Katherine R. Sorsby, of same place; all of whom are represented to be of full age. Also, the following minor children of said Alexander W. Sorsby, deceased, whose guardian is the said Nicholas T. Sorsby, viz: Nicholas C. Sorsby, Amanda J. Sorsby and Virginia H. Sorsby, said minors being residents of Lownds county, state of Alabama; that they and all persons interested in the estate of said William C. Sorsby, deceased, appear at a regular Term of the County Court, for the county of Matagorda, state of Texas, to be holden at the Court-house, in the city of Matagorda, on the last Monday in the month of February next, (A.D. 1858,) then and there to show cause why such partition and distribution should not be made; when and where you will make return of this citation, with your proceedings endorsed thereon.

     (Attest:)           JAS. H. SELKIRK,

                              Clerk C. C., M. C.

          Given under my hand and the seal of said County Court, at Matagorda, this nineteenth day of January, A.D., 1858.   JAS. H. SELKIRK,

                                      Clerk C. C., M. C.

     Issued this 19th day of January, A. D., 1858

                                      JAS. H. SELKIRK,

                                      Clerk C. C., M. C.

     Came to hand January 19, 1858 , and in obedience to the foregoing mandate, I hereby order the same to be published in the Chronicle of the Times for four successive weeks.

                             JOSEPH THEALL,

     Jan. 20th, 1858 .                Sheriff, M.C.


[[Note: William C. Sorsby died in the State of Alabama in the year 1853 and never was married.—Matagorda County Probate Minutes, Feb 18, 1858 , Book C, Pages 378-379.


 Another heavy shower Monday.

Another lawn party for benefit Buckner Orphan Home Wednesday. Please don't come so often.

Oysters are fat, but not salt enough. The finest oyster reefs on the coast are situated in Matagorda Bay . When Bay City gets a railroad this will be a shipping point for oysters.

An informal dance was had at the residence of Mr. E. J. Inglehart on Saturday night--the young people had a pleasant time.

Judge E. S. Rugeley has just returned from voting precincts 2, 3,4 and 5, and from what he says all the people he saw or heard of opposed to Bay City and progress could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Mr. Amos Lee, formerly of this place, but late of Beeville, has arrived and will make his home in this county henceforth.

Mr. H. C. Brown, of Port Lavaca, has just opened a complete line of harness and saddles, etc.

Dr. McNeil, wife and daughter left Wednesday for their home in Victoria .

Prof. E. A. Walker, of Galveston , has arrived to take charge of the public school at this place which opens on the 17th.

Misses Annie and Shirley Rugeley, of Lake Austin , are visiting their aunt, Mrs. H. L. Rugeley.

Miss Eureno Elmore, of Haverly , Tex. , niece of Mrs. H. L. Rugeley, is going to spend the winter here and attend school.

Bay City Breeze, September 13, 1894


       (Too late for last week.)

 H. P. Williams is busy getting his lumber hauled to Bay City .

Steve Hill is slowly recovering from slow fever, and slowly getting around.

Contractor Chas. Baker left for Bay City to begin work on the printing office.

Victor LeTulle and sister, Miss Susie,  are in town, stopping at the Austin house.

Mr. John McNabb has just brought in from his plantation a load of fine watermelons.

Messrs. Jno. Hendle and Willie Ryman, two of Bay City 's rustlers, were in town Wednesday.

Dr. J. O. Dobbins, of Deming's Bridge,  was in town Tuesday, and reports everything doing nicely.

Commissioners Brown and Bowie came in Monday, on call of Judge Rugeley, for special term of Commissioner's Court, Judge Rugeley, however, received a letter from Attorney General, giving his opinion that as Bay City was the county seat all court proceedings, etc., should be held there. Now, Judge Rugeley has made a call for Commissioners to meet special term at Bay City Monday, 15th inst.

The question of navigating the Colorado river is being greatly discussed here. Capt. C. H. Harrison, who is an experienced steam boat river navigator, says that the scheme is entirely practicable, if there is as much as two feet of water in shallowest places in the river.  He has a plan of a stern wheel boat that will carry a hundred bales of cotton on less than two feet of water and that will not cost more than $2,500 to $3,000. Captain Harrison says that he will make soundings of the river from Wharton down, and will make a report that can be relied on. This survey should be made at once, and a stock company organized, if river is found navigable.  

Bay City Breeze, October 11, 1894


 Mr. Ed. O'Nell, of San Antonio , is in the city on a visit to Mr. Wm. E. Austin.

Miss Louise Holt has returned to her home on Caney. She has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Kilbride.

Mrs. W. B. Wadsworth left town this morning on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jno. F. Holt, of "Tangle Wilde," Caney.

The young people spent a very pleasant evening last Friday, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Bruce, in way of a musical and candy pull.

The town is full of drummers this week, and the old city has a business aspect. Everything is full of life and happiness, except the sweaters, who seem to be uneasy and restless ever since Bay City took the lead.       Your ever watchful,


Bay City Breeze, October 11, 1894


 Berg Bros. gin is running tri-weekly.

R. H. Taylor left to-day for Deming's Bridge on a business tour.

Clarance Dietrick has been quite sick with slow fever, he is now recovering.

Schooner "Golden Arrow" left for Galveston Sunday, loaded with cotton.

Mr. W. E. Vaught and daughter, Miss Annie, of Trespalacious are in the city.

Ducks and geese are now plentiful, quite a number have been killed up to date.

Mr. Patrick Kain, one of Matagorda's oldest settlers, died Monday evening at this place.

Sloop "Bay City Breeze" arrived Saturday from Caney with a cargo of corn and cotton.

Lee J. McMahan, drummer for Clark & Courts, Galveston, is stopping at the old Colorado House.

Among the festivities of the week a nice little dance at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Duff.

W. S. Sproles and R. C. Gaines, both prominent lawyers of Brazoria, spent two days in our city last week.

Mr. Conrad Franz, of Bay City, is in town trading for lumber to start his big three-story hotel at Bay City. How's that?

Schooner "Flower of France," Ray Dunbar, captain, arrived Saturday from Galveston with a cargo of general merchandise.

Schooner "Emma Thornton" with a cargo of lumber arrived in port Friday. Forty teams are here and ready to convey the cargo to Bay City.

Old Matagorda is on a big boom, where grass has been growing for the last forty years is now as bare as a floor. Strange faces are seen on our streets. All is push and bustle.

Rev. J. W. Morris and Rob't. Baxter left town Saturday for Trespalacious. Bro. Morris to preach at Ashby Sunday, and Mr. Baxter to buy a bunch of horses.

Bay City Breeze, October 25, 1894

Matagorda Mutterings

Mr. Breeding, of Cuero, and Messrs. Pierce and McClure, of San Antonio, were in town last week and stopped at the Austin House.

It is rumored that our old time citizen Julius Serrill, will soon take unto himself a wife. Long life and prosperity, Julius.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Eidlebach died today at 1:00 o'clock. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community.

There are several cases of slow fever in town.

The little folks had a ball a few days ago at the Odd Fellows Hall. There was a large crowd present. Prof. Coston, assisted by Mr. Moran, furnished the music, the refreshments were elegant and all had a most enjoyable time.

Mrs. Ella Talbot has moved to town and is occupying Mr. Hamilton's house.

A lamp exploded in Clifton Yeamans' oyster parlor Thursday night, but was extinguished before any damage was done.

Saturday Dr. and Mrs. Rugeley entertained a large number of relatives and friends at dinner, the occasion being the doctor's birthday. We wish him many happy returns of the day.

Dr. Williams and Miss Chapman visited our town last Friday.

Miss Angella McNabb, accompanied by Mr. Traylor, left today for Brazoria, having been called to the bedside of her aunt, Miss Mary McNabb who is very ill.

Bay City Breeze, January 24, 1895


C. F. Baker attended lodge at Trespalacios Saturday last.

Conrad Franz was in town past week shaking hands with his many friends.

H. E. Gorden, with Gust Heye & Co., was in town last week soliciting orders.

W. C. and H. P. Williams, the Bay City Butchers, were in town on business one day last week.

Schooner Flower of France, Ray Dunbar master, arrived from Galveston with a cargo of general merchandise.

E. H. Phillips, Wm. Bell and Mr. Ayers all of Lower Caney spent a few days in the city past week.

Dr. Peltons office has been completed by contractors Baker & Huffaker and painting and papering has begun.

Rev. Anderson preached at the M. E. Church last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lord, guests of Rev. Anderson and wife, have been in town for the past day or two.

The young people had several nice little hops at private houses last week.

Bay City Breeze, January 30, 1896

Matagorda Macaroons.

Schooner Flower of France sailed April 29th for Galveston loaded with cotton. Frank Dunbar went on her for a trip.

Schooner Golden Arrow is expected in every day from Galveston.

John Franz informs us he will complete his contract for hauling the lumber for the county bridges this week.

Henry Sullivan, of Victoria, has been in town for the last few days buying cattle.

We understand that John McNabb has sold his yearlings to George Sargent.

We have been informed that Abel Pierce is very low with typhoid fever.

Bay City Breeze, January 14, 1897

Matagorda Macaroons.

Miss Winnie Baker returned home from Houston where he has been attending school.

Geo. Austin spent Sunday in town with his family.

The Marwich will be launched to-day. She has been on the ways some time under going repairs.

Hank Sullivan was in town last week looking after cattle interests.

Matagorda was amused last Friday and Saturday night by a Mexican circus. All were well pleased and the performance is strictly in the bounds of decency and morality.

Chas. O’Brian has bought the sloop Shell Fish.

Bay City Breeze, March 25, 1897

Matagorda Macaroons

Flower of France arrived from Galveston loaded with merchandise on the 16th.

Schooner Golden Arrow sailed for Galveston loaded with cotton.

Frank Dunbar returned on the schooner Flower of France.

Miss Dora Bruce went to Victoria Thursday of last week to do some trading, returning Sunday morning. She was accompanied to Port Lavaca by her father and sister, Miss Fannie.

The blow of Wednesday night the 12th inst. dislodged some twelve or fifteen houses from their foundations in Port Lavaca, fortunately no one was injured.

We enjoyed a most delightful trip to Victoria from Port Lavaca on the lighting express that traverses the distance between those two metropolitan cities. The fascinating feature of the trip was the work train feature we only stopped five times to unload ties. Kind readers you can judge for yourselves how enjoyable the trip must have been.

Bay City Breeze, May 20, 1897

Matagorda Macaroons.

Schooner Mary Lynch arrived September 18th with a full load of lumber.

D. Coston will open an oyster house long side the wharf about Sept. 24th.

Capt. P. N. Harris, of Galveston, was in town a few days last week trying to raise the bonus for the Galveston road.

School was postponed until October 18th on account of sickness of the principal.

Bay City Breeze, September 25, 1897

Matagorda Melange

This being court week, quite a number of our citizens are in Bay City.

F. McC. Robbins was in our city today rustling cotton seed for his fine cattle.

The schooner Essay sailed this afternoon for Port Lavaca, with H. Inglehart still master. I suppose Capt. Baker has not finished collecting yet.

We have had our election on prohibition and vote stood three to one in favor of prohibition. This makes the third election we have had on this question and the result has been in the former elections as it is in this, and it is to be hoped that the question will not be raised again soon.

The Baker-Baxter wedding came off as anticipated last Wednesday. The marriage was at the M. E. Church; Rev. Callaway officiating. After the ceremony a few friends and relatives repaired to the residence of the groom where a bounteous supper awaited them. Ye scribe did not attend, but am told all had a big time. Here are congratulations and best wishes.

On last Friday the sloop "Rattler" came very near having an accident. The Captain it seems had a new man aboard unused to boating, and when he gave him the order to loose the gib halyard and pull on the down haul, the new man got hold of the shrouds and came near dismasting the boat he pulled so hard. And to say the Captain expressed himself very forcibly, in language both concise and to the point, but feebly expresses it. The man in telling his experience to a crowd a little latter said: "I thought Captain was a member of the church."


Matagorda County Tribune, December 10, 1898

Matagorda Melange

The Golden Arrow, Capt. Frank Nolte master, sailed this a. m. for Galveston, with a full load of cotton.

Out little town has been unusually dull the past week, owing to the dreadful weather we have had.

Capt. Sterling rounded up at the wharf with a load of fine Bayou oysters for our oysterman, Jno. H. Berg, yesterday.

Our jovial dentist, Dr. McNeil, and his good wife have been with us for the last ten days, and we are sorry to see them leave this morning for their home at Port Lavaca.

We are glad to see Mr. Walter Stewart again upon the streets. He has been confined to his room for the past ten days by a severe sprain of his ankle, caused by his horse falling down while running cattle.

The schooner Essay has at last arrived. She has been weather bound. She is loaded with Xmas goods for our merchants, such as toys, Christmas presents, and all things good to eat; hence the counter jumpers are all busy this morning opening up their new stocks.


Matagorda County Tribune, December 17, 1898

Matagorda Melange

Mr. Wadsworth, who has been quite unwell for several days, is out again.

The Pierce and Williams outfit lost quite a number of cattle in moving their stock to the peninsula to winter.

Misses Minna Stewart and Katie Sargent will leave about the 1st day of the new year for Dallas, to attend school.

We are certainly glad to have some pretty weather again, and the farmers in this portion of the country have begun work--such as cleaning up and plowing for the next year's crop.

The schooner Essay left this a. m. for Port Lavaca and among her passengers were Mr. Henry Seardeon [Seerden?] and family who go to Lavaca to spend the holidays with the parents of Mrs. Seardon.

C. D. Bruce, is all smiles again; the heavy rains have put plenty of water upon the peninsula where he has a thousand or more cattle. There being a scarcity when he placed them there, they had to depend entirely upon tanks.

There will be a Christmas tree on the night of the 24th, at the I. O. O. F. hall. The Sunday schools of our little town are taking a lively interest in it, and the young folks anticipate a merry time of it next week. And I would not be surprised if The Tribune loses its business manager--for a day or two, at any rate.

Capt. Cookenboo informed your correspondent that about 11 o'clock last night, while out upon his front gallery he saw what seemed to him to be a ship afire, out in the Gulf. Every now and then the glare would disappear, and he thinks that was caused by the ship or boat being in the trough of the sea. But when she would come up the bright light was plainly visible.


Matagorda County Tribune, December 24, 1898

Matagorda Melange

The schooner Essay sailed this morning for Port Lavaca.

The colored people had a masquerade ball, also, last night, and I am told that everything went off nicely.

Our merchants that had toys and presents for sale now have long faces, as they over estimated the demand; hence they have quite an assortment to carry over.

I saw out on our streets today, Ike Towell, Jim Fleury, Max Klein and Lord Yeamans, of Bay City; B. A. Ryman of Big Hill; Jacob Smith of Lower Caney and Jno. F. Holt, of Caney.

B. A. Ryman has employed Prof. Cresap to teach a private school out at Big Hill and I think he has made a wise selection, as the Prof. comes highly recommended as an educator.

Jimplecute made a good guess last week, notwithstanding the arrival of the new press for The Tribune, which required all hands to set up and get in shape for this week's issue, however, I cannot says whether "all hands" include the business manager or not.

Charlie, the oyster drummer, has at last concluded to invest in a time piece, so in the future all oysters will be delivered on time. However you will have to give him a little time to become used to wearing it and giving the time of day when asked. And hope he will not say a quarter to eleven when it is ten forty-five.

Xmas time has come and about gone since my last letter. And Jacob's Ladder was quite a success, everybody had a merry time, especially the children. And the dancing people say they had a very nice time at the ball last evening at the I. O. O. F Hall and they contemplate giving other dances on Wednesday and Friday night nexts.

The Mary E. Lynch arrived in port last Friday with a cargo of lumber for Capt. Cookenboo, but left Sunday morning for old Indianola, without discharging, to assist his nephew, Geo. Raymond, Jr., in raising his schooner, the P. M. Bowie, which he had sunk in Indianola bay. It seems he got upon the old Portland, a wreck in said bay, and knocked quite a hole in her bottom. His cash box, containing &75 was washed over board and lost.


Matagorda County Tribune, December 31, 1898

Matagorda Melange

Sheriff Moore is in our city today, as smiling as ever.

The schooner Essay arrived in port today with freight for our merchants.

On Monday night, the 2nd, the boys gave a dance, at the hall, complimentary to Dr. J. M. Gober and bride.

Jim Phillips has decided to return with the Bruce boys to attend the West Texas Military Academy at San Antonio.

Malcolm's bike has at last arrived and Charlie is consoling himself with the fact that his watch will have more wheels.

Dr. Gober returned last Friday with his bride; and of course he is all smiles and as happy as it is possible for mortal man to be.

The carpenters have resumed work on W. S. Stewart's residence, and when completed it will add much to the appearance of that portion of our city.

The wrecking crew that went down to raise the P. M. Bowie, succeeded in bringing her to Matagorda, and she is now out upon the ways, undergoing repairs.

The Mary E. Lynch, Geo. Raymond master, is discharging her cargo of lumber at the anchorage. And it seems a slow process. The tide is low that it is impossible for the lighters to carry anything like a full load.

W. J. P. was "setting them up" to Jim and Frank Bruce this afternoon, and I think it is intended as hush money. However, your scribe was not invited to have one; so in the future W. J. had better be more careful, or we might let the cat out of the bag.

We have heard, with deep regret and sorrow, of the death of Rev. J. E. Hammond, who, by his sterling worth and Christian character had endeared himself to this community. For the past year or two he had been in feeble health and had visited various places to try to recuperate, and about the middle of November last he went to the town of Uvalde and there, with great patience and without a murmuring word, slowly breathed his last, on December 28th, 1898. He was cared for by kind hands. The burial service was conducted from the church, and the Masons, to a stranger brother, also paid their final tribute of respect. He was in truth one of Nature's noblemen--a true Christian gentleman. He whom he served on earth has called him to higher service above; and the blessed assurance is ours that he has only stepped from darkness into light; from toil and care and suffering into rest and peace.


Matagorda County Tribune, January 7, 1899

Matagorda Melange

F. S. and S. A. Robbins made a flying visit to our town Monday.

Let everybody come to the grand ball at Odd Fellow's Hall next Wednesday night.

Dr. J. M. Gober had a call in Bay City yesterday, in consultation with Dr. Bouldin.

Emmet Lawson and family spent a day or two in our city this week, visiting relatives.

Walter Stewart had to be in the fashion, so he took the grip; hence he was housed up for several days.

Mrs. C. M. Robbins has returned home from Beaumont where she had been on a visit to her son, Rev. F E. Robbins.

J. T. and Geo. Sargent, B. W. Ryman and R. M. Winston are attending the stock convention in Galveston this week.

Dr. Darrett, who has been confined to his room for some time past, on account of sickness, we are glad to note is out again.

Mrs. M. E. Rugeley, of Wharton, accompanied by her two grand sons, Marshal and Archie Elmore, is on a visit to her son, F. L. Rugeley.

Spring gardening has commenced in our town, and I see some very nice patches of cabbage and other vegetables that the cold weather does not hurt.

The season has also opened for the prairie schooner--the covered wagon brigade, to travel around; for there is scarcely a day but what we see from one to three upon our streets.

The farmers should be very proud of the dry north wind that is blowing this morning; for they are very backward in plowing, on account of the wet weather, we have had for the past two weeks or more.

The oyster season seem to be playing out as I see several of the fishermen are out of work, and some of them are catching cat fish for market, for which they can readily get two cents per pound gross.

The irrepressible assessor, Geo. B. Culver, is making his round for the year 1899. And we can undoubtedly ask some of the most impertinent questions. He wants to know of every kind of property a man, woman or child may be possessed of, and even the age of every child, date of birth, sex, color and previous condition of servitude.


Matagorda County Tribune, January 21, 1899

Matagorda Melange

Dr. Burkhead held services at Bay City last Sunday.

F. S. and Uncle Frank Robbins were in our city Monday.

The schooner Myrtle is discharging a cargo of cotton seed today.

The steamboat Bay City will soon be launched and ready for business.

R. M Winston and family, accompanied by Miss Lottie Strickland, attended the so-called, officer's ball.

Notwithstanding the exceeding bad, disagreeable, cold and wet weather, we have had this winter, Dr. Gober says it is distressingly healthy.

Prof. Cresap, from the Big Hill community, was in town last Saturday and is much pleased with his school and the neighborhood generally.

Mr. J. P. Bryan and wife, who had been on a visit to their daughter, Mrs. F. S. Robbins, returned to their home at Quintana, on Monday.

Judge A. C. Burkhart says the Sunday law must be observed in this precinct, and he has notified the merchants and all those that run a club room with a side door and last, but not least, our Tonsorial Artist, to that effect.

The Schooner Golden Arrow, Capt. Frank Nolte, master, arrived in port last Friday with a full load of freight for the merchants of Bay City and this place, and left Monday for Galveston with a load of cotton. And still there are two more loads of the fleecy staple at this port, awaiting transportation.

The ball was quite a success, and all had a nice time, as usual; but it seemed very queer, as it was the county officials' ball, that not a one of them was present. They made themselves very conspicuous by their absence. Quite a number of the young folks from Bay City were present.


Matagorda County Tribune, February 4, 1899

Matagorda Melange

I feel as if the Klondike had moved down upon us. We had sleet and snow last night.

S. A. Robbins is in our city today and says he will return to Houston next week as he has a position offered him which he will take.

I am told that Chas. Nolte has purchased the Baer residence here, and will in the spring put it in thorough repair and move into it.

As the ball is put in motion in the Philippines it is to be hoped that Uncle Sam will continue it until the last Philippino is annihilated or conquered and made to realize that the U. S. is master of the situation.

Gov. Hubbard lectured to a small but very appreciative audience last Friday and Saturday nights, and to say everyone had heard him was highly pleased but feebly expresses it. His subjects were the Southland and Japan and the Orient.

B. A. Ryman, one of our hustling stockmen, has partly contracted for a car load of high grade and full blooded bulls of the Devon, Durham, Holstein and Hereford strains, which he will exchange for cash or other bulls, yearlings, steers or stock cattle.

Capt. Wm. Sterling returned from Rockport last Saturday, where he had been looking after his interest in hog island. He says the club house being erected by Messrs. Green et al., will, when completed, be a magnificent building, if not the finest of the kind on the coast.

On February 1st, a Mr. Neal, of Galveston, who bought the schooner Nettie, of Galveston, that was wrecked upon the Matagorda peninsula, was in our city making arrangements and preparations to get her afloat again. His plan is to place rollers under and roll her to the head of one of the bayous and then float her through the bayou into the bay. He says someone has completely stripped her of rigging and tackle and has taken away all the goods that were aboard at the time the Captain abandoned her. And I am under the impression if the guilty party can be found it will go rather hard with him.


Matagorda County Tribune, February 11, 1899

Matagorda Melange
By Jimplecute

Sheriff Moore and wife spent two or three days in our city this week.

Mrs. C. M. Robbins is on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. F. L. Rugeley.

The schooner Essay departed for Port Lavaca on yesterday evening.

Our oysterman, Jno. H. Berg, received a lot of fine bayou oysters, yesterday.

The cotton acreage will be considerably reduced this year in my part of the county.

Chas. Cookenboo is serving as a grand juror in the United States court at Galveston.

F. S. Robbins and wife are in the city. Fred is on the sick list and is being treated by Dr. J. M. Gober.

The schooner Mary Lynch, George Raymond master, is discharging a cargo of bridge lumber at the wharf to-day.

The farmers in this part of the county are very backward, but did a great deal of work the past week, and some intend planting corn this week.

The schooner Agnes, Christian Jensen master, on her return from Point Isabel, where she had delivered a cargo of lumber and when off the Matagorda peninsula, started a plank in her bow from which she rapidly filled with water and rolled over. The captain and mate succeeded in pulling ashore on the peninsula. Everything a total loss, except what little baggage or wearing apparel they had. This happened on last Friday morning, about 10 o'clock.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 4, 1899

Matagorda Melange
By Jimplecute

Geo. Austin and wife are on a visit to relatives in our town.

Dr. Rugeley, of Bay City, spent several days in our city.

Mrs. Frank Holt, of Caney, is on a visit to friends in our city.

Pierce's crowd are now over on the peninsula moving his cattle.

Wm. L. McCamly, of Bay City, was seen on our streets yesterday.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth, of Hearne, is visiting Mrs. W. B. Wadsworth.

The schooner Golden Arrow has arrived and is now taking on a load of hides.

Ed. Wadsworth, of Hardeman, is spending a while with his brother, W. B. Wadsworth.

Bruce & Holt left this morning for Matagorda peninsula to move their cattle over on this side.

The farmers need rain badly, and I doubt if they will be able to get a stand of cotton till it does rain.

Chas. Nolte, with quite a number of assistants, is hard at work improving his place recently purchased of Mrs. Baer.

Mrs. W. B. Wadsworth has been quite ill for the past week, but we are glad to note that she is beginning to improve.

James Bruce, who was attending Peacock's School for Boys, at San Antonio, returned home a day or two since, with a full fledges case of measles.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 25, 1899

Matagorda Melange
By Jimplecute

Rain is needed badly by farmers and truck gardeners.

Mrs. W. B. Wadsworth continues to improve, slowly.

The oyster season has played out. All of the boats have been laid off.

Another norther on Monday, which dried out what little moisture there was in the ground.

The schooner Golden Arrow sailed last week. She had 45 bales of cotton and nine hundred hides.

Capt. John Duffy and W. A. Arnold are going into the fish business at the head of Matagorda Bay. They will sell their catch at Velasco.

W. S. Stewart and Dr. Gober moved into their new houses on last Monday. Singularly they were married on the same day and commenced keeping house on the same day.

We came near having a fire, Wednesday morning, caused by the burning out of the chimney. The roof caught in two or three places, and but for the prompt action of M. J. Funk, the residence of W. B. Wadsworth would have been destroyed, and probably all of the business portion of the town, as there was a strong wind from the southeast.

Geo. Sargent came very near having quite a serious accident on last Monday. He and his wife were out riding and were driving the pair of imported horses of his father's, when the team became frightened and ran away and came very near throwing them out of the buggy. The only way he could get them stopped was to run them into a pond of water. His wife had to get out and come back to town by some other conveyance and he had to walk in and lead the frantic team, as he dare not try to drive them.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 1, 1899

Matagorda Melange.
By Jimplecute.

Melons and green corn are plentiful.

The Golden Arrow returned from Rockport, Monday.

Mrs. J. W. White, of Bay City, has been visiting here.

The Marowitz is out upon the ways, undergoing repairs.

Mrs. Albert Wilkerson returned home on last Monday even.

Frank Nolte and family are on a visit to friends in Rockport.

Green Stewart and family left on Monday for Mineral Wells.

James Sterry and family, of Lavaca, are visiting in our city, this week.

John McNabb and family have returned after a week's stay in Bay City.

The schooners Flower of France and Lilly Bird left on Tuesday for Galveston.

Mrs. Geo. Austin and family, of Bay City, are visiting in our city, this week.

Cadets James Phillips and Walter Cookenboo are at home spending vacation.

We are glad to report that John Cookenboo, who has been so ill, is up and about.

Geo. B. Culver, the assessor, is in the county's capital, working on the tax rolls for 1899.

The chaser after the eagle, B. A. Ryman, was heard upon streets Tuesday.

Joseph Berg, from the peninsula, has had his store front painted and a nice sign put up.

The schooner I. X. L., Chas. Cookenboo master, took some passengers to Lavaca on Monday.

The life saving station at Saluria having closed on the 1st, Charlie Eidlebach has returned home.

R. H. Traylor and wife, of Bay City, came down Tuesday to attend the wedding of Wm. E. McNabb.

J. A. Lawson returned, yesterday from a ten days visit to Mrs. Jesse Matthews and E. Lawson on Caney.

Capt. J. B. Phillips carried ten thousand pounds of wool to Port Lavaca, last week, which he sold to F. V. Gentry at 8 cents.

The Coquette, R. A Phillips master, sailed for Port Lavaca on Monday, returning next day with a load of ice for W. C. Berg.

The Helena returned on last Saturday, after a week's cruise on the bay. Some of the passengers gave a glowing account of the trip.

Mrs. Frank Seerden and son, John, and Mrs. Butter, have returned from a visit to their brother, Valentine Petrucio, in Karnes county.

John Franz, our butcher, after his outing with the boys in Bay City last week, has commenced butchering again, but looks very tired yet.

The patrons of this post office have petitioned the post office department for a change in the route so that we can get at least two mails a week.

R. M. Winston was in the city recently. He has sold his old buggy and invested in a new one "just large enough for two," and is talking of a trip to the beach.

The B. C. D. C. Co. of Bay City, was certainly blessed with a good water privilege for the privilege for the past fortnight, and the stock in the company ought to be above par.

What has become of the telephone promoters, of Bay City? I did not hear a word of it last week. It begins to look as if it is the 3rd or 4th boom Bay City has had to collapse this year.

So far we had a pleasant, cool summer. A strong trade wind has been blowing steadily, which always makes it healthy here. Sailing parties to the beach are frequent and pleasant.

Carroll, the son of B. A. Ryman, had quite a painful accident yesterday; while riding along the side of a barbwire fence he stuck a barb into his leg near the knee and ripped it open down to the foot.

Capt. Oscar Cook, of the sloop Star, broke his mast off while out at sea. He was rescued and towed into port. The Captain is an old seaman, but is most too fond of carrying sail in windy weather.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 24, 1899


By Jim Plecute.

W. J. Phillips is having his house reshingled.

The parents of Dr. Gober are spending awhile with him.

There is quite a stir among the oyster men getting ready for the season.

J. F. Holt and family, of Caney, spent several days in our city the past week.

Since my last we have had a good rain which has much improved things.

Capt. Thomas Cherry, of the peninsula, is shaking hands with the citizens of our city.

H. K. Ogden and wife who have been spending the summer here have returned to Wharton.

The Essay arrived in port this a.m. from Lavaca with a load of merchandise for our merchants.

John T. Sargent will take his daughter, Katie, back to Dallas to attend school on next Monday.

The Wm. Dunbar, Dee Baxter master, is taking on a load of oysters for F. V. Gentry, of Port Lavaca.

W. B. Wadsworth will take his son Albert to the Llano school and expects to start off with him Monday.

The schooner Mary Lynch, Geo. Raymond master, is discharging a cargo of lumber for Capt. Henry Cookenboo.

Dr. Gober had a hurry call to Kenner's Prairie Monday to see Mr. McKee who is suffering from an attack of black jaundice and is not likely to recover.

I am informed that the oystermen will test the validity of the law requiring a tax of $5 on each pair of tongs. It looks like an imposition to exact the said amount when the state and county do not derive once cent of it. Now where does this money go? The commissioner gets a salary of $1800.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 9, 1899


Schooner Nettie cleared for Port Lavaca Tuesday.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth and Master Albert Wadsworth left the city Tuesday.

B. A. Ryman and family, of Big Hill, spent New Year's with James Williams and family.

Schooner Golden Arrow, Frank Nolte master, cleared for Galveston Tuesday with a cargo of cotton and hides.

Esquire R. H. Traylor and wife are down from Bay City on a visit to the family of Col. John F. McNabb's family.

Old Matagorda was happy Christmas. Everyone put away all cares and worries and enjoyed themselves. Old Matagorda is noted for her hospitality.

Schooner Essay, W. F. McNabb master, cleared for Port Lavaca Tuesday with Miss Mollie Wadsworth, Albert Wadsworth and Walter Cookenboo as passengers.

Walter Cookenboo, son of Capt. Cookenboo of this city, who spent the holidays here with his parents and friends, left Tuesday for San Antonio , where he goes to resume college duties.

Pluto misunderstood things last week or had too much eggnog aboard we don't know which, but he got it into his head some way that the editor of the VISITOR, his type and the devil would take a rest Christmas and not issue any paper, but when we went to the postoffice last Friday we were agreeably surprised for there we found the dear old VISITOR  on time, as usual, and brim full of news.


Weekly Visitor, January 5, 1900

Matagorda Melange
By Jimplecute

E. S. Rugeley of Caney was in our city Tuesday.

Green Stewart and family visited Caney last Saturday.

Capt. Thomp. Gyle was in our city Tuesday morning.

W. S. Stewart and wife are visiting in Wharton this week.

C. F. Baker of Van Vleck spent Sunday with home folks.

Contractor Hatchett paid us a short visit Tuesday morning.

Capt. H. Cookenboo and wife left for Marlin to spend a while.

The schooner Nettie sailed for Port Lavaca Tuesday morning.

M. J. Funk Jr. has accepted a position in a drugstore at San Marcos, Texas.

Mrs. Talbot's private school opened up Monday with quite a good attendance.

Jno. T. Sargent left on the schooner Myrtle for his ranch Tuesday morning.

Mrs. H. W. Law of Algoa accompanied Mr. and Mrs. F. McC. Robbins home last Saturday.

We have several cases of scarlet fever in our city at the present writing; but fortunately it is in a mild form.

Jno. B. Phillips and wife left for Marlin Monday morning, in the hope that the famous hot well will benefit Mrs. Phillip's health.

F. S. Robbins as surveyor and C. Zipprian and C. W. Burkhart are partitioning the Braman and Zipprian lands on the Matagorda peninsula.

A. C. Stewart, J. B. Watkins and Ed Savage having been summoned as jurors in the United States Court at Galveston, left for that city last Friday.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 19, 1900


By Naomi

Little Helen Berg is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. T. F. Carr is visiting her sons at Bay City this week.

The schooner Flower of France is again in port from Galveston.

Fred Gillette spent Sunday in Matagorda with his cousin, Nye Ryman.

Dr. Wm. McCamley of Wharton was in our city Wednesday and Thursday.

Miss Inez Dunbar got in from Bolivar Saturday evening after an absence of several months.

Green Stewart and little daughter, Georgia, went to Bay City Monday and returned Tuesday.

Miss Eloise Rugeley arrived on Saturday evening’s passenger to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Rugeley.

Mrs. A. A. Duffy, who is visiting relatives in El Campo, will find on her return a beautiful brand new piano awaiting her.

E. Sojourner, J. D. Moore and son Leo, and John Bond and wife came in to attend the funeral of little Willie Lee Tuesday.

Mrs. Emory Goodman and babe of Houston are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hill of this place and also recuperating baby’s health.

Misses Eudora and Vera Moore of Port Lavaca ran down to Matagorda Tuesday evening and spent the night with Mrs. Jno. Phillips. From here they went to Ashby.

During the rain squall that came up Monday morning, we are told that a part of the cold storage building belonging to the Matagorda Fish & Oyster Co. was blown down.

Several men who became excited over the oil report from Big Hill came down on Sunday from Bay City to see for themselves. Among them were Walter Williams, Geo. Serrill and Jas. Gibson.

Miss Madge Savage and Arthur Miller celebrated their birthdays last Saturday evening by giving their friends a reception. Ice cream and cake were served and music and conversation were kept up until a late hour.

Two crowds went to the beach Sunday last. John Duffy had charge of the Myrtle and D. Baxter of the Nettie. We did not learn the names of those who went on the Myrtle, but here is a list of those who went on the Nettie: J. R. Hill and wife, Mr. Finklestein and wife, Mrs. E. C. Goodman and child, Miss Susie Hill and two Misses Finklestein, Messrs. Jordan, Goldberg, Lochland, Moss[,] Kelly, Duffy and Duffy, Finklestein and Baxter.

One of the saddest scenes witnessed here for many a day occurred last Tuesday evening when the passenger brought in the remains of little Willie Lee and his broken hearted parents, Amos and Annie Lee of Bay City. They were met at the depot by many sorrowing relatives and sympathizing friends who followed him to his last resting place. All the Sunday school children, many of whom were his playmates, followed two by two to the yard bearing garlands of flowers which they placed on his grave. Rev. C. N. Morton conducted the funeral services. The pall-bearers were Julian Inglehart, Milam Currie, Ed Layton, Murray Elson, Green Savage and Rucks Moberly. What a sweet consolation to know that this darling child is now numbered with the blest and that he is walking hand in hand with his little brother on the other shore, eagerly awaiting the time when papa and mama shall join him in that better land where there is no more parting, sorrow, pain or death.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 26, 1903

Matagorda Items

By Naomi.

Little Sam Lawson is quite ill of typhoid.

Mrs. Acton of Sealy is spending the summer with Mrs. Charlie Bruce.

Mrs. Max Klein will spend the coming week with her aunt, Mrs. Jas. Williams.

Mrs. Dan Moore and little folks came in Tuesday to attend the Williams-Phillips wedding.

The schooner Myrtle and the sloop Mahan are out on the Navidad ways this week for repairs.

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Franz and little grand daughter, Janie Savage, are visiting Mrs. E. Berg.

Mr. Perry, the lightning rod man, is here this week, placing rods on many of the new dwellings.

Miss Edna Moore of Bay City spent a couple of days with her aunt, Mrs. Will Phillips, this week.

Mrs. Jas. Gillette has made her sisters, Mesdames Serrill and Ryman, very happy by paying them a long visit.

Fred McC. Robbins and family, also the elder Mrs. Robbins, were over from Tadmore, shopping Monday.

John Williams of the Beaumont oil fields arrived Thursday and was the guest of his friend, Chas. P. Williams.

Nye Ryman had to go to Houston Thursday to have his eyes treated for the injury by his gun explosion last week.

Miss Delia McNabb went to visit Mrs. Robt. Traylor at Bay City Sunday and is ill, though not seriously, at that place.

Lee Carr accompanied his brother Frank home Tuesday. Charlie Carr has charge of the ice delivery during this absence.

Miss Emma Lewis, Chas. Winstead, Jas. Rugeley and W. R. Franz and little son were among the arrivals Sunday evening.

The entertainment given by the young ladies for the benefit of the cemetery will be Thursday night at the I. O. O. F. hall. We hope it will be a success.

The wedding of Chas. Williams and Miss Daisy Phillips will take place at the home of the bride’s parents Wednesday evening. Particulars in my next.

Mrs. Jesse Matthews of Bay City and Mrs. Sam Robbins of Houston are both at the bedside of Mrs. Green Stewart who is ill of fever. They arrived this week.

Chas. and Fred Smith went to Houston Tuesday morning. Fred will invest in a new hack, while there, to convey passengers from the depot to their stopping places.

Miss Dollie Rugeley was among the arrivals Sunday evening and is the guest of Miss Blanche Inglehart. Miss Dollie is an old Matagordian and has many friends here who are always glad to see her.

Goodwin Sterne and wife and child and Mr. Southwell and wife took a short cruise on the bay last week, leaving Saturday and returning Sunday night. In their wanderings they “took in” the Duffy place on the beach and the Half-Moon lighthouse.

Jacob Smith, another Texas Veteran, passed away at the ripe old age of 84 years, Sunday night, after a lingering illness at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. C. Bruce. He was taken to Kenner for interment in the family burying ground. He leaves a large family to mourn him. They have the sympathy of their friends.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 24, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi

Morgan Smith and Will Burke of Kenner were here Thursday.

Chris Duffy was quite sick a few days ago but is improving now.

A protracted meeting is going on at the Baptist church this week.

Billy Williams is in Matagorda, looking after his Big Hill oil lands.

Harry Raymond and his Uncle Joe Dientsch from Port Lavaca are in town.

Roy Shoultz has quite a neat little home under construction in the east end.

Walter Cookenboo is home from Beaumont on a short visit to his father and sisters.

Conrad Franz is again in our midst, having arrived on the Cane Belt Tuesday evening.

Mr. Southwell and family have taken possession of their pretty residence in the eastern suburbs.

The cemetery is beginning to have quite a respectable appearance since work has begun there.

Geo. Serrill spent several days with his father’s family, having come in the latter part of last week.

Misses Annie and Sadie Williams accompanied Mrs. Geo. Williams to Bay City Tuesday evening.

Several oil men were in Matagorda and at Big Hill this week, among them were Messrs. Lea, Mays, and Lane.

Mrs. Jno. Matthews of Caney came in Wednesday evening to see her daughter, Mrs. E. L. Lawson, and family.

The P. E. Bell fish and oyster company have dissolved partnership, Howard Dunbar having sold his interest to P. E. Bell.

Misses Bessie Austin and Constance Clark of San Antonio are visiting our town and are the guests of Miss Kathryn Sargent.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McNabb went to Bay City Saturday morning to visit, Mrs. McNabb’s sister, Mrs. Amos Lee, indefinitely.

Services at the Baptist church, a ball at the hall and the Willard show divided the crowd Monday night. A good attendance at each.

Some of those from Bay City this week were Mrs. W. R. Franz, Mrs. Geo. Williams and Messrs. Oscar Barber, Jesse Matthews and Frank Carr.

Warren Wilkerson of Hearne came in Monday evening to visit his wife and children who are spending the summer with Mr. W. B. and Miss Mollie Wadsworth.

A number of oil men, about ten in all, were here from up the country Thursday and chartered the Jerome Kearby to take them across the bay where they had a fine time swimming and enjoying themselves as people usually do who go on the bay.

As quarterly conference convened at Lane City last Saturday and Sunday, and it being Rev. C. N. Morton’s regular appointment here, he came down Wednesday instead, but as the train was four hours late, he did not have services ‘til the next evening. He also made some pastoral calls while in the city.

Leon Baer and Wad. McNabb were out sailing on the Essay Tuesday eve, with several young ladies; Mrs. Hez. Law was the chaperone and they all had a jolly time, as usual. Sailing parties never go for anything but a jolly time and are always very fortunate in this vicinity, never meeting with any serious adventures unless it is a rain squall. Nothing like an excursion on the water.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 7, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Pierce Nye of Laredo is visiting this his childhood home.

Jas. Williams received a load of hay from Chris Zipprian of Coulterville Saturday.

Misses Annie and Sadie Williams have returned from Bay City after a week’s absence.

H. D. and J. R. Hall were home from Lane City Saturday and Sunday to see their families.

Waldo Lawson, after spending several weeks here among relatives, will leave tomorrow for Houston.

Mrs. Rudolph Roemer? and two little girls of Elgin are visiting relatives here; they arrived Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Inglehart and Miss Lizzie Phillips boarded the train for Bay City Sunday in order to do some shopping Monday.

The Mahan, John Williams in charge, conveyed Mrs. B. A. Ryman and family and some others to Zipprian bayou Saturday to spend the day.

Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Sargent and Misses Katie Sargent, Constance Clark? And Bessie Austin went to Bay City to attend the ball there Friday night.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ryman? and three daughters, Misses Matie?, Nannie and Julia, are here to spend the balance of the summer. They arrived on the 10th.

Emory Goodman arrived at Matagorda from Houston Saturday afternoon to see his wife and baby who have been visiting Mrs. Goodman’s mother, Mrs. J. R. Hill, for the summer.

Two gentlemen from Ill. were here prospecting Sunday and had W. C. Berg to take them to the Bell place on the peninsula to inspect the lands over there. They contemplate leasing and putting in a truck garden.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dietrich made a flying visit to our town this week, reaching this place Saturday and returning to Lavaca, their home Sunday. Mrs. Mabel George and three children returned to Lavaca with them.

Jno. Sargent honored his daughter’s guests with a moonlight sail Tuesday evening. Mrs. Sargent chaperoned them. Those present were Misses Minna Stewart, Gent Brashear, Bessie Austin, Constance Clark, Eloise Rugeley, Kathryn Sargent, Rena Nolte, Mattie and Arda Talbot, Mrs. Talbot and Waldo Lawson, Leon Baer, Julian Smith, Jas. Bruce, Jim and Julian Inglehart, Walter Cookenboo, Jas. Rugely, Will Wilson and Wad. McNabb.

One of the most delightful sails of the season was enjoyed last Friday evening on the staunch pleasure boat Nettie. At 7:30 all had gathered at the wharf who were going and were soon on board. The sails when spread to the breeze looked like huge white wings, and as soon as the anchor was weighed the boat shot from the quay like an arrow and swiftly sped up the bay, which looked like a vast sheet of silver in the sparkling moonlight “With Jocund song we rode the sparkling foam,” until we were on the last tack when a light lunch, some of the young men so thoughtfully provided, was passed around, followed by a refreshing glass of ice water. We could scarcely realize that it was the hour of midnight when we reached the landing. The happy participants were Miss Imogene Whitfield and sister, Miss King and Misses Dora Bruce, Fannie Nolte, Bert Funk, Eloise Rugeley, Fay Carr, Jessie Serrill, Rena Nolte, and Sophia Currie, and Mesdames Carr, George, Berg and Lawhon; and Messrs. Luke Dial, Will Lawhon, Oran Carter, Geo. Pope, Jas. Inglehart, John Castleton, Charlie and Lee Carr, Jas. Bruce, Pierce Nye and Capt. D. Baxter.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 14, 1903

Matagorda Items.
By Naomi.

Rev. C. N. Morton preached here last Sunday.

The third oil well was started at Big Hill Saturday.

John Cookenboo was in town this week, from Wharton.

M. N. Cain went to Port Lavaca on business this week.

Geo. Burkhart was in Van Vleck on business last Friday and Saturday.

Charles Pritchard spent Sunday in Matagorda, the guest of the Bay View.

Geo. Austin and wife and two little children spent Sunday in Matagorda.

Thursday little Misses Otis and Mertie? Berg went to Bay City to visit friends.

Lee Carr has accepted a position with the electric company at Bay City.

H. H. Serrill took a carload of cattle to Houston last week for the Stewart Bros.

Miss Mary Preddy of Bay City is the guest of Misses Sadie and Annie Williams.

Miss Delia McNabb spent two days in Bay City this week, the guest of Mrs. Amos Lee.

John Berg, accompanied by his little daughter, Lila, visited Bay City Monday and Tuesday.

N. P. Williams came to town on business Saturday and returned to Bay City the same day.

Miss Madye Savage returned from Bay City Friday, where she had been visiting for several days.

The juveniles had a party at the hall Thursday evening; we were told that it was quite a success.

B. A. Ryman, accompanied by his son Nye, made a business trip to Houston and Beaumont last week.

Miss Annie Lowe returned to her home in Bay City, after spending several weeks with Mrs. N. S. Kenedy.

Jesse Raymond went to Houston last week to visit his brother Sam, who is under the doctor’s treatment here. He returned Friday.

Mrs. W. C. Berg and two little children left on the 18th inst. for Beeville, to recuperate her little daughter’s health and also to visit relatives.

Mrs. Ed. Savage went to Bay City the first of the week, and from there she goes to Houston to attend the wedding of her cousin, Miss Dreyling.

Stephen Austin of San Antonio and Miss Annie Jay Hamilton of this place, both grand-children of John T. Sargent, arrived on Monday’s passenger.

Judge Wylie Croom of Wharton and his wife and daughter were in Matagorda last week. This is Judge Croom’s boyhood home and it goes without saying that he enjoyed his visit here.

Fred Smith’s wagonette was filled to overflowing with the fair sex from Wharton and Eagle Lake Saturday, they having come with their escorts and chaperone for an excursion on the bay on the scow IXL. The sail was followed by a ball that night at the hall, in which our young people joined them.

The graders have been improving Matagorda street, or Bluff street as ‘tis usually called, by broadening the street, it having been so badly cut up by the last storm as to be almost impassable. When completed, it will make a beautiful driveway, with the bay spread out before us on one side and the town on the other.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 21, 1903

Matagorda Items.

For some reason unknown to us, our Matagorda correspondent failed to reach us yesterday, and in lieu thereof we condense the following items from the Pilot:

Mrs. Green Stewart is recovering.

John Sutherland visits the oil fields often.

Roy Shoultz is finishing his cosy cottage.

Mrs. Sol. Cleveland is up from a spell of sickness.

G. B. Merriwether, the civil engineer, is in town.

Dr. Scott is ready to let the contract for his new drug store.

Jno. B. Cookenboo will soon move back to Matagorda.

Ed. C. Baker has the contract to erect a derrick at Big Hill.

Mrs. Nora Cook has returned from a visit to Wharton relatives.

Gen. manager Eldridge was down, looking after Cane Belt interests.

C. T. Pritchard is often drawn to Matagorda by special attractions.

Miss Minnie Mayes is down to arrange for opening the free school.

Rev. Father Pfiffer will say mass at St. Francis Chapel next Sunday.

Henry Hill has the contract to build an addition to the Stewart warehouse.

The Cane Belt local now carries passengers between Matagorda and Bay City.

Since the change of schedule, the Cane Belt is getting 50 per cent more passenger traffic.

Big Hill’s newest well is down 280 feet and has struck several gas pockets. Seven wells are under contract.

The Pilot manifests an itching to butt into the newspaper circulation controversy. Too late Professor; it’s over.

Oil men are trying to get the Southwestern telephone company to extend to Matagorda and put in a local exchange.

Geo. Culver is building a cottage on the old court house block and will built a two-story addition to the Bay View Hotel.

S. Billow, leading oil expert of the U. S., has been investigating the Big Hill field for the new company, and he says it is a great oil field.

Misses Addie Castleton, Emma King and Petronia Jackson, all of Sealy, are visiting Mrs. Will Currie and will stop at Bay City to visit Tom Castleton’s family enroute home.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 29, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Rev. Armstrong will preach here Sunday.

Miss Minna Stewart left Saturday for Ennis.

Frank Carr was down from Bay City Monday.

Chas. Smith visited Bay City Thursday on business.

J. E. Fowler and wife and children of Bay City visited in our city Sunday.

Mrs. I. G. Lords of Bay City was the guest of Mrs. T. F. Carr a few days this week.

H. H. Serrill took two car loads of cattle to Houston Thursday for Mr. Wadsworth.

Miss Fay Carr returned home Saturday, after spending a week with relatives in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McNabb and little infant daughter returned home from Bay City Sunday.

Miss Alma Austin is down from Bay City, the guest of her cousins, Misses Jay and Muta Serrill.

A little daughter of Mrs. Stafford was quite sick Monday, but I am glad to note that he has improved.

Mrs. Albert Wilkerson and little daughter of Hearne are here on a visit to W. B. and Miss Mollie Wadsworth.

Mrs. Dan Lewis is here from Monterey, Mexico, visiting her sister and brother, Mrs. Chas. Pope and Oran Carter.

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Berg, will be glad to hear that their little daughter is improving rapidly at Beeville.

Conductor Currie moved his family back to Sealy Saturday, after being with us several months. We regret very much to lose them.

Capt. Ike Towell of the Jerome Kearby was in town this week. While here the Captain, in his own inimitable, skipper-like way, talked wisely of the weather and looked as wise as he talked.

Quite an enjoyable time was had at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Inglehart, Tuesday night. The time was passed away with music and dancing. Those present were Misses Della McNabb, Fay Carr, Susie Hill, Lizzie Phillips, Mrs. Dan Lewis, Messrs. Wad. McNabb, Dee Baxter, Oran Carter, Lee Carr, Walter Cookenboo and Leon Baer.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams treated their young friends to a straw ride to Big Hill Tuesday night, where they surprised the family of Will Zipprian. Dancing and card playing were the main features of the evening, after which refreshments of cake and iced lemonade were served. Those present were as follows: Misses Annie and Sadye Williams, Annie Jay and Marguerite Hamilton, Alma Austin, Jennie Peterson, Jay and Muta Serrill, Messrs. Nye Ryman, Green Savage, Amos Duffy, Julian and Alvin Inglehart, Johnie May and Darwin Williams, Mrs. Willie Williams and two children, with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams as chaperones. They all returned home about 2:30 a. m., declaring such a time was never had before.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 4, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Rev. Morton preached here Sunday.

Alex Benge visited our city Monday.

Mrs. W. R. Franz is visiting in our town.

E. E. White and wife and baby visited Bay City Saturday.

Bro. J. W. Daniel was the guest of Mrs. M. I. Bruce Sunday.

Miss Madie Savage left for Bay City Monday to be absent several days.

Miss Maye Hurst of Venna is here on a visit to her aunt Mrs. Morris Cain.

Misses Ella Hawkins and Ruby Holt are visiting Mrs. J. B. Hawkins this week.

Miss Bertha Funk left Monday for San Marcos to enter the State Normal there.

Miss Minnie Mayes opened her private school Monday with about twenty-five scholars.

Miss Zalie Zipprian of Big Hill was the guest of Mrs. W. S. Williams Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Chas. Baker was down from Bay City Saturday on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Ed. Savage.

Miss Alma Austin returned home Friday, after spending a week in Matagorda with relatives.

John Cookenboo will move his family into the Cain residence this week. We will be glad to have them with us.

The lawn party given for the benefit of the public school was well attended and the sum of $17.00 was realized.

Miss Laura Williams returned home Thursday from Luling and Flatonia where she had been visiting friends for several months.

Mrs. J. H. Berg left Tuesday for Houston to visit her brother Chas. Dietrich for a week. She was accompanied by her two little daughters.

Mrs. O. E. George arrived home Monday from Port Lavaca, on the sloop Dunbar. Her sister, Mrs. Clarence Dietrich, came back with her to make them a short visit.

Miss Eloise Rugeley returned home Tuesday after a long visit to relatives and friends in Wharton. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Brooks and children and Mrs. Rugeley.

Mrs. H. H. Serrill gave a little party last Wednesday night, in honor of her niece, Miss Alma Austin of Bay City. The personnel were: Misses Alma Austin, Sadie Williams, Fay Carr, Susie Hill, Jennie Peterson, and Jessie and Muta Serrill, Messrs. Julian Smith, Jim, Julian and Alvin Inglehart, Lee Carr, Dee Baxter, Amos Duffy, and Green Savage. All report a most pleasant evening.

Miss Madie Savage entertained a few of her friends Saturday night, complementary to Miss Della Watkins. Those present were: Misses Della Watkins, Lonie and Ruth Shoultz, Lorena Nolte, Laura, Annie and Sadie Williams, Zalie Zipprian, and Madie Savage, and Mrs. W. S. Williams, Messrs. Dick Bass, Arthur Miller, Amos Duffy, Julian Inglehart, Lucian Gilmore, Pete Arnold, Oran Carter, Jim Bruce and Green Savage. Cake and ice cream were served and about 11:30 o’clock they all departed, bidding their hostess adieu.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 11, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Dr. Irvin of Wharton is in our town again.

J. B. Hawkins is having his feed store painted this week.

W. C. Allen and J. N. Ryman visited Big Hill Tuesday night.

Mrs. Smith and children from Bay City are visiting in our town.

Mrs. E. Talbot went to Bay City Wednesday returning Thursday.

Roy Shoultz and wife moved into their neat little cottage the first of the week.

Miss Mayes has enrolled several new scholars in her private school this week.

Mrs. Chas. Pope has been very ill for the past week, but latest reports say she is better.

Frank Carr and Mr. Danner of Bay City spent Sunday in Matagorda with T. F. Carr’s family.

Mrs. D. R. Young of Elgin is visiting the family of her father and mother, J. R. Hill and wife.

The ice cream supper given for the benefit of the Baptist church was a success, netting about $25.00.

Miss Madie Savage came home Tuesday from Bay City, where she had been visiting friends and relatives.

Miss Minnie Gottschalk, who has been visiting in Bay City for the past week, came in on Tuesday’s passenger.

Mrs. J. H. Berg and little daughters returned home Saturday from Houston where they have been visiting relatives.

Rev. Jno. Sloan came down from Bay City Saturday and held services here on Sunday morning, returning to Bay City to preach at night.

There will be a lawn party at the I. O. O. F. hall Friday night. The money will go to help paint and repair the school house, which needs it very much.

W. A. Arnold returned home Monday from Cuero, where he has had his little daughter, Katie, under the doctor’s treatment for appendicitis. We are glad to say Katie has entirely recovered.

A party composed of the following gentlemen from Bay City came in on Sunday’s passenger to look at the oil fields and get some fish and oysters. W. H. Williams, George Serrill, A. Ditch, F. Brunner, Lonnie McCallun and W. Louwein. They went to the beach and ate oysters and fish until daylight, and the boys say that the only ones who had brass enough to take a dip in the cool briney deep were McCallun, Williams and Serrill. All of the party returned on the local next morning except Williams, Serrill and McCallum, they going to see the oil field on Big Hill, and returned on the regular passenger train that evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 18, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Rev. Morton will preach here Thursday night.

Chas. Smith moved his father and mother back to Bay City Saturday.

Miss Olivia Yeamans of San Antonio is here, visiting her aunt, Mrs. C. D. Bruce.

G. R. Merriwether and lady are in our city this week, the guests of the Bay View.

Mrs. Whitsitt of Markham, accompanied by her children and sister, Miss May Stucky, visited Mrs. El [Ed?] Baker a few days this week.

Miss Bernice Murray left Sunday for Huntsville to enter the San Houston Normal.

Will Culver and son of League City are here on a visit to his brothers, John and George.

J. J. Herring and wife and child, of Wharton, visited T. F. Carr’s family Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Annie Jay Hamilton left Saturday for Richmond, where she will go to school during the winter.

Misses Andora Mayes and Anna Dunn of Bay City attended the ice cream supper here last Friday night.

Jas. Nye Ryman left Monday for Georgetown, where he will again enter the Southwestern University.

Miss Maye Hurst returned to her home in Venus Saturday, after spending a week with her aunt, Mrs. M. N. Cain.

Frank Carr and family came down from Bay City Saturday to see the home folks. They returned home Monday.

Little Miss Hazel Yelton left for her home in Smithville Saturday. She has been visiting her grandmother for a week.

Miss Grace Mahavia [Mahavier] returned home last week after spending several weeks with her sister, Mrs. Bauer, in Port Lavaca.

Mrs. Amos Lee and children came down from Bay City Friday to visit home folks for a few days. They returned home Tuesday.

Miss Della McNabb went to Bay City Monday, where she met her sister, Mrs. R. H. Traylor, who just got home from Colorado Springs.

On last Thursday night Mrs. J. B. Hawkins entertained quite a number of young people, complimentary to Miss Ella Hawkins, who will leave in a few days for San Antonio to attend school. All report a most enjoyable evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 25, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Mrs. H. Baxter spent Saturday in Bay City.

Miss Eloise Rugeley spent Saturday in Bay City.

Frank Carr made his regular trip down here Monday.

Brother Armstrong will preach here Sunday morning at 11 o’clock.

Eugene Eidlebach and Beau McCain came in on Sunday’s passenger train.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth spent several days on Caney, the guest of Mrs. Holt.

Miss Zallie Zipprian left Monday for Flatonia to attend school and take music.

Miss Addie Zipprian is here from Oil Hill, spending a week with Mrs. B. A. Ryman.

Mrs. J. B. Viano and daughter are here displaying a nice assortment of the latest fall millinery.

Miss Lillle Smith returned home Monday, after spending a month with her cousin in Inez.

George Austin and wife and daughters spent Sunday in Matagorda, with the family of H. H. Serrill.

Mrs. Hez. Law and baby left for Bay City Saturday to make that place her home in the near future.

Miss Kate Bedford came home Friday, after being absent several weeks, visiting relatives and friends in Rockport and Victoria.

John B. Cookenboo of Van Vleck moved his family down to Matagorda Tuesday. They will occupy the Cain residence.

Miss Delia McNabb returned home on the local Saturday night, after spending a week in Bay City with her sister Mrs. R. H. Traylor.

John Sigmond and lady returned to their home in Victoria Monday. They had been here visiting Will Zipprian’s family for several weeks.

Misses Laura and Annie Williams left Wednesday for Bay City, to attend the ball to be given there on Friday night. They will return Sunday.

Among those who attended the balloon ascension at Bay City from this place were:--G. B. Culver and wife and children, J. F. Williams and wife and daughter Sadie, H. H. Serrill and children, B. A. Ryman and two sons, Mrs. Ed Savage and children, Mrs. W. A. Arnold and family, and Miss Minnie Mayes.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 2, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Born to R. J. Baxter and wife Oct. 14, 1903, a son.

The Nettie arrived in port Tuesday from the upper bay.

Miss Fay Carr returned from Bay City on Wednesday’s passenger.

Public school opened Monday with an attendance of seventy-five pupils.

Mrs. Ollie Hatchett and little son spent several days with Mrs. John Berg this week.

F. L. Rugeley went to Wharton this week to see his sister, Mrs. John Blair, who has been ill.

Mrs. H. H. Serrill and family arrived home Tuesday after spending several days in Bay City.

It is said that over two hundred people from here attended the Gentry show at Bay City last Thursday.

Tony Ramey and family of Bay City have moved to the peninsula, where he will engage in truck gardening.

Geo. Burkhart made a short visit home Sunday, arriving at 4 in the morning and returning to Bay City at 3 in the afternoon.

Geo. Zipprian was thrown from his horse Monday. The doctor was called immediately and we suppose he is doing all right, as we have not heard anything to the contrary.

Among those who visited here Tuesday were Fred S. Robbins, Jim Gibson, Dan Hart, Frank Carr and Geo. Austin and family.

Jno. McNabb was called to Bay City Sunday to the bedside of his son Wad., who has an attack of appendicitis. We hope Wad. will soon recover.

Several men came in on Monday’s passenger and tried to get a boat for a sail on the bay, but, failing to get a boat, they returned to the interior on the evening train.

A man of the name of Walker moved his family into the Finklestein building Tuesday. He will have a confectionery downstairs, while his family will occupy the upper story.

Misses Minnie Mayes and Emma Lewis, the two public school teachers, are manifesting much interest in the school, both in teaching the young idea how to shoot and in improving the building. The little edifice looks very neat indeed, since being painted. They have also purchased some new blackboards to add to the interior of the building. This should be greatly appreciated by the parents in this community, especially as these two young teachers have no home ties here whatever.

List of those who attended the Gentry show at Bay City: N. S. Stewart and wife and son, A. C. Stewart and wife and son, Mrs. Green Stewart and two children, Ed Savage and family, H. H. Serrill and family, Geo. Sargent and family, J. T. Sargent and wife and daughter, B. A. Ryman and family, Tom Gove and family, Mrs. W. A. Arnold and family, Chas. Burkhart and family, John Williams and family. E. E. White and family, John Moran and family, John Watkins and family, A. A. Duffy and family, Mrs. Mabel George and children, Mrs. John Berg and family, Mrs. Hamilton and two children, Mrs. W. C. Berg and two children, Roland Inglehart and wife and son, Mrs. Goodwin Sterne and daughter, Jas. Williams and wife and daughter and two sons, Mrs. W. E. Williams and son, Mrs. Chas. Nolte and family, Mrs. E. L. Lawson and two sons, Mrs. A. _ Baxter and daughter and son, Mrs. T. F. Carr and daughter, Albert Bearer and wife, Chas. Williams and wife, J. B. Hawkins and wife, Mrs. A. C. Bruce and daughter, W. E. McNabb and wife, Mrs. E. Talbot and daughter, Mrs. O. Cook and son, Mrs. Dr. Scott and son, Watt Vaughn and wife, Phillip Yeamans and wife, Mrs. Will Bedford and son, Gus Gottschalk and daughters, Mrs. Southwell, Misses Mollie Wadsworth, Blanche Inglehart, Eloise Rugeley, Lizzie Phillips, Florence Zipprian, Dr. Foote, Jas. Phillips, Jno. Franz, Julian Smith, Julian and Alvin Inglehart, Charlie and Lee Carr, Oran Carter, John and Ed Zipprian, Jas. Bruce and John McNabb.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 23, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Next Sunday is Rev. C. N. Morton’s day here.

Green Stewart shipped one car of cattle to Houston Monday.

Arthur Collins and wife are visiting Mrs. C. D. Bruce this week.

Rev. B. W. Story met his regular appointment here last Sunday.

B. A. Ryman branded one thousand head of cattle for Mr. Ward this week.

The serenaders delighted their many young lady friends with some pretty airs Tuesday night.

Roland Inglehart went to Bay City Sunday—we suppose on business—and returned Tuesday.

Little Daisy Cookenboo has been quite ill the past week, but is now improving.

Ed Layton has bought the Bay View hotel, and his estimable mother will take charge immediately.

Last Friday and Saturday evenings the Misses Williams entertained a few of their friends with music.

C. W. Burkhart, Stewart Bros., Sargent & Sargent and Dr. A. M. Pelton are out doing their fall branding this week.

Frank Carr spent a couple of days in our town this week, working for the interest of the Bay City Grocery Co.

Little Miss Leta Carr, who has been spending the past two weeks with relatives at Bay City, returned home Monday.

D. Baxter, Ed Savage, John Castleton, Green Savage and Geo. Pope were on a hunting expedition up the bay the first part of the week.

Four children became sick at school Thursday and had to go home. They were: Allie Lawhon, Eva Walka, Willie Berg and Rugeley Serrill.

Sam Watkins, Sr., met with quite a serious accident when in Bay City last, having slipped down on the railroad track, breaking his collar bone.

Col. G. W. Breckenridge and sister of San Antonio came in on their private car “Fernridge” Saturday and are now cruising around the bay on the yacht Navidad.

Several men started from here to the San Antonio fair and were turned back at Eagle Lake, among them were John Franz, Jas. Williams, John Sterling, Tobe Walker and Amos Duffy.

Though late in the season for sailing parties, a small crowd went over to the beach Tuesday, consisting of Jas. Williams and wife, John Williams and wife and children, Mrs. B. A. Ryman, Mrs. Will Bedford and child, and Mrs. Ed Baker and child. They went on the scow Fearless, and report a most pleasant day.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 30, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Walter Cookenboo is home from Houston on a visit.

Little Ola Gove has been quite sick the past week.

Rucks Moberly came from Beaumont Tuesday for a brief visit.

Mrs. Dr. Simons is visiting Mrs. A. M. Pelton, this week, who is ill.

John Berg now occupies the house vacated by Mrs. E. Layton.

Geo. Burkhart returned from Bay City Sunday, we suppose to stay.

Ed Partain was in our town last week for a few days.

Editor Ladd visited our town Friday and also went to the Big Hill oil field.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Ryman went to Bay City Tuesday on business.

Frank Duffy looks quite pleased about something this week, we wonder what!

Arrivals on Wednesday’s passenger:--Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Merriwether, the Misses Smith, Mrs. Yelton and Alva Cain.

Miss Della McNabb returned home from Bay City Thursday after an absence of several weeks.

Joe Murray, who has been very ill with fever the past week is improving, am glad to state.

Messrs. Statti and Sutherland arrived on [the] local Thursday and went to Big Hill Friday morning.

Miss Jennie Raymond, who had been visiting her aunt at Port Lavaca for several weeks, returned home Monday.

A four-masted ship was seen on the gulf from town Wednesday evening sailing in an easterly direction.

A Baptist minister by the name of Hale is conducting a series of meetings at the Baptist church this week.

The squall Wednesday struck the scow Jesse James abreast of town and tore out the mast. No other damage done.

An oyster supper will be given Friday night by the Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. church for the church improvements.

A Santa Fe special put in an appearance here last Saturday noon. We did not learn whether she came for curiosity or on business.

Wad. McNabb arrived home from Bay City Friday. All his friends are glad to see him looking so well after his recent sick spell.

The Cane Belt had quite a number of passengers Sunday, mostly men, but we could not ascertain who they were. We do know though that they came for a several days excursion on the bay.

Rev. Gates of Weimar surprised his members by coming to fill his appointment here last Friday. He did not intend to surprise them however, having sent word, but somehow they failed to get the word.

The hop at the ball Monday night was enjoyed by every one present. Each one seemed to be in his jolliest mood. The music was fine and all went merry as a wedding bell until the hour of midnight.

Rev. C. N. Morton was among passengers Thursday. He made several pastoral calls while here and preached his last sermon, so all thought before conference, but he was kind enough to promise one more sermon which he will deliver at 11 a. m., on the fifth Sunday in this month.

The public school children have organized a literary society with Miss Jessie Serrill as president, Miss Fannie Nolte vice president, Frank Stribling secretary, John May Williams critic and Misses Sadye Williams and Muta Serrill editors. Their motto is Progression, their colors purple and gold. Every Friday the society will have exercises and we believe they intend arranging their plans so that any one who wishes may attend.

Master Warner Stewart entertained a merry party of little folks at his parents’ home Saturday evening. They romped and played to their hearts’ content until called to the dining room, where they did full justice to the dainties set before them. Each little tot declared they had never enjoyed themselves more. These happy little people were Harry and Sammy Lawson, Stewart and Irene Burkhart, Pierce and Marguerite Hamilton, Mattie Talbot, Marvin Scott, Willie and Helen Berg, Vivian and Josie Sargent and George Stewart.

Two of Matagorda’s society belles were invited to spend the day with Mrs. Sol Cleveland at her handsome home four miles from town last Wednesday. Of course they accepted the invitation, and while there Mrs. Cleveland presented one of the young ladies with a handsome pig. When they started home, nothing would do but this spoiled beauty must have her pet place in the back of the buggy. When half way home, the animal, not liking its close quarters, began to squeal as loud as it could, which frightened Mollie, the horse they were driving. She plunged and reared, kicked out of the harness and turned the buggy nearly over, unseating both the ladies, and when the first young lady jumped up, not the one that owned the pig, she succeeded in quieting the horse, and then looked around for her friend, who was sitting in the midst of a frog pond with poor piggy gently clasped in her arms and calling it by every endearing name imaginable. For the sequel we refer who may be interested to Misses McNabb and Williams.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 6, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Wedding bells are ringing.

Percy Sloan visited Matagorda Sunday.

Green Savage, Sr., visited our town this week.

Chas. Burkhart lost his fine Jersey cow last Monday.

Miss Minnie Mays went to Bay City Friday and returned Sunday.

Little Zuch Serrill is ill with acute Bright’s disease but is improving fast.

Gale Talbot is visiting his relatives, Mrs. E. Talbot and daughter, this week.

Misses Addie and Florence Zipprian were in from Big Hill shopping Thursday.

Jas. Bruce and Chas. Burkhart crossed their cattle to the beach last week.

Mrs. Merriwether’s sister, Mrs. Menifee, came in on Monday’s passenger to visit her for a while.

Passengers from Bay City Thursday; Kirk Moore, Arthur Collins, Will Elkine, Robt. Sisk, and Mrs. B. A. Ryman.

Miss Emma Lewis went to Ashby Friday and spent until Sunday with her parents and sister.

Chas. Carr made a flying visit to Bellville this week, leaving here Thursday and returning Saturday.

Mrs. Will Bedford returned from Bay City Sunday, where she has been visiting for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Moore visited Mrs. Moore’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, this week.

Mrs. Mike O’Connell and son, Allen, and Miss Lonie Shoultz visited Mrs. A. Shoultz Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hunting parties are all the rage now among the men, no less than three or four crowds per week.

Mrs. Jesse Matthews and little daughter, Mollie Belle, came in from Bay City Friday and remained until Sunday.

The oyster supper given by the Ladies’ Aid society of the M. E. church Saturday night netted $15.95

A big dinner is booked for Thanksgiving day here, and the proceeds are to be used for the cemetery.

Col. Breckenridge and sister departed for San Antonio Thursday, having returned Tuesday even from their cruise on the bay.

Thelma, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Baxter, has been ill with chills and fever, but is convalescing.

We made a mistake last week in saying the school literary society would exhibit every Friday. It is every other Friday.

Mrs. Fannie Hamilton left for Richmond Thursday to visit her daughter, Miss Annie Jay, who is attending school at that place.

Willie Allen has been quite ill with la grippe at the home of his aunt, Mrs. B. A. Ryman, the past week, but is on the mend now.

Hon. A. C. Burkhart, Dick Serrill and Mesdames Mabel George, Catherine Williams, Jno. Wheeler and Misses Laura Williams and Addie Zipprian went to Bay City Monday.

Geo. Serrill, accompanied by his aunt, Mrs. Geo. Austin, came to town Sunday to see George’s little sick brother. George remained for a few days but Mrs. Austin returned to Bay City that evening.

The following ladies came in from Eagle Lake Wednesday and rode over the town and left same day: Misses Watson and Eldridge, Mary and Phyme Claiborn and Camille Gordon. We hope they were agreeably impressed with our town.

Fred  Smith bought of Moore & Collins of Bay City last week a handsome buggy and it is a pleasant sight indeed when he harnesses his pretty black pony to this vehicle and with his ever beaming countenance takes a drive through the town.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne entertained a few of her many friends Friday evening. Progressive hearts was the special feature of the entertainment. Wad. McNabb was awarded the first prize while Julian Inglehart was entitled to the booby prize. Refreshments were served of escalloped oysters, olives, sandwiches and lemonade. All report a pleasant evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 13, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Public school opens Monday.

Miss Minnie Mayes made a business visit to Bay City Friday.

Chas. Smith came down from Bay City Friday. We wonder why!

Geo. Serrill came home to visit, Sunday, returning to Bay City Monday.

Bruce McCarty was in our city Sunday riding over the town.

Culver & Culver shipped one car of cattle to Houston Wednesday.

Miss Delia McNabb went to Bay City Monday. Her stay there is indefinite.

Mr. and Mrs. Merriwether are stopping at the Bay View for a couple of weeks.

Mrs. John Sargent and daughter, Miss Kathryn, departed for Houston Saturday.

Dr. A. M. Pelton shipped four cars of calves to St. Louis and two cars of cows to Houston.

Lee Carr went to Bay City Tuesday to assist with the music at the lecture Wednesday.

Robt. Traylor, accompanied by his little son, McNabb, came to see Grandpa McNabb, Sunday.

Mrs. W. C. Berg and two children returned from Beeville and Cuero Friday, after an absence of seven weeks.

H. H. Serrill went to Houston, Friday, with three cars of cattle for C. W. Burkhart, Stewart Bros. and Wadsworth.

John Berg and daughter, Irma, went to Bay City Friday, and returned that evening accompanied by Mr. Berg’s mother.

Matagorda will be almost a silent city Thursday, as nearly everyone in town expects to go to the Gentry Bros.’ show at Bay City.

Goodwin Sterne, John Lords, Tom Kelly, J .R. Hill, H. D. Hill, Dee Baxter and some others went to Palacious City Saturday , returning Monday.

Mrs. Dr. Hooper and two children returned to Port Lavaca, Wednesday, on the “Two Brothers,” after spending a few weeks with Dr. Hooper at this place.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 16, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

(Arrived too late last week.)

W. D. Wilson visited our city Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Jennie Peterson went to Bay City Friday and returned Monday.

Arthur Miller came from Bay City Sunday for a short visit.

Will Carr of Ashby visited the home folks Friday, returning to Ashby Saturday.

John Dunbar and three fair daughters of Big Hill Sundayed in our town.

H. H. Serrill returned from Houston, where he had been on business.

Mr. W. E. McNabb and wife were shopping in Bay City this week.

Misses Jay Serrill and Annie Williams were shopping in Bay City Wednesday and Thursday.

Miss Delia McNabb went to Bay City Friday, expecting to remain there through the Carnival week.

Mrs. Southwell and children of Bay City spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Goodwin Sterne.

J. D. Moore and M. Pennington came in on the local Saturday night for a brief visit.

Dr. R. B. Hooper expects to move his family here from Port Lavaca in the near future.

Floyd Lewis of Ashby spent three or four days with his sister this week, having arrived Saturday.

Rucks Moberly and Miss Lida Baxter will be united in the holy bonds of matrimony Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock.

Mrs. Maurice Pennington came in from Wharton Friday and spent several days with her parents, John Phillips and wife.

Miss Susie Hill went to Bay City Tuesday to spend several days with friends and also to attend the ball.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pope are rejoicing over Miss Pope their daughter who arrived on this terrestrial ball, Nov. 12th, 1903.

Geo. Yansky of Cuero who is visiting at Big Hill and Geo. Evers went to Bay City Monday and returned Tuesday.

Little Miss Lela Carr will leave for Victoria the latter part of this week to enter the Nazareth convent at that place as a student.

Jno. McNabb, Julian Inglehart, D. Baxter, Wad. McNabb and John Sterling were with those who went to Bay City to attend the ball Wednesday.

Capt. D. Baxter with Chas. Carr as mate left on the Nettie for western waters and were gone until Saturday returning that day with a load of oysters.

Mrs. Jas. Williams received a letter from her sister Mrs. Uzzell of Laredo on the 12th inst. stating that nearly all her family were down with yellow fever.

Quite a blustery norther reached this place about 2 o’clock a. m. Tuesday and increased in intensity until by night quite an icy blast swept through the town.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Williams and daughter and son Miss Laura and Darwin went to Bay City Monday—Mr. and Mrs. Williams and son returned Tuesday but Miss Laura remained over for the ball.

Prof. Murray has moved his estimable family to Markham after having spent one year in our midst. They made many friends while here and tis with exceeding regret we see them depart. May prosperity attend them and the “Pilot.”

Miss Minnie Mays had the school house and grounds and pupils photographed by Rice’s assistant photographer of Bay City Thursday evening. Any one wishing for one of those photos can obtain same for a small cost by calling on Miss Mays


Geo. Serrill was in town Monday.

E. L. Lawson went to Bay City Sunday.

Another dance at the hall last Tuesday night.

Miss Laura Williams is on the sick list this week.

Misses L. Williams and B. Inglehart returned from Bay City Monday.

Percy Sloan came to Matagorda Sunday, returning to Bay City the same day.

Rev. G. W. Story preached at the M. E. church Sunday morning and evening.

G. B. Harris of the Bay City Grocery Co., was in Matagorda one day this week.

Miss Rena Nolte visited her friend, Mrs. Dan McClave, at Bay City this week.

Walter Cookenboo has been ill, but we are glad to note that he is up and about again.

A. C. Stewart has been very busy the last few days opening up his Christmas goods.

A. S. Collins and F. Carr were both in from Bay City Tuesday, we presume on business.

Mr. Fred Robbins and wife came from Bay City Saturday and attended church here Sunday.

Charley, Lee and Miss Fay Carr returned from the Bay City Rice Carnival Saturday evening.

W. C. Berg brought a load of horses from the peninsula Sunday for John Wheeler and Ed Partain.

Mrs. John Phillips has been suffering the past week of erysipelas in her face, but is better at his writing.

Next Friday night Elder Gates, the Christian minister of Weimar, will hold services at the M. E. church.

B. A. Ryman is on the beach this week, digging wells in order to move his cattle over before winter weather sets in.

Master Douglass Serrill accompanied his father, H. H. Serrill, to Bay City Saturday. They returned Sunday.

Gene Bruce, on the sloop Liberty, conveyed quite a number of men from the interior to the beach Sunday, returning Monday.

Rev. C. N. Morton will hold divine services here Sunday morning for the last time, perhaps, as his year’s work is over until the Conference convenes.

Mrs. Amos Lee and two children came from Bay City Wednesday to attend the Moberly-Baxter wedding, and will remain until after the Thanksgiving dinner.

Capt. D. Baxter took the following men for a hunt on the bay Saturday, Sunday and Monday: Dr. Ball, Messrs. Joe Lane, Nechardt, Wilkes, Castleman, Myers and Leos.

On the 4th of December there will be an entertainment at the I. O. O. F. hall, the proceeds of which will be used to fit up the library for the public school literary society. We hope everyone who can, will come out.

Mr. Editor, we do not understand why you did not hear from us in time for publication last week; for we assure you the writings were mailed at the usual time. [On account of the Daily Tribune, the weekly went to press twelve hours earlier than usual last week.—Ed.]

Miss Andora Mayes, having attended the Carnival in Bay City, came in to Matagorda Thursday to spend a few days with her sister, Miss Minnie. Her many friends here were glad to welcome her, but regretted that her stay was not longer than three days. She returned to her home at Rosenberg Sunday.

Extensive preparations for a Christmas tree have begun in this place. Although the tree will be at the M. E. church, every denomination is cordially invited to put on presents. Those who desire to do so, will please send in their presents before four o’clock Christmas eve, as nothing will be put on the tree after that hour.

Harry Burkhart, a native born Matagordian, has just returned from the Philippines, where he has been in service the past three and one-half years for Uncle Sam, and it is with much pleasure his old friends welcome him home, to say nothing of the happiness of his parents and other relatives at having him with them once again.

The Ladies’ Guild of the Episcopal church at this place is making big preparations for a bazaar to be held from about the 15th to the 20th of December. There will be a doll booth, candy, and fancy work of every description. Young men, now is your time to buy your sweethearts handsome presents for Christmas, and at the same time help a good cause.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 20, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

B. A. Ryman is crossing cattle to the beach this week.

Harry Burkhart went to Bay City Monday and returned Tuesday.

Rev. C. N. Morton preached his farewell sermon here Sunday morning.

W. C. Williams of Bay City was in town Monday and Tuesday.

Will Williams is having two new rooms added to his residence.

Geo. Sargent and wife attended the Carnival at Houston last week.

Mrs. Jesse Raymond has been quite ill for the past week, but is improving now.

Capt. Wm Sterling went to Bay City on business Sunday and returned Monday.

Mrs. Jas. Williams and daughter, Miss Annie, were shopping in Bay City Monday and Tuesday.

Several members of Mr. Elsen’s family have been indisposed this week, but are getting all right now.

Jas. Williams has sold several acres of Big Hill oil land during the past week at $350 per acre.

The Thanksgiving dinner was quite a success despite the cold weather. The net proceeds were $52.90.

Mrs. Jas. Watkins has just returned from Houston, where she has been visiting her brother, Dr. Will Lunn.

D. Baxter, Mrs. Ed Baker and Miss Susie Hill spent the day at Mrs. Fred McC. Robbins’s Tuesday.

A special was in Sunday evening with quite a large number of men interested in the Big Hill oil fields.

Dr. D. H. Braman and wife of Victoria are here, and are the guests of Charles Burkhart and wife.

We’ve been informed that Editor Will Green of the Bay City Visitor, will soon edit a paper here, which will be called The Echo.

Chas. Burkhart has followed B. A. Ryman’s worthy example by having wells dug this week on the peninsula to water his cattle. His hands went over Monday.

It is hoped that we will soon have a good rain here, as nearly everyone in town is out of drinking water, and many are hauling from the bayou.

Will Arnold will move his family to Bay City very soon. We hear they are to settle there permanently. Their friends here regret very much to have them leave as they are old Matagordians.

R. H. Traylor and wife and two children accompanied Miss Delia McNabb home from Bay City Saturday for a couple of days’ visit to Grandpa. All except Miss Delia returned Monday.

The hunting party out on the bay Friday and Saturday was composed of Messrs. Travis, Harrison, Lane and Lane and Harper. They informed the captain of the Nettie that they had a picnic and thereby won his heart.

The colored people of this place have been strictly “in it” this week as far as religion is concerned, having had a series of sermons at the colored Baptist church, and no less than nine preachers to expound the Gospel to them.

A good old time dance was indulged in by the young people at the hall last Monday night. Instead of the customary two step and waltz they danced quadrilles, the military and seven-step schottisches, the Newport, etc., and had a happy, good time in general.

Some of those who were registered at the Bay View the latter part of the week: W. W. Campbell, Wm. E. Austin and wife, Wm. Cash, J. Sutherland, Bay City; J. L. Davis, Wharton; B. J. Harper, Dallas; H. L. Trammel, W. P. Hamilton, Houston; H. B. Goodrich and wife, Boston, Mass.; H. T. Staiti, Beaumont.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 4, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

George Evers was in from the Hill Monday.

Gus Eidlebach of Flatonia visited relatives at Big Hill this week.

Bean McCain and Stanley Gillette were visiting in our town Sunday.

Miss Sadye Williams went to Bay City Monday to have some dental work done.

Mrs. Dan McClave of St. Louis is visiting the family of Chas. Nolte this week.

Geo. Burkhart went to Bay City Sunday to fill the deputy sheriff’s office there.

Mrs. B. A. Ryman and two little sons spent a couple of days in Bay City this week.

____ Traylor of Dallas is visiting his friend Wad. McNabb, having arrived Monday.

Mrs. Mabel George has returned from Bay City after an absence of three weeks or more.

Miss Ewarda Talbot is expected home from San Antonio to spend the Christmas holidays.

Miss Lillie Smith was hurriedly called to Inez Thursday to the bedside of a very sick relative.

Mrs. S. A. Foote and little daughter left for Wharton Sunday to visit her parents indefinitely.

The Literary Society entertainment on Friday night was very successful, considering the inclement weather. We’ve not learned the particulars.

J. H. Berg has gone back to his old trade of keeping boarders. He can be found at the old Layton house.

Mrs. J. R. Hill leaves Wednesday for Houston, to make an extended visit to her daughter, Mrs. Emory Goodman.

We forgot to mention last week that Mrs. Fred McC. Robbins is in Cuero at the Reuss infirmary for treatment.

We noticed on our streets Sunday and Monday—Will Wilson, Jas. Rugeley, Geo. Serrill, Walter Williams and Jno. Gaines.

The town is thronged daily with men interested in the oil field; so many, in fact, that we find it impossible to keep up with them.

Misses Florence and Addie Zipprian, escorted by their cousin, Gus Eidlebach, were in from the Hill Monday to attend the hop at the hall that night.

Frank Lawson and little daughter Mozelle of Houston came in Friday on a visit to his parents and other relatives. They returned to Houston Sunday.

The Episcopalians have been improving their church by putting in new windows, which are very handsome. We are told there will be a Memorial window among them.

J. G. Adams, the noted temperance lecturer for the second time visited our town Tuesday and lectured at the M. E. church as before. We did not have the pleasure of hearing him.

Dr. J. M. Gober of Beaumont, but formerly of this place, came in from Bay City Sunday evening for a few days’ visit and was heartily welcomed by the many friends he has here. He was accompanied by his nephew-in-law, Mr. Burge.

The bazaar of the Ladies’ Guild of the Episcopal church will be held on the afternoon of the 15th inst. from 2:30 o’clock throughout the evening, and will be followed by a big ball at the I. O. O. F. hall that night. A cordial invitation is extended to all who may care to come.

We promise them a good time.

Guests at the hotels were as follows—Berg House: M. J. Dudding, Kelly Hatchett, Bay City; Fred Sprague, Hugh Ramage, Luling; Sumner Scoggan, Bedford, Ind.; Mr. Hamilton, Houston. At the Bay View, J. Sutherland, J. M. Barrocks, J. H. Alstuy, Wm. E. Austin, W. A. Baker, G. H. Newnom, Bay City; A. C. Morton, Frank B. May, J. G. Rieves, G. A. Harrison, A. C Paul, Judge Hawes, J. H. Denis, W. J. Croom, H. J. Bolton, J. L. Davis, Wharton; J. E. Grace, L. Rogan, M. H. Anderson, A. B. Mayes, Geo. W. Dean, Houston; C. D. Jenal, Jno. W. Roach, Ashby; W. W. Slight, A. M. Lancaster, Dallas; P. M. Lea, Corsicana; Sam Sterne, San Antonio; E. H. Coffin, St. Louis, Mo.; Geo. E. Bickingham, New York; O. W. Williamson, Chicago, Ill.; I. P. Kibbes, Port Lavaca; F. H. Menifee, Edna; J. R. Westmoreland, Eagle Lake.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 11, 1903

Matagorda Items
By Naomi.

E. L. Lawson’s handsome residence is fast nearing completion.

Robt. Emmel has been keeping “bach” during Dr. Scott’s absence.

Abbie Rieves returned from Goliad Friday, accompanied by his family.

Capt. Cookenboo and son Walter returned from the interior Wednesday last.

John Sargent, Weston Bailey and M. McCallup were among the passengers home Tuesday.

Misses Laura and Annie Williams visited Bay City Monday and returned home Tuesday,

Frank Stribling Sr. arrived here last week and we are told he is preparing to move back here.

Robt. Emmel, Charlie Williams and Albert Wadsworth attended the show at Bay City last week.

Billy Williams was in from Bay City for a few days this week. From here he went to the Hill.

Mrs. Hez. Law and child were in from the west side Friday and departed for the interior Saturday.

Tom Gove Jr. and Lige Dunbar were with the Matagorda people who attended the show last week at Bay City.

Big Hill is on the boom now. There will soon be two new hotels erected there for the accommodation of the public.

Misses Addie and Zalie Zipprian of the oil field were in town shopping and visiting friends on last Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne’s sisters, Mesdames Dimalinine and Evans and children departed for their homes last Wednesday.

Our leading dry goods merchants have received some nice dress patterns this week which the ladies would do well to inspect.

Mesdames John Moran, Nora Cook, Annie Good and Evie Watkins went to Bay City Wednesday to be on hand for ____ Wednesday.

[paper torn]

The heavy rain that fell here Tuesday was accompanied by a very strong wind and it seemed to come from no particular direction but from all points.

C. W. Burkhart will leave for the peninsula Saturday to place his cattle there for winter range. He will be conveyed across the bay by W. C. Berg on the Success.

Editor Dickey and lady, J. R. Hill and lady, D. Baxter and lady and Arthur Miller went for a sail on the bay Sunday and they had a most “splendiferous” time, so they say.

Misses Gent Brashear, Delia McNabb, Muta Serrill, Madye Savage, Blanche Inglehart, Mrs. Harold Inglehart, Collins Baxter, Alvin Inglehart, Jas. Williams and two sons and Ed Phillips composed the jolly crowd that attended the show at Bay City on Thursday last.

The ladies and children, to pass a pleasant hour, have been frequenting the wharves of evenings to catch crabs, and they have caught them in abundance, nice, large, and of fine flavor when cooked, but not very fat. However, it is a very pleasant pastime to catch them.

Miss Mary McNabb, while visiting here last week, was very desirous of visiting the oil field, but the first day she attempted going the inclement weather prevented and the following day she was indisposed, but hopes when she visits her again that they will be more successful.

Quite a jolly crowd of ladies and gentlemen from the interior came in on a special Sunday afternoon and immediately repaired to the sloop “Fearless” and took a short sail on the bay, after which they returned to the pavilion, spent a few moments there and then returned to the car to await the departure of the local next morning, which pulled them out from here. Our attempts to find out if they were on a prospecting tour or came just for an outing were unsuccessful.

M. W. Elson’s infant son, while toddling around the yard a few evenings since, was discovered by a member of the family with his face covered with blood. They feared the horse had kicked the little fellow and immediately took him to Dr. Foote and he took a few stitches in a gash on his cheek. Later that evening they found a piece of glass bespattered with blood near where he had been playing, and concluded he had cut himself on that, as the wound looked much more like a cut than a kick.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 28, 1904

Matagorda News.

Matagorda, Texas, August 31.—At the Polander settlement known as St. Francisville, eight miles from Matagorda, some of the families while sitting on the porch enjoying the cool evening air, felt a violent shaking of the earth night before last and thought at once that one of the large tanks at the Big Hill oil field had exploded, but on investigation they found there had been no disturbance, so can attribute it to nothing but a slight earthquake tremor.

The Matagorda people are experiencing one of the hottest summer months known here for years. Everything is parched and dry, and the mosquitoes are bad. There are no pleasant gulf breezes for several days now, but what little wind there is is due north. The spells of rain for a few days seem to have ceased altogether. The rice crops are doing fairly well.

The little daughter of Dr. S. A. Foote, Mollie Laughlin Foote, who had diphtheria about a month ago, is now quite ill with scarlet fever. As that was the only case of diphtheria in the city, so is this the only scarlet fever patient.

Houston Post, September 2, 1906

Jottings by Cymbeline.
Matagorda, Tex. March 27.

J. C. Willis made his usual visit to this place Monday.

Miss Minnie Belle Smith went to Bay City Saturday night.

Freddie Robbins was over from his ranch home this week.

Dr. A. M. Pelton is here from San Antonio, his present home.

Roy Shoultz of Bay City spent the day here last Sunday.

Mrs. Katie Foster of Wharton came in Saturday and visited among her kinsmen until Monday evening.

Mrs. C. M. Robbins and Mr. Frank Robbins are over from the west side attending the meeting this week.

Miss Fannie Nolte has returned home from a prolonged visit to her sister, Mrs. Clarence Dietrich of Port Lavaca.

The Episcopal Sunday school children will enjoy a picnic in the woods during the Eastertide, with their teachers.

Miss Zalie Austin, who accompanied her mother and Mrs. Scott of Bay City last week, remained over until Sunday.

All the stockmen have been crossing their cattle from the beach and islands to the mainland for the past week.

Mrs. Selfridge and little son, who are guests of Mrs. F. L. Rugeley this week, have been ill nearly all the week.

Mrs. Sallie Wilkerson and Mr. Warren Wilkerson arrived from Hearne Saturday for a visit to the Wadsworths, their relatives.

Mrs. Henry Zipprian left Wednesday for a visit to her mother at Angleton, her first visit to the old home since moving to this country.

Mrs. Bart Brashear, who spent several months here with her daughter, Mrs. A. W. McNabb, and other relatives, left Monday for her home at Hearne.

The Methodist Sunday school teachers inform us that the children will have their usual Easter-egg hunt Saturday evening after church in the church yard.

Rev. Jno. Sloan of Bay City was in town as usual Sunday but did not get to complete his reading Sunday night as the lights went out.

Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Robbins returned home Sunday from a brief visit to Houston and Velasco and are taking a deep interest in the protracted meeting in progress here by the Presbyterian minister, Mr. Selfridge.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 29, 1907


Mrs. D. P. Reordan returned from Dallas and Eagle Lake Wednesday.

Mr. Arthur Baer of San Antonio was in town Saturday.

Mrs. H. H. Serrill was quite ill for a few hours last Saturday.

Mrs. R. W. Phillips and family are visiting relatives near Markham this week.

Miss Tenie Holmes of Van Vleck spent the day Sunday with her mother.

Mrs. M. E. Lawson and M. A. Robbins leave Friday for the Jamestown Exposition.

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. McNabb returned Sunday from Hearn and San Antonio.

Mr. Ed Zipprian of Big Hill was in town Saturday.

Miss Daisy Cookenboo of Bay City spent a few days with relatives here this week.

A lot of little folks with Mr. C. N. Burkhart as chaperon enjoyed a delightful hay ride Tuesday night.

Mrs. Clay Moore has gone to La Grange for an indefinite visit to the doctor’s parents.

Mrs. A. A. Duffy and daughter, Miss Lucile are visiting Mrs. A. M. Pelton of San Antonio this week.

Mrs. M. J. Bruce and Miss Inez Kain are spending the week at the Gulf View hotel.

Lamar George and his sister, Allie, are here from Glen Flora on a visit to their grandparents.

Mr. W. A. ____’s two little daughters, Ethel and Nona, accompanied Mrs. Rudolf Kleska on a visit to her parents from Bay City.

Mrs. E. C. Baker, Mrs. A. E. Baxter, Mrs. J. F. Williams and Mrs. V. J. D. Holmes all went to Bay City Thursday to join the excursionists to Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. ___ Doubek and Mr. Roland Rugeley, with the Misses Hawkins, arrived here on the ____ing train and immediately embarked for the Gulf View hotel on the sloop Hard Times.

Those from Bay City to pass through town enroute to the Gulf View hotel Friday were Messrs. Tony Castleton, Thomas Haynes, George T. _____, Roy Shoultz and their families and Mr. Harry Haynes and wife of Bellville, making up a party of twenty-five.

Mr. and Mrs. William Gore left this week for a cruise on the bay on the sloop Alice, which will travel as far as Port Lavaca. They had as their guests on the voyage Miss Rudolf Roe___ and two daughters of Elgin.

Mrs. J. ___ and two boys and Dr. Simons and wife and children of Bay City came down and went over to the Gulf View hotel Sunday [even]ing. Mrs. Carr returned to Matagorda Tuesday and divided a few days in visiting Miss J. M. Serrill and Mrs. Will Berg after which they all three returned to the hotel and spent the balance of the week.

Houston Post, June 30, 1907


Mrs. J. A. Bruce is ill this week.

Mr. R. J. Serrill was a passenger to Bay City Sunday.

Mr. John Sterling and bride left for the interior Wednesday evening.

Mrs. H. P. Baxter returned home Saturday from a pleasant visit to Galveston.

Mr. J. E. Savage made the county capital a flying visit this week.

Mrs. Gus Byars left Sunday to join her husband in their new home at Markham.

Grandmother Culver is in town from Bay City visiting her son, Mr. G. B. Culver and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins returned home Tuesday from a visit to their children at Markham.

Mr. O. R. Moberley returned home Wednesday from a visit to his father and brothers of Beaumont and Orange.

Mrs. C. F. Baker of Bay City visited her sister, Mrs. E. J. Savage, for several days this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams went to Lockhart Sunday to attend the Christian church revival in progress there.

Mr. Fred Vogg and family have moved here from Bay City to spend the fall and winter months.

Little Miss Josie Sargent returned home Sunday from a delightful visit to her friend and former playmate, Miss Orma Elson of El Campo.

Mrs. Sims Foster returned to her home at Bay City Thursday from a two weeks’ sojourn at the Gulfview hotel.

Mrs. G. W. Thornhill’s little baby daughter, Lila, aged 2 years, celebrated the anniversary with a birthday party this week.

Mr. J. H. Inglehart and wife of Bay City spent the day with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Inglehart, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Shoultz are home after a long sojourn with their married children at Bay City and Van Vleck.

Mr. Emory Goodman of Houston Heights joined his family Friday at the Gulfview hotel, they having preceded him there several weeks ago.

Mr. J. B. Cookenboo and family arrived in Matagorda Monday from Bay City and were joined by relatives for several days’ outing on the gulf.

Messrs. C. P. and W. E. Williams and Mr. Albert Wadsworth went to Palacios on the sloop Fearless Friday to mingle with the excursion crowd from the neighboring towns that night.

Baby Annie Dora Hawkins had several baby friends spend the evening with her on her birthday and it goes without saying that they enjoyed the evening to the utmost, as they engaged in innocent pastimes so dear to the hearts of children.

Houston Post, August 18, 1907


Mrs. C. W. Burkhart entertained with high five Friday evening.

Mr. Ed Zipprian of Big Hill made his usual visit to Matagorda Sunday.

Messrs. E. Freyetet and T. Bedford are attending court at Bay City this week.

Mr. Earl Mahavier returned home Thursday from his outing at Beeville and Victoria.

Messrs. J. C. Franz and E. R. Inglehart left Saturday for Galveston to attend Federal court.

Dr. Clay Moore went across the river to Markham on business via Bay City.

Mrs. J. F. Williams and Mrs. A. E. Baxter visited relatives at the Big Hill settlement yesterday.

Mr. George Jenske of Cuero is here this week visiting relatives. This is Mr. Jenske’s birthplace.

Mr. J. F. Williams returned from Lockhart Saturday, where he spent a few days with his daughters.

Mr. C. W. Burkhart went to Victoria Thursday and will not return home until after attending United States court at Galveston.

Mrs. Jack Ellerkamp has at last begun to improve from a serious sick spell which began two weeks ago.

Miss Alpha Duffy spent several days with her cousin, Mrs. J. E. Simons of Bay City, last week. She returned home Sunday.

Mrs. Robbin Haley and two children of Bay City were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. Harding, her uncle and aunt, Sunday.

Stewart, Irene and Lawrence—C. W. Burkhart’s bright little family—were all detained from school by slight illness this week.

Rev. John Sloan was in town Sunday and although a blustery norther was on, he had a good congregation in the forenoon and in the evening.

Miss Addie Zipprian, who has been home since New Year’s for a little holiday, returned to Bay City Sunday. Her sister, Miss Florence, accompanied her for a couple of weeks’ stay there.

Mrs. Gus Gottschalk returned home from a few days’ visit at Wadsworth on Monday. She accompanied her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gilmore, to their new home.

Mr. H. Beakley of Coleman and Mr. Funston of St. Louis came to Matagorda Friday and after chartering a boat, the Janet, they purchased about $25 worth of groceries and launched forth on the bay for a good hunt.

By previous arrangement several ladies formed a party Tuesday evening and rushed in on Mrs. S. J. Ellis, giving her a birthday surprise. They took several baskets of “goodies” with them and a very happy evening was spent, the hostess being the most pleased of all, for it is truly sweet to be remembered.

Mr. George Burkhart could not stand the confines of the deputy sheriff’s office, so returned home from Bay City Monday by the advice of a physician His health is much impaired, but it is hoped by his many friends that he will soon be his old self again.

The most important social event on docket at present is the coming valentine party to be at the home of Mrs. T. J Hamilton on February 14 and planned by the young ladies of this city. They will leave no stone unturned to make the affair a grand success and, of course, it will be, for when do young ladies ever fall when they set out to accomplish an object?

Miss Reba Rugeley was the ringleader of a “dove party” at her parents’ home Friday evening. Part of the evening was spent in dancing by music from a phonograph and of course they were a merry crowd and had a merry time. Mr. Maynard Rugeley was the only young man present and he was a necessity, as the young ladies needed him for an escort when the home-going time came.

Houston Post, January 19, 1908


Master Carroll Ryman returned to the Allen academy at Bryan Saturday.

Mr. Collins Baxter is at home from Galveston after several months of absence.

Mrs. Jack Ellerkamp has joined her husband at Bellville, their present home.

Mrs. George Sargent entertained the Social club Wednesday, but the reporter of club failed to send us an account of it.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McNabb and little daughter, Aenone, have returned home from a week’s visit to relatives there.

Mrs. Rudolf Kleska, after spending several days with her parents, has returned to her home at Bay City.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth is at Van Vleck this week recuperating her health and visiting friends at the same time.

Mrs. A. A. Duffy and son and daughter returned home Thursday from a visit of a few days at Sealy.

Mrs. J. F. Williams visited friends at Bay City and her daughter at Markham for several days this week.

Mrs. H. D. Hill and little son, Everett, spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hill the past week, returning to Bay City Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Southwell of San Antonio, while on their way to Palacios, stopped over in Matagorda for several days, visiting their sister, Mrs. Goodwin Sterne, the past week.

Mr. George Burkhart and Miss C. C. Burkhart left for Victoria Monday evening, where they will spend a while before proceeding to San Antonio, where Mr. Burkhart goes in search of health.

What’s this? An invitation. Whom for? You. Who wants me? Matagorda girls. What for? Valentine party. When? February 14, 1908. Where? Mrs. Hamilton’s parlors. What time? Eight o’clock. The above invitations are the cutest ever and was the introduction of the valentine party. The hour being set for 8 o’clock, most of the guests arrived simultaneously, only a few laggards; yet while waiting on them witty conversation flowed freely. The mistresses of ceremonies, Miss Marguerite Hamilton, Miss Hamilton and Miss Inglehart, also furnished some brilliant instrumental music. The decorations of the two parlors were entirely of pink hearts, pot plants and evergreen. The window draperies represented one large heart made up of a legion of small hearts, while from the four corners of each room garlands of pink hearts were caught up in the center of the ceiling and held in place by a large heart pierced with an arrow. The opening of the program was a musical contest. Miss Marguerite Hamilton passed to each young man a white heart with crimson pencils suspended with a card of the same color, and to each young lady a white heart with white ribbon and pencil, at the same time informing them that this was the “first act.” Miss Annie Jay Hamilton took her place at the piano which was the signal to “get busy,” and they did in the gayest of moods. Misses Reba Rugeley, Carroll Ryman and Johnie May Williams tied for the prize, a box of chocolate candy, for guessing correctly the greatest number of pieces, and after cutting for same Miss Rugeley found herself the owner of the candy, but very generously passed it among the guests. “Just for fun” a great iron pot was placed near the folding doors and every one bidden to write a description of him or herself and throw in the vessel, after which they were stirred up and drawn out one by one and read aloud, the guests having the privilege of guessing of whom the description was. It can be imagined that this provoked much merriment and lots of guessing. Herewith are a couple of examples: “I’m fat and fair, and have yellow hair. My eyes are gray, sox very gay. I go to school, but it is not what I choose and ‘cheese it’ is the word I use.” Second: “I have big feet and a sister sweet, but I hope to have another, for I have an older brother.” When they had all been read several vocal pieces were rendered by several young ladies. Miss Hamilton accompanying them on the piano. This part of the evening’s amusement was enjoyed as much as any other feature. After the music the boys were all banished to the hall except one, he was blindfolded and a young lady kneeling before him recited in sepulchral tones:

“Unto you I bring a heart,
Still untouched by Cupid’s dart.
If the owner’s name you now can guess,
Unto her your love confess.”

Should he fail to recognize the first voice, the girls continued to come forward until he did, and then he was made free and bidden to tell her a story. In like manner each boy was shown in, until their voices made the rooms buzz as they each tried to tell the favored young lady the story. This also made lots of fun. I believe this was termed “love confessions.” Following this, a bunch of hearts with streamers of red and white were held up high and each guest invited to draw a fortune, the boys taking the hearts with crimson streamers and the girls drawing those with the white. These were also read aloud to the guests, and a couple of the “fortunes’ ran thus:

“You’ll marry a preacher, to your mother’s delight;
You and he shall have many a fight.
For you will want to go to plays,
While he stays at home and prays.”

“Beware of women with red hair;
They will make your life a long nightmare.
But when you’re old.
You’ll have the gold.”

And many more similar, which were ludicrous in the extreme. A bunch of divided hearts were then scattered to the four winds and a wild scramble ensued, the boys and girls matching the quotations, in this way finding a companion for a visit to the dining room. The doors were then thrown open and each couple passed through to their places, admiring the beautifully trimmed table as they did so. The table was in snowy white, dotted profusely with crimson hearts, a large cut-glass vase occupying the center, with tall evergreen nodding gracefully above it. Crimson draperies were caught up in the center from the four corners of the table, which when the lights were thrown on presented a gorgeous scene. On handsome china dinner plates were served chicken salad on lettuce leaves, olives, pickles and buttered sandwiches. The sandwiches were tied with the predominating colors--red and white—the napkins being pink and white, and red and white heart-shaped gems, and silver cake with hot chocolate.

Immediately on returning from the dining room the first table of couples played some popular schoolday games while waiting for the others. In the northwest parlor a profusion of evergreen was banked in a pretty heap. Upon drawing nearer and looking down one beheld his own image reflected from this mysterious invention, and at once guessed that it was a fish pond and something delightful was yet in store for them. After everyone had reassembled in the parlors, each one was told to fish, and they, one at a time, drew form its “cooling depths” a lovely valentine, sprinkled with flowers and love verses. The heart hunt, which a valentine party is never complete without, was then begun, and how the rooms rang with laughter and good nature predominated as they scrambled for the hearts, looking in every nook and corner until they were sure they had found them all. After they were counted, Miss Ruby Savage, who had found the greatest number, was presented with the novel, Macaria. “Home, Sweet Home,: was then played soft and low by Miss Inglehart, which caused the closing of the valentine party by the Matagorda girls for 1908.

It only lacked a few moments of 12 o’clock when all stood hooded and cloaked, ready to say adieu, when the lady of the house said: “I’m sorry to have you all leave us,” and it is certain every one present echoed her sentiments, for they surely were having the time of their lives, and there was not a dull moment during the whole evening’s enjoyment. The young ladies who gave the party were Misses Althea Millican, Vivian Sargent, Marguerite Hamilton, Winnie Harding, Ruby Savage, Imogene Inglehart, Bertha Nolte, Reba Rugeley, Muta Serrill, Lula and Althea Duffy, Mattye Phillips, and the boys to participate were Cecil Millican, John May Williams, Tom Gove, Carroll and Bowie Ryman, Norman Savage, Willie Berg, Douglas Serrill, Albert Nolte, Maynard and Sambo Rugeley, Leslie Duffy, Harry Lawson. Others enjoying that evening’s pleasure were Misses Goldie Locklin, Jessie May Serrill, Annie Jay Hamilton and Fannie Nolte, Mrs. T. J. Hamilton and Mrs. Will Berg.

Houston Post, February 23, 1908


H. H. Serrill was an outward-bound passenger to Bay City Wednesday evening.

Friday night the oyster supper by the Cemetery association left in that treasury $37.

J. F. Williams made one of his frequent business trips to Bay City Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Gus Byars arrived today from Markham and will visit Mrs. J. F. Williams for several weeks.

The basket ball team reorganized here some time since and is doing some diligent practicing for the coming season.

Sam Raymond of Port Lavaca is here on a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Raymond.

Mrs. J. F. Williams had Mrs. Bert Brashear to 4 o’clock luncheon Tuesday afternoon. They spent a couple of pleasant hours in converse.

Mrs. J. R. Hill returned from Bay City Thursday, where she spent the past week with her son, H. D. Hill, and family.

Mrs. Will Watkins and babies and little Miss Willie Gottschalk are spending the week at Wadsworth with Mrs. Watkins sister, Mrs. Clarence Gilmore.

Johnnie May Williams has accepted a position with his brother-in-law, R. C. Emmel of Lockhart. He departed for that place Friday.

The next Methodist mite meeting comes off Friday night at the residence of Mrs. B. A. Ryman. A good program will be put before the audience.

W. B. Wadsworth is so far improved from his recent sick spell that his nurse takes him out every day in his invalid chair. His sister, Miss Wadsworth, who has been on the Caney recuperating from grip, returned home Tuesday.

Miss Jennie Peterson, who was so ill a couple of weeks ago at San Antonio, came to Matagorda Thursday to recuperate her health, and is the guest of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Ryman. Her many friends are happy over her recovery.

E. S. Daniels and his estimable wife and children and his sister, Miss Carrie Daniels, left by water for Palacios, where they will spend the summer months and perhaps they will remain there permanently.

Rev. John Sloan was here from Bay City Sunday. When the afternoon services were concluded at the Episcopal church he repaired to the house of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Phillips and baptized three infants, viz., Dorothy Elinor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Inglehart; John Maurice, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Pennington, and Leonard Civil, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Inglehart. Rev. Mr. Selfridge also preached here Sunday.

A George Washington card party claimed the attention of the High Five club Thursday evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Lawson. This was an open card party, which allowed the husbands and beaux of the fair sex to be present, the club being composed of both married and single ladies. The parlor decorations were suggestive of the father of our country. The Stars and Stripes adorned the room and the curtains were held in place with small crimson hatchets. The score cards represented the head of George Washington, and after playing progressive high five for a few hours the tables were cleared and a delightful and palatable luncheon in keeping with the decorations were served on them, after which the merry guests dispersed. Their report is that they had a grand time.

Houston Post, March 1, 1908


J. Fleury of Blessing is spending the week in Matagorda.

Miss Viola Gove visited relatives at Wadsworth Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Norton were in from Big Hill Wednesday doing some shopping.

H. E. Cookenboo of Wharton, with his son, Elwood, spent the day here Sunday with Mr. Cookenboo’s father and sisters.

Mrs. F. P. Hamilton spent several days at Bay City this week with her father, J. T. Sargent, and family.

D. P. Reordan returned home Monday, but left Mrs. Reordan and little Bertha Bailey for a longer visit at Eagle Lake.

Mrs. W. J. Phillips and younger children left Monday for a visit to her brother, John Wendell, and family of Abilene.

Rev. John Sloan filled his regular appointment here Sunday, but Rev. A. S. Whitehurst failed to put in his appearance.

Mrs. W. E. Bedford and children, visited her mother and sisters at Bay City this week for several days. They returned home Tuesday.

It is quite an every day occurrence now for Matagorda folks to go dewberry gathering and usually they make up a picnic party, which helps the time to pass pleasantly as well as profitably.

Tuesday night several young people were invited to participate in a moonlight drive complimentary to Miss Katy May Gillette of Palacios. A chaperon was provided and they had a jolly time. Miss Gillette left for her home Wednesday.

Bright and early Wednesday morning there was quite a gathering of folks to accompany Mrs. J. F. Williams on a basket picnic up the river. They embarked on the Fearless and the affair was gotten up in honor of Mrs. Williams’ birthday. Those who attended report a jolly time.

Mrs. Joe Schindler is ill, and all four of her little ones have the measles. They have just returned from abroad. It is hoped they will all be well soon. Mrs. Schindler is organist in the Methodist Episcopal church, and is much missed from the musical circle.

Tuesday night A. W. Wadsworth took advantage of the beautiful moonlight night and asked a few of his friends to go with him for a sail on the river. When they came to a pretty spot on the bank the ladies begged to go ashore and of course the steersman gallantly acquiesced and the party was surprised with a delicious luncheon which the ladies had smuggled aboard the launch. After that came more delightful sailing and the night was far spent when they at last turned their faces homeward. Among them were W. E. Williams and wife, Miss Annie Jay Hamilton, D. P. Reordan and Albert Wadsworth.

Houston Post, April 12, 1908


Mrs. D. P. Reordan went to Irvins Siding Saturday for a few days’ visit with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zipprian were visitors from the Big Hill oil field Monday.

Johnie May Williams and Norman Savage went to Bay City Saturday evening returning Sunday.

Miss Eloise Lane of Lane City arrived here Sunday and is the guest of Miss Reba Rugeley.

Mrs. C. F. Baker and daughter returned to their home at Bay City Monday after several weeks stay here.

L. D. Parker and wife are off for a jaunt in the State of Illinois, their old home for a few weeks.

Miss Alice Lipscomb of Temple, who visited her cousin, Mrs. D. P. Reordan, last fall, is again in our midst.

Miss Florence Zipprian, who has been the guest of Mrs. Coward of Houston for some weeks, has returned home.

Mrs. Jim Mayfield of Van Vleck, who was the guest of Miss Wadsworth for a day or so this week, returned home Tuesday.

Albert Wilkerson returned to his home at Bryan Tuesday, leaving his wife here for a longer visit to their aunt, Miss Wadsworth.

Mrs. Amos Lee and son Austin returned to their home at Bay City Monday after several days of visiting among the home folks.

Miss Jennie Peterson spent a couple of days with her sister in Galveston last week, after which visit she returned home to stay.

Mrs. Jesse Matthews and Miss Mollie Belle Matthews of Bay City visited Mrs. M. E. Lawson the first of the week. Mrs. Matthews returned home Monday, leaving her daughter for a round of visits among her friends here.

Miss Dorothy Dickenson, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J. N. Ryman of this place, left for her home at Rusk Saturday evening.

The Cemetery association met at the home of Mrs. W. C. Berg Tuesday evening, and transacted some little business they had on hand. Next month they will meet with Mrs. C. D. Bruce.

The popular game of forty-two was played until a late hour at the residence of Mrs. F. P. Hamilton Monday night by a number of young people.

Miss Carrie Daniels, who has been visiting Mrs. Morgan Smith for the last ten days, left for Bryan Wednesday, where she will be the guest of Mrs. Temple Lide.

Rev. W. H. Long of Bellville, Rev. C. E. Garrett of Glen Flora, Mrs. Amos Lee and Mrs. C. F. Baker of Bay City were the guests of Mrs. W. C. Berg for 6 o’clock tea Friday evening.

Miss Pink Smith, who has been at Inez, returned home Thursday, accompanied by her sisters, Mrs. B. F. Thompson.

Dr. H. L. Rugeley was in town from Bay City Friday and had with him his sister, Mrs. Sarah Haupt, and his niece, Mrs. W. Barbee, both of San Marcos.

Miss Annie Jay Hamilton, who has been on a tour through Mexico with a party of friends, returned home Sunday after an absence of a couple of months.

A. H. Wadsworth and his guests, Albert Wilkerson and wife of Bryan and Miss Weeden of Austin went to Palacios Friday evening to revel in the balmy bay breezes there for a day. They returned to this place Sunday.

A crowd of Lane City folks passed through town Friday afternoon en route to Ben-Hur beach. Among them were Tom Lane and daughter, Miss Eloise Lane, and Mrs. Lane’s little son.

Quite a large crowd was outward bound from this place Monday, some coming from Ben-Hur beach. Those returning to Bay City were Mrs. John Sloan and niece, Dr. E. E. Scott and family, S. S. Moore and wife, W. E. Austin and wife, Mrs. Addie Phillips and children and N. McCamly and family.

A surprise party was tendered Norman Savage on his seventeenth birthday Friday evening by his mother. The guests were Miss Carrie Daniel of Palacios, Misses Muta Serrill, Reba Rugeley, Vivian Sargent, Lucile Duffy, Viola Gove, Merle and Irma Berg, Winnie Harding, Marguerite Hamilton, Ruby Savage, Bertha Lee Nolte, Jessie May Serrill, Imogene Inglehart of Matagorda, Miss Beulah Culver of Bay City and Miss Dorothy Dickinson of Rusk. Messrs. Maynard Rugeley, Leslie Duffy, Collins Baxter, Johnie May Williams, Carroll and Bowie Ryman, Henry Gottschalk, Tom Gove, Douglas Serrill and the honoree—Norman Savage.

“Rebecca’s Triumph” will be presented to the public by home talent in a few weeks. Mrs. Goodwin Sterne, who understands thoroughly how to instruct amateurs, is manager of the play and the people are expecting a rare treat, although the play has been presented here twice before several years ago.

Houston Post, August 2, 1908


Mrs. E. J. Savage and two younger children returned home from Bellville Saturday noon.

Mrs. Ed Layton and Roy Traylor returned home Monday from the fair at San Antonio.

Mrs. D. P. Reordan and pretty little Miss Bertha Bailey Reordan are visiting relatives at Bay City.

Mrs. H. P. Baxter is in Bay City this week visiting her sister, Mrs. Walter Martin.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parris will entertain Friday night in honor of their first wedding anniversary.

Mrs. Clarence Gilmore of Wadsworth is spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gottschalk.

Mrs. W. E. McNabb and little daughters are visiting Mrs. Amos Lee of Bay City this week.

Mrs. J. F. Williams went to Markham Wednesday evening to visit her daughter, Mrs. Gus Byars, who is ill.

Miss Vera Bates returned to her home at Bay City Friday evening and made her usual trip to her music class here again Monday.

Mrs. Green Stewart opened her doors to the Forty-two club Saturday afternoon and showed her guests a delightful evening. The club prize, a pearl belt buckle, was awarded Mrs. D. F. Reordan for being the best forty-two player, and Mrs. Morgan Smith received for the guest prize a pair of silk hose. Mrs. C. W. Burkhart got for her evening’s work the booby. Chicken salad, pickles, crackers and hot chocolate were served.

Houston Post, October 11, 1908


Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Ryman returned home Wednesday from Rusk.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parris are visiting in Lockhart this week.

Miss Imogene Inglehart attended the ball at Bay City Christmas night.

Mrs. M. A. Savage and Mrs. C. A. Harris visited E. J. Savage and family Sunday.

Mrs. J. B. Cookenboo and family of Bay City are the guests of Mrs. George Sargent this week.

Mrs. C. F. Baker and little daughter Eunice of Bay City spent Sunday with her son, E. C. Baker and family.

J. D. Moore and family of the county capital visited Mr. and Mrs. John B. Phillips Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. John Wheeler of Palacios arrived here Sunday for a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Dunbar.

Clarence Gilmore and wife of Wadsworth were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gottschalk Christmas day.

Brown Watkins and family of Watkins Ferry were here with the E. J. Savage family Christmas Day.

Mrs. J. H. Ellerkamp and Miss Ruby Savage came from Bellville Thursday to spend Christmas with their parents.

Mrs. M. E. Lawson returned home Sunday after an absence of several weeks with friends at Kyle.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kleska of Buckeye spent the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Inglehart, Mrs. Kleska's parents.

Mrs. Amelia Bedford is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Walter Martin of Bay City.

Mr. Emmet L. Lawson and two sons, Harry and Sam, left Tuesday for a visit to Mrs. Lawson's parents at Caney.

Miss Inez Dunbar and two little Wheeler boys from Palacios spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. William Dunbar.

The Christmas festivities here wound up with a ball at the Odd Fellows' hall.

Mrs. John Byars of Markham arrived here Tuesday for a visit with her parents.

Little Miss Beth Phillips had a Christmas party at her parents' home Wednesday evening.

Mrs. Rudolf Roemer of Elgin, who is visiting at this place, and Miss Viola Gore are Bay City visitors Sunday, returning here Tuesday.

H. D. Hill and wife and their son Everett came from Bay City Christmas Day and spent until Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hill.

A crowd of Christmas revelers had a jolly time at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parris Saturday playing high five and forty-two.

Captain Clarence Dietrich and wife and little niece Allie George, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dierlam and child came over from Port Lavaca last Wednesday and are visiting relatives in this city.

Mrs. Amos Lee and her two sons of Bay City are visiting relatives here.

Mrs. Elizabeth Baxter, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bedford and children, V. Mahavier, Mr. and Mrs. Will Berg and son were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Baker for Christmas Day.

Mrs. Green Stewart and daughter, Mrs. A. A. Duffy and daughter, A. W. McNabb and wife, Dr. C. Moore, Mrs. F. P. Hamilton and son and daughter, Mrs. E. C. Baker and son, Mrs. Will Berg, Bowie Ryman and A. H. Wadsworth attended "The Clansman" at Bay City on the 23d of December.

Misses Jessie May and Muta Serrill were at home Tuesday evening, December 29. High five was played. The affair was complimentary to Miss Margurite Hamilton, Miss Sargent and Miss Rugeley. Miss Fannie Nolte secured the lady's prize, Miss Otis Berg the booby. Jack Daspit won the gentleman's prize, while J. D Moberley received the consolation. Luncheon was served. Dancing was indulged in until the midnight hour.

Houston Post, January 3, 1909


Alvin Inglehart is spending this week taking the census of this precinct.

Arthur and Eric Culver are both on the sick list this week.

Sydney Pearson and family of Bay City Sundayed with Mrs. F. P. Hamilton and family.

Work is progressing nicely on the artesian well for the Lorino Bros. ice plant.

Misses Muta Serrill and Bessie Pate escorted by Bowie Ryman went to Wadsworth Saturday, dewberry gathering.

Sheriff Amos Lee and Judge Holman of Bay City were in town Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs. M. E. Lawson is having erected on her premises a neat and commodious buggy house.

The Cemetery Association met and transacted its monthly business affairs at the home of Mrs. W. S. Stewart, Tuesday evening.

The Mothers' Club purchased from the Jesse French company of Austin last week a handsome upright piano which will be rented for public purposes.

Miss Lucile Duffy will accompany her mother, who is on her way to Houston, as far as Bay City and from there she will go to Palacios to visit relatives.

Miss Bessie Howard came over from the R. McC. Robbins place Friday evening and visited with Miss Imogene Inglehart until Sunday.

A Mexican band from Houston furnished music for the dancers at the pavilion Friday night and the winds and waves kept time with the tripping feet as the revelers glided over the ball room floor. They've pronounced this even the ball of the early summer season.

Mrs. A. A. Duffy, Mrs. Wm. B. Gove, Miss Jessie May Serrill, leave for Houston today, Wednesday, as delegates from Matagorda Hive No. 48, Ladies of the Maccabees, to the district rally at Houston Friday and Saturday.

Darwin and J. M. Williams, Julian, Alvin and Cecil Inglehart, Green and Norman Savage, Otto Middlebrook, Joe Pennington, Albert Gove, Arthur Sterry, Hugh Gott, Allen Trahan and Gober Serrill made up the party that visited Wadsworth Sunday, their object to play ball with that team. No reports have been made.

Misses Vivian Sargent and Marguerite Hamilton accompanied Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Poole to Blessing by the auto route to attend the dance there Friday night. Their intentions were to visit the neighboring towns on the west side but business recalled Mr. Poole home, thereby cutting their visit short. They report a splendid trip despite their disappointment.

The beautiful home of Mrs. Jim Nye Ryman presented a merry scene Friday afternoon as the 42's began to assemble for their bi-monthly meeting. The ever charming and gracious hostess and the evening's pleasures began with sweet strains of music on the handsome Baby Grand piano by different ones until all the guests had arrived, then tally cards were passed and progressive "42" engaged the attention of the assemblage for an hour and a half, the hostess then calling time. The dominoes were removed, dainty covers spread and delicious refreshments of cake, cream and grape juice brought forth to console those who lost out and to subdue the successful ones. If one wants to have a jolly time, never refuse an invitation from Mrs. Ryman. The guests present besides the club members were Mesdames E. C. Baker, F. L. Rugeley, W. E. McNabb, W. C. Berg; Misses Mattie Wadsworth, Imogene Inglehart and Irma Berg.

About twenty five friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Inglehart were the promoters of a delightful surprise party to them Wednesday evening, the occasion being their crystal wedding anniversary. To make the surprise complete the guests met at the home of Mrs. W. C. Berg and went in a body to the residence of the pair, laden with crystal ware and good things to eat, including a wedding cake. When the party approached the house Mrs. Inglehart met them at the door and said "where in the world are you going," and they replied "we're coming to the wedding." The couple were perfectly delighted and gave their friends a hearty reception. The "intruders" took charge of the house and the evening was spent in merry games and gay speeches until the shadows of the serene moon-lit night began to lengthen and the "bride and groom" were invited to lead the way to the dining room where they found spread on a beautiful drawn work table cloth cover, palatable viands fit to grace any wedding table. The center piece was of handsome drawn work, topped with an exquisite bride's bouquet, a gift from one of the guests. Toasts were given and good wishes for many happy returns of the day, and as the guests departed, the happy couple expressed their appreciation of the pleasant evening furnished them and said they wished they could have a wedding anniversary every day if they were all made as delightful for them as this one was.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 29, 1910


Miss Mollie Baker is quite sick this week.

Mrs. G. B. Culver and little girl are back home from San Marcos.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Duke were in town from Big Hill Friday visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Ryman visited their old home at Big Hill last Monday evening.

Mrs. J. A. Bruce went to Bay City Monday to pay her friend, Mrs. Dan McClave, a short visit.

Mrs. A. A. Duffy and young daughter, Miss ____, were Bay City visitors Friday. They returned home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Temple Lide are here from Bryan visiting Mrs. Lide’s sister, Mrs. Morgan Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gottschalk are at the old ranch home near Big Hill gathering plums? this week.

The young ladies and young gentlemen enjoyed a delightful party at the home of Miss Bertha Nolte Friday evening.

Mrs. J. F. Williams and little granddaughter Louise went to Markham Monday evening to visit Mrs. Williams’ daughter, Mrs. Gus Byars.

Mrs. E. C. Baker and little son Calvin returned to Bay City Friday evening after a pleasant visit to the home folks here.

Mrs. A. E. Baxter left for Bay City Monday from which place she will proceed to San Antonio for her health, which at the present time is not of the best.

Mrs. Green Stewart was the first member to entertain the Card club since Lent. She entertained last Thursday and after so long a rest the reunion was enjoyed by the members.

Miss Pink Smith, who is in a very poor state of health, left for Inez Sunday where she will get her sister, Mrs. B. F. Thompson to accompany her to some interior health resort not yet decided upon.

The little daughter of Mrs. Chester Rugeley, who is visiting here, was quite ill Sunday night, her fever running so high that it threw her into spasms and frightened the inmates of the F. L. Rugeley home very much. She is much improved at this writing.

Captain J. W. Moore of the United States army arrived here Tuesday for a brief visit to his brother Dr. Clay Moore and family Wednesday evening. The doctor’s wife and two sons? left for La Grange, the home of the Captain and also that of his parents, Judge L. W. Moore and wife.

Houston Post, May 3, 1908


Mrs. D. P. Reordan and babe returned home from abroad Monday.

Miss Beulah Culver of Wadsworth visited relatives here this week.

Mrs. Gus Byars of Markham is visiting her parents here this week.

Mrs. Joe Parris arrived from Lockhart Saturday for a visit to this, her old home.

Mrs. Cora Stewart of Bay City spent the night with her friend, Miss M. Wadsworth Tuesday.

The Cemetery association met at the home of Mrs. J. F. Williams Wednesday evening and transacted considerable business.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ellerkamp and baby spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Savage Tuesday.

Mr. Dan Lewis and wife and child of San Antonio are visiting relatives in this city this week.

Mrs. A. A. Duffy had as her guests Tuesday, the day of the barbecue, Misses Lockman and Solomon of Sealy.

An informal hop was enjoyed at the Independent Order of Odd Fellows hall Wednesday evening. Music was furnished by the Matagorda string band.

The Misses Millican were surprised Saturday night by a bevy of young people, and as usual every one spent a jolly evening.

A party of young people enjoyed a hay ride to Big Hill and back home Tuesday night with Mrs. W. E. Williams for chaperon.

Mr. Sydney Pearson and family of San Antonio are visiting in the home of Mrs. T. J. Hamilton, Mrs. Pearson’s sister, of this place.

H. E. Cookenboo and family of Wharton and J. B. Cookenboo and family of Bay City took advantage of the excursion train Tuesday and visited near relatives here.

Mrs. M. J. Funk returns to her home at San Marcos this afternoon, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. A. C. Brice, who will spend part of the summer with her.

Mrs. R. C. Emnel of Lockhart arrived here Wednesday on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams.

Mrs. Zuber and little girl returned to their home at Eagle Lake Wednesday after several days’ visit to Mrs. J. F. Williams.

Captain Clarence Dietrich of the M. S. Mahon, a pleasure schooner of Port Lavaca, and his wife came over from that town Monday to join the excursionists to the beach, and the captain kindly took a boatload of passengers for the Matagorda boats.

Some of those to attend the barbecue and day on the gulf beach Tuesday were Dr. Scott and son, Dr. Simons and family, Mrs. George Austin and daughters, Dick Lewis and Misses Emma and Lettie Lewis and mother, Mrs. Will Green and son, Sheriff Lee and family, James Miller and sister, Miss Lillie Miller, Mrs. John Thompson and little daughters, Mrs. Crockett and son, C. F. Baker and sons and Mrs. Dan McClare, Mrs. Fred Brunner, Os Howard and sister, the Misses Hawkins, D. C. Laurentz and wife, Mr. Capps and wife and daughter, Miss Roberta Capps, George Serrill, Kraft Eidman and brother, Dr. Parker and son, J. D. Moore, Charles Schaedel, Miss Irbin, Miss Bowman, Miss Zipprian, Mr. Vest and wife, Miss Annie Boney, Mrs. Walker and family, J. B. Cookenboo and family of Bay City, Mrs. H. S. Baxter, Messrs. Walter and Stonie Baxter of Houston, Mrs. Trumbell and daughters and Mrs. George Kilbride of Van Vleck, Mrs. Alvin Williams of Blessing, Mrs. George Byars of Markham, H. E. Cookenboo and family of Wharton. The excursionists were estimated to be about 1000. The following was the program by the National Rice Growers’ band: waltz, “Thelma;” two-step, “Salute to Ben-Hur;” waltz, “Queen of Roses;” two-step, “Heroes of Luzon;” waltz, “Life’s Golden Hours;” two-step, “Washington Times;” waltz, “Mariposa;” two-step, “Sixth Battalion;” waltz, “Wild Flowers;” “Home Sweet Home.”

Houston Post, May 31, 1908


Mrs. Gus Byars returned to her home at Markham Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gottschalk and little girls are spending the week at their old ranch home at Big Hill.

Mrs. Joe Parris left for her home at Lockhart Saturday afternoon after a delightful visit of a week with her parents.

Miss Vera Moore, who has been visiting her friend, Mrs. H. P. Baxter, returned to Bay City, her home, Friday evening.

Mrs. Dr. Giese of Forth Worth, who came to comfort her sister, Mrs. Wilson Eterne, in her sad bereavement, has returned home.

Miss Katie Arnold and little sister, Blanche of Bay City are visiting in the home of their grandparents of this place this week.

Miss Pink Smith, who left here for her health a few weeks ago, is still at Inez and is rapidly recovering, to the gratification of relatives and friends.

Miss Bertha Lee Nolte accompanied her sister, Mrs. Clarence Dietrich, and her husband on their return to their home at Port Lavaca Friday.

Mrs. Weston Bailey and two little girls arrived here Saturday from Glen Flora for a couple of weeks’ visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nolte and other relatives.

Mrs. J. F. Williams treated her married daughters, who have been visiting her, to a sail on the bay Friday evening. They sailed as far as Tiger island and enjoyed a fish and oyster fry before returning home.

Mr. and Mrs. Coward and son, Ross Coward, passed through town Tuesday evening en route to Houston, their home, from Big Hill. Miss Florence Zipprian went with them as their guest and will visit them indefinitely.

Surprise parties are getting to be an every day occurrence Friday night Miss Muta Serrill was visited by a dozen or more friends. Saturday night Miss Marguerite Hamilton was treated likewise and Monday evening Warner Stewart was called on to entertain.

Mrs. H. P. Baxter entertained Thursday evening in honor of her guest, Miss Vera Moore of Bay City, at their pretty little cottage home in the east end of town. In one room those of the guests who wished to, played high five, while in the main parlor bright conversation and music flowed freely. Delicious cake and ice cream was passed among the guests and was so palatable that most of the guests received a second helping.

Houston Post, June 7, 1908


Mrs. James R. Hill, who was on the sick list the past week, is recovering.

Mrs. B. F. Thompson of Inez visited her father, Mr. Frank Smith, of this place this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne were called to Victoria to relatives, who are critically ill there, this week.

Mrs. E. J. Savage of this place visited Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Savage at their ranch home this week.

Mrs. George Austin and Mrs. Vendolin Doubek were in Matagorda Monday, the guests of Mrs. H. H. Serrill.

Mrs. Gus Byars of Markham was the guest of her mother, Mrs. J. F. Williams, for a few days this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Ryman and Mrs. B. A. Ryman of Matagorda visited Bay City Saturday evening in the Ryman tourist car and returned to Matagorda that evening.

A sail was given on the sloop Index Tuesday evening by Mrs. H. P. Baxter complimentary to a number of her friends. As there was a light wind they did not attempt to go to Ben-Hur Beach, but enjoyed a few hours sailing over the bay with the bright moon for a guide. They returned home at a late hour tired but happy.

Mrs. J. C. Tolman has returned to her home in Wharton.

Mrs. Mae Noyes of El Campo has been spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Norris.

Mrs. Jasper Smalley and children are visiting in the interior.

Mrs. Wetherall has returned to her home in Cuero.

Mrs. W. C. Best is at home from a visit to Waco.

Houston Post, April 11, 1909


Miss Reba Rugeley will arrive from Thursday from the Texas Presbyterian college at Milford.

E. R. Inglehart and little son visited the county capital Sunday and Monday.

Miss Althea Millican went to Bay City Thursday to visit her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Cochran Willis.

Mrs. W. B. Gore went to Palacios Saturday evening to be with her sister, Mrs. Ed Hudson, who was ill at that place and died.

Mrs. A. C. Burkhart returned home Friday after a visit to her son, Attorney H. G Burkhart of Bay City.

Mrs. Robidoux, who has been ill for several weeks, is still very low of typhoid fever and shows little or no improvement.

Miss Marguerite Hamilton returned home Saturday from St. Mary's at San Antonio for the vacation months.

Mrs. J. P. Parris and Miss Louise Williams, who have been visiting Mrs. Gus Byars of Markham, arrived home Saturday noon.

Miss C. C. Burkhart departed Monday for Kerrville to be with her brother, George Burkhart.

Dr. Clay Moore will take his sister Miss Annie Dunbar, who has been ill for some weeks, to Galveston Friday. Miss Corinne Millican will accompany them.

Houston Post, June 6, 1909


Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Robbins departed Tuesday for a visit to East Texas.

Mrs. A. C. Burkhart and Miss C. C. Burkhart were Bay City visitors Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Glen Reaser and baby of Bay City were in town for a few days this week.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne had the members of the High-Five club for her guests Thursday evening.

The Cemetery association met with Miss Mollie Wadsworth, the vice president, Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Joe Schindler gave a sail Friday evening, complimentary to her visiting brother, Mr. Willie of Cuero.

Mrs. M. C. Robbins was over from the west side Sunday to attend services conducted by Rev. L. E. Selfridge.

Mrs. J. P. Parris went to Palacios the latter part of the week to remain with her husband during the normal school term there.

Mrs. J. F. Williams was met at Bay City by her husband Saturday on her return from Markham, where she had been spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Gus Byars.

C. N. Partain arrived here from Beeville Thursday and spent a couple of days with is family. He went to Bay City Sunday to visit relatives there and was joined by his family Tuesday, they continuing their homeward journey Wednesday morning. Mrs. Will Berg accompanied Mrs. Partain as far as Bay City.

Houston Post, July 4, 1909


Mrs. Henry Zipprian, who has just returned from Angleton, has been quite sick for a few days, but is improving.

Mrs. T. W. Davidson of Marshall arrived here Wednesday for a long visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burkhart.

Mr. Charlie French of Victoria is in the city paying his devotions to his daughter, Mrs. Charlie Bruce, and his granddaughter.

Miss Allee of Lane City, who has been the pleasant guest of friends here, returned to her home Thursday.

Miss Viola Gove, who has been visiting her cousin, Miss Le Rue Roemar of Elgin, since May returned home Sunday.

Miss Marlie Berg accompanied her uncle, Captain Clarence Dietrich and his wife, on their return home at Port Lavaca.

Mrs. Ed Russell, who has been visiting in interior Texas for several weeks, has returned home.

An old folks' dance will be given at the pavilion Friday night and only married people will be allowed to dance.

Despite the stormy clouds hovering near, a big crowd of Matagorda folk went to Ben-Hur Tuesday evening and enjoyed a bath and returned home at night.

Mrs. Sanborn of Bay City, who has been spending the summer with her son, J. B. Hawkins and his wife, returned to her home at Bay City Saturday.

Miss Alma Elson of El Campo came home with Miss Imogene Inglehart when she returned from Bay City Friday. Both witnessed the storm there Wednesday.

Those who thought Mrs. A. A. Duffy was in for a spell of typhoid fever will be pleased to learn that she is convalescing from her recent sick spell of several days.

Mrs. Joe Parris of Palacios and Mrs. Gus Byars of Markham arrived from those places Sunday and their presence completed the reunion of a scattered family in the J. F. Williams home.

Miss Vera Bates of Caldwell, who has been a guest of the Misses Hamilton for the past two weeks, left for Bay City, where she will visit for some days before returning home.

O. R. Moberley and family, Mrs. Elizabeth Baxter, Mrs. W. E. Bedford and family, Elbert Moberley and Miss Violet Ellis made up the camping party that went to the gulf beach Monday and they will be absent for eight or ten days.

C. J. Green, Jr. who came from Ballinger to visit his little daughter at Bay City, the storm-swept district, ran down to Matagorda Tuesday, went to Ben-Hur beach, took a dip in the gulf and went back to Bay City Wednesday.

Mrs. F. P. Hamilton, Miss Hamilton, Miss Austin, Mrs. E. J. Savage, Mrs. J. B. Hawkins, G. B. Culver and wife, Mrs. J. F. Williams, Mrs. R. C. Emmel, E. C. Baker and wife, Mrs. Goodwin Sterne, W. E. McNabb and wife and child Collins Baxter and others went to Bay City the last of the week to see the havoc the tornado had wrought there.

A basket picnic party, consisting of thirteen in number, the thirteenth being the chaperon, Mrs. Chester Rugeley, went a picnicking at the new bridge at the Watkins ferry place Saturday and say they enjoyed every hour of the day, as one always can in a shady woodland. After returning home they had a jolly moonlight sail on the bay.

Houston Post, August 1, 1909


The Bay View hotel has been thoroughly renovated, new furniture installed and J. R. Hill, the new proprietor and manager, took charge yesterday.

Mrs. Emma Layton, who vacated the Bay View, opened her private boarding house today at the J. H. Selkirk house.

Houston Post, August 1, 1909

Building At Matagorda
Many Improvements Are Being Made by Citizens.

(Houston Post Cablegram)

Matagorda, Texas, July 31.--J. H. Berg has just placed a nice stable and other outhouses on the premises of his nice residence.

Fred Thompson is adding several new rooms to his cottage in the eastern suburbs.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Duffy and family are waiting on a good rain to fill their cisterns at their beautiful new modern cottage home before taking possession of same.

Pete Banyansco is building a neat little cottage in the eastern part of town, and will move into it with his family as soon as it is finished.

Houston Post, August 1, 1910


Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Inglehart were Bay City visitors Friday and Saturday.

Miss Lurline Andrews of Wharton is visiting Miss Vivian Sargent of this place this week.

B. A. Ryman and wife, who spent the past three weeks at Rochester, Minn., returned home Sunday noon.

Miss Lula Greer arrived here from Beaumont Saturday and will visit her sister, Mrs. Chester Rugeley, indefinitely.

Mrs. W. R. Reiman and two boys, Gifford and Earnest, of the interior, are the guests of her sister, Mrs. W. J. Phillips, this week.

Gantier Brooks of Wharton was one of the Rugeley house party from Tuesday until Friday and V. H. Barsode of this town from Friday until Monday.

Mrs. Henry Dobbins of Louisiana and Mrs. Coates of Magnolia, Texas, are visiting their sister and daughter, Mrs. J. J. Schindler of this place.

Rev. Duape, an Episcopal minister of Bryan, held services here Sunday in Christ's church before a mixed congregation. The Methodist minister having failed to fill his appointment as usual.

Mrs. Minie Tooke and two nieces, Misses Mamie and Lula Walker of Bay City, arrived here on Tuesday night's excursion train and are the guests of Mrs. A. A. Duffy and Miss Lucile for the week end.

On his way to Houston Friday, W. S. Stewart took his wife and two bright little boys to Wharton where they paid a brief visit to Mrs. Stewart's brother, H. E. Cookenboo and family. Elwood Cookenboo returned home with them Monday.

Mrs. Willie I. Wallace and son, Hamilton, who have just returned to Bay City from Houston where they spent the past year, accompanied J. F. Williams and wife here last Saturday in their new Ford car they purchased while visiting in Bay City that day.

A. H. Wadsworth has as his guest this week Horton Foote of Wharton.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Williams celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary with a linen wedding, only having a small number of friends to spend the afternoon with them. Several contest games followed by delicious refreshments made up the evening's pleasures and Mr. and Mrs. Williams were delighted with a beautiful piece of linen from each guest. The evening was one of unalloyed pleasure to all present.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Baker left this afternoon for a few days visit with relatives at Bay City and Palacios. They were accompanied by their little son Calvin.

The guests of the two-week house party at the home of Miss Reba Rugeley have received many favors from their friends, one being a jolly boating party by Elbert Moberley on the Stewart launch. After drifting down the Colorado for three miles admiring the verdant foliage that presented a beautiful picture as it trailed gracefully over the banks, they stopped off at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McC. Robbins and joined the guests there in a dance which was followed by refreshments and then the delightful return home by moonlight--a day never to be forgotten by them. The guests of this party were Misses Lola Blair, Nannie May Brooks, Ollie Elmore and Gautier Brooks of Wharton; Miss Reba Rugeley, Maynard and "Sambo" Rugeley, Julian Inglehart, Elbert Moberley, Misses Ruby Savage, Fannie and Bertha Lee Nolte, and Imogene Inglehart. The guests at the ranch were Misses Cullen and Winston and Leland Winston of Bay City.

Miss Chester Rugeley on the following day had Misses Rugeley, Blair, Brooks, Elmore, Sargent and Messrs Bowie Ryman and V. H. Barsodi as her guests at a dinner party in her home at Big Hill, complimentary to the same young ladies. Miss Imogene Inglehart entertained with a six o'clock dinner on Monday. After dinner a number of young men joined the ladies and helped make merry over a watermelon feast on the lawn of the Inglehart home.

The house party broke up Wednesday after the most delightful visit ever to use the guests' own words. Misses Blair and Elmose [Elmore?] stopped over in Bay City for a few days visit en route home, the other going on through.

A sail in honor of the Misses Walker of Bay City was enjoyed on the launch. Turner E. Hubby, Wednesday evening. The vessel left here at 6 o'clock and went to Ben Hur. Some of the party visited the gulf while the others preferred remaining on the launch to the mile walk to the beach and they report that they had some fun. The participants in the outing were the Misses Walker of Bay City, Mrs. Minnie Tooke of Bay City, Malcolm Rugeley of Wharton, J. Seacamp, Santa Fe railway, Misses Clay of Independence, Maynard Rugeley, Norman Savage, J. M. and Darwin Williams, Carroll and Bowie Ryman, Leslie Duffy, Douglas Serrill, Willie Allen, Collins Baxter, Gober and Rugeley Serrill, Mrs. A. Duffy, Misses Lucile Duffy, Ruby Savage, Otis Berg and Sallie Middlebrook.

Miss Kate Bedford is here from Houston visiting the home folk.

Professor W. B. Greer and family, who have been summering at Edna, returned home Saturday.

Miss Marguerite Hamilton is at home again from Van Vleck after a week's absence.

Miss Beth Phillips and little brother Frank are visiting relatives at Bay City this week.

Collins Baxter, W. E. McNabb and wife and little daughter A'Enone are doing Galveston this week.

Wm. Gove and family are summering at Long Mott they having left here Friday.

Mrs. E. L. Lawson and son Sam returned home from Alexander, Va., and other points of interest Friday.

Miss Reba Rugeley and her eldest "bud" Maynard are visiting relatives at Wharton and Lane City this week.

Mrs. M. J. Bruce and Miss Inez Kain arrived home Friday from a summer outing in the mountains of New Mexico.

W. S Cookenboo is paying his sisters, Mesdames, A. C. and W. S. Stewart and Geo. Sargent a few weeks' visit at this place.

L. W. Brown and wife of Bay City autoed to this place Thursday afternoon and spent a couple of hours with friends here.

Mrs. David Baxter of Palacios is here visiting her sister, Mrs. A. A. Duffy, previous to that lady's departure out west.

Mrs. F. P. Hamilton and son Pierce returned home Friday after several days visit to relatives in their former home, Bay City.

Mrs. W. C. Williams of Palacios and Mrs. George Walker and baby of Blessing are the guests of relatives here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Temple Lide and babies of Palacios are in town this week, the guests of Mrs. Lide's sister, Mrs. Morgan Smith.

Mrs. M. E. Lawson returned home Monday from Lyons, Colorado, where she had been with Mr. and Mrs. Green Stewart since June.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Williams, their sons J. M. and Darwin and two grandchildren, Dinsmore and Louise, autoed to Markham and Palacios Sunday, returning home Monday evening.

The excursion wasn't so largely patronized Tuesday evening as is the usual case, but a nice crowd was present and reports are that all enjoyed the evening "muchly."

Mrs. O. Toupes and Misses Iszora and Labolia Toupes and Mrs. Kate Ball of Bay City and relatives of Albert Barrow of this place, are visiting him and his wife this week.

Dr. B. A. Phillips went to Galveston Friday to attend the cotton carnival, and from there he will visit relatives in interior Texas expecting to be absent for about fifteen days.

Mrs. Joe Schindler has as her guests this week her mother, Mrs. Coates, and brother, Henry Willy of Mostyn, her sister, Mrs. Henry Dobbins of LaFayette, La., and her cousin W. T. Weaver of Gulfport, Miss.

Essie Clements of Bay City and his mother, Mrs. Tom Clements, of Port Lavaca, who is visiting him, came from Bay City Tuesday to take a peep at our little town and remained over for the excursion train that night.

A. H. Wadsworth had as his guests to Wharton to attend a ball Friday night, Miss Lurline Andrews of Wharton and her hostess, Miss Vivian Sargent of this place and Horton Foote of Wharton. Mrs. Geo. Sargent chaperoned the "joyriders."

It has been discovered by attending physicians that Mrs. A. A. Duffy, wife of the postmaster of this place, has tuberculoses. She will leave for western climes Saturday accompanied by her elder son Amos and her daughter, Miss Lucile, the rest of the family following later. Their first stopping place will be El Paso and it is sincerely hoped by her friends that the move will effect a permanent cure.

Mrs. George Sargent gave a sail on Thursday afternoon complimentary to Miss Sargent's guest, Miss Andrews of Wharton, on the launch, Turner E. Hubby. The sail garnished with a delicious luncheon was much enjoyed by the participants which included the honoree, Miss Lurline Andrews, and Horton Foote of Wharton, A. H. Wadsworth and Miss Sargent, W. S. Stewart and wife and two boys, A. C. Stewart and wife and son, Miss Josie Sargent, George Sargent and the hostess, Mrs. George Sargent.

Dr. T. C. Brooks came to Matagorda from Bay City professionally Friday afternoon and had as passenger in his touring car his brother-in-law, M. E. Barrett of Indianapolis, Ind., Ed. Phillips of Caney and Henry Eidlebach of Bay City. Mrs. Eidlebach remained for the usual Friday night dance at the pavilion and Mrs. Willie I. Wallace and son who had been visiting pleasantly among relatives and friends here, were guests of Dr. Brooks on his return that evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 5, 1910


Henry Cookenboo of Wharton and Leslie Cookenboo of Bay City are in town visiting relatives since Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McNabb and child and G. C. Baxter returned home Tuesday night from Galveston and Bay City.

Miss Orma Elson of El Campo is visiting her friend, Miss Josie Sargent of this place, having arrived Wednesday.

Everett Hill of Bay City was the guest of his friend Willie Berg Tuesday night and Wednesday and his grandparents for the rest of the week.

Mrs. J. P. Parris of Palacios, who has been at Epworth by the Sea, arrived here Sunday for a brief visit with her parents.

Those seeing the sights at Galveston this week were Mrs. W. J. Phillips, and son Scott Phillips, Francitas [Tacitus] Thornhill, Ed Duffy, Arthur Baer, Leslie Duffy, Goodwin Sterne and G. B. Culver.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lewis and little girl of San Antonio are here for a month's visit with Mrs. Lewis' sister, Mrs. C. W. .Pope, and other near relatives.

Mrs. George Sargent chaperoned a party of young people to Palacios Friday on the moonlight excursion from Bay City. They left here Friday afternoon in A. H. Wadsworth's touring car.

T. J. Poole and wife and children of Caney and Mrs. Vastine Lunn and Miss Dagna Lunn of Houston motored to Matagorda Monday, returning to Caney the same Day.

Mr. J. E. Irwin, the popular Wharton dentist, arrived here Monday from that place and is domiciled in his dental office here for the next ten days.

Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Moore autoed from Bay City Tuesday morning arriving here before sunrise accompanied by a couple of young lady friends, and spent a couple of hours angling in St. Mary's bayou before returning home.

Mrs. Douglas Young of San Francisco, Cal., arrived with her little daughter, Mildred, and Mrs. Emory Goodman and children of Houston Heights, this week, to be the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hill and their sister, Mrs. S. D. Baxter of this place.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne went to Bowieville Tuesday night to be with her friend, Miss Nantie Duncan, during the burial of her father, Mr. Green Duncan, who died in New York a few days ago.

Druggist M. J. Funk and wife of San Marcos arrived here Thursday to enjoy the cooling gulf breezes during the month of August. Both are native Matagordians and have a host of friends here who are glad to see them. Miss Bertha Funk, who has been spending several weeks with them, arrived home the same day.

Mrs. F. P. Hamilton and son, Pierce, and Miss Hamilton went to Bay City Friday with Mrs. Sydney Peareson and two boys, who have been their guests for the past week.

From there the trio will visit Mrs. Hamilton's sister, Mrs. D. R. Peareson of Richmond.

Rev. L. B. Gray, a Presbyterian minister of Albany, Texas, is in Matagorda to recuperate his health and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Ryman. Rev. J. E. Bilbo of the Methodist faith is also a guest in the Ryman home. The entire household, including some others will spend the week at Ben Hur Beach.

Although quite a number were the usual excursionists Tuesday evening, the most of the faces were not familiar however the very welcome ones who were greeted with pleasure were J. D. Moore and wife, A. S. Collins, Commissioner Currie, F. S. Robbins and wife, T. H. Lewis and wife, Emmett Perry and wife, Mrs. Amos Lee, Mrs. W. R. Franz and daughter, Mrs. C. F. Baker, Mrs. E. J. Kilbride and daughter Miss Zalie Austin and C. J. Williams and wife, all of Bay City.

A moonlight sail was enjoyed on the Turner E. Hubby Wednesday evening, Mrs. J. P. Parris chaperoning the party. Besides the party, three other boats the same day conveyed campers to Ben Hur, who will spend several days there. Thursday Maynard Rugeley and two little brothers joined the pleasure seekers on the beach.

Tuesday morning invitations were issued for an afternoon party by little Miss Annie Dora Hawkins, the occasion being her 6th birthday. At the time appointed, twenty-five little folks assembled on the lawn of the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B Hawkins and plays so dear to the hearts of children were indulged in. Several snap shots were taken of them with a kodak during the evening as they flitted here and there. After a couple of hours of romping, the little guests were bidden to sit down on the grass and then the little hostess' mamma, assisted by others, passed cream and cakes and popcorn and as the shades of evening lengthened, each little one bade the happy little maid good bye, leaving her with a birthday souvenir and wishing her many more such delightful birthdays.

J. F. and J. A. Williams will leave this afternoon for a business visit to San Antonio.


H. D. Hill and wife spent several days this week with relatives here

Gus. Gottschalk and W. C. Berg Sr., made a pleasant visit in the former's corn ranch across the river Monday.

Mrs. J. E. Irvin and little girl came from Wharton Friday and spent until next day with Doctor Irvin.

Dr. B. A. Phillips returned Sunday from his two weeks visit to the Galveston carnival and his mother at Waco.

Syd Pearson and family of Bay City came in their car Sunday evening for a visit to George Sargent and family.

On her return from Galveston, Tuesday, Mrs. W. J. Phillips was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Mattie Comeaux.

Jesse Raymond went to Bay City Monday to visit his sister, Mrs. Charlie Cookenboo, who is ill of typhoid fever.

W. B. Gove and family returned home Wednesday night from Long Mott, where they've been spending the past three weeks with Mrs. Gove's parents.

Mrs. L. D. Parker's daughter, Miss Bessie Duncan of Kansas, is here visiting her mother and making friends by her charming personality.

Mrs. R. O. Middlebrook was called to Hallettsville Thursday to attend the funeral of her brother, Otto Karney, who met his death by drowning last Tuesday.

Mrs. Fred McC. Robbins was very ill for several days this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Rugeley of this place, her husband having brought her over from the west side Saturday.

Miss Annie Belle Clay, after a nice visit with her cousin, Mrs. W. G. Thornhill of this place, returned to her home at Independence, Thursday.

J. P. Parris en route home from Corpus Christi, stopped over here for a couple of days and was treated to a sail to the beach before continuing his journey.

After a pleasant week on the beach with the B . A. Ryman party, Rev. L. B. Gray passed through town on his way home to interior Texas Thursday.

Mrs. Henry Dobbins, who has enjoyed a pleasant visit of three weeks with her sister, Mrs. J. J. Schindler, of this place, left Monday for her home at LaFayette, La.

The report is that a large and jolly excursion crowd filled pavilion Tuesday evening they having come from Wharton, Bay City and other points along the line.

J. N. Ryman went to Bay City Wednesday to meet Mrs. Ryman's mother, and sister, Mrs. Dickinson and little Marjorie, of Rusk, who will visit the couple indefinitely.

Amos Duffy, Julian Inglehart, Norman Savage and John Clugman made up the number that left on the sloop Index Wednesday for an outing. They will visit Corpus Christi and Port O'Connor before returning home.

O. R. Moberley and family, W. E. Bedford and family, E. C. Baker and family and and Elbert Moberley left Wednesday for a pleasure cruise on the lower bays. They will visit Port Lavaca, Palacios Point and several other places of interest in their wanderings.

A sailing party that went across the bay Friday on the sloop Liberty was made up of the following: Captain Zipprian and wife and children, Mrs. Gus Smith and family, Phillip Yeamans and family, Mrs. Gus Gottschalk and two little girls, L. D. Parker and wife, Phillip Robidoux, Mrs. Oz. Howard and baby of Bay City, George Kilbride of Caney and Miss Bessie Duncan of Kansas.

A delightful sail over the bay under a cloudless sky in the path of a silvery moon was enjoyed Friday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Grover Tippins, Misses Florence and Ibbie Sutherland of Bay City, Misses Sallie and Viola Middlebrook, Fannie and Bertha Lee Nolte, Imogene Inglehart, Messrs. A. H. Wadsworth, J. M. and Darwin Williams, Collins Baxter, Stewart Burkhart, Tom Gove and Mrs. J. P. Parris.

The launch Meteor took the following crowd over to the gulf to spend a few days this week: E. J. Savage and family, Green Savage and wife, Misses Otis, Irma, Lila, Merle and Joe Berg. The campers to greet them were B. A. Ryman and family, Rev. J. F Bilbro, Rev. L. B. Gray, Mrs. W. G. Thornhill and family, Mrs. Chester Rugeley and children, Misses Lula and Elizabeth Greer, Miss Annie Belle Clay, Mrs. Catron, J. H. Seacamp and Max Steck of Bellville.

Mrs. J. F. Williams gave her little grand-girl, Louise, a lawn party on Wednesday evening complimentary to her ninth birthday. A couple of delightful hours were spent in playing out-door games and nibbling fudge, until the children were called in to engage in a guessing contest. A number of articles were placed on a table under a cover. When the children formed a circle around the table the cover was lifted and they were allowed to view the contents of the table before the cover was replaced. The child to give the largest number of articles was to receive a box of candy. The candy fell to Preston Williams as a reward for good memory. After this excitement, cake and grape juice was served. When the evening's play ended, Mr. Williams gathered the little merry makers into his auto and quickly transported them to their homes. The little hostess' guests were Marion Lewis of San Antonio, Clara Belle Savage, A'Eone McNabb, Merle Trahan, Annie Dora Hawkins, Mollie Belle Yeamans, George and Arthur Stewart, Lawrence Burkhart, Roy Traylor, Dinsmore Preston and Jim Williams (grandpa's own pet) and W. B. Serrill.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 19, 1910


Miss Marguerite Hamilton was a Bay City visitor from Monday to Tuesday.

Miss Mamie Smith of Markham is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. M. J. Bruce, this week.

Stewart Savage and family of Wadsworth are again occupying their winter home at this place.

Miss Reba Rugeley will return to the Milford Presbyterian College Friday for her third term there.

J. F. Williams and wife and little grand daughter are visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Emmel of Lockhart.

Maynard Rugeley returned to Austin College at Sherman Monday, after a delightful vacation with the home folks.

G. B. Culver went to Houston Sunday to attend the Inland Waterways meeting this week. He returned home on Tuesday.

The Mothers Club gave a musicale at the Odd Fellows Hall Friday night and the proceeds amounted to $18.25.

Miss Jessie May Serrill will go to Bay City this evening to attend the novelty shower to be given Miss Minnie Barber, an October bride elect.

A. H. Wadsworth went to Chicago this week to be with his father, W. B. Wadsworth and Harold Swaggerty on their return home. Miss Wadsworth will join them at Bay City.

Mrs. E. C. Dickinson and little girl will return to Rusk their home this week, after a several weeks sojourn with Mrs. Dickinson's daughter, Mrs. J. N. Ryman.

Public school opens here on October the third with the same teachers employed last year: W. B. Greer, Miss Bertha Funk, Miss Bessie Pate and Miss Bertha Boyd.

Mrs. A. S. Collins and babies of Bay City are visiting Mrs. M. J. Bruce of this place this week while Mr. Collins and J. D. Moore of Bay City are sojourning with some others at the old Phillips place on the peninsula.

Little Miss Bessie Moberley had as her guests for an afternoon birthday party Friday several of her little cousins. Games were played and followed by dainty refreshments. Each little guest left a remembrance for the hostess and thanked her for a very happy evening.

Ned, the younger son of G. B. Culver while playing at the Santa Fe depot on Tuesday, began jumping from one gasoline tank to another and fell in between two of them and bruised one of his limbs so badly that it was necessary to call in a physician. He has been ill from the bruise, but is improving at this writing.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 16, 1910


The baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. Hy. McLane has been seriously ill but is recovering.

Mrs. Douglas Farris left Saturday to fill a position as teacher in the school at Wadsworth.

Mrs. E. J. Savage and Mrs. Gus Gottschalk were visitors to relatives in Bay City this week.

Pierce Hamilton, who had quite a severe malarial attack is clear of fever and doing nicely.

A couple of autos loaded with passengers of both sexes visited Matagorda late Wednesday evening from Bay City.

Stewart Savage is having a new and commodious stable and corn crib built on his premises this week.

A very nice dance was enjoyed at the Pavilion Friday night by the young people and fun lovers.

Dr. G. Thornhill of Paris, Texas, is in town since Wednesday, the guest of his brother, W. G. Thornhill.

Albert Nolte and Leslie Duffy left Monday for A. & M. college to resume their studies there for the coming year.

Miss Bertha Boyd, who has been in charge of the primaries in the public school here, arrived from her home in Port Lavaca Tuesday.

Among the business visitors from Bay City this week were Jno. T. and Petilla Bond, E. Rochefort and Ned Hawkins.

A. H. Wadsworth had as his guests this week his friends Rob Rockwood of Wharton, who accompanied him with some other friends on a cruise on the bay in his beautiful pleasure launch, The Roamer.

Gus Gottschalk is erecting a new building next door to the telephone office on Main street, and when completed he will open a first class meat market there.

The C. W. Burkhart artesian well was brought in at a depth of 575 feet, and although not of as strong a flow as desired, the water is perfectly splendid.

W. E. McNabb, who entered the Texas Christian Sanitarium last week for an operation for appendicitis, is recovering nicely from the operation, to the delight of his many friends here and throughout the county.

Miss Viola Gove went to Bay City Sunday to meet her little sister, Miss Leota Gove, who was on her return home after a two months visit to relatives at Long Mott.

An afternoon tea was given at the residence of Mrs. E. C. Baker by that lady and Mrs. W. C. Berg, Friday, the proceeds being placed in the treasury of the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist church until needed.

The people who came on the final excursion train for the summer to this place joined the Matagorda dance loving people at the pavilion Tuesday evening and seemed to have a jolly time. Although there was not as large an attendance as was expected, the rain cloud hanging over bluffing a good many off.

Those from Bay City visiting here this week were Miss Katie May Gillette, the guest of the Misses Serrill; Mrs. J. T. Sargent and Mrs. Sydney Pearson and child, the guests of Mrs. F. P. Hamilton; Mrs. W. C. Carpenter and Miss Capps, the guests of Mrs. James Inglehart; Mrs. Roy Shoultz and babies, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shoultz; Chas. Cookenboo and son Carroll, the guests of Mrs. W. S. Stewart and Mr. Ives, a guest at the Matagorda hotel.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 30, 1910


Mr. Levy of Galveston was in town Tuesday.

E. J. Inglehart has been very ill since Friday.

R. O. Middlebrook is in Houston on business this week.

A. B. Lorino has a new stenographer Mr. Jones of Tyler.

Miss Jahnke of Victoria visited Mrs. Henry Zipprian here the past week.

W. E. McNabb is improving his place with a new yard fence this week.

Gus Wangeman of Victoria is here visiting his sister, Mrs. Russell. His stay is indefinite.

W. G. Thornhill is having two new rooms added to his place of business out on the Thornhill pier.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Klein of Bay City accompanied some tourists to this place on Sunday last.

Owing to the inclemency of the weather Monday morning Professor Greer went around with the Vonweg bus and gathered up the public school children.

Mrs. Esther Uzzell and Mrs. Sam Wharton and three boys of Laredo arrived here Monday for a visit to Mrs. J. F. Williams.

Mrs. J. A. Bruce will return home Saturday from San Antonio, where she has spent the past  month under the treatment of an ear specialist.

Mrs. J. F. Williams, Mrs. J. P. Paris, Mrs. Paul Billingsly and brother left Friday noon for Bay City, en route to Markham.

Owing to illness this correspondent was unable to send in the usual letter at the usual time this week.

Mrs. Sam Watkins underwent a successful surgical operation at the Lunn Sanitarium at Houston the past week and will return to her home here in a few days.

Goodwin Sterne and wife had as their guests to Tiger Island Wednesday afternoon, for an oyster roast, on the beautiful little launch, Novel, Mrs. Geo. Sargent, Miss Vivian Sargent, A. C. Stewart and wife.

Captain Collins Baxter, Miss Muta Serrill, E. C. Baker, wife and son Calvin, Mrs. B. A. Ryman, E. J. Savage and wife, G. G. Savage and wife, little Miss A'Eone McNabb and the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McNabb, spent a delightful day at Tiger Island Thursday. They spent the time in fishing and enjoyed an oyster feast before returning home. This is an ideal time of the year to spend a day on the bay, if you do not believe it take down that old sunshade, don your oldest clothes, pack your basket with a substantial lunch and come and try it.

The home of Mrs. G. B. Culver presented a merry scene Saturday evening when congregated on the lawn were a score of boys who had been invited to help Master Ned Culver make merry in honor of his eleventh birthday. All  sorts of out door games were played until popcorn, cake and lemonade were passed among them with a generous hand and then a scramble ensued which ended in their settling down and consuming the dainties set before them. Everett Bond of Bay City was the only out of town guest present.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 14, 1910


Vincent Culver of Wadsworth was an incoming passenger on Sunday's passenger train.

Mrs. Dan McClave was in town from Bay City with millinery Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Brown Watkins was in town to spend the day with her mother, Mrs. E. J. Savage, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moore and Mrs. Brasfield of Bay City came on a little jaunt to Matagorda Sunday.

Mesdames E. C. Baker and W. C. Berg were the guests of Mrs. Ammos Lee of Bay City for the Priscilla entertainment Wednesday evening.

Those who had been away and returned home Sunday were Mrs. Alvey Barrow, Miss Viola Gove, R. O. Middlebrook and Stewart Burkhart.

Sidney Pearson's auto was in from Bay City Saturday and Beau McCamly with his car Sunday evening which was filled with guests.

C. W. Burkhart and wife and J. E. Williams made a flying trip to the county capital in the latter's car a few days since.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Savage and Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Savage spent Saturday and Sunday at Collegeport, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McCain.

L. L. Norton, who has extensive interests at Big Hill is back from the far north, he having arrived Tuesday.

R. A. Kleska and wife and Mrs. Will Arnold of Bay City and Alvin Inglehart of Somerville were called to Matagorda this week to be at the bedside of their father, E. J. Inglehart, who is seriously ill.

Mrs. W. L. Edwards of Bay City and her daughter, Mrs. Sutton and child who are visiting her from the North and Mrs. W. R. Franz made up the pleasant party that spent a few hours here Sunday.

Those who enjoyed a day at the pavilion Saturday were Mrs. E. C. Baker and children, Mrs. A. E. Baxter, W. E. Williams and wife and children, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams and sons, Mrs. Esther Ezzell and Mrs. S. Wharton and three boys. They spent the hours in various ways, winding up the day with an oyster fry.

Mesdames Esther Uzzell and Sam Wharton and children who have been visiting Mrs. J. F. Williams for the past two weeks left for their home at Laredo Wednesday accompanied as far as Bay City by Mr. and Mrs. Williams who were en route to Markham.

Mrs. Arthur Stewart had as her guests for forty-two Thursday evening, Mesdames J. N. Ryman, Goodwin Sterne, Ed Russell, Geo. Sargent, W. S. Stewart, C. W. Burkhart, F. P. Hamilton, Morgan Smith, Jas. Inglehart, G. B. Culver, J. B. Hawkins; Misses Irma Berg, Marguerite Hamilton, Vivian Sargent and Fannie Nolte. At the evening's close palatable viands of pressed chicken, escalloped oysters, bread and butter sandwiches, pickles and ice tea was served.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hill, W. E. McNabb and wife and child, D. Baxter wife and children and Collins Baxter spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday at Big Boggy and Liveoak creeks on the launch, Turner E. Hubby. They camped where all sorts of game abound and shrimp, oysters, fish, ducks and geese graced the table daily. They very emphatically declared that it was their banner trip of the many taken.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 28, 1910


Mrs. E. L. Lawson very pleasantly entertained the card club Thursday evening.

Mrs. M. J. Bruce, who has been visiting relatives in San Antonio, returned home Friday.

Mrs. Stewart Savage and little son and Miss Ruby Savage visited Big Hill Friday afternoon and brought home as a trophy a large rattlesnake killed on the wayside with their buggy whip.

Funds were solicited from the public to buy fruit, candies and ornaments for the annual Christmas tree.

Little A'Eone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McNabb, was on the sick list last Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Russell left Monday for a round of visits to Sealy, Bellville and Victoria and maybe Oklahoma.

Tacitus Thornhill had the misfortune to pierce his hand with a nail today, but no serious results are apprehended therefrom.

Dr. S. R. Sholars and wife spent a few days here the past week, the doctor professionally, his wife for pleasure.

Miss May Vineyard of Wharton is the guest of her very dear friend, Miss Marguerite Hamilton of this place for several days.

Mrs. Walter Dunalin and children, who have been visiting Mrs. Goodwin Sterne, left Monday for a visit with relatives in Victoria.

Mrs. J. R. Hill is in Bay City this week at the bed side of her daughter, Mrs. H. D. Hill, who is ill.

Rev. Jno. Sloan filled his usual every other Sunday mission here this week by giving the Episcopalians services morning and evening.

Miss Estelle Dinwiddy of Charlottesville, Va., and Mrs. C. M. Robbins are the guests of their kinswoman, Mrs. F. L. Rugeley until after the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Southwell will leave this week for Houston where they will spend Christmas with their son, Geo. T. Southwell, and family.

Of Dame Rumor's six weddings for the holidays, number one, Frank Bell and Miss Nora Schmerber, took place at Bay City Wednesday last.

G. G. Savage, E. J. Savage, W. S. Cookenboo and Warner Stewart enjoyed a duck hunt of several days in the Baer pasture this week.

Mrs. Gus Byars and baby Marguerite returned home with Mrs. J. F. Williams from Markham Sunday afternoon, J. M. Williams and J. T. Inglehart having gone for them in the family car that morning.

Mrs. John Wheeler and Mrs. Howard Stappe and their children of Palacios will spend the holiday season with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Dunbar of this place.

Thornhill's wharf presented a merry scene Tuesday evening as a throng of young people gathered there and had a jolly time over a Dutch lunch minus the beer.

One of the popular Friday evening dances at the pavilion was the enjoyment for last Friday. Everyone present was in a merry mood and the dance was the most enjoyable of the season.

O. A. Seward of Brenham and Henry Seward and wife of Waco are visiting their cousin, W. G. Thornhill, and family. The three gentlemen above named with W. E. Williams took a trip to the beach on the launch Motorgo, Tuesday, for a duck hunt. They failed to report the number of ducks or geese captured.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 16, 1910


Fred McC. Robbins and son Parker were over from the west side Monday.

Rev. L. E. Selfridge was in town on Thursday and preached that evening to be a small congregation.

Mrs. Paul Billingsley passed thro' town Monday en route to the Markham oil field from Big Hill.

A. G. Baer went to San Antonio on Thursday to be with his mother and other relatives during the holidays. Elbert S. Moberley made one of his frequent business (?) visits to Bay City Saturday. He returned home Sunday.

Capt. Frank Nolte and his charming daughter will arrive here from Corpus Christi Saturday for a visit to relatives.

H. D. Hill and wife of Bay City will be in town Saturday and remain over until after Christmas day.

Rev. Escoe, the new preacher of the Methodist church arrived here from Lane City Saturday to fill his first appointment for the new conference year.

R. H. Traylor of San Antonio will be with Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Layton and his son Roy at this place for Christmas.

Mrs. F. P. Hamilton and family and Geo. T. Sargent and family will spend the Christmas holidays with their sister, Mrs. D. R. Peareson, at Richmond.

Mrs. C. C. Inglehart and Miss Inglehart will spend Christmas and several days there after with Mrs. R. A. Kleska and Mrs. W. A. Arnold of Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Rugeley are looking tomorrow, Thursday for their son Maynard from Austin college, Sherman, and Miss Rugeley from Milford.

G. C. Baxter visited Bay City this week and on his return his nephew, Henry Lee, accompanied him and stayed over for several days to enjoy a duck hunt. He returned home Tuesday.

The Mothers Club musical was postponed until the 19th instant owing disagreeable weather. The evening was very much enjoyed by those attending, and the Club is very well pleased with the proceeds therefrom.

The High Five Club was invited to spend the evening with Mrs. E. P. Layton Thursday last. While the game progressed divinity was served continually and at the end of the play fried oysters, pimento sandwiches and hot chocolate. The outside guests were Mrs. Dr. Sholars of Bay City and Miss Irma Berg.

One of Matagorda's promising young men, Mr. Chas. Mahavier, stole a march on his friends here by returning home Sunday afternoon with a bride, Miss Nina VanDeventer of Liberty, Texas. They were married in a Houston Episcopal church. After a brief visit in that town they have taken up their residence here with the groom's mother for the present.

Those visiting Bay City this week were J. F. Williams and wife, Mrs. B. A. Ryman, M. Williams and Norman Savage, W. E. McNabb and wife and child.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 23, 1910


One of Matagorda's promising young men, Mr. Chas. Mahavier, stole a march on his friends here by returning home Sunday afternoon with a bride, Miss Nina VanDeVenter of Liberty, Texas. The were married in a Houston Episcopal church. After a brief visit in that town they hve taken up their residence here with the groom's mother for the present.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 23, 1910


Mrs. J. R. Hill is in Bay City this week.

Marshall Bell of Collegeport spent a pleasant week here with relatives.

Clarence Gilmore and wife of Wadsworth were the guests of relatives during this Yuletide.

Tom Murdock of Kemp county is in town visiting his sister, Mrs. Will Burke, during the holiday season.

Earnest Calhoun of San Benito spent several days in our city by the bay this week.

J. D. Moberley of Cleveland, Ohio, spent the Christmas holidays with his father and brothers.

Capt. F. Nolte and daughter and Mr. Watts of Corpus Christi spent Christmas holidays with relatives here.

The young people enjoyed an informal Xmas dance at the pavilion Monday night. Music by the Mexican string band.

Gus. Byars came from Markham Saturday to spend a few hours with his wife and babe who are visiting here.

Charlie Smith and wife of Houston arrived here Tuesday for a visit to Mrs. Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Raymond.

Miss Bessie Pate, one of the teachers of the public school here, spent Christmas and New Year with her people at Austin.

A. H. Wadsworth and bride, who have been over the western states for their wedding tour, arrived in Matagorda, their home, Tuesday.

Those working in the Hardy oil field who came to Matagorda for Christmas day were J. L. Moberley, R. O. Middlebrook, Henry Dugat and Otto Middlebrook.

The Christmas trees at the Odd Fellows hall was very pretty and lots of little tots were made happy, not to mention the adults.

Mrs. R. C. Emmel and baby Dorothy of Lockhart and Mrs. J. P. Parris of Cuero are at the home gathering of the J. F. Williams family for the holidays.

Those visiting here from Bay Cty this week were: C. H. Cookenboo, Miss Katherine Cookenboo, Carrol Cookenboo, Amos Lee and son Austin, George Kilbride, C. J. Gilmore and C. W. Conger.

Capt. Clarence Dietrich and wife and Miss Braden of Port Lavaca and Miss Bertha Lee Nolte of this place, who is attending school at Lavaca, arrived here Christmas morning on the launch Mahon and spent the week with relatives.

The school boys and girls home for the Christmas and New Year holidays are Albert Nolte and Leslie Duffy from A. & M. college at College Station; Maynard Rugeley from Austin College, Sherman; Arthur Culver, from Coronel Institute of San Marcos; Miss Reba Rugeley from Texas Presbyterian College at Milford; Miss Viola Middlebrook from State University at Austin; Miss Bertha Lee Nolte, from High School at Port Lavaca.

The day of "Peace on earth, good will toward man" was very quietly spent here, yet everyone was cheerful and seemed to appreciate the holiday; however, there were no empty bottles in conspicuous places as was the case last Christmas and in that particular  sobriety was the order of the day.

Pete Ward and E. S. Russell and wife Mrs. Albert Solomon, Mrs. H. P. Baxter and Miss Merlie Berg were passengers on the outgoing train for Houston today.

There have been three young couples to marry during the Christmas season that are to make their home here and not one of the weddings have taken place here. The last one was that of Elbert Moberley of this town and Miss Bessie Howard, fifth daughter of O. J. Howard of Bay City. They were united in the holy bonds of wedlock at 9 o'clock Christmas morning at the home of the bride's father only immediate family of the bride and J. D Moberley, brother of the groom, being present. Rev. H. C. Morrison of the Baptist church of Bay City officiated. They arrived here on the 12:20 train that day. Mr. Moberley is a highly esteemed young man of sterling worth and his made many friends during his residence of the past two years, who wish him and his charming wife who also has a host of friends in our community, a long happy and prosperous journey down life's rugged pathway.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 30, 1910


Drummer Bigelow was in town from Bay City Tuesday.

Carroll Ryman of the Hardy oil field was in town Wednesday.

J. C. Moberley, after spending a couple of weeks with his brothers here, has returned to St. Louis.

Miss Lula Walker, one of Bay City's charming belles, visited Matagorda between trains one day this week.

S. D. Baxter is in Galveston this week as a juror in the Federal court.

Henry Wangerman, J. M. Williams and Leslie Duffy attended the play at Bay City Friday.

Miss Vivian Sargent returned home Thursday after several weeks visiting in interior towns.

S. J. Berg and E. C. Baker served as grand jurors in district court at Bay City the past week.

T. J. Poole and family of Bay City were in town Sunday afternoon in their car.

J. F. Williams and wife and Mrs. J. P. Parris autoed to Markham on Wednesday returning home the same day.

Mrs. A. C. Burkhart spent the week in Bay City with her son, City Attorney Burkhart, who has been ill.

Rev. L. E. Selfridge preached a good sermon to a large congregation Tuesday evening at the Methodist Church.

The Mexican string band complemented the dancing set with a hop at the town Hall Tuesday evening.

Leslie Duffy and Albert Nolte started on their return to A. & M. college at College Station Saturday afternoon spending a delightful vacation here.

The aunts, uncles, cousins, mother, grandmother and sisters of Mrs. Amos Lee are enjoying a delightful visit from her this week.

Mrs. F. P. Hamilton, Misses Hamilton and Sargent and Master Pierce Hamilton will attend the play Ben Hur in Houston Saturday.

Mrs. R. A. Kleska came from Bay City Sunday and spent a few days with her mother, Mrs. C. C. Inglehart, and other relatives.

A. H. Wadsworth and wife arrived here from Wharton in their car Tuesday, they being impatient to see their handsome home so fast nearing completion.

A lot of "snow diggers" were in town Saturday and Sunday and made an attempt to hunt on the bay, but unfavorable tides caused from recent northers made them postpone their trip until another time, they in the meantime making Bay City their headquarters.

Mrs. E. C. Baker was called across the street by a neighbor at 7:30 Wednesday evening and fifteen minutes later her husband went for her and brought her home. He led her through the house and into the parlor turned on the light, and there revealed to her astonished eyes sat a roomful of individuals, they having remembered twas her natal day and were there to help her enjoy it. Everyone was still as mice until she entered the room, then everybody laughed; Mrs. Baker squealed and then they laugh some more. In a few seconds she recovered from the shock (?) and welcomed her guests cordially, yet several times asked the question "how did you do this anyway, without my knowing?" She was the recipient of some nice presents and delicious refreshments also provided by the visitors and brought along. Merry games were played and everyone so delightfully entertained every minute of the time that midnight was upon them before they could realize it. As she stood on the steps telling them goodnight they wished her many more happy birthdays. Those of the party were Mr. and Mrs. Will McNabb Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Moberley, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Williams, Mesdames Will Bedford, B. A. Ryman, A. E. Baxter, E. R. Inglehart, W. C. Berg, Misses Jessie May Serrill, Vivian Sargent, Violet Ellis, Marguerite Hamilton; Messrs. Collins Baxter, J. M. Williams, Norman Savage, Carroll and Bowie Ryman, W. C. Berg, Jr., L. S. Carr and Miss Fay Carr of Palo Alto, Cal., and the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Baker, besides several children.

Miss Fannie Nolte was hostess of the High Five Club Wednesday afternoon.

Jas. H. Inglehart and W. W. Watkins attended district court at Bay City this week.

The Carrington surveying crew are camped on the river this week while making a survey of Cow island.

Drummer T. J. Pierce representing a St Louis dry goods company, was in town Wednesday.

Bob Tillman and wife of Bay City came to Matagorda Wednesday and will visit until Sunday with Miss Ruby Savage.

J. Seacamp of Bellville arrived here Wednesday with a friend and the two left next morning for a hunt.

Mrs. Mary H. Greer of the little town of Maud, Kentucky, is in the city visiting her son, Prof Greet of the public school, and his family.

J. T. Southwell and wife, who visited their son, George T. Southwell and family of Houston during the holiday season, are at home again.

Thompson Gyle of Galveston visited Matagorda Monday. Mr. Gyle is of Matagorda county parentage and spent most of his life here and so received a warm welcome from his many old friends.

Mrs. Allen H. Trahan and children and Miss Irma Berg leave for Houma, La., Monday for a visit to Mrs. Trahan's relatives here. Before returning home they will take in the Mardi Gras at New Orleans.

The grip has in its awful clutches this week E. R. Inglehart, George Stewart, Frederick Law, Mrs. Stewart Savage, W. C. Berg, Jr., Calvin Baker, Miss Inez Kain, Austin Savage and Mrs. M. J. Bruce.

Miss Jessie May Serrill had for her guests at supper Friday evening, Mrs. J. P. Parris, J. M. Williams, Tom Gove, Norman Savage, Miss Muta Serrill, Miss Fay Carr and Lee Carr of California.

Lee Carr, who came from California, as before mentioned, for a visit to this place, on January 2nd, left Wednesday for Bay City and San Benito to visit relatives before returning home, his sister Miss Fay Carr, preceding him to the place first mentioned Sunday.

J. R. Hill and wife and Mrs. S. D. Baxter and children, who have been with Mrs. H. D. Hill during her last illness and death at Bay City, have returned home. D. Baxter, who has been attending United States court at Galveston, arrived home a day ahead of his family.

George Sargent and family, Mrs. F. P. Hamilton and family, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Burkhart, A. C. Stewart and W. S. Stewart and their families, attended the funeral of John T. Sargent at Bay City Wednesday, the Matagorda Odd Fellows were also in attendance.

An oyster roast was tendered Mrs. Amos Lee Friday evening by E. C. Baker and wife on their premises. Under the rays of a silvery moon and seated around a large camp fire watching the oysters pop their mouths open as they roasted and then "falling to" with crackers and sauces were W. E. McNabb and wife, Mesdames A. E. Baxter, Will Bedford, B. A. Ryman, W. C. Berg, and Amos Lee, the honoree and the host and hostess. Besides enjoying the delicious oysters, there was much jollity as those assembled playfully fought over the largest dish of oysters. The evening was really enjoyed by them all.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 13, 1911


J. A. Johnson of Blum Hardware Co. was in town Tuesday and Wednesday.

Raymond Rugeley and Miss Reba Rugeley started for Sherman and Milford Colleges Wednesday evening.

S. J. Berg and E. C. Baker are in Bay City this week serving as grand jurors.

Miss Viola Gove was a Bay City visitor for several days the past week.

Mrs. J. N. Ryman and little daughter are spending a while with the home folks at Rusk.

A little girl was born Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Clemens, who live near the Santa Fe depot.

E. S. Savage of Bay City came in his car Sunday to spend the day with E. J. Savage of this place.

Miss Viola Middlebrook returned to the State University at Austin after spending the holidays at home.

Ned Wadsworth of Pledger spent a couple of days this week visiting his brother and sisters.

Dr. B. A. Phillips and Will Watkins went to Bay City Wednesday morning returning home in the afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Burkhart and children returned home Friday from Victoria where they had been visiting the Misses Braman.

The Episcopal Sunday school teachers entertained their pupils with a frolic Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. A. Bruce.

Mrs. and the Misses Middlebrook were visitors to Bay City this week and on their return home were accompanied by the Misses Sutherland.

Mrs. Fannie P. Hamilton returned home from Richmond Monday and Miss Hamilton arrived home Tuesday.

Mrs. Bert Brasher and son Will of Hearne arrived here from that place Monday and were the guests of Miss Wadsworth and Mr. W. B. Wadsworth until Thursday.

J. R. Hill went to Bay City Thursday to see his daughter-in-law, Mrs. H. D. Hill, who is seriously ill. He returned Sunday reporting very little if any improvement in her condition.

Mrs. Ella Talbot of San Antonio, who formerly resided here, visited her old home Saturday and Sunday for the first time in three years and her friends here, who are many, were delighted to bid her welcome once again.

Lee Carr of Palo Alto, Calif., arrived here Monday after an absence of five years. He went to Bay City Wednesday and returned Friday bringing his sister, Miss Fay Carr, who accompanied him from the far west.

The young people enjoyed a delightful dance at the Odd Fellows hall Saturday evening, dancing the old year out and when 12 o'clock arrived, there was sound of revelry by night--bells began to ring and the firing of guns began to herald the dawn of the New Year which ended the dance and an exchange of the season's greetings took place before the assemblage scattered.

New Years day, being Sunday, was spent very quietly in Matagorda.

Ernest Calhoun of McAllen and Miss Inez Dunbar of this place were united in matrimony at the Methodist church here Tuesday evening at 8:30 o'clock, Rev. L. E. Selfridge of Bay City officiating. The newly wedded pair repaired from the church to the home of Mrs. and Mrs. M. Bruce, accompanied by immediate relatives, where they were complimented with a sumptuous wedding supper by the lady above mentioned, the groom being a special favorite of the Bruce family. The supper was followed by a grand ball at the Odd Fellows hall, also given in honor of the bride and groom. After spending a couple of hours there receiving congratulations of their many friends and joining the throng of dancers, they stepped out into the cold night and entered an automobile waiting at the door and in company with the minister who married them, sped swiftly over the starlit road to Bay City, where they took the first west bound train for Mexico and there they will spend their honey moon and upon their return to Texas will take up their residence at McAllen, where the groom has had employment for some time. Mr. Calhoun is well known in this community and highly esteemed for his noble, manly qualities by all his friends. This is the bride's native home, she being the fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Dunbar, and her charming personality has made for her many sincere friends who wish them a world of happiness and prosperity as they embark on the matrimonial sea.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 13, 1911


Prof. W. B. Green was a business visitor to Edna Friday, returning home Sunday.

Rev. L. E. Selfridge was on hand Tuesday to fill his bi-monthly appointment despite the inclement weather.

Mrs. Allen J. Trahan and two children and Miss Irma Berg left for Houma, La., Wednesday afternoon.

S. S. Moore and J. C. Willis, two of Bay City's prominent merchants, autoed to this place Tuesday on a business mission.

Goodwin Sterne, W. C. Allen, S. D. Baxter, G. G. Savage, Jack Phillips, R. H. Luckett, Ed Bell, Wilford Gordon, E. P. Layton, and Messrs. Burleson and Dennison were Bay City visitors Monday.

Henry Wangermann, the assistant postmaster, went to Bellville and Victoria this week for a short vacation from his arduous duties.

Alvin Williams and Marshall Boney made a flying trip to Matagorda Sunday in a touring car.

Mesdames George Austin and Geo. Serrill of Bay City spent between trains here Tuesday the guests of Mrs. H. H. Serrill.

Robert H. Luckett of Austin arrived here Friday and spent several days with his aunt, Mrs. J. R. Hill, and his cousin, Mrs. S. D. Baxter.

Rev. Mr. Escoe and his wife and children will be in Matagorda from Lane City for the fifth Sunday and a few days thereafter.

Dr. J. E. Simons and wife and two boys were in town from Bay City Wednesday and Thursday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Duffy.

Captain Collins Baxter was out on the bay with a crowd of hunters from the interior this week on the Turner E. Hubby.

Mrs. Jas. Inglehart was called to Bay City Tuesday to be with the Jno. E. Linn family, a number of them having been ill.

Wells Bethany of Bellville was in town Friday and attended the dance given that night at the Odd Fellows hall. While in town he was the guest of the Messrs. Wangermann.

So many are ill here of the grippe among whom are Miss Ruby Savage, Mrs. A. W. McNabb, Mrs. E. C. Baker, Mrs. E. P. Layton, Little Mary Culver, Mrs. W. G. Thornhill, Rosser Duffy and W. C. Berg, Jr.

Dr. T. C. Brooks was called to Matagorda Sunday afternoon to see the little son of Stewart Savage, who is ill. His estimable wife accompanied him and visited Mrs. W. C. Berg while the doctor made his visit.

Everett Hill of Wharton is visiting his grandparents and his aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hill and Mrs. S. D. Baxter, this week. From here he will visit his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Collier, at Leander, for an indefinite period.

A. H. Wadsworth took in his car to Bay City Wednesday to see Dixon's play his wife, Miss M. Wadsworth and Mrs. M. E. Lawson. Besides these to attend were Mrs. E. S. Russell, Mrs. J. F. Williams, Mrs. J. P. Parris, Mrs. H. P. Baxter, Bowie Ryman, C. P. and _ M. Williams.

Misses Sallie and Lillie Middlebrook, Miss Bessie Pate, Miss Eva Kellogg, Misses Lula and Alfa Duffy, Dr. B. A. Phillips, Whitney Marques, John Schaedel, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Thornhill and children enjoyed a delightful day at the gulf Sunday going over on the IYL. At noon they ate luncheon on the boat and some of the crowd went hunting before returning home.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 27, 1911


Charlie Tew of Bay City was in town Monday.

J. F. Williams returned home Monday from Houston and other points.

J. A. Bruce, E. C. Baker and E. S. Moberley were Bay City visitors this week.

Dr. S. R. Sholars and wife will be in town from Bay City Saturday.

J. N. Ryman went to Houston Saturday to witness the flights of the air ships.

B. A. Ryman is attending the Stockman's Association at Austin this week.

Dr. S. A. Foote and wife and little son spent Sunday evening with Miss Mollie Wadsworth.

Mrs. Tom Sterne has returned home from a nice visit to her old home at Victoria.

Mrs. Gus Byars and baby from Markham are in town visiting Mrs. Byars' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams.

C. W. Burkhart was on the sick roll for several days this week but is convalescing at this writing.

Mrs. E. Roland Inglehart left on Thursday morning for Beeville to be at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. C. N. Partain, who is ill.

Mrs. E. P. Layton and nephew, Roy Traylor, were guests of Mrs. Geo. Austin of Bay City for several days this week.

Roy Schoultz, his wife and children were town this week to see Mr. Schoultz's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schoultz.

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Peareson and boys autoed from Bay City Saturday evening, ate supper with Mrs. Fannie P. Hamilton, Mrs. Peareson's sister, and returned home that night.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allan and baby, who have been visiting their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Bishop since the Christmas holidays, returned to their home at Texas City Sunday.

Mrs. Jno. T. Sargent and Mrs. J. W. Rugeley and little son of Bay City are visiting Mrs. Fannie P. Hamilton this week. Mr. Rugeley joined them Saturday and remained over until Sunday.

Speaking of miracles, one happened this week when some children in the Weiland home in the eastern part of town allowed a door to slam which act caused the bowl of the head of the week old infant of Mr. and Mrs. Weiland to fall in, immediately throwing the baby into convulsions. Remedies were applied, the top of the head drawn back to its proper position and now the child is seemingly as well as ever.

Mrs. Charlie Nolte, who is in ill health, accompanied by Miss Nolte, went to Port Lavaca Thursday and, joined there by her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Dietrich, went to Cuero to consult a specialist.

Rev. Mr. Escoe and wife and family of Lane City arrived here Friday and on Saturday they, with some others, went to the gulf and spent the day by the sad sea waves.

Miss Merlin Berg returned home Saturday from a delightful visit to Houston accompanied by her aunt. Mrs. Charlie Dietrich, of that city. Mrs. Dietrich left for her home Thursday taking Mrs. J. H. Berg with her.

Donald Poole of Bay City escorted Miss Matthews and Mrs. Jesse Matthews of Glen Flora and Mrs. Todswer of Bay City to our burg Wednesday in a touring car and they spent the day with Mrs. M. E. Lawson.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 10, 1911


Warren Baker of Wadsworth Sundayed here.

Miss Fannie Nolte returned home Sunday from Port Lavaca.

George Sargent went up the road today on business.

Miss Zalie Austin and Leslie Cookenboo of Bay City visited Matagorda Sunday.

Harry Lawson is home from Houston for a few days.

J. P. Parris of Cuero arrived here Sunday to see his wife who has been visiting here since Christmas.

Mrs. Sam Raymond and two children left today for Stockton for an indefinite visit to her mother.

J. F. Williams and wife chaperoned a party of young people to Dog Island Wednesday where they spent a most delightful day.

Mrs. Albert Shoultz, who has been ill, accompanied her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Miller, who has been visiting her, to Bay City Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Moberley are in Bay City at the bedside of Mrs. Moberley's father, Mr. Howard, who is very ill.

Pierce Hamilton went to Bay City for a slight surgical operation Monday, his mother and sister following him later.

Miss Viola Gove visited friends at Bay City for a couple of days the past week.

An unexpected cool norther hit this place last evening about 9 o'clock. A good rain would be appreciated.

Y. C. Burkhart and his sister, Miss C. C. Burkhart, arrived from San Diego, Cal., Sunday.

Rev. W. C. Dunn, state superintendent of the Temperance League, arrived here from Houston Saturday, and preached a very forcible sermon to an attentive congregation Sunday.

Mrs. E. C. Baker entertained with a Forty-two party Thursday evening, winding up with a delicious salad course of Waldorf salad, pimento and ham sandwiches, olives, stuffed eggs and hot tea.

Mrs. J. H. Andrews of Wharton visited her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth, at this place this week and on her return home Mrs. Wadsworth accompanied her, Mr. Wadsworth following a few days later.

W. B. Wadsworth and Harold Swagerty are in San Antonio this month. Mr. Wadsworth for his health and Mr. Swagerty as companion to him.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne, Miss Rose Sterne, Walter Southwell and little son spent the evening on the bay Wednesday on the little launch, Novel, eating supper out there somewhere before returning home at an early hour.

Judge D. R. Peareson and wife of Richmond, who were making a brief visit to relatives at Bay City and Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Peareson of Bay City autoed to Matagorda Sunday afternoon for a few hours visit to their sister, Mrs. Fannie P. Hamilton.

J. A. Johnston of Galveston was in town Tuesday.

Mrs. C. W. Burkhart has charge of the 42's this afternoon.

Mrs. Jesse Landrum and children were in from Big Hill Monday afternoon.

Allen Trahan and Allen Ellis left Wednesday for the Markham oil field.

Miss Minnie Tooke, the country's trained nurse, is in town professionally this week.

George Kilbride spent a couple of days in Bay City, this week.

Mrs. C. A. Bruce and little girl are visiting Mrs. Frank Klein of Wharton.

W. S. Cookenboo, who has been in interior Texas for several weeks, returned home Monday.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne had as her guest Thursday afternoon the high five club.

Mrs. Charlie Nolte and daughter, Miss Bertha Nolte, returned home from Cuero and Port Lavaca Monday.

Two traveling salesman, L. Z. Moreland and Charlie Tew, were in Matagorda Tuesday in their autos.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Lorino are entertaining a little daughter in their home since Sunday afternoon.

The Mother Club entertained Saturday evening with one of its delightful musicales at the Odd Fellows Hall.

Rev. L. E. Selfridge, while filling his appointment here Tuesday evening, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Culver.

J. P. Parris left Wednesday for his home at Cuero after a visit of a couple of weeks here.

C. H. Cookenboo, of the firm of Cookenboo Bros. of Bay City, was a business visitor to this place Monday.

A. H. Wadsworth and G. B. Culver attended the mid-coast convention at Bay City Wednesday, going there in the former's car and returning at midnight.

Miss Vivian Sargent and Miss Marguerite Hamilton, who are visiting in Bay City, and Messrs. Ned Hawkins, Ummie Eidman and C. G. Whittington ran down from that place in the handsome seven-passenger car belonging to J. E. Kilbride.

J. F. Williams and C. W. Burkhart are on the peninsula this week with cow hands moving their cattle to the mainland pastures on account of scarcity of water on the grazing lands there.

In a run-away Monday evening, Willie Allen was thrown out of a buggy on the sell pile near the bay and sustained severe bruises, but not serious.

Those visiting Bay City this week from here were ___ Y. C. Burkhart, Mrs. Fannie ___ Hamilton, Commission W. E. McNabb, W. E. Williams, Miss Vivian Sargent, J. M. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Ryman, J. N. Ryman and wife....John Chirgman.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 17, 1911


The death angel came to our town Friday morning at four o'clock and bore from us, to the mysterious beyond, the soul of a prominent pioneer and beloved citizen, Mr. William B. Wadsworth.

Mr. Wadsworth has been ill for fifteen years of Locomotor Ataxia and during that time has visited many climes and taken treatment from many celebrated physicians, which no doubt, prolonged his life for several years, yet he fully realized that his earthly pilgrimage must end sooner or later and he always stood full ready to answer the call in God's army.

He is one of the descendants of a very prominent family of early days was born in Matagorda in 1843 and spent the best years of his life in the town of his birth.

During the war he won distinction as a valiant soldier in the Sixth Texas Infantry, Company D. In the early 80's he married to Miss Julia Hodges, also a native Matagordian, of which union there were two children, a little daughter who died soon after her birth and a son, A. H. Wadsworth of this place.

He has always been a generous favorite with children and a devoted Christian of the Episcopal faith. During all the years of his illness he has ever been cheerful and borne his afflictions with great fortitude.

He was most magnanimous to those in need--always ready to relieve suffering and therefore will be greatly missed by all who knew him for many years to come.

The spirit hath returned to Him who gave it and the weary body will be laid to rest this afternoon in the Matagorda cemetery beside his devoted wife who preceded him to the grave several years ago.

To look back on the life of this noble, suffering Christian character it is not hard to understand that " 'Tis not the whole of life to live, nor all of death to die."

Beside his son, three sisters and one brother survive him, viz.: Mesdames Sallie Wilkerson and Bert Brashear of Hearne, Miss Mollie Wadsworth who has resided with him ever since his wife's death and Captain Ned Wadsworth of Pledger, all of whom will arrive on the noon train for the obsequies except the two latter who were with him when he died.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 28, 1911


At 8 o'clock this morning the dredge ___ Matagorda was towed out through the channel and headed for Dressing Point, 12 miles east of here, where she will continue her work on this end of the Intercoastal canal.

As the Matagorda passes from view the three-masted schooner Margare that arrived last night from Galveston was piloted into St. Mary's bayou to the launch Roamer, and now Main Street presents quite an active scene, as the freight wagons are passing to and fro hauling merchandise for the various places of business.

Pedro? Ramos, a Mexican oysterman, died last evening of tuberculosis in a tent, his only home in the eastern part of town. He leaves a wife and several small children.

Those on the sick roll this week are Mrs. E. S. Moberley, Mrs. J. H. Inglehart and Mrs. Stephenson of Big Hill.

Mrs. Jane Sargent and Mrs. Sydney Pearson and children of Bay City are in town the guests of Mrs. F. P. Hamilton.

Those attending the Waterways convention at Morgan City, La., from this place are Messrs. Geo. Sargent, Gus Gottschalk, A. H. Wadsworth, A. C. Stewart, W. S. Stewart, Goodwin Sterne and G. B. Culver.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 13, 1911

Personal and Social

Mrs. B. A. Ryman and Carroll motored to Bay City Thursday to visit Mrs. J. D. Holmes who was sick.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne leaves today to join a party of Bay City friends for a trip to Houston to hear Maude Adams Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ellerkamp from Clemville are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ed Savage.

Cards from Mrs. Will Berg, still at Beeville, state that she is enjoying her trip.

Mrs. Dickerson has returned to her home in Rusk after an extended visit to her daughter, Mrs. J. Nye Ryman.

Mrs. Ed. C. Baker visited Bay City, last Thursday, returning home Saturday.

The Mothers Club met Tuesday afternoon at the school house and after a very interesting session, elected officers for the next year, as follows: Mrs. C. W. Burkhart, president; Miss Bert Bunk, Vice President; Mrs. J. Morgan Smith, Treasurer; and Mrs. Sterne, Secretary.

Mr. E. L. Salley and daughter, Miss Carrie, spent Sunday with the family, returning to Bay City Monday morning.

Miss Katherine and Donald Poole, Jim McCroskey and Henry Carrington motored down Tuesday afternoon from Bay City and were entertained at supper by Misses Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin.

Mr. John May Williams is enjoying a visit to Houston friends.

Messrs. A. C. and W. S. Stewart, Goodwin Sterne and some friends from Bay City are guests of Mr. Geo. T. Sargent for a hunt on the Sargent ranch this week.

Mrs. T. W. Davidson of Marshall, who is visiting her parents here, left yesterday for Bay City to spend a few days with her brother, Harry Burkhart, Esq.

Dr. W. P. Phillips has purchased a handsome new Overland run-about from J. Nye Ryman.

Juhj [Zuch] and W. B Serrill spent Sunday with father and brothers.

Miss Sallie Middlebrook of Bay City returned home Sunday after a visit to Misses Berg.

Misses Rugeley and Coffin leave today for Bay City to join some friends in a motor trip to Houston to see Maude Adams Saturday night and witness the opening of the Carnival Monday.

The ladies of the Methodist Church will have an entertainment at the hall tonight. Everybody invited. No admission fee. Light charge for refreshments. There will be a pleasant evening. Go out and enjoy it and help others enjoy it.

Miss Nellie Blair has returned to her home in Caney after a visit of two weeks to relatives.

Friends of Prof. and Mrs. W. H. Smith will be grieved to learn that Mrs. Smith is confined to her bed with a very painful and serious ankle, result of an old attack of typhoid fever.

The young men gave a dance at the hall Friday night enjoyed by a dozen couples and friends.

Capt. Fred Robbins was over from his ranch today shaking hands with his friends.

A letter from Johnnie May Williams to his best friend tells of a swift trip he made from Houston to Galveston with Donald W., Willie Berg, and Scott Phillips the Business College boys, and Phillip Gilbert as chauffeur. J. M. says he had no idea an auto could fly. Phil has a job with the Houston Motor Car Co

The "4 Ms C" were right royally entertained Wednesday afternoon when they met at the home of Mrs. J. B. Hawkins, Miss Bertha Boyd being hostess. All the late news was discussed, and Miss Rugeley, chairman of a committee, reported she "couldn't imagine why she hadn't heard from her letter;" but her sister, Miss Coffin, said she didn't "why" for she had just mailed the letter that day. Bad as a man. Mrs. Dugat and Miss Inez Kain received a most cordial welcome into the club and Mesdames Hawkins, Culver and Bruce were enjoyable visitors. The refreshments were delightful: fruit salad, chicken patties, olives, pickles, dressed eggs, hot rolls and hot chocolate, and Miss Boyd was voted a charming hostess with Mrs. Hawkins an admirable second.

Pure Apple Cider. When you want something to drink that's good, go to Williams' Cafe and all for a glass of that fine apple cider.

Matagorda News, January 8, 1912

Personal and Social

Miss Joe Sargent visited Bay City the last part of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Savage returned Sunday from Clemville.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cookenboo of Bay City were in town Thursday.

Leslie Cookenboo of Bay City was here for the dance Friday night.

Wylie Butler and John Bebak came down from Wadsworth Sunday to spend the day.

Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Margaret and Master Pierce returned home Saturday from their trip to Cloud Croft.

Mr. A. H. Wadsworth met Mrs. Wadsworth Saturday at Wharton on her way home from Cloud Croft, N. Mex.

Mrs. A. G. Smith's many friends will be sorry to know that she has been confined to her bed for the past week.

Arthur Hill left Monday for his home in Cleburne, after a delightful summer here, where a host of friends hope to see him back next summer.

Rain and prospects for a blow forced calling off a sailing party for the beach Saturday afternoon which would have been the farewell sail for the bunch of boys going off to school.

Miss Minnie Dear Coffin arrived from Itasca Saturday and will be with Miss Reba Rugeley for the winter. Miss Coffin is to teach music, and already has enrolled a nice class.

As so many of the boys leave this week for school, they gave a farewell dance at the pavilion Friday night. All the dancers were present and with the music furnished by the Mexican string band the affair was quite a success.

Matagorda News, May 12, 1912


Shower For a Bride Elect at Matagorda

“Mrs. Nye Ryman will entertain with a miscellaneous shower for Miss Vivian Sargent Tuesday, June 18, 9:30 to 11:30 a. m.

Please bring a thimble.      R. S. V. P.

The above invitation created the anticipation of a merry time as every one knows what a couple of hours with so charming a hostess as Mrs. Jim Nye Ryman portends.

Many minutes before the appointed time the guests began to assemble and were greeted by the hostess and honoree, the latter being beautifully gowned in white and blue and when the last had come each one was requested to register, after which cup towels were passed to every guest, to be hemmed, thereby solving the mystery of the thimble, and while they were thus busily engaged a beautiful solo was played on the piano by the hostess after which Miss Mattye Talbot recited “Rose Colored Visions” in which a young bride-to-be explained how she would keep house.

At the conclusion of this reading exquisite music was rendered on the violin and piano by Miss Lila Berg and Mrs. Jim Nye Ryman.

A couple of select songs by special request were contributed by Misses Bertha Boyd, Bertha Lee Nolte and Josie Sargent.

By this time the towels were completed and as soon as they were collected a miniature wagon loaded with a huge white bundle and drawn by a little old colored Auntie, entered and approached the bride elect informing her she had brought “her week’s wash” saying “you owes me four bits (.50).” Upon being asked if she would credit her she replied “yes” and turned away satisfied.

Untying the bundle Miss Sargent drew from the “week’s wash” many handsome pieces of hand embroidered linen—many sending who could not be present. Among the articles were doilies, towels, table covers, napkins, pillow slips, ‘kerchiefs, china closet pieces, neck wear and quite as many serviceable kitchen utensils and a few pieces of china.

After each article had been sufficiently admired by the assemblage Miss Sargent said “you are requested to follow me” and she led them into the dining room where ice cold punch and sandwiches were served. Here in her charming and gracious manner she thanked them all for remembering her so sweetly.

Then all thanking Mrs. Ryman for a delightful morning and wishing the bride all happiness and prosperity, they dispersed.

Miss Talbot’s Reading Rose Colored Visions.

“I’m going to be married to a gentleman named Jim;
He isn’t awful wealthy, but I’m awful fond of him.
I’m going to try my best to be a helpful mate,
And all my household methods shall be new and up-to-date.

I’ve read the Perfect Housewife’s guide, and what it says I’ll do;
I’ll use those paper cookers, and firelessnapkins too.
And all my Monday washing shall be done in paper bags,
And I’ll have those vacuum things to burn up bones and rays.

From bits of old string I shall knit a lovely table-mat.
And I’ll learn “eggless…

But I am energetic and not inclined to shirk;
And in my leisure moments, I shall make a guest-room spread
Of baby Irish rosebuds, crocheted of finest thread.

I can’t imagine how some brides can dawdle round all day,
And let a servant do their work, such an old-fashioned way!
It’s just because they don’t know that all the modern stores
Keep all those workless work__ to do our household chores.

Now, I shall always keep…rubber pastry-bags,
And label all my jars…fancy ribbon tags
I’ll buy that “Workless…5 or 6 or 1.--
That mop and churn and…pail, flat iron and…

I shall have washless dishes,..a towelless wipe;
And I am going to buy for Jim a lovely smokeless pipe;
And, though I’m awful proud of Jim (he is the season’s catch).
I’m sure he also will agree he’s made a matchless match!”

Matagorda County Tribune, June 21, 1912

Personal and Social

Misses Louise, Katherine and Lillie Linn, from Bay City, are visiting their cousins, Mrs. Jas. Inglehart.

Mesdames Arthur and Walter Stewart entertained with cards for Mrs. Green Stewart of El Paso, one evening last week.

Mrs. G. B. Culver has as her guests this week the three Misses Culver and Miss Mather of Bay City.

Mrs. Dick Syrls [Serrill?] returned yesterday from Bay City, where he has been looking after some contracting interests.

Mr. Amos Duffy was confined to home Wednesday, with a bilious attack, but was able to be out again Thursday.

Mr. S. J. Berg has been spending the week in Galveston, taking in the Carnival and replenishing his stock of goods.

Mrs. Bert Brashear has returned to her home in Hearne after a visit to her daughter, Mrs. A. W. McNabb, in Matagorda.

Mr. E. R. Inglehart, the barber who has been sick the past week, with intermittent fever, is reported improving, with fevers lighter each day.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Treloar and baby of Alice arrived in Matagorda Tuesday, Mr. Treloar to take charge of the City Hotel under lease. Mrs. Treloar is a sister of Mrs. Jas. Inglehart.

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Trahan of Houma, La., who formerly lived here, have returned to Matagorda to again make this their home. They will occupy the little cottage opposite the home of Mr. John H. Berg.

Maynard Rugeley, whose right arm was broken just a month ago, is getting along nicely, and believes he will be able to use his arm when he resumes his studies to the University engineering department next month.

Mr. John Kemp of San Antonio, a former esteemed citizen of Matagorda, is enjoying a visit this week among the friends and scenes of his childhood and early manhood, for Mr. King is a native of Matagorda.

Mr. W. H. Swagerty, salesman in W. B. Wadsworth & Sons, returned yesterday from Throckmorton where he enjoyed two weeks vacation with relations and friends. He says good rains the last ten days insures good crops through that section.

The High Five Club met last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Emmett Lawson, and quite an enjoyable time had. Four tables were kept busy during the evening, Mrs. E. P. Layton being the winner of the pin. Delicious refreshments of chicken salad, sandwiches, stuffed pickles and grape juice were served. The club will meet this afternoon with Miss Fannie Nolte.

Mrs. Escoe, Rev. John M. Green, Mr. and Mrs. Will Bedford, Mrs. Elbert Moberley and baby, Miss Carrie Salley, Mrs. W. C. Berg, Mrs. A. C. Baxter, and Mrs. Amos Lee and Miss Lillie Miller of Bay City made up a pleasant party spending Saturday at the Ben Hur, on the peninsular, and on their return were entertained after preaching with a watermelon party by Mrs. E. C. Baker.

On Saturday, a party will leave Matagorda and Bay City for Cloud Croft, N. M. Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth and Mrs. T. J. Hamilton and daughter of this place will be joined at Bay City by Dr. and Mrs. Sholars and Mrs. Judge Matthews and daughter of Glen Flora; and at Wharton the party will be joined by Mrs. Wadsworth's mother and sister, Mrs. J. M. Andrews and daughter. The party will spend a couple of weeks among the clouds of the Rockies.

The many friends of Captain Chris Zipprian will be rejoiced to hear through Mr. Ryman who visited the old gentleman at his home in Wadsworth Monday, that the veteran in improving and may be again restored to his former good health. Capt. Zipprian has been a resident of this county pretty much all his life and entered the Confederate army here in 1861. Recently he has been confined to his bed, suffering from a general breakdown, and last week his condition was regarded as critical. He is about 70 year of age, and his friends are legion.

Matagorda News, August 15, 1912

Personal and Social

Dr. Foote and daughter, of Bay City, were in Matagorda Friday.

Carroll Cookenboo is in town visiting his cousin, Warner Stewart.

Mr. and Mrs. George Serrill have returned to their home in Bay City.

Mr. E. R. Inglehart is up this week from three weeks attack of fever.

Friday night excursions from Bay City will continue through September.

L. Z. Moreland, representing Swift's Packing Co., was in town Tuesday.

Mr. Arthur Culver leaves today for San Marcos to enter Coronal Institute.

Mr. William Gore and family are home from a visit to relatives at Long Watt [Mott?].

Miss Muta Serrill left Sunday for Bay City for a few weeks visit to relatives.

Mr. Albert Solomon and family have moved back to Sealy, their former home.

Mrs. Ernest Calhoun of Pharr has returned to her home after a visit to relatives.

Mrs. Wilford Gordon and children of Wharton are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will Dunbar.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrick Butter of Wadsworth, were spending the day in town Tuesday.

Mrs. R. C. Emil and little daughter of Corpus Christi, are visiting Mrs. J. F. Williams.

Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Ryman left on Saturday for Rusk, where Mr. Dickerson, father of Mrs. Ryman, is seriously ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Temple Lyle have returned to their home in Yoakum after visiting Mrs. Morgan Smith.

Miss Lillie Miller returned Monday to her home in Bay City, after a few days visit to Misses Salley.

Messrs. Goodwin Sterne, Chas. Nolte, Gus Gottschalk, Bruce and George Kain and Eugene Bruce visited Port Lavaca last week.

Mrs. J. P. Parris, of Houston Heights, is in town, visiting Mrs. Parris, and that nine-pound boy which arrived on Saturday morning at Mr. J. F. Williams' the grandfather's home.

A very pleasant social gathering with lunch was enjoyed at the pavilion and in the moonlight on the pier, Tuesday evening, by the families of Messrs. B. G. Culver, A. C. and W. B. Stewart, F. L. Rugeley and J. B. Hawkins.

Mr. Harlie Swagerty left Tuesday for his home in Throckmorton after an enjoyable visit of two weeks with his brother, Harrold. Of course, he will com back. Moonlight tides on the smooth waters of the bay are not without effect.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, August 29, 1912


Mrs. Gus Smith is very ill this week.

Leslie Cookenboo of Bay City was a Matagorda visitor Friday.

John Rehak and Wiley Butter of Wadsworth made their usual visit to our town Sunday.

Mesdames H. P. Baxter and W. E. Bedford were Bay City visitors last Thursday.

Mrs. F. Ducros and baby are visiting relatives at Richmond this week.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Savage and little daughter returned home Sunday from Clemville.

Life Insurance Agent Withers of Houston is in our town this week on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryman of Wadsworth attended the funeral of Bowie Ryman Sunday.

Mrs. M. E. Lawson has returned home from a pleasant visit to Port O'Connor and Bay City.

Misses Gertrude and Elizabeth Gilbert left Friday for Nacogdoches where they will teach school this year.

Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Marguerite and Pierce Hamilton were returned travelers Sunday from Cloud Croft, N. M.

The dancing set here were complimented with a dance at the pavilion Friday night by the young men.

Otis Taylor was in from Stewart ranch Sunday. Folks are wondering why he so frequently visits Matagorda (?).

Miss Josie Sargent has returned home from Bay City where she was a house party guest of Miss Helen Kilbride.

Mr. and Mrs. James Inglehart are absent from home this week. He is a Galveston visitor, she is "Cuero bound."

Jno. A. Williams and Chas. Nolte were outgoing passengers for Marlin Monday where they go to take a course of "rheumatic baths."

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cookenboo of Bay City autoed to Matagorda Thursday and spent the night with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stewart.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 12, 1912


Harry Lawson returned home from Bellville Wednesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Inglehart returned home Tuesday from Wharton.

Miss Marguerite Hamilton and Josie Sargent were Bay City visitors Monday.

Miss Jessie May Serrill went to Bay City Thursday to visit indefinitely.

Mr. and Mrs. Cansey of Wharton spent between trains here yesterday, Wednesday.

Miss Brannon of Wharton was the guest of Miss Calie Gove Thursday and Friday.

Fred McC. Robbins and son, Parker, attended the Mid-Coast Congress here Tuesday afternoon.

Otis Taylor visited Matagorda three times this week--of course the attraction was the Mid-Coast Congress.

Stewart Burkhart left Monday for San Antonio to enter the Garden Academy for this term.

Mrs. Brown Watkins drove to town Thursday from her ranch home four miles north of town.

Gus Wangerman of Victoria has returned to these parts again after several months of absence.

Mrs. Jim Williams and Mrs. Joe Parris and John May Williams autoed to Bay City Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris Darst of Richmond are spending the week with Mrs. Darst's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Sargent.

Mrs. J. F. Williams' visitors for the next few weeks are Mrs. Robert Emmel and little girl from Corpus Christi.

Miss Josie Sargent returns to St. Mary's Hall at San Antonio Friday after a delightful summer vacation at home.

Miss Olive Howard of Bay City was the guest of her sister Mrs. Elbert Moberley last Wednesday and Thursday.

Rev. F. E. Robbins and mother, Mrs. C. M. Robbins, of Beaumont, are the guests of Mrs. F. L. Rugeley this week.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Clapp of Collegeport, while attending the Mid-Coast Congress here were the guests of Mr and Mrs. G. B. Culver.

Messrs. Goodman and Woodhouse and their wives of Collegeport when in town Tuesday and Wednesday stopped with Editor C. E. Gilbert and wife.

Ed Watkins, Miss Theresa Watkins and Mary Gilmore, who lived several miles from town attended the Mid-Coast ball here.

Capt. W. E. Williams took the Port O'Connor crowd home by water Wednesday on the launch Pastime, they having attended the Mid-Coast Congress here.

Judge and Mrs. W. S. Holman and little son of Bay City, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne Tuesday and Wednesday.

Harold Swagerty and Dr. B. A. Phillips visited Houston Thursday and when they returned, it was in an auto purchased by them while there.

Mrs. F. P. Watson arrived here Tuesday...her husband, Dr. F. P. Watson, the dentist.

Miss Callie Gove entertained a few of her friends, informally, Thursday evening in honor of her visiting guest, Miss Branum of Wharton. Games were played and refreshments served.

Only 104 pupils enrolled for school Monday. Twenty-six for Professor Smith's room; Miss Funk, thirty-one; Miss Salley, twenty; Miss Boyd, twenty-seven, making an average of twenty-six to each room.

Rev. F. E. Robbins, Mrs. C. M. Robbins, Maynard Rugeley, Misses Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin spent the day; Wednesday, with the Fred McC. Robbins family at the old Robbins castle on the west bank of the Colorado three miles west of us.

A sewing circle was organized here a few days since by our leading Matagorda girls. The membership is composed of Misses Helen Gilbert, Otis and Irma Berg, Fannie and Bertha Lee Nolte, Marguerite Hamilton, Lula and Myrtle Duffy, Lula Belle Salley, Reba Rugeley, Minnie Dea Coffin, Gertrude Sharkey and Muta Serrill. As yet no name has been decided upon for the meritorious organization.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 20, 1912

Personal and Social

Mrs. M. J. Bruce is visiting relatives in Palacios this week.

Mr. Charlie Nolte went to Port Lavaca Monday to visit relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Temple Side and children leave today for their home in Yoakum.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Serrill of Bay City are spending the week with the Misses Serrill.

Miss Elinor Eaves and brother, Clarence, leave Sunday for Pennsylvania to enter college.

Miss Imogene Inglehart and Mrs. W. C. Berg spent the day at Wadsworth last Sunday.

Miss Josie Sargent left Wednesday for Richmond to visit her sister Mrs. Harris Darst.

Messrs. S. J. Berg and W. E. Bedford returned Monday from an enjoyable week's sojourn in Galveston during the Carnival.

Mrs. Charlie Baner and children and Mrs. Jim Berry, all of Victoria, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mahavier.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Calhoun of Seadrift returned Friday from Cuero where they have been for Mrs. Calhoun's health.

On account of Miss Fannie Nolte's illness, she could not entertain the weekly High Five Club last Thursday afternoon.

Miss Jessie May Serrill entertained three couples last Wednesday night with a six o'clock dinner. Those in the party were Misses Virgie Greer of Beaumont, Gertrude Sharkey, and Muta Serrill. Messrs. Tom Gore of Alvin, Norman Savage and Collins Baxter.

In honor of her sister, Miss Virgie Greer of Beaumont, Mrs. Chester Rugeley had several of her girl friends spend the day with her Sunday. Those who report a glorious day are Misses Reba Rugeley, Bertha Lee and Fannie Nolte, Muta Serrill and Lula Belle Salley.

Miss Virgie Greer left Monday for her home in Beaumont, after an extended visit to her sister, Mrs. Chester Rugeley.

Mrs. Green Stewart and daughters, Misses Georgia, Robbie and Grace Lawson, left Monday noon for their home in El Paso, after a summer's visit to the families of their relatives, A. S. and W. B. Stewart.

Mrs. C. E. Gilbert and daughter, Miss Gertrude, left Monday for Port Lavaca, to visit Mrs. Gilbert's brother, Dr. W. F. Wilson, who has been suffering from a recent stroke of paralysis.

Mr. Harlie Swagerty, of Throckmorton, is enjoying the boating and fishing, and his friends in Throckmorton need not be surprised to hear of his landing one of about 125 pounds, without fins but most fair to look upon.

Sunday afternoon, Mr. Whitney Marquez took a small party to the beach in his boat, the Fearless, where they had a most enjoyable time surf bathing which was followed by a splendid lunch spread by the ladies of the party. In the party were Mr. and Mrs. Treloar, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Inglehart, Dr. B. A. Phillips, Mr. A. W. Hill, Mr. Stephens and Paul Rudloff.

Matagorda News, September 22, 1912

An Enjoyable Sailing Party

One of the most enjoyable sailing parties of the summer was given last Thursday afternoon by the young men of the town, on Capt. Frank Duffy's Star sail boat. The party started about three o'clock and reached the peninsular wharf just when the sun seemed hottest, but no one appeared the least daunted by its hot rays, and in the face of a delightful breeze fresh from the gulf, started on the mile walk to the gulf beach. After reaching the Ben Hur, most of the party doned bathing suits and spent about an hour riding, jumping and being ridden-down by the high waves. About eight o'clock the march back across the peninsular was begun and upon reaching the boat a sumptuous picnic lunch was enjoyed. The sail home was grand, the moonlight adding to the pleasure. Those who are indebted to the young men for this good time are Misses Lula and Myrtle Duffy, Joe Sargent, Carrie and Lula Belle Salley, Georgia and Robbie Stewart of El Paso, Lyla Berg, Virgie Greer of Beaumont, Reba Rugeley, Pauline Thornhill, Muta Serrill, Gertrude, Elizabeth and Helen Gilbert. The young men were Sambo Rugeley, Stewart Burkhart, John M. and Darwin Williams, Tas Thornhill, Ruge Serrill, Warner Stewart, Scott Phillips, Whitney Marquez, Arthur Gottschalk, Maynard Rugeley, and Phillip Gilbert. Mesdames Thornhill and C. Rugeley and Mr. Salley also contributed to the enjoyment of the party. --Reporter

Matagorda News, September 22, 1912

Delightful Trip To the Beach

Monday evening the young men of Matagorda announced another sail for the beach in order, and Capt. Frank Duffy's Star was again chartered. This time the boat had a pretty full passenger list, even forty persons besides her captain and Whitney Marquez assisting at the wheel. The Star sailed from the wharf here at 5:30 and on favorable wind dropped anchor at the peninsular at 6:40. After an hour in the surf and a splendid basket dinner spread by the ladies, the Ben Hur dining room was cleared and the dancing enjoyed, with music furnished by Amos Duffy and Scott Phillips who were skilled in the use of the harp. The sail home was most enjoyable in the cool breeze laden with the delightful salt tang of the gulf. When the starlight succeeded moonlight and the lustre of certain bright eyes caused the Star to miss the western channel, and have to turn back for the Tiger Island channel, it seemed for awhile we were "lost at sea." The sailor boys, however, safe mariners they are, knew "where we were at," and after finding the Tiger Island channel had a smooth sail home, dropping anchor at the pavilion wharf at exactly 1 o'clock.

The parties were Misses Carrie and Lula Belle Salley, Fannie and Bertha Lee Nolte, Reba Rugeley, Elizabeth and Helen Gilbert, Imogene Inglehart, Joe Sargent, Lyla Berg, Myrtle Duffy, Georgia and Robbie Stewart of El Paso, Virgie Greer of Beaumont, Mrs. C. Rugeley and children and Mrs. Thornhill and daughter; Messrs. Amos Duffy, Bowie Ryman, Tas Thornhill, Sambo Rugeley, Scott  Phillips, John May and Darwin Williams, Warner Stewart, Arthur Hill, Ruge and Joe Serrill, J. C. Taylor and Lem Blair of Bay City, Capt. Salley Harlie Swagerty of Throckmorton, Arthur Gottschalk, W. C. Thornhill and C. E. Gilbert. The party in separating unanimously voted it a most enjoyable trip.

Matagorda News, September 22, 1912

No Preaching Sunday

Next Sunday being the fourth Sunday it is Rev. E. C. Escoe's regular appointment at the Methodist church; but at the close of the revival the pastor announced that there would be no services here on the fourth Sunday, as his three Sundays this far the revival would require him to put in this week to make up lost time elsewhere. Rev. Escoe will return here on Saturday evening of next week with the presiding elder to hold the fourth quarterly meeting. There will be preaching that night and next morning (the first Sunday in September) at 11 o'clock but not at night, as they go to another appointment for quarterly meeting.


Ed. C. Baker, W. E. Bedford and C. W. Pope, house-builders, are this week putting up a warehouse for Wadsworth & Son on the lot between the City Hotel and the Matagorda Realty Co's office, the building to be used for the rapidly growing farm implement and machinery business of the firm.

Matagorda News, September 22, 1912

Festival at the Pavilion

Last (Thursday) night the Ladies' Cemetery Association gave an ice cream festival at the pavilion, which was well attended by the children and nearly so well by the older young people, but those who will soonest lie midst the order and beauty the energetic and noble ladies would provide, they were not so well represented. The members of the association were there in full force, vieing with each other in serving excellent coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, cake and sherbet. They not only realized the neat sum of $34.75 for cleaning and beautifying the cemetery, but gave...delightful refreshments and a most enjoyable evening.

Matagorda News, September 22, 1912

Personal and Social

Mrs. Jim Williams visited Bay City on Monday.

Mrs. Jim Hawkins visited Bay City on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harrison are home from Weimar.

Mr. and Mrs.. E. P. Layton motored to Bay City Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Baxter and Merle Berg motored to Bay City Saturday.

Mrs. Herschel Gilmore spent several days with Mrs. Stewart Savage.

Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth is visiting in Wharton and Houston this week.

Maynard Rugeley left Wednesday for Austin to resume his studies in the State University.

Mrs. R. O. Middlebrook of Clemville this week visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Savage.

Mrs. Henry Baxter and Miss Forest Zipprian were Bay City visitors Friday, making the trip in Mrs. Baxter's car.

L. E. Moreland, Leo Moore and Chas. Tew, a trio of festive drummers were here Sunday from the Bay City on the prairie.

Mrs. Joe Parris and baby will return to their home in Houston Saturday, and will be accompanied by Mrs. Annie Byars and baby for a visit.

Messrs. Grover Moore, Jack DeLand [DeLano] and Earl Johnson, were down from Bay City Sunday. Bay City boys know where to find pretty girls.

Dame Rumor tell us that there are to be two weddings in October and November and the young folks are on the qui vive for further particulars.

B. J. Franz and Dr. Gedkey [Gaedcke] were down Tuesday evening from Bay City bringing in their car Rev. Dr. Selfridge, to fill his appointment here that night.

R. E Kleas, representing the Southern Drug Co., Houston, was down to help Charlie Williams replenish his stock of drugs and medicines last Friday.

Misses Lula Belle Salley, Reba Rugeley, Minnie Dea Coffin, and Mrs. Albert Wadsworth and Maynard Rugeley enjoyed a pleasant boat ride up the river Friday afternoon.

Mrs. F. P. Watson returned Sunday to her home in Houston after a pleasant visit to her husband, Dr. Watson, the dentist, who is at the Bay View Hotel for a few weeks.

We all miss the smiling countenance of Jake Smith at the postoffice, but are pleased with the courteous Ruge Serrill who succeeds him. Jake started back to school on opening day.

Miss Fannie Nolte entertained the High Five Club last Thursday afternoon. Many games were played after which Mrs. Burkhart wore the Club pin home. Miss Nolte served a delicious salad course.

Dinsmore and Louise Williams, W. B. Serrill, Joe Berg, Myra and Alice Burke, Marie Zipprian, Annie Dora Hawkins, Holt Daniels and Joseph Eaves gave little Miss Mary Culver a pleasant surprise Monday night.

One night last week Misses Irma and Lyla Berg, Don Williams and Tom Gove went floundering. After doing some artistic floundering themselves they brought in five fine flounders, and report an enjoyable time with their funny experiences.

Mrs. R. C. Emmel left Tuesday for her home in Corpus Christi, after spending several weeks in Matagorda visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. E. Williams. She was accompanied home by her niece, Miss Merlie Berg, who will visit there several weeks.

Wednesday of last week being such a beautiful day, Rev. E. F. Robbins and his mother, Mrs. C. M. Robbins, who were visiting Mrs. F. L. Rugeley, took advantage of  it and with Misses Reba Rugeley... a most enjoyable time time: Mesdames J. B. Hawkins, Geo. B. Culver, Geo. Sargent, Jim Bruce, W. S. Stewart and M. J. Smith, and Misses Fannie Nolte, Reba Rugeley, Minnie Dea Coffin, Irma Berg and Mrs. Annie Byars. The club will meet next week with Mrs. W. S. Stewart.

The young men wouldn't respond to the NEWS' suggestion of a boating club, but the young ladies are planning to organize a basketball team both for the fun and exercise in it. Such a team would add to the gayeties of the winter, and the young ladies say they will challenge Bay City and Port Lavaca as soon as organization is perfected.

Won't the boys yet wake up and organize the boating club? It would add immensely to their enjoyment next spring and summer and even the bright fair days of the winter, and would help make the Matagorda spot on the map bigger and brighter. Come boys, don't let the girls get too far ahead of you.

The "4 Ms Club" had their weekly meeting Wednesday afternoon with Misses Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin. For quite a while the girls sewed on their different pieces of pretty fancy work, and every one seemed to be talking at the same time. After meeting three times and trying to decide on a name, we finally voted to adopt the name of "The 4 Ms C.," which means M. M. M. M. Club, and of course you know what the Ms stand for. The name adopted was suggested by Miss Reba Rugeley, because of its simplicity. The girls have planned several nice entertainments for this winter and when such a crowd attempts to entertainment is sure to be a success. Misses Rugeley and Coffin served delicious cream and cake to the tired sewers. The girls meet with Miss Helen Gilbert next Wednesday. Those who form the "4 Ms C" are Misses Fannie and Bertha Lee Nolte, Reba Rugeley, Minnie Dea Coffin, Otis and Irma Berg, Margaret Hamilton, Gertrude Sharkey, Bertha Boyd, Lula Belle Salley, Lula and Myrtle Duffy, Muta Serrill, Imogene Inglehart and Helen Gilbert, and Carroll Ryman who was voted in as mascot. Rep'r.

[The NEWS has been trying to make out the puzzle--Matagorda Merry Maids Marry, Could of course, not Can't--is as near as we can come to it. Someone else guess.]

Good Month's Catch

Capt. John J. Duffy brought in to the fish market since Sept. 1st, over 15,000 pounds of fish, which at 5c, the wholesale price, is $750.00, pretty good for a month.

New Arrival

Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Ryman are entertaining at their home a new boy, who made his appearance last Saturday night.

Cemetery Association Meets

The Ladies' Cemetery Association met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Maggie Bruce. The ladies are planning to give an entertainment soon to raise some needed funds for the work of improving the cemetery grounds.

Matagorda News, September 27, 1912


At the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wade McNabb, in Matagorda, at three o'clock this morning, the soul of little Alberta passed peacefully to the home beyond the skies that home not made by hands but eternal.

The grief-stricken family have the heart-felt sympathy of our entire community. But is was Christ who said "Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

The funeral will take place at 4 o'clock this afternoon from the Episcopal Church Rev. Mr. Sloan conducting the service.

Matagorda News, October 4, 1912

Article Recounted in The Matagorda News


Mr. A. C. Bruce has a copy of the Matagorda Reporter dated September 14, 1878, which was nearly 34 years ago, when the town was no doubt still suffering from the effects of the destructive storm of 1875. The paper was four pages, two columns to the page and the pages eight inches long. Poetry, proverbs and Joseph Berg's oyster saloon advertisement fill the first page. The paper was edited by Thomas A. Taylor who was also, according to an advertisement, principal of the Matagorda Male and Female Institute. Brief announcement is made of the death by lighting of Benjamin Moore while working near a cattle pen on the Trespalacios during a storm.


It is also announced that the equinoctial storm is due between the 17th and 22nd, and a blow may be looked for the next week.


The candidates' announcement column will probably be of most interest to the older settlers: R. G. Cheesman for County Judge , Jas. H. Selkirk for County Treasurer , J. L. Croom for County Clerk , W. S. Stewart for Tax Assessor, Jesse Hobbs for Hide and Animal Inspector, Walter A. Ives for Sheriff, Jos. T. Fry for Floater Representative, and Wm. Vonweg for County Commissioner, while Sheriff Frank Rugeley, Sr. states that on account of a promise to one of the candidates and desire to retire to private life he would not be a candidate for re-election.

The Matagorda News, October 4, 1912


Personal and Social

Miss Lula Duffy is visiting relatives in Bay City.

Miss Callie Gove leaves Saturday to teach school near Glen Flora.

Miss Bertha Lee Nolte was in Bay City last of the week shopping.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bruce were Bay City visitors, Saturday.

Mrs. Albert Wadsworth is spending the week in Wadsworth.

Little Miss Louise Williams is confined to her bed with fever this week.

Master Lawrence Burkhart is confined to his bed this week with fever.

Mrs. A. C. Burkhart returned Saturday from a visit to her son in Bay City.

Mrs. Charlie Mahavier and child have returned from Liberty where she visited her mother.

Otis Taylor of Stewart ranch was in town Sunday attending to (same old) business.

Mrs. Kate Inglehart left Monday noon for Cuero, where she goes seeking health.

Messrs. J. A. Williams and Chas. Nolte returned Wednesday from Marlin, much improved, and good for the 110-mile post.

Mr. Goodwin Sterne returned Thursday from a business trip to Fort Worth, and a run up into Oklahoma to visit relatives.

Mr. Arthur Baer returned Tuesday from Fort Worth where went with several cars of calves which he sold at prices he says were very satisfactory.

Mr. Minton, the insurance man, came in Sunday and accompanied Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Treloar and son and Mrs. Kate Inglehart to Ben Hur Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gilmore and baby and Ebelee Gilmore spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gottschalk.

W. B. and John Serrill left Monday for Bay City to attend school this winter, and Miss Muta will go this week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Stewart motored to Bay City this morning, and were accompanied by Mr. Frank L. Rugeley as far as Wadsworth. They return at...

Misses Rugeley and Coffin leave at noon for Bay City to visit Miss Francis Pool until Sunday, and then Miss Rugeley will go to Lane City to visit her sister, Mrs. Tippen, until Wednesday.

Mrs. J. P. Parrish and little daughter left Monday for their home in Houston, and were accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Annie Byars, and her brother, Darwin Williams. Darwin goes to enter business college.

Mr. T. J. Poole, a prominent cattleman of Bay City, and his son Tom were here Saturday and went over the bay in the Pastime with Messrs. Culver and Wadsworth to look at some grazing lands. Messrs Poole want to lease for winter pasture.

Mrs. Douglass Parris is teaching school at Wadsworth. The Wadsworth people are to be congratulated on securing Mrs. Parris, who is qualified in every particular, in mind and heart, to instruct the child in text books and those virtues which mold the character for useful and honorable life.

Mr. R. W. Phillips, who is now a stock farmer on the peninsular, came over last night in his boat, the Myrtle, and leaves this afternoon for a trip up the bay to Caney to get six hundred barrels of corn for the town market. He was joined here for the trip by his son, Harris, who by the way has learned to be a pretty good pressman during his month in Matagorda.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sargent returned yesterday from their ranch on the lower Caney. They made the trip in their auto and found the roads fairly good, following the recent rains. Mr. Sargent reports fine cotton crops all through that section. Asked about the canal work, Mr. Sargent said the dredge boat got into the mouth of the San Bernard yesterday, and has less than nine miles of dredging to complete connection with the Velasco section which is completed to Galveston. Mr. Sargent's ranch will soon be accessible by two motor routes, auto and boat.

The 4 Ms C Club met with Miss Helen Gilbert for their regular weekly meeting Wednesday afternoon. All the latest news was discussed and fancy sewing indulged in. Music by Misses Coffin and Rugeley added to the pleasure. A salad course was served. The Club will meet next week with Miss Margaret Hamilton. Those present were Misses Coffin, Rugeley, Serrill, Duffy, Otis and Irma Berg, Fannie and Bertha Lee Nolte, Salley, Boyd, and Gilbert and Mrs. Will Berg, a welcome visitor.

Matagorda News, October 4, 1912


Goodwin Sterne visited _____ Mrs. H G. Evans of Hugo, Oklahoma this week.


Scott Phillips and W. C. Berg, Jr., are leaving today for Massey Business College at Houston.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth arrived here Wednesday and remained with her niece, Mrs. W. A. McNabb, through the illness and death of the baby.

The many friends here of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wadsworth McNabb deeply sympathize with them over the death of their infant daughter who died at 3 o'clock this a. m. It will be buried this afternoon in the family yard at the Matagorda cemetery.

To dwell with Him who gave;

Another little darling babe

Is sheltered in the grave.

God needed one more angel child

Amidst His shining band,

And so He went with loving smile

And clasped this precious baby's hand.

The Matagorda County Tribune, October 11, 1912


Personal and Social

Miss Gillett of Bay City visited Mrs. Williams last week.

Miss Inez Kain is home after a months visit in San Antonio and San Marcos.

Miss Muta Serrill left early Monday morning and motored to Bay City with Carroll Ryman where she will attend the business college this fall.

Miss Merle Berg has accepted a position with one of the leading gents furnishing Stores in Corpus and writes home that she likes her work line.

S. S. Moore and Carl Johnson of Bay City were in the city Sunday in their fine new car.

Sunday being Mr. Henry Baxter's birthday, Mrs. Baxter honored it by a good turkey dinner and had a family reunion for the day.

Miss Lyla Berg is home after a pleasant two weeks visit at Bellva.

The Ladies of the Methodist Church are arranging for a a Tom Thumb Wedding to be held at the Odd Fellows Hall next Friday night when the small belles and beaux of the town will perform.

Yesterday afternoon the High Five Club met with Mrs. Charlie Pope. There were three tables of players present and after the games were finished for the afternoon Mrs. Pope served her guests with a luncheon consisting of fried oysters, fruit salad, sandwiches, wafers and hot chocolate.

Matagorda News, October 11, 1912

Honor Roll Of the Matagorda High School

The Honor Roll requires a general average of 90, or above, for month, including attendance and deportment, in addition to the work in the studies. Following is the honor roll for the month ending October 11:

High Second Grade
Seaborn Duke
Marie Duke

Low Second Grade
Annie D. Hawkins
Sterling Baxter
Bessie Moberley
Elmer Phillips
Lila Thornhill
Bertha Barrow
Ned Banyansco
Carmel Perez
Georgia Pope
Merle Trahan


Third Grade
Preston Williams
Rudolph Diaz

Fourth Grade
Maggie Barrow
Elbert Barrow

Fifth Grade
Annie Ruth Ellis
Mabel Shindler
Ingomar Baxter
Stanley Rugeley
Bennie Stribling
Rita Inglehart
Calvin Baker
Montreal Gove
Lawrence Kain
George Stewart

Sixth Grade
Willie Gottschalk
Cecil Inglehart
Henry Rugeley
Ira Stribling
Alfred Cook
Joseph Eves
Cyrus Smith
Joe Watkins

Seventh Grade
Pauline Thornhill
Thelma Baxter
Austin Savage
Ella Dunbar
Clara Denison
Guy Smith
Melton Ellis

Eighth Grade
Wadsworth Rugeley
Belle Smith
Marvin Watkins

Ninth Grade
Irene Burkhart
Sidney Schindler
Frank Smith
Leota Gove
Lamar George
Minnie Phillips
Jacob Smith
Wesley Sterry
Rose Sterne

Tenth Grade
Beth Phillips

The room that has the best record in attendance for the month gets a half holiday. This honor went the past month to W. H. Smith's room consisting of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grades.

W. H. Smith, Sup't.

Matagorda News, October 11, 1912

Personal and Social

Miss Mollie Wadsworth left Thursday for Caney.

J. B. Cookenboo was down from Bay City Wednesday.

Mr. C. P. Williams is preparing to add on to his dwelling.

Mrs. Gus Gottschalk and Miss Bertha visited Big Hill Sunday.

Mrs. Douglas Parris was home from Wadsworth for Sunday.

Miss Margaret Hamilton, now of Bay City, is here for the week.

Mrs. Ed Daniels of Palacios is visiting her sister, Mrs. Morgan Smith.

Miss Lyla Smith of Markham is visiting Mrs. Maggie Bruce this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Otie Doubek of Bay City came down in their car last Sunday.

Miss Teresa Watkins and Mary Gilmore came in early Sunday morning.

Mr. R. A. Kleska of Bay City is visiting her mother, Mrs. E. J. Inglehart.

Leo Moore and Ray Bigelow, commercial tourists, of Bay City, were here on Tuesday.

Ed. C. Baker and W. E. Bedford, now building Gainesmore, spent Sundays with their families.

Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Middlebrook, Earl, Lyda and Dollie spent Sunday with Mrs. M. E. Lawson.

Mrs. E. Dickerson, of Rusk, came Friday to visit her daughter, Mrs. J. Nye Ryman, and the little Sunshine.

Mr. Harry Burkhart was down from Bay City in his auto on Monday accompanied by Mr. Cecil Milligan.

Miss Carrie Salley, teaching in the Bay City public schools, spent Saturday and Sunday with the home folks.

Misses Willie Gottschalk and Cecil Duke spent the day with Miss Teresa Watkins at the Watkins ranch.

Mrs. Preston, mother of Mrs. C. H. Denison, left a few days ago to spend the winter in Oklahoma with her son.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Phillips, and Misses Nora and Laura, of Caney, came in Monday for a visit to relatives and to do some shopping.

Mrs. Frank Hurley, of Bay City, was in Matagorda this week representing the millinery department of Moore & Reynolds with a very attractive display at the popular dry goods house of A. C. Stewart.

Messrs. Willie Berg and Scott Phillips, two of our popular and deserving young men, have gone to Houston to enter a Business College. They are studious boys and will return with a complete commercial education, fitted to keep books, manage a business, or anything in that line. Willie, who has been confided to the tender care of a pair of blue eyes in a 90 lb setting fair femininity, may never come back--may reverse H. Greeley's advice and go east.

Mr. John Culver, of Wadsworth, is in Matagorda this week stopping with his uncle, Mr. G. B. Culver, the two busy grinding whole ear corn into the very best of cow feed for their winter milk stock. Mr. John Culver has just returned from New York State, accompanying home his sister, Miss Clara, who has been visiting relatives of the Culvers who spent last with the family of Mr. G. B.

Matagorda News, October 11, 1912


Harry Burkhart was in town from Bay City Monday.

E. C. Baker and W. E. Buford were in from Gainesmore Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ottie Doubek of Bay City autoed to Matagorda Sunday.

Mrs. Frank Hurley of Bay City represents Moore and Reynold millinery here this week.

Steve Phillips and wife and little boy are here from Caney this week...

Mrs. Gus Gottschalk and daughter, Miss Bertha, were Big Hill visitors Sunday.

Leo Moore and Ray Bigelow, to popular knights of the grip, were in town Tuesday.

Miss Lila Berg is in Bellville since Wednesday, the guest of her friend, Mrs. E. S. Russell.

Misses Willie and Nellie Blair of Caney will be the week-end guests of Mrs. W. G. Thornhill.

Misses Celie Duke and Willie Gottschalk visited Miss Theresa Watkins at the Watkins ranch Sunday.

Mrs. Douglas Parris was here from Wadsworth Saturday and Sunday with the home folks.

Miss Lila Smith of Markham is in town since Sunday, the guest of Mrs. M. J. Bruce.

Miss Marguerite Hamilton ran down from Bay City noon and spent until Tuesday noon here.

The high five club is having a good time, with Mrs. Walter Stewart as hostess this afternoon (Thursday).

Mrs. E. C Dickinson of Rusk arrived here Friday for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Jim Nye Ryman.

Mrs. A. E. Baxter and Mrs. J. F. Williams spent the day with Mrs. Jesse Landrum at Big Hill Wednesday.

Francis, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Savage, was right sick for a few days this week.

Mrs. Preston, who lives with her daughters, Mrs. D. H. Dennison, has gone to Oklahoma to spend the winter with her son.

Mrs. Rudolph Kleska of Bay City came to town Tuesday and spent several days with her mother, Mrs. C. C. Inglehart.

Invitations are out for two miscellaneous showers for Miss Bertha Lee Nolte for Friday afternoon and Friday night, who will be married to Mr. Lem Blair, Oct. 16th.

Otis Taylor, John Rehak and Wiley Butter made their usual Sunday visit to our village from Wadsworth but none of them stayed over time.

W. S. Stewart and wife, Mrs. J. B. Hawkins and F. L. Rugeley went to Bay City Friday afternoon in the W. S. Stewart car. They returned home that evening.

G. M. Magill was in town from Bay City in his car, with a party of friends Monday whose names we were unsuccessful in obtaining.

Misses Mary Gilmore and Theresa Watkins made a brief visit to Matagorda Sunday morning from the J. B. Watkins home four miles north of town.

The Misses Phillips of Kenner's Prairie visited Mrs. E. L. Lawson this week. While in town they spent one day at the gulf beach with Mrs. R. W. Phillips.

Mrs. E. S. Daniels of Palacios was here for several days enjoying a visit with her little son who is attending school here and her sister, Mrs. W. J. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Middlebrook and Earle, Dolly and Lydia came from Bay City Sunday in their new car and spent the day in their old home with friends.

Misses Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin were Bay City visitors Friday and Saturday. Sunday, Miss Coffin returned home and Miss Rugeley went to Lane City and visited her sister, Mrs. Preston Tippins until Wednesday.

Miss Carrie Salley was here from Bay City Saturday with the home folks ...worth and Miss Lula Belle Salley took her back to Bay City in the Wadsworth car.

Rev. John Sloan, who was filling his regular appointment here in the Episcopal church Sunday, could hardly wait to get home when he received the message that a little grand-daughter had arrived for him at the home of his son, Mr. Percy Sloan and wife, at Bay City.

Miss Ninta Serrill had the "4 Ms C" meet with her yesterday afternoon and she reports there were no idle hands in that gathering, nor yolees either, yet their conversation, like the dainty work, was beautiful. When the work hour was over they went in the yard and were kodaked by the charming Mr. Douglas Serrill, after which they returned to the house and were served to a delicious luncheon of fried chicken, ham sandwiches, pickles, olives, and ice tea. Each voted Miss Serrill a most entertaining hostess and renewed their vows to keep the words of the "4 Ms C" a profound secret before parting.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 11, 1912


Charlie Cookenboo was here from Bay City Sunday and Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth are at Dallas since Tuesday? attending the fair.

Mrs. Horace Yeamans of Collegeport was a business visitor to Matagorda Monday.

Sheriff Frank Rugeley of Bay City was in town on business matters here Monday.

S. S. Moore and Earl Johnson of Bay [City?] spent the day in Matagorda Sunday.

Miss Margarite Hamilton, who is wintering at Bay City spent between trains here Monday.

H. E. Cookenboo of Wharton was the guest of his sister, Mrs. Walter S. Stewart Sunday.

Miss Muta Serrill joined her brothers and sisters Monday in Bay City where they are visiting.

Harry Harpliam of San Antonio passed through town Tuesday on route to his ranch near here.

Miss Inez Kain returned home from San Antonio and San Marcos Friday and we know of one fond heart that rejoices.

J. B. Hawkins, A. C. Stewart, A. H. Wadsworth, G. B. Culver, F. L. Rugeley, W. E. Williams and Editor C. E. Gilbert visited the Bernard by water this week.

Mrs. Jack Ellerkamp and son, Jack, and Mrs. Otto Middlebrook of Clemville came over Wednesday to attend the Blair-Nolte wedding.

Mrs. S. J. Gilbert of Bay City spent several days here with her mother, Mrs. Katherine Williams, and her sister, Mrs. B. A. Ryman. She returned home Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Beau McCain and baby and Mrs. Wilkerson of Collegeport motored over Sunday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Savage.

Mrs. Chester Rugeley entertained the "4 Ms C's," in honor of the bride elect, Miss Bertha Lee Nolte Saturday evening, she being the member, and the inclement weather has prevented our getting particulars yet we hope to later.

"Miss Rugeley
Mrs. Thornhill
Mrs. Rugeley's

We wish a miscellaneous shower to give,
In wishing Bertha Lee a comfortable life to live,
Come bring your gifts and meet us here
And join our band of love and cheer
Oct. 11--4-5 p. m.--R. S. V. P."

The above were sent several days previous on bell shaped pamphlets and similar ones, including the name of the groom, were sent at the same time for the young couples for the same day form 8 until 11 p. m.

Promptly at four the guests assembled at the Rugeley home and were received and ushered into the spacious parlors by Mrs. Thornhill and Miss Rugeley. When all were seated comfortably sheets of paper and pencils were passed with the request for each lady to write a recipe for the bride which she would put together and have bound for a cook book which she would keep for future reference.

One lady kindly gave her a recipe for preserving her husband, another how she must keep house if she wished to retain his love and others gave her some good useful and tried recipes which, no doubt, will save her many a tear and go far toward helping her please her husband at the dining hour.

After these were taken up and some of them read aloud, bags of money (beans) were passed among the guests and a large barrel was brought in and then an auction sale began--Miss Rugeley being the auctioneer. Many dainty pieces of hand work, china, silverware and useful kitchen utensils were brought in and presented the bride.

After every thing had been disposed of, Mrs. Sterne led the bride, whom everybody followed, to the dining room where a huge punch bowl, surrounded by a beautiful coral vine, adorned the center of the dining table. While Miss Coffin and Mrs. Sterne served punch and fruit sandwiches Miss Nolte in her gracious way thanked her friends for their sweet remembrances. Those present were the hostesses, Mrs. W. G. Thornhill and Miss Reba Rugeley, the honoree, Miss Bertha Lee Nolte, Misses Bertha Boyd, Fannie Nolte, Minnie Dea Coffin and Helen Gilbert, Mesdames E. L. Salley, C F. Gilbert, G. T. Sargent, M. J. Smith, W. S. Stewart, Chas. Nolte, M. J. Bruce, G. B. Culver, F. L. Rugeley, W. H. Smith, A. C. Stewart, C. W Burkhart, J. B. Hawkins, F. C. Bruce, E. J. Savage, W. J. Phillips, Goodwin Sterne, J. A. Bruce, Henry Dugat, and W. C. Berg.

When the young people gathered that same evening for the second shower, for Mr. Blair and Miss Nolte, they hadn't been present very long before bright-eyed little Pheldro Southwell entered with a telegram for "Mr. B. G." and Mr. "Bride Groom" read aloud "Cupid's Express two hours late. (Signed) Dan Cupid."

Mrs. Thornhill said "well we will have to do something while waiting for its arrival so progressive Hearts, Blanco and Jenkins, three merry games, were played until 10:30 when Miss Coffin took her seat at the piano and livened things with some sweet music and presently another telegram came by the same little messenger boy, but this time it was for "Miss Bride,"

"Reba Hill"
"Now who would guess
That Cupid's Express"
Has run over two hearts in Love's Lane,
And wrecked poor Cupid's train."

Mrs. Thornhill then cried, "Let's all go see the wreck!" And every one rushed for the dining room, the honorees leading the way and there on the table was a miniature truck with a child's express wagon with one wheel off to represent the wrecked train, and falling from it and strewn over the table were all sorts of pretty articles, such as cut glass, silverware, linen, kitchenware, and numerous packages, all presenting a wrecked scene indeed, but muchly enjoyed by the two parties most concerned.

After viewing the presents and the young couple expressing their appreciation, the guests returned to the parlor where dainty refreshments awaited them. Soon after the feature of the program, the guests departed, wishing as they bade the groom and bride-elect good-night a long life of happiness and prosperity.

Besides the young couple there were present Misses Pauline Thornhill, Reba Rugeley, Minnie Dea Coffin, Helen Gilbert, Imogene Inglehart, Bertha Boyd, Lula Belle Salley, Fannie Nolte, Beth Phillips, Rose Sterne, Forrest Zipprian, Vera Burke, Myrtle Duffy, Willie and Nellie Blair of Van Vleck; Messrs. Lamar George, Amos Duffy, Phil Gilbert, John M. Williams, Jas. Thornhill, Rugeley Serrill and Jacob Smith.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 18, 1912

Personal and Social

Mrs. W. G. Thornhill and Miss Nellie Blair were Bay City visitors Monday.

Misses Katherine and Francis Pool of Bay City arrived last Friday and were guests of Misses Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin until Monday night after the dance, when they returned home with Messrs. Pool and McKaskey.

Miss Doris Young of Houston is Miss Lyla Berg's guest. They went to Buckeye Monday noon to attend a dance that night, returning Tuesday.

Miss Muta Serrill came in from Bay City Saturday, returning to her studies Monday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hawkins and Bertha Boyd spent the day with relatives at Wadsworth Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lem Blair arrived home Saturday from their honeymoon spent at Wharton and Caney.

Mr. E. B. Holt of El Paso returned to his home Monday after a visit to relatives here.

Miss Nellie Blair of Caney is Mrs. Thornnill's guest for the week.

The 4 Ms C met with Miss Lula Belle Salley last Saturday afternoon, and a most enjoyable time was had by all those who were lucky enough to attend. We were all delighted to see Muta back and distressed because Reba and Minnie Dea were absent. Mrs. Thornhill, Miss Blair and the hostess' mother and grandmother were welcome visitors. Although our hostess is a school teacher, from the empty plates that held that dainty repast, of salmon loaf, cheese balls, pickles, bread and butter sandwiches and iced-tea, we all voted her a dandy hostess also. The club will meet next Wednesday afternoon, their regular day, with Miss Lula Duffy

The young men of our town entertained with a dance at the Odd Fellow hall Monday night in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lem Blair, the groom and bride of last week. Music was furnished by the Mexican Orchestra, and for several hours, the young people had a gay time. The dancers were Mr. and Mrs. Blair, Misses Myrtle Duffy, Reba Rugeley, Nellie Blair of Caney, Lula Belle Salley and Minnie Philips, Messrs. Amos Duffy, Harold Swagerty, Jake Smith, and Messrs. Miller and McKeskey of Bay City, Franks of Victoria, Mesdames Culver and Hawkins and Chester Rugeley.

AD: For Pure Apple Vinegar, the best made, call on, or send your jug to Lorino Brothers.

Matagorda News, October 22, 1912

Personal and Social

Mrs. Wade McNabb and little John left Wednesday to visit parents at Hearne.

Mr. T. J. Poole, Jr., and family, of Wadsworth, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. George Sargent.

Misses Reba Rugeley, Imogene Inglehart and Myrtle Duffy went to Bay City yesterday to attend the circus.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Burkhart and children went up to Bay City yesterday on a little business, and incidentally to see the big circus.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams took the train at noon yesterday for Bay City. Mr. Williams said on business; but it was circus day.

Mrs. Douglass Parris came down from Wadsworth Saturday to spend Sunday with her little daughter and parents, Judge and Mrs. A. C. Burkhart.

Julian Inglehart and Elbert and Rooks [Rucks] Moberley have gone to the peninsular for a week's hunt. They went over in Mr. Stewart's Fero.

Judge and Mrs. A. C. Burkhart and little granddaughter Emma Parris, went to Bay City yesterday, to see the show and visit her son, Harry Burkhart.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne and Pheldro Southwell went up to Bay City yesterday to hear the Elbert Hubbard lecture last night. Miss Rose will leave today at noon and join her parents at Bay City, from which point the family will go for a visit to San Antonio.

Mr. Geo. B. Culver went down to his peninsular farm Monday, and was accompanied by Messrs. Hugo Spitzer and J. M. Allen and their wives, for a day's outing, returning on the Pastime with Mr. W. E. Williams. Tomorrow Mr. Williams will return for Mr. Culver and aboard the Pastime will be Mesdames Culver and Hawkins and young friends for an outing.

Johnnie May is all right again at last, after that kick at the kife. Some thought the ailment was with his heart.

The Cemetery Association had a quilting bee at Mrs. Maggie Bruce's last Thursday.

Mrs. C. E. Inglehart and Miss Imogene will go to Bay City about the first of November to spend the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Smock of Victoria are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Blankenship, their parents.

Norman Savage and Collin Baxter were circus pilgrims yesterday.

Herman Louwen of Bellville was a Matagorda visitor Thursday.

Messrs. Ed C. Baker, contractor, and Chas. Pope, W. E. Bedford, and James Inglehart, carpenters, were home for Sunday with families. They are putting up a number of buildings, dam and irrigation plant on Judge Gaines' Lake Austin rice [farm]. Mr. Baker says that by a dam the Judge expects to exclude the salt tide water and conserve in the lake the fresh water for irrigation.

One of the most enjoyable meetings of the "4 Ms C" was held Wednesday afternoon when the girls met at the lovely Duffy home on Main street, as Miss Lula was hostess this week. All the girls were present except Miss Salley who was greatly missed, also her tatting needle. Then there were several visitors who were most cordially welcomed by all; these were Misses Imogene Inglehart and Nellie Blair of Caney, and Mrs. Dugat. All entered right into their sewing and worked hard until Mrs. Rugeley called and asked the girls to enter in with the married ladies and give a Halloween dance at the hall next Thursday night and of course all the girls agreed "that it would be fine." Here the hostess threw open folded doors and invited the sewers to eat the most appetizing luncheon of chicken salad, sandwiches, olives, pickles, celery and hot chocolate. The two tables surrounded by the girls were a pretty sight in spotless linen and large vases of roses on each. The girls ate until Miss Duffy finally went to the kitchen and replenished some of the dishes, but we won't give the girls away, for those refreshments just seemed to suit the taste of every one present. The club meets next with Miss Fannie Nolte.

Matagorda News, October 22, 1912


Johnie Wright of Houston was in town this week.

Herman Louwein of Bellville was a Matagorda visitor Thursday.

Ray Bigelow, Swift Packing Company's man, was in town Tuesday.,

Mr. and Mrs. Lem Blair returned home from Wharton and Bay City Saturday noon.

The Misses Thompson will spend the day at Wadsworth Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Shoulte of the Stewart Rice farm were in town shopping Monday.

Miss Lilia Berg returned home from Bellville Thursday where she spent a week with friends.

Jim Inglehart, Ed Baker and Will Bedford were in from Gainesmore for the day Sunday.

Dr. Kit Williams of Gainesmore was a visitor Tuesday to Matagorda, his former home.

Miss Dorris Young of Houston arrived here Sunday for a week's visit with her friend, Miss Lila Berg.

Sol Blum, representing the hardware establishment of Ben Blum & Co., of Galveston was in Matagorda Tuesday.

Mr. F. Holt of El Paso visited his daughter, Mrs. Eugene Bruce of this place this week.

Miss Muta Serrill ran down from Bay City Saturday to spend the night with the home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Allen, after a week's visit in Matagorda, left Wednesday for their home at St. Louis.

Mr. and Mrs. Smock of Victoria are visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. Blankenship of this place, relatives of theirs.

The members of the Cemetery Association met with Mrs. Maggie Bruce Tuesday evening and engaged in a quilting bee.

Miss Lila Berg and her guest, Miss Young of Houston, joined Miss Leone Yerxa's house party at Buckeye Monday.

Jim Nye Ryman returned home from Indiana Monday. While in that state he enjoyed visiting several different towns.

Miss Hamilton was here from Bay City Monday and Tuesday. While in town she was the guest of Mrs. Geo. Sargent.

T. J. Poole, Jr., and wife and children of Wadsworth, spent Sunday afternoon here, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Sargent.

Mrs. C. C. Inglehart and daughter, Miss Imogene, will go to Bay City November the first, to spend the winter with Mrs. R. A. Kleska.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Spitzer and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Allen, G. B. Culver and Will Williams made a flying trip to the gulf Monday.

John May Williams had the misfortune to stick a knife in his foot Saturday, but the wound is healing nicely.

Mrs. A. Wadsworth McNabb and baby, John, left Wednesday for Hearne for an indefinite visit to Mrs. McNabb's mother, Mrs. Brashear, and other relatives there.

Mrs. A. C. Burkhart and little granddaughter, Emmie Parris, attended the circus at Bay City Thursday and also visited Mrs. Burkhart's son, Harry Burkhart and family.

The young people here gave a dance at the Odd Fellows' Hall Monday evening, complimentary to the returned bride groom, Mr. and Mrs. Lem Blair.

Miss Reba Rugeley will attend the circus at Bay City Thursday after which she will go on to Lane City where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Preston Tippins, indefinitely.

Mrs. T. J. Poole and little children and her son Donald Poole motored to Matagorda Saturday for the Misses Poole who spent the week here with Miss Reba Rugeley.

Miss Helen Gilbert had a merry bunch of girls dine with her last Saturday evening, namely: Misses Lula Belle Salley, Reba Rugeley Otis and Irma Berg and Minnie Dea Coffin. Misses Rugeley, Coffin and Otis Berg remained with Miss Gilbert for the night.

Miss Lula Belle Salley was hostess of the 4 Ms Club Saturday afternoon. Lively conversation accompanied the busy workers until the hostess served a delicious salmon loaf and appurtenances which closed the afternoon's industries. Miss Nellie Blair of Caney and Mrs. W. G. Thornhill were the outside guests. The members present were Misses Lula and Myrtle Duffy, Helen Gilbert, Muta Serrill, Gertrude Sharkey, Fannie Nolte and Otis Berg.

A. C. Stewart and W. C. Berg and W. S. Stewart and W. E. Williams went out to the Gottschalk pasture for a hunt Wednesday morning and oh, the ducks they never killed.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne, Miss Rose Sterne and Master Pheldro Southwell leave today for a visit with relatives at San Antonio.

The invitation below to the members of the 4 Ms Club kept them guessing, and they day for the appointment came none too soon for them.

B-id you come and see
E-arly four and be
R-eady for a spree
T-his coming Saturday
H-ave a cup of tea
A-nd meet the 4 Ms C
L-et me tell you tho;
E-very one must sew
E-ither fast or slow.
To the 4 Ms Club
in honor
Miss Bertha Lee Nolte
Oct. 12, 1912

When the girls were assembling, as each one entered the door of the Chester Rugeley home, a hot cup of tea and delicious tea cakes were served them in pink cups and saucers, poured from a quaint green tea pot (an heirloom). The 4 Ms C. colors are pink and green and the color scheme was carried out all through the evening's entertainment.

When all had arrived little pink and green paper bags were passed containing beans, which represented dollars for every pair of girls to use to bet on a horse race each girl representing the animal named on the slip of paper handed her, such as "Dan Patch," "Billy Boy," etc.

Then each girl received a piece of cloth of the same length and two old rusty pairs of scissors that wouldn't cut any thing and told to see which of the two girls could cut the cloth in two first. This was very amusing and they kept tugging away until one of them accomplished her purpose, she being the successful racer of course.

Every time a piece fell apart a shout of laughter rent the ceiling. Miss Myrtle Duffy was the recipient of a beautiful green cup as the most successful racer. After this feature the bride-to-be was told that she had to prove that she could cook and was ushered to the dining room all by her "lonesome" and there found all the ingredients for making a pot of fudge on a chafing dish. While she was thus employed the others were put to work embroidering the initial B in one dozen napkins and one-half dozen towels, the one getting a prize for the most exquisite work was Miss Irma Berg--a pink cap--the judges being Mesdames J. A. Bruce and W. G. Thornhill. While the girls were competing for this prize, Mrs. Thornhill sketched the future--eight years hence for the individuals present. She had them all married comfortably and settled in different parts of the world, except two, whom she pronounced "bachelor girls" and sent them off on a long trip to Europe. In the meantime the bride-to-be appeared with the fudge and passed it among the workers. They all pronounced her a good cook, judging from this dainty. Cards were passed then and the guests were told to name the articles found in the "4 Ms C's" work basket from the jumbled words on the cards.

Miss Bertha Lee Nolte getting the most correct answers, was awarded a pink maline bow. Cards again were passed containing the names of songs, each girl keeping the name on her card a secret until called upon to draw a picture on the black board representing the song and having the others guess.

Miss Rugeley received a green bow as most successful artist. The hostess then invited them to the dining room where they found some appetizing real ham sandwiches and hot chocolate. Night had come down over the town before the 4 Ms C's got away from their entertaining hostess and the honoree.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 25, 1912

Personal and Social

Mrs. J. F. Williams left Saturday for Houston to visit relatives.

Mrs. Albert Wadsworth has as her visitor her mother, Mrs. Andrews, of Wharton.

Mrs. Will Berg left Monday for a three weeks visit to relatives and friends in Beeville and Houston.

Miss Callie McLeskey left on Wednesday for Wharton where she will put on the Tom Thumb Wedding.

Judge and Mrs. A. C. Burkhart are this week enjoying a visit from their daughter, Mrs. T. W. Davidson of Marshall.

Miss Lula Belle Salley left Friday for Bay City, and was the guest of Miss Lillie Miller until Sunday noon.

Mrs. Geo. T. Sargent returned Monday from San Antonio where she spent a couple of days with her daughter, Miss Josie, who is attending St. Mary's College.

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Culver  and Mrs. Walter Stewart went up to Bay City Wednesday in Mr. Stewart's car, on business and pleasure.

Philip Gilbert left Monday for a trip to Houston and Nacogdoches.

Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of the child's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nye Ryman, two months old Baldus Eldridge Ryman was christened, Rev. E. C. Escoe using the impressive rites of the Methodist church. The child was named for his two grandfathers. Only the family and friends were present.

On last Saturday morning, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Culver gave a boat ride to the gulf to a few friends in honor of Miss Callie McLeskey. About 9:30 with Mr. Willie Williams at the wheel, the Pastime glided out of the bayou into the bay and after a delightful trip across the bay landed on the peninsular wharf just in time for dinner. Mr. Culver made a pot of coffee that was just splendid, and an excellent dinner was enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. Culver and Mary and Ned, Mrs. Hawkins, Mr. Williams, Misses Callie McLeskey, Inez Kain and Helen Gilbert. It was a pleasant surprise to look out and see Mr. Eikel of the Ben Hur hotel come to meet us with his wagon, as the recent rains had left the road muddy and mosquitos plenty and fierce. The hotel was reached, bathing suits donned and a plunge in the gulf enjoyed, even if it was the 26th day of October. Then a three mile walk was enjoyed up and down the beach, gathering shells and curios washed up from the deep by the high tide. Upon reaching the Pastime for our homeward trip the lunch basket was again invaded, and then we pulled out for home, but reaching the oyster boats stopped and enjoyed some oysters right out of the shell. From beginning to end the trip was enjoyed by all who were along--thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Culver.


Rev. E. C. Escoe preached two excellent sermons at the Methodist Church Sunday morning and night, the end of his conference year, and spent Monday among the members of his congregation, finishing up his conference collections for missions, the aged ministers, widows and orphans, education, etc. He secured the full amount the conference asked him for. The pastor's salary will also be paid in full, and Matagorda will go to Conference Nov. 20 with a clear page. The pastor bid his friends good-bye, not knowing under Methodist system whether he will return here or be sent elsewhere. If in the judgment of the conference, he is needed elsewhere and cannot be returned here, Bro. Escoe carries with him wherever he may go the best wishes of the community he has served so well the past two years.


Jersey Milk Cows.--Every family should have one; reduces the high cost of living, and yet gives the family high living. If you want one, see C. E. Gilbert and the News office, right away. adv


Wanted, by experienced farmer and truck grower, a farm on shares, owner to furnish implements, seed, feed, and team; walking distance of school. Address A. M. Bushnell, Bay City.

Matagorda News, November 1, 1912

Death of Mrs. T. C. Nye

The many friends in Matagorda of the Nye family were grieved on last Saturday to learn of the death of Mrs. Fannie Shoultz Nye, wife of Mr. T. C. Nye which occurred at the Nye home near Laredo, October 25.

Mr. T. C. Nye and Miss Fannie Shoultz were married in Matagorda July 12, 1866, and during their happy married life of eighteen years here, five children were born to them. But Mrs. Nye becoming a sufferer from lung trouble, Mr. Nye disposed of his large cattle interests here and moved west hoping to benefit her health. Her life was prolonged for 28 years but the end came peacefully last Friday, surrounded by the devoted family. The deceased was 64 years of age, and is survived by husband and four sons, A. P., Frank W., Grover C. and Chester W., who live in and near Laredo, and Mrs. Frances E. Collins of San Antonio, and one brother, A. Shoultz of Bay City, and other relatives. Deceased was a devoted member of the Episcopal church.

In compliance with the request of the deceased, her remains were brought to Matagorda for interment besides the graves of her father and mother. The funeral service at the Episcopal Church was conducted by the rector, Rev. John Sloan, and the remains followed to the cemetery by a large concourse of sorrowing friends.

The remains were accompanied from Laredo, by the sorrowing husband and sons, A. P. and Frank W. and wife. From Bay City were Messrs. A. Shoultz and wife, Roy Shoultz and wife and Chas. Cookenboo.

Matagorda News, November 1, 1912


Rev. John Sloan held services here Sunday night.

Eddie Watkins was in town Sunday from the J. B. Watkins' home.

Rev. Selfridge preached to a large congregation Tuesday night.

Mrs. George Sargent attended the Fair at San Antonio last week.

Mrs. James Inglehart returned home Thursday from a three weeks' sojourn at Cuero.

Rev. E. C. Escoe preached his last sermon here Sunday, before going to conference.

Mrs. Henry Schubert of Victoria is in town after a lapse of many years visiting her brother, Will Vonweg and family.

Phillip Gilbert is visiting in Nacogdoches this week.

Quite a crowd from here attended the mask ball at Wadsworth Saturday night.

J. A. Williams writes from Mineral Wells that the change has improved his health some.

Mrs. J. F. Williams left Saturday for Houston to visit her children, she will remain for the carnival.

Mrs. W. C. Berg left Monday morning for Beeville to visit her sister, Mrs. C. N. Partain, she will also visit her son in Houston before returning home.

Mrs. E. C. Dickenson, after a couple of weeks stay with her daughter, Mrs. Jim Nye Ryman, returned to her home at Rusk Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth have returned home from the Dallas Fair. Mrs. Wadsworth's mother, Mrs. J. M. Andrews, joined her at Wharton on her return home.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Culver, Mrs. J. B. Hawkins, Miss Helen Gilbert and Inez Kain and Miss McLesky, of Tenn., spent Saturday on the gulf beach.

They report...[paper torn]

Miss Otis Berg, who has been visiting the Misses Middlebrook of Bay City returned home Wednesday, accompanied by Miss Sallie Middlebrook.

Mr. Thomas H. Lewis and wife, Mr. Fred S. Robbins and wife and Mrs. Perry Bryan of Bay City motored to Matagorda Tuesday evening, returning after services that night.

Donald Poole, Misses Kathryn and Francis Poole and Miss Reba Rugeley, who was visiting them, came down from Bay City Tuesday in their car, remaining over night. Rev. Selfridge accompanied them back the next day.

The 4 M C's were charmingly entertained Wednesday afternoon by Miss Fannie Nolte. Dainty refreshments were served at the closing hour. The outside guests were Miss Doris Young of Houston, Miss Sallie Middlebrook of Bay City, Miss Nellie Blair of Caney and Miss Lila Berg of this place.

The "Tom Thumb Wedding" under the auspices of the Methodist Ladies Aid Society, was pulled off at the Odd Fellows hall Friday night to a good house. The affair was well pleasing and the proceeds gratifying after expenses were paid; there remained a net of $48.95. Those from Bay City attending were Messrs. Donald Poole, Sherman Baker, Jim McCrosky; Misses Kathryn and Frances Poole and Miss Reba Rugeley of this place, who was visiting them.

The remains of Mrs. Thomas C. Nye arrived on Monday's Santa Fe passenger from Laredo, accompanied by her husband, two sons, Frank and Pierce, and one daughter-in-law. They were joined at Bay City by her only brother, Mr. Albert Shoultz and other relatives. The casket was conveyed to the Episcopal church, where many friends of former days viewed the body. At 3:30 the funeral services were held by Rev. John Sloan, after which she was taken to the cemetery, and laid to rest, by the side of loved ones gone before.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 1, 1912


Rev. John Sloan held services here Sunday morning.

Mr. Jack Salley spent Saturday and Sunday at home.

Mrs. E. C. Baker visited relatives in Bay City last week.

Miss Sallie Middlebrook of Bay City is visiting the Misses Berg.

Mrs. F. W. Davidson of Marshall is here on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burkhart.

Miss Carrie Salley came down from Bay City Saturday to visit home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne and daughter, Rose, returned from a visit to San Antonio.

Zuch and W. B. Serrill, who are attending school in Bay City, came down Saturday to spend a day at home.

Miss Reba Rugeley, who has been visiting her sister at Lane City, returned home Sunday.

Mrs. Douglas Paris, who is teaching school in Wadsworth, came down Saturday to visit her parents and little daughter.

J. N. Ryman went to Houston last week, returning in a new Overland car.

Carroll Ryman and mother motored to Bay City Thursday. Mrs. Ryman going to see Mrs. J. D. Holmes, who is very ill at that place.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ellerkamp and little son came over from Clemville Wednesday to visit Mrs. Ellercamp's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Savage.

Mr. Thomas Nye, after spending a week here with old friends, returned to his home at Laredo Thursday.

Mrs. F. P. Hamilton and daughter, Mrs. Dr. Sholars came down from Bay City Wednesday to visit a few days.

John M. Williams is in Houston this week visiting relatives.

The ladies of this place gave a Hallowe'en dance at the I. O. O. F. Hall last Thursday evening. Music was furnished by the Mexican string band; punch was served during the evening.

Wednesday afternoon the 4 Ms C were charmingly entertained by Miss Bertha Boyd at the home of Mrs. J. B. Hawkins. Delicious refreshments were served at the closing hours, consisting of chicken patties, fruit salad, sandwiches, olives and hot chocolate.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 8, 1912


J. M. Williams returned Sunday from Houston.

J. W. Rugeley motored from Bay City Sunday.

Mrs. G. T. Sargent returned Sunday from a visit to Richmond.

R. H. Traylor of San Antonio was here this week on a visit to his little son Roy.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne went over to Houston Saturday to see Maude Adams in Peter Pan.

Commissioner McNabb is attending court in Bay City this week.

Pierce Hamilton came down from Bay City Saturday to spend a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Inglehart visited in Wharton this week.

The young folks enjoyed a dance at the Odd Fellows Hall Tuesday night.

Mrs. E. J. Savage and two children, Austin and Claribel, are in Houston this week attending the carnival.

Mr. J. F. Williams went over to Houston Monday to attend the carnival.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wadsworth and Miss Lula Belle Salley were Houston visitors Saturday.

Misses Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin went to Bay City Friday where they joined some friends in a motor trip to Houston to see Peter pan.

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wadsworth left for Bay City Monday where they will spend the winter.

Mrs. L. Blair was hostess to the 4 Ms C Wednesday afternoon.

The entertainment at the Odd Fellow Hall Friday evening for the benefit of the M. E. church was well attended by both old and young, they were entertained with music and a Bible contest which was very instructive as well as amusing. Chicken sandwiches, cake, hot chocolate, coffee, and candy were sold during the evening. A neat sum was realized.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 15, 1912

Personal and Social

Mesdames Ed Baker and Henry Baxter motored to Bay City on Monday to visit Mrs. Amos Lee.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Stewart left early Tuesday morning for Houston for a few days visit.

Miss Beth Phillips returned home Sunday from a few days visit to Houston, taking in the Carnival, and brought with her Miss Dora Dent, who will be her guest for sometime.

Mesdames G. B. Culver and Jim Hawkins spent the day Saturday in Bay City visiting and returned home that evening with Mr. Nye Ryman in one of his handsome new cars.

Don Poole, Henry and Walter Covington, of Bay City, were visitors in Matagorda Sunday night.

Mr. W. E. McNabb and Ed Layton motored to Bay City Saturday to attend the Commissioners Court.

Among the hunting parties the past week were Amos Duffy, Collins Baxter and Johnie May Williams. This bunch of sports left Friday noon in a small boat for the pumping station about 9 miles up the river and came back Saturday noon with their share of geese and ducks.

Then on Sunday morning Rugeley Serrill, Gober Serrill and Norman Savage tried their luck, and brought back a good bunch of birds. Gober declares that he killed a white swan, "but--it fell in the lake."

Amos Duffy, Stewart Savage and Dr. Watson went snipe hunting late Monday afternoon and came back with about twenty.

Matagorda News, November 22, 1912


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stewart were Houston visitors Monday.

Carroll Ryman made a flying visit to Garwood this week.

Mrs. W. J. Phillips is visiting friends at Houston this week.

Mesdames J. B. Hawkins and G. B. Culver were Bay City visitors Saturday.

A. H. Wadsworth and wife were in town from Bay City Wednesday afternoon.

Rev. John Sloan of Bay City delivered his usual sermon at Matagorda Sunday.

Miss Merlie Berg has returned home from an indefinite stay at Corpus Christi.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bruce and baby Russell left Tuesday for a few days' visit at Galveston.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williams of Blessing Thursdayed with Mrs. Henry Baxter of this place.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunbar of Port Arthur are in town this week, the guests of Mr. Dunbar's parents.

Arthur Stewart, Louise Williams and Ermine Parris are three juveniles who are on the sick roll this week.

Our banker, Goodwin Sterne, received from Jim Nye Ryman this week, a handsome automobile of the "Nyeberg" make.

Frank Lawson and little son of Los Angeles, Calif., visited his mother, Mrs. M. E. Lawson, of this place the past week.

Donald Poole, Jim McCrosky, Walter and Henry Carrington were motorists to Matagorda Wednesday evening. They came to attend prayer meeting (?).

Miss Beth Phillips, on her return from the Houston carnival, was accompanied by her friend, Miss Dora Dent, who will visit her indefinitely.

Mrs. H. P. Baxter and Mrs. E. C. Baker spent Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning at Bay City, having made the trip there in the former's car.

A series of quilting bees are going on at the home of Mrs. M. J. Bruce this week by the members of the cemetery association.

Misses Marguerite Hamilton, Meta and Janie Hawkins motored to Matagorda Monday with Harry Hawkins as Chaperone, and spent the day here with friends.

Dr. F. P. Watson spent carnival week with his wife and babies at Houston. After returning here and gathering up his dental paraphernalia he went to Wadsworth for the week.

Some of those from Matagorda enjoying the carnival at Houston the past week were Mrs. Gus Gottschalk and daughter, Miss Willie, A. W. McNabb, J. F. Williams and wife, Norman Savage, Jacob and Frank Smith, Harry Lawson and Jas. Thornhill.

Little Miss Loraine Bruce celebrated her fourth birthday Saturday with a frolic on the lawn at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Bruce. The afternoon was spent in lively out door games winding up with sweets consisting of fruit punch, cake and candy. There were twenty-six children present and each left a nice birthday souvenir for the happy little maid. She was so delighted with her gifts that she exclaimed: "Oh mama, isn't this just like getting married?" Bless her dear little innocent heart, may she have many, many more such happy birthdays.

The 4 M C's had a jolly time as guests of the Misses Berg Wednesday afternoon. Witty sayings and gay bandage kept time with the deft fingers that were weaving beautiful pieces of art for the Christmas holidays and then dainty refreshments were passed of cake, ambrosia, stuffed dates, fruit sandwiches and hot chocolate. The members decided they would not serve refreshments at their meetings until after Christmas as they wish to put all their time on the work they have on hand. Some lovely music by Miss Minnie Dea Coffin and Miss Dorris Young was greatly appreciated by the rest. Those enjoying the charming hospitality of the Misses Berg were Misses Dorris Young, Minnie Dea Coffin, Helen Gilbert, Lula Duffy, Lula Belle Salley, Reba Rugeley, Inez Kain. The married ladies were Mesdames Allen Trahan, Henry Dugat, John and Will Berg.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 22, 1912


Matagorda will be well represented in Palacios at the eighth annual session of the Interstate Waterways League. Tonight, Gov. Colquitt will deliver an address following the annual address of President C. S. E. Holland. Mr. G. B. Culver is on the program for a speech on "The Matagorda Section," tomorrow. Among the delegation from here are Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne and Mr. J. N. Ryman, who go by auto, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Culver, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth, and Geo. T. Sargent, by train, and Capt. H. H. Serrill, G. L. Gottschalk, Chas. Nolte and C. E. Gilbert, on Capt. Serrill's boat Ann Kauffman.

The ladies of the Cemetery Association, following their custom, will have a bazaar and serve dinner on Thanksgiving. They ask contributions from and patronage of all of our people.

Mr. Goodwin Sterne on Tuesday purchased from Mr. Nye Ryman the large brown car which he has been demonstrating since Saturday. The car is of the Nye-berg make and one of the handsomest and largest in Matagorda.

Mrs. Will Berg arrived home Tuesday morning from a three weeks visit to relatives and friends at Beeville and Houston. She reports a delightful vacation.

Miss Carrie Salley came down from Bay City Saturday and spent Sunday with the home folks. She was accompanied back to Bay City by Miss Lula Belle Salley and Mr. Carroll Ryman, who later returned home in one of Mr. Nye Ryman's new cars.

Carroll Ryman has sold his car and all Matagorda will miss the yellow wheeled car. Carroll is in Garwood this week and it is reported he is negotiating for a flying machine.

Mrs. E. L. Lawson had the pleasure of a visit last Sunday from her brother, Mr. W. A. Matthews, his wife and four children, their governess. Miss Resena Montier of Port Lavaca, and Mr. Anderson who is clerking for Mr. Jno. Matthews, father of Mrs. Lawson, at Caney. They came down in Mr. Matthew's car, returning to Caney that afternoon.

The ladies of the Cemetery association had a quilting bee Tuesday at Mrs. Bruce's home and those present were Mesdames Culver, Hawkins, Kain, Lawson and Bruce.

Last Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5 little Miss Loraine Bruce celebrated her seventh birthday with a party at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bruce. The little tots had lots of fun on the lawn, and later were served delicious refreshments by the little hostess' mother. Those present were:

Joe Berg
Mary Zipprian
Lila Thornhill
Tassie Kain
Gladys Bruce
Reba Watkins
Bessie Moberley
Dolly Schindler
Emma Parris
Dorothy Rugeley
Georgia Pope
Gussie Lee Walker
Eleanor Inglehart
Lucie Phillips
Dorotha Bruce
Marjorie Bruce
Lawrence Bruce
Roy Traylor
Willie Baxter
Roy Trahan
Leonard Inglehart
Frank R. Rugeley
Walter McLain
Finley Roubidoux
Russell Bruce

Matagorda News, November 22, 1912

Matagorda's Thanksgiving

Following the custom of years, people of Matagorda enjoyed a royal Thanksgiving dinner at the I. O. O. F. auditorium. While it was under the auspices of the ladies of the Cemetery Association, the proceeds going to the care and beautifying of the home of the dead, it was no catch-penny "festival," but a magnificent thanksgiving dinner with a menu which would have done credit to the Rice or the Gunter, in the culinary, and far surpassed either in the delightful service, for the ladies of Matagorda waited on their patrons, pouring coffee and serving turkey; chicken, salads of all kinds, cranberry sauce, jellies, cakes and pies to the heart's fullest content. There was abundance of everything good prepared in the best style of the Texas housewife's art. After the delightful dinner, the guests lingered and enjoyed the social feature, and later the dancing, which is always in order in happy Matagorda.

Matagorda News, November 29, 1912

Personal and Social

Mr. Frank Bruce, returned Sunday from Galveston and reports a fine trip.

Mrs. Otto Middlebrook, of Clemville, is in town with her mother, Mrs. E. J. Savage.

Miss Doris Young left Monday for her home in Houston after a most delightful visit to the Misses Bergs for the last month.

Miss Lila Berg left Wednesday for Bella to attend the Thanksgiving dance.

Mr. Julian Inglehart of the Stewart Mercantile, was a Bay City visitor Sunday, returning Monday noon.

Mr. Harry Lawson, is home after a pleasant visit to Houston.

Miss Merle Berg returned home from Corpus Christi last Thursday having resigned her position with one of the leading Gents Furnishing Stores there.

Misses Lula Belle Salley, Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin, were Miss Helen Gilbert's guests for Monday night and during the early part of the evening Messrs. Duffy, Williams and Feather called and for quite a while this little party enjoyed themselves with singing, dancing, making candy and playing all kinds of games.

R. J. and Collins Baxter are busy this week gathering a car load of crushed shell to be sold in Bay City.

Mrs. Dr. E. E. Scott of Bay City spent Thanksgiving with friends in Matagorda.

Miss Dora Moore of San Marcos accompanied by her Uncle, Mr. J. D. Moore of Bay City were Matagorda visitors this week.

Otto Sens, Louie Dreyling, Hamberger and Appleby of Houston, with Ed Savage and Henry Gottschalk are off up the Bay on a hunt this week. They were in the care of Capt. Willie Williams on the Pastime.

A. W. McNabb arrived home from Hearne last Saturday accompanying Mrs. McNabb and the baby who has been visiting here for the past month. Since coming home the baby has continued quite ill but is better now.

Messrs. Swagerty and Sam Berg motored to Bay City Sunday.

Mr. John Williams returned Wednesday from Mineral Wells where he has spent the past month to his great advantage in improved health.

Mrs. Maggie Bruce is able to be up this week, after being confined to her bed all last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wadsworth motored down last Sunday afternoon.

Messrs. Geo. Sargent and Will McNabb motored up to Bay City Monday.

Mrs. J. F. Williams went to Bay City Monday returning Wednesday.

Mesdames Ernest Farmer and H. P. Dorst of Richmond, were the guests of Mrs. Geo. T. Sargent, the mother of Mrs. Dienst, for the week.

Miss Mollie Belle Matthews of Glen Flora is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. M. E. Lawson.

Mrs. Sadie Menefee of Egypt is visiting Miss Lula Belle Salley.

Conductor Taylor, of the Santa Fe, and wife spent Thanksgiving here.

Chas. Smith and wife of Rogers, Texas, are visiting Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. J. G. Raymond this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wadsworth motored down Thursday afternoon, bringing with them Mrs. Hamilton, Dr. and Mrs. Sam Sholars, for a visit.

Carroll Ryman motored to Bay City Sunday in one of J. N. Ryman's new Overlands.

The "4 Ms C" were most royally entertained later Wednesday afternoon, with the girls met at the John Berg home for Misses Otis and Irma were the club hostesses for that week. The girls are so enthused in their Xmas work that they decided to leave refreshments off until after Xmas. During the afternoon many sweet solos were rendered by Miss Young, of Houston, the guest of the home being accompanied on the piano by Miss Lila Berg; later Miss Coffin rendered many pretty musical selections, which were greatly enjoyed. The Misses Berg served a most delicious repast of ambrosia, cake, hot chocolate, sandwiches and stuffed dates to all the club members, except Mrs. Blair and Miss Nolte, both being absent, and also to the visitors, Mesdames, Willie Berg and Allen Trahan, who were welcomed and made to feel at home by all present.

The young folks going to the dance at Wadsworth on a hay ride last Saturday night were: Misses Doris Young of Houston, Forrest Zipprian, Orma , Merle and Lyla Berg; Messrs. Rugeley Serrill, Norman Savage, Harold Swagerty and Lacheese. They were chaperoned by Mrs. Allen Trahan.

Mr. Harold Feather, of Palacios, arrived Monday and in the future will help on getting out the News.

W. C. Williams of Palacios, who lost his handsome dwelling by fire last week, is a brother of our townsman, J. F. Williams. The fire started in the Price Lumber Yard and burned the dwellings of Mr. Williams, R. A. Cates, Ed Adkins and C. H. McCoy. These dwellings were all new having been rebuilt only a few months out of the ashes of a previous fire. Mr. Williams will rebuild again.

Master Percy Treloar entertained about twelve, of his playmates last Saturday, in the hotel yard, the occasion being the little fellow's fourth birthday. The little folks had lots of fun playing games and were later served delicious refreshments.

Matagorda News, November 29, 1912


Mrs. Jesse Landrum and children were in from Big Hill Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wadsworth were here from Bay City Sunday.

George Sargent and Will McNabb autoed to Bay City Saturday.

Mrs. Maggie Bruce and Mrs. M. E. Lawson were Big Hill visitors Tuesday.

Mrs. Otto Middlebrook of Clemville is in town since Sunday visiting her parents.

E. R. Inglehart and baby Leonard spent Sunday and Monday with relatives in Bay City.

Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Bruce have returned home from a week's stay at Galveston.

Rev. L. E. Selfridge, the Presbyterian divine of Bay City, preached to his flock here Tuesday night.

Mrs. J. F. Williams returned home Wednesday from a few days visiting relatives at the county capitol.

Eugene Bruce, Whitney Marques and Bruce Kain have gone to Galveston by water and will return there indefinitely.

S. J. Berg and Harold Swagerty motored to Bay City Sunday morning and made the return trip that afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Smith of Houston are in town visiting Mrs. Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Raymond.

Miss Doris Young returned to her home at Houston Monday after a pleasant visit of several weeks with Miss Lila Berg.

Regan Jones, a popular dry goods drummer, was in town Saturday and it is said that during his short stay here that he captivated the heart of one fair maid.

A. Wadsworth McNabb was a Hearne visitor this week. On his return home he was accompanied by his wife and baby, John, the latter being quite ill with fever.

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Baxter had for guests for a turkey dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Will McNabb and little girl, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker and son and Misses Otis and Merlie Berg.

The people from here attending the Waterways Convention at Palacios were Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Culver, Gus Gottschalk, C. E. Gilbert, Chas. Nolte, Goodwin Sterne, A. C. Stewart, Jim Nye Ryman and George Sargent.

Messrs. Appleby, Hamburger, Louis Dreyling and Otto Sens and some others whose names were not reported to us arrived here Sunday from Houston and joined by a few of our townsmen immediately left for a duck hunt on the bay, from which they're not yet returned.

An informal dance was indulged in Friday evening in the parlor of the Inglehart hotel and the evening was very pleasant for those assembled who were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Inglehart, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Inglehart and children, Mr. and Mrs. Will Treloar, Misses Inez Kain and Vera Burke, George Kilbride and Amos Duffy.

Mrs. Allan Trahan chaperoned the following young people to Wadsworth Saturday evening to attend a ball there: Misses Irma, Merlie and Lila Berg, Doris Young and Forrest Zipprian; Messrs. K. Luchese, Harold Swagerty, Henry Gottschalk, Norman Savage, Rugeley Serrill and John Quiney Burns, Jr., of Bellville. They report a glorious time.

The annual Thanksgiving dinner will be "pulled off" at the Odd Fellows Hall tomorrow--Thursday. As usual every thing is being prepared by the ladies of the Cemetery Association. It is hoped that every body will turn out and help swell the treasury fund of the association, as the ladies are taxed to the utmost the year round to keep the cemetery clean and to pay off other incidentals.

Francis Savage, Roy Trahan, Leonard Inglehart, Raymond Robidoux, Preston and "Jimbo" Williams, Roy Traylor, Loraine Bruce, Lucy Southwell, Elinor Inglehart, A'Enone McNabb, Bessie Moberley, Dollie Schindler and Valene Smith were the little guests of Master Percy Treloar Saturday afternoon, to help celebrate his fourth birthday. The usual out-door games were played by the little host's mother. Each little tot left with their good wishes a birthday remembrance to the expectant little fellow.

Carroll Ryman and Miss Lula Belle Salley, Jas. Thornhill and Miss Dora Dent of Houston, J. M. Williams and Miss Beth Phillips and Amos Duffy surprised Miss Helen Gilbert by storming in to spend the evening Sunday and the evening was pleasantly though quietly spent. Monday evening another bunch happened in and they danced, sang, made fudge and did lots of other amusing stunts to while away the long winter evening. Those present that evening were Misses Minnie Dea Coffin, Reba Rugeley, Lula Belle Salley; Messrs. John M. Williams, Amos Duffy and Mr. Feather of Palacios, who is the new printer for the Matagorda News.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 29, 1912

Personal and Social

Dr. Bat Smith of Bay City spent Thanksgiving with friends in town.

Mr. J. Nye Ryman has been confined to his bed for the past week with lagrippe.

Rob Savage of Wadsworth is visiting his brother Stewart Savage this week.

Mrs. Sadie Menefee returned to her home Monday after a pleasant visit of a week to Miss Salley.

Mr. Otis Taylor of Stewart was in town Sunday. This is the first time he has come down in a long time.

Several of the young people who love to dance attended the weekly dance at Wadsworth last Saturday.

Miss Dora Dent left Saturday for her home in Houston after a most enjoyable visit to Miss Beth Phillips.

The lagrippe has been going the rounds in our little town, and especially at the Rugeley homes; but all are reported better now.

Pierce Hamilton was back to see his boy friends last Thursday, returning to Bay City Sunday in time for school Monday.

Mr. Douglass Serrill was in Bay City visitor Sunday, going to see his relatives there and states that Mrs. George Serrill has been ill with the fever for over a week.

Miss Mollie Belle Matthews of Glen Flora visited her grandmother, Mrs. M. E. Lawson, last week and left Friday for Caney to visit her grandfather.

Postals received from some of the boys off at school say they are counting the days until they will get to spend the Xmas holidays in Dear Old Matagorda.

Miss Lula Belle Salley entertained a few of her friends last Friday evening with a chafing dish party in honor of her guest, Mrs. Sadie Menefee of Egypt. During the early part of the evening the young folks had lots of amusement in playing games which caused laughter all along. Later Miss Salley invited her guests into the dining room where a two course lunch of oyster cocktail, enchiladas, pickles, cheeseballs, and pimento sandwiches were served and enjoyed by all those who were so lucky to be present, and these were Misses Reba Rugeley, Minnie Dea Coffin, Helen Gilbert, honoree and hostess, Messrs. George Kilbride, Amos Duffy, Johnnie May Williams, Rugeley and Douglass Serrill and Tas Thornhill.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 6, 1912

Personal and Social

Arthur Baer left for Dallas this week on business and will not return before Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Juneman and children of Galveston are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Green Savage.

Mrs. W. J. Phillips left Wednesday for Houston where she goes to see an ear specialist of that place.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cookenboo of Bay City were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stewart last Saturday.

Mrs. Maggie Bruce and Miss Inez Kain, who have been on the sick list for the past week, are better today.

Mrs. J. F. Williams left Saturday for Bay City and will probably visit daughters in Houston before returning home.

Mrs. T. W. Davidson of Marshall, left yesterday for home, after a few weeks' visit to her parents, Judge and Mrs. Burkhart.

Messrs. Chas. Burkhart and Will Watkins went to Wadsworth Sunday to see Jim Watkins who was hurt Saturday night.

Manager Korn of the Bay City Opera House was a visitor in town between trains Wednesday advertising Madame Sherry.

Quite a large party of Matagordians are planning to see Madame Sherry at the Opera House at Bay City next Thursday night.

Mrs. R. O. Middlebrook, Earl, Dollie and Lydia of Bay City, motored down Sunday and were the guests for dinner at the Savage home.

Our assistant editor has a bad case of la grippe since yesterday.

Mr. Rugeley Serrill the obliging assistant in the post office is confined to his bed with fever and is greatly missed at his station by all his friends.

Donald Poole, Otto Huebner and Ummie Eidman from Bay City motored down Thanksgiving night, attending the dance and calling on some of our girls.

Mrs. Sterne had for her guests for six o'clock dinner last Friday night. Mesdames Darst and Farmer of Richmond, and Misses Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin.

Mr. and Mrs. Yerxa, Miss Louise Wortham and Mrs. Harrison, all of Buckeye, motored down Sunday afternoon and were Mr. and Mrs. Sterne's guests for supper.

Mrs. E. J. Savage, Mrs. Will Berg and Mr. Will Watkins were visitors to Wadsworth Wednesday to see Mr. Jim Watkins. They report him doing as well as could be expected.

The "4 Ms C" will meet with Misses Reba Rugeley and Minnie Dea Coffin on next Wednesday afternoon at the Rugeley home at 3:30 o'clock and all members are expected to be present.

Messrs. Harris Darst and Earnest Farmer of Richmond arrived Saturday to see their wives who were visiting at the George Sargent home, and Mrs. Farmer accompanied them home Monday.

The Mothers Club met last Tuesday afternoon and had a most interesting meeting, and decided to adjourn until after Xmas when they are planning to give a nice entertainment for the public.

Mr. Dennison will soon move from the Johnnie Williams cottage and go with his family across the river where he will farm. Then Mr. and Mrs. Chester Rugeley will occupy the Williams cottage.

Messrs. Culver, Wadsworth and Willie Williams left yesterday to drive a large herd of cattle from the Culver and Wadsworth ranch to the peninsular for the winter; and then later will go to the Wadsworth ranch on the peninsular and brand another large herd of cattle.

Aubrey Bedford and Cecil Inglehart, two brave Matagordians, made a flying trip to Bay City Saturday on their bicycles. They report that they made the trip in two and a half hours, which beats the horses. These youngsters are only twelve years of age.

Mr. Charles Hudson and family from Kauffman county have located in Matagorda this week living south of J. B Hawkins'. Mr. Hudson is looking for land to rent for truck and farm.

Mrs. Arthur Stewart entertained the high five club yesterday afternoon and a most enjoyable afternoon was had by those lovers of this game. This is the first meeting of the club in some time and the interest has increased so that after this the club members are going to meet regularly. After the games for the afternoon Mrs. Stewart served her guests with a most appetizing salad course. Those who enjoyed this pleasant afternoon were Mesdames Jim Bruce, Charles Pope, Lem Blair, Walter Stewart, Ed Layton, Emmet Lawson, Will McNabb, Jack Ellercamp, Misses Fannie Nolte, Otis and Irma Berg.

Matagorda News, December 6, 1912


Bob Savage was in from Wadsworth Saturday.

The R. O. Middlebrooks of Bay City Sundayed with friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cookenboo of Bay City were Matagorda visitors Saturday.

Miss Matthews of Glen Flora was the guest of relatives here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne and daughter, Miss Rose, autoed to Bay City Saturday.

The Pierce, Fordyce and Texas Oil Company's salesmen were in town Monday.

Ummie Eidman, Otto Huebner and Donald Poole of Bay City were Matagorda visitors Thursday.

Mrs. Sadye Menefee of Egypt is the guest of Miss Lula Belle Salley of this place this week.

Harold Swagerty, Douglas Serrill and Norman Savage motored to Bay City Sunday and spent the day there.

Messrs. Harris Darst and Ernest Farmer of Richmond visited their wives here Sunday, who were the guests of relatives here.

We understand that "J. T. I." is planning a box party for "Madame Sherry" at Bay City on December 12.

C. W. Burkhart took Will Watkins to Wadsworth in his car Sunday to see his brother, J. M. Watkins, who is ill there.

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Juneman and two children of Galveston are visiting Mrs. Juneman's sister, Mrs. Green Savage of this place.

Miss Dora Dent of Houston, who has been visiting Miss Beth Phillips since the Houston Carnival, returned to her home Saturday.

Folks here can't imagine why Otis Taylor visited Matagorda Sunday. It is generally understood by his friends that Bay City is his favorite Sunday resort for the present.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Yerxa, Miss Louise Wortham and Mrs. Harrison of Buckeye autoed to this place Sunday and after supper with Mr. and Mrs. G. Sterne, returned home.

George Sargent and daughter, Mrs. Darst, took Mrs. Farmer to Bay City Monday morning and started her on her way home at Richmond.

Mrs. M. J. Bruce, Mrs. F. L. Rugeley, Jim Nye Ryman, Mrs. Ed Baker, Calvin Baker, Mrs. B. A. Ryman and Mrs. Catherine Williams are numbered with the sick folks this week.

Cecil Inglehart and Aubrey Bedford, both boys twelve years of age, went to Bay City on their bicycles, making the 20 mile run in two and one-half hours. Very good for amateur "bike" riders.

Rev. Mr. Burke, the new Methodist pastor for Lane City and Matagorda, will preach his first sermon here next Sunday and it is hoped all the good Methodists will turn out en masse and encourage them.

Mrs. J. F. Williams left Tuesday for Bay City where she will meet her daughter, Mrs. R. C. Emmel, and little girl of Corpus and from where they will go to Houston for an indefinite visit.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne had for her guests for supper Friday evening, Mrs. Harris Darst and Mrs. Ernest Farmer of Richmond, Miss Minne Dea Coffin and Miss Reba Rugeley. They report such a nice time with Mrs. Sterne.

Miss Lula Belle Salley gave a chafing dish party Friday evening complimentary to her visiting friend, Mrs. Sadye Menefee of Egypt. After a series of indoor games, Miss Salley brewed "Antchillas" on the chafing dish and served with this Mexican oyster cocktail, pimiento sandwiches, cheese balls and pickles. The guests for the evening beside the honoree, were Messrs. George Kilbride, Rugeley Serrill, John May Williams, Amos Duffy, Douglas Serrill and Jas Thornhill; Misses Reba Rugeley, Helen Gilbert and Minnie Dea Coffin.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 6, 1912

From the Matagorda News

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker went to Bay City Monday returning home Tuesday.

City Marshall Felix Grantham of Bay City was down Thursday to attend a special meeting of the Odd Fellows.

Rev. L. E. Selfridge of the Presbyterian church of Bay City preached in the Methodist church Tuesday night. Bad weather prevented a large congregation.

Messrs. Moore, Broughton and Mayfield of Bay City with Messrs. A. H. Wadsworth, G. B. Culver and Willie Williams left Saturday for the gulf to hunt, and report a most enjoyable and successful trip.

Messrs. Donald Poole, Jim McCrosky, Sherman Baker, and Misses Francis and Kathryn Poole, and Irene Jones of Bay City were guests at the Rugeley home for supper and after church motored home taking Rev. L. E. Selfridge with them.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 13, 1912


Brown and Ed Watkins were in from Wadsworth Saturday.

Jim Miller was in town from Bay City this week.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Shindler Friday morning a little son.

Will Watkins visited his brother, J. M. Watkins at Wadsworth Wednesday.

A. G. Baer returned home Sunday from a business visit to Waco.

Mrs. Ed C. Baker was a Bay City visitor Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

W. B. Cookenboo was in town from Bay City Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs. Jack Ellerkamp and little Clara Belle Savage were Wadsworth visitors Tuesday.

[paper torn]

Mr. and Mrs. ___ Landrum were in town from Big Hill Monday doing their Christmas shopping.

Miss Jessie May Serrill has returned home from an extended stay with relatives in Bay City.

Misses Irma and Merlie Berg went to Bellville to visit their friend, Mrs. E. S. Russell.

A. H. Wadsworth and G. B. Culver are moving their cattle from the main land to the peninsula this week.

Will Bedford, Ed Baker and Jim Inglehart were in from Lake Austin to spend Saturday and Sunday with the home folks.

Thompson Gyles, an old resident of this place, but now of Galveston, spent Saturday and Sunday here with friends.

Doyle Coston, Sr. and a couple of his friends passed through town Friday en route to the peninsula.

Mrs. J. F. Williams and Mrs. Annye Williams Byars and little girl got back home from Houston Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth, who are wintering at Bay City, spent last Wednesday night at their home here.

Banker J. M. Moore, Jim Mayfield and Will Broughton of Bay City passed through town Saturday for a hunt on the bay.

Mrs. W. J. Phillips went to Houston Wednesday for a visit of several days with her son, Scott, who is attending Massey Business College there.

Felix Grantham of Bay City came to Matagorda Thursday to attend a special meeting of the Odd Fellows here that evening.

Mrs. W. T. Davidson, after a pleasant visit of some weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burkhart, left Thursday for her home at Marshall, Texas.

Rev. D. S. Burke will fill his first appointment at Lane City Sunday, while Rev. John E. Green of Houston will occupy the pulpit in the Methodist church here.

The Presbyterian minister, Rev. L. E. Selfridge of Bay City made his usual Tuesday evening visit to this place yesterday and despite the inclement weather, had a very good attendance at church.

Charlie Tew, representing Ullman, Sterne & Kruse of Bay City, was in town Friday as was also the New Orleans Coffee Company and the Quaker Oats Company representatives.

Miss Reba Rugeley and Miss Minnie Dea Coffin will be the hostesses of the "4 M Cs" this afternoon and then there will be no more meetings until the New Year, 1913.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne and daughter, Miss Rose, Misses Reba Rugeley, Miss Minnie Dea Coffin, Miss Jessie May Serrill, Miss Helen Gilbert, Mrs. H. P. Baxter, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Stewart and Julian Inglehart are some from here who will see "Madame Sherry" at Bay City.

Donald Poole and sisters, Misses Kathryn and Francis Poole, Miss Irene Jones, Jim McCrosky and Sherman Baker motored here from Bay City last night--Tuesday--and were the guests of Misses Coffin and Rugeley for a few hours.

Our new pastor, Rev. D. S. Burke, and family are company at the Lawson cottage until the Methodist parsonage is vacated. His first sermon was enjoyed by a very good congregation. Owing to the inclemency of the weather, there were no services that evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 13, 1912

Personal and Social

George Belcher of San Antonio is in town for the week.

Mr. Charlie Burkhart is confined to his bed this week.

Joe Kirkman of Wadsworth was a Sunday visitor in Matagorda.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lan Iram of Big Hill were Xmas shoppers Monday.

Misses Irma and Merle Berg left Tuesday for a visit to Mrs. Russell at Bellva.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker went to Bay City Monday returning home Tuesday.

Mr. Sam Berg went to Bay City Monday on business returning that night on the local.

Mr. Arthur Baer returned Saturday from Waco where he has been on business for a week.

Rugeley Serrill's many friends will be glad to know that he has been sitting up some this week.

Mrs. J. F. Williams and daughter, Mrs. Annie Byars, returned Tuesday from a visit in Houston.

Messrs. W. E. McNabb and G. T. Sargent went to Bay City Tuesday, both going on business.

Mr. George Southwell of San Antonio visited his sister, Mrs. Sterne, and his little son last week.

The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Schindler last Friday morning and left a bouncing boy.

Bryan and Ed Watkins were in town Saturday from Wadsworth and report their brother Jim up and well.

City Marshall Felix Grantham of Bay City was down Thursday to attend a special meeting of the Odd Fellows.

Thompson Gyles of Galveston, a former Matagorda boy, was back here on a visit Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. J. A. Eaves and little son Joseph left today for Houston to be the guest of Mrs. Frie in that city until Tuesday.

Mrs. Jack Ellerkamp and Miss Clara Belle Savage visited Wadsworth Monday, going to see the dentist in tht place.

County Tax Collector, C. M. Steger of Bay City, will be in Matagorda on Dec. 17 and 18 to collect state and county taxes, and asks all concerned to meet him.

Miss Jessie Jay Serrill arrived home Saturday from Bay City where she has been for sometime. Her health is very much improved.

Mr. Douglass Serrill is meeting all his friends in the Duffy Mercantile and Post Office, while substituting for his brother who is ill at present.

Messrs. Moore, Broder and Mayfield of Bay City with Messrs. A. H. Wadsworth, G. B. Culver and Willie Williams left Saturday for the gulf to hunt, and report a most enjoyable and successful trip.

Messrs. Donald Poole, Jim McCrosky, Sherman Baker, and Misses Francis and Katherine Poole and Irene Jones of Bay City were guests at the Rugeley home for supper and after church motored home taking Rev. Selfridge with them.

Mrs. Chester Rugeley and children left Wednesday for Beaumont to spend the Xmas holidays with her parents. Mr. Rugeley accompanied them as far as Eagle Lake.

Hog killing time at the Ryman home Tuesday--fourteen hogs and one beef. The News and some other neighbors was remembered and have been enjoying backbone, spare-ribs, and "pig tails," thanks to the generous donor.

Postal from Miss Josie Sargent at San Antonio says that she will start for home on the 21st for Xmas.

A good congregation greeted the new pastor, Rev. D. S. Burke on his first appointment at the Methodist church Sunday morning; and a good sermon was enjoyed. Inclement weather prevented services at night.

Another heavy rain Wednesday night stopped plowing operations. A great deal of new land is being put into cultivation this year in the Matagorda country.

Rev. L. E. Selfridge of the Presbyterian church at Bay City, preached in the Methodist church Tuesday night. Bad weather prevented a larger congregation.

The "4 Ms C" met once again last Wednesday afternoon with their sewing bags at the Rugeley home. The weather being bad there were only a few girls present and those decided to adjourn until after New Year's day. The girls planned all sorts of nice entertainments for Xmas week in honor of all the boys and girls that will be home from school.

Quite a large party had arranged to go to Bay City to see Madame Sherry at the Opera House, but the rain put the autos off the track and the party was much reduced. The following went up on the train last night, returning today: Mr. Julian Inglehart, Misses Minnie Dea Coffin and Reba Rugeley, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Layton, Mr. and Mrs. Lem Blair, Mrs. Henry Baxter and Miss Helen Gilbert.

Matagorda News, December 13, 1912

Honor Roll
Of the Matagorda High School

The Honor Roll requires a general average of 90, or above, for month, including attendance and deportment, in addition to the work in the studies. Following is the honor roll for the month ending December 6:

Low Second Grade
Arthur Stewart
Sterling Baxter
Lila Thornhill
Louise Stapp
Elma Phillips
Georgia Pope
Merle Trahan
Bessie Moberley
Annie Dora Hawkins

High Second Grade
Seaborn Duke

Third Grade
Rudolph Diaz
Roy Traylor
Preston Williams
Marcelina Perez

Fourth Grade
Mary Culver
Will Thornhill


Fifth Grade
Mabel Schindler
Lawrence Kain
George Stewart
Imogene Baxter
Stanley Rugeley
Montreal Gove
Dewey Yeamans

Sixth Grade
Henry Rugeley
Cecil Inglehart
Ira Stribling

Seventh Grade
Thelma Baxter
Guy Smith

Eighth Grade
Wadsworth Rugeley
Belle Smith

Ninth Grade
Rose Sterne
Minnie Phillips
Irene Burkhart
Wesley Sterry
Leota Gove

The holiday the past month went to Miss Bertha Funk's room, consisting of the 5th and 6th grades.

W. H. Smith, Sup't.

Matagorda News, December 13, 1912

From Matagorda News

Pierce Hamilton was back to see his

Manager Korn of the Bay City Opera House was a visitor in town between trains Wednesday advertising "Madame Sherry."

Quite a large party of Matagordians are planning to see Madame Sherry at the opera house at Bay City next Thursday night. boy friends last Thursday, returning to Bay City Sunday in time for school Monday.

Mrs. R. O. Middlebrook, Earl, Dollie and Lydia of Bay City, motored down Sunday and were the guests for dinner at the Savage home.

The full rigged ship going down the bay two Sundays ago, and which attracted so much attention in Matagorda was a Chinese junk, and the first four-masted schooner seen in the bay in many years. The vessel discharged her cargo of tea and other merchandise at the port of Aransas, and no doubt loaded with cotton for China. She came from the gulf thru the San Bernard into the intercoastal canal. When the canal is completed the passage and stopping at our own wharf of such vessels will be common.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 13, 1912

Personal and Social

Mr. Henry Baxter made a business trip to Houston Saturday.

Mr. W. E. McNabb has been suffering with la grippe the past week.

Gober Serrill paid a flying trip by auto to Wadsworth Monday night.

Mrs. Maggie Bruce went to Bay City Monday shopping and returned home Tuesday.

Little Miss Rita Inglehart left Monday to visit her grandmother for a few days in Bay City.

Rev. John Sloan of Bay City will fill his regular appointment at the Episcopal Church Sunday night.

Sunday morning and night is Rev. D. S. Burke's regular appointment at the Methodist Church.

Julian Inglehart and Norman Savage went out Tuesday morning and bagged sixteen nice fat ducks by sun-up.

Mr. C. W. Burkhart has leased the Braman pasture north of town and will plant a hundred acres in rice and some corn and cotton.

Miss Muta Serrill returned home Sunday from Bay City where she has been attending business college for the last two months and will be here for the holidays.

Mrs. Weston Bailey and children of El Campo and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dietrich of Port Lavaca will arrive Saturday to be the Xmas guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nolte.

Misses Reba Rugeley, Minnie Dea Coffin and Lula Belle Salley and Johnnie May Williams were the guests of Mr. Tas Thornhill for dinner Sunday the occasion being the young man's seventeenth birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert are expecting a visit Christmas week from their son, C. E. Gilbert, Jr., editor and manager of the Waxahachie Daily Herald, and Philip, who is operator for a moving picture show at Grapeland.

R. A. Kleska, Deputy County Tax Collector, was down this week from the county capital, to collect state and county tax for 1911. He was here Tuesday and Wednesday and to those who failed to see him his office in the courthouse will be open at all hours.

Matagorda News, December 20, 1912

Personal and Social

Mr. Charlie Burkhart visited Bay City Saturday.

Mrs. J. B. Hawkins went to Bay City Monday returning Tuesday.

Mrs. Douglass Parris came home Saturday to be with her parents for Sunday.

Mrs. M. E. Lawson became the proud owner of a beautiful victoria [victrola] last week.

Mrs. Ed. Perrinot of Brownwood is visiting her sister-in-law Mrs. Allen Trahan.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gilmore and little son of Wadsworth were Sunday visitors here.

Messrs. Eugene and Walter Cookenboo motored down from Bay City Monday on business.

Miss Violet Ellis was thrown from her horse Saturday and painfully hurt, but is better now.

Don't forget the Masquerade Ball to be given by the young men of the town on Christmas night.

Prof. Smith, Misses Bert Funk, Bertha Boyd and Lula Belle Salley are in Bay City this week attending the County Institute at that place.

Matagorda News, December 20, 1912

Personal and Social

Mr. Will Bedford has just had his home repapered.

Mr. A. G. Baer is spending Xmas in New York.

Mrs. Annie Williams Byars went to Bay City Saturday.

Will McNabb and Ed Layton went to Bay City Friday.

Miss Merle Berg arrived Thursday from a visit to Belva.

Miss Lula Smith, from Markham visiting Mrs. Maggie Bruce Saturday.

Miss Muta Serrill went to Bay City Monday returning the same day.

Mr. Green Adams of Georgetown is visiting his nephew Mr. E. J. Savage.

Messrs. J. F. and J. A. Williams made a business trip to Bay City Saturday.

Mr. John Paulk, Jr., left Monday for Palacios to spend the holidays with his family.

Miss Reba Rugeley left, yesterday for Bay City to attend the young men's dance.

Masters W. B. and Zuch Serrill returned home Saturday from Bay City to spend Xmas here.

Mr. Swagerty and Mr. Rooks Moberley motored to Bay City Friday on a business trip.

Mrs. Henry Baxter and Master Willie were Bay City visitors Monday returning on the local.

Mrs. H. Ashley of Paris came in Monday to visit the family of her father, Mr. John Paul, Sr.

Mrs. Weston Bailey and three daughters from El Campo came Saturday to spend Xmas with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nolte.

Mrs. Annie Byars, Miss Joe Sargent and Stewart Burkhart left yesterday to attend the dance in Bay City.

Mrs. Dr. F. W. Hover and baby boy arrived Sunday to spend the holidays at the Salley home with her parents and sisters.

Mrs. Walter Stewart entertained the "42" club Thursday afternoon and three tables were busy for sometime. After this, the hostess served a delicious Xmas course of turkey, dressing, jelly and pickles.

Mrs. Douglass Parish, who has been teaching school at Wadsworth, after the week in County Institute at Bay City, arrived home Friday night to spend the Christmas holidays with the home folks.

Mr. Ed. C. Baker is home this week enjoying Christmas with family and friends. He has had fine weather up to past few days and has made splendid progress with his building contract on the Judge Gaines ranch.

Miss Minnie Dea Coffin, our talented music teacher, let yesterday for her home in Blum to be with her parents for the holidays. Notwithstanding the bad weather, a large number of young friends were at the station to bid her good-bye with wishes for a Merry Christmas and early return.

Mr. Geo. B. Culver called in the other day and added one more to his subscription to the News. This time he sends the paper to a friend in San Antonio. We don't mind saying: This is a good way to advertise Matagorda; circulate the News.  We send out 20 or 30 every week--how many do you send.

The News through an error in the types last issue had Mrs. E. M. Lawson, enjoying the balmy Matagorda weather from a handsome victoria, when, instead, she sits in her home and with eyes feasting on beautiful roses in full bloom in her yard listens to the sweet strains of her new victrola.

If you have not secured that Christmas present, lose not another minute, but go at once to Williams' Drug Store, where you will find a nice assortment of articles combining ornament with utility. Mother, sister, little bud, and the particular one, should have a reminder of the holy and festive day.

Last Tuesday being Mrs. A. E. Baxter's birthday several of her lady friends called during the afternoon bringing their sewing and a most enjoyable time was had after which delicious refreshments were served.

Matagorda News, December 24, 1912

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