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By Naomi

Little Helen Berg is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. T. F. Carr is visiting her sons at Bay City this week.

The schooner Flower of France is again in port from Galveston.

Fred Gillette spent Sunday in Matagorda with his cousin, Nye Ryman.

Dr. Wm. McCamley of Wharton was in our city Wednesday and Thursday.

Miss Inez Dunbar got in from Bolivar Saturday evening after an absence of several months.

Green Stewart and little daughter, Georgia, went to Bay City Monday and returned Tuesday.

Miss Eloise Rugeley arrived on Saturday evening’s passenger to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Rugeley.

Mrs. A. A. Duffy, who is visiting relatives in El Campo, will find on her return a beautiful brand new piano awaiting her.

E. Sojourner, J. D. Moore and son Leo, and John Bond and wife came in to attend the funeral of little Willie Lee Tuesday.

Mrs. Emory Goodman and babe of Houston are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hill of this place and also recuperating baby’s health.

Misses Eudora and Vera Moore of Port Lavaca ran down to Matagorda Tuesday evening and spent the night with Mrs. Jno. Phillips. From here they went to Ashby.

During the rain squall that came up Monday morning, we are told that a part of the cold storage building belonging to the Matagorda Fish & Oyster Co. was blown down.

Several men who became excited over the oil report from Big Hill came down on Sunday from Bay City to see for themselves. Among them were Walter Williams, Geo. Serrill and Jas. Gibson.

Miss Madge Savage and Arthur Miller celebrated their birthdays last Saturday evening by giving their friends a reception. Ice cream and cake were served and music and conversation were kept up until a late hour.

Two crowds went to the beach Sunday last. John Duffy had charge of the Myrtle and D. Baxter of the Nettie. We did not learn the names of those who went on the Myrtle, but here is a list of those who went on the Nettie: J. R. Hill and wife, Mr. Finklestein and wife, Mrs. E. C. Goodman and child, Miss Susie Hill and two Misses Finklestein, Messrs. Jordan, Goldberg, Lochland, Moss[,] Kelly, Duffy and Duffy, Finklestein and Baxter.

One of the saddest scenes witnessed here for many a day occurred last Tuesday evening when the passenger brought in the remains of little Willie Lee and his broken hearted parents, Amos and Annie Lee of Bay City. They were met at the depot by many sorrowing relatives and sympathizing friends who followed him to his last resting place. All the Sunday school children, many of whom were his playmates, followed two by two to the yard bearing garlands of flowers which they placed on his grave. Rev. C. N. Morton conducted the funeral services. The pall-bearers were Julian Inglehart, Milam Currie, Ed Layton, Murray Elson, Green Savage and Rucks Moberly. What a sweet consolation to know that this darling child is now numbered with the blest and that he is walking hand in hand with his little brother on the other shore, eagerly awaiting the time when papa and mama shall join him in that better land where there is no more parting, sorrow, pain or death.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 26, 1903

Matagorda Items

By Naomi.

Little Sam Lawson is quite ill of typhoid.

Mrs. Acton of Sealy is spending the summer with Mrs. Charlie Bruce.

Mrs. Max Klein will spend the coming week with her aunt, Mrs. Jas. Williams.

Mrs. Dan Moore and little folks came in Tuesday to attend the Williams-Phillips wedding.

The schooner Myrtle and the sloop Mahan are out on the Navidad ways this week for repairs.

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Franz and little grand daughter, Janie Savage, are visiting Mrs. E. Berg.

Mr. Perry, the lightning rod man, is here this week, placing rods on many of the new dwellings.

Miss Edna Moore of Bay City spent a couple of days with her aunt, Mrs. Will Phillips, this week.

Mrs. Jas. Gillette has made her sisters, Mesdames Serrill and Ryman, very happy by paying them a long visit.

Fred McC. Robbins and family, also the elder Mrs. Robbins, were over from Tadmore, shopping Monday.

John Williams of the Beaumont oil fields arrived Thursday and was the guest of his friend, Chas. P. Williams.

Nye Ryman had to go to Houston Thursday to have his eyes treated for the injury by his gun explosion last week.

Miss Delia McNabb went to visit Mrs. Robt. Traylor at Bay City Sunday and is ill, though not seriously, at that place.

Lee Carr accompanied his brother Frank home Tuesday. Charlie Carr has charge of the ice delivery during this absence.

Miss Emma Lewis, Chas. Winstead, Jas. Rugeley and W. R. Franz and little son were among the arrivals Sunday evening.

The entertainment given by the young ladies for the benefit of the cemetery will be Thursday night at the I. O. O. F. hall. We hope it will be a success.

The wedding of Chas. Williams and Miss Daisy Phillips will take place at the home of the bride’s parents Wednesday evening. Particulars in my next.

Mrs. Jesse Matthews of Bay City and Mrs. Sam Robbins of Houston are both at the bedside of Mrs. Green Stewart who is ill of fever. They arrived this week.

Chas. and Fred Smith went to Houston Tuesday morning. Fred will invest in a new hack, while there, to convey passengers from the depot to their stopping places.

Miss Dollie Rugeley was among the arrivals Sunday evening and is the guest of Miss Blanche Inglehart. Miss Dollie is an old Matagordian and has many friends here who are always glad to see her.

Goodwin Sterne and wife and child and Mr. Southwell and wife took a short cruise on the bay last week, leaving Saturday and returning Sunday night. In their wanderings they “took in” the Duffy place on the beach and the Half-Moon lighthouse.

Jacob Smith, another Texas Veteran, passed away at the ripe old age of 84 years, Sunday night, after a lingering illness at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. C. Bruce. He was taken to Kenner for interment in the family burying ground. He leaves a large family to mourn him. They have the sympathy of their friends.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 24, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi

Morgan Smith and Will Burke of Kenner were here Thursday.

Chris Duffy was quite sick a few days ago but is improving now.

A protracted meeting is going on at the Baptist church this week.

Billy Williams is in Matagorda, looking after his Big Hill oil lands.

Harry Raymond and his Uncle Joe Dientsch from Port Lavaca are in town.

Roy Shoultz has quite a neat little home under construction in the east end.

Walter Cookenboo is home from Beaumont on a short visit to his father and sisters.

Conrad Franz is again in our midst, having arrived on the Cane Belt Tuesday evening.

Mr. Southwell and family have taken possession of their pretty residence in the eastern suburbs.

The cemetery is beginning to have quite a respectable appearance since work has begun there.

Geo. Serrill spent several days with his father’s family, having come in the latter part of last week.

Misses Annie and Sadie Williams accompanied Mrs. Geo. Williams to Bay City Tuesday evening.

Several oil men were in Matagorda and at Big Hill this week, among them were Messrs. Lea, Mays, and Lane.

Mrs. Jno. Matthews of Caney came in Wednesday evening to see her daughter, Mrs. E. L. Lawson, and family.

The P. E. Bell fish and oyster company have dissolved partnership, Howard Dunbar having sold his interest to P. E. Bell.

Misses Bessie Austin and Constance Clark of San Antonio are visiting our town and are the guests of Miss Kathryn Sargent.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McNabb went to Bay City Saturday morning to visit, Mrs. McNabb’s sister, Mrs. Amos Lee, indefinitely.

Services at the Baptist church, a ball at the hall and the Willard show divided the crowd Monday night. A good attendance at each.

Some of those from Bay City this week were Mrs. W. R. Franz, Mrs. Geo. Williams and Messrs. Oscar Barber, Jesse Matthews and Frank Carr.

Warren Wilkerson of Hearne came in Monday evening to visit his wife and children who are spending the summer with Mr. W. B. and Miss Mollie Wadsworth.

A number of oil men, about ten in all, were here from up the country Thursday and chartered the Jerome Kearby to take them across the bay where they had a fine time swimming and enjoying themselves as people usually do who go on the bay.

As quarterly conference convened at Lane City last Saturday and Sunday, and it being Rev. C. N. Morton’s regular appointment here, he came down Wednesday instead, but as the train was four hours late, he did not have services ‘til the next evening. He also made some pastoral calls while in the city.

Leon Baer and Wad. McNabb were out sailing on the Essay Tuesday eve, with several young ladies; Mrs. Hez. Law was the chaperone and they all had a jolly time, as usual. Sailing parties never go for anything but a jolly time and are always very fortunate in this vicinity, never meeting with any serious adventures unless it is a rain squall. Nothing like an excursion on the water.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 7, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Pierce Nye of Laredo is visiting this his childhood home.

Jas. Williams received a load of hay from Chris Zipprian of Coulterville Saturday.

Misses Annie and Sadie Williams have returned from Bay City after a week’s absence.

H. D. and J. R. Hall were home from Lane City Saturday and Sunday to see their families.

Waldo Lawson, after spending several weeks here among relatives, will leave tomorrow for Houston.

Mrs. Rudolph Roemer? and two little girls of Elgin are visiting relatives here; they arrived Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Inglehart and Miss Lizzie Phillips boarded the train for Bay City Sunday in order to do some shopping Monday.

The Mahan, John Williams in charge, conveyed Mrs. B. A. Ryman and family and some others to Zipprian bayou Saturday to spend the day.

Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Sargent and Misses Katie Sargent, Constance Clark? And Bessie Austin went to Bay City to attend the ball there Friday night.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ryman? and three daughters, Misses Matie?, Nannie and Julia, are here to spend the balance of the summer. They arrived on the 10th.

Emory Goodman arrived at Matagorda from Houston Saturday afternoon to see his wife and baby who have been visiting Mrs. Goodman’s mother, Mrs. J. R. Hill, for the summer.

Two gentlemen from Ill. were here prospecting Sunday and had W. C. Berg to take them to the Bell place on the peninsula to inspect the lands over there. They contemplate leasing and putting in a truck garden.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dietrich made a flying visit to our town this week, reaching this place Saturday and returning to Lavaca, their home Sunday. Mrs. Mabel George and three children returned to Lavaca with them.

Jno. Sargent honored his daughter’s guests with a moonlight sail Tuesday evening. Mrs. Sargent chaperoned them. Those present were Misses Minna Stewart, Gent Brashear, Bessie Austin, Constance Clark, Eloise Rugeley, Kathryn Sargent, Rena Nolte, Mattie and Arda Talbot, Mrs. Talbot and Waldo Lawson, Leon Baer, Julian Smith, Jas. Bruce, Jim and Julian Inglehart, Walter Cookenboo, Jas. Rugely, Will Wilson and Wad. McNabb.

One of the most delightful sails of the season was enjoyed last Friday evening on the staunch pleasure boat Nettie. At 7:30 all had gathered at the wharf who were going and were soon on board. The sails when spread to the breeze looked like huge white wings, and as soon as the anchor was weighed the boat shot from the quay like an arrow and swiftly sped up the bay, which looked like a vast sheet of silver in the sparkling moonlight “With Jocund song we rode the sparkling foam,” until we were on the last tack when a light lunch, some of the young men so thoughtfully provided, was passed around, followed by a refreshing glass of ice water. We could scarcely realize that it was the hour of midnight when we reached the landing. The happy participants were Miss Imogene Whitfield and sister, Miss King and Misses Dora Bruce, Fannie Nolte, Bert Funk, Eloise Rugeley, Fay Carr, Jessie Serrill, Rena Nolte, and Sophia Currie, and Mesdames Carr, George, Berg and Lawhon; and Messrs. Luke Dial, Will Lawhon, Oran Carter, Geo. Pope, Jas. Inglehart, John Castleton, Charlie and Lee Carr, Jas. Bruce, Pierce Nye and Capt. D. Baxter.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 14, 1903

Matagorda Items.
By Naomi.

Rev. C. N. Morton preached here last Sunday.

The third oil well was started at Big Hill Saturday.

John Cookenboo was in town this week, from Wharton.

M. N. Cain went to Port Lavaca on business this week.

Geo. Burkhart was in Van Vleck on business last Friday and Saturday.

Charles Pritchard spent Sunday in Matagorda, the guest of the Bay View.

Geo. Austin and wife and two little children spent Sunday in Matagorda.

Thursday little Misses Otis and Mertie? Berg went to Bay City to visit friends.

Lee Carr has accepted a position with the electric company at Bay City.

H. H. Serrill took a carload of cattle to Houston last week for the Stewart Bros.

Miss Mary Preddy of Bay City is the guest of Misses Sadie and Annie Williams.

Miss Delia McNabb spent two days in Bay City this week, the guest of Mrs. Amos Lee.

John Berg, accompanied by his little daughter, Lila, visited Bay City Monday and Tuesday.

N. P. Williams came to town on business Saturday and returned to Bay City the same day.

Miss Madye Savage returned from Bay City Friday, where she had been visiting for several days.

The juveniles had a party at the hall Thursday evening; we were told that it was quite a success.

B. A. Ryman, accompanied by his son Nye, made a business trip to Houston and Beaumont last week.

Miss Annie Lowe returned to her home in Bay City, after spending several weeks with Mrs. N. S. Kenedy.

Jesse Raymond went to Houston last week to visit his brother Sam, who is under the doctor’s treatment here. He returned Friday.

Mrs. W. C. Berg and two little children left on the 18th inst. for Beeville, to recuperate her little daughter’s health and also to visit relatives.

Mrs. Ed. Savage went to Bay City the first of the week, and from there she goes to Houston to attend the wedding of her cousin, Miss Dreyling.

Stephen Austin of San Antonio and Miss Annie Jay Hamilton of this place, both grand-children of John T. Sargent, arrived on Monday’s passenger.

Judge Wylie Croom of Wharton and his wife and daughter were in Matagorda last week. This is Judge Croom’s boyhood home and it goes without saying that he enjoyed his visit here.

Fred Smith’s wagonette was filled to overflowing with the fair sex from Wharton and Eagle Lake Saturday, they having come with their escorts and chaperone for an excursion on the bay on the scow IXL. The sail was followed by a ball that night at the hall, in which our young people joined them.

The graders have been improving Matagorda street, or Bluff street as ‘tis usually called, by broadening the street, it having been so badly cut up by the last storm as to be almost impassable. When completed, it will make a beautiful driveway, with the bay spread out before us on one side and the town on the other.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 21, 1903

Matagorda Items.

For some reason unknown to us, our Matagorda correspondent failed to reach us yesterday, and in lieu thereof we condense the following items from the Pilot:

Mrs. Green Stewart is recovering.

John Sutherland visits the oil fields often.

Roy Shoultz is finishing his cosy cottage.

Mrs. Sol. Cleveland is up from a spell of sickness.

G. B. Merriwether, the civil engineer, is in town.

Dr. Scott is ready to let the contract for his new drug store.

Jno. B. Cookenboo will soon move back to Matagorda.

Ed. C. Baker has the contract to erect a derrick at Big Hill.

Mrs. Nora Cook has returned from a visit to Wharton relatives.

Gen. manager Eldridge was down, looking after Cane Belt interests.

C. T. Pritchard is often drawn to Matagorda by special attractions.

Miss Minnie Mayes is down to arrange for opening the free school.

Rev. Father Pfiffer will say mass at St. Francis Chapel next Sunday.

Henry Hill has the contract to build an addition to the Stewart warehouse.

The Cane Belt local now carries passengers between Matagorda and Bay City.

Since the change of schedule, the Cane Belt is getting 50 per cent more passenger traffic.

Big Hill’s newest well is down 280 feet and has struck several gas pockets. Seven wells are under contract.

The Pilot manifests an itching to butt into the newspaper circulation controversy. Too late Professor; it’s over.

Oil men are trying to get the Southwestern telephone company to extend to Matagorda and put in a local exchange.

Geo. Culver is building a cottage on the old court house block and will built a two-story addition to the Bay View Hotel.

S. Billow, leading oil expert of the U. S., has been investigating the Big Hill field for the new company, and he says it is a great oil field.

Misses Addie Castleton, Emma King and Petronia Jackson, all of Sealy, are visiting Mrs. Will Currie and will stop at Bay City to visit Tom Castleton’s family enroute home.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 29, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Rev. Armstrong will preach here Sunday.

Miss Minna Stewart left Saturday for Ennis.

Frank Carr was down from Bay City Monday.

Chas. Smith visited Bay City Thursday on business.

J. E. Fowler and wife and children of Bay City visited in our city Sunday.

Mrs. I. G. Lords of Bay City was the guest of Mrs. T. F. Carr a few days this week.

H. H. Serrill took two car loads of cattle to Houston Thursday for Mr. Wadsworth.

Miss Fay Carr returned home Saturday, after spending a week with relatives in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McNabb and little infant daughter returned home from Bay City Sunday.

Miss Alma Austin is down from Bay City, the guest of her cousins, Misses Jay and Muta Serrill.

A little daughter of Mrs. Stafford was quite sick Monday, but I am glad to note that he has improved.

Mrs. Albert Wilkerson and little daughter of Hearne are here on a visit to W. B. and Miss Mollie Wadsworth.

Mrs. Dan Lewis is here from Monterey, Mexico, visiting her sister and brother, Mrs. Chas. Pope and Oran Carter.

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Berg, will be glad to hear that their little daughter is improving rapidly at Beeville.

Conductor Currie moved his family back to Sealy Saturday, after being with us several months. We regret very much to lose them.

Capt. Ike Towell of the Jerome Kearby was in town this week. While here the Captain, in his own inimitable, skipper-like way, talked wisely of the weather and looked as wise as he talked.

Quite an enjoyable time was had at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Inglehart, Tuesday night. The time was passed away with music and dancing. Those present were Misses Della McNabb, Fay Carr, Susie Hill, Lizzie Phillips, Mrs. Dan Lewis, Messrs. Wad. McNabb, Dee Baxter, Oran Carter, Lee Carr, Walter Cookenboo and Leon Baer.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams treated their young friends to a straw ride to Big Hill Tuesday night, where they surprised the family of Will Zipprian. Dancing and card playing were the main features of the evening, after which refreshments of cake and iced lemonade were served. Those present were as follows: Misses Annie and Sadye Williams, Annie Jay and Marguerite Hamilton, Alma Austin, Jennie Peterson, Jay and Muta Serrill, Messrs. Nye Ryman, Green Savage, Amos Duffy, Julian and Alvin Inglehart, Johnie May and Darwin Williams, Mrs. Willie Williams and two children, with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams as chaperones. They all returned home about 2:30 a. m., declaring such a time was never had before.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 4, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Rev. Morton preached here Sunday.

Alex Benge visited our city Monday.

Mrs. W. R. Franz is visiting in our town.

E. E. White and wife and baby visited Bay City Saturday.

Bro. J. W. Daniel was the guest of Mrs. M. I. Bruce Sunday.

Miss Madie Savage left for Bay City Monday to be absent several days.

Miss Maye Hurst of Venna is here on a visit to her aunt Mrs. Morris Cain.

Misses Ella Hawkins and Ruby Holt are visiting Mrs. J. B. Hawkins this week.

Miss Bertha Funk left Monday for San Marcos to enter the State Normal there.

Miss Minnie Mayes opened her private school Monday with about twenty-five scholars.

Miss Zalie Zipprian of Big Hill was the guest of Mrs. W. S. Williams Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Chas. Baker was down from Bay City Saturday on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Ed. Savage.

Miss Alma Austin returned home Friday, after spending a week in Matagorda with relatives.

John Cookenboo will move his family into the Cain residence this week. We will be glad to have them with us.

The lawn party given for the benefit of the public school was well attended and the sum of $17.00 was realized.

Miss Laura Williams returned home Thursday from Luling and Flatonia where she had been visiting friends for several months.

Mrs. J. H. Berg left Tuesday for Houston to visit her brother Chas. Dietrich for a week. She was accompanied by her two little daughters.

Mrs. O. E. George arrived home Monday from Port Lavaca, on the sloop Dunbar. Her sister, Mrs. Clarence Dietrich, came back with her to make them a short visit.

Miss Eloise Rugeley returned home Tuesday after a long visit to relatives and friends in Wharton. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Brooks and children and Mrs. Rugeley.

Mrs. H. H. Serrill gave a little party last Wednesday night, in honor of her niece, Miss Alma Austin of Bay City. The personnel were: Misses Alma Austin, Sadie Williams, Fay Carr, Susie Hill, Jennie Peterson, and Jessie and Muta Serrill, Messrs. Julian Smith, Jim, Julian and Alvin Inglehart, Lee Carr, Dee Baxter, Amos Duffy, and Green Savage. All report a most pleasant evening.

Miss Madie Savage entertained a few of her friends Saturday night, complementary to Miss Della Watkins. Those present were: Misses Della Watkins, Lonie and Ruth Shoultz, Lorena Nolte, Laura, Annie and Sadie Williams, Zalie Zipprian, and Madie Savage, and Mrs. W. S. Williams, Messrs. Dick Bass, Arthur Miller, Amos Duffy, Julian Inglehart, Lucian Gilmore, Pete Arnold, Oran Carter, Jim Bruce and Green Savage. Cake and ice cream were served and about 11:30 o’clock they all departed, bidding their hostess adieu.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 11, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Dr. Irvin of Wharton is in our town again.

J. B. Hawkins is having his feed store painted this week.

W. C. Allen and J. N. Ryman visited Big Hill Tuesday night.

Mrs. Smith and children from Bay City are visiting in our town.

Mrs. E. Talbot went to Bay City Wednesday returning Thursday.

Roy Shoultz and wife moved into their neat little cottage the first of the week.

Miss Mayes has enrolled several new scholars in her private school this week.

Mrs. Chas. Pope has been very ill for the past week, but latest reports say she is better.

Frank Carr and Mr. Danner of Bay City spent Sunday in Matagorda with T. F. Carr’s family.

Mrs. D. R. Young of Elgin is visiting the family of her father and mother, J. R. Hill and wife.

The ice cream supper given for the benefit of the Baptist church was a success, netting about $25.00.

Miss Madie Savage came home Tuesday from Bay City, where she had been visiting friends and relatives.

Miss Minnie Gottschalk, who has been visiting in Bay City for the past week, came in on Tuesday’s passenger.

Mrs. J. H. Berg and little daughters returned home Saturday from Houston where they have been visiting relatives.

Rev. Jno. Sloan came down from Bay City Saturday and held services here on Sunday morning, returning to Bay City to preach at night.

There will be a lawn party at the I. O. O. F. hall Friday night. The money will go to help paint and repair the school house, which needs it very much.

W. A. Arnold returned home Monday from Cuero, where he has had his little daughter, Katie, under the doctor’s treatment for appendicitis. We are glad to say Katie has entirely recovered.

A party composed of the following gentlemen from Bay City came in on Sunday’s passenger to look at the oil fields and get some fish and oysters. W. H. Williams, George Serrill, A. Ditch, F. Brunner, Lonnie McCallun and W. Louwein. They went to the beach and ate oysters and fish until daylight, and the boys say that the only ones who had brass enough to take a dip in the cool briney deep were McCallun, Williams and Serrill. All of the party returned on the local next morning except Williams, Serrill and McCallum, they going to see the oil field on Big Hill, and returned on the regular passenger train that evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 18, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Rev. Morton will preach here Thursday night.

Chas. Smith moved his father and mother back to Bay City Saturday.

Miss Olivia Yeamans of San Antonio is here, visiting her aunt, Mrs. C. D. Bruce.

G. R. Merriwether and lady are in our city this week, the guests of the Bay View.

Mrs. Whitsitt of Markham, accompanied by her children and sister, Miss May Stucky, visited Mrs. El [Ed?] Baker a few days this week.

Miss Bernice Murray left Sunday for Huntsville to enter the San Houston Normal.

Will Culver and son of League City are here on a visit to his brothers, John and George.

J. J. Herring and wife and child, of Wharton, visited T. F. Carr’s family Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Annie Jay Hamilton left Saturday for Richmond, where she will go to school during the winter.

Misses Andora Mayes and Anna Dunn of Bay City attended the ice cream supper here last Friday night.

Jas. Nye Ryman left Monday for Georgetown, where he will again enter the Southwestern University.

Miss Maye Hurst returned to her home in Venus Saturday, after spending a week with her aunt, Mrs. M. N. Cain.

Frank Carr and family came down from Bay City Saturday to see the home folks. They returned home Monday.

Little Miss Hazel Yelton left for her home in Smithville Saturday. She has been visiting her grandmother for a week.

Miss Grace Mahavia [Mahavier] returned home last week after spending several weeks with her sister, Mrs. Bauer, in Port Lavaca.

Mrs. Amos Lee and children came down from Bay City Friday to visit home folks for a few days. They returned home Tuesday.

Miss Della McNabb went to Bay City Monday, where she met her sister, Mrs. R. H. Traylor, who just got home from Colorado Springs.

On last Thursday night Mrs. J. B. Hawkins entertained quite a number of young people, complimentary to Miss Ella Hawkins, who will leave in a few days for San Antonio to attend school. All report a most enjoyable evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 25, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Mrs. H. Baxter spent Saturday in Bay City.

Miss Eloise Rugeley spent Saturday in Bay City.

Frank Carr made his regular trip down here Monday.

Brother Armstrong will preach here Sunday morning at 11 o’clock.

Eugene Eidlebach and Beau McCain came in on Sunday’s passenger train.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth spent several days on Caney, the guest of Mrs. Holt.

Miss Zallie Zipprian left Monday for Flatonia to attend school and take music.

Miss Addie Zipprian is here from Oil Hill, spending a week with Mrs. B. A. Ryman.

Mrs. J. B. Viano and daughter are here displaying a nice assortment of the latest fall millinery.

Miss Lillle Smith returned home Monday, after spending a month with her cousin in Inez.

George Austin and wife and daughters spent Sunday in Matagorda, with the family of H. H. Serrill.

Mrs. Hez. Law and baby left for Bay City Saturday to make that place her home in the near future.

Miss Kate Bedford came home Friday, after being absent several weeks, visiting relatives and friends in Rockport and Victoria.

John B. Cookenboo of Van Vleck moved his family down to Matagorda Tuesday. They will occupy the Cain residence.

Miss Delia McNabb returned home on the local Saturday night, after spending a week in Bay City with her sister Mrs. R. H. Traylor.

John Sigmond and lady returned to their home in Victoria Monday. They had been here visiting Will Zipprian’s family for several weeks.

Misses Laura and Annie Williams left Wednesday for Bay City, to attend the ball to be given there on Friday night. They will return Sunday.

Among those who attended the balloon ascension at Bay City from this place were:--G. B. Culver and wife and children, J. F. Williams and wife and daughter Sadie, H. H. Serrill and children, B. A. Ryman and two sons, Mrs. Ed Savage and children, Mrs. W. A. Arnold and family, and Miss Minnie Mayes.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 2, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi’s Substitute.

Public school opens Monday.

Miss Minnie Mayes made a business visit to Bay City Friday.

Chas. Smith came down from Bay City Friday. We wonder why!

Geo. Serrill came home to visit, Sunday, returning to Bay City Monday.

Bruce McCarty was in our city Sunday riding over the town.

Culver & Culver shipped one car of cattle to Houston Wednesday.

Miss Delia McNabb went to Bay City Monday. Her stay there is indefinite.

Mr. and Mrs. Merriwether are stopping at the Bay View for a couple of weeks.

Mrs. John Sargent and daughter, Miss Kathryn, departed for Houston Saturday.

Dr. A. M. Pelton shipped four cars of calves to St. Louis and two cars of cows to Houston.

Lee Carr went to Bay City Tuesday to assist with the music at the lecture Wednesday.

Robt. Traylor, accompanied by his little son, McNabb, came to see Grandpa McNabb, Sunday.

Mrs. W. C. Berg and two children returned from Beeville and Cuero Friday, after an absence of seven weeks.

H. H. Serrill went to Houston, Friday, with three cars of cattle for C. W. Burkhart, Stewart Bros. and Wadsworth.

John Berg and daughter, Irma, went to Bay City Friday, and returned that evening accompanied by Mr. Berg’s mother.

Matagorda will be almost a silent city Thursday, as nearly everyone in town expects to go to the Gentry Bros.’ show at Bay City.

Goodwin Sterne, John Lords, Tom Kelly, J .R. Hill, H. D. Hill, Dee Baxter and some others went to Palacious City Saturday , returning Monday.

Mrs. Dr. Hooper and two children returned to Port Lavaca, Wednesday, on the “Two Brothers,” after spending a few weeks with Dr. Hooper at this place.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 16, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Born to R. J. Baxter and wife Oct. 14, 1903, a son.

The Nettie arrived in port Tuesday from the upper bay.

Miss Fay Carr returned from Bay City on Wednesday’s passenger.

Public school opened Monday with an attendance of seventy-five pupils.

Mrs. Ollie Hatchett and little son spent several days with Mrs. John Berg this week.

F. L. Rugeley went to Wharton this week to see his sister, Mrs. John Blair, who has been ill.

Mrs. H. H. Serrill and family arrived home Tuesday after spending several days in Bay City.

It is said that over two hundred people from here attended the Gentry show at Bay City last Thursday.

Tony Ramey and family of Bay City have moved to the peninsula, where he will engage in truck gardening.

Geo. Burkhart made a short visit home Sunday, arriving at 4 in the morning and returning to Bay City at 3 in the afternoon.

Geo. Zipprian was thrown from his horse Monday. The doctor was called immediately and we suppose he is doing all right, as we have not heard anything to the contrary.

Among those who visited here Tuesday were Fred S. Robbins, Jim Gibson, Dan Hart, Frank Carr and Geo. Austin and family.

Jno. McNabb was called to Bay City Sunday to the bedside of his son Wad., who has an attack of appendicitis. We hope Wad. will soon recover.

Several men came in on Monday’s passenger and tried to get a boat for a sail on the bay, but, failing to get a boat, they returned to the interior on the evening train.

A man of the name of Walker moved his family into the Finklestein building Tuesday. He will have a confectionery downstairs, while his family will occupy the upper story.

Misses Minnie Mayes and Emma Lewis, the two public school teachers, are manifesting much interest in the school, both in teaching the young idea how to shoot and in improving the building. The little edifice looks very neat indeed, since being painted. They have also purchased some new blackboards to add to the interior of the building. This should be greatly appreciated by the parents in this community, especially as these two young teachers have no home ties here whatever.

List of those who attended the Gentry show at Bay City: N. S. Stewart and wife and son, A. C. Stewart and wife and son, Mrs. Green Stewart and two children, Ed Savage and family, H. H. Serrill and family, Geo. Sargent and family, J. T. Sargent and wife and daughter, B. A. Ryman and family, Tom Gove and family, Mrs. W. A. Arnold and family, Chas. Burkhart and family, John Williams and family. E. E. White and family, John Moran and family, John Watkins and family, A. A. Duffy and family, Mrs. Mabel George and children, Mrs. John Berg and family, Mrs. Hamilton and two children, Mrs. W. C. Berg and two children, Roland Inglehart and wife and son, Mrs. Goodwin Sterne and daughter, Jas. Williams and wife and daughter and two sons, Mrs. W. E. Williams and son, Mrs. Chas. Nolte and family, Mrs. E. L. Lawson and two sons, Mrs. A. _ Baxter and daughter and son, Mrs. T. F. Carr and daughter, Albert Bearer and wife, Chas. Williams and wife, J. B. Hawkins and wife, Mrs. A. C. Bruce and daughter, W. E. McNabb and wife, Mrs. E. Talbot and daughter, Mrs. O. Cook and son, Mrs. Dr. Scott and son, Watt Vaughn and wife, Phillip Yeamans and wife, Mrs. Will Bedford and son, Gus Gottschalk and daughters, Mrs. Southwell, Misses Mollie Wadsworth, Blanche Inglehart, Eloise Rugeley, Lizzie Phillips, Florence Zipprian, Dr. Foote, Jas. Phillips, Jno. Franz, Julian Smith, Julian and Alvin Inglehart, Charlie and Lee Carr, Oran Carter, John and Ed Zipprian, Jas. Bruce and John McNabb.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 23, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Next Sunday is Rev. C. N. Morton’s day here.

Green Stewart shipped one car of cattle to Houston Monday.

Arthur Collins and wife are visiting Mrs. C. D. Bruce this week.

Rev. B. W. Story met his regular appointment here last Sunday.

B. A. Ryman branded one thousand head of cattle for Mr. Ward this week.

The serenaders delighted their many young lady friends with some pretty airs Tuesday night.

Roland Inglehart went to Bay City Sunday—we suppose on business—and returned Tuesday.

Little Daisy Cookenboo has been quite ill the past week, but is now improving.

Ed Layton has bought the Bay View hotel, and his estimable mother will take charge immediately.

Last Friday and Saturday evenings the Misses Williams entertained a few of their friends with music.

C. W. Burkhart, Stewart Bros., Sargent & Sargent and Dr. A. M. Pelton are out doing their fall branding this week.

Frank Carr spent a couple of days in our town this week, working for the interest of the Bay City Grocery Co.

Little Miss Leta Carr, who has been spending the past two weeks with relatives at Bay City, returned home Monday.

D. Baxter, Ed Savage, John Castleton, Green Savage and Geo. Pope were on a hunting expedition up the bay the first part of the week.

Four children became sick at school Thursday and had to go home. They were: Allie Lawhon, Eva Walka, Willie Berg and Rugeley Serrill.

Sam Watkins, Sr., met with quite a serious accident when in Bay City last, having slipped down on the railroad track, breaking his collar bone.

Col. G. W. Breckenridge and sister of San Antonio came in on their private car “Fernridge” Saturday and are now cruising around the bay on the yacht Navidad.

Several men started from here to the San Antonio fair and were turned back at Eagle Lake, among them were John Franz, Jas. Williams, John Sterling, Tobe Walker and Amos Duffy.

Though late in the season for sailing parties, a small crowd went over to the beach Tuesday, consisting of Jas. Williams and wife, John Williams and wife and children, Mrs. B. A. Ryman, Mrs. Will Bedford and child, and Mrs. Ed Baker and child. They went on the scow Fearless, and report a most pleasant day.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 30, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Walter Cookenboo is home from Houston on a visit.

Little Ola Gove has been quite sick the past week.

Rucks Moberly came from Beaumont Tuesday for a brief visit.

Mrs. Dr. Simons is visiting Mrs. A. M. Pelton, this week, who is ill.

John Berg now occupies the house vacated by Mrs. E. Layton.

Geo. Burkhart returned from Bay City Sunday, we suppose to stay.

Ed Partain was in our town last week for a few days.

Editor Ladd visited our town Friday and also went to the Big Hill oil field.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Ryman went to Bay City Tuesday on business.

Frank Duffy looks quite pleased about something this week, we wonder what!

Arrivals on Wednesday’s passenger:--Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Merriwether, the Misses Smith, Mrs. Yelton and Alva Cain.

Miss Della McNabb returned home from Bay City Thursday after an absence of several weeks.

Joe Murray, who has been very ill with fever the past week is improving, am glad to state.

Messrs. Statti and Sutherland arrived on [the] local Thursday and went to Big Hill Friday morning.

Miss Jennie Raymond, who had been visiting her aunt at Port Lavaca for several weeks, returned home Monday.

A four-masted ship was seen on the gulf from town Wednesday evening sailing in an easterly direction.

A Baptist minister by the name of Hale is conducting a series of meetings at the Baptist church this week.

The squall Wednesday struck the scow Jesse James abreast of town and tore out the mast. No other damage done.

An oyster supper will be given Friday night by the Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. church for the church improvements.

A Santa Fe special put in an appearance here last Saturday noon. We did not learn whether she came for curiosity or on business.

Wad. McNabb arrived home from Bay City Friday. All his friends are glad to see him looking so well after his recent sick spell.

The Cane Belt had quite a number of passengers Sunday, mostly men, but we could not ascertain who they were. We do know though that they came for a several days excursion on the bay.

Rev. Gates of Weimar surprised his members by coming to fill his appointment here last Friday. He did not intend to surprise them however, having sent word, but somehow they failed to get the word.

The hop at the ball Monday night was enjoyed by every one present. Each one seemed to be in his jolliest mood. The music was fine and all went merry as a wedding bell until the hour of midnight.

Rev. C. N. Morton was among passengers Thursday. He made several pastoral calls while here and preached his last sermon, so all thought before conference, but he was kind enough to promise one more sermon which he will deliver at 11 a. m., on the fifth Sunday in this month.

The public school children have organized a literary society with Miss Jessie Serrill as president, Miss Fannie Nolte vice president, Frank Stribling secretary, John May Williams critic and Misses Sadye Williams and Muta Serrill editors. Their motto is Progression, their colors purple and gold. Every Friday the society will have exercises and we believe they intend arranging their plans so that any one who wishes may attend.

Master Warner Stewart entertained a merry party of little folks at his parents’ home Saturday evening. They romped and played to their hearts’ content until called to the dining room, where they did full justice to the dainties set before them. Each little tot declared they had never enjoyed themselves more. These happy little people were Harry and Sammy Lawson, Stewart and Irene Burkhart, Pierce and Marguerite Hamilton, Mattie Talbot, Marvin Scott, Willie and Helen Berg, Vivian and Josie Sargent and George Stewart.

Two of Matagorda’s society belles were invited to spend the day with Mrs. Sol Cleveland at her handsome home four miles from town last Wednesday. Of course they accepted the invitation, and while there Mrs. Cleveland presented one of the young ladies with a handsome pig. When they started home, nothing would do but this spoiled beauty must have her pet place in the back of the buggy. When half way home, the animal, not liking its close quarters, began to squeal as loud as it could, which frightened Mollie, the horse they were driving. She plunged and reared, kicked out of the harness and turned the buggy nearly over, unseating both the ladies, and when the first young lady jumped up, not the one that owned the pig, she succeeded in quieting the horse, and then looked around for her friend, who was sitting in the midst of a frog pond with poor piggy gently clasped in her arms and calling it by every endearing name imaginable. For the sequel we refer who may be interested to Misses McNabb and Williams.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 6, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

Wedding bells are ringing.

Percy Sloan visited Matagorda Sunday.

Green Savage, Sr., visited our town this week.

Chas. Burkhart lost his fine Jersey cow last Monday.

Miss Minnie Mays went to Bay City Friday and returned Sunday.

Little Zuch Serrill is ill with acute Bright’s disease but is improving fast.

Gale Talbot is visiting his relatives, Mrs. E. Talbot and daughter, this week.

Misses Addie and Florence Zipprian were in from Big Hill shopping Thursday.

Jas. Bruce and Chas. Burkhart crossed their cattle to the beach last week.

Mrs. Merriwether’s sister, Mrs. Menifee, came in on Monday’s passenger to visit her for a while.

Passengers from Bay City Thursday; Kirk Moore, Arthur Collins, Will Elkine, Robt. Sisk, and Mrs. B. A. Ryman.

Miss Emma Lewis went to Ashby Friday and spent until Sunday with her parents and sister.

Chas. Carr made a flying visit to Bellville this week, leaving here Thursday and returning Saturday.

Mrs. Will Bedford returned from Bay City Sunday, where she has been visiting for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Moore visited Mrs. Moore’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, this week.

Mrs. Mike O’Connell and son, Allen, and Miss Lonie Shoultz visited Mrs. A. Shoultz Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hunting parties are all the rage now among the men, no less than three or four crowds per week.

Mrs. Jesse Matthews and little daughter, Mollie Belle, came in from Bay City Friday and remained until Sunday.

The oyster supper given by the Ladies’ Aid society of the M. E. church Saturday night netted $15.95

A big dinner is booked for Thanksgiving day here, and the proceeds are to be used for the cemetery.

Col. Breckenridge and sister departed for San Antonio Thursday, having returned Tuesday even from their cruise on the bay.

Thelma, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Baxter, has been ill with chills and fever, but is convalescing.

We made a mistake last week in saying the school literary society would exhibit every Friday. It is every other Friday.

Mrs. Fannie Hamilton left for Richmond Thursday to visit her daughter, Miss Annie Jay, who is attending school at that place.

Willie Allen has been quite ill with la grippe at the home of his aunt, Mrs. B. A. Ryman, the past week, but is on the mend now.

Hon. A. C. Burkhart, Dick Serrill and Mesdames Mabel George, Catherine Williams, Jno. Wheeler and Misses Laura Williams and Addie Zipprian went to Bay City Monday.

Geo. Serrill, accompanied by his aunt, Mrs. Geo. Austin, came to town Sunday to see George’s little sick brother. George remained for a few days but Mrs. Austin returned to Bay City that evening.

The following ladies came in from Eagle Lake Wednesday and rode over the town and left same day: Misses Watson and Eldridge, Mary and Phyme Claiborn and Camille Gordon. We hope they were agreeably impressed with our town.

Fred  Smith bought of Moore & Collins of Bay City last week a handsome buggy and it is a pleasant sight indeed when he harnesses his pretty black pony to this vehicle and with his ever beaming countenance takes a drive through the town.

Mrs. Goodwin Sterne entertained a few of her many friends Friday evening. Progressive hearts was the special feature of the entertainment. Wad. McNabb was awarded the first prize while Julian Inglehart was entitled to the booby prize. Refreshments were served of escalloped oysters, olives, sandwiches and lemonade. All report a pleasant evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 13, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

(Arrived too late last week.)

W. D. Wilson visited our city Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Jennie Peterson went to Bay City Friday and returned Monday.

Arthur Miller came from Bay City Sunday for a short visit.

Will Carr of Ashby visited the home folks Friday, returning to Ashby Saturday.

John Dunbar and three fair daughters of Big Hill Sundayed in our town.

H. H. Serrill returned from Houston, where he had been on business.

Mr. W. E. McNabb and wife were shopping in Bay City this week.

Misses Jay Serrill and Annie Williams were shopping in Bay City Wednesday and Thursday.

Miss Delia McNabb went to Bay City Friday, expecting to remain there through the Carnival week.

Mrs. Southwell and children of Bay City spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Goodwin Sterne.

J. D. Moore and M. Pennington came in on the local Saturday night for a brief visit.

Dr. R. B. Hooper expects to move his family here from Port Lavaca in the near future.

Floyd Lewis of Ashby spent three or four days with his sister this week, having arrived Saturday.

Rucks Moberly and Miss Lida Baxter will be united in the holy bonds of matrimony Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock.

Mrs. Maurice Pennington came in from Wharton Friday and spent several days with her parents, John Phillips and wife.

Miss Susie Hill went to Bay City Tuesday to spend several days with friends and also to attend the ball.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pope are rejoicing over Miss Pope their daughter who arrived on this terrestrial ball, Nov. 12th, 1903.

Geo. Yansky of Cuero who is visiting at Big Hill and Geo. Evers went to Bay City Monday and returned Tuesday.

Little Miss Lela Carr will leave for Victoria the latter part of this week to enter the Nazareth convent at that place as a student.

Jno. McNabb, Julian Inglehart, D. Baxter, Wad. McNabb and John Sterling were with those who went to Bay City to attend the ball Wednesday.

Capt. D. Baxter with Chas. Carr as mate left on the Nettie for western waters and were gone until Saturday returning that day with a load of oysters.

Mrs. Jas. Williams received a letter from her sister Mrs. Uzzell of Laredo on the 12th inst. stating that nearly all her family were down with yellow fever.

Quite a blustery norther reached this place about 2 o’clock a. m. Tuesday and increased in intensity until by night quite an icy blast swept through the town.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Williams and daughter and son Miss Laura and Darwin went to Bay City Monday—Mr. and Mrs. Williams and son returned Tuesday but Miss Laura remained over for the ball.

Prof. Murray has moved his estimable family to Markham after having spent one year in our midst. They made many friends while here and tis with exceeding regret we see them depart. May prosperity attend them and the “Pilot.”

Miss Minnie Mays had the school house and grounds and pupils photographed by Rice’s assistant photographer of Bay City Thursday evening. Any one wishing for one of those photos can obtain same for a small cost by calling on Miss Mays


Geo. Serrill was in town Monday.

E. L. Lawson went to Bay City Sunday.

Another dance at the hall last Tuesday night.

Miss Laura Williams is on the sick list this week.

Misses L. Williams and B. Inglehart returned from Bay City Monday.

Percy Sloan came to Matagorda Sunday, returning to Bay City the same day.

Rev. G. W. Story preached at the M. E. church Sunday morning and evening.

G. B. Harris of the Bay City Grocery Co., was in Matagorda one day this week.

Miss Rena Nolte visited her friend, Mrs. Dan McClave, at Bay City this week.

Walter Cookenboo has been ill, but we are glad to note that he is up and about again.

A. C. Stewart has been very busy the last few days opening up his Christmas goods.

A. S. Collins and F. Carr were both in from Bay City Tuesday, we presume on business.

Mr. Fred Robbins and wife came from Bay City Saturday and attended church here Sunday.

Charley, Lee and Miss Fay Carr returned from the Bay City Rice Carnival Saturday evening.

W. C. Berg brought a load of horses from the peninsula Sunday for John Wheeler and Ed Partain.

Mrs. John Phillips has been suffering the past week of erysipelas in her face, but is better at his writing.

Next Friday night Elder Gates, the Christian minister of Weimar, will hold services at the M. E. church.

B. A. Ryman is on the beach this week, digging wells in order to move his cattle over before winter weather sets in.

Master Douglass Serrill accompanied his father, H. H. Serrill, to Bay City Saturday. They returned Sunday.

Gene Bruce, on the sloop Liberty, conveyed quite a number of men from the interior to the beach Sunday, returning Monday.

Rev. C. N. Morton will hold divine services here Sunday morning for the last time, perhaps, as his year’s work is over until the Conference convenes.

Mrs. Amos Lee and two children came from Bay City Wednesday to attend the Moberly-Baxter wedding, and will remain until after the Thanksgiving dinner.

Capt. D. Baxter took the following men for a hunt on the bay Saturday, Sunday and Monday: Dr. Ball, Messrs. Joe Lane, Nechardt, Wilkes, Castleman, Myers and Leos.

On the 4th of December there will be an entertainment at the I. O. O. F. hall, the proceeds of which will be used to fit up the library for the public school literary society. We hope everyone who can, will come out.

Mr. Editor, we do not understand why you did not hear from us in time for publication last week; for we assure you the writings were mailed at the usual time. [On account of the Daily Tribune, the weekly went to press twelve hours earlier than usual last week.—Ed.]

Miss Andora Mayes, having attended the Carnival in Bay City, came in to Matagorda Thursday to spend a few days with her sister, Miss Minnie. Her many friends here were glad to welcome her, but regretted that her stay was not longer than three days. She returned to her home at Rosenberg Sunday.

Extensive preparations for a Christmas tree have begun in this place. Although the tree will be at the M. E. church, every denomination is cordially invited to put on presents. Those who desire to do so, will please send in their presents before four o’clock Christmas eve, as nothing will be put on the tree after that hour.

Harry Burkhart, a native born Matagordian, has just returned from the Philippines, where he has been in service the past three and one-half years for Uncle Sam, and it is with much pleasure his old friends welcome him home, to say nothing of the happiness of his parents and other relatives at having him with them once again.

The Ladies’ Guild of the Episcopal church at this place is making big preparations for a bazaar to be held from about the 15th to the 20th of December. There will be a doll booth, candy, and fancy work of every description. Young men, now is your time to buy your sweethearts handsome presents for Christmas, and at the same time help a good cause.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 20, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

B. A. Ryman is crossing cattle to the beach this week.

Harry Burkhart went to Bay City Monday and returned Tuesday.

Rev. C. N. Morton preached his farewell sermon here Sunday morning.

W. C. Williams of Bay City was in town Monday and Tuesday.

Will Williams is having two new rooms added to his residence.

Geo. Sargent and wife attended the Carnival at Houston last week.

Mrs. Jesse Raymond has been quite ill for the past week, but is improving now.

Capt. Wm Sterling went to Bay City on business Sunday and returned Monday.

Mrs. Jas. Williams and daughter, Miss Annie, were shopping in Bay City Monday and Tuesday.

Several members of Mr. Elsen’s family have been indisposed this week, but are getting all right now.

Jas. Williams has sold several acres of Big Hill oil land during the past week at $350 per acre.

The Thanksgiving dinner was quite a success despite the cold weather. The net proceeds were $52.90.

Mrs. Jas. Watkins has just returned from Houston, where she has been visiting her brother, Dr. Will Lunn.

D. Baxter, Mrs. Ed Baker and Miss Susie Hill spent the day at Mrs. Fred McC. Robbins’s Tuesday.

A special was in Sunday evening with quite a large number of men interested in the Big Hill oil fields.

Dr. D. H. Braman and wife of Victoria are here, and are the guests of Charles Burkhart and wife.

We’ve been informed that Editor Will Green of the Bay City Visitor, will soon edit a paper here, which will be called The Echo.

Chas. Burkhart has followed B. A. Ryman’s worthy example by having wells dug this week on the peninsula to water his cattle. His hands went over Monday.

It is hoped that we will soon have a good rain here, as nearly everyone in town is out of drinking water, and many are hauling from the bayou.

Will Arnold will move his family to Bay City very soon. We hear they are to settle there permanently. Their friends here regret very much to have them leave as they are old Matagordians.

R. H. Traylor and wife and two children accompanied Miss Delia McNabb home from Bay City Saturday for a couple of days’ visit to Grandpa. All except Miss Delia returned Monday.

The hunting party out on the bay Friday and Saturday was composed of Messrs. Travis, Harrison, Lane and Lane and Harper. They informed the captain of the Nettie that they had a picnic and thereby won his heart.

The colored people of this place have been strictly “in it” this week as far as religion is concerned, having had a series of sermons at the colored Baptist church, and no less than nine preachers to expound the Gospel to them.

A good old time dance was indulged in by the young people at the hall last Monday night. Instead of the customary two step and waltz they danced quadrilles, the military and seven-step schottisches, the Newport, etc., and had a happy, good time in general.

Some of those who were registered at the Bay View the latter part of the week: W. W. Campbell, Wm. E. Austin and wife, Wm. Cash, J. Sutherland, Bay City; J. L. Davis, Wharton; B. J. Harper, Dallas; H. L. Trammel, W. P. Hamilton, Houston; H. B. Goodrich and wife, Boston, Mass.; H. T. Staiti, Beaumont.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 4, 1903

Matagorda Items.

By Naomi.

George Evers was in from the Hill Monday.

Gus Eidlebach of Flatonia visited relatives at Big Hill this week.

Bean McCain and Stanley Gillette were visiting in our town Sunday.

Miss Sadye Williams went to Bay City Monday to have some dental work done.

Mrs. Dan McClave of St. Louis is visiting the family of Chas. Nolte this week.

Geo. Burkhart went to Bay City Sunday to fill the deputy sheriff’s office there.

Mrs. B. A. Ryman and two little sons spent a couple of days in Bay City this week.

____ Traylor of Dallas is visiting his friend Wad. McNabb, having arrived Monday.

Mrs. Mabel George has returned from Bay City after an absence of three weeks or more.

Miss Ewarda Talbot is expected home from San Antonio to spend the Christmas holidays.

Miss Lillie Smith was hurriedly called to Inez Thursday to the bedside of a very sick relative.

Mrs. S. A. Foote and little daughter left for Wharton Sunday to visit her parents indefinitely.

The Literary Society entertainment on Friday night was very successful, considering the inclement weather. We’ve not learned the particulars.

J. H. Berg has gone back to his old trade of keeping boarders. He can be found at the old Layton house.

Mrs. J. R. Hill leaves Wednesday for Houston, to make an extended visit to her daughter, Mrs. Emory Goodman.

We forgot to mention last week that Mrs. Fred McC. Robbins is in Cuero at the Reuss infirmary for treatment.

We noticed on our streets Sunday and Monday—Will Wilson, Jas. Rugeley, Geo. Serrill, Walter Williams and Jno. Gaines.

The town is thronged daily with men interested in the oil field; so many, in fact, that we find it impossible to keep up with them.

Misses Florence and Addie Zipprian, escorted by their cousin, Gus Eidlebach, were in from the Hill Monday to attend the hop at the hall that night.

Frank Lawson and little daughter Mozelle of Houston came in Friday on a visit to his parents and other relatives. They returned to Houston Sunday.

The Episcopalians have been improving their church by putting in new windows, which are very handsome. We are told there will be a Memorial window among them.

J. G. Adams, the noted temperance lecturer for the second time visited our town Tuesday and lectured at the M. E. church as before. We did not have the pleasure of hearing him.

Dr. J. M. Gober of Beaumont, but formerly of this place, came in from Bay City Sunday evening for a few days’ visit and was heartily welcomed by the many friends he has here. He was accompanied by his nephew-in-law, Mr. Burge.

The bazaar of the Ladies’ Guild of the Episcopal church will be held on the afternoon of the 15th inst. from 2:30 o’clock throughout the evening, and will be followed by a big ball at the I. O. O. F. hall that night. A cordial invitation is extended to all who may care to come.

We promise them a good time.

Guests at the hotels were as follows—Berg House: M. J. Dudding, Kelly Hatchett, Bay City; Fred Sprague, Hugh Ramage, Luling; Sumner Scoggan, Bedford, Ind.; Mr. Hamilton, Houston. At the Bay View, J. Sutherland, J. M. Barrocks, J. H. Alstuy, Wm. E. Austin, W. A. Baker, G. H. Newnom, Bay City; A. C. Morton, Frank B. May, J. G. Rieves, G. A. Harrison, A. C Paul, Judge Hawes, J. H. Denis, W. J. Croom, H. J. Bolton, J. L. Davis, Wharton; J. E. Grace, L. Rogan, M. H. Anderson, A. B. Mayes, Geo. W. Dean, Houston; C. D. Jenal, Jno. W. Roach, Ashby; W. W. Slight, A. M. Lancaster, Dallas; P. M. Lea, Corsicana; Sam Sterne, San Antonio; E. H. Coffin, St. Louis, Mo.; Geo. E. Bickingham, New York; O. W. Williamson, Chicago, Ill.; I. P. Kibbes, Port Lavaca; F. H. Menifee, Edna; J. R. Westmoreland, Eagle Lake.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 11, 1903