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Matagorda County Residents Living in Houston

The Daily Tribune, April 11, 1931

Bay City and Matagorda County People Who Have Moved to Houston Will "Pow-Wow."

The undersigned with others who formerly lived in Matagorda county had a meeting and decided that it will be a good thing for the former residents of Matagorda county who are now residents of Houston to have a basket picnic on April 21, San Jacinto Day, from 10 a.m. to _____ p.m., so that we all might renew again the acquaintanceships and friendships of former days.

Accordingly, you and your family are requested to be with us on that day. Picnic to be held at B. E. Norvell's bayshore place on the La Porte road just before you reach the underpass about one mile from La Porte. Tell all former residents of Matagorda county about the picnic. While we have secured two hundred names there are many whom we have failed to locate.

The purpose of the picnic is to enjoy the holiday and renew our friendship of former days with the ultimate purpose of organizing on that day a permanent Matagorda county Houston Citizens club, so that we may each year meet and mingle and chat over incidents of by-gone days.

The following once lived here or in the county:

[NOTE: This list was originally written in paragraph form,
but has been typed last name first and alphabetized to allow ease of use.]

_____, Mae, Miss, 530 Threlkeld

Allen, Fred, 936 Tettshorn

Anderson, Harmon

Arnold, Will, Mrs., Exchange

Austin, D. T., Post-Dispatch Bldg.

Bannister, John, 816 W. Alabama

Barber, Neva, Miss, 415 Fairview Apt. 3

Bates, Howard, 3411 Webster

Bates, W. B., State National Bank Bldg.

Baxter, Will, 5215 Pease Ave.

Benge, Alex, Mr., 623 M. & M. Bldg.

Benge, Bob, Mr., 623 M. & M. Bldg.

Biesel, Charles, 2521 Riverside Drive

Biglow, Roy, 1237 W. Pierce

Bogard, O. W., 1806 Ridgewood

Bond, Frank, 4611 Park Dr.

Bonner, T., Mrs., State National Bank

Botts, Harry O. Mr., 307 Bomar

Bowman, Bert, 811 Herkemier

Bowman, J. B., Varner Realty Co.

Box, Patton W., Mr., Tennison Hotel

Boyd, John E., 1904 Westheimer

Brown, David, 6630 Ave. R.

Bryan, Andrew, Mrs., 2626 Stanford

Carleton, A. T., Public National Bank Bldg.

Clemens, Maud, Mr. and Mrs., 1414 Hussion

Cloar, Beulah, Miss, 1502 S. Fannin, Apt. 3

Cloar, E. A., Mrs. 2204 Fannin

Cloar, Eura, Miss, 1502 S. Fannin, Apt. 3

Cookenboo, Eugene, Mrs., 2422 Eagle

Cookenboo, Gene, 1515 West Bell

Cookenboo, J. B., Mrs., 2413 Eagle

Cookenboo, John B. Mrs. 2413 Eagle

Cookenboo, Leslie, 1603 Oakdale

Cookenboo, Raymond, 320 West Bldg.

Cortes, Earl, 2221 Pelham Drive

Coulter, James 1515 Park

Creech, Violet, Miss, 816 Waugh Drive

Creech, Vivian, Mrs., 816 Waugh Drive

Davant, Phil, E., Mr., West Bldg.

Davidson, Charlie, 423 Woodland

Dean, Harry W.

Dean, Loren

Decoux, Albert, 3908 Wilmer

DeCoux, Edwin, Bankers Mortgage Bldg.

Draper, Virginia, Miss, 1531 Tulane

Elmore, Arch,  North Buick Co.

English, R. E., 2311 1/2 Driscoll

Ferguson, W. B., 1629 Hawthorne

Fitzmaurice, J. M., 1910 W. McKinney

Fitzmaurice, M., 6225 Washington

Fitzmaurice, Nell, 6225 Washington

Foote, S. A., Mrs. 315 Drew

Foster, J. S., 303 Hawthorne

Foulks, W. C., 3507 Aubon Place

Gaedeke, Gilbert, Lamar Hotel

Gaedke, Henry, E., Dr., Bakers Mortgage Bldg.

Gilbert, Charles E., 910 Peden

Gill, Hugh, 5009 Polk

Grace, J. E., 611 West Polk

Grantham, A. H., 2022 Park

Guynn, C., 2631 Kingston

Hamil, Claude, 2413 Prospect

Hamil, Curt, 817 Holman Ave.

Hamil, Ellis, 817 Holman

Harelson, Elmo

Hauch, C. E., Mr., 1310 Laird

Head, A. B., Esperson Bldg.

Hicks, Walter?, 1712 Park

Holland, Muesetta, Miss, 1815 Sul Ross

Holland, W. H., Public National Bank Bldg.

Hopingarner, W. F., Dispatch Bldg

House, Lloyd B., 4630 Woodside

Howard, O. J., 4341 Polk

Howard, T. M., 4221 McKinney Ave.

Huebner, John, 7 Park Place

Hunnicutt, J. P., 2537 Prospect

Johnson, Howitt, 1112 Merrill

Keller, Hugh 624 Hawthorne

Kelley, George, 316 Latham

Kenedy, Sam, 1110 California

Kirhardt, Oswald, 1813 Kensington

Lathrop, H. P., 2421 Calumet

Leach, George, 407 Pierce

Lewis, Fred, 1717 West

Lewis, R. R., 301 Public National Bank Bldg.

Lewis, T. L., 730 Bayland

Lowe, Annie, 4307 Wilmer

Lowe, D. A., 1104 McNeil

Lowe, Lillina, 3518 Capitol

Lowman, J. B., Sr. and wife, 903 Welch

Ludwig, Frank, 4544 Park Ave.

Lyle, R. M., 2912 Isabella

Magee, Felix, 111  Linwood

Magill, G. M.

Matthews, Jesse, Mrs. 2016 Bissonet

Mattison, Lew, 4618 Main

Mayfield, Jim, 304 McIlheny Drive

McCain, J. B., 1906 W. Alabama

McMahan, E. K., Mr., 2502 Hazzard

McTaffe, Edward, 1972 W. Lamar

Meece, G. F., 1523 Welch

Meyers, Ted, Mr. & Mrs., Post-Dispatch Bldg.

Middlebrook, Lillian Miss, 1111 Rosalie

Miller, Arthur, 1017 Highland Ave.

Monroe, W. D., 1109 West Drew

Moore, A. A., 205 Dennis

Moore, Byron, 2004 W. McKinney

Moore, Earl, 4102 Engelke

Moore, Perry, Mr. care Federal Trust Co

Moore, Perryman, 1615 North Blvd.

Moreland, Louise, Miss, 2626 Stanford

Moreland, W. E., 2505 Cleburne

Murphy, Mike, Bankers Mortgage Bldg.

Myers, Claude D., Dr., 2104 Pelham Drive

Norvell, B. E., West Bldg.

Norvell, William, West Bldg.

Penny, Ford, 630 Bayland

Perry, Emmett, Mrs., 3500 Garot

Pfeffer, Alolph, 2559 Yupon

Pollard, Katherine, Miss, 1623 West Main

Posey, Geo. N., 1718 Dunlavey

Primm, Sam, West Bldg.

Pritchard, Charles, 105 Stradford

Pritchard, Hallie, Miss, 105 Stradmore

Pybus, F. R., 2014 Alta Vista

Ratliff, C. M., 414 Washington

Reed, Albert, Mr.

Richards, Harvey, 5124 Laundale

Richardson, Sam F., 2922 Isabella

Roach, John, Mr., 1623 Hawthorne

Rosiere, Carl, Mrs., Sul Ross

Ross, Ray, Mr.

Ruthven, Donald C., Dr., Medical Arts Bldg.

Ryman, J. Nye, 1808 Stuart

Sanders, Henry, 325 Heights Blvd.

Sartwelle, J. W., 1520 E. Alabama

Scherer, Stuart, Mrs., 324 W. Alabama

Schofield, Sue, Mrs. 2304 Odin Ave.

Scoggins, Harry, 4114 Caroline, Apt. 4

Sloan, P. A., 417 Kress Bldg.

Smith, Robert, 2932 Albans Rd.

Spoor, Allen, 2302 Wentworth

Stone, Linnie, 1402 Crocker

Swope, Francis, Mrs. 516 Colquitt

Tew, Mary, Mrs. 98 Dennis Ave.

Tew, O. H., 8001 Harrisburg Blvd., Apt. 2

Thompson, C. I., 1612 Hawthorne

Thompson, Martin, Post-Dispatch Bldg

Toules, Claude, Mrs., 2016 Bissonet

Turner, E. E., Post Dispatch

VonDolen, A. H., M. & M. Bldg.

Walker, Rosie, Mrs., 902 Waugh Drive

Wallace, Ham, Mr.

Ware, Edward S., Mr., 405 W. 21st St.

Watson, Horace, 1405 California

Wheeler, C. D., 208 McGowan

White, Parker W., 3106 Hadley

White, Rex B., 1409 Rosalie

Willard, Walter S., 1708 1/2 Dunlavey

Williams, Louis, Bankers Mortgage Co

Wiseman, Cope, 617 Richmond Ave.

Wolf, H. H., 4101 Dallas

Wolf, John, Second National Bank Bldg.

Woolsey, Tommie, Miss, 3522 Calif.? Ave

Yeamans, L. O., 7744 Harrisburg

Yerxa, A. H., 4601 Park Drive



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