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Markham News


Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Hicks of Clemville spent Saturday with the relatives here.

Prayer meeting Sunday night at church house and quite a crowd gathered.  It was led by Bro. Ridinger.

Miss Myrtle Smith spent last night with Miss Helen Haines near Bay City, and the water being go high around them, they had to wade back.  We presume they had a "wet" time.

Quite a few people of Markham have gone dew-berry picking but found a small amount. The water has covered most all the vines.

The river water has backed up northwest of town and is covering rice as it goes. It has almost surrounded us and we fear the breaking of the canals which are level full.

You might imagine the disheartness of the farmers.

Mr. W. D. Maxwell, Mr. Edd English and Mr. Fox Henderson went fishing Sunday night without success.

Mr. Joe Whiddon and family and Miss Ione Ricks of Markham spent Sunday with relatives in Clemville.

Mr. George Brown and family of Markham spent the day Sunday in Clemville.

R. R. Hoffman of Louise made a brief visit to see his daughter, Mrs. W. D. Maxwell, last week here.

Trustee election Saturday May 1st. These were elected: G. L. Marrs, Winkler, Barnett, Gullett, Johnston, Cabiness and Quinney.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City, May 4, 1915

Markham News


The Markham Flyers and the Clemville Boosters played an interesting game of ball Sunday. But in all efforts the Flyers exerted, Clemville won 8 to 1. Quite a crowd attended.

Walter Hodges of Clemville took a severe attack of sick headache and nervousness Sunday morning at nine o'clock and was brought into Markham under the care of Dr. Moore. Mr. Hodges recovered some few hours later and arrived in Clemville in time for base ball game.

Mr. Bert Ryan was setting an eight-inch pipe, got two fingers cut to the bone, one on each hand, and also came in for the doctor.

Johnnie Robins and wife came back to Markham after spending several months in Houston, and will make their future home here.

Rosa Belle Maxwell spent several days at Clemville with relatives and friends, and returned Sunday evening saying she enjoyed a happy visit.

Most farmers on the west side of river had to replant their rice to their sorrows.

The Markham people are looking forward to the great commencement and closing exercises, which will be three nights of it. The first night is Friday 21st of May, when will be presented the class play entitled, "Winning of Latane Cashton." The second night is May 24th on which the entire school will have a part. On the third night is the commencement; giving diplomas, reading essays, etc. We will have Sup't Grey with us. And all are invited.

The Baccalaureate sermon at school house May 23rd; and which will be preached by Bro. Wolf from Palacios.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City, May 11, 1915

Markham News


Farmers are very busy replanting their rice that was washed away in the recent overflows.

The Blessing first team came over Sunday and played the Markham first team a game of base ball, our boys winning by a score of 11 to 3.

Our public school will close next week. We have five graduates, this year, three girls and two boys, as follows: Mary Marrs, Myrtle Smith, Rosa Belle Maxwell, Harold Armound and Harold Barber.

The program for the three days' exercises is as follows:

Friday night, May 21st:--A Song "Welcome," Dulee Mallard, Ola Fitzgerald, Nona Brown, Lena Maxwell, Jewell Barnett, Bettie Marrs and Winona Johnson.

A Play, "Winning of Latane Cashton," with the characters represented as follows:

Mr. Cashton, Prof W. F. Pack

Mrs. Cashton, Myrtle Smith

Latane Cashton, Rosa Belle Maxwell

Frank Efforton, Robert Maxwell

Julius Gears, Harold Barber

Robert Sparr, Luther Strevens

Ruth Spaulding, May Marrs

Trusty (Negro), Harold Armound

Mr. Gilbert, John Robbins

Newsboy, Joe Woods

Office boy, George Maxwell

Messenger boy, Eddie Woods

Music, instrumental, Rosa Maxwell and Myrtle Smith.

May 24th.--Music, Etta Barber.

A Play, "Mother Goose," by the primary class:

Mother Goose, Bevy Stevens

Old Woman in Shoe, Willie Pack

Old King Cole, Asa Anderson

Fiddlers, Edward Chatman, Jessie Bowers and Henry Whiddon

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spratt, Ernest McIntosh and Lurline Mallard

Simple Simon, Victor Johnson

Bo-Peep, Jimmie Barnett

Miss Muffett, Margie Hudson

Boy Blue, John Gideon

Miss Mary, Mazelle Bowers

Tom Tucker, Clarence Fitzgerald

Jack Horner, Cecil Butcher

Jack and Jill, Ralph Marrs and Ora Brown.

"O, You Teacher," 6th & 7th grades.

"Pandora's Box," with cast of character as follows:

Epinnethus, Fellow Boy Luder

Pandora, Winona Johnson

Quick-Silver, Sudley Brown

Pain, George Maxwell

Sorrow, Ethel Wilson

Evil Passion, Joe Woods

Naughtiness, Dulee Mallard

Hope, Vina Barnett

"Too Much Time Out," 3rd & 4th grades.

Music instrumental, Dulee Mallard.

Commencement Exercises, May 25.

 1. Invocation, Bro. Ridinger

 2. Duet, Clayton's Grand March

 3. Salutation, Harold Barber

 4. "An Aim in Life," Rosa Belle Maxwell

 5. "Class Prophecy," May Marrs

 6. "An Aspiration of Good Life," Myrtle Smith

 7. Valedictory, Harold Armound

 8. Duet, "Under the Mistletoe," Mary Luder and Rosa Belle Maxwell

 9. Address, Co. Supt. W. C. Gray

10. Presentation of Diplomas, Co. Superintendent Gray

11. Flower Girls, Katy Pack, Margie Hudson, Delia Whiddon, Lurline Mallard, Maurine Gideon

12. Benediction, J. C. Maxwell

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City, May 18, 1915


Markham News


Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Manning who have lately been living in Bay City have stored their furniture here and will go to Sinton where they will live and Mr. Manning will work for some few months.

Quite a few dined with Mrs. J. C. Maxwell Saturday; among them were Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Smith of Clemville, Mr. and Mrs. Cannon Taite of Clemville, and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Manning of Sinton.

Myrtle Smith made a brief visit to Bay City, Tuesday.

Mrs. Will Anderson went to Bay City shopping Saturday.

Mrs. W. D. Maxwell gave her little daughter a birthday party, Saturday night and all the little folks had a jolly time.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City, May 21, 1915


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