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February 16, 1915


Mr. Liddell, the photographer at Palacios, was in town Wednesday.

Mrs. Singleton of Midfield returned home Wednesday, after a several days' visit with her brother, Hallie Anderson.

John Bum and wife, Colbert Mann and wife and Lonnie Morris of Bay City spent Friday in Markham.

Miss Dollie Huddleston returned home Tuesday, after a several days' visit to relatives in Bay City.

H. W. Speckels and crew of workmen came over Monday and are building a residence, garage and warehouse one-half mile from town on the Clemville road for Mr. Rosen from the North. Mr. Rosen has purchased a large tract of land which he will plant mostly to rice.

Fred Miller left last week for New Orleans.

John Logan and wife returned Sunday, after a several days' visit with relatives in Blessing.

Amy Huddleston has accepted a position with a well crew at Clemville who are sinking a new well there.

Mrs. W. H. Plagermann and children of Bay City spent several days visiting Jim Gordon and family this week.

Mrs. Reid spent Saturday in Bay City shopping.

Prof. Pack went to Clemville Monday.

The school celebrated Washington's birthday with a concert at night. A large crowd attended and everyone was well pleased with the program, each child carrying out its part splendidly.

The Matagorda County Tribune, February 16, 1915


February 19, 1915


Luther Massey was a Bay City visitor Saturday.

Miss Dollie Huddleston returned home Saturday, after spending the week in Bay City, visiting relatives.

John Gore was a business visitor to Bay City Sunday.

John Logan spent Saturday in Bay City.

Ike Hodges of Clemville spent several days the past week in Markham, visiting his sister, Mrs. Maxwell.

John Gore spent Sunday in Clemville, moving a boiler to a new site where a new well will be sunk. The drilling will start the coming week.

N. Huddleston and son, Amy, were transacting business in Bay City Monday.

Ed. Chapman spent Wednesday in Bay City.

W. S. Smith and family moved down to Ashby where he will farm rice the coming year.

William Nowak went to Houston Monday.

Mrs. Jack Walker visited relatives in Bay City Wednesday.

Miss Rosa Belle Maxwell went to Bay City Monday on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Edna Manning.

George McIntosh of Clemville was in town Saturday to meet his wife and her parents' family, who are moving back from Sour Lake. "No Place Like Clemville."

Mrs. Sarah Lee returned home Wednesday after a weeks' visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Tate of Clemville were in town Sunday afternoon.

Miss Grace Wilson spent Saturday in Bay City.

Miss Beulah Huddleston returned home Wednesday from Bay City.

Tobe Bowers of Blessing was in town Wednesday.

J. H. Barber has opened a grocery store in connection with his dry goods establishment. We are all glad to see him in the grocery business; he is a good business man and we wish him success.

The Matagorda County Tribune, February 19, 1915


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