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Draftees Are Asked To Consult With Members of

Advisory Board For Aid In Filling Out Questionnaires

      The names, numbers, and residences of the first fifty men in Matagorda County who have been sent questionnaires to be filled in and returned to the local Draft Board, are given below, and have been taken from the records of the Draft Board here at the Postoffice in Bay City.

      Men who receive these questionnaires are cautioned to have them filled out correctly and returned to the local draft board within five days after receipt.

      Mr. Rowland Rugeley, member of the board, stated yesterday that all men who receive questionnaires, and who have any doubt in their minds as to how to fill out the various questions are to confer with the local advisory board. Judge Arthur Harris of Bay City is the chairman of this local advisory and it is believed that he has appointed nearly every lawyer in town to act on this board. This service is absolutely free to all registrants.

First 50 Draftees to be sent Questionnaires in Matagorda County:

Order                                                     Serial

  No.                Name                               No.        Race              Address

1.               Cirvan Jones                       158           col.                Bay City

2.               Harry Cowger                     192            wh.                Clemville

3.               Pedro Perez                       105            wh.                Bay City

4.               Frank Daehne                  2441            wh.                Bay City

5.               Daniel Gallegos               2563            wh.                Bay City

6.               John Roberson                   188            col.                Cedar Lake

7.               Alvin Bates                          120            wh.                Bay City

8.               John Wes. Pruett              2670            wh.                Bay City

9.               Louis Williams                  2451            col.                Cedar Lane

10.             Joe Cervantes                  2748            wh.                Bay City

11.             Allen Hayes                       2698            col.                Van Vleck

12.             Houston L. Sisson              846            wh.                Cedar Lane

13.             Thos. E. Shelby                2764            wh.                Matagorda

14.             John N. Cole                       161            wh.                Bay City

15.             Donald T. Warn                2470            wh.                Palacios

16.             Alvin H. Katzer                      14            wh.                Bay City

17.             Abe E. Byrd                           24            wh.                Bay City

18.             Eddie Austin                     2502            col.                Bay City

19.             Jessie James                   2524            col.                Bay City

20.             Joe A. Petteway               2437            col.                Cedar Lake

21.             Glen W. Bindewald          2534            wh.                Palacios

22.             Edward E. Bures                  57            wh.                Bay City

23.             T. K. Wright                       2684            col.                Bay City

24.             Jim Davis                            153            col.                Bay City

25.             Paul J. Barina                       19            wh.                Palacios

26.             Martin G. Wachtendorf    2550            wh.                Bay City

27.             John C. Ebner                  2540            wh.                Bay City

28.             Joshua Tellison                   766            wh.                Markham

29.             Floyd Boultinghouse        2514            wh.                Palacios

30.             James H. Ross                   172            wh.                Palacios

31.             Collis Glasgow                   126            wh.                Bay City

V31A        Anthony Boxley                 2767            col.                Volunteer, Sweeny

32.             Albert A. Guttenberger       187            wh.                Van Vleck

33.             Orange Willie Melvin        2423            wh.                Bay City

34.             Manuel G. Hernandez      2546            wh.                Pledger

35.             Hayden Harper                 2765            wh.                Markham

36.             Earl Lee Williams             1854            wh.                Palacios

37.             James Leo Tillman             167            col.                Bay City

38.             Leroy Lindsey Hogg        1369            wh.                Palacios

39.             Lenard Estell Jones           162            col.                Wadsworth

40.             Claude Lee Blacksher     2447            wh.                Bay City

41.             Joseph Arthur Fryou        2484            wh.                Bay City

42.             Fred William Markwardt  2567            wh.                Palacios

43.             Jay Elbert Powers              147            wh.                Palacios

44.             Joe Anthony Orsak          1300            wh.                Bay City

45.             Emil Fabrygel                   1355            wh.                Markham

46.             Lee Emil Neuszer            2510            wh.                Palacios

47.             Will Brooklin Ellis             2638            col.                Van Vleck

48.             Charles Walter Adams      689            wh.                Bay City

49.             James Aron Brister          2527            wh.                Palacios

50.             Isaac Estell White            2657            wh.                Bay City

The Daily Tribune, November 15, 1940




Papers Must Be Filled Out In Ink, Is Order of Draft Board

      The second fifty names of Matagorda County draft registrants to be sent questionnaires by the local Draft Board are presented here today. The names of the first fifty were presented here yesterday, and this is a continuation of that list.

      Members of the local Draft Board want to particularly emphasize the fact that these questionnaires must be filled out in ink. They can not be accepted if they are filled out in pencil.

      Second Fifty Draft Names And Numbers:

Order                                                     Serial

  No.                Name                               No.          Race              Address

51.             Eddie Allen                       1295            col.                Bay City

52.             Ervid Leroy Loff                2572            wh.                Palacios

53.             Arthur Garnett Sherman  1234            wh.                Bay City

54.             Floyd Ceasar                        31            col.                Bay City

55.             Evans W. Lawliss               156            wh.                Matagorda

56.             Edward Davis Bettes      2467            wh.                Bay City

57.             William Weldon Thomas   676            wh.                Bay City

58.             Charles Rankin Watson  2689            wh.                Bay City

59.             Ervin Elwood Hobbins       112            wh.                Pledger

60.             Alex Wright                       2679            col.                Cedar Lake

61.             Bennie Dean Foss             185            wh.                Bay City

62.             Sylvester Garcia               2403            col.                Bay City

63.             Earl Edward Wilcox         2406            col.                Bay City

64.             James Edward Weaver  2634            wh.                Bay City

65.             Ramon Riley Rooth          1362            wh.                Bay City

66.             Sam Ludington                 2570            col.                Matagorda

67.             Charlies Pete Krobat         108            wh.                Bay City

68.             Jack Clark Sisson            2545            wh.                Palacios

69.             Henry Glenon Moore        2739            wh.                Bay City

70.             Ernest Lee Waters           2648            wh.                Van Vleck

71.             Raymon Alfred Meckes   2731            wh.                Pledger

72.             Robert Theodore Dodge 2532            wh.                Dredge, Palacios

73.             Telesforo Cruz Martinez  2586            wh.                Bay City

74.             William J.  Ham                  109            wh.                Markham

75.             John Merrol Blackburn     1443            wh.                Baytown

76.             Tommy E. Robinson        2703            col.                Cedar Lake

77.             Ross Milton Dean               184            wh.                Bay City

78.             Robert Victor Loff               116            wh.                Palacios

79.             Abner Adkins                      174            Col.               Cedar Lane

80.             Paul E. Engle, Jr.             2726            wh.                Bay City

81              Willie Bluford Hubbard    1601            wh.                Van Vleck

82.             Ronald Richard Reedy    2683            wh.                Bay City

83.             Johnie Henry Stallings       131            wh.                Matagorda

84.             Melvin Herbert Shaw       1904            wh.                Pledger

85.             Walter Lee Kelley             2455            wh.                Bay City

86.             Clyde Roy Hatcher           2635            wh.                Cedar Lane

87.             Elijah Smith                         125            col.                Palacios

88.             Vance Harlkess                  138            col.                Cedar Lane

89.             Marshall C. Keuton          2449            wh.                Buckeye

90.             Lavius Jones                    1937            col.                Bay City

91.             James H. Thomason       2653            wh.                Bay City

92.             Jack Bernard Cole             142            wh.                Bay City

93.             Guy Reed Townsend       2474            wh.                Clemville

94.             Fred Thomas Friday          166            wh.                Bay City

95.             Glen Ivan White                2724            wh.                Bay City

96.             Charles B. Baker             2601            wh.                Matagorda

97.             Robert Henry Kunz           1843            wh.                Pledger

98.             Howard George Roe         135            wh.                Bay City

99.             Fred Abshire                       183            wh.                Palacios

100.          George C. Magoun            143             wh.                Bay City

The Daily Tribune, November 16, 1940





Board Urges Greater Care In Preparing Questionnaires

      The third list of fifty men who have been sent questionnaires by the local Selective Service Board of Matagorda County are presented below today. This includes the men whose order numbers are from 101 to 150. Later this week, the Tribune will present the fourth group of fifty men whose numbers are from 151 to 200.

      In speaking of these questionnaires, the local draft board, consisting of Mr. Pat Thompson and Mr. Rowland Rugeley of Bay City, and Mr. Duncan Ruthven of Palacios, stated that the majority of the questionnaires have been returned in very poor condition. These questionnaires must be filled in completely either in ink or typewriter.

      Men who have received questionnaires are urged to fill them out under the direction of some member of the local bar. Every lawyer is considered a member of the advisory committee to aid in filling out these questionnaires, at no charge to the draftee.

      In Bay City, this includes every lawyer. These are Judge John Corbett, Judge F. H. Jones, Judge A. Harris, County Attorney Peden, Davant and Davant, J. P. Wilkinson, G. P. Hardy, Jr., C. A. Erickson, C. R. Bell, Jr., Hugh Strickland, Ed Badouh, A. Harris, Jr., and any other lawyer whose name may have inadvertently been omitted here. The third list of fifty names are as follows:

Order                                                     Serial

  No.                Name                               No.          Race              Address

101.        Charles Matther Hampton 1373            col.                Bay City

102.        Leonard Leslie Dorris       2718            wh.                Palacios

103.        George Boone McKissick 2459            wh.                Palacios

104.        Joe Peter Baros                 2472            wh.                Palacios

105.        Virgil James Colvin            2723            wh.                Palacios

106.        John Etheldret Hammond 2733            wh.                Bay City

107.        Tommie Lee Quinn            2424            wh.                Palacios

108.        Earl Williams                      2454            col.                Cedar Lane

109.        Fernando C. Rojas               198            wh.                Palacios

110.        Fred W. Miller                       139            wh.                Matagorda

111.        Jack W. Young, Jr.               146            wh.                Bay City

112.        Herman Carlton Bieri         2442            wh.                Palacios

113.        Charles Herbert Mills         2585            wh.                Bay City

114.        Otta B. Johnson                  2685            col.                Bay City

115.        Hamilton Jones                         6            col                 Markham

116.        Jefferson Woodard              122            col.                Cedar Lake

117.        Harrie H. Holcombe           2725            wh.                Bay City

118.        Eugene Fortenberry               83            wh.                Midfield

119.        Everett Keith McKean       1368            wh.                Bay City

120.        James K. Jacobs               2460            wh.                Bay City

121.        A. D. Davis                         1905            col.                Bay City

122.        Russell W. Wagner              280            wh.                Matagorda

123.        I. D. Myers                           2523            wh.                Bay City

124.        Loy Eugene Divine               169            wh.                Bay City

125.        Lewis Boble Patterson      1950            wh.                Palacios

126.        Robert Broussard              2713            wh.                Palacios

127.        Joseph Frank Svetlik         2678            wh.                Bay City

128.        Huss E. Marcaurele           2468            wh.                Bay City

129.        Hubert Maxwell Carlton     1398            wh.                Bay City

130.        Jack Taylor Menefee         2610            wh.                Palacios

131.        Harry F. Russell                    145            wh.                Palacios

132.        Gussie Wiley                             9            col.                Van Vleck

133.        Thomas E. Lewis               2555            wh.                Bay City

134.        Dwight H. Bailey                 2578            wh.                Bay City

135.        Jesse Marcus Pinson          765            wh.                Bay City

136.        Louis Kat Bolden                  121            col.                Bay City

137.        Ralph Hayden Parker        2591            wh.                Bay City

138.        Arthur J. Hunter                     625            wh.                Palacios

139.        Earnest Petitt                        181            col.                Van Vleck

140.        Frank Zernicek                   1305            wh.                Bay City

141.        Felipe Rodriguez               2608            wh.                Palacios

142.        Melvin M. Newton                 660            wh.                Bay City

143.        Timothy Higgins                 2667            col.                Cedar Lane

144.        Jim Frank Tobola               2514            wh.                Blessing

145.        Keith A. Curtiss, Jr.            2665            wh.                Bay City

146.        John Lathon                          702            col.                Bay City

147.        Forest A. Rodgers             2668            wh.                Bay City

148.        Jesse M. Underwood             86            wh.                Palacios

149.        Jonnie Edwards                   114            col.                Midfield

150.        Anton R. Domorad               136            wh.                Palacios

The Daily Tribune, November 27, 1940





Next Batch of 200 Questionnaires Will Be Mailed Shortly, Is Report

      The fourth list of the names of the fifty Matagorda County draft registrants to be sent questionnaires by the Local Draft Board is given below, here today.

      This list of fifty names includes those from Order No. 131 to Order No. 200. The previous 150 names have been presented in earlier issues of the Tribune.

      According to the Selective Service officials of this County, some 223 questionnaires have been sent out so far. It is planned to send the next group of 200 or so to the registrants sometime this week.

      Following the publicity given concerning the preparation of these questionnaires by the draftees, the questionnaires are now being returned in better condition than formerly.

      All registrants who receive questionnaires are asked to fill the blanks in with pen and ink or with a typewriter, under the direction of some local lawyer, who will make no charge for this assistance.

      The fourth list of fifty names is as follows:

Order                                                     Serial

  No.                Name                               No.          Race              Address

151.        John Louis Newman, Jr.    2417            wh.                Bay City

152.        Jessie W. Oatman, Jr.         820            wh.                Bay City

153.        Richard Frank Stieber       2605            wh.                Bay City

154.        John Meitzenheimer          2041            col.                Bay City

155.        Mike Smith                            228            col.                Bay City

156.        Andrew B. Ulland                  612            wh.                Markham

157.        Justo Ybarra                          231            wh.                Bay City

158.        Jack Newman Downing    2005            wh.                Bay City

159.        Gus Revair Chavez            1421            wh.                Palacios

160.        Louis E. Bremer                   203            wh.                Palacios

161.        Arthur Wright                       2483            col.                Sargent

162.        Monroe J. Mulkey                 196            col.                Bay City

163.        Charley E. Collamore        1803            wh.                Bay City

164.        Eugene Salas                     1918            wh.                Markham

165.        L. S. Booker                       2596            col.                Matagorda

166.        Louis DeSoto                          21            wh.                Palacios

167.        John Burns Carlile              2037            wh.                Palacios

168.        William T. McCaskill, Jr.      165            wh.                Wadsworth

169.        Jewell P. Littleton                 768            wh.                Palacios

170.        Jerry G. Orsak                      747            wh.                Bay City

171.        Charles H. Parker                159            wh.                Matagorda

172.        Ygnacio Garcia                       79            wh.                Bay City

173.        W. C. Luna                            681            wh.                Bay City

174.        Frank J. Wendel                   782            wh.                Palacios

175.        Maynor Batties                   2008            col.                Bay City

176.        Laure C. Harvey                 2544            wh.                Palacios

177.        August J. Hahn                   1476            wh.                Bay City

178.        Ike Shepard                        1873            wh.                Cedar Lane

179.        John Thomas Almond          678            wh.                Bay City

180.        Franscisco Mata                1930            wh.                Bay City

181.        William J. Ham                        78            wh.                Markham

182.        Jessie Gorden                        45            col.                Palacios

183.        George Warren Hall           2521            wh.                Palacios

184.        James Laymon Reeves    1944            wh.                Wadsworth

185.        Eartha Brown                      1869            col.                Bay City

186.        Wilburn Herman Hite              25            wh.                Bay City

187.        E. J. Ashcraft                        609            wh.                Bay City

188.        Wallace E. Nini                   2577            wh.                Matagorda

189.        Albert H. Wadsworth, Jr.   2554            wh.                Bay City

190.        Jessie W. Lewis                 2599            wh.                Bay City

191.        R. W. Neyeland                     603            wh.                Bay City

192.        George D. Whitley                154            wh.                Palacios

193.        Jessie Lafate Harvey         2466            wh.                Palacios

194.        Martin Garcia                      1428            wh.                Bay City

195.        Leroy Odis Roe                      77            wh.                Bay City

196.        Loreno D. Johnson               160            col.                Bay City

197.        Thomas M. Morgan            2603            wh.                Buckeye

198.        Audrell W. White                2401            wh.                Bay City

199.        Toribio E. Garcia                  764            wh.                Bay City

200.        Matt K. Roberson                 666            col.                Pledger

The Daily Tribune, December 3, 1940




Order Numbers Are From 626 to 650

Board May Begin Sending Out 100 Each Week

      Twenty-five questionnaires were sent out Tuesday to prospective draftees, Matagorda County selective service attaches announced. Order numbers were from 626 to 650.

      One office employee said she thought the board would soon start sending out 100 questionnaires each week until all were sent.

      Names and address of those sent questionnaires this week are:

      Joel Herman Powell, Buckeye; Lartress Alliniece, Bay City; Thornton Wolters, Bay City; Jesse V. Dismukes, Palacios; Guadalupe Salina, Bay City; Rev. Paul W. Davis, Bay City.

      Also, Norman D. Miller, Palacios; William C. Tillman, Bay City; James Clyde Scott, Palacios; Carl Linden Ethridge, Bay City; Paul Howard Guidry, Bay City; Oalie Abbott, Bay City.

      Also, Leo Broadway, Bay City; Abron Johnson, Bay City; Gordon Milford Johnson, Bay City; John Vernon Briggs, Bay City, Lucius Warren Jr., Bay City; Jessie Lee Sanders, Palacios.

      Also, Ramon Pena, Bay City; Steve W. Parsutt, Palacios; H. J. McAllister, Bay City; William Victor Collins, Bay City; Much McKenzie Jr., Bay City; Elmo S. McDonald, Bay City; August Joe Luedecke, Bay City.

The Herald, January 16, 1941


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