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October 11, 1894


Abstracted by Shirley L. Brown from the Newspaper Archives at the Matagorda County Museum , 2100 Ave F, Bay City , Texas . Printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves, Vol. XIV, No. 1, November, 1994 and used with permission.



 Mr. Ed. O'Nell, of San Antonio , is in the city on a visit to Mr. Wm. E. Austin.

Miss Louise Holt has returned to her home on Caney. She has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Kilbride.

Mrs. W. B. Wadsworth left town this morning on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jno. F. Holt, of "Tangle Wilde," Caney.

The young people spent a very pleasant evening last Friday, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Bruce, in way of a musical and candy pull.

The town is full of drummers this week, and the old city has a business aspect. Everything is full of life and happiness, except the sweaters, who seem to be uneasy and restless ever since Bay City took the lead.       Your ever watchful,




 Mr. Irvin Rugeley, of Culver, has moved to Hardeman.

Cotton is coming in fast, the crop is turning out better than expected.

Mr. J. B. Ford, representing the Victor Safe and Lock Co., passed through Hardeman Saturday.

Mr. Gregory and family, J. L. Thornton, Henry Williams and Mr. White spent Sunday in Bay City .

With a possible exception, there has not been a case of slow fever at Hardeman this year, while at other places in the county it has been very prevalent.

Nestled in the heart of the richest portion of Matagorda county, surrounded by the grand old plantations, whose fertile acres extend for miles, each having a history of its own, dating from Anti Bellum times, is situated the neighborhood of Hardeman, which is fast assuming the proportions of a town.  Come one, come all, to the land of plenty and health.



Deming's Bridge, Oct. 8, 1894

Madam Rumor has several weddings promised us between now and the holidays.

Miss Osie Moore has been quite ill for the past two weeks, but we are pleased to state is convalesing (sic).

R. C. Logan, who, on the 19th of September, accidentally cut his leg while chopping wood, is still unable to be about.

Mrs. T. E. Partain and son, James, will leave to-morrow for Houston , where James will attend school the coming term.

A large colony of Swedes are expected by Mr. John Pierce this week, from the northern states, who will all locate in Swedeland.

Bro. Partain was to preach yesterday but was prevented by the illness of Mrs. Partain. However, Sunday school was conducted as usual.

Cattle buyers are becoming quite numerous and prices range better than for several seasons past. Especially is this the case for spring delivery.

Sunday, for the first time, the new bell at the Union Church peeled forth the summons to worship. This does not seem a country settlement now, and we really feel like putting on city airs.

The west side desires to be connected by a mail line with the new county seat, it requiring a letter an entire week's time to reach Bay City . Why can't something be done in that line? Let's try.

In speaking of the pioneer settlers of Matagorda county, the BREEZE overlooked one of the oldest, in the person of Mr. J. B. Smith, who has called this county home for many, many years, coming here when quite a young man, while now his form is bent, his locks grey and his step slow. He has always been a model citizen, one whom all love to call neighbor.                                          "SAL."  



 A word of congratulation on rousing Matagorda county from her Rip Van Winkle siesta.

Big Hill is still here--five miles east of Matagorda.

At this writing we are reveling in fresh vegetables, sweet crisp melons, game, birds, fish and oysters.

Health of the country superb, save a peculiar epidemic, which is diagnosed as Bay City fever, with a chronic tendency; "so mote it be."

Misses Lida Franz, from vicinity of Elliotts, and May Miller, of Lampasas, came down Sunday to attend school. Big Hill feels honored by the presence of such unremitting application to study as they display.

Some of our prominent citizens are to-day en route to Bay City , bound to make a fortune or "bust." Hurrah! for the new Eldorado.

If acceptable, will send a list of names at the end of each school month, giving the highest grades attained in their studies during the month.

         Yours for Enterprise ,

                      Mrs. J. D. Holmes.



       (Too late for last week.)

 H. P. Williams is busy getting his lumber hauled to Bay City .

Steve Hill is slowly recovering from slow fever, and slowly getting around.

Contractor Chas. Baker left for Bay City to begin work on the printing office.

Victor LeTulle and sister, Miss Susie,  are in town, stopping at the Austin house.

Mr. John McNabb has just brought in from his plantation a load of fine watermelons.

Messrs. Jno. Hendle and Willie Ryman, two of Bay City 's rustlers, were in town Wednesday.

Dr. J. O. Dobbins, of Deming's Bridge,  was in town Tuesday, and reports everything doing nicely.

Commissioners Brown and Bowie came in Monday, on call of Judge Rugeley, for special term of Commissioner's Court, Judge Rugeley, however, received a letter from Attorney General, giving his opinion that as Bay City was the county seat all court proceedings, etc., should be held there. Now, Judge Rugeley has made a call for Commissioners to meet special term at Bay City Monday, 15th inst.

The question of navigating the Colorado river is being greatly discussed here. Capt. C. H. Harrison, who is an experienced steam boat river navigator, says that the scheme is entirely practicable, if there is as much as two feet of water in shallowest places in the river.  He has a plan of a stern wheel boat that will carry a hundred bales of cotton on less than two feet of water and that will not cost more than $2,500 to $3,000. Captain Harrison says that he will make soundings of the river from Wharton down, and will make a report that can be relied on. This survey should be made at once, and a stock company organized, if river is found navigable.  


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