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October 25, 1894
Abstracted by Shirley L. Brown from the Newspaper Archives at the Matagorda County Museum, 2100 Ave F, Bay City, Texas.


 Contractor Sykes made a flying trip to Wharton Saturday.

R. G. Kuykendall, the rustler of Wilson's creek was a pleasant caller Tuesday. He was on his road to Caney, the Egypt of Southern Texas, for corn.

Sheriff Hamilton and Attorney Gaines were in the city last Tuesday, looking after their improvements, and Mr. Gaines selected some good resident property. Both signified their intentions to build residences and move their families to Bay City at once.

Hon. R. C. Duff, of Columbia, candidate for Legislature, on the Democratic ticket, gave us a pleasant call last week, and made a speech Thursday night at Hardeman. He is well qualified and if elected, will render his district valuable service, by looking well after our interests.

S. M. Wilcox, U. S. Assistant Engineer, of the U. S. Engineer's office, Galveston, was escorted down from Wharton Friday by Messrs. Reeves and Barbee. From here he was escorted by the Town Company to Matagorda. Mr. Wilcox was sent out by the Government to make a preliminary examination of the Colorado river from Wharton to the coast, with a view of making a regular survey of the river, if it appears that its importance for navigation warranted it, and the people needed protection from the raft. We believe he will recommend the survey.



 Berg Bros. gin is running tri-weekly.

R. H. Taylor left to-day for Deming's Bridge on a business tour.

Clarance Dietrick has been quite sick with slow fever, he is now recovering.

Schooner "Golden Arrow" left for Galveston Sunday, loaded with cotton.

Mr. W. E. Vaught and daughter, Miss Annie, of Trespalacious are in the city.

Ducks and geese are now plentiful, quite a number have been killed up to date.

Mr. Patrick Kain, one of Matagorda's oldest settlers, died Monday evening at this place.

Sloop "Bay City Breeze" arrived Saturday from Caney with a cargo of corn and cotton.

Lee J. McMahan, drummer for Clark & Courts, Galveston, is stopping at the old Colorado House.

Among the festivities of the week a nice little dance at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Duff.

W. S. Sproles and R. C. Gaines, both prominent lawyers of Brazoria, spent two days in our city last week.

Mr. Conrad Franz, of Bay City, is in town trading for lumber to start his big three-story hotel at Bay City. How's that?

Schooner "Flower of France," Ray Dunbar, captain, arrived Saturday from Galveston with a cargo of general merchandise.

Schooner "Emma Thornton" with a cargo of lumber arrived in port Friday. Forty teams are here and ready to convey the cargo to Bay City.

Old Matagorda is on a big boom, where grass has been growing for the last forty years is now as bare as a floor. Strange faces are seen on our streets. All is push and bustle.

Rev. J. W. Morris and Rob't. Baxter left town Saturday for Trespalacious. Bro. Morris to preach at Ashby Sunday, and Mr. Baxter to buy a bunch of horses.


(Too late for last week.)

 T. E. Partain is making a shipment of cattle this week.

Mr. Roland Inglehart has accepted a position in Mr. Moore's store.

We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Ella Partain is confined to bed with slow fever.

Mrs. T. E. Partain has gone to Houston, where she will place her son Jimmie at school.

Charles Partain left Wednesday for Beeville, where he will spend the ensuing winter.

The cool nights and short erring days serve to remind us that "the melancholly days have come."

Mr. Clasper Bell has returned from the Territory, and is circulating among his Deming's Bridge friends.

The gin's shrill whistle is heard early and late, the cotton crop is fast being marketed and "everything is lovely and the goose hangs High."




 Mr. Gaines and Kirk Moore were up from Matagorda Friday.

Success to the Breeze, Bay City and the Colorado Navigation Company.

Mr. Dave Dunbar is cutting and baleing hay at $4.00 per ton, on the field.

Mr. J. L. James went to Bay City Wednesday to see about getting carpenter work.

Mr. T. J. Hamilton was up the first of the week, says everything is on the move for Bay City.

Mrs. John Elliott and Mrs. Wylie Kuykendall were at Ashby one day this week shopping.

Mr. Johnnie Wheeler went across the river one day this week, with his oxen to haul Bay City lumber.

Mr. John Pierce is settling up this country with a good thrifty class of emigrants, mostly from McPherson, Kansas.

A large company of Swedes went down to the colony at Bay Side one day this week. Quite a number of them bought land.

Mr. Freddie Robins was at Ashby a few days ago, says he has just returned from Cuero, where he went to attend to some business.

If some of the mossbacks on the other side of the river would open up their lands to such people, old Matagorda would soon be the Banner County of South Texas.                                         "PANSA."


Almost every day some new firm or enterprise is located in Bay City.

WANTED. Ten thousand furs, by H. E. Moore, Deming's Bridge. Top prices guaranteed.

Four wagon loads of lumber came in Tuesday from Columbia, for the Sims livery stable.

Rowold Bros. have done a fine job painting the Breeze office. They are reliable and competent.

Dan Moore and J. L. Bandy have both selected resident lots this week, for immediate improvement.

We are requested to announce that Bro. Morris will preach at Matthew's Church on next Sunday. All are cordially invited to attend.

The real estate announcement of Shirley & Co. appears in this issue of the Breeze. They are a good reliable land company and are good rustlers, and if you want to buy or sell real estate give them a call.

We are glad to call the attention of our readers to the announcement of J. J. Shirley & Co., in which they propose to have a good variety of pear trees for sale in Bay City at the proper season. It is always well to get reliable goods from reliable  people.


Mr. J. J. Shirley returned from Bay City Saturday and is well pleased with the outlook. He purchased a lot on which will be immediately built an office for the real estate firm of Richardson & Shirley, they having associated with them E. C. Ray, who will take charge of the Bay City Office. Mr. Ray is a hustler and we predict a prosperous run of business. Those wanting information in regard to that country, will do well to address him. Bay City is the new capitol of Matagorda county. The lands of Matagorda are said to be very fine, but they are very remote from transportation. The Gulf Shore railroad is expected to be built through that county in less than a year. Lands are now cheap and the advent of the railroad will run prices up. It is a good general farming country. Most of the county is held in large tracts which will soon be cut up and sold in small bodies.--Alvin Sun.

J. W. Sims arrived yesterday from Columbia with a fine new livery outfit, finest in the country, and T. Y. Spencer, of Velasco, is putting in a lumber yard.



 Every day direct from Matagorda, served in all styles. Will also sell in quantity to consumers for family or hotel use. The very finest oysters at rasonable rates.

C. E. YEAMANS, Bay City, Texas.



Wharton, Texas, October 16.--Mr. G. M. Magill, of the Bay City Town Company, with Messrs. Lee and Mangum, old residents of Matagorda county, have just taken sounding in a skiff from Wharton to Bay City and report three and a half, four and thirty feet, after leaving the sandbar at Wharton down to Bay City. The river is now at the ordinary low stage. The river is in fine condition for navigation, with very few snags. As Houston is the nearest market for the two cities, and as the Post has done so much for Southwest Texas, and especially for Wharton, through its able and efficient correspondent, Judge W. F. Linn, a little space for this communication is asked for Matagorda's new county seat, Bay City.                        J.L.C.



 Commissioner's Court of Matagorda county convened in special session in Bay City on Monday, October 15, 1894.

Present, Hon. E. S. Rugeley, Sr., County Judge; Commissioners, H. H. Serril, H. W. Bowie, G. R. Brown, T. J. Poole, and Geo Austin, Clerk, comprising a full board.

Ordered by the Court that the building on the court house square at Bay City, be used as a temporary court house.

Ordered by Court, Poole objecting, that bid of L.T. Noyes, agent Diebold Safe and Lock Co., for building of a two-story brick jail be accepted, according to plans and specifications, for $8,475.

Warrant ordered for Conrad Franz, for $413 for bridge work on Hardeman slough.

Ordered by Court that county erect a modern two-story brick court house to cost not less than $25,000, nor more than $30,000, and authorized the County judge to advertise for plans, specifications and bids.

Ordered by Court that proposition of Bay City Town Company to donate $5,000 in cash, in lieu of frame court house, be accepted.

Adjourned to meet again in special session on November 1st.



 C.D.S. Graham, of Alvin, requests us to announce that beginning with next Monday, he will put on a daily hack line between Bay City and Wharton, for passengers and express. Leaving Wharton after the arrival of the train from Houston, will arrive at Bay City for supper. Leaving Bay City in the morning, will arrive at Wharton in time for the east bound train to Houston. Thus allowing people to go or come from Bay City to the railroad every day. This will be a great convenience for Bay City and the traveling public. Mr. Graham has plenty of means, is a good man, has good teams, and will be sure to make his line a grand success. Now people can get from Wharton to Bay City every day.


F. E. B. Stocker, the wide awake liveryman, of Wharton, announces this week through the Breeze that he is ready at all times to furnish the traveling public conveyance to Bay City.


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