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September 13, 1894


Abstracted by Shirley L. Brown from the Newspaper Archives at the Matagorda County Museum, 2100 Ave F, Bay City, Texas.

The town plat of Bay City will be one mile square, near the center of which will be the court house and public square. All streets will be eighty feet wide except the four streets of either side of the public square, each lot of which will be one hundred feet wide. All blocks will be three hundred feet square and every one will be 140 feet deep, to a 20 foot alley giving every lot, whether on the corner or inside, an outlet. Tree planting will be encouraged, streets being wide enough for a row of trees on either side. As trees grow rapidly here Bay City can soon be a forest city. The town plan is a model of beauty and utility. All streets will be uniform and each a mile long.


 Another heavy shower Monday.

Another lawn party for benefit Buckner Orphan Home Wednesday. Please don't come so often.

Oysters are fat, but not salt enough. The finest oyster reefs on the coast are situated in Matagorda Bay . When Bay City gets a railroad this will be a shipping point for oysters.

An informal dance was had at the residence of Mr. E. J. Inglehart on Saturday night--the young people had a pleasant time.

Judge E. S. Rugeley has just returned from voting precincts 2, 3,4 and 5, and from what he says all the people he saw or heard of opposed to Bay City and progress could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Mr. Amos Lee, formerly of this place, but late of Beeville, has arrived and will make his home in this county henceforth.

Mr. H. C. Brown, of Port Lavaca, has just opened a complete line of harness and saddles, etc.

Dr. McNeil, wife and daughter left Wednesday for their home in Victoria .

Prof. E. A. Walker, of Galveston , has arrived to take charge of the public school at this place which opens on the 17th.

Misses Annie and Shirley Rugeley, of Lake Austin , are visiting their aunt, Mrs. H. L. Rugeley.

Miss Eureno Elmore, of Haverly , Tex. , niece of Mrs. H. L. Rugeley, is going to spend the winter here and attend school.


     The farmers are all looking blue again. The rain Sunday and Monday having stopped cotton picking.

Mr. Frank Lawson, from the west side of the river, was in Caney Monday.

Mrs. John Rugeley, we are sorry to say, is very sick.

Frank, Alonso and Felix DeLeon, of Victoria , are in Caney with a drove of horses and mules for sale.

Mr. A. Currie was in Caney Monday from the lower part of the county.

We hear that those who are opposed to moving the county seat are gradually coming over on the safe side, and that by the 18th they will find how far in the dark they are and will be soul and body for the future great-- Bay City .

S. T. Matthews, of Caney, was in Matagorda Sunday, returning the same day.

Mr. E. S. Rugeley, Jr., and family, returned from Wharton Friday last.

Mr. Jesse Matthews returned Sunday from a tour over the county. He says he went to see the place where the court house is to be, and expresses himself as being highly pleased.

Everyone should go to the polls on the 18th and stick in a vote for his right. Matagorda County has as much right and is as able to support a town as any other county in the State, and why not have it? Let everybody go on that day and vote for Bay City .


 Hardeman is the business center on Caney creek. We have two first-rate stores, two gin houses, two blacksmith shops, one saw mill and a large ... suspension bridge of beautiful architecture, that adds much to the appearance of the place. Also two resident physicians, three carpenters and one machinist.

Cotton picking is progressing rapidly.

Worms have destroyed considerable cotton on Caney.

Mr. Gregory says that he has cotton on his plantation that has over a bale to the acre open on it now; notwithstanding the rain and worms.

Dr. Brown resumed work at his brickyard last week. he has discovered a kind of prairie soil that makes a superior article of brick.

Mr. J. A. Elmore has completed his residence on his plantation, and expects to move his family from Matagorda soon.

Several herds of horses and mules passed through here last week.

The public bridge, across Hardeman creek, has been completed.

Mr. Frank Rugeley went to Wharton to attend court.

Col. J. T. Harrington is recovering from an attack of slow fever.


     Cotton is opening fast.

The sloop, Mystery, just from Lavaca, with a cargo of merchandise.

Mrs. Wylie Kuykendall left Thursday for Victoria to place her daughter in school.

Misses Ida and Madie Dunbar are visiting at the Port.

Mrs. Frank Lawson has gone to visit to her old home, in Houston .


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