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December 19, 1895


Abstracted by Shirley L. Brown from the Newspaper Archives at the Matagorda County Museum, 2100 Ave F, Bay City, Texas.



Second Month.

The second month ended on Dec. 9th. Up to that date we had enrolled 39 boys and 49 girlstotal 88. There were 307 cases of absence and 260 cases of tardiness during the month. Corporal punishment was administered in two cases.

The pupils are graded by a scale in which 10 is perfect, 9 excellent, 8 good, 7 fair and any grade below 7 is considered poor.

All who reach a general average for the month of 9 or over, in both lessons and conduct, have their names placed upon the roll of honor for that  month. Honorable mention is made of all who average 9 or over in conduct but fall below that high average in lesson.

Some pupils are endowed with brighter minds than others; some have had better school advantages than others; some have more time to study at home than others; and some have better assistance in home study than others. Hence, it may not be possible for all to get on the roll of honor. But every one can behave properly and thereby win the honorable mention for good conduct. We hope that all parents will urge their children to strive for this honorable distinction.

In making out the roll of honor, the names are grouped by grades, and the one making the highest average in each grade heads the list of that grade, and the next highest is placed second and so on; the lowest being last.

Following is the

              ROLL OF HONOR2 MONTH.

                       (Principal's Room.)

GRADE E. Florence Baxter, Lou Wallace, Lila Franz, John Greene, Edna Moore, Estelle Ladd, Alice Rugeley, Frank Shannon, Florence Applegate, James Gaines, Maud Hill, W. L. McCamly, Fanny Johnson.

GRADE F. Omega Baxter, Lillian Ladd, Ollif Turner, Mellie Sims, Pinkie McIntosh, Simon Johnson, Mabel Williams, Bertie Hill, Tenie Wallace, Myrtle Franz, Martha Lee.

                      (Assistant's Room.)

GRADE C. Ernest Bond, Minnie Hull, Emma Lee, Nettie Hull, Stanley Gillett, Oliver Franz, Matt Johnson, Joe Treat, Sarah Hicks, Nettie Elliott, Annie McIntosh, Fred Gillett.

GRADE B. Willie Melliourne, Daisy Fisher, Jimmy Hicks, May Ladd, Maggie Lee, Jay Applegate, Jeff Mangum, Oliver Wallace, Lewis McIntosh, Grover Moore, Ed. Lee, Elmo Lee.

GRADE A. Walter Gillet, Annie Hamilton, Florence Lee, Edna Hull, Eula Sims, Martha Turner, Susie Hill, Katie Gillett, Walter Baxter, Stanley Lee, Allen Stokes, Archie Franz, Emma Franz, Grover Mangum, Willie Wofford, Hallie Lee, Robt. Baker, Olivia Franz, Olga Benedict, Philip Watkins, George McIntosh, Jane Galbraith, Effie Wofford.

                  HONORABLE MENTION.

Richard Johnson, Maud Sisk, Unnie Mangum, James Sisk.



Under the auspices of the literary department of the Epworth League, Miss Ladd and Mrs. W. C. Carpenter are preparing a splendid musical and literary entertainment to be given in the school house on next Wednesday night, Dec. 25th. A small admission fee of 35 cents will be charged for adults and 10 cents for children, net proceeds to go to the Epworth League in order to procure some new song books. The entertainment promises to be a rare treat. Following is the programe:

Music by the band"Corn Flower Waltz." Misses Ladd, Applegate, Moody and W. C. Brown.

Song"The Star." Miss Ladd, May Ladd. Tableau.

Instrumental duet"Sleigh Bells." Misses Ladd and Applegate.

Song"Comrades. Twenty little boys. Tableau.

Instrumental solo. Miss Baxter.

Song duet"Life's Dream is O'er." Misses Moody and Ladd.

"Veiling the Novice." Misses Elouise Moody, Anna and Shirley Rugeley, Ollie and Annie Lords, Mabel Ladd, Lida Franz, Mrs. R. A. Mathis and W. L. McCamly. Tableau.

"Christmas Chorus." By all the performers.

Recitation. Miss Estelle Ladd.

Instrumental music"Over the Waves." Misses Moody, Ladd, Applegate and W. C. Brown.

Song. Mrs. Jno. W. White.

"Woman's Rights." Tableau.

Song quartette"Come Where The Lillies Bloom." Misses Ladd, Moody, Judge Carpenter and J. A. Sullivan.

Guitar duet. Misses Ladd and Applegate.

"Artists Studio." Tableaux. Pictures, Annie Hamilton, May Ladd, Mabel Ladd, Elouise Moody, Edgar Bramlett, W. L. McCamly.

Song"Jockey Hat and Feather." Lillian Ladd.

Instrumental music. Misses Ladd, Moody, Applegate and W. C. Brown

"Gypsy's Warning." Tableau. Misses Anna Rugeley, Ladd and L. J. Gartrell.

"Visions of Paradise." Tableau. Misses Anna, Shirley and Alice Rugeley, Lida Franz, Mabel and Estelle Ladd, Florence Applegate, Maud Hill, Mesdames W. C. Carpenter and R. A. Mathis. "Sleeping Girl," Elouise Moody.

Song. Judge Carpenter and Miss Ladd.

Song"Won't you be my Sweetheart," Florence Baxter. Answer, Mellie Sims.

"Night and morning." Tableau. Miss Ladd, Mrs. Carpenter, May Ladd, Eula Sims.


Owing to heavy rain fall last week the ground is soaked with water and the farmers are all looking forward to a big crop for 1896.

T. J. Poole took his mother to El Campo one day, last week, where she took the train for her home in Kansas City.

Some thieves have been on the creek stealing hogs from B. W. Kuykendall and W. H. Gaines, Constable Beeks was put on their track at once and succeeded in capturing them and carried them to El Campo and put them away for safe keeping.

J. W. Keller and T. J. Poole, of Trespalacios, boarded the schooner Empress last Wednesday for Port Lavaca, they will return Friday with a load of freight.

Z. T. Partain, of Demings Bridge, left for Beeville last Monday on a visit and business trip combined.

T. J. Wilkinson, who came down from Commancha county last fall and made a crop on the T. J. Poole place this year took his family to El Campo last Tuesday where they took the train for their old home. Mr. Wilkerson returned to Trespalacios to straighten up business which will take him about a week and then he will join his family at their old home in Commancha. The writer does not like to part from him, but as he must go, we share our luck with him, although it may not be much.


Miss Annie Vaught, who is teaching the Cashes Creek school, spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks.

Several citizens of Bethsada were up trading this week.

Vera Moore spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Ella Kuykendall.

From the tower of the grist mill at Ashby can be seen as many as seven plows running this week tickling the earth for next year's crop.

J. E. Pierce passed through town Sunday morning with the Mayor of Pierce Dennis.

Several emigrants from Travis county passed through Friday with teams and cattle for the east side of the river seeking locations for next year.

The sloop Mistery left for Port Lavaca loaded with cotton.

Dr. A. M. Pelton spent a few hours with us one day this week.

Mrs. W. E. Moore and son, Ashby, are on a short visit to Matagorda, will return Sunday.

J. P. Pierce is boring our neighbor, Ford Moore, a deep well.


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