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January 31, 1895


Abstracted by Shirley L. Brown from the Newspaper Archives at the Matagorda County Museum, 2100 Ave F, Bay City, Texas.



 The social event of the season in the Capitol of Matagorda County, occurred on last Friday night, the 25th instant, when the beauty and chivalry of not only this county, but of our neighboring towns, congregated in Bay City to dedicate the J. W. White drug store building with a grand ball. The attendance was large, the music furnished by Prof. Coston and son was delightful, the urbane Allan McNabb, as floor manager, was a grand leader, and while, without, the weather was cold and chilly, within, the soft strains of music, the radiant sunshine and smiles of the ladies, the gallantry of the gents, the maizy dream of the waltz, all combined to make the occasion one of pleasure long drawn out,"soft eyes  looked love to eyes that spake again," and all went merry as a marriage bell, until the great orb of day dispelled the love lorn merry makers.

While we are sure we did not get all the names, the crowd being so large, the following is a partial list of the prominent people present. From Matagorda; Mrs. Geo. Austin and family, Mr. Geo. Culver and wife, Mrs. Nettie Hatch, Mr. W. D. Barker and wife, Misses Annie Duffy, Dora Bruce, Blanche Inglehart, Belle Freeman, Bertha and Maggie Baxter, Messrs. W. C. Brown, Clifton Yeamans, Harry Burkhart, Clarence Dietrich, Jno. and Henry Sirrell, Wm. Franz, Wm. and Jesse Wallace. From El Campo; Messrs. Fisher, Carlton , Hahn, Beakes, Yeager and King. From Deming's Bridge; Messrs. T. E. and James Partain and Johnnie Wheeler. From Wharton; Miss Nannie Davis, the two Misses McMasters and Messrs. Brooks and Beakes. From Bay City; Misses Ida Thompson, Lida Franz, May Miller, Mamie Kilbride, Mrs. Fannie Wallace, Messrs. Scott, J. Wendell, J. K. Sayers, Arthur Collins, Johnnie Thompson, Sam Franz, R. A. Mathis, J. H. Mayfield, R. H. Traylor, Roland and R. H. Inglehart, and Dr. Simonds, of Caney. A great many of our town people dropped in for a little while to enjoy the music and witness the fun and frolic.


Last week we neglected to note that Amos Lee had bought out the interest of E. C. Ray, in the real estate firm of J. J. Shirley & Co. While Mr. Ray returned to Alvin, Mr. Lee has moved to Bay City and will push the business here, for which he is well equipped, having lived in the county for a number of years and is well acquainted with the lands of the county. He also owns some lands near the city which, he is subdividing, and offering in small tracts. We wish the new firm all manner of success.

Col. J. R. Currie arrived from Dallas Friday and accompanied by J. W. Gaines made a business trip to Brazoria forepart of the week.

A great many of our young people went down to Matagorda yesterday to attend the Moore-McCamley wedding which was followed by a grand ball.

A change in the card of the Matagorda County Abstract Co. will be found in this issue. R. C. Gaines has sold out his interest to R. H. Traylor and Allan McNabb is now secretary.


T. D. Fisher, Dr. H. Carlton, Henry Hahn, Abe Beakes, Ed. Yeager and H. P. King, leading members of El Campo's four hundred, were enjoying the ball Friday night and, in company with Dr. Scott, gave us a pleasant call.


Mr. Abel Pierce, of Deming's Bridge, drove over Thursday and was accompanied on his return by attorney J. W. Gaines. He says a large panther has been frequently seen lately on Palacious point and that they are thinking of organizing a hunt for him.

In noting arrivals last week we overlooked the arrival of J. K. Sayers, son of our esteemed townsmen, W. E. Sayers, who arrived from Spokane, Washington, to make Bay City his future home and to assist his father in their large and rapidly growing mercantile business in Bay City. Welcome.



 Up to Tuesday noon the following real estate transfers had been filed with County Clerk Austin since the records have arrived in Bay City:

Cornelius Davis and wife, to J. Gordon Brown, warranty deed to 703 acres of land out of the Lawrence Rainey league, on upper Caney.

David Boaz to W. Boaz, warranty deed to 320 acres out of section No. 554, G. C. & S. F. R. R. survey, west side of river.

V. L. LeTulle to Irvin Rugely, quit claim deed to 25 acres out of the Wm. Rabb league on lower Caney.

W. F. Neal and wife to Eugene Haralson, warranty deed to 20 acres out of Jacob Bells league, north of Bay City.

Hamet Graves, et al, to W. C. Braman deed to undivided interest in Grand tract No. 5, Matagorda town league.

David Swickhimer to J. J. Shirley, et al, lot 1 block 77 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to Sallie H. Sims, lots 9, 10, 11 and 12, block 49 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to W. E. Sayers, et al, lot 14, block 78 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to E. S. Rugeley, Sr., lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 block 88 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to W. T. Kuykendall lot 17, block 75 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to Fannie P. Hamilton, lot 11 block 65 Bay City.



 The most fashionable and enjoyable event of the season, was the dance given at the residence of Mr. J. R. Fleury's Friday night. A large and merry throng crowded the hospitable and pleasant house. The cities of Edna and Ganado were well represent-ed. Among those present were Misses Minnie and Josie LaBauve and Mable White, Messrs. Howard and Ed. Connely, Tom and Lucioius Sanford, Archie and Eugene McDowel, Stanley and Jack Billups, Covington, Kleas, Putnam and Davenport, of Edna; Misses Brown, LaBauve, Robertson, Abernathy and Hughes, Messrs. Brown, Whitney, LaBauve and Abernathy of Ganado; Messrs. Lee Bronaugh, Dobbins, Zack and James Partain, of Deming's Bridge; Messrs. Willie Rose, Geo. Lafay and Hal McChesney and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Logan, of West Caranchua; Misses Logan, Tenie Holmes, McBarlane and Fleury, Messrs. Fleury, McDonald,  Rhodes and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Logan, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Logan and families, of Caranchua. Supper such as would tempt the strictest epicure was served in daintiest form. Dancing was opened at an early hour and the lovers of his infatuating majesty Pterpsichore paid tribute to his shrine till "Old Sol" put an end to the festivities. We all thank Mr. and Mrs. Fleury for a most delightful evening.

Mr. and Mrs. H. J. LaBauve, of Edna, are visiting friends and relatives in Matagorda County. They also participated in the dance Friday night.

Mr. J. H. Logan has sold his home to Mr. Washington, of Manor, Tex., and has located in Edna, Jackson county. We are sorry to lose such an estimable family, but wish them much success in their new home.

Messrs. T. W. Sanford and C. H. Whitney, of Edna, were visiting at Caranchua last Sunday.


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