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January 30, 1896

Abstracted by Shirley L. Brown from the Newspaper Archives at the Matagorda County Museum, 2100 Ave F, Bay City, Texas.



C. F. Baker attended lodge at Trespalacios Saturday last.

Conrad Franz was in town past week shaking hands with his many friends.

H. E. Gorden, with Gust Heye & Co., was in town last week soliciting orders.

W. C. and H. P. Williams, the Bay City Butchers, were in town on business one day last week.

Schooner Flower of France, Ray Dunbar master, arrived from Galveston with a cargo of general merchandise.

E. H. Phillips, Wm. Bell and Mr. Ayers all of Lower Caney spent a few days in the city past week.

Dr. Peltons office has been completed by contractors Baker & Huffaker and painting and papering has begun.

Rev. Anderson preached at the M. E. Church last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lord, guests of Rev. Anderson and wife, have been in town for the past day or two.

The young people had several nice little hops at private houses last week.



Your Caney correspondent is completely over his Christmas eggnog, for he had none this time.

News is scarce always on Caney hardly ever does anything happen to write about.

A. Currie, of Lake Austin was on Caney Saturday last and reports everything moving along nicely on the Lake.

W. G. Thompson, of Bay City, was on Caney Monday on business.

H. O. Gordon, a popular Night of the Grip, was doing Caney one day last week.

Frank Rugeley, of Hardeman, was down Monday.

E. S. Rugeley, Jr., visited Col. Hawkins first of week.

Jon. Rugeley had the road hands at work first of week.

Jas. W. Rugeley made a flying visit to Bay City first of week.

The addition being built to the store house of E. S. Rugeley & Co. is nearing completion.

When a young man of Caney buys a new buggy it looks as he was studing something else besides drugs.

E. L. Lawson went to Matagorda to-day with cotton for shipment.

Caney will try and come to the front from this time on, or the editor might think Christmas has come again.



Your correspondent failed to come to time last week but will try to do better hereafter, so here goes.

Rev. Anderson preached to a small but attentive congregation on the 19th.

Schooner Empress, from Lavaca, discharged freight at Ashby and other landings.

W. C. Miller and Gus. Eastland, of Trespalacios, passed through one day this week after a hunt of a few days on the bay and report game scarce.

F. H. Lawson left for Houston this week and will return with his wife who has been visiting relatives.

W. P. Dawdy was up for a short while Thursday.

Mr. S. A. Robbins passed through Saturday.

The farmers are all smiles, brought on by the fine weather of the last few days.

Bro. Partain informs us that he collected over $20 in cash for the Buckner Orphan Home at Dallas, Texas.

Road overseer Kuykendall had the road hands at work Tuesday on the Willson creek and Elliott bridges putting them in order.

Several citizens of Betsada was up this week laying in suppplies.

There is some talk of trying to get another voting place in this precinct as it is so far for a great many to go to Demings Bridge. Quite a number have to go 15 to 18 miles to vote.

Miss Annie Vaught has been quite sick for the past week.

A. H. Pierce passed through on his way to Pierce Dennis.

Rev. Partain preached at Ashby on 26th.     DUDE.



 T. J. Hamilton attended Masonic Lodge at Demings Bridge Saturday.

Ike Kuykendall, of Ashby, was admiring the new court house Tuesday.

W. H. Huffaker, came up last week from Matagorda to work on the court house.

Miss Ada Keithly, of Willow Springs, Mo., arrived last week to visit her sister, Mrs. N. H. Rowlett.

Col. A. H. Pierce was in town Tuesday and Wednesday looking after his extensive interests in this county.

Major McReynolds, of the K. O. Ranch was in the city a short while yesterday looking after their large interests.

G. B. Culver, of Matagorda, was in town fore part of week and bought W. C. Williams' cattle at good figures.

Geo. Beckelhymer, a contractor from Corpus Christi, accompanied by his wife, arrived in the city last week and they may locate here.

Judge Rugeley passed through fore part of week en route to Wharton, where he goes after his family who have been visiting in Wharton for sometime.

Michael O'Connell, Sr., was in town yesterday on business. He got a fall that frightened him and his friends for a little while, but Dr. Bouldin soon brought him around all right.

T. J. Proctor, of Groesbeck, Texas, came in yesterday prospecting for a lumber yard. Mr. Proctor is a very pleasant gentleman and we hope he will decide to cast his lot with us, for a lumber yard we badly need.

Dr. L. B. Creath, who has been looking over the county for a week, left Tuesday with Henry Rugeley for Lake Austin and Lower Caney. The Doctor is much pleased with our county and people and seriously contemplates locating. We hope so, for he will make us a valuable citizen.

H. D. Applegate left with his family yesterday morning for their home in Victoria. They have been spending the winter in Bay City in order to be with Mr. Applegate, while he was building the court house. Mrs. Applegate and Miss Florence made many friends while here, who regret their departure, and they will all be accorded a warm welcome whenever they may return.


Work on the court house is progressing very nicely considering the continued rains. They are now putting on the slate roofing. As soon as that is finished the inside finish work can go right ahead. About all the frame work of the roof and tower is up. The steps to the entrances  are also being put in. Even now the building presents an imposing appearance and is visible as far as the eye can reach from all parts of Bay Prairie. Mr. Applegate informs us that with favorable weather the building could be completed now in 6 to 8 weeks.



George Austin informs us that C. W. Sterry and Mrs. Chas. Nulty, of Matagorda, are in receipt of late information that a rich uncle had recently died in Maine, leaving them a large legacy. Jim Sterry, of Port Lavaca, is also an equal heir with them. Mrs. Nulty is a sister of the Sterry's. Chas. Nulty had come up to work on the court house, but Oscar George came up after him yesterday to bring him the good news and take him back to Matagorda to meet another one of the heirs from Maine, who is here to take steps looking towards the settlement of the estate...


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