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Saturday, March 6, 1858

W. W. McFarlan, Esq. is fully authorized to collect money due this Office, and to receipt for the same

We are authorized to announce W. T. S. COMPTON, as a candidate for re-election to the office of Assessor and Collector, of Matagorda county.

We are authorized to announce JOS. THEALL, as a candidate for re-election to the office of Sheriff, of Matagorda county.

We are authorized to announce J. S. VAN DE GRAFF, Esq., as a candidate for the office of District Attorney, in the First Judicial District, comprising the counties of Brazoria, Matagorda, Wharton , Colorado , Fayette, Austin and Fort Bend . Election on the first Monday in August next.

We last week paid our respects, for the first time, to our young and flourishing neighbor, Indianola. It is nearly thirty years ago since we first traversed the pleasant white shelled beach where Indianola now looms up in progressive commercial importance, through the energy of its interprising denizens. We were scarcely prepared for the agreeable surprise at the extent and prospective importance of its position as the depot of the great and growing West and the prestige it already occupies in public estimation. It was dark when we wandered on the long wharf, and of course there was little to be seen except illuminated shops, hotels &c. Two steamships from New Orleans with assorted freights and passengers arrived before the morning dawned; creating quite a bustle of business-like activity during the day. They left, however, the same evening leaving the wharf and streets as solemn as a silent Sabbath. But morning again brought on the appearance of busy life, in a train of government wagons from San Antonio .

While the mail contractor, Capt. Collins, was making the Rover ready for our return homeward, the splendid steamer United States , arrived from Lavaca, with a crowd of peerless beauty and gallant men of that ere ilk (sic), on a pleasure trip to Saluria. We had the gratification for a few minutes, only of shaking hands with several friends of other days among whom were the renowned Gen. Simpkins of facetious fame and the veteran steam navigator of our Bay, Capt. Brower. We were pleased with our trip and the growing evidences of prosperity that decorates the shores of our beautiful bay.


     Having permanently located on CANEY, respectfully offers his services to the citizens of the county. From a residence of twenty years in the South, he flatters himself that he will be able to give satisfaction to all who may favor him with their patronage. Residence the place formerly occupied by Dr. Viser.


NOTICE is herby given that John L. Thorp has filed in the Matagorda County Court his final account as Administrator of the Estate of Mary E. Seaborn, deceased, which account will be acted upon at the March Term, 1858, of said Court; when all persons interested are required to appear and contest said account if they see proper.

                                        JAS. H. SELKIRK,

March 6, 1858               Clerk C. C. M. C.


NOTICE is hereby given that Mrs. Julia Howell has filed in the Matagorda County Court her final account as Administrator to the Estate of Samuel A. Howell, deceased, which account will be acted upon at the March Term 1858, of said Court, when all persons interested are required to appear and contest said account if they see proper.

                                        JAS. H. SELKIRK,

March 6, 1858               Clerk C. C. M. C.

Administrator’s Notice.

On the 28th of September, 1857 , the undersigned was appointed by the County Court of Matagorda County , Administrator on the Estate of Edward L. Jones, deceased. All persons having claims against said Estate are hereby notified to present the same, duly authenticated, within the time prescribed by law.                          R. E. STEWART, Administrator.

     January 14th, 1858 .


I HEREBY revoke the Power of Attorney heretofore given to SAMUEL W. HARDEMAN, Esq., of the County of Matagorda , for the sale of a certain Tract of Land on Caney Creek, in said County, being a part of my Headright League.

                             THOS. M. DUKE.

Hynd’s Bay, Refugio County , May 23, 1857 .


The Land—about 800 Acres—is for sale on accommodating terms, for which apply as above, or to                  THOS. H. FORRESTER,

38:tf                               Saluria.



AND DISTRIBUTION.           } Sorsby, deceased.


THE STATE of TEXAS }   In County Court,

County of Matagorda .     }     February Term,

                                                   A.D., 1858.

 The State of Texas to the Sheriff of Matagorda County Greeting :

WHEREAS, THOMAS J. SORSBY, a resident of Greene county, State of Alabama, as Administrator and heir of the Estate of William C. Sorsby, deceased, has filed his petition in the County Court of said Matagorda county, praying, among other things, for a partition of said estate and its distribution among the heirs of said decedent. In which petition he represents that said administration is still open in said Court, that the heirs are non-residents, and that said estate consists of the south half of league of land No. 15, lying west of the Bernard river, in Matagorda county, being the same league that was originally granted by the Mexican Government to Zadock Woods. You are therefore hereby commanded to cite the following named heirs of said William C. Sorsby; deceased, viz. Battle A. Sorsby of Columbus, State of Georgia; John T. Sorsby, of Jackson, State of Mississippi; Stephen S. Sorsby, of Greene county, state of Alabama, and Nicholas T. Sorsby of same place. All of whom, together with petitioner, (said Thos. J. Sorsby,) are represented to be brothers of the full blood of said decedent, and Ann D. Ross, widow of ---------, of Tuscaloosa, state of Alabama, a sister of the full blood; also, Rebecca Whitehead, of Greene county, state of Alabama, mother of said Wm. C. Sorsby, deceased. Also, the children of Alexander W. Sorsby, deceased, a brother of full blood—viz: Ann E. Mims, wife of J. A. Mims, of Dallas county, state of Alabama; Mary E. Bragg, wife of Thos. C. Bragg, of Lownds county, state of Alabama; William A. Sorsby, Greene county, state of Alabama, and Katherine R. Sorsby, of same place; all of whom are represented to be of full age. Also, the following minor children of said Alexander W. Sorsby, deceased, whose guardian is the said Nicholas T. Sorsby, viz: Nicholas C. Sorsby, Amanda J. Sorsby and Virginia H. Sorsby, said minors being residents of Lownds county, state of Alabama; that they and all persons interested in the estate of said William C. Sorsby, deceased, appear at a regular Term of the County Court, for the county of Matagorda, state of Texas, to be holden at the Court-house, in the city of Matagorda, on the last Monday in the month of February next, (A.D. 1858,) then and there to show cause why such partition and distribution should not be made; when and where you will make return of this citation, with your proceedings endorsed thereon.

     (Attest:)           JAS. H. SELKIRK,

                              Clerk C. C., M. C.

          Given under my hand and the seal of said County Court, at Matagorda, this nineteenth day of January, A.D., 1858.   JAS. H. SELKIRK,

                                      Clerk C. C., M. C.

     Issued this 19th day of January, A. D., 1858

                                      JAS. H. SELKIRK,

                                      Clerk C. C., M. C.

     Came to hand January 19, 1858 , and in obedience to the foregoing mandate, I hereby order the same to be published in the Chronicle of the Times for four successive weeks.

                             JOSEPH THEALL,

     Jan. 20th, 1858 .                Sheriff, M.C.


[Note: William C. Sorsby died in the State of Alabama in the year 1853 and never was married.—Matagorda County Probate Minutes, Feb 18, 1858 , Book C, Pages 378-379


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