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The Daily Tribune
Collegeport Column
April 24, 1930



Mrs. Chas. Duller of Blessing entertained the Collegeport King's Daughters at an all day comfort tacking last Thursday.


The Collegeport Woman's Club is sponsoring a box supper to be held at the community house tonight. Money to be used to buy books for our school to enable us to be eligible for more State-aid.


Mr. and Mrs. Emmit Chiles have been in Austin the past few days.


Mrs. Chiles entertained her mother, brother and sister of Wharton over the week-end.


The annual Easter Bake sale netted the ladies union $12.60. Money to be applied on new roof for the community house.


Mrs. B. V. Merck who has been spending the past few days in Houston, the guest of her daughter.


Mr. H. A. McKinnion who has been here on business left Wednesday evening for Houston.


Mrs. Chas. Duller spent Wednesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Corse.


Mr. L. E. Liggett, Mr. Geo. Welsby and Mrs. Anna Crane have returned from a trip to Houston.


Baked beans, brown bread, noodles, pie, coffee, gingerbread, will be served by the ladies at Mrs. Anna Crane's store, Saturday, April 26.


The Daily Tribune, Thursday, April 24, 1930



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