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Collegeport Article
May 27, 1931

Collegeport Day


The twenty-third observance of the birth of Collegeport was observed as usual and I wonder where there is another community that for so many years has remembered. The attendance was smaller than usual and the food supply for that reason not as abundant but there was enough and to spare and all left the tables with distended tummies. That is a good feeling at any time. Attendance was cut down because of the press of farm work. Cotton must be chopped, weeds must be killed out, else they smother the life out of the crops men depend on. As usual the delight, rapture and charm of the tables was the large generous dish of the Famous Carrie Nelson Noodles. I located that delectable and nourishing dish before the dinner bell rang and so had no difficulty in loading on enough, plenty, sufficient. Oh, yes, there were plenty of common foods as pies, cakes et cetera, but who cares for plebian grub when one may satisfy hunger with noodles. The Rhythm band played several numbers under the direction of Miss Ethel Nelson and this was the first time they band has appeared in uniform. They presented a beautiful picture in their new suits and the best part of it was their dignified behaviour. Miss Ethel is improving in her director work and the band's membership is fully up to her standard. I suggest that the "Chink Chink" song be taught to Ethel. It could be made a great feature if she sang the words and the band joined her in the chorus. We are very proud of this little band and a little bird told me that the Bay City people would soon have a chance to share our pride.


Frank O. Montague came down and brought his wife, mother-in-law and four fine kiddies to prove to us that he has a family. He has posed as a single man long enough so no more stunts along that line goes. A most welcome and enjoyable visit and us Homecrofters hope it will be repeated.


Mrs. Pollard, county superintendent of schools, drove in a little late for the feed but she heard the band and enjoyed the sports. As reported last week the women of Wadsworth challenged the women of Collegeport for a game of base ball. It proved to be base all right. Both teams were short of timber so they got along without a shortstop and one fielder. The lineup was as follows:








Mamie Franzen


Mary Ellen Covington

Fawn Adams


Ann Dell

Barbara Hale

First Base

Mrs. Laird

Hattie Kundinger

Second Base

Mrs. Fanson

Louise Walter

Third Base

Mrs. Huston

Mary Ellen Foster

Right Field

Joe Mangum

Mrs. Brimbery

Center Field

Margaret Fanson

Mrs. Keith, substituted for Mrs. Brimberry


Score 32 to 22 in favor of the visitors. Collegeport made 21 runs in the first inning and after that sort of rested.


Reverend Van Dyke umpired behind the bat with Messrs. Prunty and Murry at bases. Our girls appeared in beautiful costumes. Mary Ellen in yellow pajamas with white dots. Mamie with a suit of stripes. Barbara Hale with just blue pants which she did not need for she looks good in anything. Louise Walter looked like a French rose in her suit. The Wadsworth team all wore big skirt pants which might do well for a beach party but were quite generous for base running.


I regret that no fried pies appeared. Frances Eisel was appointed director of the fried pie division for that one purpose. This had been a busy week for us College Sports so we welcome Sunday with its rest.


The Daily Tribune, May 27, 1931



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