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Collegeport Column

May 1939



By Mrs. Dena D. Hurd


(Editor's Note: Written by Mrs. Hurd a few hours before her sudden death.)




With many balmy spring zephyrs wafting their way over sea and river and land, reaching out to devoted anglers a friendly and affectionate invitation, the winged sea birds lazily basking on the shore line awaiting the familiar ripple of the tide they know is bringing nearer and ever nearer the delectable sea food for which they, in their eager wariness stand or swim or float in waiting and in readiness, the devoted angler knows that fishing season is open.


On Friday last, the cars, trucks and trailers began to pass in broken parade, in search for a most likely place to ply the brakes, throw in a bated hook, or camp right by the water's edge and while away the hours waiting for the hour of Flounder bed time. Fishing is satisfactorily good and each day has dotted the channel, bay and river with boats while night fall brings the search lights in parade along the beach in search for the greatly desired flounder.


As my friends, Lex Sutton and Wesley Jones passed my door on Saturday, en route to the bay with fishing equipment on shoulder and bait net in hand, Lex waved to me as I walked in the yard with what seemed to be a newspaper or perhaps some delayed mail. At the gate he presented the package, containing two lovely fresh flounder from his last night's catch. To any one a truly gracious gesture, and to me, a friendly thought as well as a delicious dinner. LETS'S GO FISHING.


Those attending the Christian Endeavor meeting in Houston on Saturday were: Mrs. J. J. Harbison, Ray Lee, James and Alex Franzen, Mr. L. E. Liggett and Milford Liggett.


Mr. and Mrs. Harris Jones, spent the week end in Kingsville , guests of Mrs. Jones' sister, Mrs. White and family.


Miss Ruby Church of Palacios, was the week end visitor in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harbison, guest of Miss Ermie Harbison.


Mrs. Gust Franzen was hostess to the Home Demonstration club at the Franzen home on Tuesday afternoon. President Mrs. Dean Merck had charge of the meeting and after the business session and demonstrations by Miss Alma Stewart whose presence at any meeting is an incentive for larger attendance and interest in her practical and unusual presentation of the work to be accomplished.


Mrs. L. E. Liggett had charge of the Girl Reserve party attending annual play day at Freeport , in the absence of their sponsor, Miss Margaret Hill. The presentation was a navy song and dance drill, comprising three dances and three songs. The names of those going over to Freeport nor names of the ladies attending have not been available.


The last meeting of the P. T. A. before school closed was held on Thursday evening at First Church when Rev. Couch of Palacios, was the guest speaker and who gave a most interesting address his theme depicting the part played by the church and church life in its influence in education.


The week past marked a busy one for parents, teachers and pupils of our school life, the term having been shortened for lack of funds to continue longer, always a most regrettable condition in any school. The teachers had been warned that such was most likely to be the case and all worked over time in order to do the work of the full term in a month less time. Professor J. J. Harbison most generously, without pay, held classes evenings in his home, and will continue to teach, without pay if necessary to bring his higher grade pupils through the required curriculum so they may pass grades. For this gracious and generous gesture, both students and parents are deeply grateful.


Mr[s]?. Celeste Orland Bullard of Houston and Anderson , Indiana , who has been the guest of Mrs. Burton D. Hurd, the past week, has returned to Houston .


Mrs. Viva Metcalfe and her mother, Mrs. J. L. Stell had as their guests during the week their relatives, Mrs. Earl Woods and Mrs. B. Woods of Wadsworth .


Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Boeker who have been visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Boeker since their return from Mexico , departed by automobile on Saturday last, for their home at Oakhurst, N. J.


Mr. and Mrs. Julius Paul of Victoria, and little son, arrived Sunday morning to accompany Mrs. Paul's mother, Mrs. N. T. Hensley, member of our school faculty, to their home where Mrs. Hensley will visit until time to enter summer school at Kingsville . Mrs. Hensley, a most capable and efficient Primary teacher, will be on our school faculty again next year, being the fifth year here as director of first and second grades.


Mr. J. J. Harbison will be our principal and Miss Annette Johnson the third teacher, the school board having been compelled to hire one less teacher for next year owing to lack of scholastics and funds, regret, with her friends that Miss Margaret Hill has accepted a position elsewhere.


Mr. and Mrs. L. Hill of Prairie Center, were in Collegeport Friday afternoon, driving over to take their daughter, Miss Margaret home for vacation. Miss Hill is a good teacher and will be greatly missed from our midst.


The Daily Tribune, Thursday, May 4, 1939

Collegeport Home Demonstration Club

“I learn something every time I go to club,” said a member of the Collegeport Demonstration Club at the home of Mrs. Franzen, Tuesday at 2 p. m. ”When cleaning your sewing machine, “ said Mrs. Franzen who held the machine clinic, “be sure to use a stiff brush and either gasoline or kerosene, take the face off your machine top and scrub lint and dust out good. After drying the parts, oil good with a light oil as heavy oil makes a sewing machine run heavier. Clean the foot treadle and wheels as carefully as the top.” We found this to be a very interesting demonstration.

Mrs. Frank King helped Mrs. Franzen by telling us how to use the machine to make the most out of it.

We planned a social in the near future at Mrs. P. V. Corporon.

Our club is entering the canning contest sponsored by the Year Book Committee of the County Council.

Mrs. Franzen served delicious refreshments to the following guests and visitors.

Mesdames John Merck, Dean Merck, Lish Holloway, Fannie Penland, Roy Nelson, Frank King, Louis Walter, Jerry Lashbrook, J. J. Harbison, John Carrick, Stall and Gerald Wells.

Our next meeting will be with Mrs. A. A. Penland, May 9.

Palacios Beacon, May 4, 1939



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