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Midfields Locals.

The Midfields school had a picnic and Easter egg hunt Saturday in the Keller ranch forest. Everybody had a good time.

The young people of Midfields have literary meetings once a week at the school house.

Most of the corn crop in the Midfields is now planted. Some of it is up. The last frost does not seem to have done much damage.

Many of the farmers had their stock vaccinated against charbon by County Demonstrator Persons last Friday.

Strawberries are now beginning to be part of the menu at many homes.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City , Tuesday, April 6, 1915


Markham News.

Miss Wilson primary teacher here, visited El Campo some two days last week.

Miss Natalia Hoffman of Markham left for San Antonio and Austin . She will spend some three days in San Antonio and then spend the remainder of the summer in Austin with Miss White.

Mr. and Mrs. Manning and Mr. Manning's mother, Mrs. Wheeler of Bay City made two brief visits here last week.

Mr. Sidney Smith and wife and baby of Clemville visited their mother, Mrs. Maxwell, here Sunday.

Every body is earnestly waiting for the report of the fight between Johnson and Willard. I join in with those in favor of Willard being victor.

The Markham Union Sunday school gave an "Easter" program Sunday morning at 10 o'clock , Sunday school being first; afterwards recitations, songs, monologues etc., which was very nice and seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended.

The farmers are progressing pretty rapidly. The majority planting, and some almost through.

A small bunch, consisting of Miss Myrtle Smith, Miss Bess Phillips, Mr. Edd Morris and Mr. Jack Thrusten surprised Mrs. John Logan Jr. April fools night and in the midst of gayety, a couple from Collegeport surprised the entire crowd, and fun followed.

Dr. Davis, wife and babes have left our city for good. They sold their property, consisting of a drug store and lot, to a Mr. Page, and they now reside near Temple .

Mr. Bright left yesterday morning for Blessing, where he will spend some few days.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Ridinger are the proud parents of a large boy since last week, and mother and son doing nicely; also "Daddy."

"Hon, Jack Thruston" and Miss Phillips took a spin over the country, and visited Buckeye in the round this afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dorris are the proud parents of a big girl since last week.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City , Tuesday, April 6, 1915


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