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Markham Locals.

Monday Feb. 22nd, Markham high school gave an entertainment, in honor of Washington's birthday. The program was excellent, and quite a crowd in attendance, among the crowd of happy smiling faces, we recognized Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Thruston, who have lately returned from Houston , to make their home with the Markhamites again. Also among those present were Mr. Robert Dixon and family, Mr. G. M. Johnson and wife, Mr. J. H. Barber and wife, Mrs. Luder, our Cashier's wife, Mr. Jack Maxwell and wife of Clemville, also Miss Myrtle Hicks of Clemville, and others too numerous to mention. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves fine. Plato and Aunt Nance were quite comical, and indeed all were fine, but I must give the palm of honor to the prim little quaker maids. "Oh ye quaint little quaker girls with your long white dresses and cap hidden curls; with lips that smie and teeth that shine you could not bring your dancing eyes to time." Hurrah! for the quakers of Markham .

There is quite a lot of rice farmers ready for planting now as soon as the ground warms and dries up a bit, and never were prospects better.

Mr. Rosen is building a new house on his land, just north of town.

Mr. C. M. Thurston has put in a drug store. Markham is slowly but surely coming to the front.

A long pull, a strong pull;

A grand pull altogether,

Will make Markham a fine little town,

In any old kind of weather.

Matagorda County News and Midcost Farmer, Bay City , March 5, 1915


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