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Collegeport New Era
September 3, 1914

Patrons of the Collegeport Public Library are indebted to the committee of last year for the addition of 21 new books, to Mrs. J. L. Logan, Jr., Mrs. Burton D. Hurd and Mrs. T. C. Morris, for 30 new books during the month of August. 51 all late publications or standard authors, among them a student's set of Shakespeare, in large type on rice papers.

Fourteen new patrons have taken cards, and we have issued 202 books during the month. The need of additional cases for our books must soon be met, likewise insurance; we feel sure both will come to us.

Collegeport New Era, September 3, 1914

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer
September 5, 1914


Married at Collegeport on Wednesday night of last week, by Rev. John Sloan of this city, Miss Grace Theodore Smith and Mr. Edgar G. Jones of Amarillo . Miss Smith was one of the most charming young women of Collegeport, the Grace chapel of the Episcopal Church being named in honor of her many good deeds and as a tribute to her lovable character. The chapel was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and the ceremony witnessed by many friends.

From Collegeport:

Four years ago a mere handful of Episcopalians met in this little town for the purpose of organizing an Episcopalian mission to be known as St. Mary's Mission . In a year's time ambition for quarters of town resulted in the building of a beautiful chapel.

This building is done in the Spanish Mission style in cement and is furnished complete and with the lots on which it stands represents a value of $3,500.00. As it stands it represents the loving work of one girl, for Miss Grace Smith raised by personal solicitation more than 90 per cent of the cost. In appreciation of her work the chapel was named after her and Bishop Kinsolving consecrated it as Grace Chapel of St. Mary's Mission . Last Night Miss Grace was married to Mr. Edgar S. Jones of Amarillo by Rev. John Sloan of St. Mark's Bay City .

Grace Chapel was beautifully decorated with flowers and vines a new Reed Screen recently placed bearing the principal decorations. This marriage removes from Collegeport one of its most lovable characters. In times of sickness or trouble Miss Grace was always on hand to assist and comfort. A bright, capable, beautiful girl with business capacity far beyond the usual she will not only be missed at home but among her business associates.

Mr. and Mr. Jones left New Orleans from which place they will sail on the Steamship Momus for New York , returning to Texas by rail.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 5, 1914


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